What is the best Resident Evil film?

What is the best Resident Evil film?

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>>186195656The first two are pure b movie Schlock kino


2 was better than 1

all of them are kino


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>>186195656>lays on her back to get cummed into by the director to secure 6 more residentslop movies and a monster hunter movieI did not care for any of it Pretty funny when the guy went groveling to the japs to put his shitty wife OC character in their games and they told him to fuck off

the one with the most shots of her ass in the suit

>>186196452oh wait i was thinking of underworld. disregard

>>186196101>they told him to fuck offwhat about Maria Jororich

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1 > 3 > 2 > the rest

4 > 5 > the rest >>>>>>>>>>>> 6

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The first.

>>186195656Resident evil The Final Chapter was good.

>>186196817FOR ME TO POOP ON


>>186195656The one where she flashed her hooha .

>>186197980never happened, she's also my mom so I would know

>>186195656The second-to-last one, only thing about the later movies is they verge on anime action territory whereas the first couple were more standard zombie movies.But seriously, the second to last one is nuts and honestly while I like the last movie on its own it is a cheap conclusion so I like to pretend the penultimate one is the last and it’s kino

>>186195656Whichever one had this chick

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>>186196101>Pretty funny when the guy went groveling to the japs to put his shitty wife OC character in their games and they told him to fuck offThis never happened. Capcom don't own the rights to anything from the RE films. It's a money thing. It's why the secret underground lab in the RE remakes is called the NEST and not the HIVE.>lays on her back to get cummed into by the director to secure 6 morePaul Anderson didn't direct the second and third movies. I'll never understand the notion some people have that Anderson and Jovovich were tight, or that Anderson directed those movies. It all feels weirdly conspiratorial, like the inverse version of people pretending George Lucas's Star Wars was "saved" by other people, when in actual fact he was one of the editors, just uncredited.

It's like asking which Terminator film is best, or which Alien film is best. The answer depends on what genre sensibilities you have.If you love Australian post-apocalyptic films, then it's extension.If you love horror, then it's the first movie.If you love incredibly kinetic, visually creative action, it's probably Retribution.

>>186196817The Final Chapter's ending does make me tear up a bit. Film is a mess, though. But worth watching. People exaggerate how bad it is overall. A movie can be a total clusterfuck but still entertaining to watch.

>>186199002get out of here Ever

>>186201210If it was like the 3rd movie or something it would have been good but talk about ending on a fart after how balls to the wall the previous one went.

>>186199070The disappointing thing about RE5 is that it goes SO FUCKING HARD, and it promises an even harder sequel. The sad thing is that with the benefit of hindsight, RE5 is a lot more widely appreciated. Back in 2012, it got a C+ CinemaScore, on par with Welcome to Raccoon City, and it made 60 million less than RE4 did. (240 vs 300 million). So if people had embraced the batshit action awesomeness of RE5 back in the day, they would have pushed the sequel out sooner, and it would have lived up to expectations... probably.

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>>186201325>Wesker, you've become President Evil!I literally walked out of the theater after that scene

>>186201325this is cheesy as fuck

>>186201325>can backflip dodge bullets>walks like a toddler

>>186200153She was in RE2 and RE5. They had planned to get her for RE3 and also RE6, but scheduling conflicts got in the way. The behind the scenes stuff was super painful. Every time they had a casting issue instead of recasting, they'd rewrite the whole script to use different characters. Any Sony wouldn't pony up the cash to pay actors for multi-film deals.

>>186201325I don't know why none of them had any coherency between them. They were each seperately kino in their own weird way, they could have been chained together into a a great series.

>>186200824>I'll never understand the notion some people have that Anderson and Jovovich were tightThey got married after the first movie was done filming and she decided she wanted to be known for some sort of film career besides the autistic redhead in fifth element.

>>186201428I just want her to use my face as a toilet.

>>186201466yes that too


>>186195656>What is the best Resident Evil film?5. Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) 4. Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)3. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)2. Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)1. Resident Evil (2002)

>>186201575They are all good. The one with the underground testing area for the t-virus is kind of weak though.

