I bet I double posted this thread, but this will be the only one I see go through

I bet I double posted this thread, but this will be the only one I see go through.

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i want her
pls give?

schooltime, bye




all the girls are nice in that show.

Hello Ui.

Why wouldn't I.

i personally like just the two,
the rest are cute sure.

I have to go to bed~


Go for it.


nini ;~;

wat animu is dat?


Stop telling lies.

Which lies are you referring to?


The ones you always tell.

their faces look funny



What's up what's new?

There are way too many for me to keep track of with just that.

yuyushiki best

I hate when that happens.

Watching anime with someone. You?

I legitimately do not know which lies you want me to stop telling.

darwin what's your favorite car

Explaining would take too many keystrokes. Carry on.


darwin whats ur waifu


Oh, yeah. I forgot I wasn't worth your time.

Precisely those lies.

You killed Athelstan

Ooh nice. Hope he's cute :3

Stuff.. o//o


She is.

And what?


you cant just call boys "she"


I do and can

Why are you fapping and posting?

I was hoping for splatoon porn


oh the knight rider car

i was looking for a real answer but ok

I want to ride Michael Knight.

I want to ride a living thread


He was corrupting you.

I'm a christian now

Then you miss out on valhalla.

I'm going into both.

Christian magic isn't allowed in.

I'm casting a spell.

cute pic

I have specialty crafted runes that protect me from it.

The runes are the spell.


how are you gonna publish that in your artwork, come on bruh

are you really that confident you spelled it right to not even check

that shit's not even close


tired now


wow so Hugh Hefner died
That's crazy as fuck

This thread's going to be a tough ressurection

Let's see what I can do.....





you know what you guys can keep your thread actually on second thought

Let's take it over bard, let's do this.


idk If I'm really feelin it

Actually there is something I'd like to talk about

I found out something really cool yesterday that I want to make a reality

Did you know that if you have a building that has at least two 5x10 or any other configuration that gives you 100 square feet of mats, The Gracie Instructional DVDs , and a way to sanitize and keep it clean You can Shoot a video tour of your facility and get Registered by Rener or Ryron Gracie as an official

Gracie Garage Facility?
Gracie Garage Owners are not or do not need to be certified belt holders or Instructors, but they should open their gym to anybody who already knows the basics of Gracie Jiujitsu

So like basically If I can find a 2 car garage, or maybe even hopefully that space in a nice heated and cooled building, I would be able to open up my learning possibilities hugeley.
Maybe there might not be too many local people willing to join

But every year there are people who go on pilgrimmages around the states to check out these Gracie Garages and share knowledge and spar

And if one day me and my buds can open one then actually having someone with a belt around to train with would be a valuable commodity

Me neither.

I always have to second guess whether your long posts are copypasta or not.

wow good thing your input is totally and utterly meaningless or that might worry me

But, if there's not already a beltholder or a gym in your area, I don't really see how you'll draw one in, see about finding someone that wants to teach first, Craigslist and bulletin boards at other gyms, and the Ymca might help, start posting to put some feelers out there.

I like bards long posts, the like the longcat, are long.

Hope bard kills themselves

Yeah it's definately no substitution for a gym
sadly the nearest placce is about 40 minutes up northand i dont got a got damn car

We've got ATA Tae Kwondo here
A few friends have learned there but thats a whole different game

Yeah, same

I wasn't even being rude with that.

Some of them just seem so out in left field that they don't seem to be logically connected to anything so you just have to guess whether it's real or not.

i'm sorry tsuchi I read that with the wrong inflections

I'd like to date a girl who's a paraplegic, that way when I fuck her, I can say she couldn't walk the next day.

