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my day to day Real life is unnaffected
The only time I ever bring it up is when BC is here or somebody brings up that topic

I mean fuck dude I don't even think of it otherwise

but like
When I want to get my Social on and then I come join a thread at like 1 pm and See Blood chan And then I decide "hey well guess i better check back later" and at midnight all it is is Him doing his bullshit and people like scoots saying YEAH YOU GO WOO

I'm gonna give my opinon and then some

Anyody's welcome to do the same with me, shit I'll give them an earful back of my own opinion but They are as free as they can possibly be to let me know that how I'm acting upsets them

And I feel like I should have that freedom the other way around
I mean in my mind I'm not doing anything wrong here

Like basically anyone can act like an asshole if that person wants to deal with the social repercussions is what i'm trying to say




I'll add you on Steam some time in the near future

-huggu- ♥

Bye cute sex shop loli


eriri best

have you watched Gabriel Dropout?

who needs a duo partner anyway

Tfw havent seen master DARS in a while

yes wai

The FUCK is going on here?


i starrted watching it and I think it's really cute


have you met tap-chan yet

fucking gayfag

this too

hehe no not yet :3

I kknow umm

And the mean melon bread doggo



what are you, a brit





who do u like the most?

was it supposed to be holiday and you messed up?




They're hiding from you, specifically.

Gyms in the city costs almost thrice compared to the gyms in the rural areas. The only thing that would be losing in weight would be your wallets.


raphi or gab's oneechan


I thought she was going to be your typical ara ara but she is CRAZY as SHIT dawg

stinky neet gabu is kind of cute too with her messy hair.......

.w. i want her to force her foot down my throat

lOL!! yeah she does have pretty big feet huh :p

Hehe I wwant to brush satanny's hair

her hair loops are meant for tugging while you doggy style her

Satanny is for innocent loving

i want to hold hands with her...............

thats just omega lewd



Raphi has a fuckin RACC though

2bad she doesnt have enough porn

s2 when








Gabriel reminds me of Wish TBH



I met tapu chan


I might not be ready, but it's time to face the day.

getting head from nympho anime girls while riding a 4 wheeler

Getting head from a nympho cat boy while riding an 8 wheeler

I cant really see that image as spooky considering the doujin its from


ignore the bad man lukie


yay! *hugs*



what doujin is it from?

nevermind, I wanted to talk to you zac but I guess you hate me
i'll just go to bed

Pic related kiss shot in the red hair and AM in the jacket

the world may never know

I posted her first.

yeah I actually was thinking of ava'iing her but i knew she was taken already RIP perfect avatar dreams

You must enjoy getting cucked.

Who posts anime girls first is very important.

I am my own cute anime grill.


Who doesn't own an anime girl or two?

it not lewd

she's fingering her mouth

it's s u g g e s t i v e


Bow down to our Strayan shitposting overlords

no u

ur suggestive


ur brain stuck in suggestive purgatory! mine is pure and free of those types of thought~

i'll have you know i've never even hugged a girl

oh yeah baby suck that straw

i havent hugged anyone in years...




how cold is your night?



ive been getting tiny urges to draw recently.

a few weeks ago it got as low as -5
but now its back up around 10 to 15

it's comfy

you should do it. no fear.

no fair it still feels like summer here

my tablets right in front of me almost every single day
covered by a microfibre cloth
not even plugged in
but all the software is on my computer

....but, my brain freezes, and i overthink.
and end up never doing anything.

and just end up doing something easy, like watching youtube. instead of drawing...

i'm glad it's almost halloween month
winter usually snows around the end of october around here

oh and canada thanks giving is mid october here too?

Morning bard, how goes?

Luka how old are you ?

they own them all though

maybe you should dry drawing from prompts. it's easier to just worrying about how to draw the thing you're told to draw than worry about what to draw AND how to draw it.

you could read through some drawing books and go through the exercises. or do inktober. instagram.com/p/BZMVUifAB0E/

I'm gonna guess Luka is like 32.

So why that number ?

27 3days ago

i need to learn to do my basic shapes first
i can barely draw simple lines

idk i dont really celebrate holidays since i dont associate with other humans

Idk, Luka just seems like the type of poster that is a little older than everyone else, but is still immature enough to be here anyway.

