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Also china is a low-tier th, tbh.

there's another new thread i made too for next thread because you said yours wasn't going through

her face has ugly angles


I sorta kinda made a second one too because I am derp.
So there's like two threads on deck now when we need 'em.

if that little girl is china yea i dont like her

Yoomoo isn't China ????

judging by how annoying it can be to make them and how little it matters if we make extra threads id say thats just fine

its not like we're dealing with a hard resource limit or anything like that

well then i think they are both ugly i dont know what to tell you i dont like her fucking face


I take the first answer over your second~

This is nonsense.

You wanna make MGs really good? MG arrays WHEN?

why do i watch more twitch on my phone than my laptop

Yeah but who asked your opinion anyway?

That is a prohibited action.

who asked you to post ugly girls

I am above the law.

Sorry, we're all out of that kind of love




I am above the Grim then. Hello downstairs man!

Is the weather well~?

I made some awesome pork chop sandwiches, should I cut one and take a pic?

If you say so.

Oh, cool, I still play hellgate, so it can't be that bad.

And better looking than ytse.

no your posts are actually below grims

its gonna be chilly soon

not they arent

fucked it up grim

oh why thank you

I hope it gets that way here. Humid as heckles lately.

Their faces are horrifying

I'm back. I am now a Sesh Safety administrator.

Now im drinkin beer what it do fams?

hi im still coughing up green snot monsters from the swamp of my throat from getting over this cold, no beer for me tonight

Why are you even here, don't you have your own board no one cares about?

Said every dictator ever.

I do !!!

are you sure it's not pneumonia?
Is it actually getting better?

Wow, talking about my dick already.

Moving pretty fast, aren't we?


it was a little humid today here too
I love autumn tho, can't wait for those 60 65 degree nights

its glorious

I didn't say anything about your potato dick.

There's a lot of history and funny backstory that goes with PGI and MWO, but it would take a long time to scribe out, and I don't have a tl;dr version on hand.

lmao no people keep thinking im someone im not, i just havent shitposted here in so long only the older folks really recognize me shitty badfox guy

thank you for the concern pal but yes it is, by boss had it too and we're both still coughing but i'm almost over it

That thing needs adjusted.

I'm drinking Pepsi and redstag.

That's the trick, saying doesn't make it so.

recognize me as someone separate from*

redstag is fucking great, good choice on that

Hopefully they come fast.

I'm not sure what to make out of that but you forgot to add ship to it. So ten points from Gryffindor~

Gloriously horrifying


2011 and your name doesn't say anything to me.

But I'm not tho.

Dick tater.
Dick Potato.

It's like PotaDos but less insulty more butt fuggery? I guess? I dunno, ask Rin.

I wanted you to push further, you did not. Minus another five for back talk!

sorry am i supposed to try to make you believe me now? because i would have to care what you think to want to do that.

i mean i could just get people in thread right now to tell you ive been around since pre-2011 but that would be petty so i'm going to actively discourage it

No, I don't actually care at all.

You could stand to be less arrogant though.

Pushing would be lewd and unacceptable!

Yoomoo is not for lewd !

I will look into it for sure, mech gun suits are Coolcool.

It's one of my most favorites I always have a bottle at the house.

I don't really think you are, you are a cutie though, and fun when flustered.

Ooohhhh. Clever

Can I make some fries with your potato dick pls?

then why draw attention to it at all? what other purpose could saying you do not remember me being around before 2011 serve? you just misspoke, what you meant to say is i don't remember seeing you post, not to imply that the year was too early for me

you don't like my arrogance because i'm direct with it

What about a Rinmoo? Rly maeks u think

What does this process consist of?


I don't feel good about that one.

I didn't misspeak.

You said you're an old poster and I was giving you when I started and saying I didn't recognize you.

I dislike your arrogance because pride's a sin, get over yourself.


Raymoo is an armpit miko. =w=

Covering it in oil and putting it into a small heated place, obviously

extremely important content:

giving me? i don't understand the middle part there but if you're so upset about it i'm not going to try and get you to clarify, i was just correcting you to begin with

HAHAHA fantastic birb grim


Webms on 8ch don't work on my app.

sorry eba i meant to link you and say I liked the IT movie my bad for jumping the gun

My dad used to have a small bottle of red stag around all the time too but he's mostly a beer drinker

To you.

