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I’m getting fucking drunk tonight!

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>>186200665*blues music plays*

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>>186200687>”I don’t know what the fuck everyone’s fucking problem is in this park, and the great almighty Julian won’t even help me un-fuck everything! I’ve got Trina or.. Trent, whatever the fuck her.. his.. fuck! You guys know who the fuck I’m talking about. I’ve got him and his fuckin’ transformer friends on my ass about the more-normals pisstosterone shit, and now Bubble’s fuckin kittyland twitch stream is down! It’s fucked!

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>>186200779>”No friggin’ Ray on my lawn, drunk eating chicken fingers.”No shit, the first time I watched through the series I thought Ray was just some bum that mooched off Ricky and Julian. I was so uber high anytime I watched the show I didn’t notice until like, the third season.


>>186200930>I thought Ray was just some bum that mooched off Ricky and JulianWell...

>”what? No, no boys, Ricky’s an idiot and he’s gonna get himself thrown back in jail. Come work for me, I’ve got my semi-legit bitcoin farm setup in my trailer, that’s passive income. Not only that, I’ve got an NFT generator. This shit is practically a money printer, come check this out boys!”

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J to the R O C

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>>186201366The hesitation the actress gives in this scene is hilarious, truly added to the absurd realism of the episode.

>>186200779Can't believe you just did that Julian, those were the good kind, eight bucks!

>>186201311I meant like I didn’t know he was his dad, I loved the show but I was confused as to why some ugly canuck is wheeling himself around the show being a dick to everybody. He’s grown on me now though, way of the fucking road boys.

If I could make a trailer park boys episode, it’d probably be something like Ricky completely losing his memory after a ferocious bong toke knocks him out cold, then when he’s sober he quits the dope and ditches Julian, then gets bitched at by Lucy and he calls her a prostitute. He’d get it back by the end of the season in a car crash or big fall down stairs.

>>186201693Certainly better than netflixboys


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nobody wants to admit they ate 9 cans of ravioli

“Ray.. Ray did you see 60 bucks on this table?”“What like.. like 20’s or something?”Rays gambling addiction arc was his funniest development aside from living at the dump.

>>186201845I had a bacon sandwich for breakfast, a bacon sandwich for lunch and a bacon, sausage and egg sandwich for tea today.

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>>186201945If the guy upstairs didn't want us to play VLTs he wouldn't have created them in the first place.

>>186200665A toast!

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closed for renovations!?this is FUCKED!

>>186200665Bubbles ruins the show, prove me wring

>>186202503he was fine at first but gets worse as the show goes on

any leafs here actually watch it while it was still airing on showcase? i loved TPB and Kenny vs Spenny in middle/high school

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>>186202503Bubbles was fine for a good portion of the first seven seasons. It was only until Clattenburg left and he undertook writing did the show start really revolving around him to the point where he became nauseating rather than endearing.

>>186202480Brave of them to have a young boy play this role.

>>186202498>hey guys, I’m out here drunk and on drugs, and basically I’m gonna start firing this gun off

>>186202540I did for the first 4 seasons or so. Fun fact I lived in the same apartment building as as Trinity and she burned her kitchen down, life imitates art

>>186200930>>186201311its funny cause the actor's actually a lawyer kek

>>186200665Any OG original fans when Season 1 was the only one out? I was living in America and a friend somehow found out about the show and we'd order the seasons on the Showcase DVD sets as they came out and we slowly spread the show around by watching parties and word of mouth. Probably the absolute last time that would ever happen with any show or movie, fucking lame ass internet.

>>186200804>>186202480Time has been unkind to this show.

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>>186202541he turns from a high-functioning, innocent autist into a sniveling, grunting retard that needs constant validations from Ricky and Julian.

>>186201945fuckin way she goes and god damn erections ruined the fucking night

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>>186202577kek, basedtrinity was such a good character early on when she was just a tiny 6 year old bumming smokes off ricky and shooting guns"trevor are you really gonna fight my 8 year old? because you're prolly gonna get hurt"

I've had six 24 oz Mike hardr8%Still love her lolNed help bros,advice

>>186201821Hard as fuck y'boy

*robs a laundromat for change*

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>>186202682Kid Trinny was too based, getting high off pot brownies and shooting her dad in the ass.

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>local eccentric

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>>186202700Move on. Grow from the death. Putrefaction leading to purification. You are more than. The sum of what you consume

>>186202587I was a teenager in Canada when I started watching it on Showcase. Season 4 was being released at the time. The big thing in middle school was staying up to watch this and new episodes of Kenny Vs Spenny and then the porno shows that would come on later obviously.

