Remember that one time Japanese animation industry as a whole got mogged by a moba adaptation?

Remember that one time Japanese animation industry as a whole got mogged by a moba adaptation?

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The Spider-Verse effect on the industry is a big factor.

>>186190508Americans always become the best at everything lolSpaceX and Tesla leading in space and auto, leading in internet, tech, AI, media, Olympics cultural influence, economy, military, everything.

>>186190508unironically, is this shit worth watching? unironically.

>>186190553>Americansthe animation is %100 french, you stupid amerifat

>>186190593 it's pretty good

>>186190593Yes. I held off watching it because it's LoL but it's great on it's own merits. Wish I could erase my memory of it and watch it fresh.

>>186190593I had multiple friends who knew nothing about the game really enjoy it.

>>186190593to be completely honest:yes.amazing unique animationgreat musicgreat fight sequencesperfect pacingavoids all tropes and leads to satisfying, logical endscharacters are layered and complex

>>186190508>Remember that one time Japanese animation industry as a whole got mogged by a moba adaptation?

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>>186190653>great musicnah

>>186190593decent show on its own meritsincredible art and animation. maybe the best in a western animated tv series ever.

>>186190593Do you want a Holla Forums answer? No it's shit full of trannies and wokeness and ESG.Sincere answer? It's a solid 8/10, not for a videogame adaptation but 8/10 as real television. It's pretty solid all around. If you don't like it by the end of episode 3, I advise stopping.

>>186190593Autists will spam tranny every time it gets brought up because a tomboy is in it but everything is handled very subtly it never feels like a sermon.

>>186190593Yes but season 2 will most likely suck.

>>186190772>tomboya lesbian tomboy, it makes even better

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>>186190680Agreed, the music wasnt great. Especially the intro song, i can't stand imagine dragons.

>>186190593Yeah, it was the second best show of last year behind Severance.

I just rewatched recently the ending, when Sevika is failing to light up her cigar and you can see her shivering from adrenaline, really incredible animation

>>186190794>season 2 will be all about fucking SINGED>will most likely are dumb

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>>186190772>everything is handled very subtlyIf you watch the behind the scene and social medias, it is clear that it was probably even more subtle if not entirely non existent in the original script before they hired oustsiders to help with the rewriting, and specifically the massive dyke Amanda Overton who seemed to have pushed her lesbian agenda... In Bridging the rift and with her comments on twitter/interviews, it's really clear...

>>186190593It has a Tomboy lesbian that beats up men several times her sizeI didn't watch the story beyond that but i'm not watching a story about a dyke

>>186191305The rat eating the cat wasn't enough of a tell for you? Gotta put your wacko fantasy goggles on bro.

>>186191305how hard did your mom beat you up as a kid for you to be so insecure about some lesbian in a cartoon?

>>186191528Probably about as hard as that gang of projectors beat you. The guy doesn't like lesbo's, so what? It was one of the weakest aspects to the story because if she wasn't a dyke what the fuck else would she be doing? Just kind of lazy. Would have been better if Vi still knew Powder was alive and was looking for her. Instead of just hitting on some chick the whole time.

>>186190593Against all odds yes, it's actually good. The animation is god tier, I have no idea how they did it. The fight scenes have weight, facial expressions are fucking top tier, even the subtle eye movements and stuff like that had so much attention put into it even though most people won't even notice it. The characters are also surprisingly well written, they're internally consistent, make decisions that make sense in their situations, and interact with other characters in believable ways.

>>186190818Simping for lesbians is even better since i know they are 0 interested in me

>>186191647>I have no idea how they did itThey handpainted all the effects and backgrounds over the base CGI

>show for autistic trannies >based on game for autistic tranniesyour country celebrating a fag season doesn’t mean this garbage belongs back here. >>>/trash/back you go.

>>186191724Based trashposter

>>186190593No, nothing new is going to be worth watching, even the best of things will have weird editing and offputting elements.

