>hasn’t even hit 400 million global box office>needs 500 million minimum to break even>increasingly small returns...

>hasn’t even hit 400 million global box office>needs 500 million minimum to break even>increasingly small returns every week>Disney hyped it up as a billion dollar movie What went wrong?Racism in China. collider.com/the-little-mermaid-domestic-box-office-200-million/TND, TCV

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It underperformed everywhere Including North America Disney should just admit the film is not good

>>186189764This shit flopped, because it's not a good movie. Has nothing to do with racism.

>If you don't watch this movie you're racistCheckmate Chuds

it's china's fault for being run by the white supremacist CCP

>>186189764It's flopping internationally everywhere, not just asia

>>186189764Maybe it's just a bad movie? Fast X and Spiderverse are doing fine in china.

500m to break even is mega cope. It needs at least 650-700 million to break even because of that ballooned marketing budget.

$500M million to breakeven implies the budget and marketing total was $250M. That's unrealistically low. The breakeven is obviously way higher.

>>186189764chinese chuds watch our movie

>>186190005>CCP>Caucasian Colonist Party

>>186189971None of the Disney live remakes are good movies, they succeeded based on nostalgia.This movie attempted to do the same thing...but removed all the nostalgia by massively altering the appearance of the main character. It was always going to flop outside of the US.

>>186189923>>186189971>>186189993i chose to not see the movie because i am racist

>>186190082They are no longer doing remakes. They're doing "reimaginings".

>>186189764How the fuck do they waste billies on this shit for over a decade and not run out of money? Surely Blackrock is gonna run dry soon.

>>186190082>90% of the movie is CGI>'live remakes'I hated it.

500m would break even with the production budget, and they're still in the hole for the marketing.

>>186190197>>186190042Hahahaha these execs are gonna learn one way or another

Holy floparama BatmanHow many more flops will they churn out before they finally make something good

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die mouse DIE!!!


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>>186189764>Racism in ChinaI though only whites could be racist

>>186189764CHANG CHUDS NO!

>>186190094my money, my choicesimple as

>>186189923I wonder why.

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literally the most poop colored nig they could have cast


Attached: DlcAeqOX4AAcht6 (1).jpg (1200x886, 300.65K)


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>>186190094People who are not racist chose not to watch it as well.

>>186190121Movies like the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland and Maleficent were "reimaginings"

>>186191185If Disney were ideologically committed to blackwashing I have no idea why they didn't do this; she's more attractive and far better known than the girl they cast.

>>186189764Yeah bro that's really interesting Anything else?

>>186191244Schedule conflicts probably

>>186191244>>186191415Beyonce had it in her contract for Lion King that they cast this ugly nog as Ariel.

$500m isn't even break even. The budget is $250m and the marketing that is circulating is around $140m. I think it needs to be around $650m if most of its profits come from domestic.

>this hurts the chud

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>>186190645>How many more flops will they churn out before they finally make something goodAt least two more flops coming soon

>>186190645It'll probably start to sink in when their latina snow white also flops.

>>186191956TLM is still at a little over $350 mil TOTAL. It's categorically a flop.

>movie flops>I need to make ANOTHER thread about it>call everyone that disagrees a chud>rinse and repeatAm I missing anything?

>>186191956Week 1: 140Week 2: 70You are here, best case scenario going forward:Week 3: 35Week 4: 17Week 5: 9Week 6: 8Week 7: 8Week 8: 8It might hit 300mil domestic, but past week 4 they aren't getting much of the ticket sale

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Anyone saying The Little Mermaid is a flop doesn't understand how the box office works. It's already made back it's budget if you disregard marketing costs (which have been reported incorrectly btw) and don't forget the money they will make back from VOD and then Disney+ not to mention all the merch and toys...This will easily be a success for Disney. Will it make a billion dollars? No but movies like Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast flourishing should not mean The Little Mermaid is a failure.

