Super cute poster thred

super cute poster thred

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once you know how her kit works you can play her relatively well. missing isnt a problem on her anyways :^)

Own a cat.
Will you be my kitty, feku?

no frowning!

But I feel dumb.

they are a beginner!


I guess she can play support, so I kind of want to try that

But I am dumb.


try whatever you want~

Don't lie

What :(

syndra an OP mid lane lady!

But I am.

I'd want to figure her out and get semi good with her before I try anything like that
I've never played mid before

Do teemo

Lying, yes!

Lol that's so much you!

she walk into mid
she slam Q's down mid lots
and then one hit KO enemy with her ult


No, just dumb!

I don't understand how her skills work enough to be confident enough to try that

practice with her

she has combos

and her abilitys work with each other!

press each ability together to make stuff happen!

lotsa aiming required...
and calculation
and prediction
and moving into correct position!


;~; i miss SD


Sounds like I'd probably make a bad Syndra then

I read something about how some of her abilities leave little balls behind or something like that and the ult hits people with them?

syndra high learn curve thingy!

yes ball is Q and ball management is her core kit

What's my reward?

Support wise syndra is terrible because her passive is useless for majority of the lane phase and she scales well with items. Supports can't rely on items because of reduced gold income and the need of a sightstone.

But I am here!

Not at all!

yay! you noticed me~
after years of waiting

I'll give you attention almost all the time, I'll stroke your back and gently scratch you behind your ear, as well as feed you regularly. Overall, I'll provide for you and treasure you. This is how you treat a cute kitty~

Absolutely is!

So it's a lot of paying attention then

I don't know what her passive is, all I know is that in the client, Syndra is listed as a support/mage

wanna watch me as syndra?

I have to do stuff in Runescape for someone

I told you to poke at me when you wanted my attention!



i was only gonna show some basics...

Act as a human wall for someone doing Desert Treasure?


poke poke poke poke poke poke~
i want lots of your attention~!

This is getting a bit too erotic

Most of the time the secondary role listed is bullshit. Look for the first one listed.

No it's not, I just treasure my pets

If I didn't have to get this stuff done by the end of the day, I would gladly come check it out

37-50 WC
Black Knights Fort, Misthalin, Pirates Treasure, Prince Ali Rescue, Romeo & Juliet, Rune Mysteries, Legend' Quest, Horror of the Deep, Shilo Village, Jungle Potion, Family Crest, Merlin's Crystal, Shield of Arrav, Eadgars Ruse, Heroes Quest, Underground Pass, RFD Sir Amik/Monkey

Brb fap to courtney

not even if i sent invite?

Jesus, what are you getting out of this?

Could fap to

Maybe tonight


y r u online leeg now then?

I wanted to lookup what the other role Syndra was listed as

And if you don't get it done by the end of today?


Well, now you have it!

Then I don't have it done
It's not my reputation on the line, it's someone elses lol

there is no other

only mid mage

do u like me?

I mean, it sounds absurd.. Legend's quest too me about 4 hours alone, and Shilo Village about 3.
Sounds next to impossible... Good luck man!
Someone elses reputation?

Nice quads

store is getting rework in november
its broken right now.

It gave me false hope then

Yes, why do you ask?

Yeah, I'm doing it for my friend who sells services
My name wasn't mentioned at any point

Oh, I see..
Did you split it in half, or do you get 80% of it?


Good. You do all the work after all.
Oh yeah, I finally got a D-axe today :D

Gotta love that special attack on D axes
He wanted to take 15%, I said enjoy doing the quests yourself then

People hustle on runescape?

yup! ^_^

because i was worried i was losing u

It's just faster than Rune too. Been using Rune from 60 to 84 ;-;
Cause that is a shitton of threads and will take almost all day

Some people are impatient.
I don't even know why such people would play a game as runescape..

Oh.. don't be, I'll always be around in some form.
I need to play some PUBG with friends now, but you can still hit me up in Steam.

Fucking Riot

I don't remember what I have for an axe. I think Rune
I don't really play RS though, I accepted to do this because I was bored

Wai he no just do all those quest stuffs for himself why it go through different players?

