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>le twitter screenshotkill yourself tranny

>>186204403>torrentrarbg died tho

Zommers get 1 shitty new tv series from Netflix every 3 monthsLast one was FridayIt's enough for them

Just use Fmovies or movie-web.appYou don’t even have to torrent

Nerds actually think most people watch movies on their computers.

>rarbg dies some days after netflix kills password sharing in most of the planetreally makes you think

>>186204403I don't think it's so much that zoomers lack the knowledge or ability to learn to torrent, it's that they're ultra obedient to authority. There are no zoomer rebels. They're perfect consumer slaves. Zoomers won't even jaywalk if the road is clear. They'll wait until they get the walk light.

>>186204532I don't. I stream all my shit to my tv with either an app on my phone or a site like fmovies.I don't pay for shit

>>186204528HDO Box App or HDtoday.tv

In other news, TorrentGalaxy's servers are barely holding.

>>186204403Funny how many fags around here think people care about free things more than convenience, everyone knows about torrent, nobody wants to go through the hastle of downloading a movie when they can just boot up Netflix and watch whatever they want instantly, i haven't touched torrent since i started working as a software engineer 10 years ago

>>186204566Then why do they worship blacks?

Why are /a/ and Holla Forums so proud they watch animes on a PC?Have they no class

>>186204403>Record signupsIsn't there a free trial period. I'm betting most normalfags did that to finish whatever slop they were watching and then a lot will not actually pay.

>>186204403Zoomers can't do anything tech related unless they watched a "content creator" do it on YouTube. They can tell you everything about Minecraft recipes but can't torrent or code or basically do anything more complicated than install a game mod.

zoomers dont be known nothin but scroll they phone fr fr no cap

The "pulls out laptop with HDMI cable" meme really hit zoomers hard. Most insecure generation.

>>186204600Your career doesn’t change that you’re a lemming and gay

>>186204600>they can just boot up Netflix and watch whatever they want

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>>186204403the cope in the comments is funny >I-Is just too much effort to learn >I am scared of the evil viruses >I-It's my choice not to

>>186204647Wasn’t that just one TikTok?

Back in the day, rapidshare and megaupload were good enough for movies. Sometimes the file would be broken up, sometimes the file would hit that 800mb mark. It was almost too easy to get a movie. I sometimes wonder if we were just spoiled back then. I mean, even threads on /mu/ dont even have a link for music (mp3s). A decade ago, we all shared albums. Found great metal bands like that. Those were the days.

>>186204533actually did a>shut it downjewflix, I kneel...

>>186204403ITT: boomers laugh at zoomers for not stealing.In another thread: boomers laugh at zoomers for not regardong every black person as a reprobate thief.

>>186204615Because the authority tells them to

>>186204750sometimes you even got another dude to torrent it for you and burn it on a dvd with a shitty custom homebrew menu

>>186204458The Pirate Bay is still up and not going anywhere.

>>186204403Zoomers can barely use computers.

>>186204750>A decade ago, we all shared albums. Found great metal bands like that. Those were the days.I remember surfing album sites under new releases and finding some really great music that way. Stuff I would of never heard or sought out other than from browsing in those sites

>>186204403Tormenting is a pain in the ass if its just shows you wanna watch casually.

>>186204403Stop breaking the law.

Zoomers barely qualify as sentient.

>>186204735It's posted everywhere, even here. I never knew it got to TikTok so I guess that explains it.

>>186204615Because it's politically correct and they do as they're told

I miss public snahp so much bros

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>>186204750It's literally easier to torrent now than it's ever been. The only reason people don't do it with music anymore is because spotify is free and so is jewtube.I hate zoomers so much it's fucking unreal.

>>186204627How long are the free trials?

>>186204811>stealingNice try.

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>>186204403according to boomers>turn on vpn>download torrent fileis peak tech literacy, fucking kek what an embarrassing generation, get a job faggot, maybe you can afford to pay for your convenience then you insecure disappointment, god i hope I don't envy the next generation this much>vpn? lol lmao99% of people don't use or need private trackers retard, that or you live in a third world shithole with no anti piracy laws

some zoomers genuinely can't comprehend how folders on computers work and are surprised that not everything is on the cloud

I would pirate if there was anything worth watching.

>>186204873>click the show you want to watch>watch showHow is that hard?

>>186204566No, it's just that they grew up in a world where piracy wasn't that convenient. They basically don't know a world without steam or netflix.Millenials had a much stronger "piracy culture" because piracy was a lot simpler and more convenient than the alternatives.

>>186204403It's getting harder and harder to find old movies on torrents

I don't care too much about the loss of torrenting movies because they're all out there to stream for free but fuck I still want free Vidya.