>>186192395I don't understand how putting a movie on a streaming site makes them money. People aren't going to subscribe just to watch it. They're going to watch it because they already have a Disney+ subscription, so might as well.This isn't like DVD sales of the old days, where a movie's popularity can be measured by how many units it sells.Since Disney still has to pay residuals for keeping TLM on their platform, they may just cull it down the road when they realize it's a shit movie that no one is watching.

>>186192544Your responding to someone that thinks the toys will sell. I've seen a few commercials already, they downplay the movie entirely, Ariel is made to look like a slightly tan barbie and they feature the sisters as much as ariel. They know black dolls dont sell .youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=UfNxKZnfz6s

>>186192544>shit movieIt's 94% on Rotten Tomatoes

>>186191125Bottom could have been Ariel, just dye her hair

>>186192224They won't have the theaters either, who'll allocate most of their space to The Flash, GotG3, Spiderverse etc

>>186192660>It's 94% on Rotten TomatoesShit movie confirmed

>>186191956The only people coping harder than /r/BoxOffice are Twitter dorks who think just by saying it's going strong that it means it actually is. Maybe if it was in week ten and making that kind of money, it'd be doing strong, but not week three.

>>186192639>They know black dolls dont sellFalse, Bratz dolls sold so well they almost killed Barbie until Mattel sued the company out of existence What doesn't sell is tie-in merchandise for unpopular movies and characters

>>186193042Bratz weren't all black

>>186189764Chinks and blacks don't match

This is the Ariel they took from you.

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>>186190094This, I will not pay money just to pretend that I'm not racist.

>>186193042I bet the most popular bratz doll wasn't a black one

>>186191125Ariel was supposed to look just as beautiful as Ursula, what the fuck is this shit? Why would they use a chick that looks better than the main character?

>>186192395Movie theaters take half the profits, user they don’t show these movie for free..

>>186189764Don’t forget that theaters take a huge portion of the profits.

>>186193845What difference does that make? Bratz dolls of all skin tones were flying off shelves in the 00s, not languishing on the clearance rack like the NuWars Boyega toys.

>>186189764disney mulan floped in china despite pandering, but because they made ariel black its now racism?

>>186191244>>186191415>>186191453the designer of this movie was trying to destroy halles career.........its like they wanted to kill her career

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>>186189971bad movies can succeed, but ariel is fucking ugly

>>186189764Never forget, Joker made over $1 billion without China.

>>186189923>Including North AmericaIf it performed as well in Europe as it did in the US, Mexico, UK and Australia, it would have turned a profit after week one.I get that you don't want to admit it, but the anglosphere and their area of influence is what's the problem here.

>>186194345and joker had a black love interest

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>>186194215This crappy shoop looks more bright and fun than the actual promo images. Everything looks so dull and gloomy


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>200 million domesticMURRICA LOVES THEIR NIGNOGS

>>186189764People don't go to the movies anymore, they live stream it on their favourite streaming service. This statement is rubbish and disingenuous and you know it. Disney has never been more successful than it is now

>>186191956how does it compare to the top gun film last year

>>186190082>>186190121We need an updated 3 musketeers with jive talking ghetto black guys and rap music played over the action sequences

>>186192395TLM was $200 million budget, and the movie theatres take half for themselves, so it has only recovered 75% of its budget so far. It will probably end around 450-500 mill, which at the lower end will not cover costs of marketing. Merch sales come with their own extra expenses, and if the toys don’t sell then that eats into the merch profit. This is a break-even at best situation for Disney, which is a disaster because their movies need to make profit to grow their brand. This is a massive failure.

>>186194430thats what i mean.... the real movie feels like sabotage, like actual sabotage

>>186194923>which at the lower end will not cover costs of marketing.marketing is also pretty much guaranteed more expensive than they want to ever let on. For anything you saw on a channel they own (abc etc, and there was a lot of it) I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the expense was shifted to the network as “eh, we couldn’t sell that ad space”

>>186191007jesus christwhy they arr rook rike same-same???

>>186189971It flopped because of racism and there's nothing wrong with that.