This was the Fortiche team in 2016 after the work in the show begun

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>>186192138And in 2021 when the show released

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>>186192138>>186192173based frogs, i had no idea France had such animation quality

>>186190508The french are honorary japs thoughever

>>186192267>honorary japs

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>>186190593Worth watching? Yeah. Is it good? Not really. Every person that considers it great is one of the following: a) weeb, b) lolfag, c) twitchfag, d) waifufag, and e) underdeveloped taste zoomer/casual It's honestly very mediocre storytelling and writing, with the same hashed tropes and cliches you'd expect. It's just given a pass because it's an IP franchise spin-off and those are always expected to preform awfully so one ends up decent it's now a masterpiece in the eyes of the masses. The only sincerely masterful thing about it is the art and animation, everything else is fairly standard and mediocre.

>>186191528>just consoom everything even if you don't like it

>>186192445>story written by americans>its shitwow, how surprising... but i agree without the top tier French animation this show would be nothing

>>186192541>Actually the story is le bad because i need to be mad about americansThe stories good and subverts every trope and has you rooting for villians because theyre framed as protagonists while also simultaneously being antagonists.

>>186190593>is [piece of media made in the past 10 years] worth watching?the answer is always no.

>>186192971>media peaked at the exact age I was old enough to understand/enjoy itt. either a boomer born in le wrong generation

>>186190508Nah, never saw it because the character design was fucking cringe and ugly.

>>186190772>tomboyShe's full on dyke my dude.

the art is pretty but it's so degenerate and cringeI couldn't get through 20 minutes

>>186190553The power of diversity.

>>186193189based degenerate

>>186190508The French are based & so is Arcane

>>186190508No anime had 100 million dollar budget and a lax period of 6 years.

>>186193449>japs are too poor and bad with time to make kino>despite only being known for anime and sushi>even their sushi isn't as good as american sushi

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Jinx is mine and mine alone

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>>186193508>american sushiyummy yummy parasites in my belly

>>186193512But she calls Silco daddy

>>186192773>the story is good because the good guys are kinda badThat's a whole trope in of it's own, also not really a subversion and subversion =/= good writing. Everything else is just so clichéd and predictable.>what is anti-hero >what is villain protagonist

>>186192240France is the last bastion of western animation.


>>186190993they will lean harder into the worst parts of the show because everyone at riot is terminally online and twitter & reddit went buck wild for all of the awfully-paced romance and music

>>186193512>settling for a hoe with a weaveGrim.>>186193552>american sushi>not deep friedYou're fucking retarded lmao. Honestly just get dabbed on, chat will never let you live this one down.

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>>186192971>NEW BAD OLD GOODRetard mindset.

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>>186193611That looks fucking sickening

>>186193611but why

Is this good like how people say Avatar is good

>>186193651Seasoning son

>>186193617Nah it's p high level. Just always be 10 years behind everyone else. It's always cheaper and usually the remakes are out by then. >>186193628>he's not DOWN WITH THE SICKNESSPitiful. >>186193651Because it's basedness allows the redpills to flow properly. Clearly your sigma grindset is lacking, king.>>186193713No, Iroh is much worse than Vander.

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>>186193604I want Cait sandwiched between Jynx hatefucking her & Vi lovefucking her while the two sisters bicker about technique & shit

>>186192971Based and true>>186193025>>186193617Low IQ. You can put stuff made recently and older stuff side by side and the difference in quality is astounding.

>>186190680The music and sound design was incredible. The ending song from the first chapter was like a triple bypass to the soul.

>>186193744The only people who think that are nostalgiafags stuck in the 80s. I will agree the last couple of years have been kinda lame, but to say EVERYTHING new is bad is just pure brainlet.

>>186193731>No, Iroh is much worse than Vander.So is it better thenI should just go and watch it now

>>186190593It's pretty good.

>>186192240animation is correlated with comics, and France/Belgium is the third comics country in the world behind Japan and the US and before Italy.

>>186193813In that sense yeah. They aren't comparable otherwise.

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>>186193798Wrong. Like I said. Put old stuff and slop made recently side by side and you will see the difference. Nostalgia has nothing to do with it and is a cope.

