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Ñnnnnah, not yet


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>>186186384As a kid I always thought there are three dinosaur islands. I was watching it with the dub and the voice actors in the 2nd film called it Soma instead of Sorna because the letters r and n look like m. It was only when I was older it dawned on me. Anyone else can relate?

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>>186186384>Would you please tell your wife to keep it quiet? This might be not a great idea.

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>Hey honey. Stop this nonsense. Dr. Grant thinks this could backfire.

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>kid survives 8 weeks in dino infested jungle>lower middle class american couple is able to afford and hire a team of mercs with anti material rifles and a plane to illegally break a the island's embargoThis movie was fucking dumb


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This scene scared the hay outta me

>>186188820>He says it's a bad idea!

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>miss, I've told you repeatedly that my name is Robert.>and there's no need to shout, I can hear you just fine

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>>186188350you could afford that back in the 90s user. it was a different time

>>186186384Stop making this thread

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>>186189108WHAT'S A BAD IDEA

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>>186186384She was so hot in Bad Boys.

>>186189715*bad idea punisher incomming*

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>>186188350>random paleontologist on maternity leave calls US navy to invade Costa Rican islandearly 2000s were WILD user

>>186188350>kid survives 8 weeks in dino infested jungleI can believe a kid surviving 2 months on a dinosaur island by himself more than I can believe a little girl being into computers/hacking in the 90s or a little girl sending a raptor flying out of a window with her professional gymnastic skills. In fact, something like that JUST happened in the news.Eric completely filters retards.

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>>186190747You can still do that today


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>>186190784Never understood why people don't like Eric.Based little white survivalist kid brings his broken family back together on a dinosaur island and you're mad about it?

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>>186188350>kid survives 8 weeks in dino infested jungleAryan genetics>lower middle class american couple is able to afford and hire a team of mercs with anti material rifles and a plane to illegally break a the island's embargoThey never actually paid them, they just promised to. Did you even watch the movie?


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>>186190784How do kids take care of a baby for 40 days?Fake

>>186191792very carefully

>>186191388This scared me shitless as a kid

>>186186384Tembo was a chad

Ever wonder if these threads are a coordinated effort to keep the same shit river flowing on 4chan and prevent new discourse

>>186192279>discourseLike what?

>>186190784Kid had his NEET bunker and bathed in T rex piss. He was based beyond comprehension

>>186186384Happy Jurassic Park day.


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>>186186502Why does that one specific line pop into my head randomly when I’m not even thinking of this movie? Sometimes I’ll just be in my room alone and say “NEEEAAAH NOT YET” to nobody.

>>186187466I kinda just always assumed it was 3 different islands because each movie has different dinosaurs

>>186188350>lower middle class american couple is able to afford and hire a team of mercsNo bro lmao, that's a part of the plot where they reveal they lied about having money and weren't actually going to pay them.

>>186189715Came here to see this, thank you user :D

>>186187466Theres some evidence that was intended to be the case. Early merch for jp3 says it takes place on site C and implies its a kind of resort island. Jp3 got a ton of rewrites late in production, some even before scenes, so chances are someone wrote it out to keep it simple. Isla sorna only exists because nublar got fire bombed in the book and i suspect spielberg wanted it changed but didnt want to throw out too much of what crighton wrote.

This movie scared the shit out of me as a kid, where as jp1 has charm, this is just pure anxiety and dread

>>186193447Based, you too

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>>186192279This is Holla Forums. Who cares?


>>186193511fucking same, thought I was schizo, I'm glad someone else somehow has this

>>186186384So Grant 100% pressed charges and the mom and dad were sentenced to life in prison right?

>>186186384Peculiar, this looks likes spam.

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>>186190955He just wasn’t a good character other than the gymnastics scene I never even hated Kelly. I come from a broken home I felt bad for her. And it’s almost sweet in a way, I feel like Spielberg had that character because of his IRL black daughter but she probably didn’t give a fuck and became a (unsuccessful) porn star anyway. I think that broke Spielberg if he was ever a decent guy and not just some kike grifter.

>>186192279No, these threads are funny. What you’re talking about is literal pedophile trannykikes spamming God knows what and derailing every single normal thread like this like what you’re doing, eat shit.