Not high enough level for dragon? Can't you just buy it off GE?
Oh, okay... ;_;

He's paying for it too. And it's not really that many quests.
But I don't know why someone would pay someone else to play a game for them. It's odd lol


Paying in the currency he could've earned by selling the drops?

I don't remember what my woodcutting/strength were, I assume I couldn't wield it, though I did complete Dragon Slayer

He won't earn that much doing the quests

Only need attack for it.

she is ver cute

So he would be in a deficit? Paying someone and getting less in return?

He unlocks more of the game I suppose. Also gets closer to quest cape needed for 1-2 achievements

Indeed (Kantai Collection)


only steam? ;~;

she cute~

If he had the gold to pay in the first place why not channel the effort in earning the gold towards actual progression?

cause normie runescape is weird

whats the difference between runscraps anyways?

thats really the cutest pic of her in there
good pick

We don't talk about RS3.
And normie mode in osrs is to just level a skill, then follow the money-making guides, and then buy the stuff you need to level the other skills.
Shit sucks. Go iron or bust

I don't know if my Strength was high enough then


No str requirement~

Oh ya fags are still alive
What a shame

This thread is now more alive due to you, great job

Attack, whatever



is it true you have a questionable hole in your body pillow

Jesus Christ!

I'm not really an angry bastard lately those two weeks have been fucked up, real fucked up.

Wow real edgy lad
Rotty is a legit hungarian word and it fits that image well

You heard that shit from Mari, why would anyone come here from Mari's place

Angry? I prefer "enlightened" and smart.
The hell happened, did the commies drug you?


is it true you crossdress and rp as a maid

Stop listening to AuA pls.
All of their screenshots and stuff are taken out of context

I went to 4chan to bully alice on a free week and ended up with an internet waifu who will visit in a month for possible next avatarfag marriage

There is a new discord and community on Holla Forums ya fags should join. Its being pretty fast

why do you always have questionable candidates for marriage

Jesus Christ!

I'm already in like 6 discords and i'm in one at all times pretty much.

I'm used for my plans to go sideways and take unexpected turns but holy shit lads

Not at all tho

But this one is the bomb
It has me in it

what about the last time you married someone on the internet

Did they send you a pic of their penis?

Lets not talk about that

I've seen some shit for sure but no penis
Guess I can visit ya US cunts soon enough

Echo is your better half


Bloody hell I need me a good kike lawyer

yay jack spicer is home!

Its just been a while since I've brought true TERROR around these waters
Didn't want you nigs feeling all tranquil and shit

This is how you slay a thread

But there are no girls on the internet

I'm a very firm believer of that and I'm proven wrong again its a bloody myth

Hopefully, or you'll soon end up with a trap


Because you're just that good at it.

if you had a man that worked a job to provide for the both of you, would you be a stay at home trap house wife

I mean... Wouldn't you?

its kinda gay tho. if it lets me neet i guess i can consider it but i dont want to dress up like a girl or take it in the ass

I don't really want to dress up as a girl either, but anything for daddy

oh shit cups back

is this perm?


Pls fuckin' no I'd be scarred for life but its confirmed not to be a trap thank fuck

Shit, didn't see ya in ages. Ya horsefuckers decided to be in here now? Did Hupony drag ya here?

But he stopped posting hours ago!

You sure? You sure they didn't just chop off their dick and turned it inwards, fucking their body over for life?

yeah cuz ppl have lives

I've been posting here for a while, off and on. I just pick different names.

Cup's life is waking up at 4am to start drinking..

Who are you tryin' to fool

Its Holla Forums, I won't know for sure, but since it will happen in weeks I'll do soon
Fuckin' hope you are not right

Still hangin' out with horsefuckers? Hey, do you remember numbers? Ya know the guy 9734 the horsefucker who got into a bloody asylum for years 'cause of Tulpas. He is back in the discord chat I'm in.


The lucky fuck.

I recall him, yes. We never spoke at length, so I have little interest.

Top kek.
It's Holla Forums indeed, not exactly known for being honest. That is in itself a red flag.
Well, fingers crossed for a real female

Hardly life~

Not really, no

Means he has time.

