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New thread when

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i hear ikt can bridge the atlantic

i wanna die im not watching anime anymore and I can feel all the food in my stomach. when do i food coma



He can bridge the atlantic?

No dying though. Unless you go back to watch anime


*clicks Subtle link*
*instant anxiety*

I should buy a blue Peugeot 106 and add tacky lights and bumpers skirt spoilers to it and black out the windows and add tribals to it and play hardcore at super loud volume and then when people expect to see a white skinhead they see a smol azn dude :D

or get a cute miata

Best fucking car in Underground 2

:( doesn't work for pirates

Dirty pirates.

It's too OP too.
Best car can literally be bought from the get go. Drive through the mountains and take sharp corners at 200kmh, no problem!

Wish I had a console that'd do UG2 properly!

Oh yeah, and when you start a new game in Most Wanted and you got an Underground 1 or 2 safe, it'll detect it and you'll have enough cash from the get go to purchase the Chevrolet Camaro SS, which is just as overpowered as the Peugeot 106 from the predecessor.

But you can play it on your PC?
You could use pcsx2, but why not just run the PC port?

Never knew, always picked the Golf for some reason but I kept swapping cars anyway until the EVO

It's just not the same!

I should probably try once though, good suggestion. The UG2 PC version is just too buggy.

his dick

im watching 2 naked men going down on eachother with a rope

OK anime now

Try going with the Chevrolet next time, and pick tuning option every time. It does everything amazingly well, except for drag. It's handling beats everything else and makes running away from cops incredibly easy. Acceleration better too. Easily beats a top-tuned Gallardo at everything but top speed.

It's not. It's better~
Ah, should try with pcsx2 then. Try changing between the DirectX 11 and OpenGL renderer. Gregory made a quite many improvements to the OpenGL renderer, so it might just perform better, but experiment a little with it

Hear, huh? He posted a pic of it once

Oh? I bet you'd go down on them both


lol no i thought weve established the fact that im not gay already

But it's American.
I don't like American cars.

Surely to try PCSX2 though.

Oh yeah, of course not!

It's still the best.

Go ahead. Pirate a BIOS, you can find those easily on Pirate Bay

i want hifumi to step on my dick

i had one set up for shadow of the colossus :D

the ID changed. clearly an imposter

is dat season gud?? should i wathc it too?

Update to latest beta. Recent builds are much faster.
At least that was the case not too long ago. If you don't run 1.5.0, update

Right, right, "clearly"


okay master :3c

I can't find pcsx2 so i probably removed it some time ago eh

There you go

*pets back*

where find beta???

i know where to find betas

Imagine if dogs could pet each other

i recently learned ducks get given all kinds of pets

they're super maternal apparently

I linked it~
Clicking the Download button and you'll be redirected to this page.
All the revisions are listed here, and some of them have been compiled. All you need is extract the archive and you're ready to go

people even have them watch children



you cant just put anything in quotes and make it work

Imagine if dogs could jerk off

It's generally not a good practice to use using namespace x in your code, it could lead to various conflicts when multiple namespaces are used without any explicit prefix in the namespace functions.Here's a nice example of such issues:

Works here!


It amazes me they had that there inthe first place and just removed it months ago!!!

I want a duck to pet me

They just hump things

I remember a dog I had humping a pillow just like how Jack humps his Rena bodypillow

so i heard house ducks like to think they're head of the family, and i bet ducks are not expensive if we eat them, that dream can easily come true if you get a ducking and house train it

They probably missed it.
Oh well, no biggie. If they didn't use it in the first place, it's not like it'll be included in the compiled executable

They can be trained not to poop everywhere? I didn't think any birds were that smart

uygh nvm

okay "female"

did you make sure to check the pillow for semen after before using it again

Well ravens are pretty smart actually

I heard they used to follow armies to battle because they knew that wherever an army was going, there'd soon be corpses to eat from

imagine if birds had arms

It was his pillow

Ravens can talk


They're my waifu

UG2-PS2 is so slow to download :c

I prefer the MurCrow.
Or there was RadCrow, he was exposed to radiation and grew to like 4times the size of a normal crow.