>>186204533Huh, I didn't even consider this. They said the primary reason was expenses and yet they never once appealed the community for donations or anything. They easily would've received the cash needed. If Netflix contacted them and offered them a a seven figure offer to shut it down for good they would've easily taken it. Overnight millionaires. Cheap investment from Netflix's perspective.

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I just use shitty ddl sites now I remember torrenting 20 gig 2 hour movies for the fuck of it

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I got the 12$ covered keep torrenting fag

>>186204403ddl > torrent

>>186204458There is hundred of torrent sites lazy zoomie

>>186204994>they're all out there to stream for freeBut the quality is shit. Good for one time viewings but not something you want to watch often.

>>186204993It’s even worse on streaming

>>186204403Not even joking zoomers are retarded, I saw one of my cousins having a hard time sending a fucking pdf through email.

>>186205152If it's something I'd want to watch that often then I'd definitely like to have a physical copy.

>>186204403>be early teenager>torrent a movie>mom gets a letter>tells me if I torrent again no more interner>be adult still too scared to torrentis a vpn the solution? I just wanna download stuff from Nyaa

>>186204403RGRGB is dead

>>186205228Which country are you in?

>>186205228What shithole do you live in where that happened? If you're in the US you're literally lying unless you're that retarded.

>>186205252US>>186205258>you're that retardedhigh chance that i might be

>>186204750I still download movies off mega all the time.

>>186204533they probably bribed the slavs to close down their website

>>186205291letters don't mean anything in the US. its the extent of a shit ISPs need to give to comply with DMCA. MPAA isn't even bothering with them anymore.

>>186205228>>186205291The only way I can see you getting a letter is if you used a college’s Wi-Fi to torrent.

>>186204628Ok boomer

Anyone getting notices in the mail is just torrenting porn. They're the only people who go after piracy to that degree. They go after the smallest porn streaming sites in eastern Europe too for fucks sake. It's only coomers who have that problem.

This is what happened to my cousin>cousin and dad had shared plan for $19.99 a month>password shit happens>they cancel shared plan and both get a plan for $6.99>Netflix: ZOMG HIGHEST SUBSCRIBER SURGE EVER


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>ask about how to pirate/torrent>"Lmao what do you mean you don't know?">no one knows how to do it now>"wow we failed how did this happen?"Hmm maybe shouldn't have been so rude back then, huh?

>>186204458You can still access their database, plus mirrors

plenty of them can, it's just terribly inconvenient and a lot of them don't even have computers or laptops to make it easer (just their phones)

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>>186205579>download torrent program>go to whatever torrent site you want>search for a movie>click the little magnet iconwall ah


>>186205479Are you the same faggot who told this lie the other day? No one gives a fuck if you pirate porn.

>>186204403Why torrent when Russia streaming sites work the same as YouTube and have all movies available

>>186204403Good, if every dumb fag knew how to get things for free there would be even more reason for shit to get shutdown. Let them pay, because I never will.

>>186205656No one gives a fuck if you pirate except for other pirates at all unless you're seeding or not seeding on a public tracker like an idiot

>>186204403It's easier to pay $10 to watch crap on your TV with an app than it is to find torrents, wait for torrents to download and then hook your computer up to a TV or set up a NAS for plex/etc. Sure, the latter is free but I'm not a third-worlder so the cost of watching a show isn't a determining factor for whether I watch it. All I think about is quality so if I think something looks too shitty to watch then I don't fucking watch it. Even if I can watch it for free why would I want to waste my time watching bad shows? My time would be better spent watching paint dry.

>>186205701>No one gives a fuck if you pirate except for other pirates at all unless you're seeding or not seeding

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>>186205635>go to whatever torrent site you wantthat's the disconnect, anonpeople have to learn what the sites areif they ask, they get told to fuck off

>>186205752pirate baywall ah

>>186204566Yeah, what we need is another generation of "free-thinking idividuals". That worked so well the last 5 times it was tried.

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>Not using qbittorrent searchNgmi

>>186204403Zoomers are literal retards. They can't do anything. They can't cook. They're lower IQ than past gens and mostly illiterate. They don''t have any professional or business skills. They are unhealthy, unathletic, and have lower life expectancies. They can't draw or make music. They can't even drive a car. Any basic skill you can name, zoomies are unable to do it.They're even worse with tech/computers/smartphones and need their parents to do it for them like everything else. Even boomers are more tech-savvy. That's shit nobody ever saw coming.All zoomies can do is cry, be tranny, and post on tiktok (but after it's set up for them by someone else)

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>>186204975He falls apart without an autoplay feature that keeps the video in full screen

>>186204750The albums I uploaded to share in /mu/ sharethreads about 10 years ago are still up on my Mediafire account. I'm not sure why, since it was very long ago they started taking down copyrighted stuff.

