Nice try, FBI

Annual dress-up night at uni. Now in bed.

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I'd rather qualify tbh

You're such a youngun



I don't know, over the course of pretty much the entire time these threads existed, they've always seemed like they're dying, but overall stayed the same amount of dead over time

Who dat

Tomoko took a bath??

I'm going to hug you to death

Sleep well

I meant on a personal level we are all dying

I'm dumb.



Going to do the same thing tomorrow^^

Qualify the universe?

Got your eye on anyone?

Invent the universe


Stab me instead


Oh, he'll "stab" you alright

Nobody in particular plenty to go for tho!



Shut up you adorable bitch

I'm going to kiss your stupid face

I'm not a lesbian

I have a boyfriend though.

IT'S PLATONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can kiss a dog's head and it doesn't matter if that dog has a boyfriend or not

If you wish to bake an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.
Carl Sagan's Cosmos

I wasn't comparing you to a dog; it's just a similar situation


You want to fuck dogs?

Somewhere there's a Satania image that would go well with this

I want to cuddle them

By that I mean I saw bestiality hentai of Satania and didn't save it

Wait, that's not completely true

That might be rape.

Why do you keep thinking about bestiality when I'm talking about cuddling dogs? You've talked to Squash too much or something

You're the one who said you wanted to kiss a dog's head after jerking it off...

K enough animus for now

Love (You)

bye loser

lol you took it like you took this

You're so lewd

Hopefully that's punishable on death row.

I'm concerned that your dark humor may reflect how you actually feel

How are you really? ^^

You'll get your boipussy soon enough

Did you just assume your own gender?

He was a cool guy

Exhausted and headachey.

I just wanna sleep.

I said I'm not a lesbian

Am I one?

Thanks for giving me a real answer ^^

You should sleep, then

Can't, clowns will eat me.

Come on, you just said you want to :3


I would be asleep right now if I could be.

Good morning gurl

How u?

What's keeping you up?

I think you should at least try ^^

did u become a teacher and have a horrible wake up time

not gurl.
Tired, but slowly waking up.
How's you?

Stress I guess.

I dunno.

No I lied about all that

thats a relief. does that mean you're still a neet

Sure I guess


Happy that Wish-chan is here cause I haven't talked to her in forever

Doing anything today? ^^

Just lie down, close your eyes, let go of your muscle tension, and breathe slowly and deeply ^^

What's stressing you out?

If only that was possible. I've been needing to crack my shoulders for a week but it's not happening.

Uh, stress?

I'm not pastry either.

Heh, good, gives you something to do~
Nothing special, gonna read a bit, play runescape and bully feku


Lesbian is gendered

Stop making excuses :3

Just lie down in whatever position's most comfortable and do your best to relax. I'm sure you've slept in the past week ^^

And okay, you don't have to talk about it

I was saying I'm a baked pastry

He has a fetish for being bullied

What's ur point

hot mouth pussy lemme fuk

hihu my dreams were safe

What kind of pastry?

Explains why he likes it so

Yay :3
Good dreams?

I keep doing that thing where I fall asleep and then wake up 30 minutes later. I get like 4 hours of sleep a night :^)

Go cyber a pony reject

You're gendering yourself

Totes not an ally

idk i dont remember. i only slept 5 hours

i dont cyber unironically

"Baked" means I have injected marijuanas

Still better than nothing, so try not to stay up too much later ^^

You should get a massage

I'm confused

Not an ally??

I guess I'm with the axis powers

Why tho

Go back to bed

Nah, means you got done in the oven~

I'm not a jew

Did you set me up to reply with this on purpose?