Just funny to see ya old nigs pop up here and there

I made sure to see her live for myself tho so I think I have fair odds.


I thought he got sent to jail..?

I guess. Works weekday job I think, so he got time on weekends to drink and overwatch

Good, got to find someone who can give you babies


Lucky fuck.

He said he was in the nuthouse in the chat, didn't know he became a full crossdressing fag into blood play and cut fucking tho
Dude snapped
I should raise little Hitlers
Enough to resurrect the third reich

Have fun kids, I'm out for the day.


You should let him know~

Jesus, poor guy.
Yeah, should. But this time, don't lose




Haven't seen him.



here comes the profit boy-o


If I spent all my savings on btc in 2011 i'd be rich

$40 of bitcoin is now like 10 million

i mined a whole bitcoin!

why didn't i invest

Because no one thought it would be anything.


Remember when /g/ lost its shit when they became 10 cents each?

i mined like 0.15 btc back in the days with my old hd4830 been trying to find wallet forever but i guess its rip

Remember when they lost their shit when a Bitcoin was $1?
Remember when you didn't want to invest because they were suddenly $80, which was far too much?
Remember when they reached $240 and you thought "fuck no, it'll crash so hard!".
Remember when you lost your shit after 1BTC was suddenly $1000?
Now they're $4300 each, why have you still not invested?

gosh in a hundred years a bitcoin will be worth severel trillion dollars i reckon

bitcoin soon $10000

super unstable!!!
un-usable!!! too expensive! it's worth too much!

buble will burst!!!

michael buble shows no signs of bursting he is a treasure

he not coin

he many coin







Darn. Night. :c

ono :(



wow, what timing... :<
Enjoy your day

You too when you head out

is catalonia physically separating yet?

when do you?

i hope this inspires friesland


My timing is horrible. fml

Sleep well~

Shilo Village wasn't so bad

what btc going to be worth when you apply quantum computation to it

think about that

why does it always have to be quantum im out

Does concurrent computing sound better


gib btcoin

quantumcoin but only works if your iq is more than 143

if my iq were that high i'd be able to visualise the food and i'd have no need for money

143 isn't even that high

yuh 143 is for brainlets

personally, i love rick and morty

what is rick and morty?

ni ni

why do people like it so much? from what ive heard it just seems like its trying to be funny by being gross. i havent actually watched any tho


a shit tier cartoon that's overhyped and everyone is obsessed with and all the fans do is repeatedly shove it's content in your face

LOL we made a joke about sci-fi, so intellectual and funny!

Well, now you're the one bringing up content to our face.


Is it okay just to like the show? I meean, I'm not really one for pushing anything I like down others throats.

Well minus one thing. :^)

Ironically mocking content is still content, fuck-o.

yeah that's fine
and you can abuse my throat w/e you want


what about it? I know I'm fat.

Simply testing something.

and that is?

How you would react to a single word, and what you would infer from it.

Good boy.

and what did you think of the results?

y-yes daddy♥




IMO it's good but the fans who act like it's smart and intellectual ruin it by causing people to judge it too harshly

Is Cupcake going to stick around?

doubtful. no one likes that faggot anyway.

You were lurking :3

How've you been?

not great, but not terrible. just life as usual.

how's it going, erio?



truth hurts, spec. gotta learn to deal with it.





I accidentally translated that to Latin in Google Translate and it came out as "-CULEX ad causam referun -"

Lol how

-huggu- ♥

Things are going fine; super high right now

Nothing new? ^^

What the heck?


That's a 7/10 day for you.

not gonna bother trying to look up what you're saying if you use moonspeak so I'll fill in for you.


nnnf. insult me more uguu~

truth tho


nice nice, about to get super drunk.

nothing at all. my life is a stagnant void where dreams go to die.

how many images in that satania folder by the way? gibe pls.

see. you get me.


aww yiss

何 the heck, google.

It was

Nani the heck.

How're you?

No, cause I lub the Cuppers.

I guess. We spoke once at length six years ago when Aeris got super butthurt we talked, and then again when we got on the same threads again two years ago.

still just gibberish. no one could possibly understand nani the heck you're talking about.

fine I guess. you?

and even that amount of conversation seems excessive for stoic tight lips like us.

ha. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.


