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Can I have irl friends again?

It was active and u ruined it

It's a fragile thing

rick and morty is just awful

Haha Morty I have turned myself into a pickle

Us science guys sure are cool and smart, huh Morty

I like it tbh

Wait no, is 許し read as forgiveness?
”kisu azate nara yurushite"?

Oh wait, that's げ not ザ
Kisu agete nara - so she was saying "If you give me a kiss I'll forgive."?

I think?

Language in general tbh.

Believe it or not, I learned everything I know from half an hour of a game and translating stupid shit on the internet.

I barely learned any Chinese or Slovak tbh

It seemed like it wasn't worth learning a lot of Chinese for the amount of time I'd be in China, and it definitely wasn't worth learning much Slovak for 40 days in Slovakia

It's surprisingly easy to get by just with miming and stuff

Fucking weeb lmao

I want to be a polyglot - if not a hyper-polyglot.

It takes a lot of time and effort to actually get proficient with a language, but I guess that's not a problem if you like learning languages a lot ^^

Maybe this is what you could base a good career around; something involving translating

I'll make a living translating porny doujinshi on the internet.

I'm sure you could get higher paying jobs with it if you're that into language, but you should do that if that's what you want ^^

I broke my clippers half way through buzzing my hair fml

You should have long hair like a girl

If I learn french again I can get ez jobs here.

But I'm never going to let anyone know if I learn chinese because TO HECK with that.

Use a straight razor.

I can't grow my own cute girl hair

doesn't work - my hair is too long


How does that not work?


All I've ever wanted is a cat in the hat hentai parody where he breaks in rapes the two kids and forces them to commit incest while being double teamed by thing one and thing two

is that so much to ask?

You don't like the Chinese or what? ^^

Just grow long hair and do girl things to it

Hey bby grl

What am I supposed to pull if I'm hitting it from the back 10X?

ay gurl how u

you're supposed to pull out
out before you end up with a kid

I'd learn Canto regardless, but learning Mandarin here is basically an out for your boss to always throw you in situations where you have to use it and apparently the Chinese you'd have to handle then are always trying to cheat you.

Probably just letting bad rumors bias me.

China is the most materialist country on earth

They're yellow jews tbh

Good good, got a week off til my job starts up so I'm just chillin



smonking weed drug evry dae

Also I love cocks lately

Mongo didn't die.
He was clearly seen in the post movie song stuff.

Tbh, the best part about 組曲のニコニコどうが is when they're all singing it.

That's what the rumours say too.

You're the hero the Shrek wiki deserves

Working at all?

Who doesn't love cocks tbh honest

I don't remember THAT titan from AoT

is he from the video game?

that's not canon

If you're going to sit there and tell me a song and dance sequence in a fairy tale movie containing consistent song and dance sequences is not cannon then you can go suck a gum drop.

Honestly I totally forgot that gingerbread's name was "Mongo"

That's why that meme is so funny to me

Stereotypes are much more likely to be true when they're about a people with a very collectivist and conformist culture

The reason they're not true so often about groups of western people is that the modern west is more or less based on the ideal of individualism and the concept of "I"

China is very "we"-centric

Stretching out my NEET gap

ミク just quoting Kaiba in the 2:00 part.

Then there's the one bitch singing Butter-Fly while ミク just shrieks.


Still living with the parents?

Why can I sing the Uninstall segment of Kumikyoku better than I can sing Uninstall actually?

Gypsies are also actually filthy trash people and like a dumb version of jews

There were a lot of them in Slovakia

My dad, yeah

Honestly not even sure where I want to live next

I wanna learn URUTURA MAN cover of Megaman.

Uninstall from bokurano?

What do you mean by this post?

i think ogre fionna was the first girl i liked.

Chiaki Ishikawa?
I think it was Bokurano

Uninstall Uninstall
Kono hoshi no musuu no chiri no hitotsu dato
Ima no boku niwa rikai dekinai
Uninstall Uninstall
Osore wo shiranai senshi no youni furumau shikanai

It took me, like, three tries to find one that wasn't Jam Project

...not the human version?

Honestly I have no idea what you're talking about LOL


I told Bebop about that ketchup recently and informed him that it's made from Shrek's cum

i liked it when she transformed.

Also, i used to eat green Heinz as a kid. it's nice to know i'm not the only one who wants it back.

What do you mean you want to learn it? Like how to sing it? ^^

Who knows? You've done China, what else is there?

should go to asia next


is it actually a different recipe

i always thought it tasted different but in retrospect it would have been the same thing.

my parents told me that ketchup was originally green and that companies added red colorant to it to make it look more like tomato sauce.

