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first :^)

Shootin' for 30% again already?

I also have a chrome app whose sole purpose is fuck Kanji.


22.5 last round, how far can you go before bed?

I think i have a severe lack of vitamin d cuz i never sun

This is bullying!

Then get out!



this x 200

Already 40% right now.
My my my...

what did you do with the real hu?

You too you humongous fag

Dick jokes aren't fun~

For now. But you're one ahead of me, and I'm off to watch cartoons. Meanwhile, where will you be when I come back? We'll see.

under your desk sucking your dick
Playing runescape!

Save that for Ikt and Grim, faggot.

wat are you guys doing up at a time like this ?

ikt is mine you cucks.

at the same time?

what were good settings for ps2 emo?

It's 7:40pm. Not even too late yet

You're the cuck now

We're using different OS'es though.
You need to use DX on Windows for AMD because their OpenGL driver is broken. They don't update it anymore, and their Linux OpenGL driver outperforms it now even in ported games.
If you ask me, I think they might eventually include Mesa in their Windows driver and use Radeonsi for OpenGL on Windows too at some point.

But for now, it's broken and there's no fix in sight github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2/wiki/OpenGL-and-AMD-GPUs---All-you-need-to-know
So your settings will definitely look different from mine

but you just made one?

no money no problems

That wasn't fun!

oh yeah, some hacks are also good, especially this one for Snowblind Engine games such as Baldur's Gate.
I went from ~35fps in some areas where it dropped to a stable 50fps, so it's a huge improvement in those titles

I'm so fucking happy oh my god

what's your rig gonna be?

life is no fun

so you ended up frying your other cpu?

It's true. Life sucks

ok the experience is subpar no nsfu2 4 me

life isnt the only thing that sucks here :^)

Did you try DirectX 11 hardware?
Odd, many games ran just fine for me, even on Windows on a 270x

I bet you do too!

nana chu

yeah, but the game speed is too slow for some reason (PAL stuff) FPS is good, but weird, and there's this blur and there's this thing where texture effects are weird.

I'll stick to the PC version.

nah I'm upgrading, didn't buy a CPU yet

CPU: Ryzen 1600
GPU: GTX 1060 6gb
PSU: 650W 80 Gold+
Mobo: B350 tomahawk
RAM: 2 x 8GB DDR4-3000
SSD: 240gb PNY
HDD: 2TB Hard Drive
CPU Cooler: H212 evo (which I have to replace because I lost some of the hardware)
Case: Phantex Enthoo
OS: Windows _8
Monitor: Oh shit I didn't think about a monitor, I'll get a decent one soon though

Sleep well weaboo

PS version had a lot of blur, I don't think you can change that.
Texture effects are weird? Huh, maybe there's a bug report.

Oh well, worth a try~

it freezes on the pc version :(

Fable is fun

i was referring to you. you should suck my dick.

make sure you get a 144hz monitor

Looks pretty solid.
Except for Windows. You probably can't update it techpowerup.com/231550/microsoft-locks-system-updates-for-windows-7-8-1-on-ryzen-kaby-lake-systems
Also, as for the H212 evo, if you plan on going with that one too, you'll need a compatibility bracket. The h212 is compatible with the AM4 socket out of the box. coolermaster.com/amd-am4-ryzen-compatability/en/

No fun allowed

you're fun

Do I? Am I good?

idk i havent tried you yet

I already knew about the bracket but didn't know about windows 8.1 fucking it up like that.

hmmmmmmm, don't wanna dish out the money for 10 though



if only all vidya was compatible with linux, then I actually fucking would

Nah, I'm bad

Use Linux~

Try fiddling with some settings, maybe disable some hacks and use a safer preset.
Might be it fixes some of those weird texture issues
lol rip. I suppose you can try. Up the threads to like 4 and see how it runs.

bad boye in bed

k brb about sleeping

! ! !
Sleep well Fekuboy



brb watch babby drivver

Oh boy, Linux shills.


