Why are women allowed to watch stuff for kids and be seen as normal but people make fun of adult men for occasionally...

Why are women allowed to watch stuff for kids and be seen as normal but people make fun of adult men for occasionally watching family movies?

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you're so boring user


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>>186205117>tfw no woman child wife to watch cartoons with.

>>186205117"Women can afford to be careless, but not men" - Peaky Blinders

>>186205117The same reason women are allowed to own 30 giant dildos and a Fuck-o-tron 3000 automated dildo slammer with fake semen and it's okay but men can't use a fleshlight or they're a loser. With the former, men will even pay the woman to watch her use her toys. It's called a double standard, and that doesn't always mean something is inherently unfair. Woman watching cartoons or Disney is cute, men watching is childish, grow up, stop watching star wars.


>>186205117Because everyone knows that women are mentally children.

>>186205117you should be less concerned with how people see you for the media you watch. your life will improve a lot. you'll see.

>>186205270literally came here to post this

>>186205117its not just a Holla Forums thingI know women IRL that say they read and when I ask if they've read Gene Wolf (because I don't want to scare them off by asking about Lolita or TSR) I just get blank stares before they start talking about Harry Potter, Ready Player One, etc.

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>>186205559>don't wanna scare them off by asking if they watch child pornNo shit autistKill yourself before someone's dad has to

>>186205704I sometimes forget that normalfags can't separate the content of a work from its craft and execution.

>>186205117women are not a threat. a woman behaving strangely is a joke, not a threat. a guy who does something that shows he isn't following the usual thought processes might just suddenly kill you. a woman might suddenly squat down and piss, that's about the scariest action they could manage

>>186205795>Heh these plebs are too low IQ to understand my groomer novelsKys scum

>>186205117Because our shitty boomer parents never fucking took us there

>>186205117women are children in many ways, such as maturity and emotional intelligence/thread

>>186205816This. So much this. Men are fucking animals and will kill/rape you for the slightest reason. Toxic masculinity has made them this way and women are far more trustworthy and safe

>>186205864HH is hardly a role model and the novel lets you know that from the very beginning. I suppose you think every roastie that binges serial killer slop is also a psychotic murderer as well.

>>186205117>and be seen as normalthis shit is corny as fuck and most women see through it

>>186205117I question why you're interested in it in the first place.If you were still playing with action figures you would rightly be judged for being a manchild. Watching a kid show as a childless adult is no different.

>>186205795If you're jerking off to it yes, you should die and painfullyAnd you are jerking off to it

>>186205135Stop being a b****

>>186205559stop trying to have intellectual conversations with women, are you retarded?

>>186205117Why do childless adults still go to Disney world?

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>>186205988whether or not I jerked off to it is relevant to the novel's prestige>>186206063I am an autist, yes

>>186206093those are clearly siblingsi hope

>>186205117snatching the rat ears off a disney adults head is like a trophy. a modern day scalp.

>>186206220Lol no they just got married. She’s a bitch and he’s a pushover. A match made in heaven

>>186205117I am a 32 year old male a and i enjoy boss baby everytime.

>>186205117I don't think the scenario you have outlined has ever occurred

>>186206093You can enjoy the impressive technology, intricate theming, excellent food, general atmosphere etc, without engaging in any of the aspects meant for children

>>186206093Shit is just bizarre. You used to have kids and drag them to shit like this. Now it's just cringey as fuck 20-30 year old childless hags

>>186205117because women are still infantilized and this is problematic so we should start making fun of them too

men are fair game when it comes to anythingwhen I first got to my job I was moderately introverted and from week 1 made fun of into oblivion about being a serial killer etc. Few months later this extremely shy girl who barely speaks started and nobody has even said a peep to her about being quiet etc. No wonder men like me just decide it's all rigged and give up.

>>186205559> Gene Wolf It’s Wolfe you fucking philistine. Try reading the author’s name next time you’re snoozing to an audiobook and pretending you read it.


>>186205117That's what toxic masculinity means. Remember this the next time you post something retarded about the term.

>>186206357That hasn’t been Disneyland in over 20 years. It’s literally manchildren and rides with a bunch of modern IPs tacked on

I idealised this one girl who I was thought was this really deep introverted art girl. When I asked her favourite film she told me live action Cinderella

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>>186205117>men and women are different>get treated differently>OP is upset because he's a closet ponyfag or something

>>186206496He fell asleep because there wasn't enough baby rape to fap to

>>186205559Gene Wolfe is one of the more difficult sci-fi / fantasy authors to readyou gotta start with the basics like Dune and LotR and determine their powerlevel based on the responses to those

>>186206496Not enough CP to keep "her" interested.