Remember the BIOS, and from the right region too, else nothing will work~
Also, I'm gonna turn in early. Night night

Ravens are NOT crows

Crows are disgusting scavengers and also stupid

Ravens are elegant smart birds of prey


A group of crows is called a "murder" and that's pretty metal

Ravens are even better that way though

Hello, how are you all doin?

That boy you just called a Krusty Krab? His name is Patrick

yes how are you


Crows are cool too, you can hunt them and eat them,
And after an exhaustive search of crows vs ravens, radcrow was probably actually an oversized raven.
Lucy is best harbinger of death anyway.

Binchickens please go


I cannot answer for "you all" but myself is actually doing pretty well.

Oh, I thought binchicken was seagull.

I just found out Gabriel's birthday is 4/20

Pretty fitting imo

I think it's just collectiveley all birds that are gross urban scavengers

like a pigeon could be a binchicken

Have we talked before?

My dog has made birds disappear before, all I found was feathers.

I'm no longer an Atheist. I fully converted to worshiping thighs.

I'm glad! How's your day been going?

Not sure, Hi I'm Sinni! I'm new to the threads kinda.

Thighs aren't real

Matter is an illusion

You found this board on Holla Forums and didn't have any prior connection to any of the communities that miscegenate here? That's rare if so

Nice to meet you ^^

They are a furry


That was what my instinct said before he said that

Furries usually just act like they're oldfafs even if they just started posting here

Here's some important content I found on Tumblr yesterday

Nah I had some friends that are part of the threads and they just adopted me in really.

Thanks, it's nice to meet you too :3c


Were they furry friends?

arent you into dogs tho?


nah, oob and guero aren't furries.

:thinking: tho I'm dating a furry so it's like I'm 1/8th furry and I don't know if that counts legally

nah that's Squash

isnt kkslider a dog tho

just the group
there are furries who arent furries

tp is an anime who doesnt post anime

Oh man, I always thought I was just nothing, but now I understand I worship the lewd.

It's been going really well, and I have tacobell feel good food.
How about you?

You're thinking of squash.

I took a nap

Harvey's technically a dog too tho, but I'm not a furry!!!!!!!!!!!!

NG!! Spoiler: RIP Ko going to Ubisuck

Sounds great! Hanging with boy

so you dont have any weird sex interest that deviate from the norm?

You better wear a fursuit during sex or they'll find someone else who will


I loved that scene I just linked because it's basically how it goes when I'm trying to write something poetic


If hell is where you get stepped on by Vigne I don't want to go to heaven.

how about her doggo instead

guess im not doing anything strenuous for a bit

shes a keeper




Oh, what boy, is it not boyfriend?
It felt like the line was running slow today, but it was about normal, so it was pretty chill.



Yee it's boyfriend


That just happens to be how many are needed

Sinni? Yeah I don't know; I'm just shitposting

I'm kidding ^^

How're you?

That image sums up my feelings on Satania

satania is perfect

Sinni was being my voice last night.


NG!! was unexpectedly heavy

Cool stuff, doin anything special with boyfriend

gay boi

Happy as can be :3c

How are you?

It was a pleasure :3c

Eatin junk & watching sunny in philly



You have pretty good taste in anime girls

I hate Tomoko for making her anime feel so awkward to watch with her behavior but I love her at the same time

I'm suddenly realizing how complex my feelings on my favorite anime girls are

Kind of baked ^^

Have to leave for a family thing soon; don't really want to go but I guess I will

The best anime girls are the ones that remind us of ourselves

Jesus Christ, son of God is the only master I have

Don't go.

I don't think I ever put vacuum cleaner suction marks all over my body to make a friend think they were hickeys, though

I already told them I would



I want to feed Satania melonpan


Oh, I never really got into that show, watching video game highschool myself.


That's a vacuum cleaner, I can tell by the hicky marks all over.

C++ fanatics are scary :(


I want ikt to feed me melonpan.

