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Early Thread Edition.

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I am in a decent mood tonight.

i'm hungry

it's almost breakfast time

i haven't slept

You two


its nearly dawn, ay lmam

i'm talking to my friend though

Sleep with them.


online friend...


You're saying this to the guy who has sexual interactions with 7 people from online here.

I was summoned by Grim's dragon tits



I got tequiela and dr pepper

If I could sex them I could.

but they don't live near me.


Sup scoots?

I am a cacophony of drugs to try to get some sleep.


I am not sure what this implies...

implies whaddup

Oh, nothing much. Still a jobless neet




mah nigga whatcha been up to?



comfy thread

poll up when?

best threaD

ill give it 1-2w


Literally been a NEET for well over a year now. Things are looking up though with potential job offers. Only time will tell tho.

Too long. I guess the guy behind the Farming Guild likes DSII more than his own suggestions too. Why do we even need a poll then?

here is hoping fam that you can show ur skillz

i swear theres always at least one person posting this character


Hi, I'm here to piss you off~

really is that what you've decided your dedicated role is going to be?


tequila and dr pepper a glorious

I'd grab that bitch's tits anyday

im hungry

Nah, it's just that I coincidentally only post the characters you don't seem to like too much

Who wouldn't?

get teh noms

fags like u

He's the kinda fag that wants to be the awoo being groped, not do the groping.

Won't prevent me from booping those boobies


You can lie to them, but you've never been good at lying to me.


Hello, I am home from work. How are you all this evening?

its not that i dont like her, or any other characters you post, i mean yea i dont like them much but i dont not like them

What would you even grope? I don't even have boobs!

Perfect boopable boobies

All good here

Ah, just indifferent then. Indifferent is just fine too

Bored, hungry.
How was work?

What a shame.

Here's hoping! Thanks man! I hope to use my knowledge of the computer stuff to attain gainful employment.


mhm i'll preheat my oven to 400
and dump some popcorn shrimp on a tray and chow down

Yeah, it sucks

look what you jus made medo

RIP. You'd have made a good mother.
Or a whore.
Or both.

Get with the times granny, all women are whores now

But that's bullshit because if it were true they wouldn't complain about not getting paid enough.

Maybe they just suck at sucking?


what did you do today?

I watched a Mears van crash into something so bad they had to call a tow truck

I whined at my boss for not giving me enough shifts

uh...that's about it

you should go eat then~

I slept, woke up half an hour ago

Go teach them, you're a pro.

What's a Mears, is that like a U-Haul or something?

Who complains about not working enough, wtf.

I will, Soonβ„’. If you cook me something.

I see what you're implying, and nah, I'm not about to go shove my junk down any girl's throat just to teach her how to handle one


i like tiddy


They won't learn by force, YOU need to give a live demonstration first.

I see now.
You got a banana I can have to give said demonstration?

nigga sai du gotta gib succ

couldnt imagine innocent hu's face stuffed with cock


Holy shit I finally found a use for this image.

It's happened before.

oh right, timezones.
any plans for the day?

Mears is a transportation company, anytime you see a taxi it's probably a Mears

gotta make that money nigga

I'm too tired and sweaty to cook even if you were here

in reality tho
hu's too shy irl

her voice tho

What a faggot

That's because you're not gay

You're welcome.
Just a real banana, the real deal that has been genetic modified, is usually eaten after turning yellow, and then peeled

Yeah, they suck.
Nah, just runescape as always.
Sounds like you've had a rough day..

grim can you imagine my face being stuffed with cock

because that's happened



Ah... is this a regional thing?


Rip, guess I'll just get Federico's then.

He pretends to be, but he's actually not that bad.
He's a fucking slut, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, trust me.

Now I'll NEVER get to use it again.

she would sometimes make me jizz on myself

on my face

a lot

can you imagine that

you dated or something right

nani kore

public degradation, wow, bully!

Such a shame~





Mhmm, he's a grade A fag.

Am too shy though. I rarely even open my mouth

I feel he's super slutty online or to his lover but not outside

like this guy will probably avoid eye contact w ppl outside

Mosiah 11 18-19: And it came to pass that king Noah sent his armies against them, and they were driven back, or they drove them back for a time; therefore, they returned rejoicing in their spoil.

And now, because of this great victory they were lifted up in the pride of their hearts; they did boast in their own strength, saying that their fifty could stand against thousands of the Lamanites; and thus they did boast, and did delight in blood, and the shedding of the blood of their brethren, and this because of the wickedness of their king and priests.