>>186195103WHERE is the comic strip pic where Genaro has a cigarette in his mouth sitting on the toilet, the rex eats him and the final panel is that pic you posted. I made it years ago.

>>186196079>these things gut their prey with devastating kicks>*poke*

>>186198683No fucking clue, I've wanted the source to that pic for years.

>>186198418THIS is the worst line in the movie. Worse than “Alan” because at least that was intentional but I think that shot of Sam Neil saying “THATS COOPER” was supposed to be on the cutting room floor but somehow made it back into the movie, like no shit everyone on the plane and the audience know that’s Cooper everyone else is on the plane. Must have been some alternate take or rewrite that got overlooked, so fucking stupid.

>>186198259lol they all learned a valuable lesson and became friends which was the Universal & Amblin Pictures present Jurassic Park 3™ a Joe Johnston picture and Steven Spielberg production along the way…. fucking retarded, that movie needed to be like an hour longer

>>186193511>>186198112I do this but only when I say the line through normal speech but I hear it in my head as that and I have an inner chuckle with myself. That’s all I am anymore. Inside jokes with myself that only I get and some other schitzos online.

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>>186189715lol>>186190814this would have made sense if they kept the parrot scene in the start of the film where the parrot speaks>>186191246>Aryan geneticswhat a load of shit, 99% of you pale "aryans" wouldn't last a second in today's jungles, yet non-aryan jungle people have no problem walking among scorpions, snakes, jaguars

>>186199063The raptor talking could have easily been creepy, and I see no reason to not make them talk if they were gonna go there at all. Make them make fucked up mimicry sounds like at the end of Predator “Wwhat arrre youu” but make the raptors pretend to be Eric and call out for the parents to be trapped or something. This movie needed a lot more characters to kill off, the dinos seem ineffectual in this movie.


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what happened to her? she was kino


>>186188350they were upper middle class


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>>186188350Ah yes thats the unrealistic part… not the fucking DINOSAURS

>>186194048It doesn't explain how they convinced the mercs in the first place. I'm supposed to believe a group of mercs risking their lives didn't do a background check or ask for any money up front.

>>186190784How many ravenous dinosaurs are there in Colombia?

>>186199063don't speak, racist

>>186188292Has Ned Flanders aesthetic

Someone please make me laugh.

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>>186202714What do you call a dinosaur that never gives up?Try-try-try-ceratops!Keep it up user, i'm proud of you!

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>>186202935Well that's fucking annoying

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As undignified as the logo change was it looks very kino.

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>>186187331Achilles solos Isla Sorna

>>186199951Technically, they aren't even mercs. Udesky said so himself.

>>186199416[s]SARAH HARDING[/s]

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>>186205743How many Sarahs do you think are on this island?

>>186190784They were so hungry they physically returned to monkee

>>186205743it's a lizardy lizard world out there Ray

>>186186384>claims to be an expert>5 .50BMG shots >all missed at medium range since Spino isn't a bleeding messKWAB

>>186190747Ellie's husband was a politician, basically that guy keked Dr. Grant.

Why did the Spino kept chasing them?They were just fries to a human, no human even the homeless would chase a handful of fries when there's other prey to be had

hello John

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>>186199951They lied to Alan and Billy, but it's never mentioned if that extends to the other guys. It's possible they just pooled every ressource they had, took loans, etc. to pay them upfront. It's implied the mercs aren't very good anyway: Udesky's just a travel agent and the others get owned very quickly, they were probably the cheapest options the Kirbys could find.Biger plothole is how Grant and Billy didn't even do a background check to see if these rich fucks they'd never heard of were legit.



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>>186206722>that guy keked Dr. GrantI hate these zoomers that see things from a porn-addled lens and think something like Ellie and Alan's relationship in the first film was more than platonic because they're a boy and girl that share screentime and not just them acting like esteemed colleagues with nothing really more to it because everything has to be about needless wish fulfillment, sex and Tumblr-tier shipping wars which is why you now have Grant acting like a stupid simp in the latest film.

