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They've done that a few times. I remember it being $2 a month. Now I'm paying $25 for three.
I'm alright with it though. Same price as a phone subscription

can't you run it in a vm anyway?

so like weed.
is it like that noobs thing i asked about before?
tell him to gimme some of that gud stuff
my pc can barely run explorer.exe

i think thats morally incorrect.

GTA:SA? I believe so.
Doubt V works well with Wine
Not even gonna try



I mean GPU passthrough on a VM.

NOOBS allows you to install a bunch of different distributions, so you could say so.
Okay, I will.
Well, explorer.exe is fucking trash too if you try emptying the trash and there's several gigabytes in it. For some reason, that will take a huge amount of RAM to do

But how? Wouldn't that require two GPUs?

that's assness
you gotta be a member to even do anything in that game

What's the problem :^)

Not really. You can do more, but you don't have to be a member. And that Dragon Slayer II post also mentioned new F2P content
Even though only members can vote in the polls, this will very likely still pass it

I only got one GPU

Actually that's not true, I got three, but there's no way in hell I'm gonna poison my desktop with a Fermi card

What cards

My friend kind of confirmed to me yesterday that Brown is basically my only colour.

Are you so bland, and nondescript that brown is basically the only colour that suits you?

I'm yellow because I'm Asian.

R9 270x Dual-X is the card I'm running now.
The other two are GTX 460s

What did he mean by this?

Give the VM a GTX 460 SLI

how do i take out the trashes?

my dick is purple

Not gonna happen. I won't touch it

right-click → empty ?
Also, I think this day is the first one I've seen you post images

Have you been edging?

Why did you get the housefire card in SLI even?

Wearing clothes.
The colour that looks best on me is brown.

Because I'm plain.
And unimportant.

Alternatively I'm just shit.

which one is the trash
its not actually purple i havent fapped today
Thats gonna stop soon cuz i dont save anything on my phone. also brb shower. also brb fap.

i cant edge to lolis anymore. whenever i see them i just start going really hard and my brain loses control of my pace

You're not shit!

What if a cute cousin attackhugs you

I bought a pre-built gaming desktop and wanted Nvidia because AMD no drivers so picked 460 rather than a 5850 or 5870 build, the fucking retard I was.
Then I got a 120hz monitor because 3D Vision!!!
Of course, I had to get twice as many frames now due to how 3D vision works, so I bought another 460, which led me to replace the motherboard, the case and the PSU.
Not really worth too much since the shitty cards gave me artifacts in every single game with water in it. All drivers did the same, disabling SLI didn't fix it, and it was the case with both cards. Reinstalling Windows didn't fix the issue either.
What's even more odd, is that this stuff hasn't happened to anyone who have borrowed the cards off me.

Aww, come on now... Shouldn't say that about yourself.

You know what else is brown?
Chocolate. And chocolate is good

An icon on the desktop I would think, lol.
Enjoy both, lol

lol that will never happen cuz i dont rl

i just did the delete thing and i think there was like a gig of things

any suggestions before i do it?

You're just bad with computers!

Should've waited for FreeSync :^)

Yeah, don't think about anything gay

Really sure? Not having the risk of being tackled by a cute loli going all "nii-chan play with me!"?

I got that stuff in 2011, nobody knew what GSync or FreeSync was back then, lol.
And I don't know, I've witnessed the weirdest fucking shit with computers equipped with Nvidia GPUs

I'd swap my R9 390 for a GTX 1080Ti any day :^)

Even if someone offered me that option, I would keep the 390

How so? Much better performance! This R9 390 doesn't overclock anyway.

Is there any exciting GPU news anyway? VEGA was a disappointment and GPUs are still expensive as fuck. I would've gone for a 290X if not for the horrid coolers.

i might fap to a trap or two just to spite you

nah 3d icky

At least I can play some games I never play at 30% more fps, I guess.

No, not really anything exciting out there. I suppose Nvidia will soon release a new Tesla GPU equipped with a V100 with Tensor cores on it, but that's about it guru3d.com/news-story/nvidia-dgx-1-with-tesla-v100-spotted-in-geekbench-with-staggering-numbers.html

That doesn't sound like a good time

*pat* you're 3d

But then who uses Linux anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I do~
Might as well buy from the companies that actually cares about your platform of choice.
Companies cause Intel's driver is pretty good too

Depends if i find any good ones. Sometimes they're disguised as cute girls

Living is painful

Traps are never good!