I'll probably stay in the US, but I kind of have an urge to move away from my family

Maybe somewhere with more nature

Legal weed would also be some degree of a plus

I remember you have a nice voice but I never heard you sing @[email protected]

You should show me some time


Had this as a webm for 2 years now.

It turned that emoticon into "email protected" until I refreshed the page

Come to California!

what's the original song again?

I just remembered that my phone actualyl finishes my japanese shitposts for me and that probably means it's time to stop shitposting in japanese.





I was thinking maybe Colorado or Oregon

What's ur case for California

What happened to the spaces in this post?

Seriously though, I want to hear your singing :3

Yeah man, that's my jam lol

I like a the more sped up trance ver tho


Dr. Wily's Castle

And a nip-nong ching-chong to you too, young lady.

oh fuck no


Loco quit spamming you fucking autist

I forgetted my keyboard was jp when I started typing and I just kept going then it broke.

I remember spending, like, three weeks learning the words, and I still fumble the actual song a lot.

and to you as well.

i'm going to die


What did that even mean?

You seem determined to change the subject so I'll just keep bringing up the singing thing periodically until it works out

I only have normal rasors and they have the little guards so u can't cut long hair with em

I'm just gonna go to a barber first thing tmrw

it's too curly I hate it, I'll just wear a wig if I wanna go girl mode

I've heard from girls that there's a device called a "straightener"


Gotta do this to Emma next year at AN

Normal razors aren't straight razors.


The gayer I am at any given time, the more I like Avenged Sevenfold


please please please
let my write this on your headstone


Post what we both want.

I'll be cremated and have my ashes thrown into the eyes of priests

Sleep well


Now we're talkin...

Here, you can have my entire loli folder.


Finally, a day off.

Where's your drawing? ^^

In the recycle bin. Much like most mildly difficult endeavors in my life, I have given up on it.

Noo, come on, restore it and finish it :3

I have been too busy to work up the motivation for such things.
Tonight is my first night off in 7 days and I am using it to do nothing.

That's understandable

Just restore it and finish it eventually ^^

No, it's in a literal recycle bin. Dumped somewhere by now.

Start from scratch then, and don't do that this time :3

If I find time.
I scribbled a math snake during class today, it will have to do.


It's pretty cute :3

And pretty good for something that's just something you scribbled without trying


The characters in that are practically begging to be rule 34'd

My hetero life partner likes snakes, so I draw them enough to manage that much.

A new development in the Kissy anime

It'll cause ratings to go down, but I'm a loyal fan

Who is it? ^^

Someone online or IRL? Or are you still meme-ing that you're dating Dewgong

makes money

Hetero life partner is just a silly way to say best friend. But yes, online. I have no friends irl.
Darwin divorced me, he got tired of how needy I was.

Sex sells

Work that pole, gurl

I think you meant "platonic" or something ^^

Needy is cute though

Like do u prefer a cat that rubs up against you and wants attention or do you prefer one of those asshole cats?

I've tried to be your friend IRL. ;(

You can't be trusted around IRL lolis

I only want to cuddle and anime tho...

Missed ur post and u won't see this now cause it's hours later sorry I'm the worst

It's a good combination


You will have to ask him what the problem was then.
Needy is only cute until it becomes annoying and tiresome.

IRL is degenerate


It's a matter of opinion, really

If he doesn't like your amount of neediness, then he's just not someone who's compatible with you

Nothing to feel bad about ^^

I do not feel bad about it, he has secretly hated me for YEARS.

How do you diagnose whether or not Dewgong secretly e-hates you? I wanna get myself tested

I have worms.


Actually I guess he never hated me, or things that happened when he was pretending to be a new person wouldn't have happened

Like a dog? Filthy little slut


Slept well?

The more he insists he likes you, the more intense his scorn.


Oh cool I guess he loves me


I don't think he likes when I do so now I kind of regret mentioning that

I don't know why I thought it would slip under the radar or you wouldn't care or something

Rottytops is top tier tho

Even though I've been sleeping for 12 hours

I feel exhausted

you're exhausted because you overslept my dude

You must tell me, for my own mental well being.

Good evening

Slept alright.
Been enjoying?




Is it necrophilia?

Just ask him? Or at least give me your Steam so I can tell you in private; it's not technically secret

I have no idea how long I've been posting

if you put your dick in it yup

and goodbye

Kissy, why does it matter?