>>186202648This entirely. I feel the low point of the show was when they had a kid call him retarded, which they had never done for obvious reasons, and then made it into a life lesson moment. Like what the fuck man.

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TPB isn't funny anymore but they still have sovl somehow. The netflix seasons are trash, the cartoon is legit one of the worst things on Netflix, but I still just can't hate the boys. Even when they're unfunny I like them and root for them. Their podcast is kinda fun too it's better than any of the seasons post netflix and they're in character so it scratches that itch. Just wish mike wasnt such a pushy faggot about his virtue signalling.>Ricky's Catch 23 IPA: It's Stronger Than You Are

Post rare W's from the zombie seasons>I'm part of the LGBT community>Here we go, this is my Little Green Bastard Truck

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>>186202832I'm nothing palBut thnaks for the kind words

>>186202924>I'm nothing palso?be something. stop wallowing and fix yourself. figure out what you hate about you, and put honest hard work into changing that until you don't anymore.


was jail worth watching

>>186202733>”these taste funny!”

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>>186202977I'm alazy fat fuckI guess I will waklow again

The movies made some interesting creative decisions that really put them apart from the show.

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>>186203117ok but understand you're that because you choose to beif you try you can be more


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>>186201945>hey how you doin' on the machines Ray?>not bad, I'm up like sixty bucks

>>186203178I like all of them individually desu. Don't Legalize It is the weirdest one because they actually deal with hard drugs and Lahey and Randy get hooked on coke and stop being funny and start being mean.

>>186202984time for a drinky poo!

>>186203291Did this ever get brought up in the druk threads? I didn't get into that meme but it always made me think of this.

>>186203247Julian wearing that fucked up pirate outfit he gets from bubbles is the crown jewel of that entire scenario.

Man i need to rewatch this show

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>>186203269They all had a severe amount of grit compared to the show. You see real consequences to shit in the movies that you just never see in the show. I always felt they were like a more realistic perspective on what those situation would actually look like. Genuinely interesting while still being fun, for the most part.

If any of you haven’t seen the original black and white pilot then I highly recommend it. The ending is pretty funny and it introduces a lot of the characters to the show as well as why Julian hired a camera crew to follow him around.

>>186203432is that the one that starts out with the gun fight in like the first 10 seconds? i thought that was the first ep

>>186202503The "can you read?" And the "sheet metal cock" quotes from him are some of the funniest to me

>>186203247>Good...Gamey, but good>oh my god he's eatin' an ol' blue jay

>>186203432It's fucking funny, shows the guys had raw talent, seems like a bizarre alignment of every right element, for a bunch of guys working at a bar wanting to make movies, actually worked out for once.

>>186200665Name a better show

>>186203432>”we take care of people’s problems… I don’t like what I do, but it makes me money.”IMO it had a dark comedy feel to it, it’s weird seeing them live in houses as well. I wonder if they made the change from killing pets after adding bubbles. I also love watching them harass Randy for his golden retriever

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>>186203469No, I don’t think so. It’s in black and white and it’s not episode 1 or anything. It’s just a movie caller “trailer park boys” and the two main characters are Julian and Ricky.

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>> coke was always in universe

>>186202977>>186203117You are what you eat, bitch

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>>186203401IMO 1 was kind of a flandarziation with the repeat storyline, new trinity and exposition for the US audience. The only real gritty thing was the tits in the show, but other than that I thought it was a funny but weird non canon kind of TPB special. Countdown to Liquor day and Say goodnight to the Bad Guys were both based. Don't legalize it was just weird but also very enjoyable. Loved melancholy TPB for once with Phil in the wheelchair and Ray's funeral, and as anons mentioned the cocaine rather than weed. That movie reminded me of the season 4 finale when Lahey's in the dress strapped with bombs and the cops have snipers on him. It's like an "oh shit, this is real" moment.

Cory & Trevor or Cory & Jacob?

>>186202880I watched the podcast pretty hard for a while. IIRC it was done between two seasons and had quite a few episodes. It was pretty good, and I say that as someone who fucking despises the netflix seasons. Mike is a fag, but like you said it scratches the itch.

>>186203401The finale of season 4 was darker than any part of the series.

>>186200665nothin wrong with a lil drinkypoo OPill have one too

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>>186203542yeah but the first movie was obviously different from the series. ik they did coke and killed pets or whatever but that was just TPB in name outside of being a cool piece of lore. i meant as far as the mainline movies, but even if you include that one it stands that they're grittier. i wonder how netflix would have handled the later seasons if clattenburg and dunsworth stayed on the crew instead of selling the IP.

>>186203613The blood squibs too. Bubbles dealing with being unloved by his parents, peoples homelessness isn't played for jokes as much either. The tone is really cool as far as a shift from the norm and helps the films standout. Great stuff. Man what a great story over all. >>186203699I get that but still felt the funeral and other real world aspects in the movies took it further. But yeah s4 was bonkers.