Have a blessed night Holla Forums. Remember that faith in the Lord can only make you stronger, and he is always with you no matter how dark things may seem, place your faith into the Lord and he will guide you to the light.

is runescape still a thing? i thought it was #ded

eh could be worse
at least I made money

apparently I'm retarded and they're a much smaller company than I thought, and local to orlando

I just see them everywhere lol

post pic of food, whatever federico's is, when you get it :3

That's how you end up being forced to watch shitty comedians during group work, dumb fag.

Pretty much. But the moment you get him alone he'll succ ya dicc.

Are people posting genderbent Star now? This pic as Star, Marco, and Grunkle Stan all in the same photo!

I'm alone with him on steam nearly everyday

is that alex fucking hirsch

As long as the community cares about it, and as long as the maintainers care about the community, it will stay alive. 46k online on osrs right now and 24k online in rs3, so not dead.

I suppose so. And money is good

I know, but if I spoke my mind I wouldn't even have a group

And Adam McArthur bruh

Good morning! Hope you're all having a good day :3c

Ah, I was gonna say, there's like a shit ton of Taxi companies here, too many for one monolithic one like that.

Aight, see ya.

Wow, what a fag.

Sometimes that' preferable, no?

bye for now.

its 1am what the fuck is your schedule.

to have the meme hack hirsch himself look away from you in disappointment

what a privilege you've experienced


Enjoy your meal, talk to you later

They were really having an in depth conversation and I didn't want to bother them. I then gave Marco my camera and he took a different picture.


y-you too



it's 8am. i haven't slept. i spent all night talking to this girl. but i don't think she's into me. i wonder now if i'm not ugly.





I don't think you're ugly!!

you don't know what i look like

I think you're fugly af

to a retard

You're not ugly on the inside?

i'm ugly and retarded

ur ok loco

there are tons of bitties out there
just do u, theyll come as time passes

did i send you those pictures?

actually no i think it was tokai

so you don't know what my insides look like either.



don't fucking judge me

what's your favorite song, sinni

time for sits and watches

picking one favorite song is usually pretty hard

its okay if no one else is into your butt you can look me up ;)

and you know what

if someone don't want me that's their loss. i'm the best.



way to go out strong.

there u go

for u facebook.com/XManeShawty/videos/10154639118180793

I am a strong independent womin that need no man.

everyone slep so early on a saturday night?



those fucking noises jesus christ

Two years worth of semen made a glopping noise as it flowed endlessly into asuna

grim I want to eat out your sand pussy

happy bday


Eww 2 years like most of it would've turned into mould by now

Reminds me. What happened to the guy who came inside bottles and posted them on Holla Forums? He still around there?

its virtual cum so it doesnt count


He stated he got a girlfriend, then he stopped posting. The volume he came the year prior to him stating that, did seem like he told the truth.
So no, his girlfriend gets all his cum now, no more for the bottles


should i try cultivating my own cum in a bottle? i cant believe i havent thought of that until now


one of you let me Voice chat so I can tell you about the smoothest way a guy got my number today while I was at work

youd rather eat fresh?

hey I lost my phone number

can i have yours

last time I asked if you wanted to call, you said you were too nervous and wussed out like a pussy.

straight from the tap


yep that's me!

I for one don't blame you

being socially confident is impossible~

sorry but my tap is only for me

Well, that.. It's easier to talk to people in person than over voice, too


seriously, I can't stand phone calls. I get hysteric when I'm forced to make a phone call and can't put it off any longer

if u stop bulli u can have some

I'm shaking like Michael J. Fox whenever I'm in a call. I can't stand them either, fuck calls

You wish I would stop

fine keep bullying and have some as well!!


do you say that because of what i said former or latter?


Did he end up in prison afterwards?

Both, you just want to fuck dudes






Morning shower is neat.

Can be

you are neat

I am neet

wow, saved

neet life best life




is the second season of that worth watching?

want to be friends, fellow shy person?

No. It's anime

You're saying that as if it wasn't already the case

it's almost 12 and i havent showered yet

Get to it!


b-but we don't even talk outside of threads!


I don't really talk to too many outside of threads~

oh hot damn

c-can I join your inclusive list~?

but why are you posting her

Resize that shit nigga.

After I compile this THING!

And lose definition on the dakimura I'm gonna make from this? Hell no

okay, but I rarely have anything to talk about, just so you know steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198012118578

This guy over here as always

No. Re-save as jpeg

make -j16

theres no way someone with good taste posting sayaka would like breastia

Okay two things.
One, you were the one that initially came to me saying how cute she was.
Two, Muh quality reduction.

