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>>186154748I still can't believe that greentext actually killed the thread.

Somebody at work asked me about my friends the other day, so I told them all about /film/ You guys really mean a lot to me and I hope to have a meetup one day where we kick back and watch some kinos together and talk about life and all the good stuff. I've blown off countless plans to watch the newest kino flick then immediately rush here to post about it. All I have in life is /film/ and if anything were ever to happen to it I would lose my shit. Even the thought makes me terrified and now seeing all the new kino coming out like a new Carax joint makes me tear up. I love you guys.

About to marathon the Cremaster cycle. What am I in for?

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>>186170775Poor visual quality, poor cinematography, overly long shots, convoluted metaphors, nonsensical "story" that he insists does exist, and occasional interesting imagery.

>>186170887>Poor visual quality, poor cinematographySounds like you watched a bad rip.

>>186171106bad rips are all that exist.Cinematography is amateur either way.


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>>186171135>bad rips are all that exist.You don't know the right people.

>>186171467Why would I? I'm on 4chin.

Am I suppose to understand the French parts?None of the subtitles online translate it.

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>>186170775McDonald's avant-garde

>>186170887>>186171106>>186172713>Lavish praise includes: "The Cremaster Cycle by Matthew Barney is the first truly great piece of cinema to be made in a fine art context since Dali and Bunuel filmed Un Chien Andalou in 1929. It is one of the most imaginative and brilliant achievements in the history of avant-garde cinema."[12] In 1999, when three of its entries (the fourth, first, and fifth) had been made, Michael Kimmelman of The New York Times hailed Barney as "the most important American artist of his generation."[14]Zamn

worldofreel.com/blog/2023/5/o18brhxrwk8ro7x1vo2mfjd2lj8cqoDumont is finished, dragging the release out like this?It's fucking over.

>>186170513Is Karagarga inviting anywhere?

>>186172827>Beuys, Cronenberg, Cocteau and Kubrick are among the artists Barney resembles - along with early David Lynch and the Visconti of Ludwig. On paper this sounds too rich a stew, but actually to watch the Cremaster films is to be seduced by the physical qualities of cinema. Barney's films have had ripped from their surfaces the rational layer of dialogue and worldliness we expect in movies. What is exposed is complex, but also, unexpectedly, moving.>Even allowing for the achievements of Cremaster 4 (1994), Cremaster 1 (1995), Cremaster 5 (1997) and 1999's Cremaster 2 (Barney has filmed and released the episodes out of sequence), few could have predicted that the latest and last instalment, Cremaster 3, would be so satisfying. Not only is it longer than the others combined, and the centrepiece of the cycle, but it introduces new layers to the already complex structure and is as arresting as such silent epics as Cabiria (1914) and Intolerance (1916).– Mark Cousins

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on the other hand, one of the production companies for the film still lists it as a 2023 releasefuryofilms.com/film-page/lempireand Ruimy did not provide the source for the claims

>>186172827>>186173081these are for sure paid reviews

What’s the best Powell and Pressburger movie?

>>186173325The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

>>186173309I think a lot of people are just susceptible to that sort of grandiose yet "vague" (meaning empty) art.

>>186173123How many times do I have to tell you. The source for 50% of the things he publishes is an internet forum lmao. He is a fraud, which is why I'm skeptical about him saying Carax is doing another film in 2024 in the US.

>>186173811Carax is confirmed with images from the shooting tho (previous thread). It's clearly neither Holy Motors (because I'm pretty sure the other character is not in Holy Motors) nor Tokyo! for the same reason, plus in Tokyo! the setting is...well Tokyo. And that doesn't look like Tokyo.

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>>186173987No. Ruimy said Carax is doing ANOTHER film on top of that one. The new Carax is French and confirmed by press release from the production company. Ruimy is saying Carax is shooting film is the US in 2024.


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>>186174029Oh, okay. I assume that's based on Carax being spotted with JL

>>186174018She should take a break. Makes too much films with hit or miss quality.>>186174093Filtered.>>186174119He said he's being told that. I have no idea if he has actual sources or is just making shit up or mix of it. I still remember when the Zhangke project was just rumoured last year or earlier this year and one Chinese forum member posted about and Ruimy just copy pasted it on his website lol, that user wasn't pleased. Which is why I partly dislike him, he's copy pasting shit that is posted in more enclosed community and passing it as his own. I do hope he's right about the new Carax though.

