CNN is actually angry about this shit

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Most powerful

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>>186205158Based chinks

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>>186205199It truly is amazing the power America has developed over every country through its culture.

>>186205158>limousine liberals learn that racism is not endemic to America>will still blame white supremacy for some reason

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>>186205158Aladdin did well in China and so did Black panther. It’s not just racism, no one in Asia will watch the new little mermaid because it is a garbage slop even by modern Disney standard played by an ayylmao looking “actress” who literally rubs her pussy on tiktok

>>186205158Better to be pissed off than pissed on.

>>186205272its a weird fact that most white supremacists aren't white. indians literally worship pale skin.

>>186205158Why is Ariel a Mexican?

>>186205158I love the absolute fact that antisemitism is sky-rocketing and they're shitting themselves with fear.Hitler is rising from the grave. HEIL VICTORY HEIL HITLER 1488

>>186205272what's a limousine liberal?

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>>186205466Exactly what it sounds like. West Coast faggots who pretend they care about the common man, when in reality they don't know anything about them.

>>186205462yeah dude, the 2nd little mermaid bombing in China is totally gonna lead to an uprising against jews. You're not just desperate.

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>>186205462It's literally because of non-whites.

>>186205158Imagine people enjoying established lore and characters.

>>186205537Well most of Holla Forumsestine is non-white by this point. Whites have rejected white nationalism by and large so it's just lil goblinos, moslems, and pajeets LARPing as nazis

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I've always found this anchor cute tbqh. What's her name again?

>>186205158Asia can't be racist. They are 100% diverse

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>>186205399Most of the world prefers white skinned people over dark skins. It's an innate characteristic found in all cultures at all points in time.

>>1862055844.2K views 2 days ago

>>186205462Anti-semitism is illegal according to the CCP constitution, fyi. And a Jew (Marx) is hanging above the Chinese Parliament

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>Why won't they see our boring movie made for no one? Why are the Chinese so raci-

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>>186205158the access media calling an entire region of the world racist will never not be funny to meat some point, maybe you should start considering that maybe it's you

>>186205158>>186205622The video literally talks about how the new Spidey movie is doing gangbusters in China. The fucking cognitive dissonance is insane, lmao.

>>186205584Kristie lou stout. It's posted in her personal channel.

This headline has been obvious to me for a while now, but they are clearly trying to offload blame onto China and SK to divert attention away from the fact no one in the US liked it either. They are scapegoating countries that had nothing to do with the movie to try and unite people in the US under a false banner and to prevent civil unrest. Pretty evil.I wonder how the movie did in Europe.

>>186205158I bet white supremacy did this. We had a pajeet nazi terrorist, a brown latino white supremacist with fresh swastika tats. They managed to sell this straight faced. Surely then the reason for China rejecting the mermaid is white racism.

>>186205239>Based chinks

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>>186205503>a hillbilly>a jew>a mexicanWalk into a bar. They’re all wearing anonymoos masks. They start talking about how much they hate niggers and want to kill politicians. The walls start to glow.

>>186205158Fuck niggers. I don't like chinks but in this instance they're right. Suck shit, Yidsney.

>>186205835or maybe you're just a bunch of non-white fat incels IRL rather than it being a vast conspiracy

>>186205368I've seen this exact same post a hundred times. Is this copypasta, proforma troll farm response, or idiot who regurgitates seeming facts online to feel smart? Pls rspnd.

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Do chinks watch western movies in cinema with subtitles? I swear like 99% of them even tourists in western counties dont know english

>>186205158This is the hard-hitting news that people go to CNN for. This is why the company has such faith in their head Chris Licht, right?

>>186205887They're mostly doing victory laps atm over Trump's imminent prison sentence/crying on TV

>>186205158remember when liberals would lecture about cultural imperialism?


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>>186205910>prison sentenceThat shit is purely to impede his campaign next year so he'll have to plan around bullshit court appearances and subpoenas. It's so transparent. And desperate.

>>186205497And dont care anything about them. Otherwise they’d be against green energy.

>>186205462t. Jew

>>186205971To this day I can’t figure out why he terrifies them so much, but they are scared fucking shitless of that man. They’ve burned up influence and credibility like nothing I’ve ever seen in going after him.

>>186205986so was hitler.


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>>186205158The host is not angry she's just reporting the facts, the film's not making money in China and South Korea and why. She never says something like "it's incredible that in the modern world there are still peoples that think like this" like regular CNN programming would do.

>>186206041>factsShe's literally saying Chinese and South Koreans can't get over their racism to watch the fish movie... even though Fast X and Spider-verse did great, which disproves her entire narrative.

>>186205158>comments turned off

>>186206221Fake pic. Stop being so gullible.

