Fuccboi Thread

Fuccboi Thread

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boy, sure is lively in here.

Dead Thread

Dead Community

no fuccbois here


Echo me Echo-chan

I was playing games


Fuccboi thread? Whelp, guess I can't post in this one





Ytse me Jamz-chan

Scoots is cucklord fuccboi supreme



need a bigger dildo

fat cock


loose anus



No clue.

Any time

You might get jammed



I think i'd fugg Loco if he did well


Did well at what?

He knows. I think.

Why you say then :thinkin:

Dew it again

No clue.


I wanna know too.


Thanks uwu

Come up with a movie already.

Now you.


But you didn't tell me one!

My turn for what?

Duke me.


Is it like that "I am di captain now" movie?

I have no idea.
I don't think so?

Better not be, I didn't like that movie too much.

You guys talking about porn?

Only one way to find out, really.
But like, I showed you a ton of options, I'm down for whatever.


You know that I have no imagination at all and can't choose.

China ??

You are making this difficult.


Well, you know, you could spoon-feed me the options.


At least tell me what you're into so it's easier.




I think I need an adult right now.


Hi, this is an adult speaking, how may we be of service?


I have a sneaking suspicion that I may be being bullied right now.

But Luka has never hurt anyone.


N-not her.

See ???

He knows what he did !!!

You and your smug.

A-Are you saying ghosts are real?!

Ghosts echo sultry phrases.

So they're real..?


That looks like the sort of a person in anime to die on the same episode.

He made me say my name...


Did he think you were a demon and needed your name in order to control you?


He didn't.
He died in the last one


We were talking about embarrassing things and I mentioned this Canadian Cancer I know and he made me say my name. ;;

Oh, well, he was too pale to live for too long in an anime.

Canadian Cancer?

But I liked 12.

I'm Canadian.
And a Cancer.


Canadian? maybe, Cancer? nope.

*Dukes externally*

June 21 - July 22

I'm June 26.

Oh, SD...

Oh, 13 days after me.


"I will fuck that panda"

- Test, 2017


Anyone home~?

Yes, how's Elmers?

Really good today, totally opposite from the past couple days so that was refreshing. Kicked ass at work today too^^

How's you?

Oh, was something wrong..?
Ah, I think my week was ordinary at work.
A bit tipsy currently, ran out of lingonberry vodka, so it's white rum time.

It's all good now, don't worry haha. Sorted itself out.

Heck yes white rum. That's the ezfun stuff lol


But I'll still worry!
Yeah, better than vodka, although the lingonberry vodka was like pre-mixed vodka and lingonberry juice at 18%

Sup user.

I love those .//.

That sounds kinda lame lol

srsly it's all good I promise :p

But what else would I do?
Well, I liked the vodka stuff as I didn't notice the drunk creeping up on me and I didn't have to mix it at all.

Tail plugs?


Sleep well Rin.




Do I see a marshmallow?




i want nice things

Me too

Do you?

Well elma was posting rarity.

r u winning yet?

Oh.. that reference passed me.

I'm a born loser

dont lose

Too late

She is tastiest marshmallow.

But why is she a marshmellow?



It's from some abridged pony shit, it caught on in the fandom.

Ah, never looked into the fandom.

I got tired of the fandom, still follow a few music's though, tombstone does cool shit, and rainbow factory won't leave my brain.

Ah, I never was into it, so I can't say much, tombstone has good remixes though.

lol I found $175 on the ground at work


Yes indeed he does, and his original stuff isn't ever bad ever.
Wooden toasters rainbow factory

Oh, I just prefer his newer stuff.

Oh I collect cookies

Ah, although to be honest I liked Savlonic eons ago before tombstone made a song with him.

i want some

sorry I already shared it with my coworkers so I only got $35 lol

Me too.
Wandering eye is one of my faves, and the driver is like amazing


what did u get?

Do you ever get tired of being a giant slut?

Can you get tired of being something you aren't and never were?

Ah, mine was Electro Gypsy always, but Epoch as of lately was a great thing.
To be honest, weebl had a lot of good stuff and made most of my highschool interwebs.

Maybe, but that doesn't really apply in this situation

Moroni 7:41-45 And what is it that ye shall hope for? Behold I say unto you that ye shall have hope through the atonement of Christ and the power of his resurrection, to be raised unto life eternal, and this because of your faith in him according to the promise.
Wherefore, if a man have faith he must needs have hope; for without faith there cannot be any hope.
And again, behold I say unto you that he cannot have faith and hope, save he shall be meek, and lowly of heart.
If so, his faith and hope is vain, for none is acceptable before God, save the meek and lowly in heart; and if a man be meek and lowly in heart, and confesses by the power of the Holy Ghost that Jesus is the Christ, he must needs have charity; for if he have not charity he is nothing; wherefore he must needs have charity.
And charity suffereth long, and is kind, and envieth not, and is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

Goodnight and God bless you, remember that no matter how alone or helpless you may feel, the Lord is always with you and there to guide you to salvation.