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>>186205600>open radarr on my phone>search for movie I want>click add>within minutes to a few hours it’s in Plexwhat so inconvenient about that?

>>186205736It's true you know. No one will notice you smash and grab.

>>186204458holy fuck kys

>>186205600I don't know how people can't get by without at least a laptop. A phone as your primary internet device would fucking suck.


>>186204975>find the show>click download>have to wait to download>dont even wanna watch show anymore

>>186205919Lotta of people ghetto do it.

>>186205819That's a surprising one, my grandad is fine with a lot of technology, even new stuff. He jailbroke his tablet just to get to the console so he could change file permissions to sideload an application. My nephew has trouble finding the WiFi setting on his own phone.

>>186205836I didn't know radarr was available on phones, unless you mean you use your phone to directly access your desktop.

>>186205919I was in that spot for about 2 years while I was traveling and broke and it wasn't that bad once you get over the "get real" argument because you're poor and desperate and other people's opinions don't matter.

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>>186204750It is easy to pirate music. Especially if the song is on YouTube. Then you can just convert the video to a mp3.

>>186205919you can with android OS

>>186205819>>186205956Why is this? What went wrong?

>>186204908Just get into fora.snahp.eu/search.php or intotheinter.net/

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>>186204458>>186204533Why is rarbg being memed on here as the only pirating site, when there's endless other torrent sites around?

zoomers cant yet afford to spend on netflix subscriptions, its the millennial fucks who are pulling this shit

>>186204403>ZOOMERS DON’T KNOW HOW TO TORRENTbut that's a good thing, there always need to be useful idiots to pay for stuff so we piratechads can exist, same for adblockers.

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>>186206163because it was the best free site on the internet

>>186206163It's literally a psyop to get retards to pay for things again and it's not working. media will always be available for free thanks to the internet. All they do is make you feel like it won't be easy anymore so you give up and buy their products.

What's a good streaming site where I can call people niggers in the comment section?


>Go to yandex on Brave>type "watch [movie] free online"Is it really that hard?

>>186206243kino.tube if you want pure cancer

>>186204647>when he doesn't worship corporationsick

>>186205819>They can't draw or make music.Can you?

>>186204929>foldersThey're called directories, GUI slave.

>>186206368You should get a girlfriend and eat some pussy.

>>186204811Zoomers want to redistribute wealth as long as it doesn't harm movie producers

>>186206343yeah i drew a bit in my 20s, was funit seems like you don't understand the argument though

what happens when you log in with someone else's password now? i'm still logged in to my ex-girlfriend's but haven't watched it in months.

>>186204617I watch anime on a laptop while laying in bed or my couch.

>>186204532Torrent box in Netherlands, SSH to my Nas, watch on Android TV.That is pretty nerdy though.

>>186204750> great metal bandsWtf is every nerd’s obsession with this shit?

>>186204600this. it was one thing to torrent back in the day when nothing was available and movies cost 60 dollars a copy. now it's cheap and easy. only turd worlders pirate

>>186206368hating guis religiously has got to be the biggest dunning Kruger NEET flag let me guess, you use a tiling window manager as well because it makes you "more productive" tinkering with your dotfiles

a seedbox with plex is like having your own superior netflix>pay2piratesaved you some time

>pay 150 a month to own all streams and still watch commercials>pay 15 bucks for a vpn and download everything and anything you want

>>186206400I do not understand your seething gibberish. Turn the schizophrenia dial down to a 2 or 3 and try again.

>>186204403It's easier to not torrent than toGabe said it's about providing a better service and he's right

>>186204403can't torrent in an iPhone and zoomers barely know how to actually use a PC

>>186205919I hate laptops. They feel cramped. Phones are even worse. I could never get by without my desktop. Biggest issue is zoomers and Gen f(A)ggot only use phones and basically every website puts all focus on their site being "mobile friendly" and now look like shit on a desktop. Sometimes they don't even work right on desktop.

>>186204403Duh? They don't even know how to use winRar and they get lost if something in not in an app format, how is that surprising.That's a mistake boomers would make, thinking that just because zoomers got exposed to technology since before they could walk = knowing shit about technology.

>>186206455For me, it's prompt ricing


What The fuck does highest sign up level mean? It's probably over already.This is just misleading rhetoric to attract investors. Their product is still dogshit.