*Feeds u döner kebab *



But it's so simple, and it works with html really well, I only know a little bit though, and not really a fanatic, but I don't understand why you would need anything else?


I kind of want to be a suturimaa.

Oh good, I'm not being completely ignored today.
Hi bard.

no i mean the kind of fanatics who scroll past your snippet of code and scroll back and have a slight panic attack and start typing out a 1000 word reply with 5 code snippets of how it can be done better and totally tear you down over 6 lines of code you originally posted and why the new C++11 method is way better and way faster but not for this example but imagine if you had 20 occurrences instead of 5 it would be so much faster and they are technically right but holy shit please chill

;.; -hug-

Oh, I used to lurk /g/ for stuff like that, always fun to watch them rip into someone, even if their code works.

How are you doing?

It's only calculus and you're really good at programming, I don't understand :c

still having nightmares

Will you be my actually amazingly super chill husbando who's super cool with my being stay-at-home waifu and streaming full time but also being a super good house waifu who keeps everything clean and tidy and makes you dinner and breakfast and stuff?

so very tired
i may sleep
but if i do ill continue thisabysmal messed up sleep schedule

probably wake up around midnight or so..........

Still If I do that I can go to bed at around 10 a.m and make it to work on time....

How are you getting along today?

On your phone?

I failed calculus 4 times before dropping out for a vocational university instead

Programming can be so discouraging sometimes though, when you're stuck and nobody knows, or you come across people like .

School computer. I'm in class. I did some exercise so I want a nap, but like in class that's not going to work since these desks are too short.

waow ur account is ancient were u a smol boye when u joined

yes, smolboye

Seems like it worked out pretty well for you, so all's well that ends well :3
I'm jealous of how good you are at C++ to be honest

definitive proof i was jdm as fuck before knowing what jdm was

damn you've got balls that is risky business
school should be about out though for you right?

Woah, you're missing the important part here, you have your own link.

Cute how worried they are about it, but it doesn't seem like bad advice, and it's not like they're really being dicks.

wai u look at me wit disgust
i speak no evil

Lol those smileys

Classes end at 4 today.

fuuuuck it's like 4 30


Yeah, happy with where I'm now though age is playing against me >_<

Eh thanks ^^', it just took quite some time and effort but I kinda go along it as it just happens to be a hobby too.

Yeah no indeed, but it just makes you realize how much of a newbie you are.

It was 2006!

is more like pouty "yeah"

Ehh? How old are you?

Not on the west cost it's not.

(((2005 was even worse: )))

I'm 24 and I'm in class with some people 4 years younger. (Doubled a class in high school, 2 years of uni before dropping out, people who don't intend to go to uni only have 4 or 5 years of hs (5 for vocational uni) while "full" uni needs 6 years of hs).

"yaruki demasenu."?
Google says "I am not motivated."

やる気 - willingness, motivation, inspiration, determination, eagerness, high aspiration
で - probably used to connect an action
ませる - to be precocious, mature for one's age, seem grown-up, seem mature

"(I) want (to) seem mature."?

That kind of makes more sense given the Subtle, am I reading this right?

*Given the character.
*Subtle, am I reading this right.

Pfft.. I probably wouldn't be able to read all the Neder-speak anyways
That's not so bad! I know other people who are 24 and still studying comp. sci stuff. When you're applying for new things, I don't think your age will matter much. What matters is that you keep on learning and improving :3

WAit, I mistyped it I think.

masenu not maseru


Which is the negative of maseru.

According to this dictionary anyway.

Do you need to bed?

Everyone starts somewhere, the most I did was get rid of the unbalanced mouse controls in fo4 recently, and I made it a little faster, even on the fastest setting it was too slow.

BORN TO DIE WORLD IS A FUCK 鬼神 Kill Em All 1989 I am trash man 410,757,864,530 DEAD COPS

All this moonspeak...

Good thing you can't see my other window.

I wish to see now.


It hurts to read.

Thanks, I certainly want to improve and become the no 1 wanted hackerman

Keep tweaking it :3c

ikt also totally ignored my question.