>>186205611they will use jewish tactics but for the benefit of Han Chinese ethnics only

>>186206293called being smart. Why the jews beat you, and why the asians will too

>>186205462Enjoy your ban Ivan

>>186206314all the actual russians are off at the front dying for Putin's yachts atmall that's left are the muslims now because they're immune from Putin's draft

>>186206241Implying it may or not be fake changes the current socio-political-cultural situation of America, faggotObligatory>Democrats, leftists, MSM, corporations, Hollywood, Big Tech, Antifa, etc support children going to drag queen story hour>Democrats, leftists, MSM, corporations, Hollywood, Big Tech, Antifa, etc support children going to drag shows>Democrats, leftists, MSM, corporations, Hollywood, Big Tech, Antifa, etc support children doing drag>Democrats, leftists, MSM, corporations, Hollywood, Big Tech, Antifa, etc support minors transitioning>Antifa shows up to defend drag queen child events with guns, which the Left is now cool with>MSM calls the opposition to drag queen child events fascists>corporations merchandise troons and faggotry>many Hollywood celebrities and elites have troon children>Hollywood and entertainment industry inject troonism and faggotry into media and now children media>Biden literally invited drag queens to the White House>Biden administration already has a few troons and cross dressers>Democrat government bodies are beginning to have more troon members>Troons are Big Pharma cash cows>staunch gun control Leftwingers like Cenk Ugyer preach that troons should get armed>Democrats, MSM, Lefties, etc who usually say how monsterous shooters are said the troon shooter who shot 3 kids in a Christian school because the state banned child drag shows was a victim>troonism and faggotry is currently being pushed on children and elementary schools>Children going to drag shows is a Democrat platform position now>Antifa literally showed up at an elementary school to attack parents protesting more and more progressive grooming ideology in school>the slippery slope is a far right conspiracy>…..>stop noticing chud!!!! You're reactinary!!! OBSESSED!! RENT FREE!!

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>>186206416TL;DRit's a fake pic, be less of a retard next time.

>>186206440Leftwingers are the eternal smugjak

>>186205158corporations dont get mad about things, they pretend to make money. the fact that people on this are too stupid or young to see this is crazy. and this is the site that sees its highly intelligent. astonishing.

>>186206490>Bud Light achuawy likes losing money chuds

>>186206460It's not my fault you fell for a fake pic bruh. I'm not leftist either.

>>186205873it's common sense, plus the movie's got creepy talking animals that eat other animals

>Comments are turned offDo they ever wonder if they might be the bad guys

>>186206550I didn’t specify leftist, that is just one type of Leftwinger

>>186206525a product doesnt have an opinion . look at the corny im a real murican ad they released like a week later, its just didnt work

>>186206334Muh sanctions are working! 2 more weeks!

>>186205462>I love the absolute fact that antisemitism is sky-rocketing and they're shitting themselves with fear.This. It's still taking too long though

>>186205466How liberal a person is is strongly correlated to how wealthy they are and therefore if they live in gated communities that make them out of touch with the problems and needs of actual, real, normal average people.

>You're racist if you don't watch this movie.

Asians hate bracks, even the Southeast Asian ones

>>186205263It truly is amazing the power kike bankers have developed over every country through their propaganda*

>>186205272Fav part is that whites are so easily the least racist people on the planet, or at least they were before all nonwhites got insanely antagonistic and openly hating white people became socially acceptable, even socially and morally rewarded. Has pushed me all the way from leftism after a lifetime, made me genuinely racist and find racial identity for the first time ever. Modern white leftists are the dumbest, most pathetic and spineless shit on the planet, miserable global-capitalist tools sacrificing their mental, spiritual and communal health for people that openly despise them and can’t wait to stab their backs the instant the spots flip.

>>186205466what's Google?

>>186205462You managed to piss off the JIDF poster so hard that he replied to you four times.

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>>186205158>comments turned offlmao of course

>>186206627>were totally sorry we pushed leftist gender progressivism chuds

>>186205158How is this news? Like, really think about how bizarre it is to report on a film not doing well commercially in another country. Libs act like conservatives are the only people emotionally invested in culture war fronts like films yet they tilt their hand when it doesn't go their way

>>186205503Shitwood lost

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>>186205239Funny because those people are literally financed and pushed by the chinks (and to a lesser extent by the russians).

>>186206917> Libs act like conservatives are the only people emotionally invested in culture war frontsFirst the Leftwing is the one who is the driving force being the “culture wars”. Second Leftwingers are inherently disingenuous

>>186205158>a movie flops in foreign countries best known for not having running water, indoor toilets, peanut butter or electricity...color me surprised.

>>186205466Pretty much the standard for modern white leftists, trendy larp to fit in and feel good, be socially and morally rewarded in a culture where globalist media/tech corporations deal out those rewards. People that pretend to care about women until it’s niggas raping, assaulting, abusing, murdering women. Absolute 0 actual beliefs, only care about not being socially or morally punished. All left-leaning white women.