What kinda 2D would you be anyway?

That's why using Windows is so neat :^)

But Windows sucks.
See, 1080ti is definitely a downgrade from a 390

Windows has a great WM and runs everything.

I thought you are gay?

Also cant you just open the window on another partition thing

An okabe rintarou

Not more of a Kazuma

I was writing a list of the games I own and I at some point put "A thousand different Otome game (They're all the same tbh)

Not exactly github.com/zfw1226/gym-unrealcv

I am, hence I don't like traps. Traps are too feminine

But how many of those games do you play?

Science is for nerds!


We're nerds, slut~


ugh my schedule is fucked


I'll stuck to Windows for games :shrug:

Good morning Bort

And just as I'm about to leave to cook some dinner. Dammit.
Good morning Bard

To each their own~
Use what you're most comfortable with and what suits your needs of course, anything else would just be silly

I'm gonna go cook.

morning megumim

it's so hot up here in my room i've been steadily losing weight since I moved in here
i HATE waking up because I always feel gross and dehydrated and sweaty

how ar you today?

make me some bekkfast

morning and bye bye hu

Enjoy food!

Take a shower!

And open a window :3


Tfw kuro makes you nut instantly
welp i guess I'll do another round

Yeah but that's Kuro.

is this you

doing all the fuckin chores you had to do over the weekend because you're still a procrastinating pos in some way



Fuck that. What's up"?


End your life and be free of regret.


Had something you could eat!
Hope you slept well

Was yum


hmmm what was that?

Also thanks it was an okay sleep but itchy i hope you had a nice (schoolday)

frikadeller. Easy and yum.

It's Saturday goddamn, no school!
So far so good, just posting here and also runescape~
Good you slept well enough. Why itchy?

The assholes who lived in this house before us left it with fleas ;~:

my mom got someting to treat them that hopefully will help a little bit

Goddamn ass, bleh. That sucks.
Hopefully it helps

brb hanging myself

wtf is frickfiddler


Oh i see you're having some fine swedish dining tonight

What is Sweden?

its like Daneland except the middle east

open the pill ? y/n

Oh yeah, that place.

No, looks too cute to just split in half

so what youre saying is . . . traps arent gay?

yumeko would be a better character with half the breast size

Feminine guys are still guys and therefore gay. They just aren't attractive

I s2fg

Oh. Good thing I didn't fap to any.


That's a good boy



i creAMED

stop calling me boy. idk whether to feel giddy or disgusted

Wow, do you want to be the cute girl?

so THATS what she looks like

She kinda qt.



i made this


Ikt is kinda qt.


p l u m p

no i just dont want to feel inferior


Post more you fucking faggots

Nobody I really like is posting though.

except boys are superior, but if you insist..
Sleep tightly

going to town

There are definitely too few people present

Have a good one

Imagine, liking squash

Imagine sharing a name with a fucking MLP character

Mmm tight loli pussy in my dreams


What did she mean by this

Yeah, I bet you'd love that, slut


That you're a fag

Takes one to know one faggot.


posting anme

That it does

who would have thought!?!?

i'm not a pedophile, i just hang out with them

And just give them what they crave, right?

Post penis, faggot.

I bet you'd like that, slut

I crave tig ol' bitties

Of course you do~

wrapped up in a nice ribbon

To slowly unwrap whenever you feel like it?

yes yes

Oh man

Can't blame you there

makes me pretty thirsty tbh

Hungry for some breast milk, huh?


Fills you up all the same

um i guess so..

Does. Babies get nothing else after all


dumb whiny babies are so annoying



Yeah, but those whiny babies get to suck on them fat tits

New headphones


yay :3

Er det en legit karakter du poster eller er hun bare lavet til porno?

Im not gay

too many denmarks


oh my .//.

Kur ska qka me bo sex ather gzohesh.

I understood this btway


Hun er åbenbart bare en baggrundskarakter, så man kan vel ikke kalde hende for legitim. Men halvdelen af det art som er lavet af hende er lewd, og resten er porno.
Så man kan vel godt sige hun kun er lavet til porno



Looks pretty comfy


Eh, she's not really a background character...
She's definitely made for lewding though.

is that ram

There's TWO


Also boobribbon-chan is kinda not a side char

Helt sikkert brormand


Nå ja du kender heller ikke noget til weeb shit
in it for the pr0ns lmao

But that's what you told me!

