Why did he do it?

Why did he do it?

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Based security guard. I really hope once they were behind the door and off camera he punched him in a perfect cross formation and hit him in the jaw and knocked him unconscious. And then I hope he picked up his body and pushed it out a window to fall 15 feet directly into a dumpster. And then I hope he wakes up and his pants fell down in the assault and window toss and a family of raccoons had devoured most of his genitalia with their claws and teeth

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>>186180624Because gay men are rapists by nature.

>>186180624he wanted to look tough in a moment where he revealed weakness at the same time he didn't want to piss off the gays who make up a part of his fan base.

>>186180624Obviously fucking fake, the security guard would've tackled him instead of weirdly dragging him out the door if it was real. The question is why did they do it and did Farrell agree to it beforehand


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>>186180807These make me happy

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>>186180674>mfw a girl tells me let's just be friends


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i lost all respect for him when this happened.career ruining moment

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>>186180624>farrell waits until the very last minute when the security guard already has the guy to look like he's mad and going to do something about itI keep going back and forth on wanting to like him, his acting lately makes me want to, when I really did not

>clearly exaggerating the facial expression as a cover to hide his shock and play the whole thing off as a jokeare you all autistic, or is this just about getting as much traction as you can from this dumb meme?you guys never staunched someone before?

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>>186181783>staunched>to have been aggressive towards somebody as if you wanted to fight them. or to walk up to somebody to intimidate them.no, because it's gay ass street nigger pro wrestling tier shit, and just look how dumb his facial expression islol you don't fucking announce from 10 miles away you're going to fuck someone up as a bluff like that, you do or you do not, there is no trysome of the funniest times I've seen people get fucked up is from trying to do this dumb ass kind of signaling while doing nothing shit

>>186182012Colin could easily kick your fucking ass, coward. I can tell how much of a pussy you are just from typing. Imagine his fists colliding with your face

>>186182062...........................................................................................................................................................................(You) look like even more of a fucking retard than him by trying to talk tough shit through the internet for (You)s.....................................................................................................................................................................................

>>186182012It's a nuance that would escape an autist so I shouldn't be surprised that you don't understand how being "fake aggressive" is a bit. like that movie where the guy goes "you better hold me back before I do something!" and then makes them actually hold him back so the guy won't have an excuse to retaliate.

>>186182355>you don't understand how being "fake aggressive" is a bit.>it's a bitexactly, it's fake and dumb, and leaves you wide open for someone to nail the fuck out of you, I completely get that part

lol more worried about how you look and coming off "tough" than paying attention to the fist suddenly flying at your dumbass showboating face

>>186182379the guard already dragged him off are you so desperate for attention that you're going to argue this point like some fucking brain-dead goon?

>>186182461>the guard already dragged him off>>186181618>farrell waits until the very last minute when the security guard already has the guy to look like he's mad and going to do something about itI said that in my first post and then some retard starts going on about "staunching" >>186181783you are herelearn how to follow the flow of a thread and stop being so angry at me about your own stupidity, be angry at yourself

>>186182379then why the fuck are you going on about defensive moves and counter strikes or whatever you fucktard. if you understand it's a joke what the fuck are you even replying. you're a fucking moron.

>>186182680retardI'm speaking to this moron who's going on about it >>186181783>if you understand it's a jokewhich as far as I can tell is unrelated to farrell wanting to be andy kaufman with idiotic bits that just look stupid and fake and gay

>>186182744>wastes my time being a dribbling idiotyour (yous) spend the same as everyone else's.

>>186182796>wastes my timeyou wasted your own time seething at me for your own lack of ability to get your point across, mate

I got some laughs at you so I don't consider it a waste :)

>>186180807>>186180674Anybody else reminded of Tom from Tom and Jerry?

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>>186182871The only one laughing would be your soon to be ex gf after she witnessed me opening up a can of whoop ass on you. She would leave you in a second

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>>186180766because publicity, not unlike this thread being created.

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>>186180624this has to be some mandela effect shit, this happened 8 years ago and was never talked about until now?


>>186184453Because when it happened people easily recognized it as part of the show. The way security handled him, Kimmel's reaction, the camera following him, the fact that he was mic'd up. So it wasn't a big deal. Now people are presented with the clip and the only context they're given is "DOOD remember when this guy tried to kiss Colin Farrell?" so they believe it was real.

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>>186183874Top Kek

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>>186180624>switches cam, tracking him and keeping him in frame as he gets "thrown out"I love when obviously fake shit happens and then all the ESLs and globopoors start commenting on it as if it's real. Makes me feel good. Like we really are gonna slowly turn them into gay cattle.