That sounds like a temporary fix to a dumb problem.

im not a lewdie

i cant i ate these cocaine mint things

You said you've had a bad problem with your shoulders for about a week

Use Canadian healthcare to get something done about it

No, you're a sweet cake

Ew, drugs~

I'm the Mercy of Satan


Satan is a good guy, he dindu nothin


The concept of "good" is just a meme

Don't worry about it

if you take a pill it will feel really good for you in the butt

I've never dildo'd myself while high but I bet it would feel extra good

Can't tell me what to do

Wow, you do buttplay? Gay!

you could get weed infused lube and absorb it through your butt as well

nope i just assumed its something you would like so i tried to appeal to you

I told you what not to do

Excessive worrying can lead to heart problems

I think I've heard of that

I wonder what getting high with your butt feels like

Well, I don't know

Maybe I do worry a bit too much sometimes

apparently is a thing with normal druggies. they call it shafting. its when you stick a pill up your butt and it last longer or something because metabolism science stuffs

have you every tried butt stuff?

Nope. A finger like twice, but that's about it

i tried getting into it and gave it a lot of chances but it just doesnt have the return in investment compared to normal masturbation.
So whats hu up to on the weekend?

I'm a bit surprised that I've done more butt stuff to myself than Hu has

I've done lots of butt stuff to Erio too tbh

Too much effort. Better to just stay whole and natural and then let your boyfriend ravage that ass~
Nothing much yet. Lying in bed reading, should probably just get up and do the same as usual.
What'll you be up to today? More anime?

Cause you're a fag~

Are you sure it wasn't the other way around?

Didn't you say you have a boyfriend?

Can I have a girl pegging me instead?
What's the same as usual? making breakfast? make sure to cum in the eggs.
I have no definitive plans, but right now im watching a man smack a lizard against a tree.

Only internet so far.. fuck everything

I suppose you could, but probably wouldn't feel as good.
Though cooking is the same too, and nah, I don't cum in food.
Lol, wow.

atleast its not gay. how much hours of runscrap do you play a day? Cumin in eggs is actually not bad.
Hes pretty gross but I kinda wanna try half the things he eats.

It's not gay if it's a trap either, isn't that what people say? ~
Too much. During the weekends, pretty much every waking hour. I've played this account for 14 months or so, and I probably got 2000 hours logged now.
Hmm, I guess it isn't. So long those eggs are in an adult woman.
What kind of stuff does he eat? Lizards?

Dildos don't throb and have body heat

Exactly why they're worse

Yes, we're on the same page with this

throbbing with body heat is gay

im not accepting a penis into my body regardless. if anything id dick the trap.
every hour sounds tiring. dont you ever just want to wind down and do something less interactive?
tfw lost my opportunity to fap because ppl invaded house
I really want to try some rabbit thighs. They look very meaty and apparently have a unique taste.

I laughed harder than I should have


But better!

And let the trap dick you.
Yeah, I do, hence I mostly play the game in a way that lets me afk it while posting here too. I don't play it "optimally" for the most part.
Shower then and fap there. Used to do that when I shared a room with someone else.
Huh.. Does sound a bit different. Probably expensive too


maybe if i just let it sit there for a while so i can get used to the throbbing first.

sounds like you canb bfit more entertainment into that schedule. also cant shower yet cuz ppl are awake

While "she" holds you close and caresses your body? Wouldn't that be awesome

Nah, nothing more entertaining to be done.
How come not? Do they occupy the bathroom?

while jerking me off too that would be nice
You could try watching anime.
Also i cant bathroom if ppl r awake cuz i risk entering their line of sight

Emma's thighs


Nah, not gonna watch stuff, never!
Lol, are you me?


Emma's thighs?


Your thighs


well it was nice saying hello.
I worked 12 hours and i'm too tired to even drink alcohol, nini.


jerking your dick is not faggoty!
One day you will submit and watch.
also no lol dont you talk to your brother or something? dont you also have to talk to those people you work with?

dot dot dot

... grr

Jerking my dick to big dicks cumming buckets isn't gay, I agree! Straight as hell.
Nope, not gonna happen ever maybe
Well uh, yeah, but I'm mostly quiet


*puffs cheeks*

just fuck already!

Do you receive the dick or give the d


Why don't you have a chibi namirin keychain? twitter.com/namirin_2525/status/914025052458295296


I'm fiercely loyal to my boyfriend

I will not

Already took like 6

Neither. I take what I want whenever I want.
But would provide if they wanted it

Isn't your boyfriend Speccy?