But the guy above you told me so

Nemlig, kender ingen karaktere. Jeg poster bare

oh stop that >//

I said it was true for the "second season" because it's more of a spinoff that focuses on different characters, and she only pops up like twice in that one.
In the first season she's a main character and competing love interest to the main character~

You don't really want me to~

Oh yeah, that was what you said. Whoops.
Explains why there's so much of her



Everyone fell in love with her. ...and her tits.

Just maybe?

Calm down with the gay, jeez

Can you honestly blame them?


Is it a good anime?

It was okay I guess.

lies, you would suck on these tits too!

Ask Spectre, he has watched them all


Hvad laver du til hverdag?

Whoa gay


Studerer på AAU, så ikke specielt meget.
Arbejder du eller studerer du selv?


Oh certainly.

Begge dele. Det er travle tider.


checks out


Fedt, godt at finde et arbejde tidligt så man ikke står bagefter uden et og bare tænker "øøøh?"


not my style

Jeps, har lige smidt nogle nye jobansøgninger afsted i dag though. Forhåbentligt kan jeg lige nå at vride det sidste, har under et år tilbage på studiet så er jeg done

Right, no squeezing then

Er det så til bacheloren eller kandidaten?

not like that

It's alright so long it doesn't hurt

Kandidat. Lidt uhyggeligt, skal aflevere 60 sider til maj måned.


isnt colbert a homovan

Det bliver intet problem hvis du arbejder i et par timer hver dag. Aldrig været et problem for os at aflevere godt over 100, som er skrevet over 3 måneder. Men okay, vi har så også været 5 stykker til det.

Tror dog stadig på du får problemer med at koge det ned til "kun" 60 sider



I didn't think you liked this kind of stuff, are you high again?

Nah, no mehs

Går ud fra at en side hos jer også er 2400 tegn? Modeller, visualiseringer mm. tæller ikke, på trods af hvor længe de kan tage at udarbejde ;_;

y not

That was the last one...

Faktisk er de gået væk fra det. Det har været sådan tidligere, men sidetal er nu realle sider. Printer du enkeltsidet og dette resulterer i 100 sider, så er der 100 sider.

Sidekrav her er også meget mystisk. Nogle kræver flere 100 sider, andre ser helst du afleverer en rapport på små 20 sider fordi de ikke gider læse mere.
Ved ikke hvordan det kommer til at foregå på kandidaten.

Og ja, lyder skørt. Det er relativt hurtigt at skrive en side, men at lave en tikz figur kan sagtens tage meget længere, også selvom denne kun fylder en halv. Underligt disse ikke tæller med, da de i sidste ende er langt mere værd end ord.

Cause meh implies you don't care

Good, now delete them


Relax Satan


Doesn't matter. The one with the biggest dick gets the final say regardless

I see what you're implying with this, and I don't like it

b-bad to the bone!


What could he have meant by that?

Ja okay, der er store forventninger til indholdet af de 60 sider, så nu må vi se hvordan det går til den tid.

It doesn't make sense in this context!

Jeg er sikker på det ikke bliver det store problem for dig

It doesn't?
Maybe I'm just getting tired

oh sorry

How do you mean?

Go to sleep silly

That was a good doujin
And yeah, it's a guy


called it

E lash punen si rriqna mu keni bo.

It is a good doujin tho.

night night

Is alright~

I will now.

Wow, you're 14 minutes over bed time!


My quote meanie.

Certifiably dead.




'shot... =w=


sleep or anime


NEVER anime


Bed with waifu.

And by waifu I mean your trapfriend.

I'm not ready...

But cuddling is always nice...

Be gentle


tfw no rin cuddles

Of course.

Sorry daddy.

guero on suicide watch


Imagine. If Nezi or Rin were actual girls

No suicide watch.

but then they'd be girls and girls are gay


tfw move to michigan and then take 8 hour roadtrip to smonk weed with bardo

I keep getting lost trying to beat ALttP in 5 minutes.

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are you speedrunning loz now? had no idea you were into that kinda stuff

I'd still be shy and have no friends

but at least people might be interested in me if I was cute

Good morning :)

imagine if i actually were an attack helicopter