>I love when obviously fake shit happens and then all the ESLs and globopoors start commenting on it as if it's real. Makes me feel good. Like we really are gonna slowly turn them into gay cattle

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>>186185932Go back to pol

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>>186180872Kek anytime a woman said that to me I was like>you really think I like spending time with your boring ass

>>186181472Who tf actually thinks this. Colin Farrell is one of the last god actors that isn't an Old man yet

>>186185932>camera operators... can operate cameras?What a weird fucking objection. The only sussy thing about this is Guillermo doing actual security guard stuff.

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>>186188437He made a fool of himself

>>186188437Fuck off, prick

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>>186188437Who are you quoting?

>>186188979>what a weird...You have to go back

>>186191743Go back to ejaculating in your moms mouth

>>186191997Is that supposed to be an insult?

>>186192020>Is that supposed to be an insult?Is what your father said to your mother when he saw how deformed you were

>ja ja is your dad praised you when u is born, yes?ESLs were the worst thing to happen to 4chan. Far worse than a million mobile users or election tourists.

>>186192147>ugly loser is also a brainletKek

>ja ja buddy friend u are the loser here now yes? ja jathank you for these keks buddy, yes? ja ja

>>186192617>seething this hardHoly fucking kek

>>186192617>muttmerican rage

>>186192617NTA but you really came off as pathetic here

>>186192617one of the worst comebacks ive ever seen, well done

>>186192617You got BTFO

>>186192617Just exit the thread

>>186192617This post is embarrassing.

>>186192617>cringe replyLOL

>>186192617rooting for your buddy, hope you recover after making this awful post

>>186192617>this entire postlol

>>186192617Dumb nigger

lol this seething thirdie having a meltdown trying to save face

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>>186192617What a garbage reply, go back to r*ddit faggot

>>186192617>tfw a mutt postsCant wait until American hours are over

>>186192617Imagine the faggot who made this post


>>186192617this reads like a botpost

>>186180624lmao he is the Aaron Rodgers of Hollywood

>>186192617this nigga really posted this unironically

>ja ja buddy friends in this thread>this guy makes is bad replys, yes?>we now all laffing at this guy and he is the rubbish one for now all on this thread you will and my village goat are many keks at him, yes? ja ja>where am all are british friends in here for yes?

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>>186192617this reply is homo kinoyou obviously need to be a homosexual to post like this

I like this in replys to him but i wonder if he is belief they are all different posters yes because is clear one only buddy guy really big mad, yes?

>good thread turns into great threadGood Morning, sirs!

>>186192617What's with the impotent rage? You aren't impressing anyone on here, believe me.

>>186192617>effeminate insultHahahahaha

>>186192617Reads like a woman made this post

>>186194226Good morning, sir! Did u see when that gay bitch basterd tried to kiss mr Colin??

>>186192617>chud meltdown

Obvious publicity stunt is obvious

>>186182888I am now.

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Glad the Colin Farrell autist is finally getting out, shit is bizzare to become obsessed with.

>>186192617Buenos dias senor

>>186195406Keep going with the spam. He really believes the entire thread turned against him and destroyed that post. He must be seething rn. 0% chance he will save face buddy friend ja ja

>>186185792>>186185116>I remember my first gif


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>>186192617Whats your problem, user?

>Holla Forums still hasn't realizes it's John Mulaney trying to kiss himAnd you dweebs expect me to take your film analyses seriously?

ja ja keep spamming him buddy, yes?

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>>186192617Chud moment

>>186192617take care of yourself user


>>186185792>Not even death can save you from me



>>186197063Take your meds, okay?

>>186192617this some massive seethe


>>186192617youre a fuckin legend m8


>>186192617HOLY BASED

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>>186188407And then you went home and played call of duty while she did coke and got fucked by Tyrone

>>186197063Haha, so you're the dummy I was telling the guys about in the other thread? OMG



>>186180624>That faggotass loser jimmy kimmel smiling in the background like a lobotomized shabbos goy

>>186192147YesESLs and all thirdies should be perma rangebanned

>>186193846>Cant wait until American hours are overImagine being you. You fucking brown irrelevant loser. This is an American website, discussing american movies and tv made in america, by americans, for Americans>hurr durr I can’t wait to talk about america when all the Americans are asleep. Absolute fucking idiot

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>>186199111>mutt seething>post ends in 911Kek


The samefagging in this thread is out of control

>>186192617>wonder why everyone is replying to this lame ass post>turns out it's some retard samefagging in an attempt to make it seem like he won an argumentJesus Christ dude. Get help.

>>186197063>>186199308>>186199503Why are all the schizos out tonight? Full moon? Take your meds.

>>186192617very weak response

>>186192617>mommy issues: the post

>>186180674This never gets old

>>186192617go to /adv/, ask them how to craft a comeback

>>186199176>gets mad at America for the umpteenth time>post ends in 76Kek

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Why did he do THIS?