>>186206471drop some info on cheapest worthwhile sneedbox m8

>>186206692It means that the amount of people signing up for Netflix (probably the free trial) was higher than the amount of people who signed up in the last 4 years

Twitter self reporting something without posting any evidence?

>>186206692Actually, I think it means just what it says. And I think you guys underestimate them. There's a reason they tested the password policy in other countries, a bit at a time. They studied the responses, and made sure it was going to work properly for them. Netflix is here to stay, kids.

I use Moviebox since it was recommended to me and has an Apple TV app. Is there something better?I never bothered looking into it since this has been working fine

>>186204403why would i download stuff that is free to stream online

>>186206692>What The fuck does highest sign up level mean?You'll never make it in business.

>>186205819>They can't draw or make music.They just regurgitate variations of whatever they've already passively comsumed as their own art and expect a pat on the back for it.

>>186204600I make more than you and I torrent everything. It's not inconvenient at all. You're just a lazy goyslave.

>>186206708rapidsneedboxsign up through AvistaZ or PrivateHD for an invite


>>186206071"app"ification of everything, nanny software, all power taken away from users, everything on rails. There's no such thing as getting something to work or customizing something; if it doesn't work you have to buy a new one or change your own behavior to be more in line with the vision of the product's designers. Everything zoomies interact with is a live-service app with constant updates and surveillance happening in the background - their cars, their phones, their computers, their schedules. Learning how to do something yourself, or how something works under the hood, is forbidden because it's less profitable and potentially politically incorrect

>>186206984>They just regurgitate variations of whatever they've already passively comsumed as their own art and expect a pat on the back for it.You literally just described all art from the renaissance to the 19th century>muh variations on greek and roman art

>zoomers cannot torrentOh thank God, that at least means we have quality content on torrent sites. Do you really want zoomer shit flooding torrent databases?

>>186207163>Everything zoomies interact with is a live-service app with constant updates and surveillance happening in the background - their cars, their phones, their computers, their schedules.Can't understate how this psychologically affects them either. When you're constantly being monitored and vaguely afraid you're going to get fried for saying/thinking wrongthink, you begin to get violently angry and upset whenever you hear anyone else say anything you disagree with (especially when that person is not as afraid as you are), transferring your fear and stress onto them for reasons you can't even articulate. This is literally how every communist society structured itself. The goal was not to have a clear set of rules everyone had to follow, but an intentionally ambiguous set that would be enforced erratically, ensuring everyone was constantly afraid that they might be breaking rules they didn't even know about, to a degree a majority of people were willing to become informants on their own neighbors, and even families, to preemptively protect themselves. Weaponized stockholm syndrome, *exactly* like Orwell described in 1984, except we've had to use the phrase "just like 1984" so bloody much in modern years we've completely burned out the circuits used to be distressed by it.

>>186205803Wanking off the state is good actually. Definitely will work out for you.

>>186204600>software engineer>not running their own server >not using usenet lmao

>>186205803Why are they all depicted as balding and bearded? Why is that a bad thing?Are you incapable of formulating an argument without resorting to mockery and social shaming stereotypes?

>>186206343I can do both.

>>186205635So you still won't tell what program let alone what websites to use. If piratefags weren't such gatekeeping faggots and did a little spoonfeed from time to time maybe piracy wouldn't be dying as it is right now.

>>186204458>torrent was invented in 2008

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Anyone know the path to snahp or iti? Might have to spend some money on an invite forum otherwise.

>>186204811>boomersYou mean millennials you retard lmao.

>>186206163Demoralization psy-op carried out by paid shills on here and elsewhere.There is plenty of other sites available. The world doesn't revolve around rarbg.

>>186207357It's almost amusing to see the disconnect when zoomers try to reconcile that the police are there to protect them and society with the fact they are fascist little state-sponsored cults with their own interests at heart and beholden to nobody.

>>186204403Americans are cretins manJust release a ytube video or an infographic assholes, a friend of mine used a vpn and the gov sent him a letter

>>186204403I mean torrenting is fine if you're a brokie or you can't find the movie or show you want on whatever service you're subscribed to but the last thing you want to do as a white man with a career is look up kinos on whatever website, torrent them, fiddle with a bunch of shit to get it on your tv somehow, find out that the subtitle is ass cause its made by some indian on fiverr or it's out of sync, not have your progress saved unless you install some app that only runs on a desktop OS or if you're a neckbeard on some linux distro you spent 4 days setting up only for it to crash cause you installed bad drivers once. It's much easier to just pay and plop down in bed and watch what you want instantly with no hassle