>>186193781Yea because all the music including all the pop songs save the imagine dragons shit was scored to picture (Written to the scene) Which makes a world of difference between some typical slop that just inserts a song into a scene. You either have to compose to a scene or make a scene around the music to make it notable. Which all the three main climaxes did (Episode 3, 6, and 9)

>>186193873Iron and Zuko were my favourite parts of Avatar, I could give or take the rest

>>186193879Depends how old stuff you're talking about. 80s and 90s stuff mog most of what comes out today, but if we're going back to "classic masterpieces" from the 40s and 50s then they're often overrated as hell and I'd rather watch the latest capeshit.

>>186193732Also, to be clear, pure lesbian, no futa/stapon

>>186190858>11-track album all by different artists plus incidental music>nooo but there's this one easily-skippable track I don't like therefore the entirety of the music is shitwhy does Holla Forums claim to be intelligent already?

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>>186193954Oh, then yeah you'd probably be bored with Arcane. It's like if Iroh being a disingenuous moron was way more obvious and there is no Zuko, just two Azulas. Again, the comparison is a mutilation of both works but you're either gunna watch it or not watch it so there you go.

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>>186190508And all it took was Riot injecting liquefied skin shop money into the production.

>>186194058A majority of the music was written by Alex Seaver. Those are just featured artists they had sing for his stuff

>>186194080The based Chinese being redpilled, per usual.

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>>186190593Maybe. It's just Sex and the City again, men in women roles and women in men roles.

>>186191528I don't consume pozz. Simple as.

>>186194075I'll watch it for you

>>186190858The music, as in the instrumental soundtrack playing in the background, was okay.A lot of the sung songs shoehorned into the story were immersion-breaking though.


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>>186190508More interesting question: Why are people acting like Across The Spider-Verse is the best work of animation ever made when it already looks cheap compared to Arcane?

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>>186194140The only actual example of that is when they decided to throw an imagine dragons music video into the middle of the show. All the other music was executed fine

>>186194170I sense common themes amongst differing artworks.

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>>186190508never going to watch it but it made a lot of girls dress up as one of the characters and show off their slutty tummies so godbless

>>186192319We are. The whole 90' generation grew up with japanese anime shows and manga.

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>>186194283based we

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>>186194283>I watched Dragon Ball z so technically I am Japanese

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They must have spent at least 10 million animating each episode

>>186194318>Dragon Ballhahahaha

Japanese animation has been getting pretty stilted, especially with the advent of other streaming giants competing in animation. Most work is outsourced to cheap Korean studios and there is barely any effort in design. On the flipside Arcane was being developed for more than 5 years. Thats why the production value is so insane. Only thing comparable is Ghibli animation.

>>186194170ATSV had the same budget of Arcane but for less than a third of the runtime.Arcane looks extremely good for what they had, and what they had was quite a lot, but it's still not boxing in the same category as feature-length animation.

>>186190508What's wrong with anime isn't so much the animation, it's how formulaic it is. At this point one anime is interchangeable with another ad nauseam.

>>186194170What's the source on these glasscutters?

Any Jinx cosplay?

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>>186194170>when it already looks cheap compared to Arcane?It's okay to like both of these things, you don't need to say retarded shit like this


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>>186190593its for children

>>186193152>implying dykes can't be tomboys

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>>186195425Hard to look at, not gunna lie famalamadingdongerino.


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meanwhile Vi cosplay

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>>186195567League chuds btfo

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>>186190508Arcane was good. I'd still take my favorite anime from 10-20 years ago over it, but it was very good.

>>186195273>>186195567>haha I cherry picked the ugly ones out of a million hotties to prove a point

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>she will never ruin your drug empire and force you to give up on your lifelong dream that you murdered your best friend of many years overHow will you cope unironically?

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>>186190593generic woke stuff, white male characters get their race changed, every white guy in the show is weak or evil, every smart or strong character is female, every action scene is female

>>186190593I really liked it.Bit dumb at times but the blue haired whore is really hot (later in the season when she's clearly regularly menstruating).