The 24th is your birthday ?

happy late birthday

being mature in real life and on the internet would be to hard for me


you want

"The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards
"Keys to Drawing" by Bert Dodson
and Fun With a Pencil from mega.co.nz/#F!WBERCQiB!uMTQlTgeSCK_4FxKDwE_Lg

or you could youtube it, idk

that's too bad.

Yeah, thanks. not much happened. at least i got to play some games with my online friends.
other than that, a few bucks here and there to make this month a bit easier on me.

I had to grow up too quickly, so I do immature things all the time, even though I know they're immature.

So, are these like really good resources?

Sounds funish

I hope I don't change much.


read them in that order

them start figure drawing with the drawing manual from thepiratebay.org/torrent/7409774/Vilppu_Studio._(AnatomyDrawing_ManualHead_Anatomy_and_Constr

I just want to go back to what I was before the navy, but a switch in my brain has been flipped and I don't know if I can.

Coolcool, I'll check it out, I haven't like legitimately drawn since highschool.

soo many books... soo intimidating...
my issue is: even starting, pen to paper....

it was like any other day. :)


im probably not gonna get the job, but oh well


What about the that other Bin Reich ?


bin ban tbh

Which means ?



Ich bin nicht Ban.



ikt help, how do i not fuck this up?


I am me.

import *


this is gonna be pain



Go back to bed.

Just got back from uni. No bed.
You go back to bed!

Haven't been in it.

What does it mean by .net languages? C and C#?

Then what have you been in?

Someone probably.

why is there a hand coming out her boob

Your mom yeah

There's not

What kind of person would do something like that ?

Your dad

Good thing thats not me.

But you got into your mom due to your dad


anything i use in VS i imagine




i wonder what i should do today?

Good luck
If it's entry-level and you know your code then you don't have anything to worry about



yeah her left boob its grabbing her ear

You're not grabbing her ear!

she has a beautiful face, saved to my collection.

I'm tired.

Time for bed then?


yeah it's nearly 8 am
sun is rising

I wanna grab her boob


i am so sleepy

brb showerfap

Too early to sleep!


Sleepy Luka

dk about that
id consider myself more of a pervert

Momiji show bob and vegene

You can always sleep with me.

How about both?
Am gonna go cook, be back later


this feeling suck


But i don't let people openly fuck me.
When you cook do you wear an apron?


Look what hu made me do
Look what hu made me do
Look what hu just made me do
Look what hu just made me
Look what hu made me do
Look what hu just made me do

Sup bitches?

Just feeling defeated after giggling to myself every once in a while thinking about my god tier shit post only to have no one appreciate it.

is python easy to get into

yeah and so r u

but shitposts are shit..


Who else?


I remember why I hate League

I just got paired with an ADC who wanted me(support) to have kills, assists (he wasn't getting kills) and no deaths(he died one time less than me)
I also needed to block auto attacks, ult from out of range and 1v3

He did less damage to champions than I did too, somehow

block autos? did u play braum? or was there a graves?

Helo, avatarers, mind if i stay with you?

I was Sona, and there was no Graves

Had a rough day?

Only some people.
Nah, I don't own one


i dont think your adc knows how to play the legos

what do you mean by some people?
thats a shame. so you cant cook while only wearing an apron

I guess death is alright too

What did you cook tho?

Can't ever do that, nope. That's only something you'd do.
And people like Ikt, I know what stuff You do in private

just go full naked and wince whenever hot oil sizzles onto your skin

wait what private things? did ikt misinformation you

hello little boy

are you lost? are your parents around?

Nope, I installed malware on Your phones.

curses your wizardry!!
what did you find out!!
wait there was nothing to find out to begin with.


I know you're good on your knees

Someone heckered up and the laundry detergent fell and made a huge mess, so after using all the hot water to break down this soapy mess, I'm going to take a shower then later complain that there was no hot water.

You're supposed to use kitty litter to absorb most of it tho

Odd for a Canadian to not have litter but I don't, so I didn't.

Well I mean at least you have a clean floor now I guess.

dont you use litter think about the trap baby you are harboring

That's what I'm thinking.

Anyway, shauer, dewa.


I'm having trouble understanding this sentence.