I still don't frickin' see it when people say I'm cute. =w=

No just Rinmoo.

I'd say with additional accessories but you said loving and tender~

Seems legit. I'm in.


She's a lazy cat. =w=

why do you have best taste

No problem, can't be constantly negative ya know

Cutting might also be involved, got to cut it down into fry-sized pieces

Unless it's already that size

Rin you're pretty cute tbh

Just gotta shave your unibrow and get different kind of frames for your glasses

Why is your mouth bleeding ?

I actually need new lenses.

Ian were you there when I busted my lip at the maid event?

I don't remember tbh, I was probably drunk


Busted my lip open and didnt even notice

God bless alcohol

No thin aluminum frames pls
No circle/oval frames either

I keep at least a 5th on hand.

Then stop looking and start listening silly.

Please don't link to facebook.

Soto god tier trap master approves rin a cute.

Well I mean, if you're offering to cosplay her too. That's like two plug tails isn't it?

Sounds uncomfortable but if you're going to~

Cause totes maalotes God. :^)

Now you lost me, that sounds painful. lol

Yeah, but you were okay with sticking your dick in an oven?! You must have a heat-proof dick, jeez

anyone wanna come over and help me move my computer from one case to another on Wednesday?

Yes, it's sort of a magical gift of Canadians. From our blood which has the essence of ice flowing throughout~

Pretty sure no one does tbh

So your cum gives people freezer burn?


Richie was dancing around with some sign and like decked me in the lip but I was so coked out and drunk I didn't feel shit until everyone was looking at me and asking if I was fine and Im like yeah why? then take a drink of my drink and see the drink turn red lmao and I touch my lip and its bleeding like a bunch lmao

It sucked cause later that day I took a shot and it burnt the shit out of my lip

I forgot how he looks like tbh
He wont update a pic of himself either

that sounds like the worst fucking thing ever to do

Good times, gooooood times...

No, you are putting too much physics to Caanada magic.

How do I collect all the reclaim from the bottom of a rig?

I update mine often enough, I used to have a lot of people saved but I lost most.
I got a haircut finally on friday.

I'll bring my sister.

And ask her what looks good on me.

But I don't understand how I could be.

I have offered not a one thing.

You have and a promise is binding.


Oh well good, that was pretty worrying...

I have given no offers and no promises.

Fuckin' F16s wont stop flying over my house.

Its very loud

It's your personality, your way of dealing with insults, if that's what a thot is, and your entire being, a cute.

airshows are really fucking cool though

Did you have sex with that creature ?

I keep flying over my crush's house trying to write "I like you" in the sky, I hope he doesn't think it's annoying.

I always thought I had a pretty nondescript personality.

It's better when the ac130s do simulated bombing runs on your building, in a low fly over, all the windows shake, so many props, it's pretty cool. Especially when you're trying to study thermodynamics equations.

where the fuck do you live


It's too lat, the law has spoken! And the uh person above it.


The blue angels literally buzzed right over my house because they are doing an air show at the beach near my house.

I was asleep and thought I was going to die.

I accepted my fate.

can you like not fly over my house though ?

Sounds annoying but fun ?

You gonna go to ALA?

You have really nice eyes
A majestic beard too lmao

How old is your sis anyways?

Nah, me and my friends threw a room party at AX and I passed tf out early as shit cause I ran out of coke and I slept through half the party
Everyone was taking pics with me while I was knocked out
I remember waking up and there was a huge ass party going on so I just went to wash my face and had a beer and someone else offered me some coke lmao

w-wow p-plz no bully

This is starting to sound incredibly sketchy.


I'm 25?

I think she's 28, then.

well i mean if you want help with it it can't be that fun

Did you pass out a second time after doing more coke ?

I forgive you

I feel much safer now

Probs, we'll see. January, right?

I am smol scared compuuter noob

but for real though I've replaced about every part of a computer before and I'm just a little bitch with no friends

But it's so much more complex than that.

It was when I was living on the base in South Carolina, the airforce would play over the spine of our birthings, and do sim runs on the school building at the end of the spine, some of the pilots would fly lower than the top floor of our 3 story buildings, it was some crazy shit to watch.

