What's your favorite Disneyland princess?

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>>186197116For me, its Jasmine

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>>186197116The one from The Princess and the Frog. Black qt.

>>186197116Belle and Anna.


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>>186197387Why did Disney erase their cute gingers?

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>>186197116Easy: Foy; Next question.

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>>186197387Doesn't she also play Alice and Tinkerbell?>>186197453Cute Foy.

Park Rey > Movie Rey

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>>186197116Doesn't matter to me because they'll all be turned black (cringe) and get bleached by white men (based)

>>186197167>picking the canonical roastie

>>186197116I want a Disneyland princess wife so fucking bad, bros

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>>186197430>>186197387It's a mystery.

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>>186197116the one rey who was nice to the tard

>>186197116She doesn’t even look like Belle


>>186197430Because redheads are the pinnacle of Whiteness as they are the most rare. Blondes can seethe about this but it’s true.

>>186197488>>186197560Ray Park > Park Rey

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>>186197901Get this trollop out of here.

>>186197932Pretty based weapon if they made it thinner and more scimitar like it would be OP on the battle field

>>186197387my gf looks like her for real

>>186198030Why would anyone do that? Just go on the internet and lie.

>>186197167ok... BASED

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>>186197116My favorite Disney princess? Pic related.

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>>186198309Why is a girl who looks like this working at a fucking drive in?

>>186197116Imagine kissing her neck

>>186198478this world is an ugly place

>>186197116Esnow Blanco

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>>186198478As opposed to what? Good for her for having an honest job

>>186198726As opposed to pumping out white babies and being a stay at home mom.

I worked at disneyland for 5 years. The amount of guys, especially older guys, that hit on the actresses is not really surprising but it was still always shocking to see. One in particular was escorted out of the park because he got audibly vulgar in front of kids. Pretty sure he was drunk. He went with his wife or whatever to take pics with Tinkerbell and started talking about wanting to have a 3 way with her and his wife later. He was saying this very loudly and everyone near the front of the queue could hear him.

>>186198850and did he got his wish?

>>186198478Teenagers work minimum wage jobs idiot

>>186197116is that belle dellphine


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>>186198309she's had like 6 shots of espresso ez bitch is tweaking

>>186197638They're only rare because people who want to breed with them are rare.

>>186197116It's Spider-Gwen, now that we're finally getting some trans representation. Cope chuds you can expect to see an accurate portrayal soon!

This thread is equal parts hilarious and creepy


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>>186198924What does that have to do with anything, dumbass?

>>186198478Family owned business is my guess

>>186199255She is neither Disney nor Princess.

>>186199278Based Gwenposter. I can't wait for Disney to change the comics now that we're past hate and bigotry

>>186198850>and started talking about wanting to have a 3 way with her and his wife latersometimes you just gotta shoot your shot

>>186199310>SheCorrect. Transwomen are WOMEN.

>>186198850Next time you go up to her, give her a piece of paper with your hotel information on it and a price and she will show up. It will probably cost you at least 2k-5k for the night

>>186199384Gwen isn't a tranny."Trans women" are not women, they're delusional men.

>>186199309Sounds probable.

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>>186197642Ray Parker Jr >>> Ray Park > Park Reyyoutu.be/0tdyU_gW6WE


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>>186198309Audio version?

Hands down this girl is the best Ariel I've seen in my life, the vids are over 9 years old so I imagine she is no longer at Disney but at the time she was peak Ariel in terms of beauty and characterizationyoutube.com/watch?v=_03G1BoKbLwhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0md4OWM-7U

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belle or mulan

>>186199455Kek take it to twitter, bitch

>>186199526I assume that entire thing was disney marketers. Not even the brownbois are that desperate

>>186197430So are they gonna replace the white ariels with black ones now?Are people going to say Disney is racist if they don't?Would people get upset if they do?Seems disney sort of put themselves in an awkward spot with this oneMaybe they don't change anything and no one will care

>>186199745Twitter is full of trannies and tranny sympathizers so I stay away from there.

>>186199905And they're all braying that Gwen is trans and it's shittershattering the sonyshills and the blackbois.Whoever loses we win

>>186199900I've heard several people complain about the race swap and interestingly enough they were all from browns.

>>186197116i want to go to a disney park just to rape one of the princesses

>>186199960I'll never give up my principles.

>>186200004Which one? You only get one shot.

>>186199900You just wait until the spiderverse trannyautism spills over and they demand comic changes. Disney loses the blacks or it loses the progressives. They thought they weren't in clownworld as well. Welcome! HONK HONK.>>186200031>You're unprincipled if you laugh at your enemy making a mistakeStart another spiderverse thread I'm sure it'll go great


>>186199555here's a transcription:>BBC?>it's my favorite!>i can't live without superior big black cock>in fact... i have alpha nigger super sperm inside of my snowbunny pussy right now! i'm ovulating and will give birth to super alpha black stud babies! i was built for black baby incubation!

