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some fucking retard bitch keeps setting her pans on fire when she tries to cook and tripping the alarm

fucking bimbo

tfw no job that actually pays well enough to afford my hobbies


i get 20 hours a week if im lucky at about 10 pence more than minimum wage

but does she look good enough to be this dumb

You must bear in mind setting - holding parents in the world by the same standards as ours is a faulty outlook.

Judging by interactions from every known parent in the series, the adventures are an expects part of coming of age for the greater population, and many of these parents still care deeply for their child, and are still willing to support them in their travels, if not accompany them outright.

Lusamine, however, sees her children as little more than playthings, and when they act out against her, their lose their use - their beauty.

Even come the end of the game, she does not redeem her outlook, she does not accept her daughter as such. She sees her daughter as useful, and sees "beauty" in her.

Lusamine is sick.

just downgrade your hobbies to programming

I'm lucky I get 24 hours a week just because my mom works 8 hour days and I only get rides with her to and from work since we live together

i wish to fite and build rigs tho

i also have bills, which basically means i break even with a bit of pocket change after shopping

So I guess someone at work outted me to literally everyone after seeing my old growlr account.

I don't want to go back anymore.

I'm sure your review will be awesome.

Lusamine might have been sick but I guess you overlooked her entire backstory cause how dare she be mean to Lillie. I mean, her daughter even says she was kind and amazing before she became obsessed.

Why did she become obsessed? To bring back her lover, her kid's father. It just seems what she was looking into was toxic to a human mind as they even imply it being a poison.

Aaaand that father has been safe and sound somewhere, not coming back to his family and not helping fix the scenario one bit. In fact he doesn't even seem to give a shit. lol

That said, even I can admit that Lusamine is kind of attractive.

7 at best

just rock it and not give a fuck

i wish to skid

What is growler?

good enough with a couple of beer

arent you employed tho?

ya no

I didn't want it.
I might ask to be moved departments.

Gay app.



im in school and fucking poor and driving my parents broken peugeot 306

borrow some eggs


sorry grids i got distracted but yea unquestionably katamari is definitely a more rewarding and fun experience than that memey indie game



Mind outta the gutter Grams.

so what are you up to?

same, but without the school and the car

that image is nothing but the gutter

going to eat in like 15min
I have to write an abstract on a project I'm not even fucking delegated to yet

That is totally offensive. Censor your words!

censor this dick

Her research was just that. Research.
She, herself, never encounters an ultrabeast until the scene which you the player witness, and beyond that she does not make physical contact with Nihilego to experience its venom until the climax of the game.

The argument that she's a victim is faulty on that alone.
And even more - she's shown to be kind to Hau and the player, until it becomes apparent that she'll be getting no use out of them.

Lusamine found a plaything in her husband's research, and while her initial studies may have been to try to seek out her husband, rather than embrace failure, she allowed her fixation to obsession, and ostracized her children for not accepting it.

As for Mohn, no, we have evidence suggesting that spending significant time in Ultra-space negatively affects peoples' memories, given that Anabel is also a Faller.
Presumably, Mohn has no vivid recollection of his wife and children, just as Anabel doesn't of being the Frontier Brain.

Too lewd

i too enjoy turbolood

needs more lewd

so just poor? didnt you have a job

ugh, rs
bon smakelijk itadakimasu
rip projects

you see this samus

this is me

Wow, lewd as heck.

Yes yes, she totally 180'd from a perfect mother from researching something that brought along something that could clearly corrupt. Yet it totally makes sense that it wasn't somehow corrupting her before it got fully through.

Which makes sense I guess. If you ignore the 180 of her personality in the first place and the subsequent softening of her personality the moment the poison is going away.

By your logic even after being beaten she should remain obsessed and cruel. Buuut she didn't. Sooo, where's the explanation to that?


Good evening, me

I thought so,

Oh, yeah, roll up all the shit into a ball and make a planet, it's a very strange concept. But it was a great game.

Heya clone me. Have you destroyed the dreadful Z fighters for me yet?

~400/m takehome

from that ive got 120 on utilities, 80 on council tax, 20 on phone, 30 on broadband. that leaves me with 150/m to get food with, which is certainly doable, but not enough to save any significant money.


tell me the's more of this set

i didn't know you were a voluptuous white woman


Of that set or her in general~?

The what now?

Was a fun game.

I wish there was anime already so I could cap mimika

the set my nigga

Dragon ball joke. Sorry.

