>this made boomers cum like mad on a blurry SD tv and vhs

>this made boomers cum like mad on a blurry SD tv and vhs

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I will now watch your three hour kino.

As a kid, it blew my mind actually.


I'm a simple man. I see female nipple, I coom.

>>186205588>blurry SD tv and vhsRetard

We recorded sex scenes in VHS.

>>186205588I know I wanked my 11 inch BBC to this when I was about 13.


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>lovestory to attract the ladiesBut also>Kate Winslet's tits>people getting cut in half by a cableJim really knew how to please everyone

It was a nice titty

>>186205588>SD tv?

>>186205588This whore is always going topless or nude. I just know Harvey and the boys passed her around and thoroughly used her holes.


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My mom took me to this in theaters when I was 5 or 6.

>>186205766She’s a dumpster fire. Probably fun in bed though.

>be 12 year old me>guys weekend with dad, mom and girls fucked off to who cares where>dad and I rent Titanic on VHS from blockbuster, because because it was 1999!>get too sexy times>"guess ill just fast forward this bit user, wouldn't want to see anything inappropriate" >(only tits i'd seen at that point was in national geographic, I was seething with impotent cockblocked rage*>"O-ok dad">movie ends go to bed>sneak out of my room at 2AM grab the VHS off the counter>jam it VCR like it's my own cock>Its already at the nude scene...>right at the end of the end of it.>but we finished the movie>and obviously we "be kind, rewind">dad's the only other person here >mfw the true scope of my fathers titanic cockblock betrayal became apparent.

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I couldn't get it up for this whore even when I was a hormonally rich 12 year old.The horror of her cheating on her husband with a hobo was overpowering her tits.

>>186205588No, it was that romeo and juliet movie with the hot chick that they showed in school.

>>186206010Foxy Grandpa tier deception

>>186205588i saw this movie in theaters and in the theater version they actually showed her red bush but every version i've seen outside of the theater they totally dont show her bush at all, was i mandella'd or what? does anyone else remember the bush?

Nah for me it was the Mai transformation scenes in this, I got exceptionally good at split second pauses because of this.

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For me it was this gem.

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>>186205588>he doesn't get excited by naked womenYeah you're gay. Kate Winslet is classically beautiful and has a figure reminiscent of what you see in Hellenistic sculpture or Renaissance nudes. Literally built for breeding.


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>>186206391That OVA was such fucking garbage, but I would watch it whenever it came on cable because it probably has the most goddamn nudity of any non-pornographic anime I've ever seen.

Actually it wasn't a big scene culturally. You're confusing it with Basic Instincts or Once Upon a Time in America

it's been over a month since I've sucked a woman's nipple

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>boomers>jerk off to prime hot, famous actress>boomers>can only maintain an erection by seeing some tattooed mystery meat skank take fat cocks in every hole while screaming DADDY FUCK ME

>>186206597Look at this sex haver over here

>>186206578>Actually it wasn't a big scene culturally.You're fucking retarded.>Once Upon a Time in AmericaWhat the actual fuck are you talking about? The consensual rape scene? Yeah, that was a real meme back in the day.

>>186206624I don't have sex. I just suck nips

Leonardo used to trap farts under his coat and make Kate smell them.

>>186206610>millennials>can't type

>>186206495>be me>grow up in extremely christian family >live in the woods, no one around for miles>a porno would have been worth it's weight gold>desperate for fap material, ANY fap material>craft that saddest and most audacious plan of all>sneak into sisters bathroom>steal the instruction manual in the tampon boxesI spent several pathetic preteen weeks jacking it too cartoon depictions of a girl inserting a tampon, desperate times...

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>>186205588bitch, I saw that in the theater on Christmas Day

>>186206317Salute, my man. That kochosen fan throw she does at that haunted bitch and the ninja bee strike. Fuck this movie just rocked all the way through.

VHS is beautiful. The more time that passes, the more I enjoy that aesthetic. I don't care if some zoomer or millennoomer thinks it's just a gimmick or hipsterism. The lack of fidelity improves the perception of the narrative. This is fundamentally connected to the way we interpret reality. We don't see reality as reality, we see stories and ideas. The more we hyper-fixate on "realism" and ultra 16k high def nonsense the more disconnected we get from the metastory.

>>186206597I ate pussy last night.

>>186206697Kek, amazing

Yeah I beat it to this a few times. We had a really good vcr that you could pause with zero shutter or lines.

>>186206317>>186206391Masami Oobari is truly a blessing to this damn worldFor me, it's Angel Blade, of course

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>>186207798>millennoomerMillenials grew up with VHS tho.


>>186205588Isn't she underage?

This is just evidence to how damaging free, unrestricted access to infinite porn has to society. Porn has become more debilitating to young men than cigarettes, alcohol, or weed.

>>186208116>Porn has become more debilitating to young men than cigarettes, alcohol, or weed.I would've killed myself already if not for these things. Camus says it ok.


>>186208166Death by another name if you never escape.

>>186205588Yup. So?HURRRR DURRR you're gonna imply that someone somewhere jacked off to the sex scene in Excalibur too, genius?

>>186208245Hedonism isn't nihilism

>>186205588She was fat in that movie.Such a gorgeous twink like prime Leo would never go for a fatty.

>>186205588Not really. Who told you that?

>>186208054Aren't you?

Reminder that this was considered comically fat for a woman in 1997

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I was born just in the right time to see Kate Winslet's glorious titty on the big screen. I'll forever cherish that memory.

>>186208410looks like his mom

>>186206697I once jerked off to a picture of a woman statue's naked, armless, headless torso that I had in a history book.I had access to internet at that point so I didn't do it out of desperation, but out of depravity.

>>186208570Titanic was lame.Pictured is where she was the hottest.And without nudity.

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>>186205588>parents rent some VHS tape movie that has sex scene on it> the sex scene has been rewinded so much that it is all blurried out when you watch itIt was darkagess of porn

>>186207832any good?

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>>186205588This is the very first thing I jacked off to when I was 3.