>>186206556Nah I just think Shrek is a fun franchise

>>186205117man play video games. if you think this is exclusive to women, youre kidding yourself

>>186206529Havent been to Disneyland, but I still have a good time at Disney World. Its definitely changed some over the years, but I still have a pretty good experience when Im there. Though, I will admit I spend the least amount of time in Magic Kingdom.

>>186205117Because men want to fuck women, so they overlook shit that would disgust them in someone they don't want to fuck.

>>186206093Why are so many adults obsessed with disney parks? I recently visited disneyland again (after 20 years) and it was pretty fun. But I could easily spend the next 20 years not going there ever again. I stayed for 4 days and I already saw everything there is to see after 2. Wtf do these annual pass holders do the whole time? Ride the same rides again and again?

Nobody listens to these beta women but they are still treated very fairly at work and school.

>>186206662Meds or reword this since it makes no sense

>>186205117Seeing adult women with Disney ears is a yuge red flag.At least dudes who try to hit on Disney park princesses are acting naturally since these are the only chicks they can get close to.

>>186206542did you ask why? or did you just assume someone's favorite something could only be based on it's technical merit and execution?

>>186206093DW tickets are stupidly overpriced nowThe millennial and Gen X kids who were brought there by their boomer and Gen X parents are the only ones who have enough disposable income to afford going there constantlyZoomers didn't grow up with Disney so they couldn't give a shit unless they're really desperate for a theme park job

why are disney adults so cringe

>>186205117Same reason niggas are allowed to rape and assault women: insultingly low standards.

>>186205117Because men are suppose to be on top of things. Women can afford to lose themselves in imagination because they can find a provider who lives in a real world so they can live in their imaginary one. No woman would do that for a man and even if she did, it would last until she meets a normal guy.

>>186207177its only a subset of cringe adults that use it as an excuse to act stupid....see>>186206357There are plenty of adults that enjoy Disney without being a stereotype

>>186205559who's gene wolf? i only know gene wolfe

>>186206869video games are products meant for children just like the things disney make. thats not a complicated concept to grasp? where did i lose you?

Because they have warm holes that needs to be plugged.

>>186206358Saw some video on youtube of a person showing the menu to that super mario theme park at universal. As the camera panned around the restaurant, it was almost entirely childless millenials.

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>>186207366Are you ESL or a gigaboomer? Learn to use a keyboard.

>>186207486>Nintendo>Childless millenialsWho would've thought?

>>186207366Videogames WERE meant for children. Videogames now are meant for MANCHILDREN.

>>186207129Not only that but there are tons of better parks with better deals and shorter lines and WAY less cattle standing around. Also fucking Florida is too God damn hot


>>186207366>video games are products meant for childrenExcept that so many video games are actually rated for adults only.

>>186205117The female fo the species matures mentally, and develops a distinct personality and set of interests, much like the male, until the onset of puberty, at which point all progress is lost. They will instead replace this with a vapid self-absorption and focus on submissively mating. They will follow the cues of the most dominant example around them: usually a man, but, absent that, a social circle. They will exhibit clone-like obsession with fitting in with this influence. Once the hormone levels subside, usually several years later, they will be left with a childlike, stunted emotional development, accompanied by growing bitterness, which will take the form of lashing out at others for things they themselves blindly do. Their entire personalities will simply be patterned on whatever is the strongest force around them. They will never achieve true agency.

>>186206093The man looks like a woman and the woman looks like a man lmao

>>186205938Why the fuck do you want to read a book about a child rapist in the first place?>>186206104The fact that you jerked off to it means you're a future chomo and should be killed.

>>186205816This is not true. It was somewhat true back then when women werent allowed anything and not having a man was social death. But nowadays women are just as dangerous. Once they got some resemblance of power they immediately showed they can't deal with it. Plenty of statistics showing riding domestic violence initiated by the female, plenty of cases of child abuse by females, plenty of generally emotional abuse by females, also plenty of female murderers.

>>186207366that's why normalfags just play madden and movie games

>>186205559>heh these women all read them children's books, not me though, I only read sci fi like a mature personlmao you fucking dolt

Disney grills are the easiest>Hey bby want to come to my Grand Floridian room?

>>186205117>allowedAnyone is "allowed" to do that.>and be seen as normalIts not seen as normal>people make fun of adult men for occasionally watching family moviesPeople make fun of you for watching kids shows when you have no kids, or for obsessing about them online. Same when girls do it. It sounds like you're trying to justify having a child's taste in movies and using women as a scapegoat.

>>186207705>Six FagsYuck>Knott's Tranny FarmYuck>ShillWorldYuck>UniversalBing Bing Wahoo

>>186208553people who think there are better parks than Disney are just lying to be contrarian, or they havent been. Sure, parks with more intense rides are out there, and Cedar Park in particular has its appeal...but none of them have anything on Disney as a total package. Universal has an honorable mention because they get pretty close.

>>186208667*Cedar Point

>How do you do>Mighty pleasant greeting;_;7