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New episode soon.

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>>186200924This is episode 8 coming up right? We are nearing the end of the season. Does anyone think any of the mysteries presented thus far will get solved or have further light shed on them? If so which ones?Its not looking good though we are barely getting any answers and just more questions. I'd be okay with a 1:3 ratio at this point of solutions to additions of new ones. Kek

>>186200924SEX WITH JULIE

>>186201301>Does anyone think any of the mysteries presented thus far will get solved or have further light shed on them? If so which ones?You know the drill anyone that is answered ask three more.

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>>186200924when is it coming out?

>>186201888tomorrow; new episodes of From drop every Sunday

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>>186200958It still fucks me up how she coldly murdered that guy. Why are the creatures so sadistic? Are they suffering on the inside?

>>186201301you ask too many questions

why the fuck does it always say this when the eps become available at midnight EST?

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>>186202273Hey, how about we change the subject?

>>186202365>he doesn't remember last weekend

>>186202636last weekend it was available on MGM+ at the right time, it was an issue with Amazon if I remember, since some people subscribe to it through Amazon.Speaking of which though, I don't know why Amazon doesn't just roll MGM+ into Amazon Prime since they fucking own MGM now. Makes no sense to have another streaming service that barely anyone uses.

>>186202669Because they can charge you additional money if they keep them separate.

>>186202570not nowI should go

>>186202686I'm not even paying right now, I have a few hours left of the free trial and I'm hoping to watch the ep. before It is cancelled lol

>>186202365They’re bloody bitch bastard benchods.

>>186202669MGM+ is a cable/satellite channel.

>>186202273>>186202570Kek I walked into that...I probably shouldn't be asking these questions

>>186200924i've seen her nipples and mons pubis

>>186202365EST is a garbage timezone and gets what it deserves.

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If I keep punching myself in the balls it has to be enjoyable eventually.

>>186203100CST is the best, no cap fr fr

6 moar minutes!

So three episodes left. No indication on where it’s going yet. Busboy and Jim going to call the mysterious stranger? Boyd going to go monster hunting? Lesbians going to take up more screen time as Kenny mopes in the corner? Oh and I am curious on what happened with chubby black dude. I have a feeling it may not even get a mention in ep 8

busboy is a schizo that thinks people in the town are in on it. Jim is just trying to figure out what the fuck is going on but he's linking up with a guy that's ready to start kidnapping people who he thinks are "in on the game."

It's up bros

>>186203286>people in the town are in on itThey 100% are. At least the old bitch from the bus is in on it but probably a few more.

So confirmed Kenny is having the visions too. the

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>>186200924After that other dyke gave her that shitty haircut i've wanted to cave her skull in. Also she's incompetent as fuck.

>>186200924Were streaming this in discord right now.

>>186200924I work with a girl that looks exactly like this but with curlier hair, nerd glasses and fucking ridiculously huge low hangers.

>From.S02E08.1080p.WEB.h264-ETHELFrom.S02E08.1080p.WEB.h264-ETHEL>From.S02E08.1080p.WEB.h264-ETHELFrom.S02E08.1080p.WEB.h264-ETHELit's out at least on torrentgalaxy

>>186203795sucks these don't come with subs. I missed rarbg. It come with subs...

>>186200924Last episode was so fucking bad I almost forgot what happened. I forgot they took a 2 minute autopsy scene and spread it out over the whole episode with multiple false starts and useless side drama. Also that fucking chink has to go, being such a pussy and all.


>>186203679What’s the cord

>>186203917they come with english subs, not sure what more you want?

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It looks like 8 is up on amazon on time tonight

Another pretty uneventful episode outside of Victor we didn't learn much more.

How much do you know about chaos theory?

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>>186204489kek, i thought for sure he was gonna mention jurassic park


Okay, it was a mediocre episode, at least we had a TINY bit of progression.Now I'm somewhat convinced that Donna is in on it, especially after she was captured by Randall. The tower has to be the Lighthouse from the end of S1.I'm team Randall, hope he exposes some shit.

>>186203978Discord.gg/bJpPaQTjThey watch every sat on release

drink julie pee

Can the Google Docsfag post the script to Episode 9?

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>i got some news>ill tell you laterlmao theyre trolling on purpose

>>186204681how does the mom know about the lighthouse/tower?


Wow it was actually good.Bus chad getting shit done.Jim still going to be a retard and fuck it up.