How are you doing~?

flexible hours, one week im in 13, another im in 20

oh, not full-time? still student eh



how many to go boi
keep em comin

basically yeah, but im not a student

what is minimum wage at you guys place

Only a few, a lot of hiss art is uh... Well, kinks I wouldn't save or look at. lol

oh, planning to go full time anytime soon?



i get given what hours they want me to work, and if i get more im lucky

That sounds horrible


Ouch. Is minimum wage given for a lot of jobs? I think the lowest here are for food delivery, there's not the whole tipping stuff though

i got offered 4.50gbp at domino's

Okay, I guess

But a litre of milk is like $4.00

I work 12 hours a day 6 days a week making 8 bucks in a factory.
Food workers around her make 5 bucks and get compensated to min wage if tips dont cover it.

yeah, its a bit shite
6am start one day, 4pm the next, no work for two days, then two 6am starts in a row
im counting the days til they ask me to pull a 14 hour shift or something

How old were you when this happened

I got paid like £5.50 as a lifeguard when I was 16

7.05 at my age, 7.50 for everyone 25 or over

whatchu work for some vague startup or some massive company?

a supermarket chain. i need a better job, but it looks like im not very hireable in the tech sector atm.

While being above 18? That's ridiculous

$10-11 is still atrocious.
Milk here is like $1.50 but we also have huge production so I guess that helps

Props for enduring it. Is it temporary or are you aiming at rising in ranks?

Don't you know programming? Depending how good and what languages, you can pretty much ask whatever pay you want here.

Oh, any other cool games from the past, skull monkeys was one of my faves.


so either the lady thought i was younger or i'm misremembering.

i do, but, i kinda came within an inch of failing my degree due to procrastination, and im still waiting on my results.

I think minimum wage is like 10.50 or someshit

Seems kinda illegal

I've had worse.

The price is regulated here. But still horrid
Everything became even worse when the dollar lost huge value against the USD

I'm saying the possibility of her having only ever been nice for having seen them as useful is distinctly non-0.

Citation on her being kind after her defeat?
We don't have USuUMo so clearly it's not anything I missed.
You mean her last quote?
"When did you get so beautiful?" to Lillie?
You know, that entire thing I hate about her?
About how she only cares about her twisted sense of beauty?

We have no evidence of a redemption.
We have Lillie's desire to see her redeemed, that's it.


is this argument about the storyline to a pokemon game


Guess the degree matters more there than here. Every place mostly just wants to know if you have a degree and a bit about what you've been doing. Less about grades and where.

Crossing fingers for your future positions. I'm going to be writing some applications for a new position tomorrow. Ain't learning much from my current one.

I do love ice cold milk, so I would probably still pay $4.

im not exactly the strongest candidate tbh, my out of uni work has been minimal, ikt is way more employable than i am


"Before passing out, she asks Lillie when she started becoming beautiful. At the end of the game, Lillie tells the player she believes Lusamine is getting a bit better, having even tried to go to the player's celebration, and that she has been gently trying to help her mother understand the error of her ways.

When spoken to after the victory celebration, Gladion speculates that Lusamine's fixation with the Ultra Beasts may have started when her husband (and Lillie and Gladion's father) Professor Mohn vanished during his study of the Ultra Wormholes and, in an ill-fated attempt to find him, she eventually grew obsessed with the Ultra Beasts to the point of monomania. Lillie's reminiscences on Exeggutor Island show that she recalls that her mother was once a kind and compassionate woman who genuinely cared for her children."

As well as the fact that it's been fully explained that her insanity started after the obsession, which all stemmed from a guy who at anytime could've sent a message saying "Hey, am ok."

As well that beauty comment wasn't further playing on her insanity it was the break of it, as prior she made it clear that she did not fin Lillie beautiful. The shift in that idea of a perfect beauty means a relief in whatever was plaguing her.

Or do you think that she would totally accept defeat like that given the show of her past character? Again if all you said is right then thee moment she lost she would've been like "Fuck you" and plan to try all over again.

I'd believe she was so bad if you can explain the two occurrences of sudden changes in her personality. Both brought on by the introduction of the Ultra crap and the removal of the corrupting one. You explain those and I will believe it wasn't all some insidious plot of Nihilego's from the start.

yeah, and things just got a lot worse. literally "you managed 2 years here, have a cert".