A Sacred Lot is the title theme.

Don't pick on me for listening to th music when studying. .///.

It's so funny to read, I don't even understand but your language is hilarious

pls quote

It's actually super embarrassing now.




So much sin.

brb sleeping for 6 hours

Yesh :3 Comfy fwuffy :3

I think the same of Danish c:

nice google translate tab

The only sin I commit is working on Sunday.



Rest well and sweet dreams.

I use it to make sure I'm reading characters right, because I have a mental handicap and registering similar patterns as different is really difficult.

Notice the three dictionaries beside it?

i approve i too have 4 tabs of japung open when i weeb out

In fo3 I bypassed the boot menus so I could play without the disc in the drive, literally all it did was the install and the boot menu, I also did high res textures by picking through all the texture packs I could find and using the ones I liked the best, that took like a whole day.

I've had these open all month.

That's a stupid sin.

I'm going to make a chuuni email and have it be "rajiiovurasuto"
And when people call me "Lady of Lust" I'll be like "NO IT'S LADY OF RUST !!!"

You would know.


Takes one to know one~

Well, yes.
I already admitted to working on Sunday.

Boring sins are the worst. That is going to lose you street cred.

I don't have street cred anyway.

Fuck taxes. Thank god I'm in a low tax bracket and get it back after the years over.

Well, that's a shame.

Taxes are a bitch, yeah~

How are you, Squash?

What is street cred anyway?

Cred liked credits?

Fine I guess. Last day of work tomorrow then I have like, 5 days off due to plant inventory.

I think. Or something to do with monopoly money.

Sounds like some good times, get to relax and do other stuff~

I'm probably going to jerk off for most of the first 2 days to be honest.

Did you claim 0 on your I-9 or W-2 or whichever one it is


I have tonnes of monopoly money, does that mean I have a lot of street credits?

It's my song.

That's the way to do it. I get about 210 a month, hoping to get a nice tax return.
Lower checks is a bitch, but you don't ahve to budget to pay taxes come april.

Oh, well uh... That's good too I think?

Yes, yes I think it does. Congrats!

Working 13-14 hours a day 6 days a week kind of leaves no room for it.

Yeah. I'm hoping to collect. I still need to get my grand from last year.


i doubt mine will be huge, but maybe if it's good i can do something fun. Maybe a trip idk.
I will be working less now that school has started.

I love how Ken Ashcorp basically just sings about jp trope memes.

I love when those things describe me perfectly.

Don't burn out.

This is true, well hopefully it's a good two days of it~


Anyway sup?

Just sort of passing some time, watching youtube and posting here. Got tired of other stuff so.

What about you?

I have a tab open for this, face book, tumblr, and beast porn.
I don't know how to describe what I am doing right now.

- Rin, 2017

Oh yeah, I made a discord guize, people should add me.

Having a blast yet a boring and virtue signalling time? Not that you're doing the signalling, just I assume you'll see a lot of it on tumblr.

That and shipping wars taken to psychotic levels. Just crazy ends of fandoms, in general. Interesting to watch.

I just follow chubby guy blogs and cute blogs.

Good move, don't wanna fall into those other sides of it.


if you're posting on animus you're not in a position to be suggesting other internet communities are pathetic

we are pathetic

We're self entitled though so it's ok.

Sorry about that, really really stupid phone call.

I don't know what to make of that image... What is the feeling to convey?

I generally blank post images when I lack a real reply to a comment.
I am just very tired.



they're only moist because they're sweaty



Get some sleep, silly~


what's this about a video of subtle

a video from subtle about the chain rule

Could try another approach to explain it, do you have steam/discord whatever?

link to video of subtles weird looking hair

isn't that just like 2 + 3 = 3+ 2

my steam name is currently humanity tax collector

not sure
im trying to figure out how this works with respect to calculating the error in weights in a neural networks.



World is a fuck indeed

This is the current meme for retro gaming.