Am I?


Lets find out~

looks like I just have to wait for another fracking paycheck, final build in... a month

man if I didn't, buy the SSD I could afford the windows next paycheck

maybe I can cancel?

hows this look

athlon 64 x2
2gb ddr ram
ati radeon X1950 pro
120gb 10000rpm hdd

I don't know if it's still the case, but you could try with Windows 8.1 anyway and enable all accessibility features. if you do that, you can probably still upgrade to 10 for free

actually I have to install it on the SSD anyways so pointless move


but 速い as fuck


You're 速い !

disability is very loosely defined


Don't boy me

Did ikt just successfully bait me out of lurking??

you are very loosely


He wants your attention~

I'm actually tight as hell!


速い can mean fast, quick, brisk, hasty, early, premature.


He came prematurely

How did you know !?


Im premature

Your name should be フェク.

Stopped by to ask Rin for a hug

I guess ふぇく works if you really want it to be Hiragana.


Because you're too damn hot. Can't help it

How messy


I just want it to resemble and flow with two syllables i dont care if it's slightly incorrect

Clean me up so i can sleep now

Your fault

Nah, shower can do that~

But i just did


Gear, Speed (as in 4 speed automatic transition)

フェ - Fe
ク - ku

ふぇ - Fe
く - ku

へく - Eku

Actually, へく is heku, but shh.

And now you need to again cause you made a mess!


Next time I'll just nut in your hair

You have a sperm un your hair

! ! ! ! !

Just love me already

Not sperm!!!
It's Myon!!!


Myon^6 is my favorite


Cause I love you

Sleep well~

Tilde's are bad

Don't be gay.

I bet you say that to all the traps.

How is that gay?

Whenever I don't understand you I just assume you're talking gay things again.

Its a song !!!

Only the cute ones ;)

As am I

God fucking dammit, sleep!

I needed to defend my not gayness

I mean, you can only blame yourself for people thinking you are gay. But shh, sleep

It's part of my running gag. I'm an anime character

Time to hump my pillow to sleep

The only song you need remember is Malchik Gay.

Wouldn't that disqualify me?

Fifth time in 8 hours

Stop bothering me sperm head

For the record.

Literally just


You're the one choosing to see the marshmallow as a sperm.


What are you counting

Times you've been "exercising"

you label the sperm as marshmallow just cuz you wanna eat it

Well it would actually bethe third if that's what your keeping track of

you should sleep its late

you count as disabled

Soon. But you indeed should be sleeping

because of my bipolar I technically could by their looseness of the word

Or that's just what the memes are.

huh? I have portable win7 on a flash drive

Well the memes also say sperm

Okay but you put gay thoughts in my head so if my drama end up questionable is not my fault


Link to this stuff? First time I've heard of this

Yeah, yeah, sure it's not. And those gay thoughts got placed in your thoughts well enough on your own

Nah, I think you're pretty cute tbh

I don't have a link, I found it many years ago, someone made a portable version and I threw it on a flash drive for emergency booting.

I've got Hiren's BootCD on a CDR as well for recovery

Got a link from someone. Looks like this is just a Windows install on a flash drive.
What was posted there isn't a Linux install on a flash-drive, but an installer. It just allows you to use it without installing anything, and install the system from within that user interface


no I have a standalone Win7 on a flash drive

like you boot right into windows without installing anything

And then, from that image, you can install Win7 to a computer the flash drive is plugged into?

idk, why would you need to do that? never tried it

either boot into portable win7, or just boot into the installer

why would you want to boot into a portable OS to install that OS instead of just booting into the OS installer lol

fucking memers

To try out the system before you install it?

night night

hmm yeah I can see that being nice maybe, never thought of that


I just bully you alot cause I have a crush on you and don't know how else to express my feelings for you on an imageboard


pls no bully

Eyes not too good at bully anyway.

That was a neat movie.