>>186201396>>186201325>gets stabbed in the brain>he's fine>a sawn-off shotgun is jammed down his throat and fired, blowing off half of his head>he's fine>crashes a plane into the side of a mountain at hundreds of miles an hour and explodes while he is clearly still in the pilot's seat struggling to pull up>he's fine>a nuke literally goes off in his face while he looks vaguely annoyed about it>he's fine>gets his leg pinned under a medium sized metal door>dieswhat did they mean by this

>>186201280The problem with RE6 isn't just that it feels like a whimper, the issue is that it feels like a step down in every aspect.>Noticeably worse writing. It's the first film in the series to have genuine, impossible to ignore retcons.>The amazing fight scenes? Gone.>The beautiful use of slow motion? Gone.>Vibrant colours? Gone. Half the movie has a murky piss filter.Even the soundtrack is worse. There's one really good piece of music -- "Turbine Sequence". But 4 and 5 had these amazing Tomandandy soundtracks. Huge letdown here.

>>186196046I didn't know The Miz was in RE...

>>186201624>4 and 5 had these amazing Tomandandy soundtracks.The violin stuff that kicks in as Jill beats the holy fuck out of Alice really is imprinted on my brain and raises a scene that otherwise has a couple moments of questionable choreography/shitty CGI

>>186201624I mean I guess I’m talking out of my ass but I’m positive the movie was the way it was because they couldn’t afford to have all those characters. Leon, Ada Wong, etc. there was definitely budget cutbacks and there probably was never going to be a follow up movie but I think the final RE ironically was made for just the fans of that series, but they could only do so much without stepping on copywritten toes. Similar to RANGZ OF KANGZ, they didn’t really buy LOTR just the rights to some characters so they’re legally only allowed to say and reference certain things (how soulless can you get) and RE definitely suffered from this same fate.

>>186201733>>186200153It's weird how the RE2 movie is really like 90% of an adaptation of the RE3 game and then there's five other movies and 20 other games that barely have anything to do with each other

>>186195656>What is the best Resident Evil film?The one with the MILF President.

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>>186195656Resident Evil 2 Apocalypse

>>186201424>I don't know why none of them had any coherency between them.Each film was made with no guarantees of getting a sequel, no assurances of cast members returning, and a lot of on-the-fly rewrites during pre-production. I know they wanted to do director's cuts, but those haven't eventuated yet. The haphazard nature of production meant that timelines got smushy and subtle retcons piled up. All that came home to roost in the final movie, which starts retconning shit left and right, possibly in response to production issues, budget issues, even the delays in shooting caused by the stuntwoman for Jovovich having a horrific accident on the second day of shooting.

>>186201676What is his goal?

>>186201990To be AWESOME

>>186201799I thought the movies were canon with the games.

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>>186201428>They got married after the first movie was done filmingHe proposed to her in 2003, but they had an "on again, off again" relationship until they married in 2007. They weren't really together during the interim. He was making his movies, she was making her movies. He made AvP and Death Race without her. She made stuff like Perfect Getaway, and in fact most of her filmography was without him.People always downplay that Anderson didn't direct the second and third RE films. The third movie was by the huge, immensely talented fag who made Highlander and directed all the good 80s music videos.

>>186201619>>gets his leg pinned under a medium sized metal door>>dies>what did they mean by thisThe Wesker fight scene was cut. A lot of things were cut. He was supposed to mutate into a tyrant-like creature, and he would mortally wound Alice, and Alice (with Doc's help via an RPG) would kill him. Most of the third act of the movie doesn't match the leaked script outline from 2015. Real Isaacs was meant to be a good guy. Real Alice was meant to be evil. The Red Queen was fried in the first movie, so how was she alive again? She wasn't. The real Alice was using her as an avatar. Stuff like that.

>>186195656That one with the Indian Leon was a real piece of shit. They tried to cram RE 1&2 into like an hour and a half long movie. It gets points for being more faithful to the games than the Milla flicks.