It was actually really cool, I needed breaks from the hours of mandatory studying anyway.

The gay barber that helped trim my beard complimented my eyelashes when he was thinning my eyebrows, he was worried he might accidently trim them if I squinted.

It is supposed to! Dictatorship, remember?

Good boy~


I didn't sign up for this.

wow thats super fucking cool to hear about

Neither did the rest of the country. But I had to do this.

For the Duck kingdom, Rin. For the quack...

Making myself study is really hard

You're a quack.

I keep forgetting you're a year older than me

Nah, I was good
I crashed cause I was up for like 2 whole days just partying lmao

There's still time ya know
let me know

lmao thats hilarious

I recently found a barber shop where they let you drink a beer or two while they cut your hair
The beers are completely free but the haircut is p pricey

Its 25 for a haircut and I tipped 5 more cause they gave me 2 free ice cold 805s

The hard part was trying to drink while staying still

The day Fish finds true happiness is the day I stop drinking




On the ship the most interesting thing in shipyard was the seadragon and osprey fly overs.

I could study anything now, to learn nuclear physics and engineering, and everything to go along with nuclear plants in 2 years, I can learn anything I set my mind to.

I used to go to a place like that in New York, they had their own kegerator, used to get a high skin fade done with a straight edge there, it was also like $25 but with military discount it was like $17 so I gave the difference as the tip.

sounds comparatively more boring

Seadragons got some big guns dude, and they're fuck huge.

Sorry, I lied, I'm 12.

Quack off.

That's pretty damn cheap.

if you're 12 we're cool again whats your number

This peaks my interest, are you also single, And not an undercover cop?


Wow, rood...

where the hell are you getting a haircut?
I get mine doen for free from a metro-sexual male, but I havent spent more than 20 ever on a haircut.

What do you mean my number?
My poster id is 4785cc?

Mommy doesn't let me wear boys clothes.
She says I'm her darling little girl...

Mommy says I'm not allowed to talk to dictators.

What, do they blow you too?

This... This just in! The quackers government has fallen apart.

Now pls no more bulli.

Oh boy, does your mommy ever let you play with older boys, like a special playtime?
I feel weird now, I read too much hentai, This is coming so naturally

I'm sorry.

Girls should only play with girls ...

Local barbershop?

But it's guys that make the girls feel most pretty and most special, and if like to make you feel extra special. really I feel so perverted, and wrong


Thank you...

I am a rather fragile duck, you see. I appreciate your kindness. Fifty points to Gryffindor~

You should.

You should.

Eye's tired but need laundry. =w=


Toss it in, tough it out and sleep right after~



Well at least I would never ever ever do anything like that irl, anything less than legal isn't worth the risk, in Michigan I can have them at 16.



Well at least I would never ever ever do anything like that irl, anything less than legal isn't worth the risk, and if they aren't ready, emotionally or physically it would just be so wrong, in Michigan I can have them at 16.

I'm going to message Rin on Steam every day until she likes me



Flawless method of getting someone to like you: bug the shit out of them

So I should keep messaging Rin consistently throughout the day?

I spammed Colbs' three balls and it didn't make him like me. :(

Satania butte.

Yes, what could possibly go wrong?

Secretly made me fall in love with you

I mean... what?

Does anyone like you though?

This seems like telenovela level shit.


Was this directed at me? Because if so, ;~;

HIJO DE PUTA! *slaps*

You just need to die of testicular cancer and then come back as your evil twin.

I need to sleep. Night Ban~

is Rin even here
also hello


With a suspicious rapist moustache?

I need a sugar mommy.

He died in Holla Forums 'nam.

And a really forced fake accent.

it's a gay boy

worst girl from boku

hello my love

I can be your daddy but I ain't got no sugar. :x


watching sunny


she was a good friend except when she calls me a redneck

why u g ottta be so ruuuude


how far are you guys now

nearly done with season 2


See seenyor, soy mehicano

I can't wait until like season 3 where it really picks up because then I can meme always sunny shit with sni

do best friend privileges allow me to have your peep folder :3c

Life is suffering

no, leave peep out of this

Will you be my sugar mommy?

