Shazam was ok

Shazam was ok.

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What are gfs like

>>186195434fun for 5 months, when they're trying to please you.

>>186195552Then what

>>186195434>>186195552and then one day you wake up and wonder why are you still with her. she probably feels the same about you, too. but both are used to the routine so they never speak. you might break up in a day or two or end married for 50 years

>>186195628misery as the rinse your soul and wallet.

>>186195391she needs to do some serious movie that require nudity

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>>186195434It's very exciting at first and then it gets less exciting and then they are boring. But even in the boring phase it's still nice to sleep pressed up against her warm ass at night

>>186195678Is she intentionally trying to get men to tickle thier collective pickles at her tits?

>>186195434Mine buys me stuff, takes me on trips, makes sure I'm taken care of and practically worships me in spite of my flaws because I keep her company, have sex with her and make her feel loved. Last one is the most important because she has subatomic levels of self esteem. Probably why she puts up with the fact I have nothing going for me. Doubt that'll last but whatever.

>>186195678she has nudes but they're from before her bahoongas came in. if you like coochie you're in for a treat tho

>>186195839>she has subatomic levels of self esteemShe sounds perfect


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>>186195978I can't find them

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>>186195552Ain't this the truth. Afterwards they lose interest in me.

>>186195678first name starts with an L, last name starts with an L

>>186195839My man, you just described me and my gf as well. Shit's great.

>>186195391I would fuck her like it was my full time job and the strength of my 401k was determined by how much I came in her ass.

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>>186197036>named Grace>is graceful

>>186197036her boobs are too big for ballet

>>186197797Seems to be doing just fine to me

>>186195434Salty coins and milk.

>>186197797Shut up fag

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>>186195839Don't take her for granted. Give her as much love as she can handle.

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They're fake tits you dumb simps

>>186195678Dunno why, but this feels like the Victoria justice in Heels webm.

>>186197797And you’re too gay for Holla Forums

>>186199207They very obviously aren't

>>186199207who cares?

>>186195434Bag of sand

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>>186199823No, yes, yes, yes out of respect, yes, maybe, maybe

I watched the movie just for her

>>186195391>>186195678She definitely has the best tits in Hollywood right this moment.

>>186197797>t. jealous stickBallet would be far more enjoyable with curvaceous women.

>>186199916>yes out of respect

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>>186195678>>186195391hubba hubba get a load of those funbags

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She is TRULY blessed.

>>186197903This guy knows what's up.

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>>186195391it'll be a crime against humanity if we don't get some topless photos while those bazingas have some perkiness.

>>186195391>Shazam was ok.I enjoyed it. It was an entertaining movie, fun would be a good descriptor.

Is she a jew

>>186200259>>186200285She has a stunning face


>>186199207Says who?

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>>186195671I've been with my GF for over 6 years and this is so true it hurts.

>>186200692Eh, low effort would be more apt. The whacky adventures of kid cripple kike took up far too much screen time. In contrast, Batson had at most five minutes of screen time and he's the title character. The whole thing was an extremely weak layup for the justice society vs. Moster society movie. If they even bother with it.


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>>186195771Yeah and no. Women dress slutty intentionally for attention, but they also don't like getting attention for dressing slutty.

Weird how no one clocked her in the first film, only the second.

>>186199207No, they grew cause of her pregnancy

>>186201241she's not pregnant

>>186201305Is her husband gay?


>>186195678Blessed pair

>>186195552Yep. But damn is that honeymoon phase the greatest feeling in the world. It's a whirlwind of love and sex. Spontaneous blowjobs, her being open to basically anything sexual, her being happy to cook for you and clean for you. You can pull her pants down at basically any given time and stick it in and she'll love it. Fast forward a few months in and you aren't getting sex everyday. The blow jobs slow down. You can't just stick fingers in her whenever you want and she's not so eager to please you

>>186200182>>186199751they're fake tits>earlier pics>very little tits>right before shazam 2 starts filming>got huge titsretards galorealso, the curvature of cleavage is the giveaway if they're fake or not. hers are clearly fake.

>>186202082post proof incel

>>186202082>also, the curvature of cleavage is the giveaway if they're fake or not. hers are clearly fake.Yeah I don't think so bro

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>>186202537who cares, either way they're still her "real" boobs even if they have some added silicone padding inside.


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>>186199207Literally who cares

>>186202082see >>186202762who cares

someone post her toes

Reminder that Grace Currey is into sissification + ABDL with herself in the governess role.Source: knower of things

>>186195678wtf is she doing posing and preening and batting her eyelasheswhy are women like this

>>186195678>>186195391is this gal gadot?

