>30 years later>Still the best and most iconic SpidermanHow did he do it?

>30 years later>Still the best and most iconic SpidermanHow did he do it?

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God I hope the world ends before 2032 when this statement will be true.

>>186200956with S O V L

>>186200956it wasn't 30 years agoit wasn't the best or iconiche didn't do itcongrats, 0/3

zoomers don't even know him. Andrew got way more cheers in my theater during NWH.

>>186201251>cheers in my theaterDo Americans really?

>>186200956Because it was unironically honest filmmaking

i jutst rewatched 2002 today. gonna watch 2 again.

>>186200956Tobey Maguire is insanely underrated as an actor.

>>186201384yes, they made the movie like a sitcom. the actors pause for cheers.

>>186200956with a great Peter Parker comes a great Spider-man.anyone can wear the suit, but if they do not play Peter right, the spider-man is not gonna be memorable.


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>>186200956Because the two after are just shit.

>>186201731>two>forgetting about Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, Spectacular Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Maximum Venom, and Spidey and His Amazing Friends

>>186201384I can confirm that (Americanised) Australians do it too.

>>186201207based and factpilled

>>186200956Better filmmaking and better writing

>>186200956Not being a nigger

>>186200956The others are all so shit there wasn't much competition.

>>186201384Brazilians are doing it too, but we are retarded so its expected.

insane amounts of soul and realism

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Effortless brutal mogging

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>>186200956Because Raimi is a good director and he cared.The hospital scene is outstanding>>186201876I love Spectacular Spider-Man as much as the next guy, but cartoons don't really count.

>>186201876I actually tried to watch a bit of Spectacular and it was awful trash

>>186201908I cinema on the reg and never once had people cheer. I don’t watch cape slip so maybe that’s why

>>186200956Mixture of having the best movies and also being perfect casting.

>>186200956Every time I re-watch this Kino it always gets more SOVL than last time. Pure Kino.

>>186203938Relating more and more to Peter as you get older, I know the feeling

>>186200956Tobeys spiderman was unironically my whole childhood. Wouldn't replace him for anyone else. No woke shit, and actually fit the character. Miss being young and having the huge excitement of watching the new spiderman movie that came out, with my man tobey just absolutely killing it. Those times are gone now. Tobeys spiderman will rule forever

>>186204053>Tobeys spiderman will rule foreverHe'll always be Spider-Man.

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>>186200956i always thought his voice doesnt fit spideyreally high for a man

>>186201441He was really good in Babylon; he was channelling that Spider-Man 3 weirdo energy.

>>186204538Spider-Man usually has a kinda high pitched voice.

guys i just finished the first two. is spider man 3 worh watching?i heard it is shit

>>186204802It's worth watching but it's not as kino as the first 2.


>>186200956Fucker has an intensity to him

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>>186200956Tobey was widely considered THE person to play Peter by the comic community. This was will before the move was even a thing. We literally willed it into existence. And he was perfect.>t. GenXer

>2002 was 50 years agoI feel old now

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>>186204802Spider man 3 is a mess but a competent mess, Raimi did his best after studio meddling. Amazing Spider man 2 is a mess that's just dogshit.

>2002 was 30 years ago

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>>186204912Yeah it's a bit rough but it's still entertaining.

>>186204912>>186204824can i go from spider man 3 to just that last homecoming one? or would i have to watch the entire shit between. i heard homecoming was very good

>>186205046Issue with MCU Spider-Man is it's completely connected to the other MCU movies like Avengers. They're not really "stand-alone".

Im coming back to say that the $20 scene is still so good. especially when he loses it to the damn landlord. love it.

>>186205073fuck that gay shit then. i guess i stop with 3

>>186205144dubs confirm good decision

It has soul. It's a real film made with actual film stock.Amazing tried too hard to be different. It wasn't bad and a decent watch. The second one wasn't good I guess because Ray Charles (RIP) ruins everything.TwinkSpiderman was too focused on fitting into the Marvel Formula (which was derived from the OG Spiderman). Also casting a lot of goblinos is never a good idea. They are ugly af.

>>186205144Hopefully we get good standalone live-action Spidey flicks again someday.Doubt they'll ever be as soulful as the Raimi ones though.

>>186205292>TwinkSpiderman was too focused on fitting into the Marvel Formula (which was derived from the OG Spiderman).If only they hadn't removed the soul from the formula.

>>186201908Ive only seen people cheer twice in a movie theater. Once when the Stewart died and once when the ring was destroyed.t.san diego

>>186200956Overall cheery tone and serious at appropriate moments until insecure post irony culture hit like a truck.

>>186201441The Ciderhouse Rules was his best work.

Capeshit is so fucking sterile now. They never get their asses kicked in a big fight. They just turn into dust or explode.

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>>186201908Australians come from Florida

>>186201573based voice hearer

im 3/4 through spiderman 3this chad peter parker rules

>>186205902I still don't why the Goblin fake yielded and tried to stab Tobey with his glider. From the looks of it, Tobey look like he was still in worse shape than the goblin. Dafoe still had a chance to win but he gambled on a glider that killed him.

>>186201598He didn’t play Peter Parker right though. He’s a huge departure from OG Spidey and acts more like OG Harry instead. Even Peter’s dynamic with Harry is switched where in the comics, Peter’s the dominant one.j

>>186204802spoiler alert: they made Eddie Brock a manlet. Not because he's like 5ft10 but because they used Topher Grace of all people. At least choose someone slightly intimidating. Molina & Dafoe were great, but a twink Venom? Really?

I saved this pic in 2010 when it was a troll pic

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>>186201207unbased and opinionpilled

>>186200956He didn't. You just have shit taste.

>>186204802An enjoyable film but feels kinda divorced from the first 2, and it's definitely a mess like the other user said. It has a lot of kino moments. In particular, I always get goosebumps during the climax when a certain musical cue kicks in when a character arrives just in time.

>>186208552this makes me unironically sad