So was Macready a Thing in the end?

Was Childs?is there a Thing in this thread right now?

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The thing isn't real. And even if I was do you think he'd be wasting his time on 4channel? No he'd be out trying to survive. Poor guy, we should give him a place to sleep.

They both froze to death

>>186194862There never was a thing. Macready was paranoid and tripping balls and just murdered everyone and burned the base down. In the book it says he snapped when he saw the dog because it reminded him of the one his wife left him for.

>cheating bitch

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>>186194862The answer is neither of them

as long as you get singles you're good


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>>186195075I know I’m human

there was never a thing, it was all hallucination because theyve been cabin fever'ed

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>>186194862I got a "Thing" for you, OP.


>>186195172What's your 'Hing?

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>>186195073That's what I thought

>>186195152what about the prequel?

>>186195188>>186195200WINDOWS BLAST IT

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>>186195200If you want to know what happens to both characters, play (or watch on youtube) the Carpenter-approved videogame, which is a direct narrative sequel to the movie.

>>186194862it's over

I think it was the black guy given the breath theory.Also I'm definitely not an ayylmao guys haha

>>186195006>>186195152There wasn't a thing but there was an contagion that the swedish contracted when they went into the ufo. It made them paranoid and hallucinate, they killed each other then attacked their dogs. And when they went to the american camp, they transmitted the contagion to them.

>>186194862why do people mention childs drinking gasoline at the end? where does it even come from


I'm totally not The Thing guys...

>>186194862Everyone in this thread is the Thing, apart from me of course.

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The Thing is indentifiable by dubsI need to examine everyone in this thread

>>186194862doesn't change the fact that childs was a NIGGER

>>186195631Im not the fucking Thing!

>>186194862>>186195073>>186195200Childs is the Thing. He drinks the 'alcohol'. Not realizing that it was a Molotov. It doesn't kill MacCready immediately because it doesn't know if he's alone totally, yet.

>>186195075I would never roll dubs, I am as human as they come

childs was the thing in the cause you cant see his breath in the cold

>>186195799goddamn it! my hands were in this guy.


>>186194862I'm not a thing.i promise.


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>>186195791>Childs is the Thing.One of the theories that Carpenter and the producer/co-writer have specifically dismissed. There's a comprehensive stackexchange about the movie's ending and as I mentioned above the videogame tells the rest of the story.

watching the thing during winter in november with the window open is a whole new experience...helps if you have a lit candle somewhere

>>186195952That's exactly what a Thing would say

>>186195006>dog because it reminded him of the one his wife left him forWhite Women, am I rite guize?

>>186195075I am good, you can untie me from these other possible dabbles now!

>>186195075sounds easy enough

>>186194862The movie doesn't answer this question, and it doesn't matter anyway.

>>186196088AHHHHH BURN IT

>>186196044the only reason it is mostly white girls that have sex with dogs is that dogs have some say in the matter and are not attracted to minorities.

>>186195791dumb reddit theory

>>186195631Alright, here are my digits

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>>186195206that's a different movie.

>>186195310>where does it even come fromliterally, reddit

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check my humanity

>>186195791wrong. the real answer is that it was all a dream.mcready has isolation sickness, it is evident in the beginning when he pours his whiskey on the computer when he has no replacement on which to do his research.the rest of the film is a complex hallucination about him losing trust in his companions, a common sign of isolation sickness, and paranoia.various signs of this being a medical condition are dotted throughout the film, the blood testing - a medical procedure, the medical table, the white lab coat, the doctor featuring prominently.

>>186195791>Not realizing that it was a Molotov.molotovs are made with alco too retard. Macready also drinks from it prior and it the opening scenes. its standard whiskey bottle

It was obviously childs, why else would they bother showing the empty hallway?his excuse for leaving the base is also bullshit, and the lights go out the minute he leaves

>>186196230this thing has visible breath, ending that faggy. theory completely

I go by the theory that there was gasoline in the bottle at the end. Don’t care that carpenter said it wasn’t true. It’s a good twist and he’s a retard for denying it.

>>186196314the correct plural is children, not childs.ESLs will never learn

>>186196326Silly theory anyway.

>>186196290MacReady doesn't drink from it in that scene. He has it on his side and then passes it to Childs. After Childs drinks he looks off and laughs. Basically understanding that he lost the fight already.