Now I can finally do the baby driver initial d memes without being spoilered.

You can driver our baby.

Good morning! Hope you've all had a good day :3c

It feels like a chicken fried steak kinda day

My dictionary has an entry for ki ni naru, but not for ki ni narimasu.

I'm just glad it's a nice suspenseful movie with a nice story and a good closing ending.

Our child?

For shame, they made me work 9.5 hours after 9 hours all week, like seriously, and I missed saying good night to hu.

Baby Driver.

Hu goes to bed at 10pm GMT+1 strict.

Our child isn't going to have a nice suspenseful life with a nice story and good closing ending?

Who am I kidding the mother's a trap of course they won't.

Haven't seen that movie yet, but the driving scene I saw from it looked pretty good.
I usually do too, and I try to be strict about it, but sometimes I stay up a little later.

Baby Driver spoilers:
Abusive dad and parents have a fight while driving and hit a truck and they both die.

Can we also stop the cringy RP.

tfw ad blocker for ad blocker detector detecting your ad blocker



wish i could get a load in my butt

How bout a big load in your butthole?


but that is ghey

i used to be so fat

Maybe daddy could use some sugar

rip rin

i ran out of sugar too

Want a lil something sweet?

Would it be gay if my girlfriend was watching?

Thicc is cute, to the point of just barely touching cellulose, that's the best thighs.


No more ikt's trapfriend jokes?

I had to pottee.

but i already fapped twice today

this thread smells like ranch dressing

I prefer Italian.

Three times is the charm.

You smell like stale semen

what's ranch dressing smell like?

prengant and kids

It smells like stale semen.

Oh, okay.
I'll stop just those ones then.

You stench.

how do you know what stale semen smells like

they talk to you.


you're a girl

you're joking but i do smell of semen

Not saving all of your seman in a bowl to eat with cereal once a week
Do you even life?

Sure. Joking.

i'm not responsible a responsible man; i eat my semen as soon as i get it

Ever shared a kiss with a mouth full of cum after a bj?



You smell like someone pooted in a jar of year-old mayonnaise!

I delivered meals on wheels to scoot's house once. never again!

I FUCKED that jar, cunt

how goes? Fucker. Stinky crust

It was pretty hot.

And my cum doesn't tastes pretty good tbh.


I suck at this typing thing.

Grids that's fuckin' gay.

Not when it's sharing a crummy kiss with your cutie pie girlufurendo.

Damn phone



Actually I wish she would share with me more often, but she prefers to swallow.


Kyu Tii Pai
Gyaru Furendo
Cutie Pie Girlfriend

would you

would you do meals on wheels to my house? i'm hungry

and my house smells of boyjuice too if that's important to you

I like that, you gave it class.

The "girlu" made me think you were gonna weeabify it but then gave up halfway after starting and decided to stick with it anyway.




That's cute.


She really is a cutie

That's cute too!






My grill.
Here's a fresh one.


Not my type.

what a nice thing to say

Your types is men.


My type is ikt.

i sometimes think

art was a mistake

i should have been a pornstar

My type is a human being that likes me somewhat

What kindsa porno videos would you be in?


Wait, no, that was likes me somewhat not loves me unconditionally.

probably gay ones

Her eyes are really pretty though.
How about sex eyes?

We all love you!


we could've made a gay porno together






Is that approval~?


I really love her, like legit, I'm gonna marry her, she has magic powers, she keeps me out of my head.

It's コンチャ which is a super informal greeting.

here I'll post a pic of me and my lover as well

*posts a pic of me and my hand

Sorry, I can't read it well. At all.

How are you doing?

How is Nez?


Literally just "Koncha"
Like as if you were slurring kon'nichiwa as hard as possible.

Eye's doing good, I learned some kanji today, so that's exciting.

It means "expansion".

I really wish I had the time to learn kanji too. Would sure make manga quicker to find and read~

Glad you're doing good though, Rin!

ok enough

hangin in there

how are you?