I'm sure you know as well as anyone that Dewgong e-fucks people

But it's designed to make me want to put my dick in it

WHEN I was still new and popular and the balance of power shifted from Bern to wasteland ruled by cliques I was always super mean to darwin and tbh I think he secretely hates me because of how rude I was to him back then too and tbh I kind of worry about that sometimes ;~:

I don't think Dewgong cares about things from years ago

Quite a few now

Sleep well Grim


Russian blue seems anal.


It's fun to do that every now and then


It is. Everyday~

I don't use steam.

Because he catches me every time I make a mistake and it is reassuring knowing he is not perfect.
I don't actually need to know.

You're int he clear.

Are you sure you're not confusing posting here with killing jews?

What's wrong with lewd things?

oh you

How did lewd things come up? I did not mean catch me making mistakes doing lewd things, I just meant catch me doing any mistake.

yyay :3

I was looking for you earlier because I wanted to tell you something


-bites your neck-

You were implying that him doing lewd things reminds you that he's not perfect

Why are you shaming him

wow lewd!

Erio stop trying to manipulate the Europeans

Not necessarily

What do you mean? I said the jew thing to him because he was posting about how he hates jews last night

You know what you're doing

I mean, earlier... This afternoon

No conception of time right now tbh

I meant more so that he was pretending to be new than the lewd thing.

Oh yeah that's right now I remember!

I think it was

Girl I'm so cold I freezer burn in a sauna

and Dars is so old he got a walkman in his pocket

I mean SWEET LORD he prolly went to kindergarten with your mama

If you think I'd try to ERP anyone here u have no idea how hard that's been outsourced

I don't even do it much now anyway

Oh, how is that a mistake? I guess it's kind of a dumb move

Like why did he do it even

Oh wait,,,,,,,,,

No I'm overthinking it

I didn't say anything about ERP, so yeah you kinda just told me what you were doing

Colbs why did Dewgong be Louise?



I'm going through the list of possibilities and that's something people have traditionally accused me of

Why did he make a persona and pretend to be new

Is though!

So easy to get people in Steam groups so y would I e-seduce people here

It's even easier when I'm in a subby gay mood

Yeah I wiish I could have a differennt persona and start new but that's so much work

when I'm Bard I can say just about anything without much repercussion but If I tried to post like I do as a new person I'd get torn apart

Animals do it to assert dominance

it's been 4 minutes somebody SAY SOMETHING



Why you gotta put that lemon juice in my game


Ay of you guys hear about what happened to the cast and crew of Kemono Friends?

Kadokawa animation Fired the lead person behind it and the entire department left in solidarity

The rights have been seized and we're probably gonna get a shit s2 if one at all

Are you ready for the rise of this jew?

They'll rise like smoke out of chimneys

City boy in the corn maze~

Your jew hatred is fun because you're a cute femboy

It's too early to be alive.

yes......let's go back to bed.....

Eat breakfast

Not cute!

Too early to be out of bed




Im gonna go2shcool later

Yes cute

Have a good day!

Nope, never

brb never getting out of this bed

It helps

What would u do if you suddenly woke up from sleeping and Hillary Clinton was president

It is a mistake because he was caught.
He catches me every time I pretend to be other people or try to hide from the world, or accidentally dox myself

I think he admitted to it

He forgot about what we did and I had to remind him; he admitted to it years after

When I found out I was all like "wait,,,,, dewgong..."

Same I did when MLP lost to Macron and Merkel get 4 more years as chancellor.

where did spec go

yeah wtf that's what ive been wondering

You probably enjoy calling her MLP

Supposedly, she'll have a stronger chance next election

That's what people were saying before this one was finished

Darwin wasn't Louise.

Idk about both of those

what do you need to use him for?

I was also told that.

But everyone lies so who really knows ?

He confirmed it to me on his main Steam and his Louise Steam

I guess there's always a chance it was a conspiracy

when were u when wilders won the election but was excluded from forming a government

i cri



k user nobody cares


He scares me...........s-so if I talk with him m-maybe I can overcome my fear...........
And also get good music to listen to :3

If you think I'm talking about the alicefag Louise, I'm not

inb4 they think I am now

Eat my ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erio what the hell are you doing here

Darwin isn't Louise btw

yeah erio wtf are you doing here

Why does he scare you?
If you want good music weeb trash to listen to just talk to me.

wtf bebop why havent you killed yourself yet


Of course COLBERT would say that DARWIN ISNT LOUISE

Being scared of specter


From what fount do these anons spring?