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>>186202858while I largely agree with you guysthat episode was kino

>>186202503I always see people complain about Bubbles stealing the spotlight, but throughout all the seasons, even the Netflix ones, Julian always felt like the "main" character out of the boys.

>>186203058anyone? I watched the first episode and it was OK, but didn't finish it.>>186203269The coke thing was pretty slapsticky though. Them being mean was just a typical 'Leighee doesn't treat Randy with respect arc' condensed down into 30m. Also I thought sasquash working for heavy metal dick was pretty funny. I think it was grittier but not in a way you felt like this was being too serious--which I think Julian's coke use in the very first movie seemed a bit more like.

>>186203768Different strokes for different pokes.

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>>186203752I know don't legalize it was bad and not cannon but user they literally play a scene from 1999 in season 1 episode 1 and I'm pretty sure Ricky refers to Julian "Force feeding" him drugs. For sure 1999 was a much darker type of comedy.

>>186203791I think it's that initially it went:1. Julian2. Ricky3. Whoever else was relevant for that part of the storyto1. Julian2. Bubbles and Ricky.

>>186203638corey and trevor every single dayi don't dislike jacob but i prefer him as the twiggy alien man that wears shitty old work pantshim becoming Julian Jr felt forced but the blow was softened with the phil and thomas stuff that season

>>186202540yea I was pretty young at the time but I remember watching on Showtime with my dad and brother when mom wasn't aroundI think Season 4 was airing around thenI thought it was real at first lol

>>186203838Jacob was fine until he became a core character. And what I mean is tangentially related to Ricky through Trinity, or whatever. Even as sucking up to Julian this was a somewhat refreshing part of the original show because it wasn't just taking something that had already been done in the show and repeating it. Then he was still a side-ish character.

>>186203613I felt conflicted by Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys. On one hand, I didn't like how Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles got fucked over so hard after planning to turn things around as an "ending" to the series, but on the other hand, Lahey's victory over them felt satisfying.

>>186203675The original TPB podcast was squeezed in between shows, yeah. They have a "sequel" called park after dark that's weekly though and it's just them as the characters talking shit. Nothing amazing but's a surprisingly comfy little slice of post-show lore where they're just old boomers with some swearnet money reading shit online and talking about it.

>>186203838I think Cory and Jacob had funny scenes together, but I do agree the Cory ad Trevor combo had loads of better moments.I think Jacob going through his wannabe Julian phase was pretty amusing. Kinda wish his two wordless friends stuck around a little more.

>>186203889Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys was kino of the highest order. Had a distinct feel but still felt like the older episodes. Seeing the boys at their lowest kind of like in the hash driveway season.


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>>186203960I legitimately felt bad for Julian at the beginning of it.


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>>186202902I really liked"Oh, My Fuck Boys, We Killed Lahey & Randy"laughing my ass off the whole way through

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>>186203714Fuck, i read the file name in their voices.

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>>186203878>And what I mean is tangentially related to Ricky through Trinity,i always thought that was weird as fuck. even my mom said, after that shit was revealed "isnt he like 40? whys he with trinity"that seemed weird as fuck esp knowing he was the gas station clerk 20 years prior when she was an 8 year old stealing gas and bumming smokes

>>186203983>”what is this honey oil?”This whole scene made my wife laugh from a different room.

I'm probably the few or only person to say this, but I liked when Ricky had that pet goldfish orangie even though it arguably involved Ricky becoming stupider than usual, it still had funny moments to me.Also, I was surprised to see a scene of Ricky genuinely crying when he was told Orangie was dead (Until Bubbles had to backtrack on it).

>>186203714>hey Mr FBI guy you dropped your passport >Yeah dude it's all burned and shit>We could fix it you for you if you want we know a guy that can redo fake passports dude>Yeah totally>You boys wouldn't be telling a FEDERAL AGENT that you dabble in government document forgery now would you?>Oh shit dude, no like->Yeah no we were just saying-- hey frig off we were trying to help you >See I told you we should've stayed in Canada cops are way smarter down here >no you didn't Corey>Yeah I did dude remember we were watching NCIS high

>>186204063Honestly it’s not that far fetched. Every character, one way or another, is based off some caricature of a real trashy person that actually exists in some unknown trailer park out there, Jacob being a weird middle-aged guy who can barely hold down minimum wage jobs makes him the perfect fit to bang Trinity and make a baby.

this scene so accurately captured the feeling of being a fucking loser and knowing it>3rd grade teacher recognizes you>you're smoking a bong in a car missing a door sitting in a parking lot stealing meast from the grocery store

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>>186203432>> rocks

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>>186202587No, I started around s5. I live in New Zealand though and so was very lucky to even have come across it on tv here really. TV here used to be based. If you stayed up late you got TPB, the wire, sopranos, IASIP, the shield, lots of true gem shows that you wouldn't really expect on the other side of the planet. Now it's... well... you know.