I'm sure everything bard posts is quality at it's finest

He shitpost alot and it can be hard to distinguish

I'm stuck in the past

Where you had to shitpost HARD and FAST if you wanted to make it

Like basically what I'm saying is if you want to get popular fast you need to be making 3 or so posts in a row

okay here are my BULLET POINTS of why interstellar is the WEAK BOTTOM-FEEDING MESS that for some reason gets CIRCLEJERKED:
- for starters, I know this movie gets a lot of credit for being scientifically accurate, but honestly I don't think that should factor into judging the movie because it doesn't enhance it at all. The story is more important than being scientifically accurate. Proof: Alien, Blade Runner, Another Earth.
- Casting. Interstellar isn't alone with this problem, but it had terrible casting. I remember when i saw it in theaters, people started laughing when Topher Grace picked up the tire iron. Also, throwing Matt Damon into the middle had no point, it was distracting and seemed like a feature in a rap video. I feel like by using such famous actors, people were focused more on them rather than the actual story or plot.
- The whole "you're retired but you're the only man for the job!!" schtick
- I kind of find Jessica Chastain's character offensive in the way it portrays women. Her entire character arc revolves around her holding a decades old grudge against her dad. She has no development that isn't about her dad.
- But my biggest problem with it, is how corny and contrived the emotion is. I have this problem with 90% of Nolan films. He does not do well with writing and directing emotional scenes. He comes across incredibly cold and sterile, but instead of using that viewpoint to look into the human condition like Kubrick, he tries to force an emotional connection with the audience that always comes out as overdone and makes me roll my eyes so hard the fall out of my head and into an interdimensional wormhole for my daughter to find.

Powerposting rule number one
If you make it look busy

It will become busy

its not that hard on a dead thread

Rule of 2s
people will almost always join 2 at a time

That's how you make it not a dead thread dummy

i swear to god feku if you don't start fucking posting

oh shit lol mb i got distracted. recently been watching a bunch of man vs wild stuff



I just post when I can, shit or not.

its okay my dude

man vs wild is fuckin wild

morning autism chan how are you this morning

hai lukas

you post at work lol
thats ballsy


Luka* (there is no plural)



i am here bardie

and me

Nice try fake Luka.


Yep, but it's not too big a deal.

What's ballsy is when I browse/post lewds on /lewd/.


i like butt s

what about butts A through R?

and i love mannys butt


Ohayou Bardo
Making my way to my therapy appointment
How are you this morning?




What's the matter :(

getting down on some minecraft my dude

whats the therapy for? I hope you have a nice time

yes. hi.

I don't enjoy Minecraft much. Not creative enough for it

Its for my brain, and it's not very enjoyable

Bard is gay.


whats up?

Oh. Sorry

been up all night

feel terrible.

fucking faggots

ive been awake all night too

don't worry.

Thread too dead too

im really only watching it for the hunting aspect of it. do you know anything else i can watch that would give me the same vibe?


im not into wolf porn sorry

yeach actually try

Man vs Food

why would i want to watch a fat fuck eat copious amounts of food

im hungry

Or big breasted women, cause you're a faggot

what do you mean? i have 3 tabs of hentai with woman with sufficient breast sizes

flat > *

And by sufficient, you mean flat as fuck, right?

ranging from flat to c cup yes

ikt come back to sleep, I'm still tired.


how is that gay in away ny

Because it's you

Im not gay??



does it have japanese dubbing?

literally everything weve spoke of today has been straight

post porn

its on my phone too lazy

Probably not.

That looks comfey

Where can I find more


You look comfy...


did youtube.com/watch?v=0TjHLusRZGY sample youtube.com/watch?v=C7iqE1Hjhcs or youtube.com/watch?v=CSvFpBOe8eY



i know im not gay but for some reason i had some really realistic dreams of sucking cock last night



Oh boy do I have news for you


you should try this map the patterns are kinda fun osu.ppy.sh/b/136910?m=0

not gay because i totally wasnt concious half awake with a hard on

why live

Gay as hell!

I know right? ;_;

are you pregnant with rin's baby?

at no point did i suck an actual physical dick in this conversation

i was having trouble trying to imagine how to please it while keeping my jaw loose and sucking while massaging the tip with my tongue

Because you have a Megu-Rin in bed !!!

Hows your day been?