***huge dildo

sorry typo

I am sorry you could borrow my hand ;p



I don't think Teeps is here.

I know, but it's Friday, so doesn't that mean he should be here soon?

I finally remembered to come on TP night

If he doesn't post that means he's afraid of me

He should be, but I guess he might be going out with friends?

I'm doing decent, barring a headache.

Hopefully you feel even better soon.

If you can read Kana at all then read manga anyway.

It'll make it quicker to learn Kanji - I learned 拡張 from StarCraft Remastered, after all.

What time does he usually start posting?

I don't think I have one right now

I was actively avoiding having a Satania folder until yesterday

I don't really know, I've been awol so much lately.

uh no thanks

make sure you're drinking lots of water~

nothing can save me now~

Oh? Neat! Can you read this~?

That image suffices.

Hey, at least I offered, what else could a friend do?

Uh, give me a hot minute, I actually have to find those kanji.

I've got both feet in the grave and the grim reaper is sucking me off

it's hopeless bruh


well for one thing

not offer

Take your time!

Gonna save you to that Titanic song!

I lied I ended up guessing anyway from context.

白 (しろ)white
雪 (ゆき)snow

Literally just her name in kanji.

That is true! You got it right from what thee place I got it from said~

Good job Rin.

the only song I can hear now is this


But a good friend deserves only the best treatment.

I were trying to guess stroke order then was like "Is it what I think it is?"

So... Put on a trench coat and hug you?

You did great. The learning is clearly showing. :3

How's Eva?

I'm doing decent, how's the best Finland poster~?

That's good to hear, I didn't think anyone would remember that title at all.


Someone come do acid with me or something.
I'm bored and willing to do stupid shit.

How can I forget it? SD is the best! But how are you doing qt?

I could also save you with something else. ;3

If only.

There's discord up and running with drunk people.

A bit tired-ish, but drinking lingonberry vodka.


Send me acid.

Who's there?


To be fair, those were ones I should have known before hand.

But I were dumb and forgetted them.

But now I'll remember, because I had to type them out.

白(しろ)shiro - white
雪(ゆき)yuki - snow

Me, Colbs and Scoots.
Guero, Oobles and Test might be back someday, but they're playing assfaggots
Okay, Scoots left.

Sounds like a fun time!

I don't know, the border might not like that.

But you're getting so much better. ^^

All 'cos I know how to read Kana.

Kind of, better than being bored after all.

The new Call of Duty definitely still reeks of a port, but the game doesn't seem to bad
War is a fun game mode


You have failed me.

Isn't that just Ground War from MW2?

oh? like what?

Sorry, they just couldn't handle us.

And yer cute~

True enough! I'm happy to see you posting again when I am!

If I'm ever down there, I'll help you get some of that silly dmt shenanigans.

With the D.

i'd like to thank everyone who's participated in the various linguistics surveys i've been working on lately. I really appreciate it!

That in no way affects my ability to learn a language.


Albeit a bit intoxicated?

Yet it's facts. Rly makes u think.

I was thinking the same, bae~ ;3

Hey, I don't mind drunk SD one bit. At any level of intoxication.

Not sure, but there are different objectives in the same map
First is attack/defend a control point, then build a bridge/prevent a bridge from being built, plant a bomb/defuse and prevent the bomb being planted, then escort
At least on this map

Ah, I'm glad to hear that.

Sounds like Battlefield's Rush.
Don't think I will try it anyhow since the series died to me after MW2.

Crimson snow really is the best

You best be! *Patpat*

This is true.

There's an open beta for it right now, only reason I know

終了(しゅうりょう)shuuryou - exit; close; termination

Weiss is mine though, I'm happy to share with ruby.

I will always be.

Can you get on Discord?

Never! I mean unless you did something for me first~

Gud! *Huggu*

All work really.

On there.

Not really, work, and watching John Wick 2 now

"I'll just take a small nap"

Its now 6pm

How's you otherwise?