Families went to watch Mario instead. They need to make some money before they go to movies again.Mermaid would have made more if it came out in July. Also it had no one famous.

>>186191125Damn it's just depressing look what we could have had instead we got a fish face with dreadlocks

>>186189764chinese people can't be racist, but they can be white supremacist.


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>>186189764Id hope for this to make it so they stop with the live-action adaptations but of course that wont happen. But cmon, what were they thinking, if translating anthropomorphic cartoon animals to realistic ones didnt even work with lions, what would you expect the result to be with a fish and a crab? Its creepy has hell and drains all the charisma of the og character. Animations are made around it being an animation, specially the disney classics, adapting it can never not be a disaster.

>>186189764>needs 500 million minimum to break evenThe numbers are closed to 600 something they wasted to much money on the marketing and inflated the budget too much

>>186195916>if translating anthropomorphic cartoon animals to realistic ones didnt even work with lions, what would you expect the result to be with a fish and a crab? In their view it did work with lions because that movie made over 1bil, and they're planning to do the same shit again with Bambi. There's no stopping this train until they have a Heaven's Gate-tier disaster.

it actually needs 1.7 billion to break even, because of marketing.

>>186196085Disney's silence instead of celebrating how the movie's performing says it all.If the movie had any chance whatsoever of at least breaking even (which would be already a terrible result considering brand, budget and tracking) this would have been touted through the usual mouthpiece "journalists".But the embarrassed radio silence from the mouse speaks volumes.

>>186189993I refuse to use words created by bolsheviks

>>186194215her face did that just finenice rack though

>>186192660just more confirmation rottentomatoes is trash and not to be trusted

>>186193735forspoken already floppedmaybe she and haile can do a lesbian scissoring video

>>186193735I will forgive Disney if she is cast as Esmeralda in the Hunchback of Notre Dame live actionHaha who am I kidding Disney is allergic to casting attractive people in non-villain roles

>>186191125>When you absolutely mog that MCWhat did Disney mean by this?

It's doing as well as Aladdin domestically, much worse internationally

Attached: mermaid.png (1030x534, 43.49K)

>>186196525>american culture

>>186196085They're really counting on people reserving hotel rooms to watch the movie>Booking dot com? Booking dot YEAH. and see the Little Mermaid now in theaters!lmao

>>186196525>red line is almost perfectly overlapping blue line on every curveNo way this is an accurate representation, that is so unnatural

>>186196525It will never in a trillion years make US$360 mil domestically as Aladdin has.

>>186196221>If the movie had any chance whatsoever of at least breaking evenSolo broke even, pretty much to the point, and they were just as silent on it. To be fair though, for Solo it felt like they'd already given up on it during production (with the director changes, excessive rewrites and reshoots and all the negative press) and didn't invest anything in advertising at least. For this Little Mermaid shit, they were way more invested beforehand.

Not doing as great as other current movies, but at the same time it's not doing terrible>>186196634Yeah it definitely looks weird, but it's based on the box office data for both movies and seems to be true

Attached: mermaid2.png (1097x537, 51.53K)

>>186196725>Solo broke evenNo it didn't:>Solo: A Star Wars Story grossed $213.8 million in the United States and Canada, and $179.4 million in other territories, for a total worldwide gross of $393.2 million.[13] With an estimated production budget of $275 million,[12] it was reported that the film needed to gross at least $500 million worldwide to break even.[127][128] And yes, in terms of brand Disney stands to lose a lot more with TLM as Solo can be pruned off whereas TLM WAS the brand.

>>186197578Yes, it did. production budget times two doesn't work when something doesn't get any ads.

>>186189764As of right now it has currently grossed 213m domestic and 141m internationally. Typically movie studios only take home 60% of the domestic gross and 40% of the international gross, meaning the last mermaid has only made 184m dollars. It hasn’t even made back its production budget of 250m yet, and considering this was a major big budget summer blockbuster that was widely and extensively advertised you can throw on another 150m for advertising costs. This movie is a certified flop, and it needs way more than 500m to turn a profit. At 500m it would just barely make a 10m profit… against its production budget. It would need another 300m to make back it’s production budget.

