♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

Politically Correct Edition

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I see.


No, actually, sorry.



Ariana Grande is an ugly Mexican.



i dislike people who are brown

Mexicans aren't as bad as Mormons, those pedophilic, child-bride polygamists.

you're mixing them up with muslims again.


Warren Jeffs had like four wives he married when they were less than 14.

he wasn't a mormon. he was part of that offshoot.


Are you really going to #NotAllMormons this?

I couldn't care less to be honest. I haven't been active for years. those crazy people can do whatever they want.

That ain't nothing to be proud of.


neither is most of the things that dude has a flag for.


God bless.

life is full of tragedy.

I didn't sneeze.

Cupcake's moist anus


cupcake when are we gonna hang out?

I'm dumb, I keep forgetting how to say カップケーキ and カプチーノ

Hmm... shit.


I don't think it would be enjoyable for either of us. what the hell would we even do?

damn right.

what did you want me to say?


I don't know.
Just hi I guess.

Draw me like one of your french whores...

hello squash. how's it going?

I don't know how to draw.

Return to the sea. You two whales have been on land for far too long.

Too late.

Maybe I should ask George then....

Be nice, Gilligan.
Whale poaching is illegal.

No need to kill both of them in one post.

we will leap over that little nerd and it will be majestic as FUCK.



It's just bloated corpses on the beach at this point; time to just clean it up.

I don't think either of you will get many free Willies.

one of us apparently wants no willies.


Post birb butt.

Oh hey it's the guy that likes underage boys. :^) Wassup dog?



You have done well, for now.

You're no fun, love.

aww yiss

You became straight again?

I was referring to fish who I assume doesn't want her willy.

Now more~

I only have so much!

I'm violently lonely and very tired.
I'm not going to be fun tonight.

If you haven't seen something in ten years, might as well get rid of it.

what else is new huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehueheuheuheuheuehurfabzkdjhfnbaskjdsbnfalkjhsdbflhjaksbdfa

And you only posted one, so this should be easy~

that's a good rule. so I guess you should get rid of your brain since that sucker hasn't made an appearance like, ever.

ur a post one


You're a slut, so it evens out.

I can't follow this logic I'm way too drunk.

I'm sorry, my friend.

Get drunker.

I guess cupcake really is just a
cunning linguist
kill me

*kills you*


I've got one drink left. I'm already incredibly drunk, there is not really any drunker without going into "getting violently ill" territory.

eating pussy is gross. dicks are way better.

Fair enough and we don't need you getting sick on anyone.

just hold my hair back.


I think I broke
because I'm still laughing.

It wasn't even funny.

it was mildly funny.


mild furry

can i voice call you and say dirty things to you again

you don't have to get on this time eithr

Well your hair was going to get held or pulled at some point anyway, so sure~

how can one person be so pathetic. it defies all rational logic.

aww yiss



Woah, rude

lol, glad this is the one I decided to check.


r e k t

I cant believe youve done this

really? with all you know about me?

I had fun last time.

Good girl!


I am a naive person owo






mmmm cornbread



oldest profession!


nani the fuck


He doesn't want to lose his ladder points.

But for what reason would you play unranked and get matched against random shit foreigners like myself
When you could just play ranked

a national tragedy.


I guess that'd make sense


people like shitting on lower rank players

there's a reason smurfing is popular


Is this a throwback screenshot?

ARAM has oracles.

SCII also has oracles, and training them means you support drug abuse because they hallucinate.

I have not played one of those in years.
The more you know, I guess.

Sounds like fun.


shut up you dumb slut


got to roll with all of my buddies and my brother today

I taught my littlte brother about kesa gatame and he crushed the shit out of me with it


Glad you had a good day, Bard.



me on the right


Saying it is alright, it doesn't hurt that much, I have one in my ass right now?


I'm sorry. You have what in your ass right now?

Not what I want....


Good morning!!! How are you all?


Morning, am oki how about you?

I am not really sure what to do with this.

You either eat the ass or fug it.

Stick it in a hole I don't mind which

Mandy, please.

Good! Not really tired but I can't stop yawning QQ. Anything exciting happen today?


Not that I know of, at least here wise. For me? Just some time with the girlfriend then a rather depressing night.

You know I don't swing that way.

Sounds relaxing uwu, I hope your night is good?

is it ethical to nonchalantly masturbate while talking to people on the internet

Until the whole being depressed part, it was pretty gud~

You can put it in the butt...

It's still a girls ass.
And I don't fuck girls.


Have a good night.
I love you.

Sweet dreams, big boy.




Many fugs.


How is Mandy?

Drunk and sexually frustrated. As well as financially frustrated. As well as contemplative of suicide. You?

Not so much the first bit but the last one seems about my night in general, so same mostly.


Are you me?