>>186204063It was the most trailer park-like thing in the show in the Netflix seasons.Also, I think if it wasn't Jacob, it probably would've been Trevor knocking up Trinity if Michael Jackson stayed or came back (He was asked to return for the Netflix season, but refused since he hates the show, but Cory came back).

>>186203889maybe i disliked it less because i'm a nerd that was following the behind the scenes shit at the time, i knew SGTTBG was leading to a new movie so I was excited to see how it played out after that ending with bubbles "chokin a bitch", but it didn't really play into that a whole lot. still ended up really enjoying liquor day despite that though.


>>186203900Awesome, thanks user.>>186204128It's really true, and it does conform to how Jacob looked up to Ricky very early on (before s7 where it switched to Julian), but it still felt like 'how can we draw in a side character further into the show to extend the show'. Because that's what it really was, even if it made sense within the world. I think it would've also played better if in s7 Jacob was trying to be like Ricky not Julian.>>186204133It was honestly too real.

>>186202700see>>186204139get drink bigtime and rock out to Helix anonwhen you wake in a stupor drink water out of a dogdish and go for a run and think about how you're gonna get some weed clones started and win back Lucy's heart

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>>186204183Honestly SGNTTBG is great. It's by far the best produced and directed thing they've done. The first movie is way overproduced, and the later ones are pretty good but it's a totally different style. I thought the jokes were great too--out there but not uneblievable like the Delorian.I also think one thing TPB suffered from is every season had an overlying story arc, but it was always some version of 'commit crimes to retire, get fooled', and they were struggling to capture fresh iterations of this towards the end, but doing a heist of some singles dance at the Blanchford recreational center felt like a new enough take that was so absurd and petty without being too wacky.

>>186204201If Jacob tried being like Ricky with the Reveen hair and chain, Ricky would probably fucking hate him for it and constantly complain about how weird it is. Jacob becoming Julian’s friend makes sense as it happens around the time they lose Trevor and Corey. Julian’s lost his jail cover, and now here comes another twiggy alien that literally acts and dressed like him. To me it makes sense and I find it funny

>>186204249>but it was always some version of 'commit crimes to retire, get fooled', It always reminded me of Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Bubbles is double d, Ricky is Ed, and Julian would be eddy.

>>186204275Very true. I found that more hilarious than what would've been if he was trying to be Ricky, I'm just saying it would've paved the way for Jacob to become Ricky's son-in-law (or whatever) more plausibly than how it turned out.Jacob trying to be Julian was far more entertaining because of the glaring discrepency in muscles, and it paving into a quasi-homoerotic thing that bounced off of Leighee's sexualization of Julian.

>Swayze train comes in.>Jacob: B-B-B-B-B-BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA->Ricky: JACOB!Always gets a chuckle outta me.

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>>186204321>”fuckin sexian in your stupid fuckin sexy shirt walking around like you’re not about to be in a shitnado..”>”fuck off Jim”

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>>186204279TPB always felt like real life to me. My dad was a criminal who literally could not write and was going to jail every year, and I grew up in a nicer equivalent of a trailer. I guess that's why I hated it when it became a soulless cash grab for redditors that much more. It was like losing family. I know that sounds gay as fuck. Way she goes I guess.

>>186204384Clattenburg did express in the DVD commentaries that the more popular the show got the more it might lose its Indie feel.

>>186203983Is this the only cameo done well and that actually played into the story without feeling forced>WE ARE SCORPIONS>ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICAAAAAAANE>Sabastian!

Which was the best JP, Robb, and Mike content? Drunk & On Drugs or the Smearnet movie?And you can't say "neither"?

>"Hey Sam, knock knock...">"Who's there?"

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>>186204452I had the first season on dvd but never got around to watching the commentaries. I've seen the documentary his wife (IIRC) made about the show which I think was during s5? That was quite good.

I enjoy out of the park. Them talking about the Newfoundland dog was funny as fuck to me.

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>>186204514*first seven seasons

>>186204384Yeah anyone who says that aspect of it is not realistic has not met many criminals. Most are exactly like this. might try to change but end up back in the saddle eventually. The inherent inability to work a real job for any extended amount of time + all the free time on their hands to get up to trouble.

>>186203714>>186203994>>186204112>RICKY WHAT ARE WE DOIN UP HERE?