I'm a boy tho


I'm sure you'll figure out how some day~


Day has been fine. Even shorter day tomorrow, already getting home at like noon it sounds like, so yay.
How about yours? Hope your group mate didn't spew too much shit


that will never happen because i wouldnt do gay things irl


I've been shitposting in jp too much I immediately recognized that は and い

Oh group's fine, I can work great with the others. Sadly one's still sick, so RIP.

Long day tomorrow tho :/ Meeting and then at 4pm a presentation.

Sure you wouldn't~
All depends on the dick

is that a tongue and a dickhead?

any proper weeb could understand that instantly tho

idk what those are like tell me about them faggot

yuo are problem

I said the characters, not the word.

The word I've known since before I knew the characters, but I actually read the characters before the word this time.

Goddammit, so many people sick lately.. Least group's fine~
Oh fuck, that's one hell of a late presentation.
Weekend after it, thank God

Maybe like the one you kissed in your dreams

im very generate

oh well you might be beyond weebs then cuz i had to double check sounding it out in my head

no wtf i dont kiss dicks in my dream only full blown suckage

I've typed them so many times that I guess it's cheating.


eh we just gotta listen so it's ok

/me appears in feku's dream

do you ever cyber with people in nihongo

please call me pervert instead its preferred

Why don't we ever cyber in Japanese?

I'm gonna go cook

Should still be home at that hour, especially on a Friday

Don't let him suck your soul from your body through your penis

Cock-loving perverted girl!

tbh kinda prefer this over slut only just barely

"私はおちんちんが大好きよ!!!" - Feku last night

pennies are the best

That's not what that word says.



can anyone here math at all?


Depends on what kind of math.

"Ochinchin daisuki desu!"

Subtle, tell Fek what おちんちん means.


No hablo Japaneso


I know you do.

You dreamed about them after all.


Oh, okay.

Neither do I.

Not with any considerable ability, anyway.

am i alright asking you some questions about derivatives?


Probably not, I played hookie for that part in highschool.

byby hu chn

can you tell me if i get this yet?

a derivative is a property possessed by a point on a slope, which is its instantaneous rate of change?

there are multiple methods to get this variable, including the chain rule, product rule, power rule, and the quotient rule?

can you give me a plain english explanation of the chain rule?

fair enough

Subtle が大嫌い!

I couldn't figure out how to convert subtle to kana.


I've been meaning to learn but life keeps interfering!

sub burrito


Don't use google.

I started learning anyway !!!

Yeah that explanation is great
Gimme a sec for the last part, in a game


Also don't use あたし unless you're a gradeschool girl or a fuccboi.

i'm a gwadeschool giwl o///o

C++ crept in


fuck C++ tbh

Just copying the characters isn't using it ???

*fucks あたし*

I'm a gwadeschool giwl O////O

I didn't i just typed out the romanized text and hit enter without double checking

Bard, you still aren't "using it."


Holy heck.
I'm going to be a ワープロ馬鹿.

Ok so, the chain rule is when you're trying to get the derivative of some equation, and that equation happens to be a composition of functions (a function of a function). Simple example would be sin(x^2).

You know what all the other rules are for?

あたし 穴きついです

I'm trying my best don't make fun of my wee wee.....

nope, i dont

it may be worth stating that i intend to apply this for use with a feed forward neural network

Wow Subtle is hella smart

I wish I paid attention in Calculus.

I'm ignoring you now.


Think he's smart enough to marry us?


Still doesn't change the fact you are~

no bye bye, am back babe

Marry ikt and I !!!

Could you atleast word processor and confirm if that phrase was correct I'll stop after that

Okay I'm about to fap send words of encouragement.

Also that was faster than usual what'd was for cook?

feed me

I'm assuming you were trying to say "My ass is tight"?

You forgot to denote that it was your ass,

I need not send words, you already got it all in your thoughts, your dreams prove it

Something easy. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyttipanna
Was already pre-made too. Just had to pull it out of the freezer, then fry it.
Also means the amount of dishes was limited too


Actually that one's hole, anyway.