Sorry to hear it, canadian person. Anything I can do, let me know. I still don't like people being down.

I don't live in a third world country so...probably not.

Jeez, you forgot me already?

Everybody has been changing names, it is really hard to keep track of sometimes. Especially when I don't really come here often. I'm sorry. And that is the canadian pronunciation of sorry.

Aside from that I guess. What got you to be sexually and financially frustrated with a dash of suicide?

Lets see if I can get this to work again and it should give it away to you...


A woman, essentially.

Brightness? Still want that motorcycle ride?

If it's still on the table, of course I do!

Having somebody ride on the back of a bike is actually really nerve wracking. The bike rides like a boat, and you are always super conscious of your center of gravity. Take turns really cautiously and stuff. Ironically, it was easier with my first bike, probably because me and the passenger were essentially on the same height. On my current bike, the passenger sits higher than me.

Sorry, went on a tangent there.

Don't be sorry!

Buuut what about sitting in front of you?

You'd have to sit facing me with your butt on the tank and your feet on the back passenger pegs, I would imagine. Have honestly never tried that. Might be a little warm on your butt, perhaps. The engine is right under the tanks and does put off a decent amount of heat. Worth a try at least.

That sounds spoopy as heckles...

This was my first bike. Not this one, but same model and same look after I got mine fixed up and shit. Actually quite enjoyed it. Good bike. Wouldn't mind having another one as a runner.

Veeery nice ride~

Shouldn't be too bad. This looks like an old knucklehead with a post seat. It has been done before, to be sure. Just a matter of logistics.

Well, if you promise I'll be okay~

The carbs were a bitch to deal with. 4 cylinder engine, so 4 carbs. And getting them balanced was a pain in the ass. As well as cleaning them, and even getting them on and off the engine block. The drive shaft also was interesting as I have never dealt with a driveshaft bike until then. And the radiator and water pump were pretty corroded as well. And it came with all the faring and shit so the wiring harness was a complete mess. Had to completely remake the wiring to the rear lights and do a lot of fucking with the front lights as well. But it ran smooth. Almost got leveled the first week I took it to the work. Even have a youtube video I like to show people.

That's the bike I got now. Have redone a lot of shit to it as well. Basically a new bike. Though it was made before I was born.

I promise you'll have something to grind on if you act all cute

I wouldn't say no to a thing to grin on while riding around~

It's beautiful and I see what you meant about sitting on the back. Wew.

That isn't an up to date pic of it though. That was when I first got it. Added a pitchfork sissybar to it as well as nice leather saddlebags. Redid the oil lines and fuel lines. Wrapped the pipes in a black wrap that has since grayed towards the heads. Changed the handlebars. Changed the battery cover. Changed the passenger seat. Changed the license plate holder. Constant struggle with everything vibrating loose.

Hell you could probably just slide down onto me and we can let the bike vibrate us to enjoyment.

That's a lot of work! Probably quite the show to watch you do so~

Such delightful ideas you have there. I love it.

I need some sleep though, nini Mandy lub~

Sweet dreams, brightness.

is that a yes?

11 hours later.

i slept for 11 hours

Don't do that.

go to bed.



Fuck you.

buy me dinner first.




Do you like Oregano's? They have really good calzone.

I love calzones.





those spats tho

italian food is my jam.

I kind of want a calzone now.
Good the calzone place in town delivers 'till 2 am.


huh? Spats is a footwear apparently

this is egregious.

I don't think they make jam.

Lucky you.

rip nezi's kokoro

hey cup


they do. out of tomatoes. they call it something else tho.

spats shorts

but why?



Hello Grim, nezi, hu, and teacup.

I am very lucky.

one can only take so much petting.


and spaghetti sauce.

yes, hello.

hey man why the swerve




Nah, there's no limit to that


never heard of too much of a good thing?


I feel like cup is still mad at me lol

you should ask him whats up

gn friend


Yeah, but I don't believe in it

Doubt it, he's just a bully.

Sleep well~

going to bed? sleep well.

you should. it's totally real.


Poor guy..

Speaking from experience?

I'm saying hi to more people to encourage a more outgoing and positive pattern.
How are each and every one of you feeling at this exact moment?

cup you never answered me, when are we hanging out?

help i cant aim at virtual circles

you know I drink a lot.

I did answer. I asked you what we would even do.

that sounds terrible.

I feel an overwhelming sense of apathy.


What about you except hungry for calzones?

Isolated. Melancholy.

slep interrupted

I'm not sure about terrible, but I'm not sure I'd call it effective either.
It's better than staring at the thread wishing I had the confidence to join in without one of the few people who seem to at least tolerate me around.

overwhelmed about stuffs

Yeah, me too. Sounds fun.

do you like vidya? or rick and morty? or idk lets find some shit we have in common

Lower the diffiiculty or just stop playing Osu!