Yep, it does!

What is your catch?

Wow you're committed to this

Nah, it really doesn't.

what do you mean?

Guess that means you've deluded yourself

What do you mean?

I'm nothing more than a servant trying to spread comfy scripture. But thank you

I've been subbed to him for years, but the last new video I watched of his was 2 years ago, it's weird that subs don't work on YouTube anymore.

u had money?
and you didn't even use it?


Nah, I just have a bit of self respect

But why here? You can't gain any traction in this place


It's already happened

This is not the only place I post, far from it actually

Mormonism in internet?

Ah.. I don't have a Youtube account, but I get things on my feed that are related and quite many are new-ish.

I feel like this is a non-answer

But you could use the time you spend posting here to post other places that will accept you more

Doesn't really add up

What's wrong with it?

I get decent results on some 4chan boards and discords but I just like spreading the word around everywhere I wander. If just 1 person ends up reading it my time is not wasted


I used to be current on anything youtube related, but then it broke.

I already gave one

Luka plis help
How to rwind

Oh? How many people have you converted?

No, you didn't.

Just a bit odd, I mean, one of my closest friends is a mormon and he's sheltered in a whole lot.

Ah, I never bothered with an account, but it doesn't matter as it remembers my cookies and recommends me thingamajigs.

In real life I've gotten 3 of my classmates to come to the church and I've given 2 people a book but they haven't converted

Your assumption is wrong

I spent a few years outside of the church sadly but decided to go back

So you've failed 5 times.

I'm not assuming anything tho. You haven't convinced anyone

I have lots of money I don't use. It's called "savings".

Isn't that the norm in the USA though?
My friend doesn't really care too much, he just watches anime, plays games and studies.

Why do you believe it in the first place?

Actually converting isn't something you can do overnight, just starting the conversation and going to church is a first step of many

Depends on which part of the US you're in. For the most part people only leave after they went on missions and college not before

try again.

what for?

Belize what?

Oh? Do you really think you can get converts in one of the worst parts of the internet?

I think sleep instead

Ah, friend hasn't done that, he has his own problems.

uh...emergencies, future large purchases (think housing/transportation), retirement, etc.

Lies and falsehoods

oh ok

u gots to treat yourself
it unhealthy to bottle up all that funds.


So why are you a giant slut?

I am not.

Welcome to the club



You can't deny forever tho


Every time.
How's Grimmu?

I miss Advena

Luka seems to have an unhealthy obsession w/you

Oh, I never talked too much with her.
I feel like Luka's like that to everyone.

def feels like its a stronger case w/you than others

Oh.. I haven't noticed at all.

get it in nigga


That is why you are broke.




I'm only denying the false accusations


butt hurt

shoulder hurt

Good morning

hi hi

not at school yet?

It's Sunday

FUCK I gotta WORK today

Uh.. Good luck, have a good one

y-yea you too.......

two different takedown maneuvers

but that one's nice too I guess

is it an armbar?


just imagine it
all hyped for tournament

you step on the mats and within 10 seconds you go for a lapel grip and BLAM
it's OVER

wtf hu why did you let the thread die\

I'm gonna try a boss, and will probably get my ass handed to me

w-woah..............you gonna get that on video? only asking for a friend

No, lol

that's okay I like a live peep show too


what the heck is lemsip

a drink for people with a cold or the flu

I hope you get to feeling better soon qt chan

not with off lemsip i wont
serves me right for cheaping out and getting the reduced stuff earlier in the year

off lemsip, a hurt shoulder, and fleas that just wont fucking die. if god exists hes a fucking nigger.

rubbing alcohol on pruny fingertips feels weird

I came

you are over-encumbered and cannot run

*Teleports to safety*


Runescape is for queers.


*teleports behind you*
"Nothing personnel kid"


Then why aren't you playing, fags?


I ain't that gay.

You're much gayer. This is why you're playing overwatch

you leave overwatch out of this.

But Overwatch has tits, and skin tight suits.

or what?

spec raises a good point.

or I'll cry.

atleast im not a fag that plays runescape

However... only queers like tits and skin tight suits.

wtf I trusted u

Tears make me hard

Well, you should!

Mistakes were made.

that's highly inappropriate.

you will regret this day.


looks boring

Yes, so you better not cry

You look boring

Time for RAPE.

that was your cue to convince me not make fun of me :(

How you figure?

fine I won't. the toxic masculinity of society tells me I'm not allowed to cry anyway.

didn't think you'd call me on this. I got nothing.

