Happy b day to me ;~;

happy b day to me ;~;

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♥ happy luka day ♥

Girls are stinky


I'd still be shy and have no friends
but at least people might be interested in me if I was cute


And want to dump their gunk.
filthy non-christians.

but nezi
you are cute

Huh, human music... I like it,

Good morning :)

It was more that I'm testing an upscaler and I had ALttP and I was playing but didn't feel like actually playing the game.

happy birthday.

I'm fucking hideous.

this sentence is gibberish to me rinny im not smert

you have no room to complain nigga have you seen my ugly mug
you're plenty cute and idc if you're just baiting for compliments, i mean it

I have a doohicky that'll let me plug my super nintendo into an HDMI port and I was testing it.

ah nice bud
I've got like a dozen nes and snes games that I don't have a console for and idk what to do with them lol

Hey hey, how's everyone doing today?

Hey guero long time no see.

;~; me and geuro got defeated




How is your birthday so far? :)

Wow, I would laugh if I saw that happen.

It was awful.

pretty queit

well thanks but I fail to see it

and I've never seen you

that's lewd

I think you're cute, anyway. You probably need to see a therapist to like work on liking how you look more

also look at the discord
i'm deformed LOL

i would lovingly slide inside you and finish in your ass, nezi

for whatever that's worth

atleast you tried

Is that good or bad?
I like quiet birthdays

I used to do that at powerschool, people would put open markers in that person's hand, face up so they draw on themselves.

Guero, give me attentions too please

ni ni

*pat pat*


where is IKT

I need megu regaining nutrients through lipids and shit image

*nuzzles hand*
Thank you, so how you been?

Who is this cute girl aetist?

Lipids are nice.


so are you grids.

Thank you, you are like the best, and you always find the best stuff, Idk how, but thank you.

Oh shit, it's ui, I just realized, how you doin, also thank you so much .//////.


its loenly ;~;

bretty gud. Just cirno posting on /bant/ and thinking about a fap.
how bout you?

Watching devil is a part timer and eating some burgers I made, they got honey in them so they super juicy, I'll fap later.

*hug* :)

Where on bant are you cirno posting, I just wanna lurk.

Nevermind, I think I found you.


I tried Mercy, I don't really like her ult :(

every 2hu thread

i made the 2hu video general

i like it...


The flying part is really neat, but I kind of miss having her 5 man ult

I asked befr I looked, then I figured all of the 2huo threads anyway.


Squash. How you?

Tired as shit. Today is my only day off and I go back to work for 6 days pulling 13 hour shifts then I get Sunday off again. Probably getting a Switch Thursday or the next week.

Sup with you?

Tell me how the switch is when you get it, please!

Not a lotta, just sort of relaxing before I sleep soon. I realized I keep forgetting to pop in here as much as I sometimes mean to.

I guess I lost the habit of it, kinda feels weird.

I'm only getting Zelda and Squids.

I feel you on that. Unless I have a day off I don't tend to come by much. That or I lose interest with lack of people to talk to.

What have we become? ;-;

Seriously though, those are the only real games I think matter at this point. I don't even know most of the other titles.

i like rezing people left and right, instead of waiting on some ult

I'm bored.

I don't really keep up with it.

Cuddle me then.


But I haven't even cuddled Daddy. =w=

It's not bad, I find it still takes some time to res because of the cooldown anyway

I don't really keep up with me.

ult make cdr less

Such a cute kelpie.

I could be your daddy.


Only when you're ulted though. And you need to get your ult :(

Happy birthday gurl

How old are you now? 14?

Happy birthday~


You didn't notice until I said it

Read Luka's posts, rude boy

They're important

I don't tend to read anything from before I arrive.


Why is Holla Forums running like a pile of dicks right now

How long has it been like this

No clue, too tired to deal with it. Nini~

When was Holla Forums created again?


I figured this meme would come up, but I think it was actually working mostly well the last several times I've been here


This is a post

I want you to reach for the stars this year

Do it Luka

Be an unexpected anime hero

Oh I meant to mention that pic I just posted is really kawaii

Oh god Holla Forums is running well now this is much less horrible

That is really depressing.