>>186197747You're wrong, buddy. Solo flopped and cost Disney money. Try to find any article that says it "broke even"

>>186197747They literally took a 77 million write down of the movie after dvd/streaming profits were added in, who the fuck do you think is dumb enough to fall for this?

>>186195162because they are one race that didn't mix with others, europeans on the contrary has always been a melting pot, this is why you get 10 eye and hair colors with different nose and facial shapes

>>186197803>Typically movie studios only take home 60% of the domestic gross and 40% of the international grossDisney is known to be scummy towards cinemas because they can afford to be. So pump that number up to 80%. Still not enough to save this one though.

>>186198029In this case theaters are telling Disney to fuck off because they want to show the upcoming summer releases, starting with The Flash in a few days

>>186189923>being this naive

>>186190094i chose not to see it because i am a grown man and it’s a film made for small children

>>186198077>theaters are telling Disney to fuck offThey aren't. Little Mermaid might not be in high demand, but they know that Disney projects in the future will be. The next Marvel capeshit is just around the corner, and American teenagers will eat it up. Therefore, cinemas will want to maintain their good standing with Disney, and Disney is using that to exert pressure, at the very least on how much of the share they get. It's a sad truth, but they're too big to really fail, even when they fail.

>>186197803You know, when talking about numbers, I have to wonder how many seats Disney bought to pump up the figures. Sure, it's just speculation, but fun to think about.

>>186198320>Little Mermaid might not be in high demand, but they know that Disney projects in the future will be.Unless it's been contractually established, no theater will keep wasting money with a 2h25min flop when they can be making more money with capeshitDisney depends on theaters as well, it's not a one-way relationship

>>186198398>Unless it's been contractually establishedWe're talking about fucking Disney here. Why wouldn't it be? They do not just rely on oral promises.>Disney depends on theaters as well, it's not a one-way relationshipDisney will always find theaters willing to cooperate, but small theaters will not find another Disney. There's a massive power imbalance.

>>186196634Disney knows the human brain is just a collection of neurons. Their country’s population are no more complex than computers.

>>186198485>Why wouldn't it be?I assume contracts vary and even if they give Disney the upper hand it has the option to cut the movie's run short. Disney wouldn't want to drag the movie through the mud and humiliate it further. They'd rather move on and try to "eventize" another frankenmovie and have TLM on streaming ASAP so as to cut their losses. >alwaysNothing lasts forever

>>186193735I don't think you understand what the problem is here or why the move is flopping.

>>186198740>it has the option to cut the movie's run short.Those contracts tend to include minimum run clauses by default, and underperforming does not invalidate them. They can at best limit when and where they show it, but even that could in theory be regulated by a contract.>Nothing lasts foreverIt's not going to end within the next two decades.

>>186198320The Marvels is going to be a flop.

>>186198871>underperforming does not invalidate themOh but it does. It's in nobody's interest-- not theaters, not Disney-- to simply go on losing money.Consider the fact that these contracts are based on rational choices and don't adhere to a one size fits all formula.>It's not going to end within the next two decades.Every ending has a beginning.

>>186189993What's the bad news?

I thought about going. Then I remembered how racist I am. I stripped my daughter of her little mermaid doll and threw it in the trash. We then recited out favorite paragraphs from Mein Kampf before going to sleep.

>>186199040>Oh but it does.Sorry, but it doesn't. They do not want to break contract, and they don't usually get renegotiated either. Expect to see Little Mermaid in theaters for at least another two weeks, no matter how bad the numbers get.>Consider the fact that these contracts are based on rational choicesThey aren't.

>>186199200Keep in mind the core audience-- blacks, gays, leftists-- didn't show up as expected.Movies don't flop because of their detractors, they flop because their supposed audiences reject them.

>>186189971Movie would be shit even with Ariel being the whittest redhead ever. But blackwashing her made that shit abhorrent.

