What’s some good body horror kino?

What’s some good body horror kino?

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what is that shit

>>186206632that's what happens when you buy a switch.

>>186206632Tonsil stones.


>>186206632A tonsil stone. You can cough them out in your hand and squish them into a paste. They smell really really good.

>>186206603>at least one tonsil stone in my mouth weekly>at least one cankersore per month>two cankersores at this exact momentmouth bros, why? nobody even told me what a tonsil stone was until i was 18. how long was i repulsing people with my breath?

>>186206663fuck you


>>186206663They smell so good, bro. They should make an air freshener that has that smell. It's crazy that your body can make something that smells that fucking good.

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>>186206664Man I feel you. I have a hole that constantly refills with tonsil stones weekly. I get rid of them but always feel like I have bad breath. It makes kissing feel very uncomfortable because I am self conscious.

>>186206664Your breath most likely smelled awful 24/7. I don't know a cure, but it possibly could have been related to hydration. You might have needed to drink more water.

>>186206632Mutant tooth.

>>186206664Is something wrong with your immune system?

>>186206603Once coughed up a massive one of these and since then I regularly clean my tonsils out. It’s crazy how many you can have in there and not feel anything at all.

>>186206603I used to get these all the time as a kid, but then it just stopped happening for whatever reason

>>186206603My brother calls them ' throat balls '. He likes to gargle whiskey or vodka and then spit them out. And they do smell amazing.

>>186206664You aren't taking good care of your teeth. When I was younger I got so many tonsil stones, and had halitosis, all because I was a retarded teenager and didn't take good care of my teeth.Floss (using actual floss, not those shitty pick things), or better yet get a waterpik, then take a toothbrush, dab of toothpaste and scrub your entire tongue with it. Then, take a tongue scraped and scrape off the nasty shit from your tongue and the toothpaste. Then, mouthwash for 30 seconds, THEN brush your teeth last and don't rinse with water when done, spit and scrape your tongue again. Haven't had a tonsil stone in many years.

I’m too lazy to brush twice a day. Should I brush my teeth in the morning or at night?

>>186206603I had an uncle that got tonsil cancer and it killed him in like two months.

>*blocks your path*

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>>186206825If you can only muster the strength to brush once a day... Night before bed.

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>>186206825I brush mine every night, if you're going to be lazy do it at night. Morning you should brush after you eat though but at least at night if you brush correctly you can let the toothpaste / fluoride do its work as you sleep.

There are kids who DON'T get their tonsils out?

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>>186206851Look at this little bitch that fell for the tonsilectomy grift

>>186206818your teeth are going to be fucked in a decade or so

>>186206833He must have already been in the late stages of it when diagnosed.

Anybody else cough these up as a kid and would think theyre dying but too afraid to tell anyone?

>>186206851We keep our anatomy intact here... except for wisdom teef... And our foreskins...

>>186206846>going through the whole day while your mouth stinks like assyour family/coworkers must love you

>>186206890That's the crazy thing it was supposedly early stage but it was super aggressive. Like he was perfectly healthy (just old) and months later dead.

>>186206891The first time I jerked off and got liquid I thought I was dying... Too upset to tell anybody because I thought I broke myself.

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>>186206957did he like eating pussy / ass? because your uncle might have been got HPV, seriously. Eating ass / pussy is leading to higher rates of throat / oral cancers in men

Into The Spiderverse

>>186206949If you drink beer all day and don't eat, it's fine.

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>>186206603its the same thing as dick cheese isnt it

>>186206891No but I remember drinking apple juice and noticing a stone fall into my drink, and then proceeding to chug it down


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I never had my tonsils removed and I’ve never had a tonsil stone

>>186206664i used to get tonsil stones regularly for years but last year they suddenly stopped forming entirely and i haven't even changed my eating habits or anything

>>186207105This but only with my left tonsil

>>186206845>Take a Q-tip and soak it in hydrogen peroxide. >Put Q-tip on canker sore for a few seconds.>Rinse mouth with Listerine.>Repeat twice a day until sore is gone.Keep your fingers out of your mouth as well.

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>>186206797probably anatomy changed shaped

I stopped getting tonsil stones after I got strep throat. For some reason it changed the config of my tonsils I don't know why they just don't form anymore. I used to get some real fucking gnarly ones and I only discovered they were the source of my bad breath at like 26 years old

>>186206851I have never had any part of my body removed wtf

a lot of listerine shills itt shaking my head

>>186207123>Repeat twice a day until sore is gone.Weirdly enough, the canker sore goes away if you do nothing in the same timespan.

>>186207176Yes. But hygiene can reduce the discomfort if the sore.

>>186206845>>186207123Just go to the pharmacy and ask for medicinal mouthwash to help with canker sores. They work wonders.

>>186206603>not doing sea salt + warm water gargling for 30 seconds before you go to bedNGMI

>>186207238The only gargling you do is on salty nut water

>>186206603 (OP)>not doing penis + cum gargling for 30 seconds before you go to bedNGMI

>>186206973I knew what cum was but was afraid that if I left it on my sheets babies would start growing on them

>>186207254now now, thats no way to talk to a lady!!

