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how about onahole

I'd rather a fekuhole

wait ur not ikt


Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck

WOAAAH-oh-OAH does it feel GOOD to be free


that was on purpose


Goood morning hu chan

I woke up with as ore arm and stiff neck today uhghh

how are you doing?

It wasn't!

Did you work out yesterday?

haha yeah
I've been feeling pretty prince ali for a while

haha nope I had to go to work but I mean work isn't that strenuous or anything

I'm not sure why it happened cause I sleep the same way I always sleep.........

and my whole sleep schedule is ruined....

I slept from 12 pm to about 7 or so

ugh I'll need to fix that before too long or I'll lose my nights

how did you spend your (day_

But 12 → 7 sounds good?
Nights are meant for sleeping!
But yeah, sounds odd.. Maybe you did some work you aren't used to?

Eh, same as usual.
Woke up, posted here, fapped, posted here, cooked, posted here and posting here while runescape

I like to stay up all night cause then I can smoke without anyone bitching at me and by the time I wake up all my friends are free and ready to hangout!

Also that's a lewd schedule you've got
also of course runescape is literallyANYBODY surprised no I DONT THINK SO

Just go outside and smoke, then nobody will be pissed either~

Nothing lewd about runescape though, or cooking for that matter

hmmm yes that would work if I would just smoke

Sometimes I like to take a hitter to work for breaks...

But overall i dont like to "smoke" I use a tabletop vaporiser! Better tasting, less harsh on the lungs, last longer, a better buzz
Sadly it's not so very portable and runs on electricity and has alot of glass parts so moving it around is a big no no....

I've managed to get 2 of my friends into vaping, so whenever I visit their place we all vape together and they all say they enjoy it alot

"vaping" as in dry herbs not like a pen vape....

So what's cookin?

no smoking is best smoking~

Nothing in particular. Not dinnertime yet


Hu smokes dick.


My lungs are terrible, I'll die

As do you

aaah what's wrong with your lungs......


He filled them with semen


They're weak.
Had Pneumonia a lot when I was a child as well as asthma. Asthma doesn't bother me too much anymore so long I don't do really exercise outdoors when it's cold.
Still, they're bad enough that last time I went to the doctor and he inspected them, he told me to not start smoking or I might just die before finishing a pack.
I don't think that's something a doctor would say just to prevent someone from starting without having good reason to

As a child?

Smoking weed all day is pretty gross

Smoking is pretty gross

wow that fucking sucks are you healthy ow as an adult?

WHen I was a baby I had a few seizures and alot of fevers and chicken pox and stuff ...


So long I don't do anything physically exhausting outside during the winter, I'm just fine.

I'm led to believe the majority had chicken pox as kids~

pretty much



Yes it was. Stop being mischievous.

I managed to make time for a nice hot bath today. I'm gonna get real loosened up and release a bunch.


yep yup

Natural vaccine

I had posted Momiji too long then. Had to post something else.

u-uh, lewd!



I didn't expect this.

Was a fitting response to your image

Anyone want to join my dominion of China then?

Come on it'll be cool I can even make us custom horses and an squads and stuff, and I think even make - and designate - an actual Holla Forums army.

They seem to have one big difference in them that changes a lot.

Biggest difference is the artist


guten tag autism chan


would it be ethical to slaughter and eat a cow girl?

Poor Kamuu.


Damn, Speccy really loves that man meat





2d is legal

Not your image but the contents of your post!

I just spent 30 minutes cleaning the tub and preparing my butt

shota trap feku

i'm coming in dry

submissive bottom bitch shota trap feku

Bard would look pretty cute in cow print though. Don't you think?

Wai u bully

Lets dress bard up as a doggo and feed him melon bread


No? I'm just teasing is all.

Jeez, gay as hell
Good luck!

Also these

No bully, just appreciating you.

s-sitting in the mud in cow print stockings............


I'm dumb.

Are you out?

Ugh slow PCs




That's why I'm dumb.

I figured it out before making the post, thus having the insight to call myself dumb.

What do you mean am I out

It's basic weebanese!


I was busy cleaning

Should i use the handle of the toilet cleaner or the vibrating toothbrush?

But ikt claims the fekuonahole:tm:

Using another device then?