>>186200004Brown hands typed this post.

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>>186200071>You're unprincipled if you laugh at your enemy making a mistakeI thought you were supporting the idea of promoting Gwen being trans just because it makes shills and nigs mad.

>>186200105laura palmer is my favorite disney princess too

>>186200094Why do brown zoomoids who grew up watching western porn since the age of 6 go into such impotent rages when they see attractive White women? is it sour grapes?>>186200143Proof?

>>186200105It's very rare that I stop and remark this but damn she is breathtakingly pretty

>>186200105>>186200186>he thinks brown people post on 4chan>starts schizoposting

>>186197430That's a man

>>186200211Oh right sorry my bad I'll fix it>Why do brown subhumans who grew up watching western porn since the age of 6 go into such impotent rages when they see attractive White women? is it sour grapes?

>>186197116Elsa in Frozen where she changes her dress during let it go gets me pretty hard ngl

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>>186198309>>186198478>>186198726>>186199149>>186199555>>186198653>>186198924Joanna Shatley. Here's a pic where her very obvious filter didn't cover her face oroperly you dumb zooners

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>>186200080Its baffling on how Disney color swap the races today while they can just easily "Disneyfied a culture since it was their M.O. since the beginning.

>>186200287>tits like deflated balloons pinned to a boardYou hate to see it. Worse than anything happening with her face.

>>186200287imdb.com/name/nm14717521/?ref_=nm_mv_closeIs that her?

>>186200287>filters work through strands of hair in the winduh huh

>>186199659I would hate this job so much. Imagine having listen to this retard babble for 15 minutes and pretend they are like kids and just smile and go "oh wow!"

>>186200287She's gorgeous

>>186200287Would wife.

>>186200287That Aryan anime nose

>>186197116The one that hasn’t been raceswapped

>>186197167Meg is literally the best princess.

>>186198478Kinda common desu.

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>>186200609>>186200790>>186200971>>186201063She's not ugly but she's like a 7.5 instead of the 10 in the video. A large part of her looks in the video is her clear, glowing skin and that is all filters.

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>>186197638They were seen as subhuman until very very recently. What a dumbass fucking post.

>>186201653Freckles, eyes and feminine movements for me. Yeah she doesn't look as heartbreakingly perfect in your picture.>>186201709Proof?


>>186201653The wall claims them all.

>>186200287instagram.com/jenna.renee.s/This girl. Go down a bit, she used to have tits. WTF happened?

>>186201774>>186201741The wall is when a woman loses her youthful appeal will you fucking brown zoomers learn what words mean before you bleat them?

>>186198030>my imaginary gfThere. I fixed it for (You)

>>186197560>>186197488Someone post the webm of Park Rey and the gentleman of simple mind

>>186197453i would she her a good time if you know what i mean.

>>186198924Spoken like a true minimum wage job worker.

>>186201822Yeah and as those photos show this bitch looks like an old hag now>>186200287>>186201653

>>186198478Instead of being a whore on one of your porn sites? fuck off jew

>>186201985t. schizo poltard

>>186200287How old is she now? In that drive thru webm she looks 19ish and in this photo she looks 25+

>>186202015Answer the question kike

>>186197453God, I love her FoyFEET

>>186202083>kikes everywhereThis is your brain on Holla Forums.

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>>186202136fuck off podophile

>>186197430There's nothing cute about lip fillers you stupid nigger.


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>>186197453damn, she has really long arms. i bet her deadlift could get pretty good.

>>186202015Cope kike, if people want money that bad they should be producing something of value and not promoting degenerate behavior

>>186202157I see the merchant though

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>>186202321I can see the merchant in two dots now

>>186202228Nice strawman goy, now go back scrubbing the piss stained floor at Walmart while I count my shekels.

>>186197488This one got tattoos and pretends to be a lesbian on social media for attention now.

>>186199131>no uglycute autistic gf

>>186200105Ok, she's indeed pretty. Have your (You)

>>186201653That's just indoor lighting vs the sun.

>>186200287Dylan Mudvaney

>>186197387>>186197430They dye their hair and wear wigs.They're not really redheads LMFAO.

>>186201867He looked like he had a load in his pants. I feel bad for her having to smell that.

>>186200071seeing HONK HONK here and there brightens things up.i was around for the dutch cctv guy's first vids some years ago, he went up and said it in public.worldwideclownworldworldwidethe more chaos the better

>>186199960non-bot detectedit's the reverse of avp

>>186202680Ride the Kali-Yuga, brother>>186202746avp?

>>186202796avp1 the game had the tagine, whoever wins, we lose.for most of the last few or many years it has been true for our situation. the only thing that brings joy is the true chaos element unbridled and unintended which wrecks them just as much as us, indiscriminate in its pleasure sweeps.alien versus predator, and we are the marines.honkening is like the bouncy ball alien from dark star appearing in the middle of it all and bonking preds, aliens and men on the heads at random, and the preds and aliens suddenly realising they can have it done to them too.