>>186196349ok groomer

>>186196314I don't get why they needed to give the test to Blair. Why couldn't they all go together. Why did childs have to stay behind? Why not rig the bombs together. Why separate. Why not stay together....Macready was kind of retarded.

>>186196290>>186196388As well, Molotovs are made from Alcohol+Gasoline+whatever else most of the time. You can't drink them.

No one mentioned this non canon mess?Dropped it after climate of fear, the repeating formula got stale fast.

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>>186196314> I can tell you what Bill Lancaster [screenwriter] thought when he wrote it - he believed both men were human. He felt this was the most poetic way to end things - two individuals moved beyond exhaustion, framed in a tableau of fire and ice, having a last drink in the Antartica night before freezing to death. I subscribe to this view. I can not, however with 100% certainty tell you that John agrees with this.>Stuart Cohen [producer], The Original Fan: The Ending You Almost Saw>Stuart Cohen did a Reddit AMA in October, 2016, in which he was asked about the theories that Childs is either not breathing normally, or is unwittingly duped into drinking gasoline by MacReady:>Q: Also, do you think there is any reason to believe Childs is drinking gasoline at the end or not breathing regularly?>A: No. There are no specific clues to identity. The film simply wasn't designed to work on that level. THE THING was made for a world in which we hoped to attract people into movie theaters to see it ONCE, and on a large screen - as most now know we failed miserably at that task. Although its flattering we never envisioned the film would be endlessly re-run, rewound, and parsed for meaning...


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>>186196429>Why did childs have to stay behind?my guess is to protect the generator, but he could've left someone with childsbut yeah the part between the palmer thing and the ending is kinda weak (except for the garry kill, which is cool)


>>186195006>he snapped when he saw the dog because it reminded him of the one his wife left him for.was about to cringe before reading this, pretty good

how do you do fellow earth beings?did you happen to witness that sportsball game the previous evening? what a bunch if clowns, am I correct?


>>186194862>>186194995>>186195073>>186195200>>186195791The 2002 video game is considered canon.Child isn't the Thing and freezes to death. There was so much wasted potential with that game. The trust system basically boiled down to nothing as all the infections were time triggered



>>186196666forgot picfucking awesome cover art

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>>186196088Holy shit this is a thinly vieled gets thread! You sly dog, you got jannies kys themselves

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>>186196102>and it doesn't matter anywayYou just want to make things easy so your brain doesnt overheat, eh?

>>186196513it could be explained to sleep deprived and hunger. not thinking straight.but they could have left blair alone.

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>>186196844>average Holla Forums poster

if blair was attacking the group setting the explosives then how did he get to childs

>>186196798spdrmn edit?


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>>186195289That’s the gayest shit I’ve ever heard and I’ve sucked dicks.

if you guys like the Thing so much why don't you marry it

>>186196430yes you can

>>186196977I love the thing that much when I heard carpenter wanted to do a direct sequel I cried in sadness

>>186196666Supposedly the game sequel would've revamp the trust system and gets more dynamic. Alas, it was cancelled before they actually make the prototype.

>>186196326Could just be him breathing his last "human" breathe before he is 100% assimilated and no longer needing to breathe.

>>186195075Anon, get me out of this fucking chair...user, you know me....


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>>186197073I really really like this drawing.even put a smile on my face

>>186195075im not the thing guys i swear


>>186195075Well good thing I never get dubs.

I'd prefer a mini-series instead of a sequel movie. I think they did a sequel movie just about as well as they could have with the first one. Why not take the concept and see how it pans out in a show that lasts for one season? The Terror is a decent example of a one-and-done season that works (mostly) great. Would be interesting to see how The Thing as a scenario plays out over a 10 episode season. We'd get to know the characters far better, which in turns raises the horror/dread of the scenario because of how perfect of an imitation The Thing is. Damn, I'd love to watch a series like that.

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>>186194862We can all agree with 100% certainty that Mac was NOT The Thing. Childs probably was though.

>>186197152i want ai to get good enough to recreate the thing, predator and freddy kruger in the style of peanuts

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Could The Thing go into an air vent and just let itself shed particles into the air? Would that get the job done? Or does it need to infect on at least a blood/saliva level?

>>186197188dunno, tried to talk about the process and realised I didn't know for sure whether it consumed the original completely first or not, then realised I didn't want to bother remembering and so deleted what little I'd written and that was that.they do say "it burst out of its clothes" and went off changing afterwards. I think it takes over the host instantly or near enough, any exposure results in rapid change. like with the dogs.also, what's that behind you?

