Here's to hoping the next truck actually kills Cupcake

Here's to hoping the next truck actually kills Cupcake.

I'll drink to that.

You'll do more damage to the truck than it to you.

Nah, I don't really watch stuff



except gay ass anime.

can't believe you're so insensitive. that hat LITERALLY is causing genocide.

Mexicans are the worst.

hey look, he finally said something intelligent.

Sometimes I wish it were...

holy shit you should be arrested for being so racist.

And Mormons like you and Desu.

lol, I'd never do that

good. it's all terrible.

I'll let Cup put on the handcuffs.

oh I'm gonna do a lot more than that.

I can't stand the language. I cringe so fucking hard every time I hear weeb

my quality of life has been increased tenfold now. i can finally change to this keyboard that has arrow keys that will let me read my doujins


classic white bigot.



doujins? Is that some weeb shit?

Can expect nothing less from a literal nazi


literally everyone right of center is a nazi.

and most of the center people.

and a fair amount of those left of center.

basically i can fap to hentai on desktop again

Anyone right of Marx is a nazi

now you're getting it.

W-what are we gonna do?

oh I couldn't say here. it's far too lewd.

O-oh. I'll be waiting then.


what a pervo

Lewd as hell

They get something right at least. Nazism is a left-wing ideology

well yeah but don't tell them that. truth confuses and enrages the left.

*Violently struggles for attention*

No, you.

Hi. How's your morning goin'?

don't be ridiculous. I'm pure as snow.

try talking to someone or saying something interesting luka

I just wanted a (you)

If they punch you, you win


We live south of Black Canyon babe, we don't get snow~

(you) for (you)s

it's good to punch people you disagree with. otherwise how would you win the argument?

well I'm sure we can find something else white to play with~

You pull the trigger in self-defence.

guns are evil. they literally kill millions of children a minute.

Uh... there's- a lot of dirt and cactus!

They kill retards of bad parents, spics and niggers.
Guns are great

not inside, which is where we'd be.

I mean when you put it like that anything would sound great.

30 magazine clip in half a second

We can play cave explorer!

more like 3000.

that's one of my favorite games. hope you're ready to go spelunking.

cum is a sustainable source of protein

Need more guns

lost it

lots of full automatics.

for home defense.


I'll get the rope and harness~

I like where this is going~


it's not gay if I wear a skirt.

rip chair dont work im gonna be sitting on a wood one for a few days

And schools

pfff, that sucks

Anyone want to hang out in call with me?

The dick just makes it better.

and homeschools.

your dick makes it better~

Wh-whoa there...

no offense, but no

Jesus, just fuck already

Was more at Cup and Spec.

hows your day? are you gonna fight another boss?

don't really do calls anymore. sorry.

maybe we should take hu's advice.

only if you join in.

They can do voice at least

Nah, beat it 29 times. Got an axe, but no rings.
Is fine though, cause all I was really aiming for, was the axe.
Day's been nice so far, got laundry done as well as grocery shopping.
You can finally use your desktop again, so I guess things are alright on your end

Yes, take it.


Nah... not feelin' it, and it's early morning so I need to be quiet still.


ah shit. that was too hot. curse my quick shot.

too late. hu got involved and pewww.


What a slut

don't worry, I'll be good to go again in a bit.

4 u

and 4 him.
Now go have fun~

those are such house wifey things lol.
i mean i could always fap on desktop but id have to stretch my hand at a weird angle to do it

What the hell am I supposed to do... edge till then?

fun? what the heck is that?

I would hope so! keep that shit ready.

Necessary when you live by yourself, so what if it's housewifey things?
No, don't fap on desktop, that sounds like a mess and a pain to clean up, and the cum might just hit the spinning fans and accidentally cause a short circuit

The thing you're having right now

This isn't fair! I was here first!

i thought u lived with ur brother and was a maid for him??
I dont think people have those problems if they control their climax. if i wanna go ham and spray all over ill do it in a bath tub. I just like having the option to do both sometimes.

does not compute

shouldn't have been such a tease. you saw how hu just went for it.

We share the apartment but that's about it, rest is part of your imagination.
But you said on your desktop!

Oh? Not entertained?

maybe a little.

I had to build it up good, he just swept in and took all the glory.

That's the last time I warm you up, from now on I'll just take what I want.

see? you're learning! this is good.

I'm sure you are, bully!

Well if you do all those things what does your brother do? Neet around?
Also you take things too literally.

That's what people think, but it's not the case.
We cook together, keeping each other company.
I take things literally when it's to my benefit

I'm ready now!

wow wtf I'm not a bully

you will wait your turn.

Okay, you're not a bully~

is he your elder or younger?
So its like when I twist my words to make you think im gay but actually not?

Someone find me a boyfriend.

God damn it!

What the fuck? no!
Except you're without a doubt leaning towards the male gender


darn right. if you call me that again I'll beat u up.



Wow, bad girl!

