First 7 days total. Will open in more countries this Friday, including Japan and S. Korea

First 7 days total. Will open in more countries this Friday, including Japan and S. Korea.

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>>186204271On course to earn 25% of the most recent spider-man movie. I wonder why it underperformed in comparison...

I liked it and it deserves decent and good reviews. But the Gwen trans theorists have done unbelievable damage to the brand.

>>186204271mario made 377 million in its OW aloneSpider-verse needs 2 weeks to catch upohnonono

>>186204357I'm watching it again to support her being trans

>>186204357You gwen trans deniers are killing trans kidsgo back to Holla Forums, chud

>>186204357>Gwen trans theorists have done unbelievable damage to the brand.True.

>>186204371Continues to open in other countries as stated.

>>186204389mario didn't open in japan, south korea, uae or poland until weeks after its OW eithernot to mention, nips don't give a fuck about capeshit, conan btfo endgame

>>186204271>including Japan and S. Korea>Asian people will willingly pay to watch a niggerThis shows you know nothing about gooks and japs.

>>186204271>Will open in more countries this Friday, including Japan and S. Korea.And? When has a movie staring a black person made money in asia? When will Hollywood accept this.

>>186204371Mario opened on the long Easter holiday weekend you stupid bitch

>>186204389Yeah, Mario didn't release in those same countries until a month later. What's your point?

>>186204271It hasn’t even broken even yet


Japan and S. Korea love black people.

>>186204431>>186204407>>186204404>they don't knowCheck how much better Spiderman 8s doing in china than mario.

>>186204432there is no long easter holiday you retard, good friday is off but easter sunday is deflated cause kids go egg hunting, not to mention its opening wednesday was a regular working/school dayspider-verse opened in the fucking summer

Imagine how much more it would have made if it didn't star a nigger.

It's funny to see those other headlines trying to claim The Little Mermaid is flopping because Le Racist Chinese when they flocked to the first Spider verse and this one

I wonder how this place will react when summer starts and Spiderverse suddenly is selling out each screening for the next 2 months.


>>186204471its gonna make 50m at its highest, thats not impressive.mario will likely make 100m from japan alone, spider-verse would be lucky to get 15m there

>>186204506Triggered. Miles is for Gwencock, chud

>>186204271East Asians make good high quality entertainment for their own people, I can't understand why they even bother to accept this subpar inane horseshit garbage at all anymore

>>186204503what screens? there's a big release literally every week for next 3 months and spider-verse isn't a little kids movie anyways

>>186204271>Japan and S. KoreaThey love blacks there.

>Shills and fools still think families are going to "the gay spiderman movie" Twitter killed your franchise sorry, Sony :(

Did they do Miguel dirty? I'm not sure how I feel about what they made of him.

>>186204503The first one barely made a profit and it will have lots of competition very soon

Holla Forums will get BTFO again when the asian countries follow china and pack in to see spiders over mario.

>>186204503It's already knocked out of number 1 by Transformers of all fucking things. What planet are you on?


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>>186204610Gwencock status?

>>186204595its making less in china than the first one, transformers opening weekend alone over there might be > spider-verse whole run in china

>>186204590>The first one barely made a profitWe going back to this cope aftet people said this for never cracking 100 mil opening weekend domestic?

>>186204614Ready to Roll and Control

>>186204461They absolutely loathe them.

>>186204621You sound angry Cope

>>186204616>>186204601And transformers will drop 90%. Once Flash flops, the imax screens go back to spiderverse. Then they will be able to meet demand.

>>186204637Maybe South Korea hates them.Not Japan though. There was a black samurai named Yusuke.

>>186204621Sony has to issue a statement soon or risk losing the conversation to the twittertrannies. There is no winning play here. Spiderverse is over.

>>186204271It'll be lucky to make $400 million.

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This is probably what Disney Marvel movies actually make. They artificially inflate the numbers of all their movies.

>>186204652lol, nope. You on the other hand were real quick to go to short angry reply mode. I mean, you got proven wrong so hard, how is it not you coping?

>>186204694This so much this. I can't wait for more people to see Gwen be a heckin valid MtF transwoman worldwide!


>>186204723You tell him, Xister!

>>186204683Little Mermaid will probably make more money, and that too will flop.

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>>186204740You know if I was Disney I'd deploy MY shills to fuck Sony over so they give up on a competing Spiderman universe and dilating er I mean diluting the brand. Just saying

>>186204740Comparitively Super Mario did $1.3 billion

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>>186204271BBC meets bussy.

>>186204740It took tlm 3x the time to make $300 mil spider just did though :)

>>186204782And other Marvel films such as Guardians are far more successful.

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>>186204785Buck Breaking Cock? it's true!