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>>186147077Lel. No wonder it looks so abysmal.

>>186174295name 5 films since 2014 that look good

>>186174325I can't.

>>186174295Filtered.>>186174093>filtered by one of the most accessible Rivette filmslmao

>>186174377f i l t e r e d americanbaby

How is Visconti's adaptation of The Stranger? Thinking of watching it tonight.

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>>186174388>You're a cog in a vast machine.>What do (((THEY))) want?>Power. World domination. A nice big worldwide concentration camp.How did Rivette get away with this, r/The_Films?

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>>186174699He has conspiracies in most of his films.>>186174554It is decent but don't expect too much.

Personal cinematic (re)discivery of the year? For me it's Harry Kümel and Malpertuis.

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>>186174440Can't get filtered by shit I've never watched in the first place.

>>186175608you just did>never seen Costa, Serra etc

the number 23 was dare i say it, kino

What *is* bad directing?

>>186175059>Harry Kümel and Malpertuis.Is he meant to be good?


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just watched Luminous Woman (1987) by Shinji Somai and I liked it, but it was weird as fuck. Seemed like Somai shot a 5 hour movie and some poor editor had to cut it down to 2 hours so it could be released in theatres. It's almost incoherent sometimes and it feels as if major plot points were just cut. Shonben Rider was similar in that regard.

>>186175699There hardly is any "etc", is it?

>>186176294Tsai Ming Liang, Apichatpong, Grandrieux, Eugene Green, Dumont, Wing Bang, Lisandro Alonso, Frammartino, Davies, Zhangke etc.No, there are plenty.

>>186175059I've seen plenty of Ealing films, but loved this one

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>>186176709Nothing for me.

>>186177277because you are a filtered pleb

>>186177315Gladly so. Any random 70s sex flick looks better than their (recent) stuff.


>>186176709Dumont is an enemy of cinema

>>186177456I'm on the right side of the filter.

Watched godland yesterday, thought it was pretty good like

>>186177582>likeLike what?


>>186177277>>186177404>>186177540>le digital BADI thought retards like you only post on other Holla Forums threads.>>186177485Wrong.

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youtube.com/watch?v=VUk3XfP_hUcOne of the worst outcomes of Russia-Ukraine war was western labels cutting ties with Mosfilm. The Russians themselves are also too lazy to put out anything on Blu-ray

>>186175960I loved it, It's like a campy Fellini.

>>186177856Fellini is already campy

>>186171324The title?

>>186173325I'm including Powell's solo features I've seen as wellA Matter of Life and Death > The Red Shoes > Peeping Tom > The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp > A Canterbury Tale > 49th Parallel > The Thief of Bagdad still need to watch the rest

What is the most popular arthouse film that is even part of the normiesphere? I know arthouse and popularity is an oxymoron but surely there are more well known arthouse flicks. The Lighthouse? Koyaanisqatsi?

>>186178165i mean depends on definition

>>186175059>discivery of the yearAnnette, I only got around to it recently.Schroeter overallStranger on HorsebackGreat Day in the MorningShe Spent So Many Hours Under the Sun Lamps>(re)discivery WichitaWay of a GauchoSpellboundTerror in a Texas Town

>>186178127Jubilee 1978

>>186177762Yes. 99% of digitally shot features looks like shit. The two, three directors you always cling to don't change that.

>>18617874499% of film shot features look like shit too

agreed, truly the only good visuals are those things when you firmly press on your eyes when they're closed

>>186178744wrong, digital can look good and has looked good numerous times. once you realize the role of digital is to create a look different to film rather than replicate film you might understand that, although you seem too retarded for that.

will we ever get a restoration of porgy and bess or is it too problematic for modern audiences

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Bet 99% people here wouldn't recognize if the film is digital or shot on film in this day and age lmao. Nolan shoots on film and his films look like garbage. They look so shit that even some digitally shot films from good directors that I find to be misfires like digital Almodovar look better


>>186175059>discivery The 47 RoninTo Be or Not To BeBerserkSaharaCrimes of the Future>(re)disciverymy love for vidya games

>>186175059>discoveryWalter Hill and Sidney Lumet are gods

bros...is uloz actually bad?


