>AHHHHH THE WORLD IS GOING TO BE 0.1 DEGREE WARMER IN THE NEXT 50 YEARS AHHH WHY WON'T ANYONE DO ANYTHING TO STOP IT>*Climbs into one of his sixteen SUVs*>AHHH THE HECKIN' ENVIRONMENT IS BEING DESTROYED BY RICH CEOS AHHH>*boards private jet*>SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING, WHY WON'T ANYONE LISTEN??? WE HAVE TO SAVE THE EARTH!!!>*lands on the runway at his private island. Enters his sixth vacation home, all 17 rooms pre cooled to his exact specifications*>I'M GOING INSAAAAAANE>*heads to the beach to board his yacht*

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The movie that mindbroke chuds

cry harder pleb

>>186204755I agree

>>186204769>>186204774>>186204793>Heh, yeah I do whatever the establishment says, you could call me something of an anti-establishment radical I guess hehe

>AHHHHH THE WORLD IS GOING TO BE 0.1 DEGREE WARMER IN THE NEXT 50 YEARS AHHH WHY WON'T ANYONE DO ANYTHING TO STOP IT>*boots up his 4th console for the day, while already on his Nintendo Switch*>AHHH THE HECKIN' ENVIRONMENT IS BEING DESTROYED BY RICH CEOS AHHH>*checks his phone to check if his latest funko pop is on the way*>SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING, WHY WON'T ANYONE LISTEN??? WE HAVE TO SAVE THE EARTH!!!>*orders a gallon of lube for Tyrone to use with his wife over the weekend, buying himself extra "fun time" to watch his favourite Marvel movies*>I'M GOING INSAAAAAAAAANE>*heads to his room custom designed for his VR headset usage*

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>>186204755My favorite bit of climatecuck hypocrisy is >the west is wasteful and uses too many resources >but also the west must have unlimited immigration forever >our new migrant neighbors will surely consume little and be eco friendly

God I hate environmentalists

>>186204910We just have to compensate our new honor citizens by making less babies.

If we remove all the poor people, won't that solve the issue immediately?

>>186205741Yes, I've been suggesting this for years.

Ted was right about everything.

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>>186204755Wasn't there yet another "once in a lifetime" weather catastrophe last week?this is totally normal amirite>>186205741It will. Climate change is real and will kill us all within the next century. However if the third world (especially Africa) and China were removed from the equation it'd be solved overnight. Mass migration enormously increases emissions for Western countries too and the individual human is the biggest pollution source. This is the true redpill.

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>>186205741They're working on it.

>>186204755Leo is such a HackIt's unreal.

>>186206011>Africagoes to show you have no fucking clue what you're talking about. it's China and India that emit like 50% of all the world's co2. the US emits like 1/40 of what China does.>Africalmfao


>>186205976Oversocialized as fuck.


>>186205741Actually, making more people poor would fix climate change. Lefty tards love talking about per-capita numbers to defend China/India's pollution metrics without mentioning that 1/3 of those country's populations don't even have electricity.

>>186206092Africa is rapidly industrializing while exploding in its population. They're a huge drain on global food and resource supply as it is.

>>186206203And they're black.

>>186204755Not one single character in that film felt like a real person. Really weird film.

>>186206401It's satire chud.PS Trump lost

>waaaah no proof all lies bugs on the plate wAaah nwo, save me Q, climate change isn't real wahahhahahhhhhjust look up

>>186205976Rip in peace big man

>>186204755>>186204832>>186204869>>186204910You don't need religion when science exists.

People care too much about what's going to happen 100 years after they die.

>>186205976This is not deep. This is written by an angsty, everyone-is-a-victim, self-pity, boo-hoo, tumbler teen who is filled with ESG propaganda from their white female liberal teacher.Go to klimaatfeiten.nl click on the English flag for translation and stop beings such a massive faggot.

>>186206581satire is supposed to relate to reality.

>>186205976Consequence of being perpetually online

>>186204755>muh climate changestopped giving a shit about it when things like the integral fast reactor designs were discontinued that provided near infinite clean energy with zero waste with no chance of meltdown, no solution other than the wildly inefficient renewables theyve invested several trillions in will suffice, they don't care about the environment so why the fuck would I

>>186206860That's science fiction dumbass

>>186206914>That's science fiction dumbasskys troon go build another million soalr panels to power your electric dilator

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>>186206699climate change belief is more than just science we have elevated past that, chud


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>>186206764>.nlI prefer not to have viruses on my PC.

>>186206011>Climate change is real and will kill us all within the next century.Holy shit I will be dead in the next century? Quickly, I have to eat ze boogs.

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>>186205976This is how they convince people that murdering 6 billion people and mass sterilization is necessary. You already have zoomers getting vasectomies in mass.

>>186206581So they were making fun of climate change retards?

>>186207292I would do unspeakable things to her tight lil body

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>>186206764I think that's the point, kek.

None of you people know anything about this at all.Climate change IS REAL but ALSO it's used as a means to an end by the elite.GUESS WHY?They're banking on surviving it be it through bunkers (New zealand) or just genociding the poor (You, yes you)>but muh left muh rightLiteral circus, the billionaries funding both will leave you to die either way.>muh fox said its BS!!! Its not, thats propaganda so you can be a good little peasant while youre still useful>but we have to all be vegan!!!1st world populations and industry were the ones to heavily impact this, at this point it's useless, 40 years too late. NOTHING can be done.

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>>186207512Severely autistic girl with bad parents

I want a kid but I’m afraid they’ll have to suffer the consequences of climate change. What do bros

>do not challenge the fossil fuel industry>they are rich and powerful>you are nothing to them>shut up>consume>know your place

>>186207609Where do you live? What's your age?