Whatcha' doin' Cup?


make sure he doesnt do drugs and have sex!
Im not leaning towards male I am a male! and I like females


laughing at your misfortune, duh.

Well yeah!
I mean, other than that though...

Well.. He's currently being blue-balled.

Nah, that's not my responsibility
You like females, yeah.

Only to those who deserve it

Good morning squassers


just watching the league and thinking about maybe drinking. you?

you saying I deserve it?!

And here I thought he was butt buddies with his bro.

getting ready for work? :3

Yeah, only bad girls blueball people

No you didn't

well i did think you were gay and living with a bf or something but i didn't know u live with ur brother

The league?
Drinking at 4 in the morning... you're worse than Greg, jfc Cup.
Watching animes and shit posting, probably gonna play some mwo.

well that's fair actually.

it's a show about a bunch of horrible people in a fantasy football league being horrible to each other.
it's hilarious.

wow don't fucking bully. drinking is nice.

I don't work until Thursday.

God, if only.
Yeah, he needed a place to stay after he started studying here, and my previous roommate moved out, so I had a room free.
Shared rent is pretty neat

You're only blueballing him cause you don't know what he packs

you calling me a size queen?

Oh, it's a TV show.
Gay, what kinda faggot nerd watches TV?
Seems like something to look into.

Unlike you. lmao

god damn squash that's not like you
is everything okay

No, I'm calling you a cumloving whore.
If you thought you had to be with multiple people to experience bukkake, you thought wrong. He's all you need

ever seen always sunny? it's kinda like that only with some fantasy football elements. as someone who knows basically nothing about football, fantasy or otherwise, it's quite enjoyable anyway.

unlike me what?! wtf?

oh shit. consider my interest piqued peaked

is it awkward when your bf comes over?

Cup is a massive size queen.
He has a tramp stamp tattoo of a 9" ruler that says "You must be at least this big to ride."

don't be rood



I didn't like always sunny. But I'd give it a shot if the comedy is good.

Ha ha.

it's not quite the same, but similar. what didn't you like about always sunny?




must be nice tho

what if one of you walks in on the other masturbating one day?
fe males

Well, yeah. It's just that we have factory wide inventory this week and I'm not part of the department that heads that.

He's pretty great

You're nice!

Not gonna happen
Iron is best


I didn't like the characters is all really. The humor was still funny, I just hated the actors and characters, so even if the jokes were good I just couldn't sit through it.


i want to take a nap

that sounds like a really enjoyable break as long as you can afford it...

ah. well there's a decent chance you'll like the league. it's different character types, even if the general idea that they are horrible to each other is still there.

you stop this right now.

well so are you.

you wouldnt give eachother a hand?
yup females are best

I'm sure I'll manage.
I still have a pay day coming up.

I'll give it a shot.

Okay, I'll stop cuz i luv u.

F1 finished for today?

That's better~



what's better?


Yeah yeah. Now go drink up gay boy.

man if only I had a bottle of those.

Yeah there's just one race and it was early.

Next week Japan race but 7am Sunday ;_; Guess I'll need to hit the hay early. Heck, 7am is earlier than my lazy school days wake-up time.

How's you been

The cure for everything.

gross female do courtney

cant you just watch a vod of it?

I need to watch it live.


Being a good girl

Does sound like it was early indeed. Don't they usually start around noon?

Easy! Or maybe that's cause I wake up at 6:20 every day.

I've been alright. Shopped, done laundry, and bossed some in runescape and managed to get the best axe in the game, so pretty well.
Did the race end well?

If you beg I'll consider it

why do you need to watch it live?

thats one of the more convincing traps youve posted yet

sure ill beg i have no pride anyways.
pls post courtney *begs*

*pats head*

Usually 2pm local time, but Malaysia was at 3pm local time there, so it started at 9pm here.
It's probably 2pm local time for Japan. Singapore has some night races there, so they happen to happen around 2pm here too.

You wake up that time even on weekends?

Yeah, Max won the race! It was pretty great with some good overtakings and battles, and Max actually finishing AND winning was icing on the cake. Kimi didn't start because of engine problems though, so that's a bummer.

brb getting car

ALl the fun is in the excitement, plus it's plastered all over the news and reddit.


Oh, right.. Might be because the times I've visited parents, they've been driving in some European country.

Yes, I do:

I hope it's fixed completely this time!

ive been blueballed!

just dont read any news or reddits??

honestly with you everything is schrodinger's trap
if you dont post any genitals you never know

This pic reminds me of you............


i have no idae what you mean by that but now i want pizza




I'll leave that one up to your imagination
it's always better to leave a little right ?


i dont care if i choose to fap to it then its female

sensuous and loving relationships with men




i want to dye 『 P I N K 』


I legitimately don't know why I come here anymore.


me too

It's just ugly prison gays flirting all day

it was better at least when tokai was around

To shitpost with the gang of course!