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>>186204561The only thing not realistic was nobody being homophobic towards Lahey and Randy despite the show being about greasy trailer park life.

>>186204133this is one of the best scenes imo lol

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One of the movies gave Bubbles a love interest and she was never seen or mentioned again after the movie. What was up with that?

>>186202480I know Ellen Page hit it big pretty soon after TPB but it's really weird she's literally never mentioned again. Any word on why the writters dropped the character?

>>186204589>Boys, boys, boys! I told you to purchase futures for the NYSE, not fuses. Now what are we gonna do with all these fuses boys? You're not thinking

>>186200665This show really should've stopped at season 7. i wanted the boys to have a happy ending by then for fucks sake

>>186204636nah there's so much familiarity and love for lack of a better word between the main characters and Lahey/Randy it would be uncouth even for themalso it's been known for a long time that Randy is at least bisexual for burgers

>We will never get Cory, Trevor, and Jacob together as the Dollar Tree discounts of the boys.

So uh, Trinity these days...

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>>186204705The boys always seemed like they were really trying to nail a box office hit with the films by conforming to the hollywood staples. So I never really took anything that happened in them too seriously. I'm surprised they never revisited her in a Rickety Cricket/Sasquach sort've way like >We ruined your life>Now you're homeless>Whoopse

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>>186204752>>186204636The boys hate Laighee though, so not using it as a point to hurt him is bizarre. Criminals do, sometimes, have the 'well we do illegal shit so we will just leave you alone if you leave us alone' thing, but for them to not at least mention it more often disparriagingly when they're on their own is definitely not realistic. Or for at least, say, J-Roc's crew to literally ever call them gay faggots and to keep away from them before they catch aids feels out of line for a group made up of young black men (J-Roc included).

>>186204063>Not finding it even weirder between Lahey and Randy when Randy is supposed to be close to Julian, Ricky, and Bubble's ages and knew each other as kids while Lahey was still a grown man back then.

>>186204818They don't call it grooming for no reason.

anyone remember that flash mario clone?>HOLY FUCK MR LAHEY WE WON

Hot takes?>Ray's alcoholism was superior to Lahey's.

>>186202503Bubbles was an endearing autist because he cut the bullshit so hard when talking to people to the point that sometimes his own stupidity seemed like pure wisdom and genius wit. He worked really as a tertiary main character. But the actor got a big ego around S5 and wanted Bubbles included in every scene while amping up the absurdity. It ruined the grounded aspect to the comedy.

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>>186204883He just went from being bubbles to being Mike Smith trying to be cute.

>>186204817he's got a point about the familiarity. randy used to hang out with the boys and they've all known lahey all their lives. they'd be more likely to accuse him of grooming

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>>186204879Ray's alcoholism was funny and greasy but Lahey's was downright depressive because it was like a caricature of fuckups I've known in real life

>>186204817J-Roc and T were basically dorks trying to act hard and were almost Cory and Trevor-tier according to the Christmas special. So I guess I can see them being too pussy to call Lahey and Randy faggots.

>>186204718>"Well basically, Trinity still isn't talking to me, Lahey's dead and his daughter came back as a transformer or whatever. This park is fucked."

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>>186204922I don't think people really thought of homosexuality in that context at the time. It was just gross and not subject to the same type of standards or inspection people would apply with a heterosexual relationship where one was much older than the other. Guys like that would just be disgusted and not really want to think about it much beyond that.

>>186204922Randy was a male prostitute all own his own before though. Was not groomed by Jim. Haven't you seen the Christmas special?

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>>186204767First picture she's ever looked good in

>>186202480Fuckin Treena is a transformer now, guess that's pretty cool I like them.I would've picked Bumblebee, he's my favorite.

>>186204955It really went from being funny to horrifying as the seasons went by and I loved it.

>>186204970True. I guess I should stipulate SOMEONE in the park since it is a trailerpark. Homosexual acceptance is a bourgeoisie thing. No one ever calls him a fag. Then again no one ever calls T a nigger because it's a mocumentary sitcom and not a gritty HBO series. Still, truth always shows through and the way it is handled (more of a grooming power-based relationship) says enough.

>>186205001A man's gotta eat

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>>186205007Frig off bobandis. She looks greasey.

>>186203542> hard

>>186203199Kill yourself retard

>>186204158>It was the most trailer park-like thing in the show in the Netflix seasons.>>Also, I think if it wasn't Jacob, it probably would've been Trevor knocking up Trinity if Michael Jackson stayed or came backNot disagreeing, even still though it felt weird to watch kek I'm a year or 2 before Trin and when I was growing up Jacob was the adult we all knew at the store, just felt weird to see a dude that old hitting a girl my age upidc as long as shes old enough, i assume shes acting as a real pregnant girl and the jacob stuffs all tpb sleaze so I still find it funny. whatever. they're trying.