Hey feku would you let a uhhhhh fat nigga smash?

Can you fit two?

Your entire hand!

It's the same folder, but sort by name instead of newest.

I'm on my laptop!

Yes. That, I think

Good afternoon

I get squeamish with one

My nails aren't cut well!

oh, I see now!

Ah, I see. Why laptop and not desktop though? Went to bed?

And a good morning to you.
Slept well?

Then two will make your pupils turn into hearts!


Cleaning ロり I'm sure.

"Ohayou Watashi!"

"Good morning, me!"

Just make a fist and tuck your thumb in.

Sitting downstairs installing pirated software on the mechanic's laptop.

Oh god it's so SLOW.

Goddamn those slow-ass 5400rpm drives

If i could clean a loli i would

It will never fit inside me

Nowim hesitant to do any butt stuff. Shame after all that hard work too

You're welcome~

Nice replies.

Mobile stacks the links weirdly

Screw you im going to use the toothbrush and prevail



Well i was gonna but the rubber on the end of the brush dried up and I'd need a condom to get it in smoothly

My SSD/HDD caddy thing was so fucking worth it. Paid its worth back in 5 years plenty by just being not slow as balls.


Good, don't do it. Don't be a fag

Nvm plans canceled

Right I'll just do the straight thing and fap to trap hentai

Mine is only connected to a dumb SATA I interface, not even SATA II.
Slow drive though so it doesn't matter, and the main one is an SSD, so only need additional space. Better than an optical drive for sure!
Are you using an SSD in yours?

Fapping to traps is not straight..

I swear へく has to be messing with us when he insists so vehemently that he isn't gay.



Who is へくglad it's not me cuz I'm straight

It was a joke currently fapping to megumin doujinshi

Feku is a FAG



Oops i came prematurely because i was attracted to yunyun(female) acting like a slut. Haha i made such a mess it got all over my chest.

yunyun )female) [♂]

tl: "Oops I came prematurely because I was attracted to Yunyun (female) getting penetrated by several men (Male). Haha I made such a mess it got all over me like the mess the several men (Male) made all over Yunyun. God I wish that were me."

I'm sorry that was just straight up bullying.

Plz fivegive.


Oh my god I feel so bad about that. Test plz delete that bullying I did. ;;

I just woke up from my climax induced coma and im going back for more

Wow, lewd!!!!
She's not for lewd

But you're in the bath?

Haha good thing it was just that slut yunyun megu

Now i gotta go fap to a dragon loli brb

I have a strong load

You're a fag, is what you are

Okay i cant actually fap to this it feels wrong

What am i watching? Everything but the thumbnail is corrupted

If only they grew dicks and raped each other

then it wouldn't feel so wrong

Don't use Firefox. Firefox is trash

Fucking post, fags


but isn't that the superior wizard browser

It used to be, then it went to shit


Good girl

hmpf, gonna nom

baye baye

hmpf, gonna nom


yeah so this pretty much happened to me at 15.
Like before that I just fantasised and masturbated to ranma 1/2 comics but I tried 3D porn for about 2 months but found it very difficult to cum so just stopped completely.
I tried a detox for 4 months of just watching 3d porn but it didn't work and I ended up miserable.

what do you use to browse your porn now?


Nom this dick

Firefox still. Firefox ESR until it's no longer version 52.
Then I'll probably move on to Pale Moon

What up?

Death. These fags refuse to post.
How's you?

I am well, laying in bed watching the YouTube's, and eating salt and vinegar chips.

Sounds like you're living the life.

I gotta get up soon though, gotta go put up silt fencing at my dad's property so we can build my dad's house on his piece of property.

oh wow, sounds like today will be quite exhausting and incredibly busy

And tomorrow.

Suppose the weekend is when you'd have the time to help out..

Yeah, it's about the only time he ever wants to work on it too, I think he thinks building a house is a weekend project.

I think he just feels like that's the time he got the time to do such work.
After coming home at 5pm after a workday, the last thing you want is to work more~
Need to cook and everything too, the amount of time you got is limited. You hardly get started before you need to stop working again

Yeah, but then I'll be helping him build his house forever.