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>>186199934Nobody is jealous of your failing country, mutt

>>186199976>post ends in 76 againViraj, you sad street shitting third world fuck. Will you ever win?

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>>186199176It ends in 9111 you dyslexic retard.

>>186200107Seething muttman>>186200232>9111>9/11/1>9/11/01Mutts are so sad

>>186200284>if I just add digits that aren't there, it's still funny right?

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>>186200350>if I act like my country isn't a disgrace that means it isn't, right?It's your bedtime muttman, go to sleep

>>186184453>>186184767the real mystery is what happened to the full clip. shit's been completely memoryholed and these gifs are all what remain. i know it exists, i saw the vid years ago.

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>>186200382>Your country is a disgraceSays the irrelevant nobody from some village in some shithole who doesn't matter yet is forever negatively obsessed with America and will die obese and gay after a CIA color revolution.

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>>186200690Why are mutts so insecure about their own country? Maybe you should try to fix your badly failing nation

>143 post>44 postersif your brown and smelly clap your hands

>>186200789>constantly bash the US for anything and everything, even things you just imagined about what happens there despite you never having even been there>someone from the US snaps back>omg y u so insecureShut up, fartwad.

>>186201371I've been to your disgusting country for business related matters, your people are slovenly disgraces

>>186201722I visited your country when I fucked your mom.

>>186201813Joke all you want, but I'm serious. Americans are the most disgusting creatures on the planet, looking one in the eye triggers an instinctual revulsion reflex, that's how disgusting you subhumans are

>>186201862>pic rel is me btw>not sure if that matters

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>>186202108>non-white American mutt projecting his lack of whiteness on to othersA tale as old as time. By the way, what percentage of the U.S is white now? It's almost less than half, isn't it? Kek

>>186180624I will never get this meme


>>186202163post your handyou won't

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>>186202469Cool hand, now post the U.S demographics

>>186202618>admitting you're brown and turdie thirdieLMAO

We've had this thread many times but this one was especially worth clicking into.

>>186202618>his only solace was the person he was arguing with some mutt mix>gets proven wrong and immediately changes his tonekek you're such a subservient indian it's hilarious. it reminds me of those twitter memes about "Indian people when black people say something mean about white people"

>>186192617I don't think I have ever seen anyone get btfo so hard before. Well done, Sirs!

>>186202668>>186202949>still isn't posting the U.S racial makeupEh Oh El

>>18620298973% whiteStay mad

>>186203002>73% whiteThis is what mutts actually believe

>>186202989>thinks Americans give a fuck and have to constantly save face like some turdie that's butthurt his shithole lost a footie matchhahaha pray to a cow patty, Patel lol

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>>186203036census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/US/PST045222stay mad


>>186203099>>186203112>mutts seething that their failed country is now 49% whiteDoesn't stop being funny

>>186181472Shut up clown

>>186203154>49% whiteAdmitting you can't read. Just close your GeoLaptop Rakeesh. You're making a fool out of yourself. Go back to sweeping shit off the street like the dirty untouchable that you are. And never forget that you, your parents, and your grandparents literally worship a porcelain bowl.

>>186203192I don't need to read your fake census stats, but whatever helps your muttmouth breathe easy at night. I know your obesity must give you some terrible apnes

>>186203258>mutt mouth>obeseLook at the photo of my hand again. I know it's hard to use your brain Gautam, but try just this once.

>>186203258>>YOU AREN'T WHITE>posts hands and proves him wrong>>YOU WONT POST THE CENSUS STATS>posts the census stats and proves him wrong>>FAKE STATS AND YOU ARE OBESENice thought process you have there Slumdog Millionaire.

Mutts are truly a disgrace to humanity

>>186180624>gets up and looks tough only after the security guard is hauling him awayWhat a bitch lmao

>>186204033If security didn't get involved, this situation would have panned out much more violently


>live in america>men try to kiss you>get shot at school>surrounded by niggers 24/7>government is 99% jewsimagine

>>186192617put me in the screencap

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>>186204405yeah i'm sure that's what he told everyone


>>186180624Who is the guy trying to kiss Farrell? Just some actor paid by the show?

>>186206978Who are you quoting?

>>186188289this is gold

>>186180624I heard somewhere it was a stunt to boost ratings for something he was on (I'm guessing his True Detective flop season based on his styling)

>>186183874A daring synthesis

>>186202469>veiny pale mick lobster claw hands>index longer than ring finger>whiteJust stick with the text-only LARP, you faggots embarrass yourselves every time you go for a le heckin' epic gotcha

>>186202469>>186208558Also talk to your doctor about blood pressure medication you alcoholic failure