>>186179366just seems very mixed on whether you get a good download or some shit

>>186178774Modern features, sure. But they still tend to look less shit.>>186178897>the role of digital is to create a look different to film rather than replicate filmThis should be obvious. I'm also not the one who needs to realize this, I don't make the movies.

>>186178897There is no such thing as "the role of digital". Digital became popular because it was cheap and it was easier to work with. Sokurov chose digital because it finally allowed him to shoot it all in one take. Serra chose digital because he could leave the camera on set rolling for hours, while actors improvised and came up with their own lines.>Lynch's love of video has much to do with the freedom it grants. Shooting with a camcorder removes the strictures of a traditional film production, allowing for a smaller crew, less setup time, and no accountability to money men. The lightweight camera, along with the low cost and high capacity of videotape, generally means more and longer takes. Video permits Lynch to indulge fully his taste for improvisation—to make things up as he goes along.It was never about the look of digital. Now, I respect any director who opts for digital, especially on tight budgets but to say there was some purpose to it looking different, and imo inferior, to film is wrong.

>>186179413>But they still tend to look less shit.Not really and plenty of old ones look like shit too because you need to be really good with lighting when shooting on film.

>>186179384the quality is usually written there so I have yet to encounter that issue

>>186179425there is and you just described it, you can do specific things with digital you can't with film. i wouldn't even say it's easier to work with.lynch literally said he shot on dv because it is lower quality and it allows for more intangibles lol, if that is not about the look dv then i don't know what ismodern film stocks are garbage, even film purist who shoot their films on film like PTA end up looking not even as good as some digital ones

> "I was wrong to show Intermezzo at Cannes. The film wasn't finished, it wasn't mixed, it wasn't fully calibrated. But I was so excited at the idea of introducing the young actors and actresses, especially Roméo (De Lacour), that I went. Besides, I had made a commitment to the festival. I had brought forward the time of the press screening and invited those concerned by the forthcoming scandal to see the film. I didn't at all expect the actors most concerned not to enter the room. I thought they were, and that's why I regret showing it at Cannes. If I'd known they weren't in the room, I'd never have shown it. A film that isn't supported or defended, when it's attacked, by those who are most concerned, can no longer express itself. There are other versions that are more accomplished, and there's nothing to say that after my death, my heirs won't want to show it, but as long as I'm alive, I don't want to."IT'S OVER

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>>186180016Lol, At least he is allegedly working on a new one>Abdellatif Kechiche will be shooting his next film in Sète this summer, according to that city's cinema management. >There had been rumors last year that Kechiche was preparing a new project. A famous French actress is said to be the lead of this secretive new film, which will be the eight of his career.

>>186178165Mulholland drive. Yeah, It counts.

>>186180016where did he say this

No such thing as watching a film, you can only rewatch it. Prove me wrong.Pro tip: you can't.

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>>186178983>porgy and bessis it good?

>>186174119>>186174029There's also the fact Carax has Driver's backing to make more films + he already said he wants to make his own Climax after Annette + we already knew he was making a shorter piece for a museum expo sorta deal, which a career retrospective autofiction seems more likely to fit

>>186179425>>186179963I've got to be honest, whatever you think of Nolan's flicks, from a purely visual standpoint his and Hoytema's handling of the 70mm IMAX stock sells me on the fact high-end digital still has a long way to go before it can match well-handled celluloid

>>186181389+ I'll concede Lynch is one of the few to employ digital with intent to good results

Simultaneously the most hung and lynched man in cinema

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>>186181389>from a purely visual standpointWhat? His films look like muddy concrete. Some of the ugliest films I have seen last decade.

>>186178165Midsommar. Yeah, It counts.

>>186181389Nolan's films look like shit though, he could do the same shit with digital and some gray filter

>>186181319Yes but he said he wants to make a dance film in 2000 too after Pola X lol. It would be a good project, dancing film with J Lawrence, she could do it probably. The shorter piece is probably now the part of the French film.


What's the best Rivette film you've seen?


>>186182945What is the best Rivette YOU have seen?

>>186174554It's actually very good, the locations especially. I don't see why it wasn't acclaimed.

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>>186182945Gang of Four

>>186182987>10/101. Haut bas fragile2. Duelle3. Noroît>9.5/104. Gang of Four5. Love on the Ground6. Out 1>9/107. Le Pont du Nord8. Céline and Julie Go Boating9. Secret Defense10. La Belle Noiseuse>7/1011. Va Savoir>6/1012. Wuthering Heights13. Joan the Maid I and IIDidn't see the rest.