>>186204976i mean because of the familiarity bro. lahey knew randy since he was a little preteen meatball

Has anyone actually watched any of the 'Boys in X country' or animated stuff? Be honest

Attached: 1678499099877133.jpg (1024x768, 141.53K)

>>186205078I liked the out of the park seriesmainly the European oneRicky's flabergasted reaction to people speaking German and Swedish are fucking hilarious

>>186205078yes to both and largely with a straight face. i'm now off drugs however

Can't stop thinking about my coworker (female)

Attached: CfSXmm9UIAEM825.jpg (815x555, 124.03K)

>>186205011Maybe they could've gotten away with it using Donny.The show absolutely avoided being racist, but there seemed to be quite a bit of black people in the park for J-Roc to form his "Roc Pile" and for him to even have his wigger persona and there was that season 1 character Levi, a black guy and his wife that Julian and Ricky went to. So I guess it makes sense that the characters aren't that racist. I remember Ricky wearing a Martin Luther King shirt in the first season (But I also remember Ray having a Confederate flag on his wheelchair, before it disappeared).

>>186202480do you think she had the voices in her head during this?

>>186205078I watched some of the Amsterdam special, I think bubbles finds a red light district and Sebastian Bach makes a return to show the boys how progressive they are about weed.

Attached: The Supervisors Car.jpg (800x600, 53.37K)

>>186204976>Jim touches a young Randy as punishment for throwing bottles at his squad car>Lahey knows Randy's family won't go to the cops since he's married to the owner of the trailer park>Knows Randy won't squeal or tell anyone anyway because he's the weak lonely fat kid>Randy bottles this in for years>Loses the few relationships he has due to his uncomfortableness >Can't be around the people he loves anymore>Leaves the park>Has to trick to get by, and to normalize his abuse>Years go by>Cause of abuse memoryholed and normalized>Comes back to the park>Loves his abuser as many do>Wants to get closer to him>Becomes weekend supervisor>Randy Bobandy!

Bros?She's not coming back.

Attached: 1656009256670.jpg (1329x2000, 228.8K)

>>186205120Honestly, I grew up around poor people and black people and even though everyone had black friends or neighbors they were still racist in some capacity (probably for legitimate reasons). The Levi character, and the story about the dump truck were very funny, and it always seemed to be a plothole where they traded Levi as some sort've owner or king-maker of the park for Barb as the owner.

>>186205120>Martin Luther King shirtgoddamn that shirt was greasy

Attached: reveen.png (388x546, 357.99K)

>>186204922>>186204976Lahey also had a massive crush on Julian, who was someone he knew as a kid too.

Attached: 1673209138651842.jpg (863x600, 88.66K)

>>186205096>Couldn't get a splash of rum off 'ya could I, Julian?

>>186205163Is she the best example of a girl getting uglier as she ages?>stark potato>hermione>TrinaTough battle tbqh

>>186205195>”it’s so fucking over Julian.”>”it’s over?? Ricky, Rick! Don’t say it’s over!”

Attached: IMG_4947.jpg (540x374, 118.77K)

>>186205011>>186205120keep in mind that early 2000s Canadian niggers are a different breed to modern American niggersthe kind of trailer trash society depicted in the show has a kind of civic nationalism more concerned with being poor than being from a racial or political class

Attached: 1444531819703.jpg (359x473, 32.5K)

How would he fit in at Sunnyvale?

Attached: 1663487434829940.jpg (1920x1080, 303.24K)

>>186205163Imagine if she stayed as she got older.

>>186204636The only people in Canada that have had any issues with gays the last 20 years have been rural conservatives in Alberta. Genuinely, almost nobody here gives a shit if you're gay. I started fucking twinks in 2008 and I've been called a faggot like twice.

>>186205120>”TURN DOWN THE GODDAMN SPOOK TUNES!!”>”Frig off Donny you racist prick!”>”FRIG OFF??? DON’T TELL ME TO FRIG OFF YOU GODDAMN-“*intro music plays*

>>186205343>twice to my faceAnd what do you think people are saying behind your back?

>>186205351Okay, that got a big KEK outta me.

>>186205343That is completely untrue user. People are just more polite here. They don't want to personally offend you. I don't even live in Alberta but young guys use faggot as an insult and in more private conversations I have even heard girls make fun of people for being homo.

Imagine if older Ellen returned to the trailer park and began a romantic relationship with Julian and how absolutely batshit fucking crazy that would have driven Lahey.

Attached: 1685080227715111.gif (498x373, 2.45M)

took netflix just to rewatch this now

Thanks for the memories, Trina.