>>186202841Consider glasses

>>186202082I've also suspected that they're implants, but if they are fake they're the best, most natural-looking implants ever and her surgeon is a fucking magician.

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>>186195434Like deliberately putting yourself in a cage right before a growth spurt. Like voluntarily confining yourself to a wheelchair. Like having a quest NPC that attempts to assign you daily quests and then challenges you if you refuse. Like plugging yourself into a video game that after different milestones attempts to chop off one of your limbs until you are nothing more than a torso at which point the game tosses your limbs back at you, still unattached, and shuts off. It's a pretty shitty experience overall, but the better you get in life the harder it is to avoid having a gf because women appropriate to your level of achievement begin to stack up on you and women are masters, MASTERS of lose-lose dilemmas. The big one they wield is "date me :)" and then...If you recognize very quickly it isn't going to work out? "YOU FUCKING PLAYER! YOU PIECE OF SHIT! YOU LOSER! YOU FAGGOT! IT WAS A GIFT FOR ME TO GIVE YOU MY PUSSY YOU BITCH BOY LOSER FUCK! YOU'RE GOING TO BE ALONE FOREVER YOU FUCKING LITTLE DICK BITCH...Okay, last you want to take a chance with me? :)" If you try to make things work and they end up not working? "OMG YOU WASTED MY TIME! HOW DARE YOU! WHY DID YOU WASTE MY TIME? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DATED ME FOR AS LONG AS YOU DID AND NOW WE'RE BREAKING UP! IT WAS ALL A WASTE! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS...I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU...YOU FAILED...YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO MARRY ME, HAVE BABIES, BUY ME A HOUSE, AND LET ME STOP WORKING! OMG YOU WASTED MY TIME!...I was cheating on you anyway though...FUCK YOU!"

>>186202897I highly doubt it just based on their shape.

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>>186202948dios mio.

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>>186198021>t. poofter

>>186195434A prison at times, but you get sex I guess.

>>186195434It turns you into a huge faggot like >>186202937

>> wanna talk about it?

>>186202082This nigga never watched fall, she looked flat chested for almost the whole movie until she took off her bra

>>186195434I'm 28 and have never had a gf and probably never will

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>>186203684well, what can you do

Tits too big

>>186195434It's unironically like being a tard wrangler

>>186203461You're ugly, single, and low T. I'd bet money it.

>>186195391>>186195678>>186197036>>186199823>>186200285>>186202537>>186202703>>186202948Why are they so big


>>186195678She's hot, but that dumb mouth open blue steel look shit is annoying.

>>186195434You realize how retarded women are, first hand.

>>186195839>Mine buys me stuff, takes me on trips, makes sure I'm taken care ofare you sure thats not a nurse?

>>186197036Ballerinas with big tips are God's gift.

What bra size?

is your mission to make my tiny widdle white cocklet extremely stiffy wiffy?


>>186203844This. Plus you are required to accompany the tard at any and all social events. And you are required to share a bed, bathroom, and kitchen with her. And no matter how insane, loud, obnoxious, or embarrassing her behavior might be, you are required to agree with her or she'll just get worse. But you get secks sometimes... Until you get married.

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Those cans are a KO, however

>>186204386Around 32F/G in index sizing.


>>186202781you do

>>186195671God damn this post hurts

>>186205116How does one understand bra/cup sizes? Some bitches be shaking huge baggies of leche, and be like, "AKSHUALLY, TECHNIGGERALLY, I'MMA B CUPPP!"

>>186205755The number is the diameter around their torso under the boobs and the cup size is the diameter around the boobs, the letter is based off the difference


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>>186205755To make titlets feel even worse. It's like having gigantic dong and saying "I haven't measured it, maybe 6 inches or something".

>>186206084But this user is right>>186205755Most women don't wear a properly fitted bra.

>>186195434Bags of warm pennies

>>186195434I want to kill myself.

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>>186206567This is pornographic

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>chest and arms completely covered>entire thighs exposed

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>>186206887>hot and fundamn

>>186195391Yes, it was enjoyable, op.As we know, Zach Levi is /ourguy.

>>186207071Levi is a fucking twerp.

Those are LARGE breasts and I am in favor of that.

>>186195434fun at first mildly to very annoying later

>>186203908God is good

Please God let her play a non woke sexualized Lara Croft and have that retarded woke bitch that ruined Indy 5 abandon writing duties on it because of the writers strike.Please God.

>>186199916Did you just “maybe” Lucy Liu? Wtf am I getting old or something? Or are you one of those gays I read about

Wholesome tribute to Bogdanovich

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>>186204121My girlfriend, now fiance is a nurse and she does all these things. Not sure what happened when she was younger but she has low self esteem even though she's not ugly or out of shape. It's just luck sometimes