>>186207939>torrent movie directly to Plex folder, which I installed with one command, automatically finds metadatawow such difficulty, like 5 total clicks/keystrokes

>>186204403You realize the vast majority of people are normies who can’t torrent right? It has nothing to do with zoomers

>>186207939>haha how do you do fellow whites man imagine getting one over on corporations thats not something us based whites do! wouldnt you prefer to give me mon- i mean give the jews money?are you niggers even trying anymore

>>186204566That’s just a narrative you made up in your head

>>186204403Zoom zoom

>>186205819Funny how you bring life expectancy into this considering it proves that older generations fatally fucked up the country and now you're mocking zoomers for being less functional for being born into a world you broke kek

>>186204458People act like rarbg wasn't that important, but literally no other site seems to actually have releases of full HD shit and in an organized manner.You go to 1337 or piratebay or a brand new tv show and just in 1080p it's like a full season for 1gb instead of actual proper resolution and sizes because it's designed for poor third world countries who can't afford hard drives.Until a site comes along that has all the shit back in full quality rips like the rartv and rar264/265 etc. and organized we're fucked.

>>186204929>some clickbait news article said that so it must be true Some boomers have dementia therefore all boomers are retarded

>>186208037nta but hes correct other than that it also applies to generations before zoomersamerica is quite literally a country designed to pump out stupid people and niggers to spawn as many wallets as possible. its just more true for zoomers because the craft was perfected by the time they were born

>>186204458>was looking for a good torrent site>russian mate recommended rutracker>try it out>use autotranslate>has everything i search for>everythings seeded properly, hitting 3-4 mb/s on even obscure movies>original audio>best quality around10/10 would recommend

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>>186204403zoomers are literally as tech illiterate as boomers. It's over.

>>186208062Ive been using Rutracker for 15 years

>>186206751>He doesn't know what "rate" meansIt actually means their little trick didn't manage to even return subscription rates to what they were during the pandemic and just went back to lousy 2019 levels when every other up-and-coming platform was leeching subs from them

>>1862044581337xx.to does the trick, got the new always sunny there no problem.

>>186204600>when they can just boot up Netflix and watch whatever they want instantlyIt's not even that true, the same people who would argue for Netflix's convenience are same people who unironically use NordVPN codes just to bypass regional cucking

>>186207357>Veers off into ranting about communism for no reasonFuck you, fuck you, annoying elderly faggot, fuck you and go die

>>186207163>download free game on my friends computer >omg that’s so coolYou don’t know anything about us retarded doomer

>>186207939>>186204600>>186206451visual reminder that the media industry is in such dire straights that theyre actually sending shills to convince people not to pirate shit and to give them money insteadtotal collapse soon, then maybe we can get our media back without it being nigger/tranny infested

>>186208191>Fuck you, fuck you, annoying elderly faggot, fuck you and go dieI mean, I don't even need to reply to this, it just speaks for itself, sociopolitically.

>>186208208You're just guessing they are shills. Truth is, you have no way to know that.

>>186204600>just boot up Netflix and watch whatever they want instantlyOnly if you enjoy slop. 90% of the time when I log onto netflix the stuff I want to watch is not available and I end up having to torrent.

>>186208209I don't give a FUCK about politics, old cunt, you only have one fucking line, every problem it's muh 1984 muh heckin communism, even in a thread about zoomers sucking off companies, you come in here and shit out your dumbass opinion nobody asked forGo riot at the Capitol again gramps maybe this time they'll shoot you retards like you deserve

>>186208191>annoying elderly faggotGenerational divide-and-conquer is a favorite weapon of the marxism left. In the old days it was "Don't trust anyone over 30, man!" Nowadays it's all the "boomers BAD" stuff. Because of course it makes sense to blame an entire generation of people who were fighting against the things you don't like for failing to stop it, but letting yourself off the hook for all the problems of your own generation. The reality is it benefits people who really don't have your best interests in mind if you are viciously divided from your own ancestors and culture. Hint: That "ok boomer" meme you absorbed and internalized was not coincidence.

>>186208351Trying too hard, laying it on too thick. Not convincing.

>>186208062I don't need this bullshit.small 720p releases are perfect for me.

>>186208279if you are advocating for posters to give someone else money, you are a shill, paid or otherwiseit is demonstrably true, just read the posts

I got snahp, AB and public torrents I'm all good

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>>186208418Because you're a poor piece of shit. There's absolutely no reason for 720p to acceptable for anything modern, fuck off.

Just found torrentgalaxy.to lads, lists new movie releases, has a heap in 4k, me likey for now

>>186204566Checked and true.

>>186208447VHS is superior.

