General Holla Forums WebM t hread

General Holla Forums WebM t hread

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>>186173416Hitler's treasure...

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>>186173512How did Kamen Rider get in the coffin and bury himself and put the cross back?

>>186173551What do you mean? HE was Hitler's treasure all along!


>>186173575Tick Tock Flapper Girls 7 by Charlie Chaplin

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>>186173520My peepee twitched a little.

>>186173598>H.P. Lovecraft goes to pick up chicks

>>186173416Foxy grandpa takeover

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You thought Michael Jackson leaning was impressive? Check this shit out.

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>>186173713you know the actor stays in the same place during this whole scene, and they just move the set around him?

>>186173744Then how is his shadow so consistent, huh?

>>186173756the light moves with the set

>>186173804Seems legit.

>>186173713Fun fact, this shot is actually being played in reverse, the actor used his keen balance and strong abs and thighs to lean himself backwards into the coffin.

>>186173713This scene was shot underwater, with his feet hooked under a bar, that's how he rose up so effortlessly

>>186173713Fun fact, they used a real vampire for this scene and superimposed the actors face after

>>186173713This is a composite of two shots, first of the actor sitting up, for the upper half, and then of the actor sitting up while wearing a costume that looks like the the bottom half of his coat, for the lower half. The hands were accomplished by wires attached to his ears on the lower half shot. Then the two shots were seamlessly blended into one on the film stock using clever chemical processes for transparency.

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>>186174117Harvey Keitel is a treasure

>>186173713This scene was made with modern day CGI/green screen techniques, and then sent back in time.

>>186173744>>186173921>>186173968>>186174015>>186174088>>186174210You're all fucking retards. It's just a cardboard cutout they raise with a stick, that it's. They made it look three-dimensional with forced perspective

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>>186173921>Fun fact,Shut the fuck up reddit nigger

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>>186173713this is just a cartoon but really well animated so it looks photo realistic. People were more talented back then.

>>186175286holy based what movie

>>186173520*cracks knuckles**pushes up sunglasses*that's not Holla Forums related

>>186173713im gay

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>>186176152we're on Holla Forums there's no need to state that

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>>186173598Is that Leo Frank?

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>>186175968Death Wish 1

>>186176666There's a story to this lesbian porn?

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>>186173551shut up nerd

>>186174117This scene was spooky as fuck in the context of the movie.

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>>186176320Holy shit, Quantumania really was just a ripoff of Spy Kids.

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>>18617735380s hair is pure sex

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>>186173598>My boyfriend OH FUCK OFF

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>>186173598no wonder Tom Holland is having a mental breakdown everytime he sees Zendaya

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>>186173639Absolute madman, classic Foxy Grandpa

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>>186173416hahaha women

Holla Forums webm threads are always 90% one virgin posting webms of women doing nothing

>>186173416I'd invent a time machine to marry her.

>>186178081>posts nothing

>>186178143this thread ain't worth it

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>>186173520Cute hebe

>>186178179>posts frog picture taking up one image slot

>>186173713played in reverse, he's being lowered on a plank

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>he doesnt live for this shit

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>>186176804Larry Elmore's heroine in the flesh

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>>186178081Ginger snaps autist has been a webm thread spamming staple for years

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>>186173598He's literally me.


>>186173512amazingly stupid

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>>186176724she's pretty

>>186179502Omfuckinggod this is FUCKING kino! What is this??

>>186179502Belmondo should have been Bond.

>>186173512>this is no hoaxwtf

>>186182437I can hear the old guy going WOOP WOOP WOOP like Curly as he spins

>>186177577Asking for a friend. What kino?

>>186177577Hottest thing I've seen all week.

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>>186177353I thought this was 2001 for a moment

>>186177577Beautiful direction.

>>186173512Kamen Rider was Hitler's treasure?

>>186173713the pool is a planet and the man is a room outside

>>186183386You want my Kamen Rider? You can have him! But you'll have to search the world for him!

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>>186174117wow he's literally me

>>186173713Fun fact: Max Schrek tore his abdominal muscles doing this stunt and had to be hospitalized for months. He never participated in Olympic level gymnastics again.

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>>186173639Remember when this was the biggest meme on Holla Forums?

>>186173639who was in the wrong here?

>>186173603Those are Koreans tho

>>186176229what am I watching

>>186184093I liked how her black interest was kept around for way too long and when he was finally killed off it didn't have any impact because his character served no real purpose anymore.

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>>186184157I remember redditor faggots trying to force it for 2 weeks then giving up because it isn't funny if that's what you mean.

>>186184220How can you tell?

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>>186173713from that height, hitting water is like concrete

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>>186176229>that spit on her lip

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>>186177041What's this? Does she get naked?

>>186176229where from?

>>186176229Don't know what it is but for some reason it looks Spanish to me.

>>186177694Tatiana a cute

>>186184157it's only been 3.5 years, newfag


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>>186177041What kino?

>>186177577I just cant get over what she's eating. It's just like 2 slices of salami on a piece of bread? Who the fuck eats like that?

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>>1861775775 replies and not one asking where the fuck this is from.Where the fuck is this from?

>>186188243whats supposed to be on a salami bread?