Yeah, but you like that nonetheless, is it really then too much?
You also like dick. Can you get too much of that?

Goddamn alarm~

Work stuff, or other stuff?

can't get high, I work at a rehab place and I could get tested any random day

Work a bit, mostly school.

lower diff is for pussies and you're here forever

no worse just random wake up at 4am thinking its 6am

and also once at like 2 am because of the rain

doesn't pretty much everyone tolerate you?

rick and morty is pretty great. watching comedy shows in general. could always just watch netflix or something I guess.

well obviously dick is the exception that proves the rule!


back in a bit.

Poor word choice. I wanted to say like, but the line between favorably tolerate and like is hard for me to find.

i want front shine-thru keycaps

yeah we can get drunk as shit, just can't get high

maybe we can hang like a week after my 21st? I turn 21 november 22nd

drink beer, watch netflix, play vidya?

Damn school, that feel

Then lower the difficulty, seeing you're a pussy~

Fuck ;_;
Do you at least feel somewhat awake and not exhausted?

One of the many exceptions~
No such thing as too much of something good.
Talk to you later

:( why cant i find my aim

oh yeah laying in bed for 30 minutes after the alarm went and just alternating between stretching reddit and falling asleep helped

still worse than a full nights continuous sleep tho

Too little practice

Posting here works too~

Yeah, true. But so long you won't fall asleep during class

i can fall asleep in class as much as i like

falling asleep while chugging along with 80kph in a tin can without airbags is worse

tfw 260 hours still shit :]

practice more

or become utaite bcus ur a cute girl

w-well, the former is much better than the latter for sure!
Don't do the latter, ever

Lower difficulty!

hope i never will :D

now brb while i shave my face because fuck, i'm too lazy

i barely use my voice irl how am i going to sing

yeah i probably should be doing that actually. i keep playing things out of my reach because its more fun. lower difficulty feels like snail tho

Not really.

Get coffee!
Should wait for Saturday to come, then do it there when you got more time~

Well.. If you get them all at the lower difficulty, maybe you're already playing something more suitable

Do you always feel that way?

It's a struggle.

i like it fast but i cant fast :p

Formula 1 in Japan starts at 8am (quali) and 7am (race) ;_;

ooh do they drift in japan??

maybe you should stop caring as much.

you're seriously that young?

I dunno, maybe. we can figure it out if you actually want to hang. I generally drink mixed drinks instead of beer though. I'm sure we'd figure whatever out though.

all I really have for couch co-op vidya is sm4sh, honestly.

guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

It's not D1GP!

cup prefers daddies

I just had no idea fish was so young. it's not like it matters.

heading off~

the depression comes and goes, friend.

i hope vettel drifts anyways

more like getting off

I've decided that Satania is officially my new avatar waifu

This is the beginning of a wonderful new era

Also hii ♥

Gotta go slow first until you're all loosened up

Time to get up early

Seems it

Have a good day!

good choice. hiya.

It feels right

How're you tonight? Hopefully not drunk ^^

Raphiel is better

I'm not, but I just went to the store and got another bottle of vodka, so perhaps I should fix that.

i guess thats just how it works in life huh

such blasphemy

"Best girl" memes aside, it's all opinion

Satania and I just have good chemistry

Skip getting drunk tonight :3

what on earth is my motivation?

It is~

Not at all!

I've not even watched the show, just meming

Obeying an order because you're a subby bitch boy

a surprisingly compelling argument.

Erio, give me notice

I need the validation that comes with interacting too much to not care.

I suppose that is busy than it always being there.

should work on that.

Gonna head out, have a good one

I assume you meant 'better'.

but yes. you learn to deal with it when it comes, and it gets better eventually. still, it's not fun. hopefully I will seek treatment eventually.

byebye hu.

I wish i was in las vegas.

I can be pragmatic

Hey cute sex shop loli :3

How've you been?

Have a nice day ^^

i wonder how big i can nut if i go slow and steady.

have fun at wizard school

from what I've seen you're quite good at it.

I am. It's a process.

Good luck, I hope you can do it.
I guess.

Exhausted. I forgot how stressful school is for me.

seems to be a rather long one.


Masturbating slowly is the best way

Make it an exercise in true self-love

Being pragmatic or bossing a sissy slut named Cupcake around?

Aw :3 -hugs tightly-

Make sure to get enough sleep

I guess you decided to go back? Like, not too long ago, you were saying you dropped out and weren't going to do school anymore

the first one. but probably both.

That's not what she said.

i think i masturbate too often and when i try to do it slowly i cant stay hard

oh good. tsuchi is here. yaaay.

Well, I'm sure you'll be a good little bitch and follow the order

Do you ever just get high these days? ^^

I've been keeping it to once every three or four days

Masturbating too often is a drain

not really. my brother hasn't really had any weed around in a while and I never buy any myself.