Alice2 and I are BFF's now calm down

I think it's most likely that he is, but like I said, it could just be a conspiracy


Bebop dindonuthin

Louise gave Darwin his Steam just to mess with people.

I'm hesitant to get music from you because I think unless I'm mistaken that you listen to mainly vidya game osts and stuff right?

I think we've already had a conversation or two about this but I cant one hundred percent remember.....

I like them both very much, but they are not the same

Dude, I know they are not the same

I've voiced with both

wtf I hate erio even more now that he likes alice

I have no origin. I thought you moved on completely

if you want anime music and stuff I made one of the most popular weeb playlists on youtube.

I suppose the psychopath wants to have some fun toying with the sociopath

but i barely play video games with good music. unless you meant 2hu and kancolle songs then no i dont actually listen to video game ost. they wouldnt even be osts if thats what you meant.

ty Ui i've actually already gotten my hands on that from you!

Admitdly I havent been into weeb music as much as I was when I was younger.....but thats not tto say ther's not good weebshit out there


hmm nevermind then I may be gettiing our conversation mixed up with someone else...

what u want then m8?


You already know I have good taste

It's possible

What's your source?

y would u not give me this crucial information years ago?

Honestly I just don't have feelings either way at this point, but it's kind of weird to talk to her because it feels like she's lying once every few minutes. No beef though

I think you kind of arbitrarily choose to hate me tbh; I always talked to Blood-chan

I don't post often

Who are you?

Calm down

I mean Yeah It's just kind of a surprise that the two most manipulative people I know are "Friends"

Who are they ?

I'd talk to you but you're kinda uggo irl like you have no jaw definition dude

Nah this is the first time I've done it actually. Or the second, both in jest.
Eh, nah. Too many imports, she'll never get elected

I would have voted for him

Erio and Alice def

Do it
just beleive in yourself

Do you remember the Konata poster that used edits of Kon's images?
That was Louise before being, well, Louise.


fuck I forgot
one of the
Louises was Kooms

Currently too busy playing MWO

Isn't it pretty hard to manipulate people if you have a rep of doing it ?

Do you have any (preferably english but others is cool too)
Instrument based hip hop like so?

well shit you'd think so right? I mean I agree that only makes sense but

If you stick around long enough and do it all the time, people just stop bringing it up for some reason

I think it's because they get too comfortable with it


France isn't supposed to have a lot of brown people

No, and I think if that's true, that could have just been Dewgong anyway

It doesn't really matter though

Why do you care? Did Louise also cyber you in addition to me and Colbs?

clams casino?

What kind of person would go around manipulating people ?

This is Clams Casino Silly!!

The only other person I've discovered who really hits this niche

"watery, powerful spacey ambient hip hop vibe"

let me help you with that. 1 sec

probably a real ASSHOLE LOL

It does

I'm gonna go. Have a good day, and night everyone

Everyone manipulates to an extent

Someone is trying it right now, actually

You. You pour your heart out to vulnerable people then shut the valve ;~;

Anyone who actually puts effort into manipulating this community is wasting energy though

You too

s-s-s-stop s-spying on mm-m-me


Have a fun day at school Hu chan

Not that there's any effort to be seen in this thread; I see weak attempts at meme-ing that border on post-ironic

Giraffage is solid!
I actually Already have this one downloaded :P

I find Flume to be in the same general vein as him

in my opinion they are less "massive" than say xyyx or clams but they do have that trappening vibe to them
Know any other good giraffage eh?



Bart, are you actually just upset because I deleted you from Steam a while back? There was a reason for that; it wasn't permanent though

idk what that is

I wish people would delete me from steam.


I do not

I know all of giraffage. I'm going to meet the dude in less then a month lmao.

You could just delete them if you don't like them :3



I don't use it, I just enjoy the emotional abuse.

I don't know if what Im postign is what you really wanted. or if you wanted more down tempo.

How do you get emotional abuse from it if you don't use it?

You can check your friends list without logging into the chat client.