>>186202078How do you make 6 movies without a plan?

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>>186201733The movie company owns the rights to the Resident Evil name, but it doesn't own the rights to Capcom characters. Those characters have to have their portrayals checked off by Capcom. This is why The Final Chapter keeps saying the characters were "betrayed". It can't say that they were killed. Capcom wouldn't allow them to shoot a massacre scene using stunt doubles. There is zero emotional catharsis around their deaths. No graves. Even the randos who died in Extinction got a grave scene. When Alien 3 killed Newt and Hicks, we got closure on their deaths. RE just ignores them because it can't say out loud what happened to them.It's very frustrating that the film turned out this way. It probably would have been better if it hadn't been made. I don't get the feeling anyone involved in RE6 is really happy with the way it turned out, and the MULTIPLE on-set accidents put a really sour note on it. It wasn't a fun time. And Jovovich was apparently really anal about continuity errors and plot points not making sense in previous movies, so she must have been shitting herself with rage over the contradictory bullshit characters spout.

>>186202327>Jovovich was apparently really anal

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>>186202151WTRC is not a bad film per se. It just was unfocused and you can feel the movie running out of money.>>186201940I have to wonder how much they were paying Jovovich by the sixth movie. When you return in a film sequel, they are usually obligated to give you more money. So if the movie had a 40 million dollar budget, consider that in Apocalypse, she was paid 5 million. She was paid fuck-all to be in the first RE film. Nobody got paid much. But to reprise her role in the sequel, suddenly kaching. Third, fourth, fifth, sixth movie? You generally have to pay the reprising roles more and more for each movie. That's one of the reasons these comic book movies cost so much.

>>186202327Also the movie was delayed due to Milla's pregnancy, I still think that If they follow the cronogram the movie would be very different and maybe a little better?

>>186202327We really need the equivalent of Star Trek 6. Bring back the old actors, make a new RE film that focuses on a combination of horror, action, and heart. Bring in a fresh-faced director with vision, and make a legacy sequel. You could handwave RE6 as a bad dream. They could have it out in time for the 10th anniversary of RE6. Imagine if the Star Trek films had ended with Star Trek 5. I like aspects of Star Trek 5, but it was such a disappointing conclusion after the incredible Star Trek 4.

>>186202578they'll have to settle once and for all whether Alice will marry Claire or Jill

>>186202578God that would be based, Mila is still hot enough too. Just pick up right where fucking 5 left off, fuck it. Let’s GOOOOO

>>186202771Milla should voice some character in the game...

>>186202578I'd even settle for an animated film sequel to Retribution that follows the original story plans. Hell, even a well written novelization.>>186202617You joke, but I sometimes think the only thing stopping the movies embracing the weird homoerotic subtext of a tough action heroine who always seem to end up paired with a beautiful, equally tough woman was Capcom. Capcom would never allow that.In the first RE film, there is definitely subtext between Rain and Alice. Jovovich talked about the script draft she disliked treated Rain as "they guy" and Alice as "the girl".When Alice is glad that Rain isn't dead yet, she says:>I could kiss you, you bitch.Which is a very heterosexual thing for one person to say to another. I say that to my male friends all the time.Even the advertising people seemed conscious of the vibe the films gave off when it come to Alice and whatever hot woman she happened to be teamed up with in the newest film.

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>>186202954She'd gladly play Alice in an RE game, but there's a whole rights issue where the company that owns Alice would want Capcom to pay up. It's the same reason why the Artemis DLC for Monster Hunter was a limited time thing. They were not willing to license the MH movie characters to Capcom in any permanent capacity.You see the depths of this licensing tangle with all these movie-based horror games that get delisted. Or how the new Texas Chainsaw game can only use stuff from the first movie.

>>186202999I hate jews.