Attached: 1658449514327137.jpg (498x800, 164.83K)

>>186201366Oh how I laughed when it just cuts to J Roc sitting on the bed in his polo shirt and khaki pants.

>>186204249>I also think one thing TPB suffered from is every season had an overlying story arc, but it was always some version of 'commit crimes to retire, get fooled', and they were struggling to capture fresh iterations of this towards the end, but doing a heist of some singles dance at the Blanchford recreational center felt like a new enough take that was so absurd and petty without being too wacky.imo this wasn't a problem until the netflix seasonsits fine if they go to jail every year- thats a tropei hated it when it became a meme thoughevery single year it was:>Bubbles has a business>Ricky or julian have an illegal business>Bubbles doesnt want to merge businesses, they do anyway>Friendship wins in the endGets old after a while

>>186205420He would've gotten even heavier on the liquor and try to kill Julian to blubbering and asking Julian what does his daughter has that he doesn't?

>>186205011Randy and Lachy get called a pair of fairies by Sam once

>>186203554cory and trevor are so lucky

>>186201321>NFTs? Isn't that what they put in like Chinese food and shit?>Yeah corey like in chow mein and stuff>Yo that stuff is dope let's go get some after->No boys, non-fungible tokens>Oh look at Julian with his book learnin about his unfridgable takeouts again, well where are you going to get the power hook-up for that? >I dunno Rick probably jack some power off the grid>Oh yeah unregulating the hamperage to blow out your spu and jeep-you. I bet they aren't even acid jeep-yous probably just running integrated graphics off some old intel progressors. And let me guess, all stolen from J-Roc from some office downtown>Well I'm going straight Julian. No more illegal stuff for me. I'm shorting through this hibernating bear market so Trina, Lucy and I can wagme and move in together.

Attached: 282747389_10159863442622674_2782128140556283857_n.jpg (763x763, 605.53K)

does the tin man have a sheet metal cock?

Attached: 1657630911243436.jpg (250x243, 8.81K)

>>186200930Lol I barely if ever watched the show sober

>>186205420>Trina returns to the park>Falls in love with Julian>Start dressing like him, dying her hair and wearing tight black shirts and gold chains>Gets on HRT and grows facial hair like him and lifting weightsIt's the season 7 reboot we need.

>I need to get my life back on track and start growing dope again

>>186205630>Jacob still sticks around.>Trina wants him to be her Ricky.>"I don't to be Ricky. I want to be cool like Julian too.">"We can't both me Julian, Jacob. Come on, Ricky's cool too. You can grow your own dope and shit. Plus, you're too weak to drink like Julian.">Trina and Jacob slowly become the new Cory and Trevor (This part really pisses Lahey off).

>>186205598Drop forged

>>186204474i thought lifeson was handled fucking impecibly for how small they were vs how big a role he and Rush played in the show

>>186205526Even worse when Bubbles just straight up became just Mike Smith playing himself in the Netflix seasons.

>>186205343I'm not saying they should've lynched them, but a few more 'why don't you frig off and suck eachother off's would've made more sense

>>186205765>>Trina and Jacob slowly become the new Cory and Trevor (This part really pisses Lahey off).This is actually bretty good

>>186206024Or something like Ricky saying "Don't you have a fucking cock to arm-wrestle or something, Lahey? Fuck off!"

>>186206131>Damn Randy, could swear your gut getting bigger>Don't you know you 'spose to spit not swallow?

>Jacob was attracted to Ricky the most all along>Hence why wanting Trinity>Hence why wanting to look like Julian to replace himIt all makes sense.

>>186206296Literally Trevor, but more successful.

>>186206296>In an up-and-coming rap duo>Can breakdance>Owned his own convenience store>Nearly went on an international cruisevs>Fired from every job he's had over summer>A shame to his family and brother>Can't adopt his family's traditions (burgers)>Wasted money on a diploma in hotel/motel management only to never work in itidk

>>186205630this is ironically the best idea for a reboot and the only chance Elliot has at a good role now, a self-referential joke that buoys a dying classic comedy series

>>186205920yeah that was a pretty genius cameothe show didn't even have the prowess required to overdo it and the whole thing was fever-dream realistic

>>186206385>>Wasted money on a diploma in hotel/motel management only to never work in itwell if you recall Cory and Jacob did manage a hotel/motel at one pointbut they fucked it up

Attached: Bottle Kids!.gif (200x200, 807.85K)

>>186204705it was the awkward teenage movie between The Big Dirty which was braindead american retelling and Countdown to Liquor Day which needed a new story


>>186204718they actually did mention he, it wasn't much but I think they said she went to live with Barb's mom

>>186204922>accuse him of groomingFucking zoomers everywhere.They're degen trailer park criminals, they don't really give a shit or have a moral standpoint to care about leahy/randy being homosexuals beyond joking about it.Grooming is some bastardization of a word recently put into parlance to trivialize pedophiles, like UK 'nonce'.You have no idea what you're talking about.