Straight people like tiddies, you of all should know that
Oh yeah, that's right, you're actually not straight~

I didn't. I merely stated "cute", and then you spammed me with links!
Yeah, whoops. 94% quality, so you lose a bit~.
Do you dislike me for compressing your waifu?

just not those ones

also lol u said anime was cute

I was drunk

t. man that's been sending me links from danbooru since fucking yesterday.
I don't even like her!

That's a lie! I've been sending you danbooru links for like a month!
Yeah, as if

for a whole month exchanging hentai?

Just linking him pics of his waifu every time something new gets uploaded like he does with Momiji and Megumin

Wait a minute, how does this work in your defense?
You've even been linking gelbooru and sankakucomplex, so I mean fuck dude.

still quite the diligence for anime


Go watch it

is this like how i act gay when i say im not
except you actually are a weeb when you say you arent

And this is such bullshit, all these lies mixed with truth.
Like, me linking you new pics but you've already seen them all because you lurk all the threads and see them even before I do.

So you are gay!?!
HAH, faggot.
Then no, I'm not weeb

It's not bullshit.
Only if you've linked me the threads, else I won't have


uh huh.
Wanna see this dick?

if you're honestly offering my answer would be yes but since its a joke no


show more

50% is lewd, the rest is porn. Enjoy

r u really gonna make me look through 3000 images? just post the one with dicks pegging a dude

Nah. Here you go

That one's pretty hot tbh.

and cute, right?

Nice futa.

Seen worse for sure

what other characters are you totally not a weeb for

Courtney, Momiji and Megumin though I don't know how any of these characters are, except for Courtney and only cause I played the game. That's about the weebest I am; I played pokΓ©mon

grow ur collection and be well rounded

Grow my collection of what?

anime grills


Not too long ago, I had 30 pics. Now that 30 has become 430. Good enough?


is for research ok

sure, of course it is, silly me~

teehee i'm not gay


Then why are you here?

wat u do wit all those pics?
jack off wen no internet?

fuk u

I post most them

All of the people I play Divinity with went to sleep.

One of my friends did have gay sex with a dwarf today in our game though.

It was extremely funny.

I said i'm not gay


Your friend is a literal whore, jesus christ

He stroked his beard.

Not the only thing he stroked I bet

*strokes hu's ego *

I bet

You should of seen the way the dwarf gyrated his hips when he strip teased him.

How does one stroke something that's non-existent?

no hu be more confident in yourself

what's up faggots

sounds like a lot of work

idk you said it in a pretty faggoty way

I'd prefer sparing my virgin eyes from such a sight

I guess having passed all exams so far, is reason enough to.


It pays off. The thread is not completely dead because of it


string the thread back together bby

whats the point of all this work you put in though?

it will take toolong
just let it fall apart

To talk with great people

Which part was faggtoy ?

Yes! Good Hu :3c

Want some assistance?



I've never tried something like this before though

I'm bored.

true it does help life go by faster
too bad you run out things to talk about if you live like me

the gun up your mouth was symbolic of a dick

Continue playing GTA:V~

Having had a 2 month's long vacation and previously living as a neet for a year, I believe you

what was being a neet like ? do you prefer occupying yourself? idk what id want to do if i had to choose.

Shooting a loaded gun in my mouth isn't gay.


I told my PSVita to download a game and a bunch of dlc for it, so it paused downloading the game and downloaded all the dlc, then never finished the game.

Why is sony so dumb?

f u c k he hates football now


go prez

It sucked after a while, a year was far too long

Never strung a thread before

me either

Maybe it's best to just let it fall apart then..

well youd take a load either way

was it a break between work and school or something?

watch it with me


Break between schools to figure out what to study at uni, though mostly just to get a break in general

Am enjoying it


I was being a productive member of society anyway.


I'm more of a giver.

I imagined so seeing you got in and out of it so often~

Is comfy


Do you have a notification spam thing or are you staring at me in your list


kinda sucks tbh

(((googles how to handle fame)))

Thread seems a bit more alive now too

so very fitting


too many megus tho

there can never be too many megu

so are you set on becoming a computer wizard?

bestow me with your blessing

whats wrong with google is it for normies? what do you use duckduckgo?

oy vey

Momiji then?

i hate momiji

I'm not a computer wizard, I only know how to hide hidden messages in jpg files and porn in png files

Yeah, I do use ddg actually~

I already posted all my Hestia though. All I got left is Courtney

get more hestia

you're basically the sorcerer's apprentice

also i wasnt sure but i figured since i saw the wizards at my university using ddg


But it's all too lewd or just straight up porn

It's a pretty decent search engine actually

Oh yeah, you're LMS, I forgot.