I'm not mommy material nor do I have any money. I'm sorry

but it's actually a cute folder and i'm too lazy to expand my hikage or himiko folders ;;

what did she mean by this

your only chance is sliding up and buddying squid or kyle, woman

we don't talk enough anymore!!!!

Can't blame one for trying. ;;

Erin has a lot of patience for my shit but I don't think she's going to bite.

I blame her wife.

You sent me your address when drunk last night.

I wasn't aware Erin had any moneys either
good luck in your sugarquest
when I hit the lotto i'll buy both of us a gigantic pile of 2hu figs

I've been in the Discord ALL DAY

Yes, I remember

I don't have you pegged for someone that would abuse that

get good folders instead

You like sharp teeth too?

Different Erin.

Like I said in discord, I probably should find another way of addressing her to avoid confusion.

Good folders, you say?

Send me money and women.

:3c good
that's recent tho dicknuts

get a good sense of taste you tater thot

sharp teeth and dark eyes and sleepy anime girls and anime girls with guns and anime girls eating burgers

shit you right
call her Rinerin so I know which one

You didn't give me your address, dingus

Sorry I went through an antisocial phase

I usually call her my Erin, but that feels creepy and possessive.

well that's good enough of an excuse because I was also going through an antisocial phase due to wanting to die lol

:shrug: I think it's cute

Oh you too?

Also not my problem.

You claimed to know it anyways.

He was right.
You are clearly a NY redneck.


My ak is a polish tantel side folder.
Is it a good folder?


lot of dumb shit, dumb drama shit, dumb insurance shit, dumb money problems shit happened
put me through the ringer a bit lol
I was basically only talking to sinni and george and carleigh and sometimes test for months on end there

She's only sorta right
If I lived like twenty miles north i'd be an official NY redneck

Those are like some of my favorite things too, the whole list that is, but mine is like way hugger.


what even is the name of the muscle/muscle group under your armpit




Aren't wire stocks shit and bendy though?

That's why I have the cheek riser, I plan to parachord wrap the thing eventually and paint it snowcamo, because I don't have one for snow yet.

I just got a call from mormons that desu sent me.

I can send you some

I don't live alone so I likely wouldn't be the one answering the door

Really wouldn't accomplish much other than wasting Mormons' time, which is a noble pursuit to be sure

Snow? You have one for all the other seasons?

Also, how are you feeding the damn thing? 5.45 became really hard to find I thought.

If everyoen woudl stop posting for a moment

I just threw up in my mouth

trips confirms



I was hanging out with Brandon (Ene, etc.) irl the other week and we were drinking with his friend Vinny. We decided to go to Del Taco and Brandon dared Vinny to drink a Bold chocolate shake. For those of you don't know, at Del Taco you can "go bold" on any menu item, basically adding mayo and fries to it. Being drunk, he accepted this AND accepted the shot of Habanero hot sauce the cashier girl offered him. We begged him not to eat it but he fucking did, the whole thing from start to finish

It was utterly horrifying and absurdly hilarious



Mayo and fries.
In the shake?

stupid gay

I have camo wraps for a few and plans to paint a few of my guns
It's 7.62x39
And I buy ammo in bulk, and I don't mind steel, just need spare extractors,
I don't have a 5.45 gun but I just found 750 rounds for less than $200 with free shipping,
I paid $1 a round for defense ammo for my makarov recently, that kinda sucked.

Yes, mixed in to the best of the mixing machine's capability

The cashier girls were totally into it, but the manager guy was being a dickhead and giving them dirty looks for having fun with us


no proof

Did you pay for it all?

Go back to blowing Googles, gayboi

Brandon did. Cost like $6

Nice. Have pics of those?
I remember when buying 5.7 was "expensive" and now I can get it for 20 cents a round~
Dirty Slavboo.

If I must.

The cashier girls were literally doing their job and making the sale.

I thought I remember you joking about how anytime you've met up with someone after starting your job, you invariably paid for whoever.


We wanted to fuck with Ian. :3

Your image says you like this idea

Yeah exactly, they were great. He was justkind of a dick

Yeah, usually I do. Quit my last job tho, so I was in that awkward spot where I don't have any money since my job at this new company starts October 2nd


The conspiracy.