>>186196096It's literally the least "woke" show in the past five years. If they hadn't brainwashed themselves into thinking it's a "tranny show" because of the coloured hair, Holla Forums would be praising this show.


>>186196297>It's literally the least "woke" show in the past five years.That's not the compliment you think it is. And like always, the second season will go full retard, and you'll once again say "how the heck did this happen? Season 1 was great but season 2 just went too far" and a new show will come along to repeat the cycle of shit.

>>186190593Yes. I don't play LoL but it was pretty gud. It's only distributed by Netflix which is why it's good.

>>186197228>I don't play LoLThat's why you liked Arcane. You aren't aware of how the source material was raped.

>>186194170People liked the first one too. It's unique and like that one Spiderman game that looked like the comics.

I remember the time the shitty general finally got banned from Holla Forums

>>186197278>People liked the first one too.Not that many.

>>186190593I watched it for the first time about 2 weeks ago and was really blown away by how great it was. Moving story, great characters, immersive world and fantastic animation. I have never watched or played LoL and dont know wtf moba is and don't care. The show is great.

>>186197316I meant the animation style. This one's all about trannies making shit about themselves.

>>186197199>And like always, the second season will go full retardNot with millions of Tencent dollarydoos paying for every episode.

>>186190508>>186190593Unironically YES, this show was one of the best things to come out in the past years and I'm tired of pretending otherwise

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>>186190508>>186190550klaus vas also a banger, in the animation part at least

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>>186190794>>186193606Hopefully the strong and firm grip of the chinese hand will stop them from getting off the rails. Praised be Tencent.

>>186190553>SpaceX and TeslaElon is African

>tfw season 2 doesn't come out until late 2024

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>>186197876What the fuck was her problem?

>>186197972she went too deep down the rabbit hole

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>>186197972daddy issues

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>>186190614Show runners were american, French just did the grunt work

>>186198062>>186198119I cant save her

Vi and Cait's relationship was cringe and made to satisfy pretend bisexuals and lesbo wahmen who live on Twatter. If they wanted a homo relationship it should have been Viktor and Jayce, would have been more believable and interesting.


>>186198232nah i wanna see vi fistfuck cait

>>186198232they'll hate you user but that won't make you less right


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The only reason why Arcane was so heavily (and still is) shilled on Holla Forums was because of the waifufaggotry, otherwise it would've been relentlessly shat on like with any modern animation work (see: spiderverse, puss in boots 2, turning red, encanto, castlevania, invincible, etc.)

>>186190593It's unironically one of the comfiest shows I have ever seen, to the point I have rewatched it several times. I never felt personally attacked while watching it, which has almost never happened with a modern show before. It just feels right.

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>>186198385>no dont put cute girls in my kinos!!!


>>186194170Because spiderman has the MCU fanbase behind who have no taste in anything but capeshit

>>186198233Based and redpilled.

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>>186198319does this happen in the show?

>>186198385Arcane is kino steampunk/technomagic.

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>>186198867I don't mean them being an item, I mean her literally licking her feet.

>>186197487i want silco to come back to life just to piss people off with the quasi sexual tension he has with jinx

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>>186198752No. Despite the one writer pushing for it, the Vi and Cait yuribait is restricted to teasing shipperfags with implications.


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>>186190593I love lesbians and I love girls with husky, raspy voices, so yes.

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>>186198903yes, she licks her hapa feet clean

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>>186197972I wasn't there to save her.

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>>186190593This movie has the best visuals of any animated show, ever. Worth watching for that alone.

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>>186198927That shit was so uncomfortable, and I think even he wasn't entirely on board with it either but knew she'd sperg the fuck out if he tried to tamp it down.

I miss Pow-Pow so much bros.

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>>186190508I want to suck on Jinx’s puffy pierced nipples while I’m fucking her ass, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

is this yurishit. i wont watch yurishit

Silco did nothing wrong. His people were oppressed and soon to be left to die, so he decided to lead a revolution, which are almost always a rather messy affair. Piltover rule was a cancer upon Zaun, and Vander's way was the equivalent of simply shrugging your shoulders and allowing the disease to slowly drain you of your very lifeforce because medical treatment would be painful.