You can't rape Cupcake.

I'm only here to bully you~

Good, real men don't cry

sounds lik you need some RObitussin

I am the manliest.

wtf, I was really excited and everything, and now you just blue ball me like this.


If not THE Cupcake then whom?

That's why you post pokémon on the internet after all, cause you're just so manly


shut up.

don't listen to that idiot.

that's what I do bby

hey now. pokemon are the most masculine thing of all.


Pull a train on the Cupcake (with no brakes)?

Pokémon is pretty cool indeed

that sounds good.

starting to understand why hu likes tears so much

it's okay I guess

Hu's an asshole.
Even more than you!

how about fulfilling conversations that keep me going

wow rude. I'm way more of an asshole.

with lots of alcohol and toys.

You're okay~

I'm an asshole? But I'm not even American!

You want a filling "conversation"?

you know me quite well, user.


Hey, go blow a midget.

oh. what was it...




get rid of the woman and add the cupcake here. then we're talking.

ah there it is

bite me retard

Are you saying I should hang out with you more then?

Good one. Europeans are definitely worse though.

Das a good way to start the day

seems a bit elaborate. why use a machine? are you saying you're inadequate, user?

oh? Bad then?

I'm not a filthy europoor, I'm nordic

Yes it is!
how did you start it?

Nah. Down and dirty and devastating.

I don't think it's in anyone's best interests to hang out with me even a little bit.

darn right. I suck.

that's more like it.

Watching F1 And Max taking P1

It'll all be EU someday.


im already lightheaded from blowing tho


oppaiyo ikt

I bet you do

Oh nice!

Nah man, not gonna happen

Oh, you suck too just like Cupcake, huh?

no blowing! keycaps cuz no canned air

what the heck is that supposed to mean you pervert?

Go eat a fat black lady's asshole.


Why did it delete the text?

go suck on a sewage pipe you shit sipper.

Jesus, that's rough.

I'm stating your kneecaps hurt too often

Can I move in with you?

l o l


Your mouth is literally a septic tank.

unf, UNF

from all the praying I do

only because your caustic rotting jizz is floating around in there.

yup ive been cleaning for nearly an hour now

Hell no.

I guess that was Allah's will.

Wooooooooooooow Cupcake!

Even I standards high enough to exclude you.

now I'm just getting confused.

worshipping all the meat

Damn, long "morning"

rip ;-;


but apparently not high enough mental standards to properly construct a post.

Arabic works because I've posted it.
It just can't be intermixed with Latin characters or else it messes up.

yup was replacing thelegs on my chair for 2 hours before this

now that's blasphemy.



I'm good at that. Now what will you do in your confusion?

Oh, I guess that explains it.

too dumb to even know when he's being dumb. HA.

probably something terribly irresponsible.


What a productive day

Nah, it's not. Real men love meat

Please cry more

Show me.

I don't know what the requirements are then.
There's Latin mixed with Arabic there.

someone seems a little cranky because they messed up a post and lost the fake fight because of it.

should probably go down for your nap around now.

I love all the meat.

show you what?!

someone seems a little cranky because they messed up a post and lost the fake fight because of it.

should probably go down for your nap around now.

I love all the meat.

show you what?!


This doesn't work on demand.

Maybe its board specific.

A double post apparently...


told ya

What a shame

I double win.

my one productive day every six months


Ya did it champ.

that's inappropriate.

is this some kind of secret neet holiday

what are you doing up?



but then who would you lazily insult with poorly formatted posts?

Two a year is better than none~

Yes it is. It's black


don't be racist u white devil.

I woke up like two hours ago because I fucked up my sleep over the weekend.
What 'bout you?

I have someone I routinely berate and loves the abuse.

mind ur business that's what about me.

you know it's not the same.

Cup, pls.

I can at least look her in the face when I make love.


I'm not a racist, I just don't appreciate pseudo turds

you and I both know the reason we do it doggy style is because I can't stand looking at your face.

what a bigot. like all white people.



We can't even do that because it's like me fucking a beached whale.

Bigot and proud.


well that explains why you're always trying to stick it in my blowhole.

I'm calling the social justice police.


Mormons like Cupcake can't be bigots; they're a discriminated against minority.

They aren't pedos for getting a sixth wife who is 12.



Hang them

you're thinking of muslims.

seen that video of the hambeast who stole some dude's maga hat?


I have not. Do share.


it's pretty great.


my quality of life has been increased tenfold now. i can finally change to this keyboard that has arrow keys that will let me read my doujins