>17 days since actual content and not throwaway videos complaining about getting demonetizedIt's over

>17 days since actual content and not throwaway videos complaining about getting demonetizedIt's over.

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>mars attacks is bad because it’s like a joe dante movie and isn’t like independence day even though we love joe dante and hate independence day

>>186202240>still taking them seriously after Mike said one of his favorite movies of all time is ghostbustersThey're funny, but nothing else.

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>>186201879They remind me of South parkIn that they started off hilarious and entertaining and then really found their stride a few years into their work. Then they peaked somewhere around 2015 give or take a few years, and began a gradual decline, but it was so slow you didn't really notice it was happening until hindsight. Now we're here in 2023 and their channel just completely lacks the magic they once had, just like south park. Their reviews arent entertaining anymore, they lack oompf, they dont review relevant movies, they dont go hard on shitty big budget movies anymore. Mike and Jay seem bored of it, like they're only doing it because they need to maintain their business and this reflects in their work. I'm the guy who used to light up like a Christmas tree when a new RLM was uploaded. I would rewatch their old videos over and over (still do because their old videos are hilarious and comfy), but now I almost forget that they exist. It's threads like this that remind me. The best of the worst has kinda run its shtick. Their Re-Views are all of old movies everyone's seen and talked about already. Their half in the bag reviews are all streaming garbage. Mike seems so disinterested, where as before he was very alert, even if he hated the movie he was watching.

>Recipe for instant RLM kino: Add Josh

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>>186202561That's "The Wizard" to you

>>186203334He's still responsible for the most on-screen damage to the warehouse. Dangerous guy, that The Wizard.

What was you favorite death metal band name from the latest Mike and Rich video?

>>186203414youtube.com/watch?v=fYL8HRwJLrc&t=152sLegit great album


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>>186202293It's one of my favorite movies of all time as well. It really is a perfect film.


>>186202293Ghostbusters is kino

>>186203559>>186203590haha baited youi said the good movie was bad and you repliedright into my trap

>>186201879>videos complaining about getting demonetizedWhat world do you live in, schizo?

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>>186203659the good movie is bad from a movie perspective not a fan perspective. plebeians love bad movies all the time.

>>186203496He gets irritated by Rich Evans

>>186203774It's just band names, they do get pretty silly. Sometimes on purpose.

>>186203784>bad from a movie perspectiveThat's just.. the saddest bait I've ever seen. I can see you fuming in rage trying to get "revenge" and it led you to typing total nonsense.

>>186201879Is it true that beard fat is transitioning?

>>186201879>Are you recording, Jay? >Yes, Mike...>Make sure the ankles are in the shot!

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>>186203826Into a smokin' hot latina

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>>186201879I hope these “guys” get hurt or sick, they’re scumbags. Hopefully they’ll get shanked and their phone stolen some day.

>>186204025Shatner hands typed this post

These guys have at least never sold out, I've had to drop so many review channels over the years, but RLM stands strong so far. Joblo was the last one I had to give up, they started posting pro Disney videos immediately on any new project announcement.

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>>186202293Mike has good opinions from time to time, I honestly think Jays contrarianism is holding Mike back from actually talking about films properly because Jay is so smarmy Mike doesn't want to offend is sensibilities

>>186204107i think Holla Forums should applaud them for never having a black guest and i believe only 2 or 3 women guests

>>186204107I agree. Despite all the fails here and there, they still give gud reviews, gud content, and I always enjoy it.

these guys are chickenshit cowards, they're never going to attempt to make another movie because deep down inside they know they suck, and they are afraid of getting ridiculed on the internet, they've been renting out this big studio office space, they built the modular sets and dont even make the plinkett sketches anymore, its the equivalent of buying a bunch of exercise equipment and never using it, it's all just sitting there gathering dust, cowards

>>186204266plinkett was about star wars and i think they covered them all?hell, plinkett was about the sequels. after mike said all he could he was finished and has no passion or love, but he's expected to care.that darth vader facts suit video was fun though.

Why were they so off base about the absolutely fun movie that is Mars Attacks?

>>186204266I heard Jay has been talking to Dasha, and she might let him be in her next movie.

>>186203798No metalhead would ever argue this, that's why the response to that video was overwhelmingly positive, from metalheads

i think RLM threads are the only place people write entirely believable fake drama about the cast. maybe it's the last of a dying genre, but it's cute and imaginative.

>>186203918Spoilers: That's not Mike, but those are Rich Evans' feet.

>>186204666>No metalhead would ever argue thisWell, if you're a fucking idiot and really fat maybe you take that shit seriously. But nobody does, especially not comedy bands like Anal Cunt.Lighten up, tubby.

>>186204666>simps and cucks lick the feet of the ecelebs, like all youtube commentors>"s-see it's proof they were right!"Awful

>>186204714Here you go.

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>>186205566you ESL?

>>186205730Can you form coherent sentences? Are you having trouble with the language, Paco?

>>186205780>is ESL>tries to project backOuch

>>186205720i don't know what that meansi know fond du lac is impossible to pronounce

>Rich and Jay's trial nearly concluded, rumors are that the D.A. wants the death penalty>Tim narrowly avoided death penalty himself by taking the plea bargain>Josh and Jack killed in shootout with feds>Mike on the run, rumored to have fled to South America, international manhunt for him is now underwayIt's over. RLM is finished.