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>>186202951Oh yeah I knew that about AvP sorry. I've been up late shitposting.Well we did accidentally create or summon an Egyptian numerologist chaos frog god.

>>186203006I'm up late shitposting too, and I need a piss but can't be bothered to go.the frog of chaos is doing great work, and since chaos brings balance just as much as order does, the plain result is that the inordinate evils that have been plaguing the planet of late will feel the frog's hops harder than those still sane.

>>186199131Reminder, when people were feeling up Donald or Chip N Dale in their suits, this is what was underneath.

>>186203172it's the closest thing to an artifical lifeform there is.pretty they are disney prototypes and rejects from the princess eugenics program, used to fill minor roles and line suits

>>186203081never mind, going for a piss after all.also, meeting nonbots on here these days feels like bumping into someone out in the middle of a storm, whose also there only for the pleasure of being in wild nature.

>>186203274Kek I too am fighting a piss. This place is mostly bots and marketing shills these days mate. Maybe a crop of confused zoomers.

>>186203274How do bots even solve the captcha?

>>186203296>He thinks the 4chan passes are for users>He doesn't know this place is owned by several marketing companies

>>186203292yeah there's not much besides.the piss was worth it, not a massive relief but a bit refreshed.>>186203296viral marketing companies pay an ad contract with the site, they run bots day and night for six months or however long they pay for.been like that for years.even private users have run bots on here extensively. there was a faggot on here bragging about it smugly not long ago, some utube idiot that just used a few scripts made by other people and spammed the site with 1,000 posts a day or something. maybe it was 12,000.

>>186201936>I would she/her a good time if you know what I meanYes - you would respect her pronouns

>>186203321I haven't kept up with this shit since moot left.


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I wish there was a super attractive girls in Disney princess costume fucking "guests" in "the park" porn genre.


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>>186198478They aren’t given a state appointed Saudi prince user. They go to high school and college like everyone else and maybe pick up a little job if their family isn’t rich


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>>186198309>Men when they see a drive through employee (I am men)>>186201569That actually has a good explanation. Models are like a living clothes hanger. They tend to be tall and skinny. Large breasts and a cute face are not important for a model to have

>>1861992774chan's official motto!

>>186203584there were bots here when he was around, and viral marketing.the bots originally were to repost and populate threads in order to maintain a certain amount of traffic to draw in new people, since numbers had been dropping.the bots since then have been for psypps in large part, then some very obvious viral marketing deluges, which mostly work on newfags, and a few research studies and general raids.the big boards are 90% bot now

>>186200255I also make that face when I see the Guardian

>>186203771For me it was when the bots broke for a long time and posted those weird Subject-on-Dictionary-Background images

>>186200255It gets and hits me pretty hard

>>186200609Let the retards retard.The knowledge that pretty girls actually exist and don't want to fuck them fuels their delusional seething

>>186202157Are you telling me you don't see it?

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>>186200287>>186201811>blm stuff on her instaGrim

>>186199900I think they're having black Ariels now in tandem with the white Ariels, but the black ones are probably just temporary for this summer.

>>186203771>the big boards are 90% bot nowPerhaps 4chan is a simulation run locally on your computer and not connected to the internet at all.

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>>186198478She has an insta with 500k followers.I know girls who make a living as “influencers” with less than 1/10 of that.The coffee shop is probably family owned or part of her schtick

>>186203957but all they do when they see a pretty White girl is have their minds break in the knowledge she'll never even look at them as men and start posting about BBC this and made for blacks to make themselves feel better. Giving them access to western porn since childhood was a mistake.

>>186197638Jews are famous for having red hair.

>>186198309Why are girls who work minimum wage so much more beautiful than actual Hollywood actresses? There should be a name used to describe this phenomenon.

>>186204197I don’t know about now, but back in the day, any actress I saw in real life was usually phenomenal looking in person. Although always shorter. Rose McGowan was stunning, and a midget.

>>186201985I wish pornstars looked like that girl, I would actually fap to porn that way, also only feminists and SJWs hate porn so youre a low test cuck

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>>186204687>I have low self control and no woman and defend porn but YOU'RE the low test oneLmao browncels are a treasure


Disneyfags be like yeah I spent $2000 on a 5 day vacation to a theme park where I have to reserve a spot 6 months in advance to wait in line for 2 hours to ride a 30 mph roller coaster, but at least I get to meet a bunch of mascots

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>>186197116Sauce, name?

>>186197116The ones that are featured in girls do porn

>>186204726I love skinny girls so goddamn much

>>186204796Why yes I do love freedom, move to China or South Korea if you don't like porn, theyll love a pro censorship faggot like you

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>>186197488Rey isn't a princess though.

>>186206619Technically she is Emperor Palpatine's heir so yes she is

>>186206547Were is the porn?


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>>186198478she doesn't want to whore herself on only fans so she has to work there.