Unless you read it as けつ instead of あな

That's okay, they're all fairly similar. Basically, you would choose an appropriate rule (or combination of) to find the derivative of your function f(x).

If f(x) is something simple like 2x^3, you'd use the power rule, since it's of the form x^n.

If f(x) is the product of two functions, like x^2sin(x), you'd use the product rule since it's of the form g(x)h(x).

If f(x) is the ratio between two functions, like (3x+9)/(2-x) -- so, a "fraction", then you'd use the quotient rule.

And like I said, if f(x) is a function of a function you'd use the chain rule.

Honestly I didn't enjoy machine learning at all, so good luck with that ^^

What defines glitch hop?

I'm not even close to qualified for that!

Feku is making me translate gros and perverted things please punish him !

Subtle and qt are so smart *~*

Uni course :3

He'd just enjoy that, and it would make everything worse

Also, will you be my sugar daddy?

Crud, you're right.

alternatively, will you be my sugar daddy?

hmm I have a hard time with this one myself sorry
I'm not really sure what seperates glitch/glitch hop from similiar sounding EDM..

Ah, fair enough.
Thank you.

Subtle buy me this daddy

I was being a loli with a tight pussy


Rolled 1, 3 = 4 (2d4)What play to generate heat?

1) Cyber Echo
2) ALttP
3) Ace Combat Zero
4) Star Cutscene 'til the End of the Game
5) Samurai Warriors 2 Empires
6) Shadow of Rome
7) Xenosaga Episode 1
8) ZOIDS Horizon: Dawn of Zero
9) Cyber Subtle
10) Cyber ikt
11) Have actual sex with ikt
12) Nothing freeze.

Rolled 2, 1 = 3 (2d4)I'm not actually going to play star cutscene 'til the end of the game, pick another one.

Rolled 3, 1 = 4 (2d4)But I've played that so much recently. =w=

Rolled 1, 4 = 5 (2d4)Now you're just messing with me.

This one's acceptable.

Ooh that gives me idea to fry my own frozen veggie gyoza for foods

Can't live without a pan

Ur dice is missing 2 sides

It's super common for children to speak in the third person, rather than using an I word.


Rolled 5 (1d20)
What do

1) Sex ikt
2) Sex ikt
3) Sex ikt
4) Sex ikt
5) Sex ikt
6) Sex ikt
7) Sex ikt
8) Sex ikt
9) Sex ikt
10) Sex ikt
11) Sex ikt
12) Sex ikt
13) Sex ikt
14) Sex ikt
15) Sex ikt
16) Sex ikt
17) Sex ikt
18) Sex ikt
19) Sex ikt
20) Sex ikt

That's a good girl

Did i do the third person thing right? That's what i was going for

I came in

Encouragement makes you last longer?
lol wat

Rolled 3 (1d20)
"Atashi" isn't third person ?

It's just a cutsey way of saying "Watashi."


ok i dont need your judgement anymore go sex ikts

Who wants to join my conquest to claim my right to rule?

Nah, I'll keep bullying you

F-fine, I didn't want any of you cucks in my army anyway !!!

I bet you all make shitty soldiers anyway !!!




when is it my turn to bully you? i thought you were supposed to be a sub?

also back made fried things and didnt burn it

I am, and I'm also immune to bullying.

Oh? Was it good?



what if i made fun of you for ponies

idk currently still consuming while animu

Go right ahead.

Wow, sounds challenging

is hu a pretty boi


4 u

So you're indistinguishable from a real girl? Nice!

this form stuff, what does it mean?

so, i want the chain rule for the backpropagation, but do i need to use any other kinds of derivative rules for it? im trying to follow a guide but being unable to read the maths in it is kind of a big hindrance.

what precisely is the chain rule, algorithmicly speaking?

sorry, was briefly afk

I've been told I could easily pass as a trap as is. Wouldn't say indistinguishable from a real girl. Don't have boobs or a vagina



you can be the trap gf tho

how about if i made fun of you for being a trap?

also yeah it was a lot of food but i managed to stuff most of it down. im on the last stride of it and i get to fit in another episode.