A lot, if not most, Canadians have litter - or sand and salt - in their car because you can use it for traction if you get stuck in winter.

kitty litter is bad for babies

why would a baby be using kitty litter

i can't stand some people

and now we're in the same group

and he's in close proximity



That sounds fucking annoying.
In what way does this guy suck in particular?
Hopefully you don't meet him too much outside of school..

it was irony, death is bad ;-;

lewd tongue

Your tongue is lewd

He has an opinion on EVERYTHING.
Can't fucking shut his waffle.
Loud and obnoxious as fuck.
Loudest in volume.
"dindu nuffin"-attitude when addressed about his behavior.
Fucking keeps creepily glancing at your laptop screen to see what you're up to, to comment on it.
The "i can do everything better than you" attitude AND shitty delivery of supposed helpfulness.
States things he knows as facts.
His physical appearance.
His "sense" of "humor".
How he fucking laughs at every pun or joke he makes.
How fucking long he keeps laughing at it.
How nothing is ever his fault an it's always the software "being weird", or "who made this is an idiot".
How he keeps having problems with software and hardware nobody else has.
Does not seem to have the patience to actually find the problem.

I think I can go on for a while. Sure not everybody is perfect but neither do people announce everything loudly at 200dB to the class.

got this cute asian boy as my new partner in cs

i hope he likes me but i worry i come across as too bashful when really i'm just shy

God fucking dammit, sounds like a real fucking moron.
Time to bully him out of school!

He's not a moron, he knows most of his shit and is pretty competent. Like let's say the average ability of the people around is 50%. He's like at 80% but behaves and talks like he can do/knows 96%.

Still sounds like it's difficult to work with him

lewd mizugi

I can't work with him. He doesn't mean any harm being like he is, but I still hate his personality and presence.

You're a mizugi!

I don't blame you one bit

I think actual lego blocks would have confused him as well

id love to rub up on awoo's crevices

So, I get that hu enjoys fluffy tail, but waht I don't get is his magical thread powers

Luckily this means I don't need to do shit this time regarding documentation shit and communication :D

Can't blame you there

I don't either. Still trying to figure out where it came from.
How's you?

Oh? Cause he'll do all of that?

responded to a meeting request before any of the group read the email so i guess he's the self-appointed communication point

I am well, still at work for the day, so I haven't had time to think too much today.
I also enjoy fluffy tail.
Howbout you?


Jesus Christ man..

Hope work treats you well enough, and you'll soon be off~
Fluffy tail best tail.
I'm well enough. Tired though

Momiji wo naderu dake maso za
Stroking Momiji only (???)

なでなで びム
nadenade bimu
(Petting) (Beam)

washa washa

puru puru

こしよ こしよ
koshiyo koshiyo



I can't make out the last frame.

yeah but hbu gayboy

needs peropero


I think the left one is ぴょんつ "pyontsu"



Same. I'm sure she'd love it~

Bully him :3

oh fuck, I just posted that



Probably "Pounce" "Lick".

If I had to guess.

Sh-shut up.
I'm a bad one, I can barely read kana. ;;

Yes. Yes you did.


Should be "not at all".

yeah, my bad

Minimal interaction.

Enough of this, even discussing the person frustrates me.

I can't be a polyglot if I don't learn languages.

no more then

Learn a different one~


i meant the tongue panel

what do you mean same?? are you calling me gay boy? w/e boku is oyasumiing

But you need to know lots to be a polyglot.

I think it says pyontsu perotsu, but I don't speak Japanese so what to I know?

Same as in rubbing her crevices

Usagi PeRoPeRo Club


In hind sight, I think it's

There are also lots of languages

I know Dutch :D



Im gonna hump my pillow while thinking of that

Say something erotic in Dutch

But I want to be the polyglottest polyglot.

thinking of me rubbing her crevices??

Tell me how you feel about me in Dutch. :D

That's not what i meant! I'm not a cuck!


Der8auer is gud stuff

iets geils

lieff :3


Well, I wouldn't know


Eten lul

I remembered this phrase without google translate

How about you dress up as momiji and let me borrow your crevices

That's pretty fucking gay

some good oc fella dude


no dutch expletives involve more diseases

houd je kankerbek, tyfushoer

How about I dress up as Yoomoo and no one touches my crevices because no one likes Yoomoo but me ???