>>186199324why did she do it

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>>186199049I'm not watching it, then.

>>186199341I don't quite understand the logistics but I appreciate your passion for the subject.

>>186199341what did he mean by this

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>>186199210That’s what made it great don’t lie >oh nooo my half naked daughter is molesting me, whatever shall I do

>>186199434She was just in the mood for a bit of boxing, and her usual sparring partner Claggor was feeling a bit sore. Not her fault Powder didn't know how to block.

>>186199553she's just taking after big sis and blocking with her face

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>>186190553it's truly amazing, one day you're an illegal pregnant mexican with an iq of 60 the next you're across the border and designing spaceships and winning shotput

>>186199595Vi really does facetank way too much. She'd have been fucked if Jace actually decided to fight her over the gauntlets.

>>186190508A movie that took 7 years to make and they just includes every cliche like le poor orphan or le interracial bait?

>>186199595Pow Pow was too pure for this world

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>>186197508On one hand, yes the Chinese do present an excellent counterbalance to the twitter mobs cancerous takes and desires. On the other hand, catering to those fuckers has severely reduced the number of monster champions coming out, and that makes me angry.

>>186199715i'm here just for Viktor's sigma grindset

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>>186199434>Powder gets socked in the face>barely reacts to the shock or painDid Vi habitually slap her fuck-up of a sister around, bros?

>>186199748Sucks that we will probably not have Zac or Twitch, but they have to put Warwick on it. I hope they introduce Camille next season.

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>>186190593Last episode is unfiltered kino.

>>186199764>Has fairly cute childhood friend who has been crushing on him for like a decade at this point>Fucking disintegrates her, then disposes of the evidence in the slumsNothing gets in the way of the Glorious Evolution.


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Holy FUCK Arcane cancer was almost two years ago. I really hope there's never a season 2 or that it gets canceled

>>186190593No the the riot lol crap show was woke nonsense. It made no sense at all. The animation was okay. If you want to want a gritty cartoon watch water ship down. This show was a letdown.

>>186190653Midwit take right here

>>186199851Camille rising to power in the chaos of the fighting seems like a solid plotline for next season. I'm hoping we see some of Janna myself. Zaun's patron goddess can hardly stay out of her city being in a full on war after all.

>>186199913Based. Agree it was garbage. It seems to show who is not to be trusted though which is a plus.

>>186199913this show will run for decades, better get used to it

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>>186200003Somehow I doubt Janna and Seraphine are going to appear at all, not in the current timeline, they seem too out of place.

I want a Kassadin Batman style crusade against the void season.

This was great. Nothing they do now will have the same emotional impact.

>>186200108Seraphine can go fuck herself with her hippie popstar bullshit, no way to make that work, but Janna could be shaped to fit into the show if the writers wanted to.

powpow a cute

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>>186200505Do you think whenever her blood got really pumping and she couldn't come down, she'd break into Chuck's room and fuck him senseless?

>>186200642nah chuck was the one to fuck her senseless thats why she keeps coming back to his milkshakes

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is silco in season 2? silco jinx dynamic was cool i hope he sticks around as a force ghost

>>186190508it peaked in episode 3. don't bother watching the rest. it never gets to that emotional climax ever again.

Show for trannies.

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>>186200847Probably, since Jinx already hallucinates about people she knows that have died.

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>>186199851I just want Bilgewater and Miss Fortune.

Ezreal is gonna be in season 2, right?

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>>186190593It's steampunk wotc aesthetic so automatically can disregard it. If you like dnd and stranger things you will like it.

>>186199022>LoL gets KINO like this>better game gets pic relatedChinese money funding the French > Saudi money funding Korea

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>>186190508Tried watching the first episode of this garbage and couldn't get through it.

>>186190508It seems good if you are young and havent watched many kinos yet. If you have around 10 years of kino experience the show is unironically midwit tier

>>186202487The first two episodes are pretty bland, the third is where you'll know if you like it or not.

>>186201758that's a man.


