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>>186202419I hate her off-center teeth so much.


>>186202419What an ugly “person,” inside and out.

>>186202419she wasn't cast in her movie EEAAWthat must be weird

>>186202419post her tummy


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>>186202594Would destroy that pussy. I would let you prep my cock though sweety.

I literally and unironically like the song.

>>186202705Based song liker.

>>186202705>eating vomit to own the chuds


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>>186202705I think the second half is okay and cute when Sebastian joins inShouldn't exist though

>>186202705It is the only song from the movie disney released on youtube, so your not alone, the reception to the song has been mostly positive

>>186202705it's pretty litty on god

>>186202419It's hard to tell with azns but I think she has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

>>186202419love this bitch

>>186202419is there something more chinese than a face like that?

>>186202705at least listen to good rap and not goyslop shit, anonyoutube.com/watch?v=41qC3w3UUkU

>>186202419Cigar frog get of Holla Forums

>>186202705I've listened to it so many times I've developed a form of Stockholm Syndrome affection for it. youtube.com/watch?v=QKlQu_p97KI

>>186202685The fact that you'd need prep does tell the tale


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>>186202419her teeth are so crooked


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>>186205345I kneel.

>>186204813>not goyslop shit>posts homosexual actor pretending to be a dangerous gangster set to music



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>>186205543dude died for singing, bro. Have some respect for people older than (You), zoom zoom.

>>186204980i would like the instrumental of this

>>186205668Reminds me of Monkey Island

>>186205345>AckMy sides.. thank you, cunt

>>186202419Why are you people so retarded? She squawks like a bird because THE CHARACTER SHE'S PLAYING IS A BIRDShe's dumb and gets distracted because THE CHARACTER SHE'S PLAYING IS DUMB AND GETS DISTRACTEDDid you people hate on Gilbert Gottfried for playing a squawking parrot?

>>186203575>mostly positivenah, they buried comments...when I last saw a few days ago the entire page was shitting on it

>>186205345The best thing coming out of The Little Nigress

>>186205556I want the know what the see when they look in the mirror or at the photo and think>Yup looking goodYa know kinda like how you can look in the mirror with a new haircut or something and be like fuuuuck that sucks but maybe look again later and your like nah actually that's pretty good. I want to know what they perceive of themselves. It's not like there's any good parts to focus on to help ignore all the bad parts (the rest)

I didn't even think she was too terrible of a Gilbert Gottfried bird rip off. It's a catchy song but where it fails is it is the same cadence as all the other Hamilton guy songs.


>>186205981Because Gilbert Gottfried is funny and Awkwafina is cringe roast beef trash.


What a cure to my morning wood

>>186205556>not a mental disorder


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>>186202419Hamilton Man really knew what he was doing with this song. "Have you not heard the scuttlebutt" has randomly popped into my head every day for weeks now. I won't forgive him or you guys for exposing me to it.

>>186202419SWAH SWAHHH

>>186202419The Chinese have a nickname for her, Cigar frog Captcha TTYVAG


>>186202419This bitch is fugly in so many levels

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Remember the SWAHMP remember my song in the SWAHMP when I was like wah chika wah wah chika chika wah! Seagulls are squawky and annoying that’s why the song is like that

>>186203575>the reception to the song has been mostly positiveSo positive they had to turn off the comments.

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>>186203575>>186208347The audio only version they first uploaded still has the comments open. Go look at all the positivity! Not a single negative comment..

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how did you get dislikes back on mobile

>>186202419Who's this? Latest knockout game victim?

youtu.be/z726OPwCnjEI unironically like My Vag.


>that time when I was fishing with my dad as a kid and he hit a one in a million shot by hooking a bird in the wing during his cast and he refused to cut the line because he didn't want to lose the lure so he reeled it in while it tried in vain to fly away

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>>186208480Same except it was my mom and she managed to hook the back of her head and somehow not notice until 5 minutes later

>>186205345those are two different kinds of birds

>>186208518>Criticizing 10/10 OC that's still freshNewfags go and stay go

>>186205299REMEMBER THE RACE SWAH ?Checked sigh.

>>186204980The instrumentation sounds like beach level of a Super Nintendo game. How much money was spent on this shit again?

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>>186206758you really think this is some tricky trick? its just unadorned iambic that almost all rap or poetry avoids because it's so cheap and nasty:>have you not heard the scuttlebutt?>da DA da DA da DA da DA?You're like licking some raw corn syrup and saying give my compliments to the chef

>>186203575Why do you retards talk out of your ass like this lmao

>>186208551how can it be 10/10 if it's comparing a seagull to a booby?

>>186208480>when I was 5 and I was casting a fishing line out a large open window into an open area of our lawn. >Sister is just laughing at me reeling in pine needles and getting the hook jammed into trees.>throw one out as her cat casually takes an interest in the lure. >rod goes nuts. >sister is screaming at me. >panic and start reeling as hard as i can.>cat flopping all over the yard. >dumb kid mind can't figure out what's going on. >older brother notices from the deck. >laughing his ass off. >sister crying and trying to pry rod from me. >still reeling. >now also crying. >mom comes from nowhere and dives on the cat and yanks the hook from its leg. >the one that got away.

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>>186208583>Super Nintendo gameI was thinking gameboy, a specific game even started to form in mind, but I lost it. Those steel-drums did feature in SNES's mario all stars, so maybe it's that. It definitely sounds like 8 bit or as someone said a very old keyboard when you press the demo button. Either way sooo fucking CHEAP


>>186206720she's got a big mouth

>>186208754Because most people aren't birdwatchong faggots and a white seabird is all it takes to make the webm enjoyable. Fuckin birdnerd.

>>186202419I think I see why they call them moonface.

>>186208518Next you'll tell us It's from different movies, thank you autist-kun for your intelligence verifications

>>186208480I caught a little bitch fish last year and I had to real it in real fast because I saw a seal chasing it and I didn't want to hook le heckin sea doggo. Turns out he lost interest into my faggot ass bluegill and decided to catch and throw chunks of salmon the size of my head into the air as if he was mocking me. Fuck you seal nigger.

>>186208802For you.

>>186202705You like trannies too.

>>186209022How did you know?

>>186202419The song is slightly less bad in context but it still has ear piercing parts

stop posting this bloated abomination

>It was annoying on purpose!!!I never get why people use this defense of movies