>>186183319meant for >>186182945

>>186181615Indeed. I don't know why he's bothering and promoting film when he has no notion of cinematography. There are directors using digital to greater effect.Another case in point is Villeneuve's Dune gimmick. Hell, even Succession is apparently shot on film, and take a loot at how that looks like.Things have to do with Digital Intermediate, and today's ideas of post-production apparently.>>186181421He re-released a Topaz AI upscaled version of his HD CAM film. Check out the "results".

I just saw Pickpocket and while i liked Au Hasard Balthazar and A Man Escaped the 75 minutes of this movie bored the hell out of me. Bresson's minimalist style's barely there, the plot barely makes sense, and it's just Taxi Driver but worse. Have I been filtered?

>>186183881>Have I been filtered?Massively.

>>186170513Is Karagarga worth the autism to get in?

About Endlessness > A Swedish Love Story > Songs from the Second Floor > A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence > You, the Living All of them are good films, tho. Probably the best contemporary Swedish filmmaker.What's your favorite bit from his films, /film/? I think I'd have to go with the nazi bunker or the crucifix seller.

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>>186182945Out 1, Up down fragile and La Belle

>>186184167What is this ranking? The fuck?

>>186183384Thanks for your effort post. Going to watch La Pont du Nord

>>186183955I knew this lesbian(?) cinephile who sent me a KG invite years ago just so i could download a Lav Diaz movie. I never used it and bought a bootleg dvd instead LOL

>>186184167The one where the girl gets thrown off a cliff. Or the crucifix seller when everyone rises up from the groundYour ranking seems a bit tapped, Songs from the Second Floor is his best

Dreyer theatrical

>>1861841671. You, the Living2. Songs from the Second Floor3. A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence4. About Endlessness5. Giliap6. A Swedish Love Story>What's your favorite bit from his films, /film/? ending of You, the Living

>>1861829451. Up, Down, Fragile2. Out 13. The Story of Marie and Julien4. Gang of Four5. The Duchess of Langeais6. Joan the Maid II: The Prisons7. Duelle8. Le Pont du Nord9. Wuthering Heights10. L’Amour Fou11. Joan the Maid I: The Battles12. Secret Defense13. Va Savoir14. Noroit15. Celine and Julie16. Merry-Go-Round17. Around a Small MountainI liked all of them except the last one.

>>186182945duelle, c and j go boating but i have seen like 6 of them only an i havent seen some that other people have high on their lists like that musical

You now remember the /film/ board

>>186182945I hated every Rivette movie I've seenNoiseuse for the tits

Holla Forums is making fun of us again

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>>186186042boing boing boing boing boing boing

>>186184167About Endlessness is by far the worst one from his last 4 ones.

There's a very rare KG invite giveaway on PTP right now. Go go go.

>>186186594you had it coming

>>186186594Deserved for the retards in here that like Godard



>>186186050>dumb coomer>gets filtered>>186186803>low IQ>gets filtered

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Watching Angelopoulos' Reconstruction tonight. It's a shame most of his films don't have a decent release, I couldn't even find this one to torrent so I bought some shitty dvd on ebay

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>>186187010uloz.to/file/yF4wMoTGAFAk/rekonstrukce-anaparastase-anaparastassi-reconstruction-1970-gr-ru-tit-en-tit-mkv#!ZJWzZmR2Z2R4AQyzZJV3BQSuZmRlZTgOExR2BSSYZ3ysHzAyBN==https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2715738Athens, Return to the Acropolis has 1080p release iircVoyage to CytheraLandscape in the MistEternity and a DayThe Weeping MeadowThe Dust of Timeall have bluray releases

pls i beg you, tell me how do i get into karagarga? im already in a private tracker with good ratio but thats focusing on new movies

>>186187388You sound Indian.

>>186187225I must be retarded, couldn't see it when I looked on rutracker. ThanksIt would be nice to get his other films remastered and issued properly. Especially Ulysses' Gaze. There's some kind of copyright issue with his estate I think

Somebody at work asked me about my friends the other day, so I told them all about /film/ You guys really mean a lot to me and I hope to have a meetup one day where we kick back and watch some kinos together and talk about life and all the good stuff. I've blown off countless plans to watch the newest kino flick then immediately rush here to post about it. All I have in life is /film/ and if anything were ever to happen to it I would lose my shit. Even the thought makes me terrified and now seeing all the new kino coming out like a new Carax joint makes me tear up. I love you guys.