Attached: __caitlyn_and_arcane_caitlyn_league_of_legends_and_1_more_drawn_by_blushyspicy__sample-9909ae305de5f3b555af0778d488abae.jpg (850x657, 178.61K)

>>186190593its trash, trannies are only praising it because they grew up on pixar and calarts crap and they legitimately think this is good animation lol

>>186202712Can I just skip to third episode then? I really don't care about it, I just wanted to watch it for the porn.

>>186202872Imo it's worth the buildup in the second. The first two episodes are like some Saturday morning cartoon villain tier shit, but it actually does pay off as cliche as that sounds.

>>186202872There isn't really that much good porn of it DESU. You can just read a brief synopsis of the characters on the LOL wikia and that gives you everything you need to know.

How's the futa on female element on the porn side of this fandom?

>anime3d videogame tier backgrounds slapdashedly bashed together with hand drawn characters>arcane2d backgrounds projected as 3d with 3d videogame tier character artAlmost opposite approaches. Arcane looks better solely because Japan is incompetent and uncaring when it comes to composition. You could ask a toddler to point out what is 3dcgi and hand drawn in an anime and they wouldn't break a sweat.

>>186190508No. arcane was garbage.

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>>186198799Did he get Isekaied?

>>186190508lol no

>>186197266That is not true, if anything the source material was made better.please give examples on how the league source material was "raped"

Tranny show. Also league of legends is the worst game ever made

>>186198927no reason he couldnt just be reanimated into a cyborg killing machine via zaun/noxus military agreementsoh wait it's nu-lore, they retconned any character origins that arent the main r34 females

Jinx sexo

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>>186190508> the girls in this show just look like malnourished little boys in makeupits lack of actual females makes it inferior to anime by default

>>186190553Anime wouldn't exist without America.Japan would be China #2 if we didn't nuke them.

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Sexo with jinxu

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>>186190593Unironically yes. It doesn't seem all that great just by glancing at it. That's what I thought at first too. But it becomes really good really fast.Not even that long either, so give it a go

>>186204273>>186204355sexo tummy!

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>>186204675I'm gonna coomJinx tummy and hipsFugg

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>tfw no mutually codependent unconditional love mentally unstable daughter jinx gfJust fucking end it forever.

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>>186198232100% correct.Their dynamic is better and it would've led to some interesting shit throughout their split as colleaguesRiot are coward bitches for not going through with it

>>186202718No shit

>>186199851>camille's husky, stern voice and facial animations combined with her tree trunk thighs and dumptruck robot assI WILL cum. This is a threat.

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>>186199969watership down? more like what a letdown.

>>186190508Not really because this was average, the writing was dogshit.


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sexo sideboob

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pits pits pits

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sexo pits and bob

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>mfw jinxu pitu and bobs

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>arcanemore like arkino amirite

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>>186205541The only good thing about the show is how yummy and breedable jinx is. Everything else could literally be thrown into the trash.

>>186205606>>186205650>t. knowers

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>>186190735>end of episode 3

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>jinx points her cannon at you and says "it aint gonna lick itself"wat do

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>>186205802pin her down and fill her with cum obviously

>>186205856is that what Silco did?

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>>186206039he would be retarded if he didn't plow that psc.

>>186199022Great edit

>>186195639Good Lord in Heaven...

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>you're gonna tie me up and do what to me daddy?

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need more jinx sexies

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>>186190593Coming from an insufferable yurifag, it's kino.

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show was mediocre as hell, had like 3 worthwhile scenes. literal tranny show, but sure the animation wasn't garbage outside the shit characters, imagine having a giant roster of varied races and classes and then using the most boring set of characters

>>186207319Where do you people crawl from? Are you all just DOTAfags?

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>>186190593ehh its a legit 5/10 at best. If you're fine with mediocrity because the amount of modern action animated shows outside anime are rare then yeah its the only thing like it, it might as well have been made by a decent AI its totally soulless. I went through all the comments saying how good it is to you and they're all the types of autists that complain about shit like sopranos or wire or can't sit through a long movie, they're overrating it to all hell. If you want a good action cartoon watch Batman TAnimatedSeries, Samurai Jack, Avatar, MEgas Xlr8 all varying degrees of amazing, its about as good as Ben 10 I guess

>>186207390No we read books and watched better shows and anime. This shit is so trope filled and cringe. I watched the entire thing and it sure wasn't better than even the shittiest arc in hxh. It has that low effort 16 year old fanfic writer feel.