>>186207548>thats propaganda so you can be a good little peasant while youre still usefulelaborate on thishow would believing climate change make me a threat exactly?

>>186207548>Its not, thats propagandaTHIS, AAAAAAH I AM ALREADY BURNING DAMN YOU SUN

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>>186207628>do not challenge the fossil fuel industryWhy would I challenge them? I love gas engines and I hope we will come up with method to turn zoomers into oil.

>>186207609They'll be fine, stop being such a retard.

>>1862076332020, one of the biggest transfers of wealth. Poor get poorer, rich get richer.Don't dare to focus on that! Focus on those trannies you see on Fox!Get it? It's all propaganda funded by the truly rich.To your question, in America, conservatives are being good little pawns denying it all. They might change their tune when it gets bad, too late. Leftists and activists? Pawns. How? Limpdick policies, harmless dog that can only bark.The population is not that responsible compared to THE INDUSTRY. BUT THE INDUSTRY CAN NOT BE TOUCHED AT ALL.Both sides are getting played and will be left to diem>>186207648More about famine baby.

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>>186204755>>186204869I, for one, enjoyed this.

>>186205976What the fuck is this retarded dribble

>>186207739Damn bro, this is like so deep, I thought muh Ted is dead, but it seems he is posting straight from heaven.

>>186207633>>186207739In the 70s or 80s, dont remember right now.They knew we were going to start feeling it circa 2020s, tracks as of today.What did the industry do? Push propaganda and harmless policies that did nothing. Slander nuclear energy all for the pockets over at Exxon and friends.They pushed idiotic talking points that make actual ones idiotic.Guess what? Now it is too late. It is over. They could turn the whole fucking planet in a truly eco friendly place. 40 to 50 years too late.>>186207795Mock me all you want, we are both dead men walking. You and me, are not relevant, useful or rich enough to have a shot at a future post climate crisis.Btw, I doubt you ever read more than the first sentence of Industrial society. Ted did touch on this, same conclusion.

>>186204755did you know we are living in an ice age right now?

>>186207739seems to me with your wall of text there that it would make more sense to distract me with the fear of climate change, not to tell me it doesn't existclimate change = distraction, no climate change = no distraction

>>186204910That's how I realized all the immigration and environmental shit is bullshit. Back when I was a teen I was convinced I shouldn't have kids for the sake of the environment. But then that means they'll just bring in some third worlder who goes on to do it for me. Pure propaganda. All of it. Now I want a ton of my own kids.

>>186207853It's WWE. It doesn't matter what you believe. Vote democrat, vote republican, corporate interests decide and influence in the end.Same beat here, believe it or deny it, just keep busy for the time being, when society collapses, debt's on you.I doubt you have a bunker on New Zealand (you can resesrch this) or farmland like Bill Gates (you can also research this) so knowing about climate or denying it, it won't lead to any impact if you don't have the resources.

>>186206341Honestly the worst part.

>>186205741You are not "removing the poor" you are just settingan arbitrary line and offing all the people below that.A new line will immediately be created soon after because that's how it works, but the new "poor" will have more things and probably a lot more guns

>>186207827>You and me, are not relevant, useful or rich enough to have a shot at a future post climate crisis.This, MSNBC just showed how ice cream melts in the heat, it is unironically OVER.

>>186207917>when society collapsesCRAAAAAAWLING IIIIIIN MY SKIIIIIIIIN

>>186206728The shouldLegacy is the basis of humanity and literally the problem of today's society and the attack of the nuclear family>Dude why do you need a family just fuck girls live your life blow your money in THIS life!More women now are pursuing personal dreams and jobs than the ones having kids right now

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>>186208015Very funny. Don't give a shit though. I already accepted it.What's your net worth? Do you have a bunker on New Zealand or not?>>186208033You got farmland on Patagonia? You're not simply going to wait for FEMA to feed you, right?You're already dead and will probably die in a mass grave, make peace with it.

>>186207609Pack on green energyBasically be a survivalist on-gridYour kid should grow on the power grid, but knowing it's not sustainable and be ready to operate off-grid, and you should provide that alternative even before its born

>>1862080762 more weeks?

>>186208141Remember this the moment you finally come to accept how fucked we are.

>>186208164no cap fr fr

global warming is as real as the covid ''pandemic"if you still guyslurp up all the msm shit that is on you

>>186204910It's funny because immigrants from mena are obsessed with cars.

>>186207548The mass of the population generates the wealth for the 'elite'. How would it benefit them if all the peons get wiped out? Why do they want mass immigration for every western country o>>186207570If a declining population would benefit them more?

>>186208076>You're already dead and will probably die in a mass grave, make peace with it.This, I am already dead, the wifi signal is kinda bad here in the mass grave. You were right my bug farm died of heat wave.

>>186206198>China produces nearly everything we use today>have a 4x times higher population the US>the US produces nothing useful to the world at all>the US outsource ALL production in China>China has just a little more pollution than the US despite having 4x times the population>"OMG YOU CAN'T USE PER CAPITA....BECAUSE CHINA IS LE BAD!"

>>186208294It's cheaper. Simple as that. Cheaper work. Their solution is automation + reduced population + slave work. Neofeudalism.

>>186204910look whitey just get demoralised already ok?

>>186208354China is le bad because they are a nation of androgynous manlets.

>>186208490le is le bad because... FRENCH PEOPLE BAD!!!!!!!

climate change is real even doe it’s fake

>>186206764>There is great uncertainty about the average temperature before 1980>the temperature now is about the same as around the year 1040