>>186206961>Why do you care so much about a movie having a gay couple?????!??!?!?

>>186205158Why do amerimuts expect the rest of the world to join in with their nigger worship?

>>186206934>that fat greasy goblin is considered a 10/10 on Holla Forumsthat does not bode well for what your 3/10s look like

>>186206839>the JIDF hates you!>heil shicklgruber for zionism!...yeah no.Time to make the movie on that historical fact.

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>>186206917Cognitive dissonance.The culture wars are an irrelevant distraction that only unhinged conservatives care about, but simultaneously the culture wars are also super super important enough that we have to do a news report on our latest wokeslop propaganda failing in asia.

>>186206996Americans are narcissistic meatheads who just expect the world to roll over and accept their anti-white/anti-european psychosis

>>186207018>chuds I mean dudes who like cares about your culture

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>>186205503but he said in minecraft

>>186206966>foreign countries best known for not having running water, indoor toilets, peanut butter or electricitySubsaharian africa, the place in which most negroes live, fits that description perfectly.

>>186207043>*LeftwingersAre narcissistic meatheads who just expect the world to roll over and accept their anti-white/anti european psychosis

>>186207058see if it holds up in court. Till then, you're Chitwood's bitch

>>186207045>lefty puts lgbt flag and tranny flag in children's media because he is propagandized and is trying to influence culture and upbringing of children>/no one says anything>someone to the right of the modern left notices this trend in children's media>"WHY DO YOU CARE ABOUT THE CULTURE WAR???"These people deserve the wall.

>>186207077>ummmm achuawy chud you’re the one with a problem if you don’t think cops should be cross dressing trannies

>>186205462Hitler was a moron.He was in a position to make Germany a world leader if resources were put into education, science, technology. After the 1929 crash the USA was still limping from the great depression. WW2 is what jump started the countries golden age of economic expansion. Also, gassing those rats only gave them eternal victimhood status that they'll leech off of until the heat death of the universe. All Hitler had to do was nothing and he would have won.!!!FACT!!!

>>186205158I'm outraged that CNN is angry about this. I demand an apology.

>>186205462Enjoy prison.

>>186205158Can't blame them. Everyone were expecting classic Ariel because there's the animated movie precedent. If universal released this movie, the backlash/controversy would not have been so huge. I know for a fact south koreans (specially girls/women) LOVE classic Ariel. It's what it's.

>>186207195Look, antisemitism is sky-rocketing. That's undeniable. I'm obviously quite happy about it but I understand that you aren't.Bunkerchan, you have to understand that your time in the sun is over. White people are becoming racially aware and protective of their culture and traditions. There will be severe consequences for the Jewish race but you're just going to have to um, deal with it. Sorry babe. Nazism is back. We're all armed too.Cheer up pal. Heil Hitler and heil victory.

>>186207160I honestly think the Pervitin did it to him. If you've ever done amphetamines you know they're bad news. That stuff will change you from "my people have a right to exist on our land and here's why," to "all of europe should belong to me because I'm strong enough to defeat both my enemies and allies all at once." Im skeptical about mainstream information, but Hitler did wish to exterminate the Jews and did believe in nutjob /x/ shit. That's the drugs 100%

>>186205590For some reason this feel comfy and funny. Miss those days when everything was not meant to be taken seriously tho.


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>>186207352I'd fucking love to get a hold of you stupid smug shit. You won't do shit. Trump is FUCKED and Putin is FUCKED.


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>>186205272Modern America is probably the least racist place on earth. Black Americans live in a weird bubble and they have no idea how bad things would be for them in other countries. They don't know how the sight of black skin enrages arabs. Even africans can't stand American blacks.

>>186205368Is there a webm of her rubbing her pussy?


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>>186207160There were camps but there was no mass scale industrial killing

>>186206714having to look at black people ist not a "problem"


>The same people that support black washing White characters support Democrats support Big Tech support Hollywood support children going to drag queen story hour support mostly peaceful BLM riots support children going to drag shows supported the super deadly pandemic lockdowns support keeping the border unsecure support children doing drag support children transitioning support Antifa support BLM support historical figures getting blackwashed supported vaccine mandates support corporations support elitism support disarming citizens support troons support pushing leftist gender progressive ideology in elementary schools support….Why is this the case?

>>186207002it's not about looks, it's about attitude

>>186205462What would Hitler do with mermaid existence?

>>186205503That fat guy towers over the troon cop and could easily destroy him in a fightAlso Leftists are pro power tripping cops now

I bet it's taking in Japan too but the numbers won't come in until later this week.