I think this is more what you wanted bard

Over the course of the 4 years that I would have, in my words, called us friends

There was really nothing you ever did that was very friendlike
We talked alot and that was nice
Maybe some more than that, but not much

The absolute only thing that there is going for us being friends was that

Now what I have against you, going back as far as I can remember (all of these happening when I would have thought us to be friends)

You blackmailed me about Wish

when we'd bullshit in threads back and forth
You would go off on huge personally offensive paragraphs that were at least 4to 5 times longer than my bullshitttery attempt that's skin deep

You doted on both MGD and Blood chan publicly whenever possible and publicly fucked them in thread
When given a choice you would easily choose socialiZation with them above me, without even second thoughts

I have way more than this that slips my mind right now

The reason I hate you is because after years of thinking of someone as a friend it honestuly hurts to find out they don't care about you in the slightest

and so here years later
i'll just say fuck you and everyone you associate with


rip you dude

Working my way down the reccos

I like the long drawn out synths of the one that comes after the Flume Track

I look for a heavy fat synthy drone
Big bass wave swells or fat 808 kicks
Downpitched vocals

my sweetest spot is when the trap hi hat kicks up from 8th notes to 16ths

wtf I hate YOU now


Are you still here?

I probably wont lash out at you you're my partnet in the chains that bind us to our master!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was bound to silence

Bad pictures are bad.

I'll always love you and will never betray you~

Thank you for taking the time to reccomend me some .//.

E-even if you hate me, I won't hate you.

But what if they're ALL bad?

aww thanks Ui that's sweet!

But you should keep your options open

People do change and who's to say someday maybe I wont ehh?

Even if you think you don't love me sis will always love you.

That's pretty badass that you'll get to meet a legendary producer like that

He's worked with my favorite, XXYYXX!!!

Let me know what kind of guy he turns out to be



I'm also meeting Darude the 27th of october.

where are you meeting these guys at?

Well people might delete you eventually just because you're inactive; that happens :3

Thanks for actually answering

I honestly don't remember blackmailing you about Wish, but if you want to include the content of what you think I was blackmailing you about as a reason, then yeah, I could see getting you to do that stuff knowing you'd feel bad about it when you were sober a valid reason for hating me. That was a weird phase for me; honestly I don't entirely feel sorry for the things I did then, because they were important for self-discovery and making me who I am now, but I really don't think I'm how I was five years ago anymore. I don't do that dumb shit anymore

That was my reaction to insults for a while; a "don't tread on me" kind of thing
I think I'm less trigger happy these days or I'd be attacking you now instead of trying to reason with you, put really you shouldn't attack someone if you're not prepared for whatever they'll give back

I'm pretty sure I never fucked them in thread, but I don't see how talking to them has anything to do with you

That's because you were the one giving the ultimatum
If Blood-chan told me to choose between you and her, I'd just default to choosing you, because fuck when people do that shit

Again, is this about me "choosing" Blood-chan over you just because I don't accept ultimatums?
If I didn't care in the slightest, I wouldn't bother with typing this

Can I ask who you are?

Then idk

By who?

At raves I promote for :)

also through my volunteer work doing Harm Reduction at shows.

Who do you think?

The majority of your responses to the qualms I put out there are
" I dont remember that" or ":I'm not sorry for that"

Get bent
this conversation's over

Why did Dewgong unbind you now, then?

Do you have a gf?

Someone else said it before me so I'm free

Currently? Nah


hi im will btw way


I.I'll be your boyfriend colbs o / / /o

That's a bad summary, but I was going for honesty, which is why some degree of "I'm not sorry for that" is present

I just think it's dumb is all; your sudden beef with me feels forced so I can't really participate in it because then I'm just going along with the dumb thing you're trying to force and I just don't feel it

So overall it's awkward tbh

I don't understand the reference

I was just curious who knew so much about me.

Bass daddy >////

That sucks :/

Whatever nerd

heheheeheh :3

Shut up Will

Daily reminder that Will was a sociopath and basically was just literally kanra

Over what? I don't really care if it was Dewgong or not

In fact, maybe your version is better because then I don't have to have a slight weird boner for Dewgong

Being single is being free, haha amirite brah?

I was supposed to be in bed.

Oh, right, I told you that one time. Go to bed.


That does happen sometimes.
I've been avoiding most kinds of private messages for a long time now though, so most of the people that remove the inactive ones have done so by now.

The Akuma thing? Or you not being Darwin? Neither of those you told me. You just added me and told me the other thing I wasn't supposed to tell.

If he posted with his name then I just wouldn't have to suspect that he cared about the topic because Louise cybered him

I think

I think that we can both laugh at this fucking loser for being ashamed in who he has had sexual internet relations with

Fuck, having a bad memory is the worst.

Stop stalking me.

Yeah but let's be honest Bebop was the creepiest fucking pedophile we've ever had next to maybe Sci

I'm out of the loop. What happened?

You should be ashamed of any sexual internet relations.