A true fag.

Huh? Oh..

So what about you? Taking it, unless they're a 40kg cutie like Megumin?


Um that actually is kinda gay.

Im extremely reticent to the point where i can just barely function online

tbh her voice is too soft i dont like it. also lol her dad is a weeb

Don't know why you thought that.


woah, NO IT ISN'T!! Not if they're wearing a skirt

Really? You seem to be doing well enough

Just the way he speaks to you, and you previously calling him daddy

I hand out generous amounts of smol d

Clockwork Goggles is my boyfriend.

If I said something to spec it was probably a joke.

I assumed he knew because we've met in real life

or something like that

I dunno. Go die.

eh not really. the reason all i talk about is not being gay/fapping watching anime and stuff is because im insecure about revealing more thins about myself


Just handing it out, huh? Submissive slut~

Be careful there!

Such as what kind of games you play?
Eh, not that it matters much. All we do here is shitpost anyway


i dont play games too much because it tires me out


Why ?

play casual games, those are neat

cause they're all cunts

i used to play idle clicker games but i realized that they were going nowhere and i got bored of it

Not to me

Sup threaders

Same, bad habbit. Still playing Clicker Heroes after playing it almost every day since 854 days ago


I stopped playing that 3 months ago and im just 3 hours shy of 3000 hours

Clicker Heroes 2 is coming out soon, I got invited to the beta ^^


Oh? That's pretty neat. They put up the notification a year or two ago. Thought they stopped developing it

believe it

Awwe ethy

didnt they say it was gonna be an mmo or something? also lol sry for ditching u in the clan

Nah, you lied

2018 :^)

I don't think their scope is that big, it just looks like another idle game
And that's fine, I stopped playing months ago too

the anime clickers are superior anyways :^)
have you tried any that you can recommend?

I've no idea how many hours I got, don't play it on Steam.
Though right now my max transcendent primal reward is 2.7e429, and max zone is 52554 5000 pre-transcendent

into the trash it goes

I like realm grinder

I didn't

thats probably way more than me. the only thing i remember is having 150ish of those op souls. when i played it i did the bare minimum each day


come at me!

what is this. i was expecting a more degenerate game with huge anime tiddies

whats your highest merc level? i think mine was +49 it was the light green rarity with extra lives. I think its still alive actually. Ive been saving up the candy canes fromt he christmas event to keep it rezzed

NO I don't think so


Damn, I should have done the same..
My highest one was 40.
I got a mythical right now :^)

You don't think, but I know

Is a bit more like an RPG

*hug subtle*

have you ever gotten a leeroy? i was cycling through like 3 different mercs at a time trying to get one but i never did

wtf why did you post niko tits at me. i feel utterly disgusted that i didnt even get a spoiler.

it seems like a pretty new game. have you reached end game for it yet?

*hug loco*

I know better

i smiled

Yep. I've had 3 out of many. Took too damn long


Stay hydrated.

Ii yo, she's covering the important parts

Yeah it's pretty recent. But I haven't got to endgame, there's wayyy more depth than it looks. Probably more than CH.

loli cum

actually turns out i got the rarity wrong but yep hes still alive
alternatively i only have 47 mercs buried

i can still see her face?

oh well i probably wont get into it then. i wonder if i should do some sakura clicker or crush crush

Holy shit, that's pretty nice.
My mythical is pretty trash.

cant you activate all your skills without breaking idle when you do that? if you do that deep into the run on a treasure chest you get a mad boost right?

wait nvm the first skill fucks it all up
well if you get a merc that magically activates the right skills at the late end of a run you could boost your progress a bunch

First skill is 10-clicks-a-second, so that will break idle.
Also, lol, autoclickers

Only need to activate Metal Detection.
And at the end of a run, I'll have Energon at level 1000+, so I can just activate that and wait to go back in idle, then enjoy 30min. of +100% gold in idle

i stopped buying those when i had 8. feels like your rubies are better used to speed up the next trancension. i was full idle tho so i just used to to level heroes and their skills when i was too lazy to myself. Do you play with those on hybrid?