>>186208447If you say so. Almost no movies deserve a place in my hdd.Even fewer deserve the hd treatment.

>>186206447don't know, i'm a nerd and i've always seen metal bands as the most effeminate normie thing in existence

>>186208365Fuck off, you gas the planet and spread around a crippling disease then pretend like any genuine hatred of you has to be trolling

>>186208565Probably because you only listen to nuMetal, softboy

>>186208589Now you're not even communicating any coherent thought. Take a breath and try in a different thread tomorrow.

I'm glad. Normies are literally funding the kinos I watch for free.

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>>186208447you would have tried to sell me on hifi in the 90s. sorry kiddo i unironically have no trouble watching stuff in vhs quality


>>186208608name the netflix "kinos" u r watching

>>186208636I don't know where any of the material that I watch originates from, only that it's there on PTP. I will never buy a thing I will never give any corporation money I will never ever subscribe to a streaming service.

>>186208522VHS is superior to nothing. Pretty sure the 8mm family movies we had looked better.

>>186204403zoomies don't know anything about computers, all they know is to hit their phones a few times

>bickering over resolution dimensionsmeanwhile my non bit starved SD rips btfo your 1080p yts rips

>>186208677Oh no, zoomzoom is upset because he physically lacks the ability to perceive inherent meaning and substance.

Zoomers are the most tech illiterate generation despite being born with the internet, it's a case study.

>>186208590i don't even know what 'nuMetal' is because i don't spend hours researching gay ass music genre labels to slap on myself, like the normie faggot that is you

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>>186208757Oh no, it's upset because it's musically ignorant and has no ability to bond on the anonymous tv board it spends all its time. That's gotta be a sad life.

>>186208737>eyes see something>money stolenmove retard

>>186204403Can I go one day without seeing zoomer, boomer or millennial? It’s retarded. Half the time, you can’t even agree when a generation starts or ends. It reminds me of women and astrology. Everything has to be about generations.

>>186208757>i dislike thing>i dont even know what thing isretard, if you know what metal is in the first place enough to dislike it then by process of elimination you know what nu-metal isnu-metal has been around for 20 years also, so yeah genuine ignorance

>>186208776You really think you’re smarter and have better taste because you listen to Staind and POD?LolLmao even.

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>>186208815>Can I go one day without seeing zoomer, boomer or millennial?No, because zoomers can't stop being resentful and hateful of everything that exists. Everything is intolerable to them so they don't permit any kind of peaceful discussion without shitposting and derailing.

>>186208815It gives losers who have absolutely nothing else going on in their lives the illusion of superiority. Either that or it’s Australians. Fuck Australians.

>>186208819>>186208776yes, i'm ignorant of your genresno, i will not research themyes, i will continue to claim (correctly) you are faggots for enjoying themcope and seethe

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>>186208841>that projectionlol

>>186208719>zoomzoom>family had 8mm moviesTimelines are incompatible.

>>186208878>yes, i will continue to claim (correctly) you are faggots for enjoying thembut your claim was about metal and not numetal, it was user that asked which one you meant, to which you replied 'idk lol'by definition you have already capitulated that you were incorrect

>>186208522VHS isn't even superior to betamax you zoomer cuck.>>186208560If they don't deserve to be on your drive then you should have plenty of space for everything to be in 4k unless you're poor.>>186208618720 was never considered HD other than for marketing purposes for cheaper TVs for poor people. That's like thinking 480i is HD.>>186208620Well good news, it's not the 90s, it's 2023 and hard drive space is cheaper than ever. Do you also prefer to download on a 56k modem?

>>186208757>doesn't know what nu-metal isGet off the board kid.

>>186206163see>>186206196but also because pirates are the biggest fucking faggots of any community. what a surprise, people who pride themselves on what they can get for free, don't contribute anything to the infrastructure.I'd gladly pay $1-$5/mo for a private tracker if it didn't involve begging for an invite, writing a dissertation paper about myself, and then dragging my dick over sandpaper to adhere to the 200 bullet point seeding requirements.rarbg was one of the few free sites that was completely no bullshit and had a large enough userbase to be useful

Attached: 1674683959727184.png (507x498, 471.08K)

>>186208914>720 was never considered HD other than for marketing purposes for cheaper TVs for poor people.can you explain why youtube would call 720p HD despite having no stake in the tv market at that time or right now?protip, you dont need to market cheap tv's to poor people, they are poor, they are buying cheap TV'syou genuinely have something in your brain that is incompatible with basic logic

>He replied to all of them to defend his non argument

>>186208877There’s nothing worse than an Australian, it wouldn’t surprise me. My problem isn’t an 18 year old or a 30 year old, it’s anyone that takes these generational concepts so seriously. It obviously exists to an extent. I just don’t get why people think every zoomer is the exact same, every millennial is the same and so on. There’s too much generalization, so it feels like people get mad at nothing.

