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>>186200711Perfectly good za. I can't take this dude's food takes seriously after seeing the grilled cheese video

>>186200711There is not a single good argument created by the Liberal Left to be in favor of a pizza like that.

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>>186200794now that's a quality 'za

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>>186200890That looks microwaved

>>186200890As a Shitcongoan this is fucking disgusting. And I like deep dish. That's not what this is. This is some new fresh hell I've never even seen before.

>>186200711I'm sad they stopped making Kitchen Nightmares, it was Gordon Ramsey at his finestHell's Kitchen and his other competition shows suck balls; it's so obvious that he's pretending to be angrier than he actually is; he'll yell and cuss at someone because he doesn't like the way they stir mashed potatoes, so fake and gaythe worst part is that Kitchen Nightmares wasn't cancelled for bad ratings, Gordon Ramsey just refused to keep doing it because he didn't like how it made him look like a jerk

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>>186201046haven't read the news, user? kitchens nightmare is coming back, 2024screenrant.com/kitchen-nightmares-season-8-gordon-ramsey-return/

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>>186200737the internet consensus is that 1) GR had never actually cooked a grilled cheese sandwich before, and 2) he knew what he made was shit but he was sick and refused to shoot a second take

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>>186200890Please delete this before the New Yorkers see it.

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>>186201090thank you for the news user, this made my day

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>>186201108>>186201189I'm glad theres a name for these, I've been into watching travel videos to India and getting off on how disgusting they are

>>186201194>that's... a fairly small amount of pizza for the average Jew Yorker, I'd say?

>>186201194Something amusing about a ball of lard using "big words" to express himself. It's like he feels entitled to have an opinion.

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>>186201046I dont think it made him look like a jerk, it accidentally exposed what a fucking weirdo he is. Oh whats this, old rotted meat thats been festering in your freezer 6 months, SMELL IT!! Rat droppings and maggots in a corner, let me run my fingers through them and get a good whiff. Oh look the maggots are wriggling all on my hands. Am I bothered? Nope. SMELL IT!Go rewatch this show, there is a disproportionate amount of scenes of him exulting in fingering and sniffing fetid putrid shit.

>>186201046every five seconds:>HEY! COME HERE YOU>STOP! EVERYONE STOP! COME HERE! A CHEF MADE A MISTAKE! YOU FUCKING IDIOTS BETTER GET A GRIP!!!>gets mad again when the team can't get food out fast enough when he just made them drop everything they were doing and walk away from the stove for 2-3 minutes

>>186200890Fat fucking nuke on Shartland desu

>>186200890>undercooked-looking bread bowl>can't even cut up the bread without destroying the integrity of the whole dish, really just have to eat cheese and sauce like some weird soup>meat sauce instead of marinara>whole, uncut mushroomsI'm going to fucking vomit

>>186201294it reminds him of his British wife, cut him some slack, the guy was horny.

>>186201294>he'd run his fingers through rat poop and maggots and make the owner smell itthat's literally the best part of the show; Jon Taffer does the same thing on Bar Rescue the fastest way to help a bar or restaurant owner realize that they are responsible for the failure of their bar or restaurant is to make them confront the disgusting kitchen that they never bothered to clean

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>>186201791Yeah but fuck dude, plastic gloves or something.

>>186200890I'm a Chicagoan and this is tourest shit. Chicago pizza is the best in the world. Deal with it nerds.

>>186203883Lou's or Giordano's?

>>186200711>has a michelin 3 star restaurant>someone else is the chefsounds like a fraud.

>>186204045Little Caesar's.

>>186201194He's not wrong tho

>>186200711This place is still open, most kitchen nightmare places are closer

>>186200711Who has watched the Star Trek cross over episode where Gordon goes to save Molly O'Brien's family restaurant?memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Hana_Hatae

>>186201189>hello der, would you like sum mud wirth your crud?

>>186200836I genuinely wish I had seen this episode sooner. I used to live 20 minutes from Amy's Baking Company but they closed down about six months before I watched it.

>>186200711Perfectly normal thin crust pizza.>>186201108How hard is it to just use a fucking ladle?

>>186201194I bet you he still ate it all.

>>186200737>Perfectly good zaI mean, I'd eat it but I don't think that crust is cooked through. It's not even browned. There's a good chance that I'd send it back to the kitchen, asking if it could be cooked a few minutes longer and I'm someone who never complains about my food.

>EERS JOR SAH-SITCH PIT-SAWhy did she say it like that? It's like an alien trying to replicate human speech

>>186200711I want pizza now

>>186200854Why are faggots like this?

>>186200711Finally, some good fucking food

>>186200711shit, i'd eat that

>>186206137it made national news when it airedkinda like the trading spouses episode with the gorgoyles lady

>>186200711tempted to order a pizza and throw on some KN desu

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>>186200711what are the best episodes of this show?

>>186207911Season 1-3Episode with the ghetto chef has the best life lessons desu

>>186207728I did it bros

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>>186203883This isn't even tourist shit. Deep dish is arguably tourist but this isn't deep dish, I don't know what the fuck it is

>Perfectly good za. I can't take this dude's food takes seriously after seeing the grilled cheese video

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>>186209120Go to bed, Gordon

>>186200794That happens when you mix your mozz with cheap cheddar.

>>186209043Enjoy you 'za bröther

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>There is not a single good argument created by the Liberal Left to be in favor of a pizza like that.

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>>186209120rate my lunch

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>now that's a quality 'za

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>>186201108This is probably the tastiest food in this thread tho

>>186209148thanks fren it tastes pretty good and kinda looks like OPs pica nice young Indian lad delivered it; no tip

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>>186209208despite it's bland slop-like appearance and the apparent hygiene issues it might be supremely tasty and made with premium ingredients

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>>186200711the more I watch this show the I realize it's not actually about food or recipes so much because Gordon is barely around most of the timeit's basically an active-aggressive TV intervention show where Gordon plays a therapist chef and it actually works as evidenced by some of the restaurants saved