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cease this demonic avatar


I just got big tiddy white girl nudes in exchange for sending a video of me cumming

ah life is great

okay ;~;


Now what?


post them mammaries



i dunno


mislink but yeah



Apparently tits now.



Luka has big tiddies for a dude lmao


don't listen to those bullies yours are better anywas

would bite nips/10

I honestly thought luka was into voluptuous women, being 'lesbian' and all

Give me blondie when?

at least bard is here ^_^

Oh, shit... I totally forgot about that.
That anime ended and was a giant disappointment.

That nigga needs jesus

hehe yay!

i've been still waiting all this time.

Uh uh... fuck!
Also she died.

he has a mormon brother irl

Still waiting.

Desu is luka's mormon brother


the poster not his actual bro


in my headcanon

I'll work on it.

i want it for my birthday.

dont be demanding




everyday until you like it


Bard help I have an obsession

you're my obsession

who do i have to be to make you sleep with me

omg its so gangsta


Did you get a J O B for your birthday?

fallout meme
i always see you on my steam list playing it

Huh? Bord pls

tell me about your immersive character's backstory

No fuck you


i ike fallout too...

pew pew
i liked fallout 4
i use VATS
for everything!

You like DICK

You think Radiation is your ally, but you were merely adopted by it

Me? I was born in it, Molded by the stinging radioactive sands of the mojave.

I didn't see the option to build my own dwelling until I was already a man
by then it was nothing to me but TRIVIAL

repoast cuz this is so good

uh lol wtf i think you're confusing me with somebody else ?

Nah, it's just you


jk ilu Bard

Bard still loves dick, though.

i love you too, penis





I literally threw my landlord's cat out of my room lol

y is ur landlords cat literally in your room

I left my door open

But I actually threw him



also colbert wtf kind of buffalo bill serial killer ass shit


nnudge him out w/ ur foot


I nudged him

He did not listen


aah well, im up now




tfw its 5am already

where in the fuck did the night go



What a fucking nigger!

gute nacht

night night, rest well


is he acting all edgy and rebellious to trigger the feminazi youtube ceo?

Disney pulled their sponsorship.
Doesn't matter if it's acting or serious, it's great nonetheless

he was sponsored by disney?



sounds complicated. i thought all he did was play video games

He apparently got tired of playing videogames and screaming at the screen like a retard, so he wanted to be more like "himself", which later led him to be a far-right anti-semitic fascist cutiepie

sounds like a bunch of political words idk

Hey thread, how is?

And they don't even mean anything anymore

Things are well.
How's you?



ur all soo wrong.

Talked with my girlfriend last night, about a bunch of kinky shit, so I'm not too bad, also she drew furry porn, and I wanna see it.

Your girlfriend drew you furry porn? Lol what?

hey arent you early today

tell me whats up with the pewds

One guy had to travel to the other side of the country for a photo at 2pm, another had to go to the doctor and a third had to visit their parents as well, so we decided to just call it quit early today.

he's pretty alright guy

She drew it in a Disney coloring book, the prompt was, "What's Belle thinking about?"
And no, it wasn't for me, but I wanna see it.

Sure it wasn't~
Enjoy your shared interest in porn

are you telling me you are expected to schedule your own work days and you dont have actual lectures???

very adult

is he one of those boring vloggers tho

Gee, I wonder if it'll be Belle taking giant "beast" knot...

he current
he in the know
he speak his mind
he making videos for fun, not for money anymore
he well travelled man, and made a life, using his brain

he successful

he doing something right

does he worship anime thighs tho

Sometimes, sometimes not.
Half of the semester is group work on a project. Each lecture gets you 5ECTS, the project gives you 15ECTS, and you can only get 30ECTS a semester.
So 3 courses and a project. I don't have lectures on Mondays and Fridays

yes he does
he grew up




I shall, I mean, we shall.

That'd be pretty hot, I suggested furniture transformation porn would have been funnier though.

I don't doubt it~

"Hey, what are you doin' with that candelabra?"

It's a couples thing, you'll know when you find the special one for you.

Anal insertion I would say.


But I already got a special someone~
And we do share porn too


Small furry creatures.

that adds up to like 3 lectures tho thats like one week worht


That isn't very small.

4 lectures each week, and also exercises.
Rest is group work, or intended for it anyway


Just the base of the candelabra that is

I wish

what wheres the sexual violence iw anna join

wut kinda exercises? the kind that cultivates your man meat? or study ones?

But she's only like, 5'10".

rip his anus

In the pic of the post you just linked, and here too
Study ones, of course. Lewdie

almost as big as me

only the anna one looks sexual to me?
also cultivating your man meat is not lewd

Just the right size.

Maybe it's not visible~
Yes it is, too lewd too


average male size

just because you get all grunty and sweaty and tired doesnt mean its lewd

Nah. I just pulled it off danbooru.
yeah, yeah it does!