Why is it so fricking expensive I need one. =w=

I'm woke

got a before/after comparision?

happy belated (I think)
hope you had a good one

Like, before meme/after meme?

hey grim you wanna give me money for a drawing

you wanna do that

woke af


Not really interested in buying art right now. Maybe in a month or two.

before and after the upscaling
wondering what kind of interpolation and filters that thing puts in

Jim Carrey woke me.

I don't have one, so not readily.

Oh ok. But you're still perpetuating Japanese communistic cultural warfare.

Stop cheating on me with Jim Carrey.


He has lots of money so I guess its okay.

I'm actually a gold digger in secret, obvs.

Wanna see something cool ?


Already showed you.


Oh shit its cockwork



Oh that was supposed to be cool?

Well.. this is awkward..



"This sounds pretty cool"

that bad?

its gooooooood

I was just pretending.

I think I always have been bad at reading responses. I must have the ass burgers or some thing.

Likely story.

Buy me Illya Beast mode fig

AotS is a tie between Youkoso and Aho Girl

Beleib it

You mean Made in Abyss

I'mma poor negro though.

I meant Re:Zero 2.0

Maybe I will.

Don't talk to me.

Her voice was 30x as cute as usual after he kissed her.



I'm kinda triggered MC hasn't ravaged her 12 yo pussy

De Gozaru chick is p neat too

I only really like Linze when she's mad tbh

tf is Reimu doing in muh animes

It's a bad show

Just king me already.


It's pretty comfy

Almost as comfy as that whole Kadokawa drama

I'm waiting for my crown.

No Tatsuki
No Tanoshii

Hows life been Ems?




Sounds pretty damn fun
You putting pumpkin spice on everything you order from timmies?

Just been working and been going out with friends, typical filthy normie shit
My drinking has been getting out of hand and I think I need help but I just laugh it off and watch some seasonal anime

This community is dying lmao




is mandy ITT?

handling wisdom tooth recovery like a fucking champ btw

They give you plenty of drugs.

Its not even hard

its fun

I mean like they said I was gonna be dizzy and shit and I'm like 100% right from waking up

didn't remember even getting anesthesia to the point where after I was down I told my mom "alright I'm about to go under, cya" and she was like "you're already done bro" and I was so confuse.

last thing I remember is getting oxygen

I'm immune to opiates though so I get boring old tylenol 3 with codine

slow fucking thread, aye?

Thread too damn slow, aye




and jail is only a room

hello my dearest hu






the eseduction is real



Too early to be alive

Absolutely. Got all viewers hard for sure


im not awake




well actually is 7:30-ish so late!


Ah ah ah, you didn't say the magic word!

yeah same

"cream my tight boi pussy, daddy"?

haha yes


It'll all end up in your tummy in the end, is alright.

Relatively it's late I guess, but it's still overall early! You wouldn't wake up at 7:30 on a Saturday


Whoa, what

It's Friday.



If only it wasn't

why you awake

Isn't that what you want Grim to do to you?

naw you need irl ones or youll get skin starved and be miserable



*counter pets*

That timing.

Uni in 20min, and supervisor meeting at 10am. Though might be a short day.
Woke up at 6 though actually a bit earlier than 6

Calling me daddy? Lol what?

i don't get

sleep later so you can wake later :3

Other way around.

and boobies

*pets harder*

That won't help!

what is skin starved?


I don't call people daddy, daddy





I only call people daddy ironically


so when do yougo? i think me about in 30 mins


Just like you're ironically gay?

Have a good one

in like 5. Might as well leave now~
Enjoy your day Ikt, catch you later. Hope late lecture won't tire you too much

no u!
bye bye~

Don't you hurry back!



same then i guess

They all left, rip thread.

sometimes people just need me time

only me left... all by my lonesome...

Fuck me I'm eternally tired

try sleepin in a different position

huh i didnt think of that

moving houses I had to give up my bed and move to a fouton

maybe that has something......

Idk though I really feel it's more going to sleep at 4p.m and afternoon on my days off thats been screwing me hard

Come join me in this lonesome new thread.





Try sleeping with someone else, snuggling gives me the best nights sleep, even if I get less sleep because of aggressive snuggles.