>>186198398Disney threatens boycotts if theaters don't show their films for a long enough time. youtube.com/watch?v=_pd6yO-jBRo

>>186199249>Sorry, but it doesn'tHere's a wake-up call: you have no way whatsoever to authoritatively talk about the details of Disney contracts, and your assumptions are silly because they entail a money-losing scenario that Disney would never tie itself to. It has freedom to walk out of non-lucrative deals and circumstances. >>Consider the fact that these contracts are based on rational choices>They aren't.As mentioned above, you're a childish shut-in with scarce knowledge of how business works.

>>186199299>long enough timeThat's 1)subjective 2)defined on a case by case basis and 3)attached to the premise that keeping these movies at the theaters was profitable to Disney, which clearly isn't the case with TLM as it's shown to empty theaters and keeps losing cred. The best strategy for Disney rn is to dispatch the movie off to Disney+ ASAP

>>186191125I appreciate that they completely missed that Ursula, while diguised as Vanessa, was supposed to still resemble Ariel. That's why there was such a focus on the lighting in the scene where Ariel saved Eric and why he didn't immediately recognize Ariel as his savior.

>>186199376>you have no way whatsoever to authoritatively talk about the details of Disney contracts... says the moron who thinks individual cinemas have all the power in those situations.At this point, you have to be baiting.

>>186193042 >Since the brand's launch in 2001, franchise distributor MGA Entertainment got embroiled in a lengthy legal dispute with Mattel over the rights to its design, which ended in 2011 with MGA as the victors.[2] Related litigation is ongoing in a lawsuit by MGA alleging Mattel's theft of trade secrets.Interesting case. Seems they're still going strong though

>>186189764NEEGAR FAK Utwitter.com/Byron_Wan/status/1483666385125654532

>>186199478What you still don't get is that your low IQ assumptions make no business sense whatsoever. They're nothing but reddlt wishful thinking. Learn about how money is made instead of embarrassing yourself with your fanboy/fangirl nonsense

>>186189764>400 million global box officeYou guys told me it didn't even make 100 million.

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Nothing to do with racism.It would be like remaking The Fresh Prince of Bell Air, keeping the whole cast black - except for Will Smiths character - who’s now a ginger pale white man

>>186199613>You guys told me it didn't even make 100 million.Who exactly? At any rate, why did you believe it? Also, are you aware that the movie flopped all the same?

>>186189764All you need to do to appeal to Chinese audiences is have light skinned beauties. That doesn't even mean white people, all the time. Most of the time in fact, they'd rather see some of those white skinned "fairies" the sort you see in any Chinese film/tv show. But Hollywood keeps casting people like awkafina and wondering why the Chinese freak out. It is entirely possible this comes down to the eternal cope of American Karens who feel so threatened by cute Asian girls, which is why you only see uggos. Asians ain't even my thing, but watching American women seethe over them never gets old.

Even with the most intense nigger pushing propaganda event since the 1960s they didn't even manage to push a single defining blockbuster (BP was technically one but it was 2018 and the sequel flopped)It'll be an even harder time to sell a tranny lead next time they're thinking about it

>>186189764korea... china... this is clearly the work of white supremacists!

>>186190005>>186190067You laugh, but liberals have really started calling China a white supremacist country. I saw one of them describe the CCP as a bunch of old white men.

>>186190038It was 475mil total budget, it needs nearly a billion worldwide, especially considering in china theatres get 70% of box office

>>186199725>At any rate, why did you believe it?What part of my clearly sarcastic post made you think that was the case? I just feel sad for anyone who gambled all of their political gains on a Disney remake bombing.

>>186199762Don't forget Latin America and Europe. The entire world except for a fringe of Americans is racist!

>>186191956>lists movies that were also terrible as a watermarkLmao


>>186190645They've already cleaned house at Disney, Marvel and LucasArts. Once the movies that are currently in production are finished, hopefully

>>186199842>i'm a complete retard I noticed, bud.