If you haven't ever met up, and don't have real plans of meeting or living together, do you really consider them the special someone that completes your being?

Rip my innocents.

When will they learn...

Goddamn manlets


The average American height for men is 177 cm or 69.7 inches, which is approximately 5 foot 10 inches


I'm above this

I'm tall

Till I stand next to you.

Until you actually meet someone irl that better fills the role and you hurt your internet special someone.

He's a big guy

how is it sexual violence?
somtimes its just very satisfying to work out and end up tired beaten up and sweaty

Getting fucked by many at the same time.
You know, the kind of position you'd like to be in..
And you work out by working your dick?

He's already walked that bridge.

Just because you're a giant

4 u>>1861312

I'm not sure I will

And I'm the "runt of the litter", imagine that...

is your brother 7 feet tall or something ?



One is above 7, other two are damn close too.
Only my younger brother is shorter at 6', but he has a different dad so...

I'm sure he has.

Like I said, you'll know when you find them.


Not gonna happen

what do you think it would be like to have a nice jerk after an intense work out session?

something must be wrong with your dads sperm


Nah, it's just me that broke. They're came out tall and straight, and I'm just some short faggot.

Hope is something you should look into.

Nah, don't need hope




Everyone needs hope, whether they call it that or not is a different story.


But I'm just fine

Just stay away from my gf (male)

But it's you I want.

Good one


Not allowed


I got a Bard nip





I'll be hopeful for you.

Definitely @Feku

Sweet of you


Why don't you just try to talking to someone instead of just blank posting with a generic sad anime girl and hoping someone responds?





i was gonna eat curry today but nvm

gonna have some dick instead?

Hey barb, how do?

not 24 hours ago you said bullies were bad

I do anything for my friends.


Still at work?


Slept the entire day away yesteray and stayed up all night playing minecraft and world of tonks

and when i wake up from bed i gotta go to work LAME

what u p w/ u ?


bard is an asshole







i was drunk or something

you dont deserve to be sad

thanks : 3

that wasnt supposed to be a good thing

high on libido and sexual frustration



to stew or to sandwich?


boil water and drop a sandwich in it.

maybe i need to jerk off more to quell it

Considering how often you talk about it, people think you do nothing else


Yeah, still at work.

Games will do that to you, but why teraform the desert though, can't you just find grass land, or punch all the trees to get rid of a forest?

ugh I wish I had streaming or something
Well I wanted to live in a Desert Temple

and my spawn has a super nice village right next to a desert temple

Just gotta clear the desert and the 4 mountains then ill have a coast to coast area for making farms and decorrating and maybe ill put roads and lights and ill fence it all off and ive there with my villagers : )

Should get off earlier today too



Good morning

boil a sandwich and drop water in it

Slept well?

What did he mean by this?

I will be extremely intoxicated tonight.

I will never understand Minecraft, but hey, if it allows you to express yourself creatively, keep it up, you do you.
World of tanks however, have you unlocked best tank yet?

Yeah, I'm thinking 6 hours, but maybe 8.


Ah, well, guess something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

I've got a respectable arsenal of tier V and VI's but its tough without pay to play
highest is a jap tier 7 heay

Going for Russian american and brit tier 6's all simoultaneously

its bretty fun but goes down for maintenance alot
still i cant complain about a free game,,,,,,,,

Still quite a few remaining..

i'm so tired and i have no money for coffee

kill me

go to sleep : 3

Well enough, I guess

i actually do do other things! but for now im gonna go fap. you can tell i do other things by the gap in between my responses


The gap between your responses is due to you jerking it, obviously



I will tomorrow too!

I'll have coffee ready in a minute if you drop by.



What's the occasion?

Big boobies

Annual party at my university today. Tomorrow is a concert

Ohio Gojai Mass

halløj halløj mit kære blad

*rips a fat ass bong lmao *

No hablo Espanol,
habla IngleS?

Well I've heard worse excuses.

Nein, aber Ich Spreche Deutsch sehr gut


Nu må du ikke drille

Men hvad skal jeg ellers give mig til?

Det er fredag! Ud og drikke!

Je ne parle pas de Néerlandais, parlez-vous Anglais?

Why are their no pictures of girls actually failing the one finger thing?

Nah, jeg er bare en fattig studerende som ikke får "nok" cafépenge

Fuck, you beat me

*there no

I'm going to go grab coffee and wake up now.

I'll beat you alright.

pls beat me up real good, daddy

Mi yo ~ n

Otousan janaiyo.


I wish i had a dick that could still do that. Alas ive grown out of that stage and can't do it as much anymore.

Brb second round

If you didn't torture the thing so much it might work properly for a few more years.

What a fucking slut

It had nothing to do with the physical condition of it. It's just that my libido isn't as strong as it once was.

Traps can't be daddies.

Are these tiers based on stuff you acquire and craft?

Well, it wasn't 6 hours, so 2 more hours now maybe?