Self-love is underrated tbh

It's because you won't say it, you meanie.

I wouldn't have known to say it if Luka didn't announce it by saying it first

that was the funniest shit
I put Negro just so they wouldn't freak out but holy fuck lmao


lul nice


Rare footage of Bebop when he was 10

I'm 4 real

uh huh

You technically have infinite potential


Happy b day Luka!



And you're here rawring at me

-pets your hair- :3

Moving from living underground to living on a hot second floor is making me lose weight

I hit 130 pounds today even after enoying a nice large soda and some taco bell stuff at work

i want things for my birthday!!!

I'll inform Bebop right away




raggy boy

oh shit
what the fuck is up


Happy Birthday Luka

I'm bored.

Ikt just woke up, you'll have something to do soon

rly gud stalker


stop posting crypted porn at me

Oh, you knew?

That's someone not something.

I eagerly await his arrival.

oh right, silly me~
He'll be here any minute now

What's up party people?

idk if it actually was, but the letterboxing raised my suspicions

I have a whole week til my job starts and next to no money so... boredom! You?

that's rough. and then you have to wait a week for the paycheck lol


I just got home from a real soul-crushing shift. Just chillin.

Well, it was. As are and
as well as this one

Yeah... Luckily my parents helped with my rent so I can just pay them back and I have a place still

What was so soul-crushing about it?


half of those are practically porn already
unveil them!

Such a cute gif.

The whole thing.

Yeah, sounds like you got p legit parents yo.

Hai Soto-kun~

She's for porn.
And nah, you do that~

Happy b day to you!

Hu is porn.

wtf i cant im not a wizard

ikt play with me !!!!



No u

I could post a picture of my cock like this and nobody would ever know

Oh, sorry about that... I'll be back to the soul-crushery in no time lol

Yeah, they were a lot nicer than I was expecting with the whole situation. Really happy how it turned out, I was expecting to be out of work for a lot longer tbh.


ill just have to admit the help of another wizard. know any?

Did you have backup plans?

Lol nope


Ikt. He could easily unveil it if he knew how to go about doing it

I'm rly bored and it's 3 hours past my bed time.



Well, I mean I kinda did. I could have returned the bass I bought and been able to pay rent for another month. Plus my birthday's next month so that was a thing I could count on

You still get money for your bday?

the fuck?

Sup Elms
How's it goin?

Its so nice

whats lewd about 'mornin?!

Not bad, man. How's you?

Grandparents and such, also I never have anything I want to ask for specifically

If I lived out of state I wouldn't be getting anything big from my parents honestly

"Hu is for porn", is lewd!

hey hey. wanna see hu's dick???

hey hey. wanna teach ikt how???

Damn. I haven't gotten money for holidays since like 17 lol

Maybe. Though none of those contain it, just anime lewds


Pretty good, took a dab and just watching some shitty anime and eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch




Just relaxing after work. I ate some gummy bears^^

Had muh coffee what now i dnot feel like breakfast/

Not even like a gift card or something?

Should still have some, at least just a little bit

Sometimes giftcards.

No inv to gummies lol

I saved all the orange one for my gf^^

Well hey, there ya go. My parents are just practical and will just give me cash because I can use it for anything

Plus I probably have a more friendly relationship with my parents than you do tbh

Half a waffle but I don't feel like eating.

aww ;-;

Probably lol

I haven't talked to anyone really since last Christmas.

And I just visited mine yesterday

You know me, I get along with everyone :3

Oh, we get along, that's the worst part about it lol

You and your parents?

hi hu

bye hu



Hi Grim.
Bye Grim.
Sleep tightly

heading off bye!

How is that a bad thing then?

Have a good day

Because they don't like me. The familial rift has always been extremely passive aggressive.

They don't like you but you get along? Those don't really seem to mesh...

My parents are just really sarcastic and not super feelsy, as you probably could have guessed

No, I mean they put up a front of being all nice and stuff. ugh it's complicated.