Did someone make a thread

Diseases are bad!

I don't care

poor, poor silicon

You make a thread!
I do. No gay, gay is not allowed

That's hard work on mobile.
Lol what are you? Straight?

Id love me some youmu if you're offering

*touches ur crevis*



Fits you perfectly then!
Yep, absolutely

No, torture, poor guy!

Touching Youmu is forbidden.

( ˘ ³˘)❤

Thank hu, your magic extends into the real world, I got off work an hour early.

Youmu is in my top 10 2hu

I wonder how my dick would fit into butts


yay, that's great!
Finally time to relax, and you got a whole hour longer to do that too.

You're lewd as hell

Last time I did it a few months ago.

I kind of regret Manga Reisen getting so high.


Yeah, maybe more relax time.


Relax time is always great~

w-what's this?


Big cock

Specially with puppers.


Always happy to see you I bet~

Is a pain ;-;

what is?

Big dick. You don't think so?

I wouldn't know!

Yeah would!
Also, when did it become an option to buy stuff on Steam with Bitcoins?


I smol :(

They also want money from slightly-paranoid-but-willing-to-give-up-everything-for-games people.

Yeah, my puppers are great, especially my schatzi, she snuggles all the time.


Nah, not small, silly.
I mean, I purchased a few humble bundles with BTC when they were $800 each. This option is pretty new on Steam however

Aww :3

Maybe expecting them to go through this monster is a bit too much:

I smol!

Yeah, Valve seems to be developing everything except games.

Don't even have to read the readme to get that answer!

Not smol!

That's alright with me

ikr, doubt they look any further than the big, long, imposing, pulsating download button

brb tho shower and sleep becase fuck im tired

Can you really blame them? That is all you need after all!

That's not brb!
But enjoy your shower, and sleep well. Will be heading off soon as well

And the world was a better place for it

I'm still here, I'll keep you company.

Sorry guys.
Night night, enjoy yourselves



I hope hu sleep well!

thank bye


More like THOT Bin Reich.

Rest well, sweet dreams.

That's the second time today I've been called a thot, wtf.

The obvious solution would be to stop being a thot.

Idk, I didn't see it earlier, you kinda are though.

Hey squiddy, how you been?

I could give an answer that gives away how eternally boring I am and that there is no real answer, but instead I'm going to question this, because it implies that's since we've last talked.

But I don't know that I've communicated with you in the past, unless you're someone with a different name or confusing me for someone else. Both of which are very possible.

How does one cease thotdom?

B-but how though...?

"Griddler on the roof." just makes me think of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and now I want to see that again.

Do I look like a thotspert to you?

But how am I even a thot to begin with ????????????

I think we've talked once before, a few months ago, name was just grids then.

I see how you talks to people, you're a total thot, but I'm talking to you, so that means it's not a bad thing.

What even is a thot !?

I've heard the name before, but that's about it.

That hoe over there

That Hoe Over There.
So, like what you are.


Wow that's rude!
You guys are rude!

I'm not over there a hoe !!!

I don't know
Do I look like an american trying to force retarded meme words into actually being a thing?

Hmm, weird that I wouldn't remember.

Apologies, then. I'm alright I guess.

I'll fukken kill you mate


Fair enough.

Got to work and sent home because nothing to do, but paid for four hours anyway because laws.

what up people

PPC right through the cockpit

I'm always fair

based laws

What kind of job do you do where that shit happens?

Where I work also gives free dinner/lunch and free wine. the past two days i've basically done nothing lel.


I work at a winery.

Doing what?

Sounds pretty hot.

Is it rude to make facts known?
you could be over hear ;)

I always like the Australia posters, even though you're upside down, you always put in the effort to flip the text for the rest of the world.

Where do you live?

Squid is actually Brittish

Lmao, overhear what?

I don't even get this picture

I just sit upside down, it's more comfy that way.

delet this


Advanced memes.

making wine?
I do everything from driving forklift/dumping grapes to master packer and filter operator.


How does one even become a winemaker?

cleaning tanks with C.I.P, lab testing brix levels ect...