>>186197241maybe the thing can make clones,one thing human dies but makes a clone.

>>186197267I expected a 'good grief'

we shall have closure

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>>186196872Blair wasn't attacking the group. He snuck inside the base, possibly through the generator room, which is right next to and below where Childs was guarding. The group went outside to check on Blair and found he was missing. Then they see Childs stumbling out of the base and then the power goes out. This indicates that Blair is inside and in the generator room. The camera shows the show of the stairs down in the room, and shows the open door where Childs was. Childs was assimilated while they were all outside, and he was supposed to go assimilate them but they all go back inside and he doesn't know where they are until the explosion.

Back off way off.Love this line

>>186197292It is only transmissible via anal insemination, I thought that was obvious?

Also I like the >finish it palmer>he's dead macLines

>>186197292seems to be direct also has no mind when below a certain size, despite being alive like the reactive must need a minimum biomass to be able to think, despite its accumulated memory from the various lifeforms it's absorbed.had a thought while reading your post, has it never absorbed a flying creature?some giant fleshy bat thing

I wonder if The Thing needs to take on more mass over time because it, being like a virus, can't sustain itself. By the very fact it takes over everything of the original host, but has this insatiable directive to make more of itself, I wonder if any Thing would eventually just dissolve into a puddle of useless bio-goo. Does a human-thing need to eat? Or can the Thing circumvent that?

In the books it was OP because it could read minds and implant thoughts, and also squeeze under closed doors. Probably for the best that the movie did copy that.

>>186195075Come into this dark room user

>>186197429Lines had more balls back then.

>>186194862Maybe the audience was the thing all along

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>>186197744It's you! You're John Carpenter's The Thing!

>>186195075That's pure nonsense, doesn't prove a thing!

>>186197537see >>186197459I think mass partially dictates its intelligence. it absorbs everything because they would warn the outside world and prevent its takes over as its means of reproduction, probably without must need something to sustain itself, it isn't impervious to cold as it was frozen once. its grows with the material it takes from others, so one would suppose that it also requires them for energy, though there are lifeforms that use two or more different channels for those, like trees use the soil, sunlight, air and water

>>186196844>>186196491>>186196144How the fuck are there so many dubs in a single thread!?

Damn, we're out of needles for testing blood! Quick, everybody jack off into a cup!

>>186194862Reminder: Palmer was the first person assimilated.


>>186196470I kinda enjoyed it. The last one with the lady is insane in a good way albeit jarringly different.I like that both in this one and in the alternate movie ending Carpenter thought AND in the videogame Mac made it.Child unfortunately didn't.

>>186195075Imagine getting dubs. Only a thing could do something like that. Which of course I’m not, absolutely not a thing btw.

>>186195185I was in the wardrobe all weekend, laughin' mah fuckin' heed off

The movie is obviously good, plot is so good But that soundtrack makes it the best ever. Just like Halloween. The music in the thing, it stays with you. It's so incredible and memorable. Plus the movie was perfectly cast. Every role. Perfect. That's where the prequel failed, besides the shit cgi. The cast wasn't memorable or iconic.The prequel cast weren't good. No one stands out. I barely remember anyone. I only remember the blonde guy. And the PUTA

>>186198014It's really great rewatching the movie and paying attention to the infected ones from the beginning


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Macready was the first one to be infected. It happens when he takes off on his own at the Norway camp and finds where they dug the thing out. The picture illustrates cold empty space between

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>>186195029Aw Lol

>>186197459I figure it can only perform high finesse transformations, such as what flight would require, if it assimilates something. That's why when it goes into attack mode it only generates crude weapons like tentacles and claws, and simple arthropod legs. To transform into a form that could fly on earth it would need to assimilate an actual earth organism.

>>186197267I want you to get good enough to draw it yourself.

>>186195029>Beginning of movie>Macready playing chess>Chess Wizard is black>Macready is white>Macready defeats Chess Wizard by putting alcohol in it>End of movie>Childs is black>Macready is white>Macready wins by putting alcohol in Childs4d pottery

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>>186198934Haha hadn't considered Childs as 'the black pieces' lol.

>>1861983544D chess

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>>186198934I like your style

>weird increase in thing threads>carpenter starts talking about a sequelis this all viral marketing?

I smell barbecue

>>186199332Thing threads have always been busy and comfy

>>186199332No one who loves The Thing wants a sequel. It'd suck balls. The ending is perfect.