Darweiner, are you and Emma dating yet?

Well, that question came out of fucking nowhere.

I also have a cz52 and a cz 75, my normal carry gun is a .40sw shield perf center though, oh and a pak9 I carry in a laptop bag on occasion, gotta order a side folding "armbrace" for it to be perfect though.
Sorry, all my pics are on my old phone, and my laptop is currently out of commission, and all my guns are at my grandma's, besides my pistols and a couple rifles.
And I gotta go to bed.
So, good night, I leave you with my home restored cz75.

Its better than getting my legs broken.

I was just thinking about how sometimes it seems like you're the only person she likes at all.

lmao cz

Good night.

The best way I can describe it is if she seems as if she likes me, that must be because we are not dating.

Hi Dewgong

Fair enough then.


How was your day? I've been drinking for 5 hours

Raymond, I did nothing. I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything that I thought it could be.


Don't send him anything.

RIP in titties, Hugh Hefner.

I went to work at 11am.. then the trucks I was supposed to be processing cancelled so I went home. They paid me for four hours even tho I only worked 10 mins.

also free lunch/dinner every day at work so 👌



hello, I'm home from work.

did I miss anything?

of course not, this place is always dead and there's never any drama anymore~

It sucks ;-;



Sleep well ^^


You're the onl;y drama I need/want in my life~


I hope you're joking around in that spoiler text


Does anybody know a way to set it so that after I click on a post number to reply, the cursor will actually go in the quick reply box? It used to do that a long time ago but at some point an update changed it.
4chan still does it, it's annoying having to click the quick reply box every time after I click on the post number

w-wanna make some drama with me~?♥



what did you do today?

am I?


worked for 10 minutes and got sent home and paid for 4 hours. then I drank all day. hbu

Are you?
as for your post number thing make sure you disable any Holla Forums x bullshit in your userscripts

check your Holla Forums options too(top right)

wait you can be so lazy as to not have to click to post?

it would get annoying after a while

she cute


:worried emojii:


if the government paid u $500 t donate 1 pint of blood would you do it


What kind of drama?


it's an extra click per every reply that you make, and an unnecessary one as just about every website doesn't require that extra click

lol that's fucking baller. what kinda shit are you drinking?

I've only had that happen once, texted my boss I would be coming in really late from food poisoning, he forgot to reply and I showed up halfway through and when he saw me looking all sick he was like "fuck, my bad, you can go home I'll pay you for the whole day."

I don't know...

''''AM I?

but you CAN donate plasma for an upwards of 150-300 a month





donating cummies pays even more than plasma

shitty 40 oz beers because im broke till friday.

my workplace is ncie with free meals every day and free wine also.

also how much do you make per hour?

no, not that

goodnight friend

oh shit nigger that's dope

what kinda food is it? I can't remember where you work

The video in that post is what the thing I said is from


id strongly consider it.

14/hr as a temp, but if I keep it up ill be making 19-20 in two months and traveling the world to different wineries.

I don't work making concentrates and purees anymore. I make wine now.

night night, sleep well

grim I don't see the setting that fixes it in options

and I don't have Holla Forums X


dang I'm jelly

happy for you bruh

Oh right you don't watch anime

U should watch KonoSuba

Hu x Grim OTP

Nope, I don't.

Goddammit, someone tells me that every single day too.
Dammit both of you!

No one sent grim nudes while I was gone right ?

Can I send them now that you're here?

what have you been up to in life?

He's all yours.


I think thats okay.

i want $1000 !!!!

He's straight though

just been working and since I stopped taking classes I'm not depressed anymore

idk what to do though because I need to graduate obviously



Congrats on your new curry gf.

I already have a GF though.

except not really


He's about as straight as you are.

Who is Teagz?

I doubt that

Its true

My gf

Both of you are gay as hell.

What's his name?

Is she a poster?


But he likes girly features

I can summon him.

Umm. Tsuchi, pls no ignore~

I summon you

nameless one


But its not you Luka.

*ghost sounds*
Why have I been summoned



Hi googles


Hello Elms.

That's what I thought, kid.


But you showed up anyways.

Hello Goggles.