I found an exception 3 days before the start that let me go back.

It will end when I vanish entirely from here.

you can check out any time you like but you can never leave.

You should get some some time ^^

It's always great to come back to after a break, and at least you'd probably drink less often if you were getting high instead sometimes

That's good :3

What time is it where you are, though?

actually probably not. I absolutely adore getting high and drunk at the same time, so that is what I'd end up doing.


11 PM

There isn't any escape. Not forever.

there's always the eternal escape.

I'm too much of a little girl to find that path with anything but pills, and no pills I have available cause that kind of effect.

Maybe I just need to give you orders frequently

You're too much of a dumb slut to keep yourself from dying

Okay then, just make sure not to stay up much later

Is your homework done for tomorrow? ^^

guess you're stuck here.

be that as it may, I'm gonna keep drinking. the only reason I'm not at the moment is that I was drunk like 7 hours ago and I like to have a decent amount of space between alcohols.


an interesting development.


did you enjoy this season of new game!! ?

RIP Tom Petty

This is the most autistic shit you've ever linked and I've watched through alt-right rant videos you linked.

i need to watch new game season 1 first

; ~ ; it looks super cute at least... did you watch it?

what the heck? you posted a lot of pictures of one of the girls for a while. you never watched the anime?

At least I have company.

No, I am struggling with it and it isn't being done. I'm not super far behind but I gotta figure it out eventually.

misery does love it.

I would only call it a development, but what is interesting is but a subjective query that is pressed on every rational being.

You're just mad that you couldn't understand the inner complexity.
W.H.A.T. D.O.T.H. L.I.F.E.

yeah, i downloaded some persons caps and used the cutie from it.
i am interested in the show though!

Words of Mormon 1 14-18 And in the strength of the Lord they did contend against their enemies, until they had slain many thousands of the Lamanites. And it came to pass that they did contend against the Lamanites until they had driven them out of all the lands of their inheritance.
And it came to pass that after there had been false Christs, and their mouths had been shut, and they punished according to their crimes;
And after there had been false prophets, and false preachers and teachers among the people, and all these having been punished according to their crimes; and after there having been much contention and many dissensions away unto the Lamanites, behold, it came to pass that king Benjamin, with the assistance of the holy prophets who were among his people-
For behold, king Benjamin was a holy man, and he did reign over his people in righteousness; and there were many holy men in the land, and they did speak the word of God with power and with authority; and they did use much sharpness because of the stiffneckedness of the people-
Wherefore, with the help of these, king Benjamin, by laboring with all the might of his body and the faculty of his whole soul, and also the prophets, did once more establish peace in the land.

Goodnight and God bless, anons. Remember that no matter how lost or afraid you may feel about the future, remember that the Lord is always with you and will guide you to true happiness.

Sorry for bothering you about it again; just trying things to get you to do it less

XRA is a masterpiece

Is he actually dead or what?

The media is ruined

Better sooner than later so you don't get more behind

yeah alright sure.

well just watch it. it's quite cute.

I hope the only afterlife you find is some shitty Mormon one.

what else are you thinking about tonight?

Eat my ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was reported he was but falsely. Then after the fact we find out that in all actually, yes. He is.


it's touching, really.

I'll remind you I'm not even slightly worth the effort.

nothing much, really.


It is! Have you read the Book of Mormon too?

as a matter of fact I have.

i want love

Wow you didn't even put up with my bullshit for all of a post.

Literally amazing
It's too bad certain people don't get it

You're going to hell

don't we all.

cute animes is a decent substitute though.

I'm a monster, what can I say.

Cupcake's massive dong x Luka's yuri asshole OTP

Oh? Which is your favorite passage? I really love 3 Nephi 1:13. It's very comforting and makes me feel happy every time I read it

I don't remember. it's been quite a while since I read it.

I like the part where alma goes and does missionary work with the laminites and becomes friends with the king? maybe I'm mixing up the names.
you know, watches the sheep, cuts off all those dudes arms, general badassery.

Something about it being better to reign in hell than serve in heaven, angst, edge, etc.


what do we do now?

chill I guess?

Oh, I remember seeing his daughter said he was still alive or something


I'll remind you that worth is subjective by shoving my philosophy down the throat of the threads for another ~5 years

Alright, let's focus on something productive

How many planets can you give me in the afterlife in exchange for an offering of earth and water to your Utah god?

Don't reply rudely to this curious question; I'm a sinner and I need to be saved

I've learned that introducing people to it with the episode where the snake arm eats all those babies can be a bad way of easing them into it

You could always make actual, permanent changes in your life so you can actually progress as a person?

new thread

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new thread

why isn't everyone else chill? ;~;