>>186208937>salty and lashing out because he has no idea how to pirateactual sour grapes lmao>t-take my money just let me in your club please please pleasefuck off

>>186208879>I need a “no u” without saying “no u”, I know! I’ll just say PrOjEcTiOn making me seem smarter than I amOof.

>>186208914>VHS isn't even superior to betamax you zoomer cuck.You completely and utterly missed the point of the discussion. Even more embarrassing that you tried to attach "zoomer" to your post, when you literally made the zoomer mistake of thinking "superior" meant picture quality.Read the thread again.

>>186208937Seriously, there's plenty of private trackers I'd love to join and seed for 24/7. But it requires so much bullshit to get a chance of an invite it's not worth the effort. I already pay for a vpn, plex, and a cloud backup and I'd gladly pay for a service like rarbg monthly it's still cheaper and better than paying for just 2 services of any other shitty service and I'd have everything forever.

>>186208914>720 was never considered HD 720p is absolutely considered HD. And 1080p is Full HD.

>>186208912>>186208933there is no need for me to know about some subgenre of metal to know it is just as faggy and repulsive as metal.

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>>186208982sorry pear you are still retarded

>>186204528These kinda sites drop like flies

>>186208914>redditpostingYou have to go back.SkLLe5+0YyQZzBC+/HTTN6f2TU6v9OeDnIovJVl/v15vhjdXEIQnTfB42ou0f6zrlldsZMqvS371o271y4JSHjb7Q+hJIVjVUkRdN71xQgc9TMfwOyLHa9YoAJgDapxsifsAKqc+uy1HT+Ho1OFdpcfCp1nLN03pG8kGgD1kV3f5bSwtz1Q9/ZAg5Saj75kPxY7sjxIWOmedF36/T9pwp5o9yhQA/et+3QLmELpOstA=

>>186209002you seem to have missed the point so ill try again one last time, 3 should be enough>man i hate running it takes forever and is so boring>>oh you're probably thinking of the 400m rather than the sprint>whats that?by asking whats that you have just shown that your criticisms boil down to autistic spergout and arent based on anything, so 'i dont need to know i will never like it' you may as well have just typed ''HHHRRGRRFFF FUFUFHFFHFFGGRRRRRDDDDD' and it would have had about the same meaning/impact/relevance

>>186209033>redditpostingYou have to go back.I KNEW one of faggots would say that. So fucking predictable.

>>186209064I absolutely know that you will post "I REDDITPOSTED ON PURPOSE!!" so I an pre-typing this post out and encrypting it so I can call you on it immediately when you reply. >>186209033PasteSkLLe5+0YyQZzBC+/HTTN6f2TU6v9OeDnIovJVl/v15vhjdXEIQnTfB42ou0f6zrlldsZMqvS371o271y4JSHjb7Q+hJIVjVUkRdN71xQgc9TMfwOyLHa9YoAJgDapxsifsAKqc+uy1HT+Ho1OFdpcfCp1nLN03pG8kGgD1kV3f5bSwtz1Q9/ZAg5Saj75kPxY7sjxIWOmedF36/T9pwp5o9yhQA/et+3QLmELpOstA=into devglan.com/online-tools/text-encryption-decryption to see I was right.

>>186209051i did not ask

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>>186209002Nu Metal is rage inducing but only a fucking idiot would think all metal is shit. Are you in fact a fucking idiot? youtu.be/xjKyzwqIT7s

>>186204403zoomers have no concept of the world before globohomo. it's like they were all mass produced in a globohomo factory somewhere.

>>186209064>>186209071holy FUCKabsolutely destroyed


>>186208955>youtubeYoutube is compressed garbage 99% of the time of course they would consider 720p HD. >>186208983What discussion, it's one comment in response to my post that says VHS is superior, that's not a discussion. Also "the rest of the thread" is about how retarded zoomers like you are, so yeah, maybe you should reread the "discussion">>186209000You just proved my point in your own post, 720p is "HD" it's not HD. Also it's not 2006 anymore watching something in 720p is like using a CGA screen in the 2000s.

>>186209081>a globohomo factory somewhere.Yeah it's called the earth

>>186209113>obstinately didn't read the thread>is now embarrassing himself by digging in deeper without realize he's being laughed at for completely missing the discussionFascinating. Why do redditposters do this?