I swear I'll drop out of uni and study to become a necromancer, then kill you all, strip the flesh from your miserable corpses and raise you as mindless rattling skeletons, unless you get your arses back in here and start posting!!

Yeah, that makes sense. Should consider taking work off for some time to get more work done on it, too

how was dinner? i just finished making my own meal

Imagine suffocating between these legs.

Was pretty good. Warm and filling.
What are you having?

Wouldn't that be amazing?

Those magic hu powers.

Christmas and New Year's, it's gonna be fun building in winter.

The best thing.

fried eggs vegetables and bacon on top of rice

It worked :3
Not sure where you're settled, but fairly sure building a proper solid foundation when the ground is frozen is next to impossible.
If you don't get that done soon, you might have to postpone it

Next-best thing

Sounds pretty goo-
no thanks
Did you cum in them?

You're gonna die one day

To what?

nani the fuck

Thank God!


People use your stuff :3

We will build in winter, as long as we get the foundation poured before it gets too cold.

Why wait ?

act now !

I mean my speedometer is pretty popular with 4600 downloads after 4 days but this old script and still 1000 downloads for the latest update? Woah!

I should plan to make a mod manager with API integration but I can't program...

Indeed, so best start quickly, it's October tomorrow~
Winter is just around the corner

Then come here and I'll help you

Nobody can program. We all just throw stuff together and make a hacky solution then fiddle a bit with stuff until it works

You're the viking.

I'm not moving.

Some people can!

Then I'll just come raid your state and your boy pussy to apply dominance

A select few!

Yeah, and I gotta weld together a boon arm for the backhoe to put in place of the bucket so we can put up the rafters.

i wanna be!

I'll put your skull on a pointy stick.


Not gonna rent some equipment to help You guys?

Work harder~

That's what I had in mind with yours!


I'll throw you into a pit of snakes.

boys being forced to dress like girls being forced to sleep with boys by girls

How can I enjoy my creations when all I do is work harder

Not before you choke on this "stick"

None of those here

By watching the amount of downloads, of course!

/is pet

I'm jealous at people who have the space and money for a proper rig and are enjoying shit I make more than I ever did.

Stop being gay

My dad bought a backhoe, for real cheap, and once were done with the work we're gonna fix it up and sell it, we also have a decent sized generator, and I have a really nice welder, all kept in a camper on the property I bought for $600, I plan to strip the shell off the camper after and turn it into a car hauler, and the pole barn arrives in 2 weeks, so we'll be building that, and digging the foundation for the house soon.

i seriously dont understand how other humans can function without the consumption of rice

different carbs for different regions

you got your rice
your bread
your pastas

yup i eat rice breads and instant noodles.

Finally got done with hard Kandarin. Gonna get 600 Marks of Grace now, send help

Why? Remember that these people can't read the readme, or even the title of a video they're responding to. Should not be jealous at people like that

It's only gay if the balls touch or if the eyes make contact

Sounds like you got it all under control then, that's pretty nice!
Good, unless it unsuspectingly starts freezing incredibly early this year, you'll likely be done with the foundation well before it does.

Works just fine for me. Pasta and potatoes all the way!

Does it calm your mind that rice noodles exist and are extensively used

A crown for a king.

hell fuckin yeah

I went from 73-85 agil on that course in like a week

nearly drove me insane
listen to different kinds of music, multitask, but make sure you keep on those obstacles

I ran out of insta noodles
I find it really weird the more money I make the less I want to spend

There's also plenty who are using wheels magnitudes more expensive and powerful and actually have the space and set-up to drive properly!

I can't even drive for longer than 20 minutes in this desk chair before being sore.

its gay if a dick is involved .


Girl dicks exist

Who are the king?

Finding a team was the most difficult part about the minigame, lol.
I multitask, I'm posting here right now after all. And yeah, listening to different tracks too. OSRS got some pretty nice music.
Not gonna high-alch or teleport though, fuck that

That'll be you someday your got a good reputation and all the companies want your ass

I guess fucking actual girls is gay now, seeing a dick is involved

Looks like a body

Show me your neck lumps slut


Yeah, we're both pretty good at getting stuff done with what we need, and making a quick buck once we're finished with it. Then after all is said and done, I get to rebuild wrecked cars out in the pole barn and sell them.
Without a dealership license you can sell 8 cars a year, and I can use my dad's my brothers and my name on car titles, so that's 24 cars a year I could repair and sell, and if all goes well, get a dealer license and open up a used car lot.