>>186204694>Proven wrong? About whatThe first one didn’t even make 400 Theirs no reason to think this will make much more

>>186204823Across the Tranny-verse

>>186204822And Batman's popularity alonw could cause Flash to make more.

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>>186204844Can't wait for the families to hear about all this lmao I'm sure it'll go great for this movie and the one they hoping to release next year!

>>186204840The new one made 300/384 in a single week. Currently making 4x the amount.

Gwen is trannnnnssss

>>186204872Spiderman is more popular than batman.>>186204822Spiderverse currently outpacing guardians 3. C'mon. Keep going.

>>186204888We all know movies make the bulk of their money long term and word of mouth about this being a unadvertised part 1 will really give it legs lmao

>>186204800Spider Verse is dead in the water domesticly at this point. There's too much competition at the Box Office this month, along with the fact that most animated movies don't perform as well as live action.

>>186204888These moves are front loaded and it has nich appeal comparatively

>>186204918There's not enough blacks in America to help Spider Verse's box office.

>>186204925Like infinity war was proudly advertised as part 1? Lmfao. Dumbass.

>>186204407>>186204431>>186204529They really should have included a Bruce Lee Spiderman with a black and yellow color scheme or something to sell the movie in East Asia. I have no idea why they included a Indian Spiderman, what a huge missed opportunity.

>>186205025>Shills are comparing spiderbuck to infinity wardelusional

>>186204988>>186204959>>186204935Spiderverse is the only well received out all the summer movies. It will continue to dominate since survey shows demographic for the movie are nearly even with white, latin, black, and asian viewers. Even male female is close 60/40. Massive appeal.

>>186204380Just denying kill trans kid? Based

>>186205041Yeah, its way better critically and will win golden globes and oscars.

>>186205072>>186205088Based trans allies

They are going to literally kill off a trans in this series

>>186205072 >Most well received Lmao every big budget movie is “well received” now nu fagThat’s cute though tops 465

>>186205123They're accidentally helping to kill the trans shit with this movie. After the Bud Lite shit they should have removed all the trans flags right away if they were smart.

Oh, is this a "best of Holla Forums" thread?

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>>186205165>posting Disney shit in a Sony threadoof

>>186204271I don't watch urban content

>>186204271I'm rooting for ATSV success as a proof that Night Mermaid flopped not because it's racist but because it's a shitty film

>>186205153TransformersIndianaElementalFlashNone well received. Little reality check for you.

>>186204576Visually he's the coolest Spidey in the movie by far. But he's a dumbass who act's like he has this whole multiverse thing figured when he really doesn't know shit.Overall I enjoyed the movie but I really didn't like how so many Spider's sided with Miguel when his evidence is circumstantial and full of holes even at a glance.

>>186205184All that matters is a reminder of how little you matter. Of how out of touch with reality you are. With how your world comes crashing down. Of how dead wrong you are. Of how you will always lose.

>>186205271This so much this. Gwen is trans and we are finally getting exposure and representation.Chuds can seethe all they want we will never stop and they will always lose.

>>186205217No there are schills for all those movies too

>>186205072Spider Verse is going up against Little Mermaid, Transformers, Flash, and Indiana Jones this month. Movies always do great opening week, but Spider Verse is dead at this point. There's too many other big name movies to go against, along with the hurdle of being a kids movie. And nobody cares about if "critics" liked or hated a movie, otherwise Mario wouldn't have made $1.3 billion.

>console war over the profit margins of movies for 12 year oldsyou're better than this Holla Forums

>>186205313No Holla Forums isn't, and how new are you to think so?

>>186205313They can't post about anything else or the trannies spam them to death. They made some heroic attempts earlier but they all got spammed to death and 404'd. The days of smug negroposting are over.

>>186205300Mario just has a legion of simps for Nintendo that take pleasure in donating their money to a corporation. Mario is already forgotten like the souless product it is.

>>186205377>Miles just has a legion of blacks for Sony that take pleasure in donating their money to a corporation. Miles is already forgotten like the souless product he is.

>>186205377Okay so you can attack mario but can you defend spiderverse?

>>186205341With how hard Holla Forums has and will continue to be BTFO, it's only just begun.

>>186205236All Miles had to do was get his dad fired from the PD or step down as Police Chief within 48 hours. 5000+ Spidermen could have easily figured out a way to do that.

>>186204271Heard it's good, but it ends on a cliffhanger so I'll wait til the next ones out.

>>186204357>Gwen trans theoristsI hate trannies but the movie clearly implies she is one.

>>186205417Diversity Demos: Across the Spider-Verse Caucasian 27% / Hispanic 34% / Black 22% / Asian 17%

>>186205428He just needs to get his dad caught with a live boy or a dead girl. Luckily Gwen can match both of those descriptions.