God damn Tabitha's accent is so bad now.

Just started the new episode and>DUDE IT'S JUST A PRANK LMAO ROFLAnd now you see why we kept calling him a retarded Holla Forumstard lol holy fuck this dude is fucking retarded. And of course this ape brain tard Jim is buying into the retarded bullshit too. Fucking morons.

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>>186205663honestly not too far fethes from their point of view, hence the name of the show

>>186205663Nah. It's going to end up that he's right and Donna is a spy. Any time anybody tries to come up with ideas on how to figure things out or get out of there she's always trying to shoot the ideas down. Then she seemed super stoked at the idea of Fatima getting pregnant. She's basically the only character who seems like she doesn't really want to leave.

>>186204863She had a dream about it before.

>Kenny brings up the music box>Boyd doesn't remark on this at all.

anyone else smile at their tv when they see the friendly monsters

>>186205892>It's going to end up that he's right and Donna is a spy.That would be surprising. She's annoying but I don't expect her to being a FED and in on it.So what is the idea that the monsters won't kill her then if she's in on it and if she isn't they murder her? It seems kind of risky kek

>>186206244Donna is a daywalker equivalentbut sadly Jim will stop the experiment

>>186206076lmao seriously what the fuck

>>186206286Why did she allow the radio tower to be built on the Colony house? What are instances where she tried to hamstring developments? Besides the voice on the radio and perhaps when Randall and Jim interrogated Sarah, what else? She did have a reason to be there because Boyd asked her but the timing was convenient I suppose. Elaborate if you would on what you mean by daywalker equivalent?

Also why was the guy bleeding and running out of the house. Was it the insects?

>dude it's just a prank LOL>everyone is totally in on it dude ROFLThen explain the kid's legs or Boyd's son's lung. If the monsters aren't real and nobody is actually dead and it's just a ruse, explain how the fuck everyone is magically healing 10x faster than normal????

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They touch,They break,They steal.No one here is safe,Here they come,They come for thee,Unless you stop the melody.

>>186206530menaing she's not a fed but a monster that can ignore talisman and walk during the day

>>186203050She has great nipples. I'd love to play with them and her clit until she's panting.

>>186206866It's just an amusement park, user. Like "Westworld" + "Total Recall"Boyd picked a hot blonde and "sheriff" for his fantasy adventure. He's actually just a janitor or something in base reality.


So the spoilers where right...From Town was doing kid sacrifices for ages to appease an elder god, for thousands of yearsVictor's mom was part of the cult and decided to save her own children lives and all the others that were going to be sacrificed that nightBack to the present, government is collaborating with the god to provide more child sacrificesThe town we've seen is not the only one, there are many and they always have a kidThe monsters and other entities cannot kill the kid (Ethan) themselves so they rely on people to do itFucking garbage is basically Cabin in the woods but with child sacrifices


>>186207087t. cringe permavirgin faggot




If his mom was going to the lighthouse and the sister saw the tree with the bottles, maybe they didn't have to worry about the monsters at that time?Maybe they only appeared that day?

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Why are they keeping children in the lighthouse?

>>186205892it will be revealed that she doesnt want to leave because her life in the real world sucks, but the crazy bus lady will turn out to be the actual spy

>>186207330They were sacrificing children and everything was normal until Victor's mom fucked everything up. Not only she didn't save the children in the Lighthouse (they all died and became the "good" creatures) but Victor wasn't killed (in time) and then the wrath of whatever was there killed everyone.Victor survived years after years because he was helped by the children that were sacrificed ("his only friend the boy in white"). All the monsters are there to kill him.When Sara received the message "kill the boy", it meant Victor. They need to kill him to restart the cycle, otherwise everyone will die as the big evil keeps growing impatient.

hate buschud

>>186207383They were. They are not anymore. They're all dead

>>186207062>menaing she's not a fed but a monster that can ignore talisman and walk during the dayWhy hasn't she merc'ed anyone if that is the case?

>>186200958The people inside the houses really hold all the power in that scenario. If I were there, I would probably claim to consider opening a door if a few of them put on a decent strip show.>>186201301The show is basically LOST. You just have to enjoy the ride and hope that one or two of the mysteries have a decent conclusion.

>>186207441The best part is he post in those threads. He should be here soon, randomly getting angry at some post.