That's actually a really cool looking bong.

I think you're just stressed about your recent realization

That's a shame, daddy

2 more is soon, yay

Real talk, please don't call me that.

rin is daddy

okay babe~

Well, I also forgot to account for half hour unpaid lunch, which is bullshit imho, because it's not like I got time to go do anything with a half hour, so I just stay here, but that means I won't be off until 1330.

Lenni loud a cute.


Then it really is a shame this place is mostly dead at the moment



Real talk, please don't call me gay.

And I just have a couple more minutes of break left.


Big Nut


Guys make the best mommies.
When are you gonna breed with Ikt?

It bothers you unironically?

fuck ;-;

Whenever he sees fit to impregnate me.

Shes 495

Um yes? Sure!


How about you just take him? He's not the most dominating one around here

Now I don't believe you anymore, fag


If I'm gonna セクス I'm gonna セクス because my partner wants to セクス not because I want to セクス.

Replace weeb runes with CUM


thanks babe

I mean that's basically what it says.

Har lige barberet mig med skraber for første gang i lang tid. Kan ikke huske at mine kinder var så bløde

I don't really care about セクス so I don't see why I should initiate it.


Even normal lolis aren't pedophilia so what's your point?

Fag is less offensive but pls use sparingly

Ngl tho I'd totally go with the lolicops if it means being in a confined backseat with one

I just realized you guys had to explain those runes.


Har faktisk aldrig gjort det. Kun brugt en trimmer.
Skæg er dog meget rart at have, får en til at se mere mandig ud, lol


But it's true!
How can truth be offending?


Good thing doubt doesn't overturn fact or I'd've been a slut a long time ago.

She goes out the other door, you're strapped in.

Dinner time


Right, you don't care about him cumming~
Still doubt

Hu wants you to impregnate me.

Those runes say sekusu.

Film it.

Film you impregnating me?

She's 2d!!!!

Well the truth can hurt but that doesn't matter because you're lying anyways

Not even a sniff? :(


Wait, it actually means cum? lmao

har også bare shade normalvis, men det er galla i aften, så skal man være skarp.

Only if you promise not to show anyone, and I have all the copies when you aren't using them.

It says sex.

セ se
ク ku
ス su

I planned to use them as preroll for family friendly movies in popular cinemas.

brb food

I actually have no way of enforcing any of that so I'm basically just trusting you not to put pictures or videos of me naked, or us doing セクス anywhere.

Also, enjoy fud

セクス killed the thread.


This is why abstinence is the best policy.
I knew my HS sex ed. was right.

That doesn't help, lol

I would never lie to you cutie

Apparently, wow.

Yeah, kan jeg godt se så.
Har du så fundet en lækker pige at danse med?

Ah, now I see

what does レイプロリ mean

lol why would you call me cutie are you gay or something

Holy crackers.

Abstinence is best -ence.


dicksucker. Like yourself

lol yeah, what's you gonna do about it?

I went to cook ;-;

If you put a P in front of ence, you get Pence.
Mike Pence.
The truth might shock you.

It means you should seek professional help, and probably incarceration.


lost it

I love food

I'm trying to become Japanese so I exist off working, studying, light gaming between the aforementioned working and studying, and sleep.

What a fucking weeb

That's like actual unironic weeb.

and that's terrible

I'm trying to become Japanese because Skyline R32's for 1000 bucks

Ai sutadi za sarudo.

Yu kan' not'to hopu tsu sutando agen'suto mi-.

The irony sets in when you realize I do only one thing in that list.

Let's become real anime japanese lolis together !


working, is the one.
Working Ikt's dick

The first thing I noticed was just

"OK (O)" and I'm dying.

Play games, actually.

Sexual games is still games.

That they are

Good games?


The funnest games.
If a bit crass and lewd.

Suta- Kurafuto.
And, uh.
Weeabshit MMOs.

ill accept the compliment wholeheartedly

I said good games, Ikt.

The best games indeed~

That's a good girl

I dunno what any a' that is.

thanks but im not a girl.
why the fuck is wrong with sun it comes out too early and doesnt go down until late. I need more darkness hours fuck i wanna sleep now but hair wet and i just finished eating. fucking sunlight makes me tired

Fuck it, dry hair real quick and get rest

Starcraft and weeabshit mmos

sleeping is for weaksauce normies anyway huh

Like you

I love sleep.


Did you get Underground 2 working?

idk if there even is a blow dryer somewhere in this house

i love u


Just use a towel man, how long is your hair anyway?


Suri-pu wisu mi-.



nuh uh

o-oh boy

3-4inches idk cm towel doesnt wrok

thats not hu? its sleep. if i said tha tit would be gay

Well, sun is up, let that dry it~

hu lyf

NO i refuse to let sunlight hit me

Ikt lyfe.
Also, never answered ;__;
And just realized you probably won't be able to use OpenGL. Shitty buggy driver

Come on now, don't be a pussy~