Bard, goto work;


b-but it doesnt open for another 3 and a half hours and I dont get scheduled to go in for another 10 hours


please post more of her!!

where did she ever go anyways

joined antifa

What a patriot......amen

Oh, this reaction just made me thought you were running late

loco post tits

ye h shitposting is a 24/7 job


It is!

*wink wink nudge nudge*


nani desu



anyone want to TC?

huge titties :D

I dunno

Remember back when threads weren't just the same four people every day?


we should just let it die.


i too remember Holla Forums

General point still remains.


The glory days.

daddy buy me a sim racing set up

Happens to all communities. When they're new, everybody talk to everybody. Then after a while, those people will then only talk to each other, and if new people show up, if they don't try and barge their way into the several cliques, they'll stop posting and disappear.
The cliques may disappear too and since nobody wants to talk with anybody but those within their cliques, the community will split apart and die

But I'm poor!

pepepridge bard remembers


But you got a car!

Not my very own car I'd be willing to rice!

Ricing costs money and does nothing but change the looks. It sucks

ricing with a turbo and lowered springs and better tyres and rims and custom ecu!

sleeper outside

That's a little bit different~
Enjoy your game

my fetish is food vore

except I'm the one eating the food and nobody is looking at the insides

ew, fetishes


lick whipped-cream off tummies

I'm so sorry you had to see me like this...

I hate how much I want to do that.


woah time flies it felt like 10minutes ago i saw ur reply. apparently ive been sitting here listening to music for like an hour

Is fine, I got one too

But why? It's not even that absurd

Feels good being able to relax again~?

yeah but i may or may not have been brushing my teeth for 10 minutes because it felt good

If only sleep wasn't needed

you make me sick............degenerates like you belong on a cross.........

Because I can't have it.

You love shoving hairy poles in and out of your mouth, huh?

Nah, sleep is good

Absolutely, you got the right idea!

Maybe not right now, but it's not settled in stone. You'll find one, and then you'll have it too

oh lawdy

I prefer to have my cake and fuck it too.




Does that mean if some lovely guy shoved their dick through a slice of cake, you'd taste it, then take your seat in his lap after you're done cleaning him?


Only because you need it.

But then things might actually get done, and there'd be less accidents.
We can't have that.


video related

I think about it a lot

No, it's one of the few moments you can get complete silence

video not related


That would just mean I have double the time to do nothing.

All I'm sayin' is, sleep is good job security.

Spending half my life inactive isn't great.

i just like being really thorough with it so i can enjoy my anime and eat after

enjoy game??

we're more alike.........than different.......

just quit your job

Yes it is


Right before I typed that, you started GTA:V

didn't watch

yes.....become a stinky neet girl..............

its not gross you havent tried it yet!!

testing a new mod build yo

Hey, that sounds like a great idea.

I have for a few seconds now and then

oh, lol

i dont think a few seconds of different snippets of anime is enough to judge

It is when the language makes you want to swallow a bullet


Det er bare fint brormand

eten lul


i thought you were a faggot?

Is that a problem?

why not eten lul

What is it?

eat dick

Dutch, Danish, German. Same thing.

Is that something you do?

no u

You wish


is that an euphemism

no but poise sure as fuck is

I wish youd eat my dick


hu's a boy

that's gay, feku.

please see
Can't let me blow you, even though I'm lvl 99 in dicksucking


if you or feku wear the skirt it stops being gay btw way

receiving isnt the gay part!

oh right i forgot you need dicksucking 107 to do it

I'll make him wear the skirt then, seeing I'm bigger

Oh, guess I'm out of luck then

im sure youll be able to one day if you work your way up

What dick has the best xp/hr rate?

Good morning

Slept well?

Not really
I ran out of pills yesterday

how far are you willing to go?



What's wrong :(

oh, crap.. Can you get any on a Sunday, or do you have to wait to tomorrow?

The more the merrier of course!

Need to pick them up today

Good, would have been bad if you had to wait to tomorrow


Would have been what it is
I think missing a couple days wouldn't be the end of the world, since it builds up in your system


Eh, if you didn't sleep too well due to running out, a few more days without would have only been worse, wouldn't it? Lacking sleep does hurt

That's only because taking it makes me sleepy

well first you'll need to find a dog

I shouldn't have drank that much.

Can't get sleepy without?

I'm not allowed to own a dog..

Drinking is bad~

Apparently not anymore
I didn't sleep well to begin with, so it's not entirely unexpected

True, but maybe I can take a break now.

Why do so many young people have trouble falling asleep at night?
Stop using your smartphone before bed, and don't play games~

You said that two weeks ago too



I don't use my phone in bed, or before. I sleep poorly because of other things

I want to unlock Syndra

o-oh ;_;
Like...? Bad bed?

super high skill!!


No, I have a nice bed
I don't have a good relationship with sleep

Is she hard?


what are you allowed to?

shes not that hard

she's strong!!!

and difficult

she advanced!


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