Why have you been avoiding them? I'd talk to you :3

I mean I don't think he'd let Louise buttfuck him but you never know

I'm not beefing with him either

This is honestly my best phase in terms of being genuinely nice so far and it's fueled by weed and semen; you're missing out on some dank vibes with your forced beef TBH

I have never cybered Louise.
I drunkenly hit on him and told him to trap when he had a girlfriend, though.

How is it stalking if you yourself have said it in thread?
Or are you faulting me for not having shit memory like you?

yeah I forgot earlier what set me off but when blood chan came back I decided I was going to close the door on everyone who was enabling him

I'll have you know I cybered very few people in general much less from this community. I don't even think I did it with anyone besides you Erio.

waddup bitch you wanna wallow in shame for a while?


People don't like when people try to force them with ultimatums like that

Again, if you're the alicefag MtF one, you're not the one we're talking about

Are you really the Louise from these threads?

Maybe you wouldn't agree to the term "alicefag"

By the alicefag one I mean Reimu's friend

Is that u

I'll meet you halfway here and accept that

Ultimatums are a mean method of manipulation

with that said though I personally dont want to interact with anybody who would waste their time interacting with blood chan

especailly when blood chan gets worse and worse

the last time they came back they were the meanest and most manipulative they've ever been

and anybody who enables them to stay around and act that way is someone who is my enemy

ugh goodnight.

I'll just leave you with this bard.

Oh I guess it is the one from here and not the alicefag, looking over posts by that ID

I thought Colbs implied you cybered him

I was joking. But yeah, get a shittier memory already so I can feel better about myself.

Why do you even still come here if you don't like anyone?

I'm the real me. That one posts with the bunny girl that I can't remember the name of, I've been asked if I was them before.

Louise and colbs fucked and everyone laughed at colbert later because louise who fucked colbert was atually darwin

that was funny af but also i feel bad for colbert getting trapped so hard

I like plenty of people just not assholes so pitiful they have to resort to posting under the name anonymous

Fuck with all your guns you have someone would have thought you'd put them to use and end your suffering by now

This chord progression speaks to me

You're obviously incapable of following the thread nor do you understand who I am but you never were a bright one.

I have more to live for than someone working a shitty minimum wage job and no long term life prospects.

I have no real reason other than that being something I said I was going to do once and would feel like a hypocrite doing otherwise. It's a silly notion, but now it's just the pattern I'm familiar with.

I do that every minute of every day.

Keep telling yourself that
Maybe someday it'll come true and you won't be arguing about being a pedo or not on a small imageboard with less than 40 active posters at 2 a.m
Bebop you're something else

I have you to feel better about myself.

It's not even Bebop.

damn I kind of forgot the whole sex shop thing for a second

The atmosphere in there has got to be heavy with guilt

We've got 10 active posters at max

There's Zero reason for anybody to hide their identity unless they are so socially incapable of talking to other people that nobody talks to them with their name on

There are only two people who are so fuckall bad at having an internet personality that they'd ave to resort to posting as user and that's Bebop or Eva

I deleted her from Steam and decided to only talk to her in threads since it is kind of exhausting how she's been doing the same annoying things for years

She liked to talk about "hurting" people but she was bad at it

Pretty harmless imo

I don't remember a bunny girl

Why do you still lurk?

Also wait, are you saying you're the alicefag and that the alicefag was also our Louise? I think the alicefag may have used a bunny girl

I'm confused


I don't think you should be bound to decisions you've re-evaluated just because you said you were making those decisions at one point

Maybe you should break the pattern ^^

Harmful or not it ruined my fucking mood seeing that pos in threads and when I'm in a bad mood I can't help but spread it around

for the past month or two I've just been dandy posting happy Yuis and bullshitting with Ikt and hu and Feku in the morning threads

I like that shit WAY more than going on long winded tirades against assholes who arent myself

I'm going to bed. Hopefully I won't be back.

What about me, though? ;_;

Take care.

You're here forever, etc. I don't very often. I'm not the other Louise, nothing about Alice has ever been attractive to me. I don't know anything about Reimu other than the fact that I saw them make those threads on Holla Forums a few months ago when I was lurking there.

Hopefully you won't

It's not really worth continuing to be so butthurt about her

She feeds on that

Okay thanks

I should yell at Dewgong

That's okay because I can take it out on other people


I'm gonna do the same.


nana tsuchi

I feel emotions

But it's unhealthy to get hung-up on things and not move on

Which is why I said it was a silly notion.
I don't like change so I am happy to follow my current pattern.





Fuck I've been posting for like 15 hours I need to stop and isolate myself