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Ep 9 transcripts WHEN

>>186207417>>186207270Assuming this is all true it actually makes sense that Fatima could be pregnant when she is medically incapable of doing so because the evil in the town wants children. Right now though though Ethan is the only young child. I'm pretty sure Julie is the next youngest everyone else is over 18

>>186207270It's really lame, and that's how I know it's true. Garbage show deserves garbage plot twist.

>>186207483There is no shot they cast a polchud for this show kekw

>>186207270?? Do you not remember a kid was killed by a monster in literally the first ep of the show

>>186207537If she didn't kill me I'd honestly let her blow me.

>>186207588Pilot isn't canon

>>186207588I member

How did Victor's sister tell him where his mom was went?

more of the spoilers: at least one person of each group that arrives to the Town belongs to the cult except for Ethan's family and Elgin.known characters from the cult: Jade's friend, Sara's brother, Donna, Old Lady from the bus, Kenny's mom

>>186207672>>186207270Those are not actually spoilers, BTW.Just theories.

The only spoilers we have come from the transcripts of the next episodes. Anything beyond that is speculation.

It's occurring to me that the whole sequence at the beginning of the season with Boyd and Martin in the dungeon setting must have been a dream, signaled by that music box.

>>186207672>>186207696>"More of the spoilers">ackchually theyre spoilers from my own 70iq head

>>186207947Someone probably coupled the transcripts with some nonsense and user believed it.

>>186207290I've fucked more women than you ever will, you little brown faggot.

>>186208024There you are.

>>186208055Good morning sir!


>>186208172I DON'T REMEMBER

>>186208024Is this the legendary buschud

dude lmao what if glowies made this fake place that bends the laws of physics and has us drive around in circles if we want to live. What if they also went through the effort of disguising real people as ghouls that convincingly act out that role without ever breaking character.Yeah. As if the US government would go through the fucking effort of trolling a bunch of retards in a social experiment that would cost billions of dollars in upkeep and countless of employees that are required to keep their mouth shut. Conspiracy theorists are fucking clowns.

>>186207290>t. cringe permavirgin faggot

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The best part is her tumy

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>>186200924vox smith is insanely cute shota hot

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>>186208274Do you know about CHAOS theory?

>Donna actually glows in the dark

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>Previously, on The Kromenockle...

How did the chud manage to kidnap and carry that fat american woman to his car?

just started watching.boys Randall is sorta making sense here


Now for some retarded subverted expectationsVictor is EloiseVictor is the boy in white

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>>186208601The town must've had a {{{gender affirming doctor}}} at some point... Bravo



>>186208696Ellis is part of the cult

>victor refuses to elaborate on literally anything>jade rightfully gets pissed off>tabitha scolds jade for some reasoni hate women so much it's unreallove from ghoultown

>>186208696I mean, we as the audience already know what he wants to tell Boyd (Fatima is pregnant) and it's completely irrelevant to the plot so far so it doesn't really matter. Would you have prefered they spent the episode talking about the pregnancy?

>>186208448not that user but i know chaos theory. it's a theory about climbing ladders.

Time travel is basically confirmed since Eloise had drawings of the Abby shootout and the bus.

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>>186208854idiot. that's not time travel that's a plot hole.

>>186208880Why would you assume it's unintentional?

>>186208944a plot hole is unintentional by definition. moron.


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>child sacrifices in lighthouse>dreams can hurt you >crazy ass cicadasI swear they keep dropping more and more mysteries on top of each other gonna have to make a conspiracy string board to try and keep track of this shit.

holy shit Donna literally shows up every scene anything interesting happens to put a stop to them figuring things outwhat the fuck

>>186208880I predict that there is time travel within the town through farway trees, the lighthouse's state will probably serve as a guide for the characters so they know which "time" they're in. Maybe some of them will travel to a point where the lighthouse has yet to be built or something. Ive got some other ideas, but i gotta go

>>186204068Any chance i can get that standalone? I translate subs

>>186209102I honestly can’t blame Randall for being suspicious of her, like once or twice is coincidence but the fact she moves fast between the town, colony house, and the clinic just to catch people mid-discussion every time.


>>186208854how is that confirming time travel when it could just be visions

>>186209215and she's fat

>>186208419She was a bonafide hebe in the pilot episode but now ahe's just a breedable slampig.

>>186209296She's the reason I speedwatch this trash