>>186208014>in a sad breaking news Japan was recently hit by another two nukes just moments before they published their official review of Da Lil Mermaid

Even my left leaning friend knew this movie was facing a huge uphill battle in Asian markets. Disney is either:A) Delusional retarded thinking this movie had any legs in the Asian cinemaor B) A giant tax write off

>>186206307jewish tactics are evil. and if the asians ever beat the west they won't be defeating whites they'll be defeating jews since that's whose in charge now

>>186205582And that’s why whites are going extinct. It’s almost like nonwhites aren’t infected by the jew mind virusIt’s like I once read this article about this Chinese Canadian immigrant demanding their border be secure while the “white” government is the exact opposite

>>186208060>C. Getting flooded with ESG cash for promoting wokism>D. Leftwing propaganda>E. All of the above

>>186208122>spread your genes into every gene pool>going extinctUh, sorry to break this to you, but...

>>186207411>Trump is FUCKED and Putin is FUCKEDCorrect. I hate them both, so why would I care?>I'd fucking love to get a hold of you stupid smug, lmao

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>The entertainment industry is made by and for Democrats, liberals, leftists, sjws, progressives, etc. >Most MSM outlets are either controlled by or aligned with the Democrats. >Leftwingers love all that gay and raceswapping crap and will defend corporations >CNN is basically the DNC mouthpiece

>>186208151>dude I win because my great grandson Jamal has 0.0001% European DNA

>>186207403>American flags and pride flagWhy make a distinction?

Why are Democrats, liberals, leftists, socialists, progressives, communists, SJWs, Antifa, MSM, corporations, BLM, Hollywood, Big Tech, Silicon Valley, Black Rock, Vanguard, academia, LGBTQQIA+2SPAGBGPDrag Queens, fat positivity, cucks, entertainment industry, Big Pharma, financial institutions, satanists, atheists, news-media outlets, journalists, black nationalists, SPLC, ADL, Big Banks, Federal Agencies, nonwhites, Military Industrial Complex, Pentagon, globalists, World Economic Forum, George Soros, feminists, FBI, DoJ, redditors, discord, and jews on the same side more often than not?

>>186208237Forgot, basically Da Lil Mermaid was by extension Democrat/ Leftwing propaganda

>>186208275Pride month

>>186208264You're bad at understanding genetics. That's ok. Your low intelligence is part of the reason we're so good at breeding you out.

>>186207411>Putin is FUCKED.You lost a powerful ally then.

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>>186206823Welcome bro. You are quite literally me except I wasn't a leftie commie but more of a libertarian "live and let live" Liberal. I got pushed away real quick when I started noticing the antiwhite sentiment of modern left, because at the end of the day my parents didn't raise me as a self-loathing cuck full of white guilt. I dislike majority of right-wing retards and populists but you must do what's in your own best interest, even if it's a lesser evil.

reminder leftism doesn't exist in america and every american whining about "leftists" is probably brainwashed

>>186207411Lmao I can even see your eyes full of tears

>>186208407>N-n-not Real LeftismTop 10 most popular songs of a century.

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>>186208407Your idea of leftism is 80 years hold and doesn't represent the reality, workers rights aren't a lefty cause anymore


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>>186208407>dooood stop arguing within your country’s Overton window>muh EuropeRegardless of how you feel about it. It is all Leftwing through and through. The ideology may have many branches and grow and evolve, but it’s the same root regardlessSee>>186208306Also just to give you a little example,>Why do Democrats, Antifa, MSM, Hollywood, Big Tech, Silicon Valley, etc demonize Kyle Rittenhouse and pull his donations but supported his poor Antifa rioter victims Or>Why do Antifa, Democrats, MSM, Hollywood, corporations, DoJ support children going to drag showsSee>>186206416

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>>186205503>yeah dude, the 2nd little mermaid bombing in China is totally gonna lead to an uprising against jews. You're not just desperate.>And don't you talk to me or my son ever again.

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>>186207989Put them back in the water where they belong

>>186207045i had a lot of fun with this

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>>186208505Xhe is probably a tankie commie that is arguing within very specific confines and minutiae of detail to deflect about reality

>>186208505>>186208638>Your idea of leftism is 80 years holdIt isn't, it's literally the same shit as it was back then, this idea of based leftism was always a propaganda horseshit.

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>>186208575>Hitler claims he wants to get rid mermaids>attacks white people instead>allies with Atlanteans>turns out his grandma and his personal driver were mermaids

>>186207411Man, I'm not a Holla Forumstard or whatever, but please go back to plebbit

Liberals were trying to gaslight people into thinking they had no political stake in this movie


>>186207750america is the most racist place on earth if you stop considering them white

>>186205835seething this over 3 normal dudes

nobody gives a shit about cnn, fox news has like five times as many viewers