>>186182945Personally I'm really fond of Noroit although it's not for everybody, it might be his most out there film. Love on the Ground is an underrated masterpiece. Up, Down, Fragile is an underseen masterpiece. Celine and Julie Go Boating is a commonly acknowledged masterpiece. Those are my top 4 probably. Merry-Go-Round is his most disappointing film, that I have seen at least. Still quite interesting.

Somebody at work asked me about my friends the other day, so I told them all about dick in my asshole. That really mean a lot to me and I hope to have a meetup one day where we kick back and get fucked harder and talk about getting fucked and getting my asshole destroyed. I've blown off countless plans to get fucked in the ass then immediately rush to /LGBT/ to post about it. All I have in life is Dick in my ass and if anything were ever to happen to it I would lose my shit. Even the thought makes me terrified and now seeing all the new Dicks coming out like the new horse cock makes me tear up. I love you guys.

>>186187765Stop spamming this unfunny garbage, retard. You already posted it once.>>186187697You're welcome.Yes there are copyright issues, I don't think it will be resolved soon. The Travelling Players and The Suspended Step of the Stork are the ones I would like to see remastered.


>>186187890>Stop spamming this unfunny garbage, retard. You already posted it once.I didn't post the original I just found it funny

>>186187934>bored the hell out of meLol>minimalist style's barely thereWrong>just Taxi Driver but worseExactly the opposite, TD is the worse Pickpocket

>>186187972>Taxi Driver is worseBye contrarian bye

>>186188028>muh consensus opinionYes, The Dark Knight is better than Heat. Fucking idiot.

Scorsese's only 2 good movies are Shutter Island which is a decent thriller and Hugo which is an okay Spielberg homage that doesn't have that magic at the end. Other than that his movies are offensive and should be banned for how he depicts Italian-Americans as retard brutes, but also glorifies them, yet maintaining that he is a Catholic. Not to mention unabashed anti-semitism in Casino and The Wolf of Wall Street.

>>186188062They are not The Age of Innocence and Kundun.

>>186188028Massively filtered

>>186188057The ending of Heat is bad because it messes up the plot, and he spends too much time on characterization only to contradict it. The same with the end of Collateral. The Dark Knight fails in its characterization because Joker is just a variation of the 'Even I a sadistic serial killer hate Nazis' as he only kills criminals and nobody of importance. As for the plot, it is fine, but jumbled, but it LOOKS AMAZING. Dark Knight is slightly better, as it's plot is strong it just is not convincing in its characterization.

>>186188116I haven't seen The Age of Innocence because I don't like Daniel Day Lewis, he's sexy but a bad actor. Kundun I always mix up with The Last Emperor not sure if I've seen it though.

>>186188062>>186188143Kill yourself asap. Shitty gimmick.

>>186182987To quote the GREAT Pauline Kael. 'I thought we were at the movies' and on that note NO I will never watch your Celine and Julie Go Boating after such a brilliant bon mot.

>>186188193Do I know you?

>>186188232>great Pauline KaelGood one.

>>186188282Oh I forgot I'm on 4chan so I have to deal with annoying sexists trying to discredit brilliant successful women. I'm sure you LOVE Roger Ebert though. Yeah, no thanks.

>>186188301Both are retarded, just like you.

slow cinema is the labrea of art house cinema

I've never seen any Fred Fellini movies. Where do I start?

>>186188340Oh okay so we got a typical contrarian. Good to see I'm dealing with a fool and can laugh at you over drinks tonight.

>>186188399His neorealism films like La Strada or just skip them and go to La Dolce Vita and then his baroque films. Depends on what you like.

What happened to webmless guy?

>>186188399La Dolce Vita and Nights of Cabiria are his only two GOOD films. 8 1/2 is one of those slow self-pitying man dreck we have to pretend to like because he was famous when he made it. La Strada was typical 1950s sexism and should be ignored as a relic of his time. Amarcord is okay, nothing special, and a bit juvenile. La Dolce Vita is a wonderful film, and Nights of Cabiria is a truly impactful feminist tale cancelling out that horrid La Strada. Nobody cares about his other films, so save yourself a few hours and SKIP them.