Nah, won't put on panties ever

You could, but I'm not.

I meant stomaching it while watching anime~
Can't be an easy feat

But panties are fucking comfy as shit tho

lol look at that cute little ginormous trap dick

It is quite hard but anime helps distract.

can i wash your pantsu

Looks too damn tight!

That was such a vulgar way of wording that, I'm sorry.

Ew, no.

They make me feel safe.

C'mon it'd probably make you look super cute.

'Form' is just a way of saying how an equation is structured in it's simplest, so you can tell which rule to use

For example, let a function be sin(x^2). There's actually two functions happening here. First x^2, and then sin(x).
If we say x^2 is f(x), and sin(x) is g(x), then it has the form f(g(x)).
Also, because it's a composite function (function of a function) we can use the chain rule.

It depends what you're differentiating. If everything you differentiate is just a composite function like above, then you can use the chain rule for all of it.

Algorithmically speaking, the chain rule just states that the derivative of f(g(x)) is f'(g(x))g'(x).

(that apostrophe notation means f'(x) being the differential of f(x) and g'(x) being the differential of g(x).)

you what?

Shouldn't be distracting you from this thread!

You only need a boyfriend to do that, like Ikt~

Absolutely not!


Don't they like let your thighs rub together?

I need someone to hold me, but pantsu is comfy as heck.

No, like this


doesnt it get uncomfortable if you get erect?

did u take a ruler and check for sure if its 20cm?

im only half paying attention to this thread

I mean, if a statement is confirmation, then yes

Can't be.
No clothes is best

Oh, it doesn't work anyway
Or does It?
[color=E85AE8]pink text[color]

I'm not a pervert like you ???

Ew, no clothes is so exposed and uncozy.


Well, should be paying more attention!

Doesn't seem it


I tried alright, that should be all that matters, it's not my fault it doesn't work on 8ch.



last time i checked the conditions needed for an erection was being a healthy young man not being a pervert.

one time i measured my dick but it was in inches so i cant compare

also you're totally right! im gonna stop replying until i finish this episode!

id rather be the one dicking that trap zekamashi

Only behind closed doors.
And possibly under the sheets.

Being aroused from non-sexual stimuli is perverse.

imperial to metric converter. 20 is almost 8"



Isn't he shorter than me?

Doesn't matter, traps belong in the lap

But aren't I bigger than him?

Still doesn't matter, you're the trap

I believe you.

so, the chain rule states that the derivative of f(g(x)) is the differential of f(g(x)) multiplied by the differential of g(x)?

i dont know what a derivative is

brb bath

You've clearly never had anyone bigger than you try to sit in your lap.

I'm so bored

perform mad web haxx

Yes, exactly. ^^
You do know! Derivative, differential, two words for the same thing really.
Differentiating f(x) gets you the derivative of f(x) which is f'(x).

I've never had another human touch me, so you'd be right

Be my sugar mommy.

I tried to ask myErin but as much patience as she has for my shit, I don't think she's going to bite.

Well, it's heck.

maybe you're just low t

oh well maybe im almost 20cm as well?

im bak pls deport

I don't believe your words


i am not rich enough to sugar you i'm afraid, i often struggle to sugar myself

wait, did i misread? you want me to get the derivative of f(g(x)) by calculating the derivative of f(g(x)) and multiplying it by g(x)?

Oh, okay.
You can't blame one for trying.


not at all

frosted butts

I'm going to ask you how ya been, but I'm not actually going to stick around to reply after this because I gotta go shower and run to the mall.

Dewa - hope y've been well.

Don't make these size-queens know or you'll never hear the end of it.

Nah, won't deport

okay ty

have fun~

this is what i mean with i am smol

not smol

prove it gay


This video might explain it better than I ever could :3


I g2g to running training, sorry. Back in a couple hours.

see ya fam