How would I have guessed that?

Oh, that's the worst... I'd rather have the brutal honesty I get than fake shit

Because I'm super sarcastic and not very open about my feelings most of the time, idk

teach me how to be a wizard

lol what are you? straight?

ooh, right.

Yeah... Oh well, they're our parents gotta live with it

Work tomorrow?

Every last one of them have been huge fags.

Each pixel in the hidden image is hidden within four pixels in the picture you see.
One row or pixels in the hidden image, is hidden within two rows of the image you see.
To get the first pixel of the hidden image, you take the first pixel and move the last two bits of each colour components and move these bits to the far left. Then you do the same with the second pixel, which will make up the third and fourth bits of each colour component of the hidden image. Then you do the same for the third, which will become the fifth and sixth bits, and the last two bits of the fourth pixel will be the last two bits in the hidden image as well.
Continue doing this for the first two rows of the image you see, and you'll have the first row of the hidden image.
Then you just continue to do this until there are no pixels left, and you'll be left with the image hidden within.
And you'll see that this pic, is indeed the one hidden in

you think i could do it with microsoft paint?

I'm posting this because I'm an attention seeker and I want people to give me good night wishes.

Or really just any attention at all.

Good night.

You could do it with a colour picker, but I wouldn't advise that, unless you really don't mind doing that stuff manually, despite having to use the colour picker 6.72 million times to get that picture.
Nah, write a program that can do it for you

Goodnight Rin, sleep well

Gotta run, enjoy Yourselves

one time i was enslaved to sorting through a thousand different songs and making playlist out of them. i can handle meticulous work. my only problem would be trying to understand what you said in that paragraph.


look who it is




cute pic

ty lukie


I'd fuckin stab a dude to get a full body massage right now

I'd fuckin stab a dude to get a full body massage right now

i'll give you a half body massage and then stab you a few times if you get my drift

sounds like rape and murder

nope he asked for it

Rape and murder with consent

I'm a murderer and a rapist.


I eat ass.

Gotta get me a bro like this

Found a picture of luka celebrating her birthday today


its tru tho ;~:


it's okay lukie you have your internet friends :)

*hugs tight*
at least i got freinds like you!


beware of horses

I mean a horse is a horse of course but who rides is important

you and me will be here forever



it's too late ban..I killed them all.......


great job

It's gonna die before we do : (

what do we do?

i''m gonna smonk this big weade

who :O


n-not lewd.....

Bali gonna explode


Banana witch is so cute!!!

Let's duo post o///o

why is she a banana


Diana is best bitch,
Sucy is best girl
And Constance/Croy is my waifus

Her last name is fuckin "cavendish"


is dat a kind of banana

yeah lol If you eat a banana it's probably a cavendish banana

id eat cavendish any day

if i only got half as drunk with less than half the people i know, i'd get twice as drunk as half the people i don't get drunk with half so often as i should like.

Which is a tobacco, that's why it's a name associated with upper class, the plantation owners had the wealth.

that's a bananA silly!

grids look it's the first meme I ever made

It is also a banananananananana, I agree, but it was a tobacco first and the source of the name sake, nearly every character is better than her until the very end of season 2 anyway.

there's a season 2? wtf

and also wtf that's like llearning about the name marijuana

They should never have abolished slavery.

theres a difference between seasons and cours

*sleeps peacefully*

nini lukies happy birthday!!

Also, I don't follow your serial killeresk image layouts need some work.

Do you even Netflix?

Lemon og grows tall and viney I do not recommend it in a grow room with lights lower than 6 feet.

A rose by any other name.

Night luka.

hah yeah it's atrocious

I made that 2 years ago how the time flies.....
also I dont have netflix LOL

nope I watch my anime on streaing sites like a fucking social outkast WEABOO

Wanna borrow mine, I'll pm you my log in later, but you gotta promise not to share or watch a bunch of weird shit.