>>186206541I don't know how the cast didn't get glass in their eyes and mouths or a concussion when those bottles were thrown at them. Lahey's actor had one thrown right at his head in an episode.

>>186206541how much does stunt glass hurt?it must take at least 1/4 of the force of an actual bottle to smash like thatsome scenes with bottle impacts seem to really hurt

Attached: 1643035669464.jpg (560x432, 70.05K)

>> shear chance on the eyes

Fuck this thread.I got work to do.

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>>186206660It's just sugar, cornsyrup, and water. It is surely weak as fuck.


>>186206711Safety, never on

>>186206711>has a gun>immediately takes over the trailer parkDo Canadians really?

Attached: 352053119_635932314804150_2061590406493875850_n.jpg (946x2048, 66.68K)

>>186206814Always off*. I'm fucked

>>186206822they have a stash of fully auto military grade weapons under a trailer in case some DICK makes an attempt at a coup

Attached: 1656726150103.jpg (480x351, 47K)

>>186206418>had to use pixlrshit

Attached: file.png (1094x670, 684.94K)

>>186200804lmaobretty good

>>186206861one of my favorite details consistent in the entire series is that no matter how impoverished and destitute the boys get (living in a tent, drinking out of dog dishes, eating heals of bacon grease bread or eating crusty old pizza off the ground) they also have the sense to account enough money for a quality handgun, which they never sell. it also looks like they mostly carry proper hardware like Beretta and Sig pistols, which on a Canadian black market will easily run 3-4x the price

Attached: julian_deagle.jpg (600x336, 72.58K)


>>186206645do neologisms scare you gramps?

Attached: 1613160242623.jpg (800x580, 64.66K)

>>186207027>why can you hear his voice?

>>186203791>>186203837ricky is obviously the main character

>>186205179gay nigger shirt

>>186207078>neologismsUsing one to retroactively apply a motivation or intention on fictional characters that would offer you 100 to fuck off, is why most series shows and films are shit.

Attached: 338478363_609496901095415_2773758042995304794_n.jpg (800x1200, 119.4K)

>>186207572damn i can't believe we can't talk about plays and works written in other languages now brilliant gramps lmao go take your medication and change your diaper :)

>>186204133>...Let's get the FUCK out of here, Julian...

Attached: 350790638_255141640426944_2151548319535362428_n.jpg (480x360, 15.56K)

Attached: 297256344_5473970702661691_7340016625890357275_n.jpg (876x960, 141.77K)

Attached: 352197270_1679361329175413_8315147414448690271_n.jpg (960x761, 68.96K)

Attached: 1658627323886710.jpg (640x640, 54K)

Attached: 311596012_5879834742026768_7097908980391729845_n.jpg (743x548, 32.64K)

>>186207955Understanding works of fiction from the past by applying modern opinion and sensibilities is antithetical to the study of those works.

Attached: 1658610828948547.png (1353x2107, 2.26M)

Attached: 315589633_519397123425466_4842405398577738190_n.jpg (1080x1111, 125.15K)

Attached: 3f35a2478af669d0713c0f56ce16959b.jpg (564x564, 51.84K)

Attached: 1664820156928865.png (720x540, 863.27K)

Attached: piss jugs.png (640x512, 430.5K)

Attached: Our Heritage.jpg (900x506, 123.67K)

>>186201366>once or twice is fine, but 80, 90 times?

Attached: nomecensus.jpg (480x360, 21.57K)

>>186202727>stop fuckin rappin man, this is the real thing

Ehhrra-urra-sleeeee-AAAAAM PEACE!

Attached: J Roc, baby.jpg (640x480, 56.5K)

>HAVE ANOTHER DRINK RAYstill the funniest part of the entire show

honestly whenever i do a rewatch its 1-7, SGNTTBG, movies 1-3 then the netflix seasons then jail. Even if the netflix seasons get worse (S10 ugh) it still makes for comfy background noise

from the TPB reddit a few weeks back on an update on future plans>they just filmed Season 2 Jail in April. Then will film a movie about Bubbles and Shitrockers this summer while the band tours with Billy Bob Thorton over in Europe. Then in the fall TPB 4. Also finishing up the forever in-limbo Season 3 Animated by the end of the year as it was written and recorded about 4 years ago. And then they are set to film Season 13 in 2024 to come out for 2025.

>>186208999>Season 13Can't even imagine what it would be about.

>And I then I said you know what? I'm taking their dryer