>>186202999She doesn't need to voice Alice exactly, maybe other original character from the game, the only problem is the money, maybe she'll charge some good amount and Capcom doesn't want to pay even a union VA (that's why they changed Ada's voice actress in 4 and get rid of Claire's original VA after more than 10 years working with them) so It will never happen

Like, if Alice were a man, nobody would mistake this for anything else. There is an unspoken energy between Alice and the female characters specifically in the movies Anderson directed. Even Jill fighting Alice feels deliberately eroticized.

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>>186203134Honestly, they should have gotten Milla to play Jill in RE3R. That would have been an inspired casting choice. But yea, Capcom is cheap when it comes to actors.I always thought it was weird how Onimusha used Jean Reno's face, but not his voice. Why?

>>186195656She was pretty hot being shot to death.

Milla seems quite happy with how her life has turned out. A lot of actresses get a bunch of critical acclaim, but they end up sad and alone. Milla has a faithful husband who loves her, and she has multiple loving children. I do think, however, that In the Lost Lands is kind of a big deal as far as leading roles go. If ITTL isn't a hit, I think Milla will retire, and maybe focus on her eldest daughter's career.

>>186203171I remember when ubisoft get Kristen Bell in Assassins Creed and she wan't not only more money but some % for the sales and they killed her character after the contract ends, sometimes deal with "real actors" could be pain in the ass.Kojima is the exception because I'm pretty shure that he knows how to talk with the hollywood stars to embrace his vision and stuff so he get the confidence that needs to put the faces and the voices in his games

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1 because pusy

>>186203411two had jill pusy

Reminder that the interrogation scene in RE5 is:>Largely taken from the script for the first movie. It's a scene that was cut.>A homage to a famous Jovovich photoshoot.

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Welcome to racoon city


>>186202078Get real dude by the time I got done reading your post they had made ANOTHER flick together. All she had to do was lay on her back and make a nepo baby for him, she sure as fuck didn't use any acting skills.imdb.com/title/tt4419684/?ref_=nm_flmg_unrel_1_wr

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>>186195656The animated Ones1Raccoon(Gap)23654(Huge fucking gap)Netflix

>>186203748>Get real dude by the time I got done reading your post they had made ANOTHER flick together.Yea, because she approached Anderson with the script for In the Lost Lands. Originally a German guy named Constantin Werner was making it, but he couldn't get funding. Werner was the one who cast Jovovich as Alys, not to be confused with Alice. Before she shot ITLL, she co-starred in Breathe, which is still in post-production, about a black family being terrorized by a white people.


>>186203748Anderson didn't direct the second and third Resident Evil movies. So how do you explain the studio paying for her to come back repeatedly?

>>186195656They're all terrible

>>186203902Pure fucking talent. She's one of the greats.

>>186203902The simple answer is that movie studios aren't retarded. If you can avoid it, you don't lose the main character. There's a reason Ripley is the main character in Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien: Resurrection. Because she is a huge part of the brand that will bring people back.As for Milla, I don't think she's a super great actress. But she carries herself well, and she's likeable. Being likeable goes a long way in the movie business. There's a natural charisma there. She can sell wannabe female Dirty Harry in a way that doesn't feel too cringe.

>>186195656I don't know.

James Cameron has praised the first RE film in particular. I think that while it's clearly low budget, and the later films have a lot of really sexy scenes, the first film is like the first Terminator movie. It's scrappy, punchy, and weirdly inventive despite being derivative of its genre.

I want Milla to stab my fucking eyes out with her sword nipples

>>186204231Cameron also praised AvP as the third best Alien film. Paul refuses to say anything bad about Cameron because "he said nice things about my movies".

>>186195656Vendetta > Damnation > Degeneration Infinite Darkness > dogshit > live action ones

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>>186201359holy shit

>>186203874When Anderson will let Milla doing any nudes with her milf body?

i liked the first filmby the third of fourth, it had become extremely formulaic and you basically knew any team alice met up with were just cannon fodder for gruesome deaths, and they barely bothered to give them any distinct personalities at that point

>>186204753Interestingly, In the Lost Lands has an "intimacy coordinator".