They're great due to this ancient

i thought he had diminishing returns for every autoclicker?

Each autoclicker costs 50 additional rubies, so I just spend them all on those. I guess buying timelapse could be better



I know they cost more and more but i meant the ancient bonus itself. like it says per auto clicker but i think the value goes down with more clickers

Loco pls responce

Waking up at 4 am every day is ass.

Go to bed earlier~

My job is 4am to 4pm.
I don't have a lot of flex in my time.

Are you a lumberjack?

I use to look like one.

It seems to be kind of your aesthetic from some of the muscular dogs you post

Im easy to read.


I don't think so..

Rolled 2 (1d2)?

how was your fap?

I cooked.
And no, I didn't cum in the eggs



are you not an advocate of recycling protein ?

recycling is a meme

Rest in Peace, oh Sage of Socialism.

its just an excuse to eat cum

nom nom nom

You really gotta find someone to feed that lust of yours


He became a good commie.


wow luka thats lewd making that comment after mines

have you ever tried your own


This so much. Laughed heartedly too

Yep. Wouldn't recommend


Hey squid, are you knowledgeable and/or experienced with enemas?

There are 5 dogs sleeping in the small ass hallway between my room and the bathroom.
This is inconvenient.




the way it sticks is interesting but getting it down at first is kinda uncomfortable because you arent very used to it

taiyaki is good too

Squid's a slut

I meant more the taste, else it's a liquid like any other

Name one here who isn't

name me!(im not a slut)

the taste is kinda foreign at first but when you start breathing you can taste it with every breath

Is Erio still here?



Eh.. I'll just stick to another's


it's 4:20am
i think i'll take a nap since i need to be somewhere in the morning.

I'm not a slut. Except for ikt.

This keycaps are mediocre I require better ones.

Alright. I might play some games and chill.

Now that's funny.

Why'd I expect this response

*patting back*

And just about everyone else

*strokes hair*

I'd hate to defy expectations.

No I'm not a sub


I actually really dislike being touched by people I'm not in a loving committed relationship with.

How're you today?


Only sometimes

No hugs from your parents?

How are you supposed to get yourself into a loving commited relationship without touches?

Where were you?

Rin is a whore.

Scoots. I am bored. Entertain me.

I hug my sister and her kidlets but that's about it.

That's the struggle. :(

PLEASE Scoots, the word is ESCORT.

Sitting outside drawing trees and rocks.

Fukken go out to a bar and meet some cuties.

Literally anime

Ohh, nice.


That's why you have pets.

why live?

Bars seem like an affair that I'd be done with after half an hour and need to recharge.

I think you should read that again.

My sister and her kids.

You have to get out of your comfort zone to grow.

Otherwise enjoy your foreveralone

Want to be my sister?

committed relationship with multiple people!

But I'm not a girl

Tuck your twig and berries.
I'll figure it out.

About fucking time.

But I can't get pregnant!

Communism will win

its like buttplay i think its good in scarcity


I'm the type of person who really needs to be dragged out of their comfort zone kicking and screaming.


Hoi me moi.

So how many dildos you got?

A merry おはようお姉ちゃん to you too

Said the one with ロリコン .

Frustrated, the car is STILL not done and I need to come back to get the exhaust fixed because it keeps vibrating against the body.


Mpreg soon.

Fuck, that sucks. Haven't it been a week or two underway now?

I wish ;-;

”A merry good morning big sister to you too"

Ouh, oh no.
I hope it'a nothing super major.

Insert topical sex joke here.




I didn't know, I don't speak moon runes

Science needs to get a move on

We can just fuck until then.


Nah it passed inspection fine and all's been paid so it's technically sound, but the mechanic was probably a bit sloppy making the new exhaust fit so things now make noises. You only hear them when cornering to the left quickly though, but still, gotta fix.

2 weeks going back and forth sucks tho ;_;

I want my own car.


That must be exhausting for your friends.

Good, because if you had you might realize that I was lazy and didn't really write good morning fully.

So it's more like "Morning, big sis."

Oh, well that's not so bad.

When we get married you'll have a dorifuto supra.

