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Post:Top 5 favorite horror movies of all timeFavorite subgenreFavorite monster & villain/\/\;::;/\/\Watching American Psycho Open Matte and American Psycho 2: All American Girl 2002 at tinyurl * com/fsgcorporation

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>>186196791>Post:>Top 5 favorite horror movies of all timeNightmare 3Hellraiser 2Sleepaway CampBlair Witch 2Ginger Snaps>Favorite subgenreVampire, Urban Fantasy>Favorite monster & villainMichael Myers recently watched>Cocaine Bear 8/10, excellent gore>Cocaine Shark 0/10, all of the Troma/Asylum/full moon jank with none of their charm >101 Modern Los Angeles Vampires 4/10, a meh cult movie, I wanted Supernatural vampires, I got emo girls drinking gatorade. >Demon Hunter (2005) 9/10 all time classic of the Urban Fantasy subgenre, still good.

>>186196791Friendly reminder that slasher movies are not horror movies.My favorite horror movie is Demon Knight followed by Nightmare on elm Street and Evil Dead

>>186197380so wrong so pedestrianstop larping as a critic youre not cutting it

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>>186197380based demon knight appreciator

>>186197509You go tell him girl. Random people with knives are very scary

>>186198841too much tv got him tarantinobrained

Top 5 I’ve recently watched:>The Gift>Road Games>The Good Son>Club Dread>ApostleMost recent 5:>I Know What You Did Last Summer - 3/5>They/Them - 2.5/5>Sick - 0.5/5>Magic (1978) - 3.5/5>Perfect Blue - 3.5/5What’s /hor/‘s favorite from 2008? I can only think of The Strangers

>>186199041>>I Know What You Did Last Summerthey caught the guy that killed duncan's daughter in 2021>the giftthe AIDS one?

Why do people suck off Hereditary's cock so much? Tried to watch it once, slept through it and never got the drive to watch it again

>>186199409i 1.5x'd it once and didn't get it - just some weird shill bullshit

>>186199409Its elevated horror, you wouldn't get it. I thought the movie was garbage too.


It's June. Fuck off until October.

Can someone help me, I'm looking for a horror anthology episode where a club of gentlemen (maybe old war buddies) make a pact to give their souls or something to the last surviving member. It's an old one, maybe Twilight Zone?

>>186200296Boomer Yawnsense: Who Cares episode 7You can find it on youtube still

>>186200275>>186200576What crawled up your butt? Just say you don't know and are not a true horror aficionado.

Just watched pic related. It's not technically horror, but I think horroranons might enjoy it; especially the last 15 minutes. Premise is basically three Terminators become teachers at a high school that's in the middle of a gang war zone.

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>>186200633checkedlooks awesome

>>186200694It was pretty good.

>>186196791Night of the Living DeadThe EntityAn American Werewolf in LondonInside28 Days Later

>>186200633It's one of my favorite films. Extremely quotable.

>>186196791that's one of the worst movies ever made

>>186200296That sounds familiar but I'm not coming up with anything solid. It could be an episode of Alfred Hitchhook Presents called "Reunion" that involves some war buddies reenacting a battle and changing history to save someone. Probably not but you never know.Was it in color? Do you remember any of the horror elements like a ghost? Were they all old guys?

>>186201014Thanks! Yeah, just a sec...

>>186201014Sorry, my 4chan is acting up.I think it was in black & white. And yeah, I think the last surviving member was visited by the ghosts of his friends. They were all stuck in limbo maybe, until he killed himself? And I think the twist was, he had his friend(s) killed. So like the Tell-Tale Heart, it could have just been him imagining these spirits because of guilt. Also, instead of a war pact, it may have been a Fraternity pact. The last survivor was really wealthy.

>>186200633I remember the scene where some roboteacher pulls the guy from the wall and he "breaks in half" very good kill

>>186202626I like the kill where they got the science teacher in the lab after turning on all the bunson burner gas. Androids have no sense of smell, so they threw in a match, kaboom!>"I guess I blew that class..."

April Fools Day (1986)Kino

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was not expecting it to be good at all, but it was actually decent

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>>186202304Idk, but sounds kino

>>186196791Recently rewatched the Romero zombie flicks. Day of the Dead was a lot better than I remember.

>>186197380>Friendly reminder that slasher movies are not horror movies.Crazy that everyone in history including the directors thought they were. Glad you set the record straight.

>>186202993Agreed, one of my favorite 80s slashers.

>>186199041>They/Them - 2.5/5Still too generous, especially if you're gonna rate Sick that low. At least Sick was an actual horror movie instead of an LGBT drama in disguise.

>>186202993>Deborah ForemanLike Ami Dolenz, she never got her due respect for being prime 80s pussy


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oh godWATCH OU- ACK!

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>>186199041>What’s /hor/‘s favorite from 2008Lake Mungo and Martyrs

>>186196791>Top 5 favorite horror movies of all timeThe Wolfman (2010 director's cut and 1941 original)Dracula (1992)Prince of DarknessFrankenstein Meets the Wolf ManDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)>Favorite subgenreSupernatural/monster and or slasher>Favorite monster & villainMonster: The WolfmanVillain: Michael Myers

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Comfy flick.