I meant boy

(s)he's doing the leafy thing to hide the manly chin

Could you tell a girl dick apart from a male dick ?

The only part you can see is the shaft

so is jacking off

"ikt" has *some minor* rep under GTA V mod users, but real me hasn't! Real irl me just is a student with average to good marks.

A girl dick is cute~


you should seriously tele, it boosts your xp to the best agli xp in game until 90


makes you get tokens that much faster too

I've seen a lot of traps and some of them have very ugly dicks.

shes gonna steal your kidney anyways


Have you used those hookup apps before?
I have friends that have had varying levels of success but I don't know if I'm ready to deal with the whole NSA thing, seems awfully cold

Sounds like building cars is something you got a passion for. But should definitely start with just fixing a few and see if there's a market for you to sell them, before you fix too many or you risk spending more than you earn.
Best of luck from my part, hope there's a market for it and you can make a living off it

Yep, gay as hell indeed!

You can just put your Ikt Github page on your CV, silly. You don't need to publish work under your real name to take credits for it. If they don't believe the account is yours, you can always just log in to prove it

No, it's for the extra marks!
Yeah, should tele... then go craft more laws when I run out in only 480 runs. No thanks, not gonna happen. The amount of time I'll then need to craft the laws will just make experience slower at the end of the day.
Besides, I don't care for the experience, I just want the marks. At 80, I'll move to Relleka.

Not if you'll need to crraft runes


But I have Megublob as name


I've had friends use it for sex.

I never felt like I needed a dating app.

id die if i had to live off pasta

yuh but idk how to make them so i barely eat them

I consider instant noodles to be a snack. if you're eating good you dont really need them but they can be nice from time to time.

worst fucking ironman ive ever seen tbh

its just an ez way to get laid

I mean
if you just eat the noodles and ignore the flavor packet they're actually hella tasty
but the whole thing w the soup has hella sodium

It's the name of the character in FF15.

jk ur fine

imma go grab some food bbl

Too embarrassed to put it on your CV so you're just making up excuses now?
how cute~

You'll need more natures, and I use the Ourania Altar for rc experience cause it's one of the faster methods there is, which also allows you to craft blood and soul runes.
But I've had many laws. I've done 300 clues after all

And I'd die if I had to live off rice~

lol #triggered

oh, lol. Never played Final Fantasy

Enjoy your meal

It seems kinda disgusting.

wait wut? you just add hot water and eat it?? personally ill either let it cook and pour out the soup or just be lazy af and drink it all so i dont have to drain it outside.

but rice goes with everything

So does pasta... and potatoes.
But those are both superior to rice

pasta can barely make it without sauce...
as an american i like my potatoes in a fried form

I always have sauce with it regardless~
Cause I'm Danish. No dish is served without sauce

you danes sure love your "sauce"

My boyfriend fell asleep

What am I supposed to do for the next 7 hours now ?


suck his dick to wake him up of course!

ive not admitted to that



I'm not going to wake them up.

show me the unedited cap

ok, i'll put both in the cv next tiem

i guess nearly 80k downloads in one mod and 180k in all mods should count for something right

Then get in bed with them!


It most definitely does count for something! State it in the CV too, that might peek their curiosity enough to check out the code too, to see what you're capable of.

the first one i did not admit to doing it myself. the second one is a spice

I'm trying very hard not to fall asleep atm

Clickbait titles?

I understand that, I've done stuff like this before, and I'm registered as a shop at a few parts places that don't sell to the public.


i said cumin not cum


Should definitely get in bed with them then!

Definitely do it! All the newspapers do it nowadays!

Didn't sound like a virgin-salesman either~
Damn, that's pretty neat!

You misspelled it, and we all knew what you meant

lol no i literally intended it to cause this foresight of confusion.
actually I was messing with you at the time of the reply but you didnt catch it

Hell no I'm not gonna turn my CV into a BuzzFeed thing.