That's very sweet of you grids holy shit

But I probably would only use it once or twice : P I used to watch back in the day but then they took away alot of the good stuff ;~:

Still thank you alot for that offer it's very generous of you

Gotta keep
One jump ahead of the breadline
One swing ahead of the sword
I steal only what I can't afford

(That's everything)


woah she's amazing!!!! You go megumin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! barely 40 KG!!!!!


where've you been all day hmmmmmm?

Probably gonna send it to you anyway, I just remembered uhh ou can have multiple users for 1 account, so you can watch whatever you want.


Being a good boye



I'm sure Bard is more arousing anyway


Yeah. You're a guy

why you say that when you post porn


Have some porn

how long would it take to reveal by hand


Is that a problem?

Way too long, don't do that

*teases more*


And now the cute couple is present

Good mornib (((me)))

do it for me wizard

its not cute theyre both dudes


You sure about that?

Yeah, two dudes are cute

whats not to be sure about?

No stop!


I'm starting to ponder what it is I started.

Good mornib.

Okay, here you go.

Never stop!

Something to tease you both with~
Now go "cuddle" You two


How am (((I))) this morning uwu


pets, and a good morning to you~

needs less aqua

dude thats gay


I-I've never actually talked to a real life homo before

Are you telling me the female/male ratio is too high?
What a fag.

Says you!

Me neither

strange i always look at the dick


Non-sexyal cuddles is best.


I was up late last night so I feel kinda garbo.
How about you?

I'm frustrated about code

i wouldnt consider aqua female anyways

same except its not cuz im gay, but i cuz i need to check if im adequate

Nothing new. Shemale being one of the most popular porn tags is not a coincidence

Half the time~

Looks plenty female to me

How much does a bard weigh?


Did you say good morning to (((me)))?

I was up late last night so I feel kinda garbo.

Not really though, I slept early and feel like garbo as well though

Go on~

Right there I did~
Slept alright?

131 pounds

I guess not, since Im' still so tired

All the time.
Sex is gros and weird.

I need cawee.

Plz cawee - tsuree kureemu ando tsureee shyugaa

what do the numbers mean :( 14/2 + 0.66*0.5*14

Without more context, 11.62


And what's 26mph to m/s???

Why are these numbers like this



Oh, are you missing a .003 m/s?

Oh. That sucks.
Could you nap some more?

Uh.... Then what use is a trapfriend again?

I'm programming an automatic transmission but some people have problems of it not going to the second gear.

14 m/s is the top speed in the first gear
From second gear it should shift down to first gear if the speed is less than 0.5 * topSpeedFirstGear + 2*(throttleInput-0.5)*0.66 so this happens at about 11.62 m/s which is clearly lower than first gear top speed

BUT WHY does the fucking game decide to shift UP in first gear at exactly this 11.62 m/s too? How the hell does the transmission code from R* look like that it places the first gear shift point well below the redline point? ;_;

Cawee? Is that like coffee?

Because you should shift before reaching the redline? That seems obvious to me

Oh, I could definitely throw you around like an 40kg megumeme

But I can't find this in the vehicle struct and it should shift near redline at full throttle, not a healthy 2k RPM below it.

It downshifts at the same speed that it shifts up depending on if the vehicle is accelerating or decelerating? I really fail to see what the problem is
All I can say is, you're probably not looking in the right spot


It up-shifts at the same speed that my thing tells it to shift down. I'm trying to hack together a semi-mod controlled gearbox here.

What use is a girlfriend/boyfriend ???

Those but take the best aspects of both.

Is the answer possibly because R*?


I wish they just made the game open source :^)

Then change your own to tell it to downshift just below when it up-shifts

idk when up is that's the problem :c

You make love with them~


It sucks your game isn't open source... maybe I could be your open source tonight...?

The downloaders and players are going to be out, they'd never have to know...

When it reaches 25mp/h is my guess, based on that video
It was shifting up/down/up/down/up/down at 25mph
Find whatever RPM that is, I wasn't paying attention to much of anything else but the speed and the gear it was in


Right, yes
Thank you













rpm is 0,8-ish