>>186209081My nephew is a pretty cool kid but that’s just because my brother is a fucking maniac who moved his family to an off grid homestead in the middle of nowhere Alaska and he doesn’t allow his kids phones or internet access he’s not monitoring.

>>186209064unlucky, time to commit suicide retard>>186209079you did though

>>186209080yesi will not open your link

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>>186208964>so it feels like people get mad at nothing.On my 4channel ? NEVERI want jannies to do their non-jobs and autofilter these shit threads.

>>186209071I wasn't the poster, I was just commenting on the predictability of you calling out "redditposting". Have to admit, though, your encrypted pre-reply was clever!

>>186208914>>186209064>>186209071Redditposter BTFO

>>186208980nigger I rent a seedbox and run a plex movie suite for family and friends. I know what I'm doing. I just don't have time or energy for dealing with the reddit mods of pirating, hence why I'd rather pay. I already seed 10:1 on public trackers as a gratuity.>>186208994>Seriously, there's plenty of private trackers I'd love to join and seed for 24/7. But it requires so much bullshit to get a chance of an invite it's not worth the effort.dead on

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>>186209113>admits that 720p is considered HDok thanks as if getting predicted and dunked on wasnt enough, you had to accidently admit defeat on top of thatcant wait for the next post

>>186209143>that desperate backpedallingTake the L bro, you got anally savaged.

All this nonsense about some line feeds. Pitiful.

>>186209142It’s Fleshgod Apocalypse. You’re being rude, I expect an apology.

>>186204403Zoomers don't have attention span to learn how to torrent or the patience to wait for a torrent to download for 3 minutes.

>>186209033Only newfags actually think using spaces on 4chan is some sort of important reddit thing.I've posted here for (fucking sadly) almost 20 years and I've always used spaces, it's fucking easier to read.I also post on reddit because I'm not a fucking loser teenager worried about what others think of me and what I use and do. I go to any site or service or app that fits my whoopdie doo.

>>186209178>redditpostsHello newfag

>>186209160>fellow white people etc etc pay instead like me fellow whites etc etcyawn, stop using reddit and netflix and learn to pirate kike

>>186209178>>I've posted here for (fucking sadly) almost 20 yearNo, you haven't. It's sad that you even think you could pretend.

>>186209142Yeah I wish. Zoomer, boomer and millennial should just be filtered. It’s nice to read an argument and not be apart of it. I like to think the mods enjoy watching arguments and delete the threads when they’ve had enough.

>>186209071lol wtf

>>186209178the following is not reddit spacing>>numbersstill not reddit spacinghowever:>>numbersthis is reddit spacing>>numbersi am a faggotkill yourself tonight

>>186209175Boomers engage in retarded kayfabe like these two queers arguing over 720pThen corpos and government shills groom their kids into little globohomo footsoldiers and they act surprised

>>186209178Clearly you care about what strangers think of you as evidenced by your many angry responses.

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damn it feels good that we won the piracy war bros

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>>186209222No one cares. Nice trips, though.

>>186209236This is what rich looks like whether you like it or not

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>>186204403Honestly with the egregious jewery going on in entertainment (especially videogames, now I will be literally locked out of Steam in 200 days, fuck you Gabe) I'm feeling very inclined to pirate shit, but I'm too scared of viruses to go for it

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>>186204600I have been using the same streaming website for years without problems never paid a penny for movies lol, skill issue

>>186208345this. paying for these streaming services is only worth it when they're actually convenient. netflix originals suck ass too, no subscribing for that trash.

>>186209222>type essay about why redditspacing isnt real blah blah>no one cares btwACTUAL redditspacing is an insanely reliable way to spot redditors/bots

>>186209201>réddit is on strike>the larpers has to come herego back

>>186209203I don't have to pretend. Why do zoomers think 4chan is some rare site that is some sort of special forum only they can know about? I've been here since the redesign (when it used to look like 2chan I was too young(stupid) to understand the layout) so since like 2005 when I was 15/16. You think when oldfags get older we just move on and leave? Moot is like a year or 2 older than me and I've been going to anime conventions the same amount of time, you're not special, and more people will come here year after year as they get old enough and start browsing shit themselves.

>>186209266meanwhile he's banging cute russian bridge players

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>>186209263>>186209300meant for this nigga>got dubs after my tripswhat the

>>186204403Good.Someone needs to feed the industry money so the pirates keep getting free content.

>>186209232Actually I'm just very argumentative and can't help it. I enjoy riffing with you retards.

>>186209307>he knew reddit was 'on strike' whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean>nooo you cant just pirate how dare you tell greedy kikes to fuck offnice projection and self report redditor

>>186209328Absolutely this!!!