This meme is unfounded

Who cares if it's founded or not? All that matters is that I've made people suspect it

I've had a lot of experience making fruit concentrates, purees, fruit juices for v8,campbels,skittles ect..

Prior experience landed me a job in wine making.

So now the question becomes how does one gain that much experience making fruit juices?

Shit, I always do that, but only when I try to be lewd like the time I used berry instead of bury.
I don't know why it happens, it's like the lewd part of my brain doesn't into word knowledge.

Oh, but then people can see down your skirt >_<

It's weird, I never new about this law until recently, I live in Michigan btw.

Temp services that hire to places like that.

If you're trying to work at a winery starting as low level you can go during harvest times and talk to a temp to get sent out. it's not hard.

What is hard is moving up the ladder to where i'm at.

I was gonna say "it's still going" but it's the 27th already, so rip.
What would you have bought anyway? Nothing good was on sale to be honest.
I bought an Atlas-K and another URM-60, then sold it again once the challenge for memeguns was complete.

Your autism comes out when you try to be clever ?


I have a job so not really interested for myself, just curious

Each workday an employee is required to report to work, but is not put to work or is furnished with less than half of his or her usual or scheduled day's work, the employee must be paid for half the usual or scheduled day's work, but in no event for less than two hours nor more than four hours, at his or her regular rate of pay.

What do you do?

It's a price I guess I just have to pay

Free lunch from work is one thing
Free booze on the clock is another

I grinded out a mauler because I'm a fag

I completely forgot they added those challenges

Claims adjuster for car insurance

well, on the clock it's more free wine tasting and shit. off clock we get free bottles ect..

that sounds dreadful to me.
I hope you enjoy it?

What'd you run on that?

alright gotta work on this test for being an admin on a HR facebook group. I might be back

It pays well so there's that

It can be fun at times, talking to crazies all day is a double-edged sword

Nothing yet, I'm broke af
Oh I also bought a cicada because I've wanted a shoebox on legs for a while

I forget that shoeboxes exist even though I have three.
Wonder what nu-tech on those feels like.

I was trying to tell you that you could be that hoe over here with me, I fucked up.

Where I work, they usually just give us stupid work for 4 hours.

Oh, you're willing you say, sneaks a peek

You and your infinite mechbux
It was the 4B 1E variant on sale, so I was just planning on running 4xLMG 1xHPPC because literally what the fuck else would you run, and that's all nutech.

Don't be gay.

Spoiler alert: There's a dick

All three of them were """Free""" I would never willingly buy a shoebox.
That sounds pretty good tbh. Light MGs are still pretty good even after nerfs.

I'm bi silly.

I can accept that.

What do you have against poor, poor shoeboxes?
I feel regular old MG's have fallen by the wayside unfairly.

Yeah, gay, that's what I said.

He likes it, keep flirting with him

Be as creepy as possible

But I have a grillfriend.

I think they're gross, and looking cool is what's important.
Oh they definitely have. There's literally no point to taking MGs over LMGs, and HMGs are pretty much useless.
This latest ballistics challenge set was just data mining for future ballistics balance anyway, so hopefully we'll see something to distinguish them. Who knows, we might actually see CBT Lore values for MGs at 1DPS, and HMGs at whopping 2DPS, and then everything will have its place in the world.

I flirt with who I want when I want, about the only reason I never flirt with you is because all I can imagine is Steve Colbert.

With a dick no doubt

But shoebox on legs is the clear epitome of battletech design.
tbh for brawlers MGs or HMGs are better. I know HMG's are considered meme-tier but they're not really that bad.

For shame.

Why do you people feel the need to remind everyone that I have a dick like I try to hide it or anything?

Clearly everyone just wants to see it

But what brawlers would you even put them on where RACs and LBXs don't out compete them?
And don't you dare say Bushwackers...

Same tbh

Yes, you count as part of "everyone"

What game are you talking about?
I think weapons in games should just follow real life physics and never be nerfed for balance, ammo selection should also be a thing.

No, she has the bagina.

Or there's your face, you're less attractive than grim, hell, I even still flirt with grim.
our personalities just don't click, Idk why I'm being a dick

They were talking about squid.
But whatever, I am bothered not.

