>Anime can't be kin-

>Anime can't be kin-

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>>186195516Why the west isn't able to create kinos like this?

I listened to someone on Holla Forums who said it was "great" and watched it.It's cringe. And honestly it feels patronizing for me as a lonely and horny male.I'll stick with 90's anime about delinquents, thank you.

>>186195516Trigger is so fucking bad it's unreal. >captcha: XTNDX

>>186195516isn't that just softcore hentai?


I originally thought this anime was shit but I seen a lot of cute egirls dress up as zero two so maybe it's not all that bad

>>186195516It was standard studio Nigger product, good for wasting time and decent fan service but mid overall

>>186196022>>186195692>>186195516>Budget Eureka SevenOr I just really want people who watched this and were thoroughly disappointed to watch Eureka Seven.

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1-5 Good6-10 Okay11 Lolworthy for the fatty cuck memes but otherwise bad12-15 Amazing16-21 Bad22 Good23-24 Utter Shit

>>186195516Does it have all the anime tropes?

>>186196304Such as? It’s not like MHA or Demon Slayer if that’s what your thinking.

>>186196022die die please die

>>186196332It's worse than both of those somehow.

>>186195516I liked it a lot, the character designs were great and it had some cool themes. But the ending was not good.

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>>186196508There we go, now THIS is giant robot kino.

>>186196463Endless such cases. That’s the last time I ever watch anime live with /a/.

>>186196508Only good post

>>186195516The manga was better, same artist as To-Love-Ru and has a good ending


>>186196508This nigga gets it, I don't mind new anime but holy fuck are current day studios so bad at doing mecha.

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>>186195516I'd rather rewatch Heroman

>>186197612What's this?

>>186195516Get this fag shit out of here

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>>186195516>discount eva for zoomersIt fucking sucked.

>>186198043Eureka Seven > *

>>186197923I fucking hate living in the world where things like this won't happen again.

>>186195516Anime can be kino, however no anime made in the last decade is kino.

>>186198056That was discount Eva for millennials

anyone else get put off by the ntr sideplot

>>186195516>NGE but if it was made by coomers

>>186198043Is Evangelion the only mecha anime you’ve ever watched by any chance?

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>>186196508Based and big o pilled.

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>>186195516I'm a weeb, and I like Trigger, but let me finish that for you>oDITF is fucking awful. It's only redeeming quality is 02 being hot and inspiring lots of cosplay thots, and most anime have that.

>>186198197I would say that’s Evangelion itself.

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>>186195516Love animeHate Darling in the Franxx

>>186198078Animated and live action media will NEVER EVER AGAIN look this magical because of Ultra 8K Mega High Definition cameras.You'll just have to accept that.

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>>186195516Darling in the FranXX I’d give a 6/10THIS shitheap however? 4/10. Fucking Canadians man.

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>>186197828>2023>not knowing getter roboI pity you.

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>>186195516I cried at the end of this

youtube.com/watch?v=6020oGackJsThis isn’t really related besides it being a mecha anime, I just really love this ED.

>>186197923Patlabor 2 was shit, the tv anime and first movie was better.

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>>186198470sounds cool, cheers

>>186198204scrolled down to make sure this was posted

>>186198557It is the most beautiful animated film I ever watchedyoutube.com/watch?v=1dmlwhaEEgE

>>186198220Filthy corrupt paradigm dog, we all know big duo is the superior megadeus.

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>>186198356Well it's not exactly true. I think 8K large format cameras are great. Shit like Panavision dxl2 is basically modern version of VistaVision which is the best 35mm format but only handful of movies in 50s and 60s were shot using it.

>>186195516>tranxxxliteral japslopthere are much better anime out there you tasteless retarded nigger

KyoAni is still the undisputed anime kino factory

>>186195692>90's anime about delinquentsBased as fuck

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>>186198717Based and Schwarzwald pilled

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>>186199037Lol no, kyoanus makes nothing but moeslop trash.

>>186199086He literally did nothing wrong.

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One of the worst endings to a show I ever seen. Platinum End beats it out for that title though.

>>186195516>Pink hair>WaifubaitNo thanks, it's another coomer product

>>186199235the fact that this show was a flop in japan shows how tasteless japanese audiences are

>>186199451Nips have come around to liking but that's mainly due to it's popularity here in the US.

>>186199316I don’t think Anemone is coomerbait.

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Is this anime any good? Is it true that there's a scene where the boys and girls are naked and you see all their bare butts?

>>186200294Yes but there are countless other anime that do that.

>>186195516>google "shittiest anime">post whatever comes up on Holla Forums>get free yous>?????>profit

>>186197923It's a great movie, but I wish it had more Noa.