>>186206930>Malcolm- By the way, Dr. Sattler... um, she's not, like, available, is she?>Grant- Why?>Malcolm- Yeah, I'm sorry. You two are...>Grant- Yeah. When the last movie came out and Laura Dern mentioned they were in a relationship I was surprised because I remembered the above exchange ending with Grant giving a noncommital grunt but no, watching the scene he does say yes. I guess he could be exaggerating to get Malcom to back off but that seems a bit more conclusive.

>>186206875>but it's never mentioned if that extends to the other guys.Udesky does say something about the check he got probably not clearing from them or something to that effect.

>>186207120He clearly is exaggerating because he had just learned that Malcom is a manwhore that pumps and dumps women and is trying to move in on Ellie, in which Grant was completely indifferent to his flirting with her the entire time up until that point.

>>186186502>>186193511>>186198112It's with us forever bros.

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>>186199951Are you new to watching movies you annoying faggot?


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>>186207103>Ellie and Alan's relationship in the first film was more than platonicIt was though, at least in the movie. When Dr. Malcolm asks if she's single right before the T-Rex attack Grant reacts to show they're an item. And then Malcolm outright asks and he says yes. Though I do agree with the rest of your overall point.

>>186207343Then Spielberg did a shit job at portraying it as romantic, because I don't believe for a second that Alan would allow Ian to just openly hit on his woman in front of him more than once.

>>186207396There is very little romance shown, it's pretty subtle throughout. The convo about having a kid, some of the looks Grant gives when Malcolm hits on Ellie, and how concerned she gets when Grant is stuck out there. But even that last one is arguable.

>>186207562The impression I get is that they've tried dating before (or at least just fucked) but neither can commit because they don't agree on kids. So Grant's protective of Ellie but they're not openly in a relationship.


>>186207562I think most of that can be boiled down to just good chemistry between characters, not necessarily romantic elements.Ellie teasing Alan about kids always came off to me more as banter with him because she knows he doesn't like kids, they've worked together for a long time and are just that casual.Alan giving those looks came off more like a mixture of "Christ, women will fall for anything, huh?" and "This fucking guy..." rather than anything that would imply he's upset that Malcolm's doing a charisma check on his woman.I'm not against them being together, but JP really didn't sell me on their relationship being more than just casually close friends.

>>186186384JP3 was unironically kino, still better than what you saw in the JW trilogy

>>186207103>>186207396>>186207737They were intended as a couple, but Spielberg decided he didn't want it as a focus point of the movie so this is what we ended up with. Subtle things that can be interpreted either way.There was a scene where they kiss at the digging site, but that was cut (pic related). So you may assume that the actors played their characters as a couple.But I don't find it unbelievable that as they continued their lives they parted ways. That's just how it is sometimes.It's also best not to think too much about the things that happen in Jurassic World movies.

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>it's been over 30 years since Jurassic Park started>we still don't have anything that's as gruesome and thrilling as the novels>instead the franchise is trying to shift to corporatized "save le animals" garbage that only sheltered vegan retards find interestingGrim.

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Happy JP day bros.

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I probably would've like JP3 a lot more if the ending wasn't so underwhelming. The movie is barely 90 minutes long and it ended just like that. Yes I know they ran out of budget but that's no excuse. They should've gone for the Spino vs Raptors endingMaybe something like this>Spino has the humans cornered but he can't get to them immediately because he's fucking huge/can't fit. It's only a matter of time though>Grant uses the skeleton thing but of course the Raptors don't come immediately, the rest of the group find other way to buy time. They use fire like in the original river scene, but it doesn't last very long and Spino's a stubborn fuck.>Raptors arrive but don't engage the 50 foot crocodile/bear/shark immediately (why would they)>One of the humans in a desperate gambit puts on the bag with the eggs, then gets Spino to chase them. Maybe this can be Tea Leoni, give her something to do.>Raptors see that if Spino eats this person the eggs are kaput as well.>*shot of Spino about to chomp down on this person but gets mobbed by 20 Raptors at the last second* >huge fight, our humans make a getaway>the white Matriarch Raptor breaks away and chases the human that still has the eggs>tense stand-off, but our human gives the eggs back obviously>Matriarch Raptor takes them and goes back to help her tribe in the fight.>Fight is still going on in the background as our humans make it to the beach. We don't get to see if Spino is killed but that's OK. Just have him do an autistic roar one last time.

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