>>186204632The only CG film that comes close to working as an actual movie normal people can enjoy is Damnation.

2>1>3>The Rest, I lost count theres like 8 of them and an ever perpetual reboot in the works too

>>186204632Which was the one with the not Yugoslavia and the America obsessed rebel that makes friends with Leon? I liked that on and also Ada was great

>>186206964I liked the recentish one with Hispanic chris


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>>186203142More screenshots please?

Extinction is preposterously underrated!Pros!> Desert setting is great & gritty.> Early scenes with them foraging for food in dark abandoned buildings is suspenseful and moody.> Milla's acting is decent compared to the rest of the series.> Her fights with the double machetes is badass.> Alice's outfit is the best of the series. Remains sexy but the big jacket hides how small and frail her arms are.> Guy from the Mummy films is solid here.> Decent villain actor.Cons!> Final battle is weak.> Alice is overpowered> No Jill

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> Resident Evil (2002)Good> RE - Apocalypse (2004)Decent (saved from being poor only by Jill)> RE - Extinction (2007)Very Good> RE - Afterlife (2010)Good> RE - Retribution (2012)Decent to GoodFor comparison...> Doom (2005)Good to Very Good> Hitman (2007)Good> Max Payne (2008)Weak> Lara Croft - Tomb Raider (2001)Good> LC-TR - The Cradle of Life (2003)Good

>>186207464Why does she do the spin? Nice tits

>>186202063the movies have literally nothing to do with the games and are nothing alike. Alice isn't even in the games

>>186203142Imagine them licking eachothers pusy

>>186195656her now

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>>186207733Still would.

>>186207464Extinction is fucking boring. You could cut 70% of the film and the same out of shit would happen in it.

>>186201210>People exaggerate how bad it isNo they dont, you have to be braindead to like it.Even the editing of the action is dogshit. The story is beyond dumb and retcons everything. Wesker gets taken out by getting his foot crushed despite being unstoppable before etc.

>>186207733I seriously thought that was Ever

First one is a good adaptation of the spirit of the games, setting itself entirely in the sort of lab that takes up the last act of most games by that point in time. This is also one of the best vidya films, though maybe inferior to Anderson's earlier Mortal Kombat.Apocalypse is weird because half of it is a good film about Raccoon City, while the other half is some retarded shit. It seems to adapt 3, but ironically the Nemesis stuff is fucktarded despite the Jill stuff being pretty good. The whole idea of Alice and Nemesis needing to fight hand-to-hand to see who is stronger is pretty retarded, and arguably ruins the game series lore for the future, but Code Veronica already came out so Anderson was kind of just borrowing from Wesker's Matrix shit.Extinction is my least favorite, but arguably the most important for the rest of the series. I view it as a "sacrificial lamb"; the movie gets too retarded by going full Mad Max, but the consequence is that the bar is lowered so far that the next three movies can be enjoyable. Basically, we're not even pretending to be RE anymore, it's all 90% OC, and the schlock when Anderson returns as director is fun in its own way.My only issue with 4-6 is that they wank RE5 so much, which is a game I actually really enjoy, but feels like the weirdest choice to use. I mean, 5 was newish when Afterlife and Retribution were new, so it makes sense, but I feel everyone else would agree RE4 needed more representation with creatures. Anderson uses so many of those flying Plagas that it's clear he's just testing the waters for cinematic Rathalos.I like his MH film, too.

>>186202422>WTRC is not a bad film per seIt's the Dragon Ball Evolution of vidya adaptations. It feels like someone read Wikipedia synopses of the 2002 and 2019 remakes of 1 and 2 and had AI compose a script. Anderson's movies were unironically more faithful despite not looking so on the surface.

>>186207277That's what I was looking for

the genuinely good ones are the first and the third; the second is the worst but it has the best girlthe rest is pure nonsense maximalist cgi slop; fun to watch tho

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>>186207464Extinction is great. I do think it fell a little victim to escalating stakes, though.

>>186195656I don't understand why she got super powers