>>186189923>>186189971I would've taken my kids to this if Ariel had been white

>>186199877You are a retard ofc. You made a failed attempt at "sarcasm" and got triggered

>>186199932>my reading comprehension is so poor i can tell a post made in jest from a sarcastic oneI noticed, bud.

>>186189764>they hated mulan too>muh raysisssmmmIt’s true, all of earth finds blacks repugnant. They find ugly blacks all together disgusting. This film did terrible everywhere. What about Canada, Australia, Mexico, and South America. It’s even a flop in the US. Disney needs to be destroyed

>>186192544Disney bookkeepers have Disney+ set up as a separate company, so Disney sells TLM to D+ for 100mil, and counts it as revenue.

>>186198109>I’m stupid K

>>186192544>People aren't going to subscribe just to watch it. This thread is full of the stupidest people in the world.

>>186190645>>186191973>>186199846Isn't Elemental drops this friday?

>>186192395>Anyone saying The Little Mermaid is a flop doesn't understand how the box office works6 rupees deposited into your bucket.

>>186192395>The Little Mermaid is a flop doesn't understand how the box office worksSeveral box office analysts and Disney-sympathetic journalists are saying it. The Little Mermaid is a flop.

>>186200152>Several box office analysts and Disney-sympathetic journalists are saying itSource: your ass.

>>186200179Are you retarded?Everyone is acknowledging it’s a flop. GTFO idiot

Attached: D3D55B5A-72C9-45D1-98C7-19F9B5C4E15D.png (938x819, 341.75K)

>>186200208It's fine. Disney+ will pay Disney whatever loss it would accrue and then it's profitable. Disney+ is essentially a financial blackhole anyway so investors won't care.

>>186193766>This, I will not pay money just to pretend that I'm not racist.kek

>>186194389America as a much larger population than all those countries combined faggot

>>186200179Imagine mistaking your ignorance and obliviousness for real life. If you're not informed about the amount of articles and analyzes saying it's a flop it's your fucking fault dimwit

>>186194494imagine making thiskys Pablito

>>186194923>TLM was $200 million budgetit has a production budget of 250 mil plus marketing

>>186200322>America as a much larger population than all those countries combinedAmerican education, everyone.

>>186195317>Also it had no one famous.this casting an unknown black chick just because sends red flags

>>186196525>It's doing as well as Aladdin domestically,this has been debunked sweetie

>>186198029>So pump that number up to 80%this was only true for some of those select cape shits if its true at all and-Disney hasn't had a hit in years and covid fucked the theaters hard

>>186198485>We're talking about fucking Disney herelmao they haven't had a hit in years they maybe had some leverage during the cape shit hay day but that has long since passed and the theaters can just tell Disney to go fuck themselves if they try and pull that shit with their shitty currant year products

>>186189764wtf there anret any little black girls in China?

>>186200731>>186200877You are seriously underestimating how much influence Disney has on the market. You can keep telling yourself that they don't, but that won't change the fact that they're by far the biggest player in a game rigged massively towards big players.

>>186199734the Chinese like to see good looking white people in there western movies

>>186192176I look forward to these threads every day

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>>186192176It feels warmly reassuring, yes. Fuck woke shit.

>>186189764Based Chinamen. Darkies go home

The Little Mermaid actually did better in China than it did in 90% of other countries. It's kind of racist that Disney is laying the blame squarely on one country when it's clear no one on Earth wants to see this film.

>>186200208its way more than 100 million lol they are minimizing it kek

>>186201162>The Little Mermaid actually did better in China than it did in 90% of other countries.False. It did terribly in several countries, China being one of the most telling examples>Disney’s live-action remake has made only $3.6 million in mainland China since opening there on May 26, according to Box Office Mojo.

>>186195787Literally. I would've loved to see Ari and Ariel. Current Ari is super skelly though and going through some issues. Maybe if this was done 5-10 years ago when she was still young enough.

>>186200443I mis read what you saidI apologies for calling you a faggot, faggot

>>186201200>Disney’s live-action remake has made only $3.6 million in mainland Chinayeah, and there are 50 other countries where it made less than $3.6 million, including India, Vietnam, New Zealand, Malaysia...