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>>186196791>Top 5 favorite horror movies of all timeScreamHalloweenHalloween 4CubeBlair Witch Project>Favorite subgenreTime Travel Horror> Favorite monster & villainMicheal Myers was a kino idea.

>>186205150Everyone one of these is garbage and you should feel bad.

>>186205150>Scream>Halloween>Halloween 4Based slasher taste.

Watched The Lost Boys earlier, for the first time in a couple decades. Still kino.

>>186205181The Danielle Harris, Donald Pleasance and Ellie Cornell trifecta is the ultimate kinoathon even without Micheal Myers. Get filtered.

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>>186205181Imagine being a retarded zoomer who actually thinks this. Not enough trauma metaphors for you?

>>186204250I love Halloween frogs.

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>>186205801watched gremlins the other day with my son. he really liked it. there is a series on MAX that just came out but it's mostly just mogwai shit so far. i wanted to see the actual gremlins

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>>186205801Very cool frog.>>186205894Also very cool and I love Gremlins.

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>>186205181Halloweens 4 & 5 are the best ones.

Who here watched Nefarious?

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>>186206184Might check it out.

>>186196791>Favorite subgenreSlashersMonsters & Killer AnimalsGhost

How do you cope with the fact that whatever your imagination creates based on reading the synopsis turns out to be a whole lot more disturbing than what's in the actual movie?

>>186207337Stop reading the synopsis of movies.

>>186197344>Nightmare 3>Sleepaway Camp>Ginger Snapsholy based

>>186207337I don't know why but as a kid the 1408 trailer looks more terrifying to me than the movie itself, maybe It was the narrator who used to do a creepy tone in his voice in my country.

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>>186196791In no order:HellraiserCandymanThe DevilsPrince of DarknessScannersPsychological (Actual) and MysticFrank

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What are some movies that combine the genuine sense of dread with a cheesiness of a slasher. Having gore would be nice as well.I can only think of the original Black Christmas and maybe the original Halloween.>inb4 TerrifierWay too comedic and over-the-top.

What horror movies do you watch when you’ve seen all the classics?

>>186208206Maniac (1980) is a very intense movie. Every stalking scene is pretty heavy with dread.

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>>186208206Did you see the first Terrifier? I really liked it. It wasn’t comedic, so I’m guessing you only saw 2. I would recommend it if you haven’t.

>>186205150>Halloween 4>>186205197>>186205513Fuck Yes!My top favorite slashers are...>> Halloween 2 = Halloween 4>> Cold Prey = Cold Prey 2Jason Lives used to be here but not anymore...> Nightmare on Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriorsgap> Psycho 2> Nightmare on Elm Street> The Final Terrorgap> My Bloody Valentine (mabye)

>>186208283Define "the classics". There's lots of horror out there that isn't mainstream.

>>186208308>selfie with a cut up bitch>"honk honk">smeared shit all over the bathroomNah, it was pretty comedic

>>186208283You pick a decade, a country, and a subgenre or a theme and start wading through schlock. You can look up curated lists of "hidden gem" movies or check out what's being released by boutique home video distributors (they tend to specialize in underrated movies and cult classics) but at a certain point you're going to enter No Man's Land and have to browse through a bunch of shit and go by instinct and what sounds interesting.

>>186208337> The Final Terror >>> Just Before Dawn >> Madman >>>>>>>>> The Burning (overrated as fuck)


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>>186208337>> The Final Terror>>186208393Acting was notably good. Like Just Before Dawn and Rituals (1977) it used it's deep forest setting to better effect then most F13th rip offs or even any of the F13 movies. In most F13's it always feels like a small town is just a ways down the road from the camp, in these 3 films it truly feels like the cast is out in the middle of nowhere, in Rituals especially they are absolutely fucked in terms of walking distance. The killer using natural camo to blend in to the forest was cool and the pic related Bloodrayne-ish blade on her arm is a great weapon idea. The cast fighting as a team near the end felt unique compared to the usual 1 lone survivor situation.

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>>186208393>The BurningThe killings and atmosphere are fun but the characters aren't memorable enough to elevate it to the top tier for me.George Costanza's character was pretty good though and not just because of the actor, good comic relief.

>>186208366I mean everything from 1920’s to present day. Maybe I can get into 1910’s horror. All the horror lists I see, I’ve seen pretty much all of them. I’m on some real garbage horror movies right now. I don’t know if I’m not looking in the right places for more obscure movies that are good.

>>186208485How many horror movies have you seen? Do you use something to track them?

>>186208479It's been a long time since I watched it but I remember hating the characters like no other slasher other than Friday P7 (besides tina)

>>186208524Hundreds. I’ve been using IMDb to rate everything since 2015. I got really into it but slowed down recently.

>>186208659If it's only hundreds then there's probably still stuff to watch. I've got nearly 2000 horror movies in my watchlist.