guy who created Fishtank and starred in Birdemic 2 wants you to stop watching bad movies guy who created Fishtank and starred in Birdemic 2 wants you to stop watching bad movies.

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>>186202266lol ok bro. pot, meet kettleyou know?

The aesthetic The Room achieves accidentally is the exact same one that World Peace was trying as hard as possible to achieve.

>>186202266I'm so glad I have no idea what this does or what his voice sounds like and I never will.

this man had sexy with betty. not even kidding

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is a tranny fucking atheist really mentioning souls too bro. lol.

>>186202331I disagree but I won't attack you for your viewpoint

>>186202266Which maladjusted sub-group is this internet father figure the leader of?


>>186202331Not really. They have completely different aesthetics.

>>186202266also the guy who beefs with cuck nerds on YouTube and had a failed adult swim show. No surprise he is trying to grift his way to the top

>>186202266Troma nerds BTFO

The room is fun.Toxic avenger is disgusting>little boy gets run over by a car>as he feebly crawls away they back up over him crushing his head>they then take photographs of his mangled corpse and later masturbate to themliterally what the fuck

>>186202340eggy has like an 11 incher

>>186202627Don't look up the ethnicity of the Toxic Avenger's director

>>186202266I disagree. I think the room is an enjoyable movie, and not just ironically.

>>186202627>its ok when 4chan does it

>>186203268Hippocrates?On 4CHAN?

>full on racist meathead who has burned every single bridge in modern media wants you stop enjoying yourself and feel bad about it too

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holy keyed>MUH THE ROOM>SO HECKIN QUOTABLE Will never watch that reddit irony fest

>>186202266literally everything about him is that h3h3 "lol nothing matters im shitty on purpose" that he accuses those movies of being

Fishtank revealed Sam as a satanic groomer

>>186202266Let's be real, every single person thinks they're better than they actually are nowadays. Name one person who doesn't act like they're superior to their peers. This is the current zeitgeist, every one is making crap while thinking highly of themselves.

>>186203345>Hippocrates?He's been dead for a while now

She's never going home is she bros?

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>>186202266i dont care about the opinions of roid heads

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>>186203415So you have zero clue why it was a thing and just suck Sam’s dick like the rest of his sycophants.

>>186203268>>186203345>4chan is one person

>>186203877Little Lupe’s a girl Jet Set Radio it up is holding hostage and is gonna pull an Andrew Tate

>>186202266Reminder that he throated a tranny

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>>186202266What a fucking loser. The Toxic Avenger was my favorite movie when I was 3-4 years old. I would watch it multiple times a day. Troma has some good stuff. This fucking prick hs no room to talk.

>someone asks sam a question about practical effects>has to throw in some unrelated bullshit to spin the clip into a rantI dont even care but this guy is getting too predictable now. It’s like if you asked him his opinion on Holla Forums and he said “yeah theyre cool, theyre cool… but /lgbt/ stay away that shit will rot your mind” like who asked??!

>>186203782she's way too far onto the nigger lover scale and way less on the weeb scale than I thought. Can't stand her. Can't believe I'd end up liking Letty more than her.

The Room is funny, but I prefer Troll 2.

Literally who?

>zombie grindhouse deathcore

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Is this the official josie-discussion thread?

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Give it to me straight, is Josie and jet fucking? His insta had them dating on the beachshore


>>186205256No thats over on /bant/.Its been full on groomerposting today

>>186205256>>186205283One of the most cringe guys I’ve seen on the internet, the fuck is Sam Hyde doing giving this poor kid a platform. I saw him posing with the Colonel Sanders statue at the first KFC in southeast Kentucky, I was wondering if he was actually from there since he has that unique troglodyte look you’ll get from the folk down there. Ultraing ugly girls into being your waifu is really sad

>>186205283Jet certainly wants to but i don't think so. She is from AZ so he took her to the ocean. She seems closer to Ben than jet as well

>>186205429I'm from KY and we don't look like that. Is that video satire?

>>1862032684chan would have at least had the chicks die gruesomely too

The shows over, why is Letty still at this? Yall were try a convince me she'd be normal off the show

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>>186202627This is the shit avgn loves?No wonder James Gunn is a pedo

>>186203696That and all of a sudden everyone is a fucking expert. I don't know how many times I will be having a "debate" over some shit I actually studied and the greasy cock sucker will just run and do a Google search real quick and not have any original thoughts to add to it. Happens a LOT

>>186203454h3h3 ripped off sam to begin with so that makes sense.

>>186207342Damn, Jon really did a number on her by not fucking her the moment she showed him attention. The top J can't stop winning

letty status?

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he only has this take because he's still bitter about getting owned by tim hidecker

>>186202266The Room unironically has more artistic merit than anything Sam's ever made

>>186205256has she answered if she's a virgin yet



I like watching bad movieshelps me appreciate good ones

>>186207374What avgn have to do with gunn? Besides them both being james

>>186205429Bluepilled, jet it up

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>>186208639Not that user but Gunn began his career working for Troma, which AVGN is a fan of

>gives you a cool 35k>gives you a place to crash for free>sets up a streamer room for you>buys you a laptop and streaming equipment, no strings attached>teaches you how to stream for free>wants nothing in return, only friendship>just wants to help because he's a GOOD GUY and you're REALLY COOLIs Jet the nicest guy to ever live?

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