Work and boring stuff mostly~

Ah, I'm glad to hear that it works out somehow, I think last time you said it wasn't going too well.

No that's on the main menu and I just noticed it and was struggling to write it.

I do that sometimes.

I am very well, been chatting up my girl more often, and it helps me stay stable, the lows don't come as often or last as long.

How you doin, I see your week was about the same.

Ah, that's very good to hear.
Keep on spending time with her until she feels good.

It took some time but finally things seemed to smooth over to some degree, still a horrid time of the year. I hate September.

Yuh, I'm doing decent enough. Hopefully you're doing well~


It took some time but finally things seemed to smooth over to some degree, still a horrid time of the year. I hate September.

Yuh, I'm doing decent enough. Hopefully you're doing well~

i had a strictly platonic dream so everything worked out

What is this

The end of all hope.

Ah, that's good to hear.
I like the fall and winter the most, probably the most beautiful time of the year.



What if I'm taken?

That's a 10/10 pic though.



Sup fam

Oh, I was talking about myself, but yeah, she's gonna need it to, her great grandma is dieing and she just isn't comprehending any of it, shits gonna hit the fan when it happens.

That's all the best pairing I have on my phone, sorry. I do have more cookie snipper though.
Life has been pretty good for the end of this week, it was tough at the start, but I'm good.


Not a whole lot.

Just chillin after work.

Yeah, same here. Lets go star gazing in the winter!

Me 2 pls.

I cannot stop what has already been done. That's my best answer~

Also yes, very.

Exactly why I said it, good catch!

Hey qt.

How u be?

Hopefully next week is easier, for you!

I start again Monday, gonna be interesting

Awwe, thx.

You can refrain in the future though...

It says "Hey"

Nice foil hat.

Hoping so too, things are looking bright.

Who is the lucky one?
I hope it's me.
Doubtful though.

How about gazing at a hazy shade of winter with vodka and lime?

Zombified :(

Okay though, I suppose.

How have you been?


Ooh, I see.

What's up?

I don't wanna catch the weeb.

Oh, just a different company. 2 weeks of training to start

Same thing tho or?

Yep. Slightly higher pay too, so there's that

I asked him if I could be his trapfriend what feels like a week ago.
I still haven't determined if it's a joke or not.

I were playing StarCraft in Japanese earlier and learned 勝利 and 概要.

How lame~

Gud, gud.

That is also a very fair plan too, I'm in. This song is so guuud~

How to fix zombification :c

I'm doing decent enough! Hopefully you feel better soon.

You could have asked me!


True, well, it's a classic.

Congrats. Glad things are looking back upward for you~

I've never played Starcraft

It's a waiting game.

Yeah, prolly in another week when it levels itself out hopefully.

Sounds like me.

I meant it as a joke.

Usually only nerds play it.

I think you already got it, now you're just reflecting it back and concentrating it, your head is acting as a weeb reactor, and it's leaking ween particles everywhere.

So, how bout your weekend, any plans?

womp womp :(

Hank me up inside. HANK ME.

You're a classic qt. So ha~

I hope so!

Try to write, game some~

Unlikely lol


Nope, all you!


Somebody send me a flight controller pls

Yep! And I'm told this company is better too

Just fuck me up fam

Like from behind or like in the mouth?

StarCraft 1 is free to play if you want to try playing it with me sometime.

Rip in pepperoni me - lame as heck.


I don't have a mouse.

So there is a chance?

Whichever you prefer I suppose



Am I supposed to take that as a no..?

Yeah, sorry lol

I used to, but I had to take it apart to scavenge a button. Now I have this wonky super shitty and oversensitive touchpad to work with.

No, no. I meant our obvious relationship. The chemistry and sexual tension is just way too clear~

Alas it was like Icarus, we we too close to the Sun. Had to burn up.

... Both?

You should rest.


Well, I tried. :(

What relationship?

The friendship?