I'm gonna make it in a markdown file instead :D

It was 7:40am, I had almost just woken up ;_;

Write it in Tex~


No coffee, only bed now

Only academic nerds do that.

like us, lol

and more than 12 hours later i shall retire to my bed if i could fix my stupid chair first

nonono, i'm not academic, just a program monkey nerd

Did you break your chair...?
Am gonna head off in about an hour too, then kill the thread

Become academic, you got the knowledge!

no its a replacement for my old one but when i lean back the stupid gas compartment thing that adjust the height just lets me sink

maybe later

Sounds like it's broken...

pls come study here senpai

its missing a screw that keeps it from tilting far back enough to trigger the height adjust handle

Find it!!

it doesnt exist
im trying to make a rock out of metallic duct tape to wedge it in place because i dont want to go outside to get a rock. turns out metallic duct tape is extremely malleable even when compressed.

Rip... Good luck man

might have to go outside... maybe later when i wake up and its dark

Put on night-vision googles

Get yourself a nice length of pvc pipe to just slip over the gas cylinder.
No more sinky chair. Of course, then you can't raise or lower it either.

im one with the night. ill be fine

that was my initial idea. just wedge it in place. too bad i have no means of getting said pipe


why is git trying to do a git push as a different account than both the .gitconfig and the repo config specify?!

It should push as red, but pushes as blue. Green's the repo name. ignore the 403, i should be using my token

fyi the blue is my e66666666 thing and idk why it shows up

it's not in the .gitconfig neither when doing git config --list


You sure the .git/config file don't overwrite your global setting?

nope the .git/config also contains the blue account credentials

oh god it's the fucking windows credential store of fucking course

girl I'm so cold I freezerburn in a sauna

Consider WSL cutie~

I already have it and even updated git to 2.1 (because it's on some ancient Ubuntu LTS release for packages) but I use the normal git bcuz ez yo

get warm

it's easier? How come?
You just run the same commands though.
Visual Studio can't access the repo if you cloned it in WSL?




lol i just stripped my keyboard of keycaps and im too tired to finish cleaning it. im just gonna leave it in a pile on my table and sleep now.

this is getting confusing
my previous semester's group project i was using windows git, wsl git, lubuntu vm git and debian git and mirroring it to github kind of discards the non-github account statistics and it looks weird and skewed now
oh well

Right click a folder -> open git bash here
WSL works fine but the paths are like /mnt/d/git/ instead of /d/git/ and the github desktop client works with non-github repos too so when i am braindead i can just hit the sync button instead of pulling, merging and pushing


youll have a seizure its like a 10 year old soft cap


Sounds like a pain to wake up to.
Sleep well though!

And by clicking the sync button, Windows will overwrite your settings, causing you to ask why it's now using its credentials rather than yours~
And if cd'ing is too difficult, just add "cd /mnt/d/git/" to .bashrc!


actually the credential store thing happened a while ago when i first set it up but was in cli and not in gui

also no

im just actively seeking something to do at all times in my life anyways so its fine

no theyre crusty

still post

Windows is such a toy OS

oh come on now~

get a job

will it make you nut?

social involvement is difficult

You're doing it right now


but you can do stuff with cli
i mean the cli of git not the gui of git

online is differetn

if it wont make you nut then whats the point

Maybe I misinterpreted what you said.
Sorry, am getting tired

yeah, it is..

brb bedding

Goodnight threadlings

nana moms


*the tuc*







How're you?


How's it going here ? I haven't come in a long time.


Same old same old threads are dying.


Rly lewd megumin.

cute and innocent

Can we be "cute and innocent"?

Like my soul. Sounds familiar though.


Like my body I've been so darn tired today that it's scaring me.

Yay !

I know that feeling. But I guess my depression has a role to play in that.

I've been sleeping right and actually having fun and doing something I've been really enjoying recently but I'm so tire and zzzzzzz

What is that fun thing ? I wish my life was fun.

I started learning a new language as a hobby.

Which one ? I should try that. My japanese is just the one of a beginner.


Yours is probably better than mine still.

Not sure at all. And I don't even know how to write japanese with an occidental keyboard.

O-oh, well then.

Well enough

Oh. Yes, good morning me

why boil lobsters


That was...
really late.