>>186199332I DO IT FOR FREE

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>>186199653Neat. Weird this is the first I've seen of this game. Any good?

>> liked it. I think it's good if you like The Thing type atmosphere

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>>186196666>>186196705My dad bought me a PS2 specifically for that game, he didn't even play vidya but was hyped as fuck when he saw the commercials with me on Sci-Fi channel. I remember he sat down to watch me play it, gave advice about how the Thing operates from the movie. Love that game.

When was Norris assimilated then? Also, kinda sucks Clark had to be such an autist. They could have really used his cooperation.

>>186200261god bless him

>>186195075Let us see…

>>186202511Windows, blast him!

>>186195501It sucks to understand that I would be driven to murder instantly in this situation. Like 50/50 he's a Thing? I like those odds


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With how cool most of the effects are in this movie, I don't understand why they allowed Windows' death scene to be so comical with the dummy legs flailing around. Was this filmed in a hurry or something?

Neither, Childs dies of hypothermia and Mac finds a helicopter and saves the protag of the Xbox game

>>186195075I was born single. I'll die single.

>>186195973Shit this sounds incredible. I’m going to do this this fall.

>>186202706Several of the deaths they couldn't decide on. You can find alternate scenes where characters like fuchs and bennings are killed in a different way. And they did run out of money at one point, which resulted in Nauls just disappearing at the end instead of getting a death scene

>>186194862>>186195006It's a shoggoth, faggot

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>>186195075I am not the thing!

>>186195075I guess I'll see...

>>186202914Turn all light off but have some candles or flashlights turned on around the room ( don't burn your house down obviously) Wear a coat, wear a beanie hat.It really makes you feel the paranoia and uncomfortable feeling with cold discomfort

>>186195973Winter in November? What kind of janky fucking 2 season mudhut shithole did you crawl out?


>>186194862it doesn't matterthe point is the paranoia continues

>>186194862Neither were. They freeze to death. >>186195791A dumbfuck brainlet take so stupid you should be euthanized. >>186196666>The 2002 video game is considered canon.Nope.

I've heard that because Childs eyes don't have a light spec in them like Macready in the final that signifies that Childs is the thing. But this is not something consistent throughout the movie so I don't totally believe it.

>>186195075Cmon. You guys believe me, right? Right?

>>186195075I'm human guys. You can trust me.

>>186195075Well I know I'm human. You can stick your tests up your ass, Macready!

>>186206328>>The 2002 video game is considered canon.>Nope.The videogame is fully canon and was endorsed by Carpenter, who plays a bit part.>A true sequel in every sense of the word, The Thing was backed by the endorsement of John Carpenter himself

>>186195075pff, no way I'm a thing, i'm just a boring ol' human

>>186194862Childs 100% was, Macready idk, probably not but who knows.

Irrelevant, whether MacReady or Childs was the thing, or both of them were the thing. It was a victory for humanity forcing the thing into cyro stasis for another million years. Hopefully by the time the thing emerges again, humanity will have long departed a resource depleted Earth to colonize other planets effectively leaving the thing stranded.

>>186195075Gentlemen, we've been through a lot, but when you find the time, I'd rather not spend the rest of the night STUCK IN THIS FUCKING THREAD!!!

>Thing was trying to build a space shipBiggest plot twist is the thing didn't give a fuck about earth and wanted off. It's ability to assimilate did not mean its goal was to infect all of earth.The only reason it breaks its cover in the dog pen is because the dogs were giving it away.


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>>186194862There is a criminal lack of The Thing R34

>>186195075untie me.

Childs was Da Thang


>>186195075I'm just ttaking a shit. Don't open the door.

>>186207631>The videogame is fully canonThe entire idea of canon is for pseuds. Doesn’t matter what John’s opinion was 20 years later. The only relevant thing to The Thing is the 1982 film.

>>186194862What if they were both the thing and the tension at the end was them trying to figure out if either of them was human?

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>>186208441Both attempting to deny that the videogame is canon and trying to dismiss the concept are moving the goalposts autistic non-arguments. Understand that YOUR opinion is irrelevant. Carpenter's matters.

>>186208544>deny that the videogame is canonThe idea of canon is irrelevant. The game is fanfic made 20 years after the fact, and John happened to like it. It is utterly irrelevant to the 1982 film The Thing. The game is as irrelevant to the movie in the year 2023 as it was in the year 1983.

>>186208658You are irrelevant.