Fine I guess.

I seem to recall posts of yours with around 15 reply links in them 6 years ago.



those were obviously a fever dream.

talk dirty to me.

You should get high instead of drunk; it's much healthier and feels better imo. You do smoke weed, right? Not sure why you always got drunk most of the time; I guess alcohol is just more to your tastes ^^

Whether life stays stagnant or not is up to you. You have to take action to change it if you want to :3

85 images. I only started making the folder a few days ago and was actively avoiding doing so until then but I've finally fully embraced her

I'll put it on Dropbox and update that as I add more

I think she's becoming my new avatar waifu

I guess they don't consider Japanese to Latin translation to be an important thing to fine tune

No, I'm gonna get the soap.

Said the man who claims to have a shitty memory.

If anything your reply's were generally short do to the abundance of them.


ALERT: I'm deleting my Koakuma folder from Dropbox to make room for this and whoever has that folder downloaded now is now in charge of it

alcohol is a hell of a lot cheaper than weed. 20 dollars of weed lasts like 3-4 times if you're lucky, while 15-20 dollars of booze gets you drunk about 12 times. maybe even more if you're a lightweight like I am.
and yeah, I just prefer being drunk to high, although I do enjoy both.

yeah I like it this way.

oh I see. well when you get it up to snuff gimme the folder please. she's pretty great and I love her reaction images.

wtf no. no soap. dirty.

what the heck are you drunk right now?

I'm far too drunk to fully care.

You're splendid.

If I had to guess they didn't fine-tune any of them, and instead let users do it.

ah. there we go.


w-wtf. don't just compliment me like that baka.



anyway you made a few slight errors in your post so I win.


"I do what I want"

wow can't believe ur such a nerd.

Your own self loathing will give me the points back eventually, so I don't really mind.

that's harsh but fair.

Still, fug the Cups~

It isn't fair.

But still, we play.

you shouldn't. who knows where it's been.


"ur the nerd"

no need to get nasty, rin.

because we must.

Oh yeah there is the price, but I can basically be high for 3 weeks straight on $120 of weed so I think it's a pretty good deal. Not sure how my THC tolerance compares to the average and stuff

Oh, that's good; it sounded like you didn't like your life from how negatively you were talking :3

And yeah she's adorable

How does that work? There's a way to correct Google Translate?

I'm sure you'll win one of these days, Cup.

Who cares.

oh I don't. I don't like anything about myself or my life. but I see no reason to try and change it. I've done that in the past and it just resulted in things being even worse. I'll accept things the way they are and live with it. I'm just waiting to die anyway.

wouldn't wanna break the pattern tho.

risky risky

Your immune system.


Is that Inspector Calvin

Change is indeed terrible.

"you're right I'm sorry"

it's okay, I forgive you.

thank you.


Tell me of your personal current events, Cup.

pass. it's nothing interesting or new anyway. just life being normal.


Ah, terrible then.


You should keep trying, imo. It's not like you have much to lose if you've decided you're just waiting to die

Apply what you've learned from past things

How often do you drink?



I said I wasn't gonna try and translate your moonrunes u nerd.

you get used to it surprisingly fast.

I don't allow those!

currently almost every day.

Since when do you have a say in what happens, pet~?

Cup's anus automatically dissolves those.

Referring to anal sex again?

I've been doing japanese flash cards, I'm over a hundred words now and the progress is slow but this is fun

do you have any good resources?

well everyone kept ranting about how "god tier" and incredible the show was, I watched like two episodes and while they weren't 'bad', it was just mediocre and I think people overhype it waaaaaaaaay too much.

i love you

you're telling me you'd actually enjoy using a condom?

nope. just life.

n-no homo

I feel you have learned this from experience.

No, it was a bluff. Darn it all.

ha. knew it.

You knew cock, that is all~

Stop, that's insane

Even Jack barely survived that

The real problem here is that you're straight edge but trying to watch cartoons

Both seem to fuck you, regardless.