>>186188451>La StradaI see Anthony Quinn in the credits so that sounds good to me


>>186181080i like ityoutube.com/watch?v=Un5qzpWtg6g&ab_channel=lubybest

>>186188569Love making the white males on here know their place.

>>186188483Didn't listen to this bait. Might be a pleb too


>>186188623He's, Fellini's best films are Satyricon, Casanova so his baroque films.

>logs on once every few weeks>makes the white men know their place>They are speechless against my film takes>leaves having changed their minds a little bit>know I made the world a better placeI'm going for drinks with my BOYFRIEND tonight, so take notes and maybe one day you incels will please a woman too.

rococo maximalist onanism

>>186178257>Annette, I only got around to it recently.I hated this the first time around. Ever since it came out I have seen it like 7 more times and I love it. Very strange film. It happened to me with The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance too, I thought it was meh the first time I've seen it but something was bugging me about it, I kept thinking about it and I loved it on a rewatch.

>>186187890The majority of his films are restored. It's just that his wife who runs his state is asking for a lot of money and labels aren't willing to spend that much on him

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>>186190079Yes, I think they even played in some Asian festival and her wife talked about the situation. Fucking Criterion.


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>>186191238neve seen any king hu, is this a good place to start?

>>186191665I watched Dragon Inn first and Legend of the Mountain second. They're vastly different, the first being wuxia and the other being more mystical and meditative with light wuxia past the half way point. I haven't seen the rest yet

>they shoot pictures, don't they?

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>>186191882I agree, but his noir list is a nice resource to find what to watch next. If someone made it with westerns I would basedjak too.

>>186191943kys and get a personality


Sono? masterGodard? a fart sniffer

>>186192626>Godardfarthouse master

Hawks or Ford?

>>186192936Mann, Tourneur and Vidor

>>186192626who the fuck calls sono a master?

Loved Le Pont du Nord! It got me excited about cinema, that films have potential.

what state of derangement is this?

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>>186170513HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, what the fuck was this shit???By far the worst thing she's ever done. An insufferable, ugly film about pathetic people living in an artistic haven and producing their shitty, nonsensical ""art"" while many others move around like they're doped. And she expects their garbage to be (very) admired: endless scenes with the """art""" being showcased sluggishly. The end credits are seven minutes of some mulatto turning threads around, ffs. It's a laughable film, but completely unintentionally. Wine grannies masturbating while mingling with the youth. She's always been a neo-hippie anti-men cretin while making okay/good films, but this is something else. No joke, this is a legitimate 2/10. Look at those quotes in the poster: the praise is the stuff of lunatics, a bubble of woke liberal arts. Even A24 couldn't market this shit to anyone but letterboxd cultists. Reichardt has gone senile is the best explanation.

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>>186194499Based, fuck Reichtard.


>>186193006Played out /film/ answer>>186194340Lol>>186194682Coward

Watch more John Ford and less garbage

>>186194891Dichotomies and rankings are stupid. Both are greats.

>>186194997Who are you talking to?

>>186194891>Played out /film/ answercope

>>186195097No one, don't engage with the autist.


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>>186195342my sides can only take so much

>>186194499Reichardt has always been garbage and this is the environment she moves in.

>>1861948911. Vidor2. Tourneur3. Ford4. Mann5. Hawks

>>186186594I wouldn't worry, Holla Forums has Von Trier threads without knowing what dogme is

>>186196572Sure, Holla Forums is terrible and retarded. But /film/ easily fits those two while having way more pretentiousness and mental illnesses than the average of the board itself.

>>186196684Wrong. /film/ actually has posters who watch films and know about films.


>>186196684You have to parse the ironic redditposting, like when people praise french garbage or their favourite films are approved normalfag garbage

>>186197025>French badRetard

>>186197080>french goodTriple retard

Beau Is Afraid is like Synecdoche New York if it was decent

>>186197245so I'll die laughing but it's intentional?

>>186197192>le entire country le badUtter retard



>>186197245Both are fucking dogshit and Beau is one of the worst films I've seen in a while.

>>186197396Dumb mutt in action

>>186197396>agreeing that you're an utter retard#humble

>>186197472>>186197475Seething frogs

>>186197396This is the IQ of anti French posters. Most likely American too.

>>186197413You can't refute this. Especially in regards to Eastern European cinema there're people here more knowledgeable than 99.9% of critics.