>>186206664get pepto bismal max for the canker sores. Swish it around in your mouth and spit it out a couple times throughout the day, they will drastically get smaller the next dayI had 1-2 canker sores every week when i was a kid, you need to start taking care of your teeth, brush and floss.

I have no idea what a tonsil even is

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>>186206731>I have a hole that constantly refills with tonsil stones weekly.Don't word it like that you nasty fuck.

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>>186207238Can confirm. The salt water gargle dose work in many instances.youtu.be/DEj247p-0-Q

>>186207304Tonsils store bacteria pockets inherited in the womb and it's used to train your immune systems

>>186207304It's a stoopid gland that does stoopid endocrinology stuff... Pffhh... Stoopid glads.

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Doctor told me I'll need my Bronsils removed. I keep growing extra bones next thing you know I'll need my Winnus out also.

I've never told anyone about my nut worms

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>>186207386Ask your Doctor about removing your Contractomaliocarcious first. It worked wonders for me.

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any tonsil stone removal kino?

>>186207427As well you shouldn't. We all have nut sacks full of worms and we never talk about it.

>>186207427Kek the testes look like they are sporting pompadour haircuts

>>186206603>first grade>at recess>hack out a giant tonsil stone>have no idea what it is, never had one or heard about them before>start crying out of confusion and fear that I had just expelled something important out of my body>run over to old supervisor lady with it in my hand>bawling at this point, have it resting in my palm showing it to the woman but can't get any words out>she starts gagging from the smell and tells me to get away from her>this makes me get even more upset>she starts jogging away>I'm running after her while she's dry heaving >she finally grabs by the arm and drags me to the nurse's officeI haven't had a tonsil stone since.

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>>186207427Varicocele hurts like a bitch. I thought I has testicular cancer or some shit.


>>186206949they would love him even less when his teeth start rotting

>>186206603Used to get these in my late teens/early 20s but thankfully they're gone now.Felt really good when you dislodged a big one though.

>>186207519hurts? mine just feel like a subtle heaviness on one side. The worst it gets is sometimes a dull ache

>>186207573does it smell as bad as they say? I heard it's the worst

>>186206663(they are actually very hard and they smell like concentrated bad breath and you can't take them out with your hand)

>>186207427Any other user's have one Big Guy and one little guy in the sack?... Asking for a friend.

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>>186207598Smells kinda like literal shit but not quite as bad as actual shit.

>>186207600Yeah you can. I remove my tonsil stones by pressing on my tonsils with my hands.

>>186206888Yea I didn’t take care of my teeth for like a decade from 15 to 25 because of being a depressed retard and and now dealing with the hell I’ve caused. Extractions, implants, root canals, crowns, failed root canals and more extractions. Literally my biggest regret knowing all I had to do was floss and brush for a few minutes per day to avoid all this shit

>>186206818most of the developed world is able to have good dental hygiene without going through this torture three times a day. it takes like three minutes for me to brush my teeth with a decent electric brush and I do none of this convoluted shit. I have never flossed in my entire life. what the fuck is wrong with americans?

>>186207796its their food

One of the best feels is getting big motherfucker like that out

Really weird how I'm trying to survive tonsillitis and the first thing I see on the Holla Forums catalog is this shit...

>>186206603>>186206632>>186206663>>186206664I'm so fucking glad I had my tonsils removed when I was like 8.Had them removed so young I legit had to idea what tonsils even were until I was like 16.

>>186207757>a few years ago>go in for root canal>TVs embedded in ceiling for patients to watch during procedures>helper hygienist lady hands me a pair of headphones so I can watch TV while they're working on me>decline>she does a double take>starts putting them on my ears>reiterate that I don't want them>she's stunned speechless>tell her I like to listen to what's going on during the procedure>she gets pissy and tells me that I need to put them on>decline again>tries to tell me how painful a root canal is and that it helps to have the headphones on>tell her I've had two root canals and they don't really bother me all that much>she looks at me like I'm clinically insane>begrudgingly tosses the headphones down and refuses to talk to me for the rest of the time I'm thereWhat did she mean by this?

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>>186206833What are the symptoms?

>>186207123I just gargle strong yellow mouthwash twice a day aswell.It's a nice burn.

>>186207862She probably sensed your autism and wanted to avoid you sperging out from sensory overload

>>186207862They wanted to talk about you. Happens all the time. I'm a male nurse but we always talk about patients, for example if we have an obvious neet virgin patient we all make fun of him. I have no doubt it's the same in dentistry.

>>186207862They wanted to gossip and chitchat but didn't want some random stranger listening in.

>>186207862Law enforcement user here. Can confirm. Ambulance, hospital, cops, jail; it's always the same... Everybody loves to talk shit and gossip. It's disgusting.

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>>186206654lol what is this ridiculous new meme?

>>186207852ok didn’t ask

>>186207427imagine cutting your balls off and reaching up and pulling all those little worms out in fistfulls

what the ducks a tonsil stoneI didn't get mutilated like surgeons love to do in murricabut never seen a gob of white shit in the sides of my mouthwtf is this

>>186207862The hell is a root canal?

Fucking fuck I had to run to the bathroom at work just to check and sure enough two or three of these suckers were crowning and I managed to pop em out. Imagine the aroma

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