Why did they never make a MYST movie?

Why did they never make a MYST movie?

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I don't know how you'd make a puzzle game like this into a movie without a gay mystery but the setting is very nice.

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>backtracking the movieyeah awesome

>>186202459t. Hasn’t played myst

> 30 minutes of the protag silently pulling levers trying to brute-force his way into the next area

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>>186202459>>186202589>They didn't read the novelsISHIGGYDIGGY

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>>186202589For me it was the Skyrim dragon key. I basically spent 3 hours spinning the discs around because I couldn’t figure out where the combination was hidden.

Puzzle games never get turned into movies

>>186202650For me, it's that one puzzle room on the oil rig at the end of Fallout 2.

Now THIS would be kino

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>>186202672Angry Birds and Tetris both got movies.

>>186202529It's been over twenty years and my memory ain't so good on account of the drugs, user>>186202640There's novels?

>>186202640I'm sure all 12 people that have read the novels would be ecstatic if they were adapted to film.

>>186202748>There's novels?Yeah, they're prequels to the first game and basically give you the backstory on Atrus and the D'ni race/culture. They're pretty great honestly and can be read standalone from the games. I highly recommend them.

>>186202672Resident Evil

>>186202713based game

Because Riven is superior

>>186202381matt damon wouldn't fund it.

Did Atreus create Ages or just link them?

>>186202870I'll check them out, thanks user

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>>186202863>I'm sure all 12 people that have read the novels would be ecstatic if they were adapted to film.They were New York Times Bestsellers. Myst was also the best selling computer game until The Sims dethroned it in 2002.

Any King's Quest fans?I'm not talking Tell Tale Games bullshit, I'm talking original Sir Graham on a quest. Could be a kino film.

>>186202921IIRC he's just linking them. He (and other D'ni) can make changes to the worlds though.

>>186202381Gay IP negotiations probably.

>>186202863Book of D'Ni was shit, but the other two would be pretty good. Especially Ti'ana I think would be suited to the screen.

>>186202381Because no one ever finished it and knows how it ends.

>>186203388lmao, I watched an interview with one of the creators recently and he said like only 2/10 people actually finished the game but it didn't deter people from recommending the game for some reason and the sales just kept coming. Good for him I suppose.

>>186202720did anyone here see either of these

>>186202381played this game in middle school, don't think I got even halfway before I gave up>>186202695I also got stuck at the end of Fallout 2 but it was because I died over and over so I gave up; never beat Final Fantasy 9 either, also because the fights at the end were too difficult>>186202713also got stuck on this game; couldn't ever find the binocularsvery comfy thread anons

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>>186203642Angry Birds made $350 million and was one of the highest grossing Video Game movies until recently. Tetris I have no idea.

The Dig should've been adapted to the big screen, and in fact it was originally going to be a Steven Spielberg TV miniseries before somebody convinced him to make The Dig into a video game instead

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>>186203767Was made more comfy by you dropping by

>>186202381Isn't Lost supposed to be a quasi-adaptation?

>>186203019Yes, they were some great games. Overall an excellent series. I don't trust anyone to make it into a movie, especially since the series is basically become hero, get wife, have children and raise children to marry across 7 entries.

>>186202942NTA but if you're on a weird novel vibe the Buckaroo Banzai novel is fantastic

>>186203388This but for Riven

>>186202921The lore is that there's an infinite multiverse and linking books are just that, links to ages that already exist. Gehn is considered an egotistical villain because he thinks of himself as a god who created the age of Riven

>>186203987not really any similarities except that they're on an island and the island has stuff on it that was built by some other people who disappeared; by that logic you could argue that King Kong (2005) was an adaptation of Myst

>>186204099JJ and Kurtzmann enabler BTFO

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>>186204030... there's more than just a movie?

>>186204342The novel was written by the screenwriter, it goes into the universe a bit more and is just generally a blastI got it off zlib, before it died. I assume you can still find it at one of the mirrors.The film was novelized by creator Earl Mac Rauch in 1984 titled Buckaroo Banzai, published by Pocket Books and released in conjunction with the film. It was reprinted in 2002 to coincide with the release of the film on DVD. In the foreword, Mac Rauch mentions that the Buckaroo Banzai series would be continued in a series of novels.[citation needed]The second book in the series, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League, et al: A Compendium of Evils, also authored by Earl Mac Rauch, was published by Dark Horse in November 2021.[45] Both novels are written in the first person point of view from Reno's perspective.Oh shit there is a sequel now I've got to find that

>>186202381>Why did they never make a MYST movie?Apples are good, but Apple (tm) users are a mistakeIt's being corrected, but will take some time:)

>>186204031its not my fault i dont know what base 5 is

>>186202381>>186202484make a movie where you spend way too much time trying to figure out what the fuck to do...so you have to go Babbages in the mall and get a strategy guide. Once you do, you find out that you didnt manage to click on 3 obscure pixels in a the shadow of tree to a open a door. Boy user, that would make a great movie.

>>186204099>king kong 2005 is an adaptation of mystthis is the kind of thinking we need on this board

>>18620265090% of the time you have to spin all the wheels twice. It extends game time having to sit there and watch a slow ass animation.

>Myst movieIt would look like something produced by cultists with target audience among new-age radicals and scientologists.

>>186206156are you retarded

Myst was utterly baffling and impenetrable and filtered me after about 2 screens. And I understood Tenet and Inception, so you know I'm a smart guy.

I don't know how people got filtered by Myst outside the retarded mine cart. Just pay attention and write things down

>>186203388I finished it in 24-hours with no sleep and then returned it to the store for a refund.

>>186202650>tfw I look it up on yt if I can’t figure out some gay puzzle in 30sec or less

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Last time I buy a game without pirating it beforehand, this shit was lame

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>>186203642why watch the tetris movie when you can watch the tetris video made by the gaming historian?

>>186202650For me it was a fallout 4 Freedom Trail quest. I didn't notice that the red line was leading somewhere because a lot if it was covered in the debris in the beginning of the path. I couldn't make the robot talk again (you need to press a button on his booth to initiate dialogue with it). So I thought maybe it was referencing the street lanterns in the area (they had a distinct design) and went into a completely different direction.Funny thing is I stumbled on one of this plates later on and couldn't figure out what the fuck that was.

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Anyone here played the Watchmaker? It filtered me hard.

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comfy place

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>>186207591First time doing this was hell for me as well. Felt like it took far longer than it probably did. the puzzle to get into the Minutemen base as well. Both of which are very simple in retrospect

why was myst so popular?

>>186208528It was an "adult" game and it game out at the same time as Windows 95.


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