>>186197733>knowledgeable? >nobody, only me lmao

>>186198013Critics are genuine retarded parasites

>>186197433midwit filterit's not perfect but the things that are bad about it are not the things that are usually bad about films nowadays, and some of the things that are good about it are things that are usually shit nowadays, so I was pleasantly surprised and consider Aster one to watch now

>>186197356for a certain kind of person at least, yeah, one half of the audience will be totally blackpilled and miserable by the end or hate the movie entirely and the other half will laugh themselves hoarse

>>186198369I'm adding to my list user. right after satantango

>>186182945No one has mentioned Paris Belongs to Us?

>>186195097To people with shitty taste like this retard >>186195163

>>186198461It's one of his worst. I forgot to rank it, would be at the bottom.

>>186198330>midwit filter>praises AsterYep, you're retarded. It was Jewish dogshit.

>>186194997I asked you what's the best My Darling version and you couldn't answer. You're a fraud.

>>186198330lmao lol dude penis and sex jokes haha erectus vaginus maximus hahahhahahahah ejaculatus genitalicus hahahhahahahah sex shop and a dildo hhhahahhahahahahahahahah *wheezes* hahahhahahahhaha and a condom ahhahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahh lol dude neurosis......mental illness and childhood HHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH lol dude obvious symbolism and unsubtle themes HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH but it wouldn't it be funny.......if.............le mental illness and overbearing mother??????? HAHHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH and Beau will....hear me out here........ FACE A TRIAL OF HIS OWN MAKING DUE TO HIS NEUROSIS AHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA and......did....... I mention? Cock and.......wait for itttttttt.......BALLS AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH AHHAHAHAHAHAHSHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH PENIS AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHSHHSHSHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA MY MOTHER SCARRED ME FOR LIFE AHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH PENIS HAHAHHA BALLS HAHHAHAHAHAH EJACULATUS MAXIMUS HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA

>>186198463>shitty tasteWhere did I say anything about Ford? He's great. On the other hand, you're an autist trying out his mantra of the month.

>>186198806Not him but pre-release (longer one)>>186199031Kek

>>186188733These are the only fellinis ive seen and i loved them. are they his only "baroque" movies?

We NEED a rococo maximalist onanism letterboxd list.

>>186188143plot of the dark knight is way more convoluted and all-over-the-place than heat. it uses the classic conceit of "well that bad guy we worked so hard to imprison... he got out - we gotta' do it again". and there's nothing philosophical or interesting about having two groups of citizens not blow each other up. "they weren't as selfish as joker was projecting they'd be" isn't particularly deep or surprising. all the harvey dent stuff is forced into the general joker plotending of heat is perfectly consistent with the most important theme of the film which is "people need counterparts; life is meaningless without them" >>186194499>Wine grannies masturbating while mingling with the youthit's interesting (on a freudian level) how every single incel rant these days includes "wine mom" or "cat mom" or "wine granny"

>>186200389>using incel non-ironically>doing a feminist critique non-ironicallyThe state of /film/

There's a specific reason why they seem so similar. >>186183881Before I sat down to write Taxi Driver, I reread Sartre’s Nausea, because I saw the script as an attempt to take the European existential hero, that is, the man from The Stranger, Notes from the Underground, Nausea, Pickpocket, Le Feu Follet, and A Man Escaped, and put him in an American context. In so doing, you find that he becomes more ignorant, ignorant of the nature of his problem. Travis’s problem is the same as the existential hero’s, that is, should I exist? But Travis doesn’t understand that this is his problem, so he focuses it elsewhere: and I think that is a mark of the immaturity and the youngness of our country. We don’t properly understand the nature of the problem, so the self-destructive impulse, instead of being inner-directed, as it is in Japan, Europe, any of the older cultures, becomes outer-directed. The man who feels the time has come to die will go out and kill other people rather than kill himself. There’s a line in Yakuza which says, “When a Japanese cracks up, he’ll close the window and kill himself; when an American cracks up, he’ll open the window and kill somebody else.” That’s essentially how the existential hero changes when he becomes American. There is not enough intellectual tradition in this country, and not enough history; and Travis is just not smart enough to understand his problem. He should be killing himself instead of these other people. At the end, when he shoots himself in a playful way, that’s what he’s been trying to do all along.