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>>186183386Hitler was the first Kamen Rider

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>>186188504>bra onshame

>>186176724She's Jewish?

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>>186188636probablywho cares?

>>186173713me getting out of bed at 19:00

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>>186176229She finally found Waldo

>>186188717>who cares?Is that a rhetoric question?

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>>186173416I wish women looked like this again

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>>186189426She's literally me.


>>186188243>Who the fuck eats like that?Stoned people. Looks good to me.

>>186177860That monitor today would sell for hundreds.

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>>186189430this just smells french

>>186189938how is the fucking even happening, the hell


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>>186190109Ekin and Osman are Turkish names, the girls look Turkish, and it's a common practice among Muslim girls. So yeah, most likely french

>>186188363bro just watch any fuckin french film and youll get underage teasing shit, theyre unabashedly pedo

>>186190156even turkey in all its utter failures usually arent just openly pedo, its like their last bastion of shit to not have fallen in

>>186177577cute ToT

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>>186190152Why did she look so good in this show but in real life her face looks too small for her head? Is it all framing with the hair or some other magic?


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>>186183253It's called The Whale because he's having a WHALE of a time eating!

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>>186191178It's called The Whale, because he's the whale to his daughter's Moby-Dick in her essay.

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>>186187582It's an argentinian movie. Sidewalls

>>186190284>Pedo What are you talking about, the little girl in the scene is not part of the conversation

>>186191568>steals your show

>>186187582The actress is Spanish, Pilar Lopez de Ayala

>>186173603This is fucking gold. This is better comedic writting than anything I've seen in Europe for a bit

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>>186175386What the hell Raimi.

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>>186173639imagine doing that shit under that intense lighting and globbed makeup

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>>186179502The Magnificent One?

>>186173639Funny to think that guy is possibly dead by now

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>>186176804As a kid, this blew my little mind in TMNT. I was mesmerized.

>>186177577how the fuck did they get away with this? Seriously.

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>>186179502I haven't laughed this hard at a webm for a while.

>>186196384that's from power rangers

>>186196438they do the same shit in american movies from time to time.Speed 2 comes to mind, and there's another movie that starts on a girls feet on the couch and follows her legs up the exact same way.. I wish i could remember the name of that one. I wanna say it was one of the new jurassic park movies but i don't remember.

>>186188363A Swedish Love Story (1970)

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>>186189983Incel: Chud Returns

>>186188504I loved this plot. He was fooling around with her and leading her for so long but only actually fucked her when he had a purpose (stealing spy intelligence from her parents) then threw her to the trash afterward. To have that power over a young girl must feel amazing.

>>186197399He didn't throw her to the trash, he gave her a warning to tip her off what he'd done.

>>186176387Delete this


>>186179502Quite Khornesque

>>186174117I blame Daryl Strawberry

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new checked webmwhat do you think?

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This thread is reminding me of that one Shannara Chronicles clip of the elf bathing with that other girl.Anyone happen to have the webm of that?

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>>186176724Genuinely cute desu desu.I always think beauty is in the attitude and heart most times, in males or females. You can't fake it.

>>186179353DU RIECHT SO GUT

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>>186188243Mogged by DFC

>>186195651Perfect file name

>>186182437I've watched a bunch of old kung-fu movies but barely any of the swordplay ones. Clearly I've been missing out, this is awesome.

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>>186187072>>186188045the hourglass sanatorium>>186187072>Does she get naked?no

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>>186173416Did she say "oh my god"?? People couldn't say that back then.

>>186201293OH MY FUCKING GOD i NEED to be her chair for one day. imagine spending 8 hours under that ass


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>>186173603What's this from?

>>186189290death before dishonor


>>186201674>oh my god is that.. a person in the middle of the frame.. and then a thing behind that person???why do 'wits lose their shit over this

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>>186202195Honestly kinda went on too long. Woulda been cool if he'd just vaporized right after the fist pump


>>186202264He's old and fat now

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>>186202300so am iidgaf

>>186177667The faggots back to ruin another thread.

>>186202334>replies to 15-hour old post that had no other (You)s to complain about how it's ruining the threadI just don't understand mental illness.

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>>186202451I'm tired of pretending that movie was clever.

>>186198460gifs are just better for certain situations like reaction images as well as this.

>>186202481did you like it though?

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>>186202360>I just don't understand mental illnessYou aints from around her,am ya


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>post credit scene looks like absolute ass>leading "man" literally can not act to save his life>CGI looks like something a 12yo would make with free-ware instagram filters>"It's bad, don't bother">"7/10" (a generally positive rating)Film critics unironically need to be lined up against the wall for a round of minecraft

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>>186173603Lame, would've been better if it was one of those spinning doors they have in hotel entrances

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>>186175386>Rape of Nanking?>No such thing!okay that got me

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>>186175968Looks like Death Wish

>>186188717>who cares?CHUDs do

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>>186189910Which is impressive because it sold for hundreds back then. And those hundreds were worth more then modern hundreds.

>>186179502when he kills the repair guys is probably one of my favorite movie scenes of all times

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>>186195651This is pure kino

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>>186208425Fish people?

>>186208437that's straight up Cthulhu

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>>186209337How did they cut the truck so quickly?!