>>186200626>google "shittiest anime"holy shit it's true, fuggin kek

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>>186195796It's giant mecha robot girls who fight Kaiju, the mecha girls are powered by sexual mind links between a male and female pilots. The main boy has mental ed and can't maintain a mind link with any of the girls and till the pink one shows up and the blue girl next door friend gets jealous

>>186195516It’s one of 1000 anime’s about teenagers learning about their sexuality, it’s not especially original or kino, really mid actually and the way the franx are piloted is so ridiculously on the nose and dumb.

>>186200710What's the anime with the white haired girl? Was it the one with the really bad CGI?

>>186196508Actual kino. I avoided it as a kid when it was on Toonami but I finally watched it a few years ago and it's in my top 3.

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>>186195516Both openings are super kino. Shame about everything past ep15.youtube.com/watch?v=6jmmz5iLI10

>>186198204uhhhhhwhat the fuck?explain this weebs

Trannies belong on their containment board

AS never showed the trigun intro once despite airing it 10,000 timesyoutu.be/4OxFSy8G5wk

Today I will remind them

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>>186202372Probably the most notoriously bad series of the past 10 years. Some anime just suck, man.

>>186202411/tv/ is tranny central

are there any anime where the characters act like actual people?

>>186202724slice of life series, i guess

>>186195755This isn't a trigger anime newfag.

>>186202724Even the characters in Rugrats All Grown Up act more like people than any character from popular anime

>>186195516This was one of the most offensively bad shows I’ve even seen. Fuck this show with a knife.youtu.be/wFO-RNHvRq8


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>>186202724Initial D

>>186196022It's really really shit. Notice how nobody ever fucking talks about the plot? Zero two may as well just be an ambiguous anime merchandise poster girl because her design is the only thing about that shit show people remotely care about.And fuck the alien ending. Not because it was bad (it was) but because it gave retards a scapegoat for why it was bad. The ending did not ruin the show. It was just bad all along.


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>>186201304Ex-Arm? Yea it's bad. You can actually see the 'animators' learning how to do their job in real time.

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>>186202724There's a manga that's like 2 chapters in that made me kek yesterday about a speedrunner isekai'd into his speedgame and he begins using glitches and whatnot and freaking out the locals

>>186206316The manga isnt that bad, it reminds me of GiTS.The author must curse himself every time he remembers he accepted the anime deal.

One Piece is the most kino tv show of all time AND it has terrible pacing after the first 80 or so episodes, doesn't matter it just tells the greatest story for man.

Heavenly Delusion is the most kino 'current' anime I've seen in a long, long, time.

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>>186195516someone explain to me what the ending to this anime was and why it was so bad. I remember this being all over during its flavor of the month phase but everyone immediately shut up after it ended

>>186206583A1 brought the ending back to what Trigger originally laid out and it felt weird and rushed, and was the same thing Trigger had done before (larger, bigger bad is out in SPACE).The last three epsidoes were a fun homage to Gunbuster/Diebuster

>>186206559seasonals can't be kinot. former seasonalfag who has seen the light

>>186195516I dropped this halfway through

For me it is Made in Abyssyoutube.com/watch?v=Skmy1trZXtg

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>>186206583people got filtered by aliens

>>186195516Franxx is just Godannar for faggots.youtube.com/watch?v=Blktn4Ngu5U

never seen it and I know for a fact /m/ hates it with a passion

>>186207650I'm from /m/ and I hate it.

>>186196304It has all the Trigger tropes, like think of everything that could've went wrong with TTGL and imagine that they did go wrong, that's Darling in the Franxx down to ending that's supposed to be bitter-sweet.

>>186206559They ran out of budget for last week's episode.

>>186207559cunny in abyss

Greatest animekino of all time.

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>>186198198I bet he doesn't consider EVA Mecha and thinks it's particularly unique from rest of the genre.

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>Anime can't be kin-

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>>186208084this is a beginner anime you poser otaku

>>186202724Mad Bull 34

Bow, you shits.

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why is japan so transphobic

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>>186195516Tried watching this, it was so incredibly cringe I couldn't make it past 3 episodes


>>186195516This is literally the worst anime I've ever seen.>>186195755Trigger only worked on like 1/4 of the show. It was supposed to be a collab with A-1 Pictures, until both of them dropped it, leaving a literally new studio Cloverworks to work on the last 4 episodes. It's was an absolute disaster and it's a miracle that it even finished.Trigger's true project at the time were SSSS.Gridman and Promare, which were fucking amazing.>>186207650It's one of the few anime that both /a/ and /m/ hates.

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>>186208956lack of Jews.

>>186209009try Summertime Rendering, a masterpiece that isnt woke

the best mecha anime by farevafags can fuck off

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>>186202724Chainsaw Man

For me, it's forbidden love animekino.

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>>186209189Eva was the peak of mechaTTGL was the finaleThere will never be a mecha anime worth watching again

>>186209189Gaint Robo shits on this

>>186202372It's an edit. I wish it wasn't but it is.