What's an LMS?

please allow me to touch myself to the sight of those thighs

is that what they teach you at wizard academy?

Don't be disgusting.

Go lewd Hu or something


mistress you are very kind for relenting and allowing me to commit sinful acts

To use ddg? Nah, but a union came by at some point and basically told us to install privacy oriented extensions to our browsers, use tor or at the very least, firefox and to get rid of Windows, use ddg, etc etc yadda yadda.
Though I did all that stuff already

But he lewds me all the time as is

Only on phone.
I'm on x86 chips in my computers so definitely not RMS. I've also enabled the non-free repo in Debian to get firmware for my GPU and for my wifi card in my laptop, so definitely not RMS

wow you sound very techy
too bad i could never do that because that would mean giving up my exh

And here I thought you were going full RMS.

Huh, but exh is just a website.

Not techy, and it's not too difficult. It just putting a little more control into your own hands.
Your exh? Huh?

Not gonna happen. For now I'm still stuck on CPUs with kill-switches implemented in them

Use the Russian ARM CPUs running a Russian Linux distro.

Replacing one botnet with another hardly accomplishes much

idk how to give the panda a cookie anywhere else?

but linux cant play any games
my exh where i have a cute panda that protects my precious lolis

Step 0. Clear (exh) cookies
Step 1. Do not go on exh
Step 2. Go on e-h and log in and check the galleries
Step 3. Go on exh

But the Russians are good. Trump told me so.

I play all my games on Linux. I haven't played anything on Windows in 5 years, and have barely even used the version I still kept around. When I upgraded my platform, I did get rid of it though.
Ah, that exhentai thingy

But the Russians didn't do anything


that only worked when i did it on my phone
idk if it works firefox or something cuz im too lazy to dl and move everythin around

but the steam thingy doesnt show anything with a penguin

hentai is life

bottom best

firebat92 is a sinner and has seasonal waifus

Not anymore. It used to, then shortly after Valve released their Debian based SteamOS, they changed the icon. Previously they used Tux.

You're life!

save that too

But I'd prefer not to post porn

oh is that what happened? i thought i was crazy or something. rip penguin
whats the steamos thingy like?

im anything but life desu~!


Debian-based distribution. It's really not worth much, you're better off running straight up Debian or some kind of *buntu. Steam still works, as does many games.


That's me

Lazy boye

Man of cvltvre

no u

more like that

How can you live without playing GTA?

Like that?

By playing ETS or ATS when I wanna drive stuff. Easy

whats a debian. my pc cant run linux anyways
that inverted gumin is kinda weird

im only speak truths

pls dont call me boye it gives me indecent thoguhts

you should try this map it feels fun to play

A distribution. I'm running it.
Yeah, memes, blame Speccy for that one too.
Why can't it run Linux?

But you did just lie!
And did so again, seeing you're actually gay but keep saying you're straight~



um what are you doing right now??

But you can't shoot a truck driver and then plow a boulevard and detonate your bombs when the cops arrive.

Good... girl?

Runescape :3
What about you?

Doesn't sound like fun~

been forever since i played that gaem
what are you doing in it rn

a distribution? is it like a weed?
is speccy your dealer? idk i havent tried but it cant run most things

if im such liar let me just say this: im hella gay

hazukashii .///.
im just a dirty pervy and everything gets me goin

Comfy music?
I'm hunting boars to trim their back for herbs. Slow exp, but I get herbs and you can easily do something else while doing it

It's like a version of something that there are many of.
Yep, Speccy deals in animus.
Well, if it can run Windows, it can run Linux too~

Thanks, noted, I'll screencap this and use it against you in the future~


It strangely is!

Cute lolis.

I did actually enjoy GTA:SA a fair deal. Had some nice bugs, such as headless CJ and able to survive falling from any height if you aren't wearing a parachute and are fucking fat

Oh yeah, not to mention it's fun doing crime as a nigger

is geto boys youtube.com/watch?v=KutXyPEEbQs

i don't remember being able to do that
did they add in a lot of stuff??

Yep, they did. This stuff is two weeks old now, and they're adding more. This stuff here got posted just yesterday: services.runescape.com/m=news/a=13/dev-blog-dragon-slayer-ii?oldschool=1
Need to pass the poll though. Nothing gets added unless it gets 75% approval

Big Bones





I dunno if i could ever get back into this
didn't they raise the membership cost too