>>186173123>>186173811>>186174029>>186174253Ruimy's retarded but also kinda based. apparently Aster hates him for constantly leaking intel about Beau like a year before it was released lol


>>186194499There was a guy here who was a big fan of Reichardt, not sure if bookum or some other tard. Never thought much of the woman myself. Won't be watching this.

>>186177765youtube.com/@Mosfilm_engThere are a lot of them here

It's over

>>186178165Most popular? Probably 2001 a Space Odyssey

>*cough COUGH* a decent 00s-10s J-Japanese m-m-movie *cough* p-please..

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>>186201576Horribly timed masturbatory trick.

>>186201641linda linda linda

>>186201641Then someone mentions K******* or S*** or Ha******** and you sperg...

>>186183881Don't feel bad, I'm not a fan of Bresson's style either, even though I like his biggest fan (Tarkovsky)

>>186201641happiness of the katakuris

>>186201641Adrift in Tokyo


>>186201641youtube.com/watch?v=puPYTe4LsMAthis is kino

Rank the segments. I say 2>1>3>4

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bookum pls

>>186202053your mask user

>>186201641Antenna (2004)

>>186201641still walking

>>186202139Sorry I only post here occasionally? What are you trying to say

>>186202189ARE YOU DOUBLY MASKED, user?


better safe than sorry

>>186201921>Michael Mann?LOL

>>186201641S I O NI ONS O N O O NO

Why do trannies hate him so much?

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>>186202792He is too sincere for the people that make liking (or sometimes pretend liking) "deep" movies their whole personality. He is a populist fimmaker, the only true kind of filmmaker, there's no cred in liking him. Trannies could never, sincerity is completely opposed to their essence.

Larry Cohen is a titan

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>>186203569Agree. One of the most underappreciated american auteurs along with Sam Fuller and Monte Hellman

>>186201641A Snake of June

>>186203636Fuller is plenty appreciated by the Euros, hell he even had cameos in Pierrot le Fou and that one Wim Wenders movie, and as far as I'm aware Two Lane Blacktop is widely considered a New Hollywood classic. Larry Cohen however... it breaks my heart whenever someone talks about him in the same light as those Troma hacks and such.

>>186203095Based post, beyond Sono.

>>186203856I think if people know him at all it's for his horror b movies like The Stuff or It's Alive (which I still quite like, they have a lot of clever satire). His non genre movies like Bone, Special Effects and the J Edgar Hoover one are completely on par with almost anything from the American new wave though

>>186199268>mantra of the month.Lmao what a retard


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>>186204446Yeah, he is, but at least he's shilling Ford not some hack.

Plot is the most important part of film


>>186204942>falls off so hard he starts making some bullshit shot on a phone>fucking diesLOL

>>186205522Smartphone filmmaking is the future. Film purists are luddites. KKD was a visionary.


New form of art analysis: LiteralismThere is no subtex, no analogy, no metaphor, what happens is on screen is quite literally it.

>>186206346I've always watched films this way, not new to me.

>>186206414Then my new fresh way to watch films: Half-HalfChoose either Literalism or the regular way to analyse films, then at exactly the halfway point in the film switch to the other form.

>>186206457Now that's BOLD

>>186206346Anti-intellectualism isn't new

>>186200522Schrader rips off Pickpocket 24/7

>>186202792He makes trans tier cinema so I assum trannies like him, he's about as sincere as shown by his sexual abuse as a tranny is about their gender

>>186183881Bresson is kino

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>>186207030is that piss

>luc bresson and luc besson are different people

>>186207149who tf is luc bresson

>>186207174he directed The Fifth Element, which was kino

>>186207149luc besson is based

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>>186207353Why did she do it?

>>186207508>watching this thinking "that's an interesting use of cutting">mfw i was an idiot and the webm is just repeating

>>186207197Fucking a prime 12-15 yo Maiwenn. Based as fuck.

>>186207353>>186207508What was the point of the weird upskirt shot of the school girls earlier in the film?

>>186207197>luc besson is basedCEO, tbqh

>>186207646Bresson knew what he was doing

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>>186207748perhaps the french are more based than expected

>>186207615he has good taste

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>>186207762always was

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What are your opinions on qxr encodes for movies shot digitally? Should I opt to just watch remuxes for film and only do so for digital when it doesn't have a qxr or sartre encode?

>>186208193I don't like x265.


>>186176922Whats the fastest way to do these collage?