Attached: mermaid billion.jpg (951x1917, 406K)

>>186201029>You are seriously underestimating how much influence Disney has on the marketYou are seriously underestimating how much influence the theaters have on the market and thats only financially viable for big, huge, event movies with guaranteed huge turn out like avengers

>>186201295>50 other countries where it made less than $3.6 millionTo be fair, most of those are either significantly smaller than China, have much cheaper tickets and/or much less disposable income. There's a reason Hollywood treats China as an important foreign market, as opposed to Vietnam or Malaysia.

>>186201295China has much more theaters than all of those, and except for India it has a much bigger population-- it's embarrassing that you'd compare China (1,4 billion ppl) to New Zealand (5 million ppl). TLM flopped massively in China.

>>186194137>>186194099Ever since Disney browbeat cinemas into a 60/40 split for TLJ and the cinemas got burned badly, cinemas have been taking more and more. I'd be surprised if it was still even 50/50 where Disney was concerned.

>>186201369>underestimating how much influence the theaters haveThey have next to none. Big theater chains, sure, sometimes, but even that pales in comparison to the huge studios they have to cooperate with. Smaller individual theaters simply have to take what they're given.

>>186191956>a 40-50% drop from weekend to weekend is the norm with 60-70% drops being considered disastrous>painting a completely average drop as a win>intentionally leaving out the international box office because of how historically bad it isThe cope is hilarious. No matter how you frame it, this flick is on pace to lose hundreds of millions of dollars.

Attached: peeps.jpg (1480x833, 160.12K)

>>186198029Cinemas tell them to fuck off now. Nobody gives an 80% take any more, especially not to Disney. Remember that cinemas are hurting for money. They want to show movies that will sell.

>>186200208"Their latest film to lose money"When words like this are thrown around, it means everybody sees the pattern.

>>186201446>They have next to noneit's simple tardif they dont show your movie you get no money if they are showing it at 80% loss they are basically showing it again for free and that kind of cut only works with movies with guaranteed massive turn out/legs like avengers

>>186190082Whatever braindead corporate fuck that keeps greenlighting these creatively backrupt dumpster fires needs to be shot from a cannon to the center of the sun

>>186189971speak for yourself, making Ariel black is blatant propaganda. The fact that it even made as much money as it did is baffling, normalfags deserve the gulag

>>186201446>Big theater chains sure>Smaller individual theaters simply have to take what they're givenhe doesn't know about distributers or how movies are soldkek

>>186201460it already dropped to 70% its done

>>186193735No no no - it cannot be an attractive black actress. It needs to be a toad faced black actress. Because progressivism.

>>186201621>The fact that it even made as much money>normalfags deserve the gulagthis death to slop shitters

>>186195787She got a super pointy chin

>>186195787>imagine having a north African as your Arial dont think so bud!


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>>186201739So do does the cartoon. At least she looks like ariel unlike hammerhead halle

>>186201878>So do doesmmm

>>186201571>if they dont show your movie you get no moneyHoly shit, you're retarded. There is no "cinema union" like you seem to believe.>>186201647I at the very least know much more than you, moron.

>>186189764I hate how they try to tie this to racism. Chinese people are signaling to you that they don't like black people in movies is not racist, it's just a preference, more racist to try to force this idea of them being racist for not spending their money on something that doesn't appeal to them. You want their money then cater to the audience.

>>186194784>We need an updated 3 musketeers with jive talking ghetto black guys and rap music played over the action sequencesI mean I ain't gonna lie, you make that comedy and that might be pretty fun.

>>186189764>needs 500 million minimum to break evenActually it needs closer to 650 to 700 million to break even, if you account for theater ticket sales cuts.

>>186202392>to 650 to 700 millionPlease don't ridiucle yourself.

>>186201392>>186201377ok, so what constitutes as a "bomb" in these countries? If making less than $1 million in India is normal, why is Disney even bothering to translate and release films in these countries? They spend money translating and marketing The Little Mermaid in Vietnam just so they can make $100,000? That's normal?