Do some microsoft certifications, get familiar with azure and you're golden




We pay it too. But a gallon of milk is $6.50 so we get that instead



$10.50-$11 depending on if you work for a big or small company

those meganipples lmao

$40 an hour on my second job and $54/h on my main squeeze

We know literally nothing about her after the fact to say her sense of beauty shifted.

You want to believe in her redemption, good on you, that's not what I'm arguing.

She found Lillie "ugly" because she had no use for her, after her defeat, her daughter basically handed her a trainer who could very easily be a powerful asset to her - that is use, that is beauty, earn Lillie's trust, and she will have the players.

With what strength?
She was left comatose after Nebby separates her and Nihilego.

It wasn't the introduction, it was the inability to find her husband. And, again a point that you ignored, the first "sudden change" in her personality is easily explained by her personality.
She's kind, and virtuous to anything she finds beautiful - anything that's useful to her.
Before she loses herself in the ultra bullshits, her family is the most useful thing to her, and thus the most beautiful, earning her love.
Afterwards, she finds something more useful.

The "sudden shift" is more easily explained as her making a breakthrough that causes a change in her sense of usefulness in those around her, than the corruption of some entity that can't even have effect in the overworld before your adventure.

The question was minimum wage though

what's the point of working a second job then


so I can own my own home earlier

I do hope she can see some redemption, honestly.
For Lillie's sake, more than anything.

But her behavior and portrayal in the first GenVII games leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

To die sooner.

her skirt got a little wet, but she became an independent trainer

When you realize that drunkfort1 was 2 years ago.

I know???

My point was just that it'd be a crushing blow if her mother is, in fact, beyond redemption.

Judging from trailers she's probably fine though, so Lusamine probably gets some sense of redemption in some capacity.


to each their own i guess but to me houses are just bricks that keep you down and suck up expenses

I'd take minimum wage over negative wage

im not ready for these feels.

we'll see what happens past the shitty moneygrab that is ultrasunmoon

Truly a risk taker.

in my opinion houses are the one place you can feel truly secure, and owning your home is one big part of that

your castle in a way

It isn't Ultra Solgaleo and Ultra Lunalala

Oh my god it was a spoiler that I regret seeing but only made me that much more excited.


The trailers are working way too much on me it's terrible, and I'm going to be so let down.

Time surely flies by.


Being forced to rewatch mems and not laughing because of THE STALENESS

fams please

its a mix of the necrozooma guy and the mascots or something

a surfing mantine is neat

I want to see them do a game with north american/south american terrain

a suh my niggas

Yeah, Dusk Mane Necrozma and Dawn Wings Necrozma.

Unova was New York.
I hope we get more, though.

Nother day nother dollar.




i'm a beautiful mess

hooray for me


mff wassap

shiiiiiiiiet, tame?

lol no

Tired af

I'm an ugly mess

Hooray for me

post face

all gucci in the hoochi

No thanks

been u[p in this bish all week?

you get that grilled meat yo?

For a company that sells ROMs ripped from these sites you think they would not care.

Been up in my job ye

u fuckken know it


I agree that more would be neat, though.

Also can't wait for Pokemon on Switch.

I want my baby prime 4

I'm getting a Switch soon for Zelda and Monster Hunter.

I'm gonna get it for Zelda, Squids, and Pokemon.

wanna gibe a finna niggqa sum deets? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

whadda ya get ayyyyy?


Nah man, can't be doing that. Best I can do is say it's shitty.

I'll get Squids, but because I want to play with my room mate.

xxxtra lewd

I had a turkey and ham salad, 3 grilled chicken breasts, some rice, steamed veggies, and downed it with some primo seltzer

my nibba
know that feel fam

wtf a seltzer? that a bubble drank?

brb buying h3/gensam merch drunk

No... No Lillie said she was genuinely a good mother and cared for real, that none of the crap had started before finding the Ultra Beast stuff out. Which was after starting the look into the wormholes.

Funny how when she becomes aware of a parasitic being that suddenly she changes. It's not like that sounds more plausible than she just 180'd cause she couldn't find her husband.

Your logic would say that Lillie is a complete liar and actually the kindness before everything was a sociopathic falsity. Despite Lillie also knowing the difference between the two.

I'm quite unsure how with all this obvious information you choose to believe someone is just a bad person despite that not making a lick of sense with the evidence at hand. And your evidence for her just being 'that way' is that you don't like her character and her obsession with beauty that spawned after the introduction of a parasitic thing.