Nah, Cup doesn't view me that way. Nor I he.

cock has never steered me wrong.

this is not the first time I've drank this frequently and it won't be the last.

just how I like it.


How many phases like that do you think you can have before a serious health problem happens? Do you really want to die?


don't care and yes.

He doesn't really want to die, just to stop existing.


I just kept calling you a fool.

hurtful, but accurate.

I primarily use jisho as my dictionary.

How would you know otherwise?

Exactly! So back on your knees~

You think Cup to be private with personal matters, I see.

gotta get my kneepads


Dwai, I was getting bullied in private as karma.

See, it only takes 14 shots of vodka to make a good joke.

that's good. you need lots of bullying.

14? ffs. and people are worried about my drinking.

A lot of people like you a lot and want you to stay alive, Cupcake. Maybe stop drinking and just keep doing your best to get the things you want in life, at least for a while? I think they key is to learn to find joy in the struggle :3

Also if you say no one likes you there's a chance this could escalate into an intervention so watch your mouth

Please don't bully the cupcake

I think you're lying~

No, you have to earn those.

I've worked the last three weeks straight, get off my dick. I didn't drink anything else at the time.

I wouldn't, but he enjoys it.


yes homo

hey fuck you guy I love cartoons

thanks fam

just gonna learn a lot of words and write them down as romaji first before I learn kanji

I have basically nothing I want in life except to be lazy, drink, and play video games. I have no other desires.

as touching as your concern is there's not a lot you can do about it, so better to just not worry~

debatable, but that is the reason I haven't just taken the shortcut. I'll stick it out as long as fate deems necessary I suppose, but don't expect me to be thrilled about it.

damn that's ice cold.


ah. well fine. enjoy your excessive drinking to make up for it.

wow um no homo.

Rin is not for bully.

Rin is for tender love and head pats.

If you learn the romaji first it's going to be heck to learn the kanji.

I'm trying, at difficulty.

Tomorrow is coming much too quickly.

and for light bully.

that pesky time. always moving forward.

Sounds like what a liar would be saying.

You know it~

No that's illegal.

My issue is the rate at which it arbitrarily decides to go.

From experience of lying, I assume.

I don't know, it mostly doesn't seem like he does

Same, but that's because I smoke weed every day

I can't watch much of something like that while sober without feeling like I'm wasting time

That's probably part of the reason why you were so disappointed about Rick and Morty; you were expecting it to be intellectually stimulating or something

Sorry, I guess it's none of my business and I shouldn't bother you too much about it

Instead I'll just fact check Tracer's claim:

Do you like being e-bullied? ^^

You're not denying it there~

light bullying followed by extra head pats.

just how I like it

blame fucking scientists for that. thinking they know stuff just because they know stuff.

it's fine. I wouldn't have answered your questions if I didn't care to. it's genuinely sweet of you to care, I'm just trying to tell you it isn't worth it in the slightest to care even a little bit about me.

actually I do. quite a lot.

Thus why I continue.

Nor are you denying my assertions of you being a liar as well.

"The game was over the moment we matched with a level 8"
Holy crap, the people in League are so fucking friendly


Exaaaaactly. ;3

I wonder what it means. Biiiiiiig think.



Worth is subjective

I'm subjectively deciding it's worth it to care and there's nothing you can do about it

And oh, I thought you just liked things like being called a dirty slut and stuff ^^

I wonder if Cupcake ever masturbates to getting e-bullied

so like a firm maybe?

aww yiss

yeah you get it

disgusting. and gay.

you don't consider that bullying?

More than likely.


Worth is dictated by the market! You can't go and give something worth that doesn't deserve it!


Flutterslut Cups. One of three best Cups~

mandy gets it.


why must I learn to speak and read at the same time?
don't most people naturally learn to speak the language first when they're young and then learn to read/write later?

I guess

it just seemed like fluff

what are the other two?


Go to bed.

I sure do, my cock-worshipping cum-guzzler!

aww, he remembered me

Every non-native language I've learned I learned to speak and read at the same time because as a young adult that's far more efficient.

Learning Romaji is a waste in any situation where you're attempting to know what you're writing down.

I was drunk though, wasn't I?

Like, don't you know Kana?