Bleh. Hope when that's fixed, it'll be a while before anything goes bad again..

Don't buy French


how's your day going?

But that works too~

I've been up since 3am when my roommate came home.

What do you want?

It's been 24 years give it a break :V

you should murder him

Wait just a god damned minute will you?

Nah. It would be way too ez rn

Elma is here?

*Wogs tail

I adapt quickly, so it's usually not outside my comfort zone for terribly long.

Like, I'd try to get everyone bowling if I had the money, but that might just be because night hours at our alley is sick.

No, お姉ちゃん is you.
I'm 妹.

Well, if you get a dorifuto car too then we'll need something that's for not dorifuto.
Otherwise I don't know much about cars but I've wanted to learn for the past while.

Hi Fool. You can use my name y'know lol

too much faggotry for one thread

get a job you hippie.

Oh, that's pretty well done

Uh.... sure! I guess?

cover him in pig's blood at least so he knows not to do it again

Welp guess im up til tonight now fml

I am.
I were handing out resumes this week.

Monday I'm going to do some down main street too.


I know you as Elma. I don't know any other name to call you.

Hello, Squish face.

EVO 6 for rally

You are p well done :3c


You're making little sense~

Too well done. I'm a bit chewy, not tender

How are you today?

was* I've seen you do that multiple times now, is it supposed to be cute or something?

Simply handing them out doesn't do shit tho.


0 i dont butt stuff

i cant get enough of their flat chest and hairless lips

Alright. Just woke up a while ago, but I have 5 days off after 2 weeks of 6 days of work and 13 hours each day a week.
So I'm taking the time to relax. How are you?

Yes, I am a lame and boring person.

That settles that then.


I'm good. I'm reading about Venus figurines found at Petersfels and thinking about buying some blocks of wood, ink, more carving tools, and some paper so I can get back into block printing.

All I do is read and paint and smoke and paint.


It's like one of those phrases where I say half and you say the other half.

I say おはようお姉ちゃん!
Then you pat me on the head and say 俺の妹が大好き。

It's not really something I realize I'm doing.

Well, yeah, but resumes and applications are the first step.

Your rune name should be ペド instead of へく.

That reminds me. Now that I have a proper desk I can move your print back close to my computer.

Any plans on what you'll make with them?

How do you know buttplay is good in scarcity if you don't do it?

woah, woah, dude, calm down

Nah, never going to happen~
But a good girl is indeed what you are

I just feel like lots of people don't follow up with them on purpose to milk the "but mom I'm trying" phase of their neetdom.


relax. It's Saturday.

It is the best. Though I ran out of cigarettes. I need to buy more.

I had a dream of a print and I woke up with the desire to make it.

I quit those finally. Feelsgoodman.

What kind of paint?

Say it.

Eh, I don't really want to be a NEET.
Unless I'm a housewife, but even then I'd probably stream full time anyway.


I'm gonna go start coffee and take a shower.

but mom im trying

A block print. You have a block print of mine, it's the same process. Though I'm thinking about doing it in two colors.

I will quit when I am dead.

but mommy likes me to stay at home

I can't say what I cannot pronounce

Enjoy. Get clean

That's p convenient then I suppose.

stop weebing out

well im not experienced enough to have dildos

And at the rate I am going it should be relatively soon.

Good for you /patpat

What colors.

Elma never gives me pat pats.

they were sarcastic pats tho

It is the best.

Black and beige.

Ah, I see...
Wouldn't spend money on it either

They are still pat pats.

Let me know how it turns out.
Also things have been getting better around here.

elma never tells me i am a good boy

I'll probably take a picture of it if it turns out well.

Snuggles spoke to me for a bit earlier. His words did not make me think things were getting better.

because you're a bad boy

that's cause you haven't bought me shoes yet, dummy.

Well, more I'm speaking to my financial quandary and such. I'm not home much so I don't know about that.

Will buy shoes for good boys and head pats.

Back in a while.

Well, it's good that you're getting your finances together.

Snuggles is in a bad way right now, the poor fellow.













but i am THE good boy