Nani the fuck? You just went and crossed the line you shitter, out of my sight

b u s h w a c c e r

For real though anything where you have the slots and enough tonnage for a couple of weapons but not full on autocannons. That's like asking "why would you ever take small pulses where snub PPCs don't out compete them?

Was anybody even doing this?

boypussies don't count

Oh my bad.

Apparently they were talking about you ???

Jeez Rin, not everything is about you

Sorry not sorry.

And I now understand why people misspell vagina with a b,
but she totally has a vagina and a butthole, I would know, she doesn't like it when I fuck her butt.

I'm being extra flirty today, sorry.

MechWarrior Online.
Usually I'd totally agree with your statements, but talking about realism in a game with 100 metric ton, 13 meter tall, walking robots is already putting things a little out of that territory. When realism of that level is applied to it then it would just turn into really boring long range artillery sniping matches. CBT knew this back in the 80's even, and that's why in lore a 200mm auto canon only has an optimal range of 270 meters.


Idk, because muh crit seeking memes really only work in 1v1 brawls, and it's rare in 12v12 matches that you come into a one on one brawl. So weapons with higher DPS, range, and other effects outperform things like machine guns.
It's why they're so rare to see at all from the get go.

Do you think your personality changes a bit when you're posting Colbert?

Wait, have we talked about this before

You have now descended to Dead to Me tier

I'm more of the opinion that I post Colbert when I'm in the mood to, so... it might appear that way?

You guys have abused me so much that you don't even have to abuse me anymore for me to get traumatized.

There there, we abuse you out of love. Sick, twisted abusive love.

brb food

Oh, last mech game I played was gnome, but yeah, it makes sense, how's graphics, maybe I'll check it out.

I feel like it's been discussed, and he does get more cocky.

I can "live" with that, hah, get it.

I called you a thot, how awful.

The only dick mentioned was grid's hypothetical girlfriend though?
Rin pls

blindfold yourself and say you can't tell

I don't think CBT even thought of realism in the first place t b h

I mean on a brawling build bushie there's really no reason to take LMGs over MG's or HMG's. Worth throwing on longer range shits sure but that's a different matter. I've also had success with HMG's on my brawling raven.

On the contrary, I find crit seeking memes more useful in larger group fights, because it's more common to engage someone with their armour already stripped by your allies. Meanwhile, in a 1 on 1, the DPS is all the more important.

The other thing is that I wouldn't trust the MWO community's judgement on things, on how rare stuff is and whatnot. Because most of the community is literally fucking retarded and the small veins that aren't see everything through the lense of more organized large group play where everybody's in a far tighter deathball than ever happens in practice, as I've encountered it.

Abusing Rin in the Youmu cosplay. Sounds pretty good.

Just saiyan~

I prefer tender love.

The worts.


Yoomoo is for tender loving only.

fair enough then

people usually act differently when they are around groups or even around another person

Once when we were both drunk, I got away with it, and I would definitely know the difference.

I am sorry, it was only meant to be a play on your name, but then you took it serious, I have enough respect to apologize to a hoe at least.

even if they do not admit it

Wait, no Yoomoo is not for touch !

I tried to make a new thread but it's not going through. I wonder if it's the site in general that's ass, or just this board.

MWO came out in 2012, it's a CryEngine game so it looked pretty damn good for its time then, but it hasn't aged as well as it could have. PGI kinda dropped the ball, big time, lost a lot of support, and it looks decent for what it is, but it won't wow or amaze anyone.
It's decently fun, if quite grind-y and frustrating to learn the ins and outs of.
It is Free2Play though.


But there is a reason to take LMGs, the range and higher rate of fire, and similar DPS before nerfs made LMGs the best for any and all ranges no matter what.

But MGs are rare even amongst more prominent groups and higher skill players, unless it really fits the quirks of the build.

I'm not a hoe !

Oh so you want tender loving, huh? Well I mean I can compromise, I guuuuess~


Never mind, it did go through.





Oh, yeah, I'm definitely not saying LMG's are bad. And they're probably the most all-rounded weapon. Just saying that MG and HMG shouldn't be completely ignored.

I know they are spec I just addressed that
So basically what I'm saying is that I've deluded myself into believing that everything I say is true and nobody can call me wrong.
So business as normal