Kana's easily translatable to romaji if you absolutely need to and you're using it to type kanji anyway ???

not drunk enough apparently. we should do it again to get it right.

Birdbutte Cups and Gardevoir Cups

How did you know I am tired?

ahh yeah those are pretty good too.

I refuse to be held to account if you wake up beaten and bloody and covered in cum.


Doesn't matter.

if I don't end up exactly like that I will be pretty offended tbh.


zero effort

I'm much more interested to learn to speak and understand the language before I learn about reading and writing, I don't see why I should bother learning symbols that I don't even know the meaning of

you want effort you gotta pay my fee.

That catboy trap is a good one too~

I feel like it matters a bit.

and what's that?

What, have them spit in your mouth?

Go to sleep.

felix is best girl.


fuck I already said free.

I'm changing my answer.

spit in my mouth.

In that case, when do you want to hook up? I got a couple handles of whiskey and I have been horny as hell.

After you answer~

True dat.


I live like 30 minutes away. you come over any time, mandy.

you should be my manger.

whoop whoop

I always know when someone's tired, via my detective abilities.

No go the fuck to sleep.

Yeah, but you are all the way down there in hipster town....

Well, I guess it's sexual bullying, and I thought that was basically the kind you liked. It's not like being a little sissy slut is really a bad thing, anyway :3


Monetary value isn't the only kind

Like, your mom is probably worth a lot to you, but a blowjob from her is worth about $20

Pickle Rick was just too smart and intellectual for you

what the actual fuck? nothing about where I live is "hipster town" you're thinking of like glendale or something.

I enjoy all kinds of bullying but sexual is definitely my favorite


You don't know kana?

At all?


My mom is actually worth negative to me. I would pay to get rid of her. Thankfully, I didn't have to. And if you are willing to pay 20 quid to get her mouth on your meat toboggan, you are getting ripped off.

Night all of you.

sleep tite.

Auf wiedersehen

What? No, Tempe is pretty fucking hipster. Glendale is slightly middle glass. South Phoenix is Spic Central. Scottsdale is Almost White Town.

okay well I'm in none of those so get bent.

Chandler is close to Tempe though. It is basically the same thing.

And if you keep it up, you'll be getting bent over a chair.

I'm not in chandler either.

well then I'm definitely going to keep it up.

Getting bullied never hurts your feelings?

ay gurl how u

Just an example of worth being subjective

She could probably sell for even more than $20 as a slave on the black market

Sleep well

sometimes it does. that doesn't mean I don't enjoy it.

Aren't you down towards there? Am I going crazy?

I could use a good hate-fuck.

I doubt it. Based on her body structure and possible workload, she would be more of a burden.


I could also use a good fuck. hate or otherwise.

You're too cute for me to actually hurt your feelings :3

Imagine having a sex slave harem and you also have an old lady living with them and you just keep her to have her make oatmeal cookies every day



you just don't have the balls to even try. not that you could even if you did.


Gooood. Finished out my work week today. Getting blazed and gonna enjoy my day off tmrw.

How's you cutie?

Shit that is close enough!

Jesus, I really could. I have been on a long dry spell. It is quite frustrating.

That is disgusting. I just puked in my mouth a little.

The little sluts can learn how to make cookies, if you so desire.

this does seem like the best answer to that.


of course not, I'm learning words, not gook symbols!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fair warning, I am super not worth the trip, even if it's only like 20 minutes.

Just realized it's almost 9PM, I haven't eaten all day, and there's no food here

Bye for now

Nice talking to you again, Cupcake ♥

I'm fine, sorry I have to leave now; things will close soon. If you want, I'll be sure to post later if I see you ^^

I couldn't afford the gas to get there even if you were a drop dead gorgeous trap.

I do not envy the work you have ahead of you.

nice to see you too. lemme know if you ever get discord.

Cuppers is here??

well I'm just an ugly dude with long hair so that's for the best.



For the moment.

yeah. hi maddie.

go away scootafupa.

Would still be an asshole to pound.

Its ethan

Cupcakes exbf can’t come to the phone right now
Because he’s dead















and a mouth. don't forget about the mouth.