>>186207218Too bad we can't just rip the model from the show. Imagine the porn.

>>186207926Cope and seethe, Dotafag.

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>>186207926>weevery time an arcane hate post appears, the posters count doesn't move, we know it's still you khalil, after all these years

>>186208040Like I care about those sites moba's are dogshit, aoe2 will rein forever you brainlets.>>186208077Go back

>>186208139>All the hate-posting against Arcane is the effort of a brown manlet from Pakistan who identifies with DOTA so much he has to hate anything LOL related, because that's how his primitive brain works.

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>>186208178Go neck tranny, go buy some books and enroll in your local college if you fail to ACK

>>186190553>cultural influencebased #1 exporter of sodomy

>>186208343kek, only brown manlet retards like you can hold such a massive grudge against something like LoL or Arcane FOR YEARS, to the point you have to spam every thread with the same inane "criticisms" instead of letting it go. This type of tribalism and revanchism go hand in hand with low IQ.

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>>186190593The show overall is mid frfr but Viktor is such a genuine KINO character that he makes it worth it

>>186208686Obviously a tranny amerimutt thinking they are white. You are literally just insulting yourself you half breed.I hate a lot of shit on this board and I will say it's shit if I'm bored. You and your shitty tranny show aren't special. You know there is a site for you sjw cucks right? Mods will protect you there.

>>186204313But the Chinese economy is already the largest in the world, so wouldn't that be a good thing?

>>186190593I didn't like it that much. It felt like it was designed to be clipped by zoomers on tiktok, I thought shimmer was a stupid plot device, a lot of the character behaviors don't make any sense at all, some side characters were pointless, most of the fights are badly conveyed, and fucking Imagine Dragons are actual characters in this thing.That all said, I still don't regret watching it because it's interesting purely from the artistry of its unique and near flawlessly produced animation.

>>186208840I'm a white european, unlike you Khalil. Only browncels are so low status as to develop such a petty personality.

>>186208915>>186208837>posters count hasn't movedAre you actually retarded, Khalil? It's rhetorical

>>186208915>I thought shimmer was a stupid plot devicehow so?

>>186208916>Turkish cockroach claims he is whitemy sides in orbit, also you are on 4chan you dumbfuck, is it summer already?

>>186208979I just never felt like it had very good rules established for it. Shimmer is simultaneously crack cocaine, spice melange, a potent fuel source, a healing elixir, and the T-virus. It's plot juice and I didn't like it.I also thought it was weird that Silco agrees to halt shimmer production as part of the independence deal when it's the one thing giving Zaun and ability to resist Piltover at all, though I guess it's likely he would have reneged on that anyway.

>>186192240France remained creative, while the rest of western europe has given in to soulless capitalism and shitty tech startups.

>>186208951nigga what are you talking about

>>186204273>>186204355>>186204675>>186204851Based rajesh

>>186208989You seem very low energy Khalil, did it hurt being exposed as a browncel manlet? You know you are only doing this to yourself, right?

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>>186198119more like daddies issues

>>186209067Shimmer was a means to a goal, and after independence Zaun would have had access to free trade with the world including Piltover, thus making shimmer pretty irrelevant in the face of Hextech.

France also makes kino manga adaptations

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>>186198867the frenchies had more in mind in that scene but china mind control system said they couldn't have explicit lesbo scenes

>>186209233Bless them.

>>186199793>reacts to the shockbased retard


>>186198510this.>inb4 the cute girls are lesbiansso what? they're still girls. but Holla Forums is 200% gay so they will find any excuse to avoid liking girls. the other excuse is to shout "tranny" where there isn't any.

Attack on Titan mogs it in both popularity and quality without even trying.

>>186199904>Powder gives birth to a firelightwhat did they mean by this?