Sure, but the order is important


Oh, I might start working on writing something.
What are you working on?

I know how reactors work, you're just causing trouble for everyone and increasing the weeb concentration of the thread.


I'd a her.


You're not wrong...

But I need something before I go, just one thing.

It's best we both believe that from here on...

It's okay Rin, it's just raining in here. I understand. Just remember the words of a very wise man~

Life... Uh... Finds a way.

Is it though?

Right now just a little short thing I've had in my head for very long time. Kind of a weird fantasy thing~

Me too, have a less clothed her.

Yeah sorry I'm a bit picky


I'm so confused.

Wow lewd.


I don't know..

hugs tightly
Sleep well

Night all of you

A fanfic, you can say it, don't be ashamed, I had a friend working on a kon fanfic where they went to war, and it's their stories of battle, comforting eachother on the battlefield and their ptsd after the war, ostsan was an odd duck.

She was wearing a foil hat that caused things, and yess, that Weiss is lewd.

Nuh it has to do with something about fags. I mean elves. But no time to explaaain.

Slep now. Nini.

Sweet dreams Eva

Warned, but did not heed, prepare for nuclear attack!

Isn't it obvious?!

Sleep tight



I have literally been talking runes and posting runes I learn and I'm not increasing the weeab concentration !?

Sleep well sweet heart.

I am pretty good, drinking a lime rockstar with cheap vodka.


Nope, all you!

I never said you weren't, but elms created a weeb reactor out of her head.

Ah, I'm trying to handle lingonberry vodka, but it's a bit too strong for my tastes.

You're the silly who let themselves get confused over "Depends" instead of asking what it depends on.

I see.


What's a lingonberry?

Wait, I do have more best pair.

Do you see?

I mixxed vodka and cranberry juice, I shall call it a vodka and cayon.


It's a making fun of marines thing.


The only thing that has been built marine proof is a crayon factory.




And I missed an r.



Whoa. It's Emma.

For shame.

Sup faygo?


Wish ilu


ofc Erio comes out of the woodwork


I've been checking periodically for TP

On my way home from a nice night. It's 5:25 am.

Just me myself and I

I think you've got the wrong person, I'm new here ^w^

I agrees, I should commit sudoku now
Now where's the 8 go?

Would あほが mean anything that makes sense?

You're Emma? Send nudes.

Don't be rude

Oh? What'd you do?


Aho is a dumb person.
Ga is a particle that indicates the subject of the sentence (the aho)

So kinda, I guess.

I'm not rude, you're rude!

Sudoku, a game with numbers, rows and squares of 9.

You and I have talked recently

I always forget about TP night so basically I haven't talked to TP in one (1) millenium

Now the one Friday night I'm here he's not

He's hiding because he's scared

Btw I also haven't talked to Wish in a millennium until now so calm down

How've you been? ^^

FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NUMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will NOT calm DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

I killed myself then came back to life but now I want to die again.

Someone asked me because apparently a character's line is supposedly あほか but it sounds to them like あほが.
Like, just that.

I kinda just went through how が is a subject marker, but I was just wondering if there was something I was missing about it, ty.

Idk why that ka was in my subject field.


I actually enjoy sudoku, I may charge my 3ds for some sudoku.

Maybe the character had a mouthful of peanut butter


SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!! TP is dead and it's YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I forgot how kawaii you are until now

How is wanting to die kawaii?

Also I'm a boy btw way

Lol replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ubers-638670210

But numbers suck


I'm bi but I meant that platonicly anyway

Get over urself you adorable fuck

What can you rely on if you can't rely on TP to come drunkenly insult everyone on Friday nights?

Our slow, inevitable spiral into the endless chasm of death

But number quantify the universe.


I'm gonna go sleeps now.

Nana thread.

Who knows.
I only thought to ask if they had a audio clip of it after the fact.

"Lame response Onii-hyan?"



だめですお兄ちゃん but during an ahegao