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>>186205855>bored fat child>trying to pick a fight for attentionEmbarrassing.

>>186205868Honestly, despite this schizo shit not being worth two gnats' spit worth of time, I decided to play along and even I can't tell what schizoid is trying to imply with that. FDL Arts Community looks like a completely generic "old ladies painting and making sand bottle sculptures in the park" kind of deal. Couldn't find any connection between them and a Jerry Bauman (0 results) despite there being a dozen or so Jerry Baumans in Wisconsin.

>>186205897Gilchrist won.

>>186205535If Rich Evans stood on anybody's face his mass/weight would compress them into a nuclear fusion apocalypse.

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>>186205901I'm not a bored fat child, I'm a bored fat dad.Attention? Got enough of it from these monsters at home. But you gotta learn english, kiddo!

>>186205946I appreciate your joke and I'm not trying to knock it, but honestly Mike is fatter than Rich now, and The Wizard outweighs them both combined.

>>186205946That's a lot of sugar.

>>186202293Ghostbusters is good, the ghost shit is just the face the movie is really about running a shitty failing business

>>186205968My command of the King's is spotless, I feel nothing but contempt for you.

>>186202561I can't stand this guys voice, the way it cracks, but he is a good speaker and has good takes

>>186206059>basement troll feels contemptOk? lol I don't even know you exist

>>186206073>but he is a good speaker and has good takesNo. Josh is the epitome of that guy who has to know every single bit of rare obscure trivia and pop culture history and pull it out at every opportunity to "demonstrate value". I've known people with that same streak of obsessive knowitallism and one-upmanship who every single time you mention some dumb piece of information he has to add 4 or 5 other irrelevant things to prove he knows about it, it's pathetic.

>>186206107And you've felt overwhelmed and stupid talking to these people, I know that feel. I'm also a know-nothing retard piece of shit. That's why I still come here.

>>186206080You're so desperate for someone to talk to you, lol. It's okay, pal, I've got a few minutes.

>>186206135>And you've felt overwhelmed and stupid talking to these peopleThat projection

>>186206135Anon, no. You are not fun at parties. You are autistic. That is not "knowledgeable". That is you being annoying and not having enough social skills to recognize it.

>>186206073>but he is a good speaker and has good takesIt's important to remember that these videos are in fact edited, so you're mostly hearing the "greatest hits" of whatever everyone had to say. If you actually watch BotW (I'm sure most people just leave it on in the background), you begin to notice how the great Wizard doesn't know when to quit and his mouth will continue to move long after his audio has been cut.

>>186206406The best moments for me are when Rich really can't take any more of Josh's boring mind numbing shit and starts calling it out. Getting Rich Evans that aggravated takes some work.

>>186206210i'm him with social awareness. in the rare opportunity, i insert something related phrased as a question with the availability of me being wrong. it's not assertivebut listening to jerks sound so confident about something you guys all might get along with talking about, but...they know about it on a superficial/woman level and there is no way to suggest, to hint, that this interest you share gets more interesting (at least from my perspective)it's constantly listening to two guys get along over something, and you know they're smart enough to appreciate, and they just leave it at that.i'm not an elitist, or knowledgeable, or an authority. i want to be as strong as jay, where people pretend to listen to my trivia

>>186206428It's aggravation plus a healthy does of trickle-down bullying from his lifelong abuse at the hands of Mike.

>>186203496I am rapidly approaching this state.

>>186206590True. It's interesting how Mike sometimes seems to know where to draw the line at friendly banter, and sometimes he's just ridiculously cruel and vengeful. I mentioned in another thread recently, I can't remember the exact scene so I'll have to look it up, but Rich said sometime awkward and you could see Mike's face instantly twist in incredulity, but instead of replying immediately, he just sat there and lurked for a while, waiting for the right moment, minutes later, to slam Rich with the most maliciously constructed barb. It's fascinating to watch.

Still waiting for those gd pizza rolls to come in the mail

>Death Metal, or Black Metal as it is also called>*two grown American men not knowing the definition of the word 'Immolation'*Are they retarded?

>>186207921I'll defend Rich and say he at least never pretended to be smart. He knows what he is: a blue collar guy who happened to get really, really lucky. Although it is kind of ironic he doesn't know what immolation means when his job before RLM was installing fire sprinkler systems in buildings.

>>186208022>I'll defend Rich and say he at least never pretended to be smart.Rich thinks he's brilliant because he has 90-IQ midwit tier atheist "le religion is so bad the church is a scam" beliefs.

Suicidal Tendencies was not black metal last I checked. Old thrash, punk, skater metal.Later was playing funk-metal bass-groove synthesis and I didn't really give a shit about them anymore. Really have only one good song from their first album "Institutionalized" and it was all downhill from there mostly. They do get in some good riffs in later songs but they can't carry that energy for even half a song after Institutionalized.Its like they took mega doses of all the covid shots and boosters.

>watch old BOTWs for nostalgia>Jay actually calling Josh "Wizard"eeeffthat's a lot of cringe

videos that RLM could have made in the past month but didn't: >Spider-Man 2>Transformers Rise of the Beasts>Strays>Fast X>The Little Mermaid>Chupa>Paint>Super Mario Bros>Renfield>Beau is Afraid

>>186208197good I don't care about any of those

How did Jay do it

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>>186208832He's unfortunately given up again and back to his fat shit self.

>>186208022It's not like immolation happens on a daily basis

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