>>186203215Disney was expecting to make much more in these markets, all of which have rejected the movie. There is a baseline where it becomes lucrative to translate etc but the movie simply didn't connect to audiences from several different countries in several different continents

>>186203215No one said it's doing well in India. But you claiming that the Chinese box office doesn't look worse in comparison just shows that you cannot look past absolute numbers and don't understand the context.

>>186200235>It's fine. Disney+ will pay Disney whatever loss it would accrue and then it's profitableThe fuck are you on

>>186193735She's cute but she can't sing.

>>186191244>she's more attractivelolno

>>186190159money isn't real

>>186196525I hate Americans so fucking much. Imagine cuck yourself so completely just because you don't want to be labeled "racist."

>>186200109>Elemental and then Indy 5>Park attendance decline>Contractually obligated to write a minimum 9 Billie check to Comcast and nowhere near that amount of free cash flow on handWhere did it go so wrong for Disney?

>>186204069Reading this makes me so fucking hard you'd swear Disney was getting into the hentai game

>>186204069What the fuck happened? They were riding fucking high back in 2015-2019 when almost all of their movies made like $1-2billions in average. Now, only Avatar as the one propping them up.

>>186189764Good! Black supremacy SHOULD flop.

>>186192395Flop, flop, flop

>>186204069>declared war on the state of Florida, which in one move killed both the family friendly image they had cultivated for a literal century and their special tax status>took an IP that despite George Lucas’ best efforts could not stop printing money and reduced it to some direct-to-streaming tv seriesThey’ll be in business schools for the next 200 years as the prime example of what not to do

>>186201057Me too, fren.

>>186198000>because they are one race that didn't mix with othersfucking lelThe modern chinaman is the most mixed mutt in the history of humanity. The original Chinese phenotype literally does not exist anymore.

>>186189764>500milliona little low there, chief it had a $250M budget with $140M in marketingit's closer to $7-800M break even

>>186192395>if you ignore all this money lost and invent all this money gained then its not a flopohhhh ok

>>186190082They should have just done shot-for-shot remakes without shoehorning all this trash into the movies. Photorealistic rendering and live action shit is enough of a draw to have a successful movie. Some people refuse to “watch cartoons” - but live action has a much wider audience.

>>186192660They had to manipulate the ratings to get that result. They even manipulated the audience ratings with a special weighed average that excluded a lot of reviews. Ridiculous.

What happened to the whole>This movie is selling like crazy holy shit we're going to 1 billionsCampaign that happened here, do people still get paid to pretend or is it over?

>>186189764>hasn't even hit 400 million>needs 250 million minimum to break even on a 200 million budget>increasing profits every week>Disney made money yet againAre you a retard, perchance?

>>186204583>>186204069Florida and based Ron Desantis fucked Disney right in the asshole

Here is what ariel should've been

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>>186207155All shills lost extremely hard

>>186204583they killed all of their good will>Star Wars died>MCU died>Pixar only releasing shit>wants to groom kidsit's all self inflicted by going hard after the Larry Fink money

>>186189764>>needs 500 million minimum to break even250 million budget140 million marketing budgetIt needs around 700 million to break even.

>>186193735What part of 'Ariel is a white redhead' don't you understand.

>Disneyshills who were laughing at chuds before TLM released are now getting asshurt that everyone is calling it a flop

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>>186189764There is no such thing as "racism".

>>186207155Maybe Disney stopped paying them because the money ran out.

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>>186207389>Star Wars diedStar Wars is more alive than it was between 1983 and 1999, or between 2005 and 2015. You might not like the things that came out in the last few years, but there's been more of it than in any period without main episodes releasing.>MCU diedSadly, no, the MCU is still extremely successful.>Pixar only releasing shitThat's always been the case.>wants to groom kids?

>>186191185Zendaya can't sing though so there's that

>>186209099Zendaya can't act either, and that's never stopped her.