>>186205428That wouldnt work for multiple reasons idiot

>>186205467damn so you guys are going to lose 78% of your demos when this Gwen is trans shit gets reported on? that sucks :(

>>186205419You can read or watch the universal acclaim all around you, friend.

>>186205489Seeing pol fail to manifest this has been amusing. Keep trying. I'm sure you'll look back on this and think it was worth it, lol.

>>186205495TLM has a 98% on all the sits Implying

>>186204357This is unironically the first im hearing about this, which means it was subtle enough that I missed it. Reading about it online really makes me think 90% of this is circumstantial. Most spider-men struggle with telling their loved ones their identity (in refrence on how gwen did this with her father apparently makes her a trans icon), you obviously can't deny the trans flags and stuff. But I feel it was in a similar vein as Miles having a blm button on his bag. Thanks for reading my blog I guess.

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>>186204340It's flopping overseas just like TLM or even worse.

>>186204357>But the Gwen trans theorists have done unbelievable damage to the brand.Good. I was one of them because I hate capeshit, niggers and trannies.They all deserve each other.

>>186204357Literally nobody thinks about this outside of 4chan and the other urinals of the internet and nobody cares what any of us think.

>>186204371Literally no one thought it would make more than Mario.

$400M is feasible but highly doubt it'll hit $500M. It going up against Flash and pixar elemental This week then mission impossible, Barbie movie and Oppenheimer next month. Then blue beetle in August.The summer is absolutely stacked with competition.

>>186204431>black panther

>>186204614Miles deep.

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>>186207784Even black focused movie gets lucky in the Asian markets once in a blue moon but that's exception to the rule. Just look how "well" black little mermaid is doing in Asia

>>186204271wait this was a movie? i thought it was some kind of tv show

>>186207909Little mermaid is just a trash movie

>>186204357Lol it was really fast but I just got back from the movie and there is a "protect trans kids" poster hanging in her room.

>>186204595Jesus Christ. All this Mario talk must be false flagging to make Spiderverse look bad. It's doing notably worse than Mario even domestically. It's going to be over 120mil behind where Mario was after it's second weekend.This does not mean Spiderverse failed or is doing badly.

>>186204663>Once Flash flops, the imax screens go back to spiderverse. No they go to Indiana Jones. Why are there so many retards on this board?

>>186204271You had the better chance to one up Disney. Sony. What the fuck happened? How did you dumb slants actually fuck up your own math to beat the Mouse?

>>186208092It’s doing badly as a Spider-Man film. Spidey movies are supposed to make a billion easy but Spider-Verse continues to fall short every time.

>>186208126Mario already one upped Disney, dude. And Nintendo/Illumination will do it again with their future films.

>>186205377>Mario is already forgotten It's not though. It's dominating the streaming charts. It was mostly families seeing Mario on the weekends unlike Spiderverse which has a mostly adult audience

>Mario Vs Spider-ManI enjoyed both and you shouldn't be fighting against each other because you have no reason to. The important thing here is that Disney keeps eating shit.


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>>186208284>Shadman style gap teeth>Has a cockChecks out

>>186207157To clarify, it is 100% circumstancial and showcases how annoyingly trannies want to feel special. Gwen's storyline directly parallels Miles, they are supposed to be mirrors in the movie, so does that mean Miles is a tranny too? And keeping secret identity from loved ones is such a superhero staple that it's not even just a Spider-Man thing. And trannies for some reason try to make it out like keeping secrets and revealing them is in any way unique to them just because they like feeling special

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>>186208489>they are supposed to be mirrors in the movie, so does that mean Miles is a tranny too?This scene is 1:1 a "mom I'm gay" scenario, it's laid even thicker than the Gwen stuff.

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>>186204379you're not even making a dent tho

>>186208525I'm, yikes? Assumption that trannies are just fags is extremely hurtful you know! Surely people who make conscious trans representation effort wouldn't conflate it with the gay agenda!

Trans speculation aside, that movie was super cool.

>>186208675No, but really, check this out.>I saw all these amazing™ places, and met all these amazing™ people. But they didn't want me.>I know how strong I am now.>I know you know I've been lying to you. It's because I thought if you knew, you wouldn't love me the same.>And then I went out there and... and now I'm not afraid of anything.>You gotta promise nothing's gonna change?>You gotta promise.

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>>186208769It works as well as gay allegory as it would work as child wanting to go to a different college allegory.

>>186204357>series ruiner not so smug after Miles got pegged

>>186208842Uh-huh, Glen looking outside the window as a fake-out was just that too, nothing to see here.

>>186204357Gwen is trans.Miles is gay.Stop being a bigot.

Peter accidentally killed Gwen when he found out. What will Miles do?

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>>186209026Statistically, nothing.

>>186208147These ones are animated

>>186204271Miles fuck mentally ill men