And yes I know she met the ultra beast later, however to know it existed and is likely to have had some contact with it already be it through some moves of the beast or by somehow finding genetic material of the beings. Otherwise her obsession wouldn't even make sense because she'd be obsessed with something she had no idea existed. Remember her search moved from the wormholes, for her husband, to suddenly the ultra beasts for paradise essentially. Do you not question how that switch happened? Do you think she just forgot her husband after a few tries and made up a theory about other things she could find?


i'll marry grim for his money

and his c o c k

Mah nigra, tp was posting last night. I love when thee and other old faffs post.



hila's clothing line actually looks lit

i wish she would release it

and that i had money

Yeah the nigga was asking me about me too, was silly/

Man even her art is like 800$

Drink buying


aaw shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii for real?

that aint 50 dollar

u no it

One day, imma buy a hila piece and like... frame it central

wait that's an ms paint drawing

so it's not even the real thing

1400 for a print

You're extrapolating on my words in a manner that isn't present.

Lillie, when younger, only knew the kind and caring face - because that is how Lusamine acts towards anything with worth to her.

I never said she 180'd because she couldn't find her husband, and your assumption that Nihilego can act on in the Overworld before manifesting is in direct contrast to how we actively see Ultra Beasts acting in the game.

Research into Ultra Wormholes is already intrinsically linked to Ultra Beasts, and Ultra Beasts, and Ultra Wormholes, exist in the domain of public knowledge in Alola.
We know this. We have evidence of this.
In fact, Mohn's research notes already reference Nihilego.

So clearly it wasn't finding out these things exist that caused a shift, like you seem so fond of suggesting, because she knew well before she took her husband's research.

My meme den gonna be ripped with Hila originals and JWalker empty bottles


I shouldnt have stopped smoking... Gotten cancer and fucking topped myself already


this one is pretty good

don't buy originals

their value won't keep

That shit is legit
and I wouldnt resell anyway... the cat home that gets my will can EAT MY DICK

Anyway, time to get ready for bed, I think. 'night.

No, no. Lillie at the end of the game, knowing the difference between her mother's fake kindness and real side at the time, said it was genuine. Your opinion on the matter doesn't supersede that of the character involved in it.

Story wise her words can be taken as fact, she has already gone through her entire arc and would know if her mother was being fake back then too. She would have said "We were always just things she could get use out of." if you were right.

Aaaand there we go, if there was evidence of Nihilego that means it's influence was already quite viable. It still implied that there is a gap between the start of her research and the breaking down of her mind. A slow destruction of her personality the 'exact; thing Nihilego's poison does.

This is even a common trope in sci fi stories with parasitic things. Especially that want something from someone like a host or a way to a new place. Trick the victim slowly into believing it is something goo until your influence causes the monomania that makes someone the unwitting villain. Believing they are 'good'.

As for her husband, he too is mentally broke. For all we know he is far beyond her levels since he left and never came back. All to happily make a reserve for pokemon. Ignoring his family forever.

The one thing I will stick to though is you still have not gave a legit explanation for her 180. All you do is claim it was always how she was, despite Lillie's words and when the words happened completely denying that. And that her not finding her husband is the reason. But why wasn't she trying to bring him back throughout the entire plan? By that logic she'd not care for beauty but instead simply returning her husband. If you are right then it furthers the issue because her obsession had to go in a completely random direction instead of "I want my lover back."

the one who does marry me will get spoiled
with my money and my dick

yeah bubble drank without the sweeteners

Well, lemme tell you bruh, be watching out for loco, tha nigga all bout that currency, that specie all tha shiet


Sleep well~

This I cannot condone


it's a good thing money makes me horny



I miss colbert posting



Squash. Do you want to create a suicide pact with me?




I can't. I promised someone I would never try to kill myself again.

Hey, I rather care about stories than a comp scene that seems to often have tournaments littered with weird stalling techniques instead of just winning. Boring stuff.

Ever since I saw that happen, I knew I could never take sitting there through pokemon battles seriously. Makes the game better too when not having to care about making things perfect~

You tell moogs he is a cunt for that.

I know that feel

It wasn't George.
It was Michael.

Well. 2/3 aint bad.

Guess I better have to harass some other faggot for this pact.


so inconsiderate.

Sorry. I'm not sure you want to ask me.
I am in one of those emotionally vulnerable moods where I just want to smother everyone in affection.

Apologies. I am in one of those emotional moods to be shitposting.
gibe affection.
n-not that I want it.

I feel like this is an artists portrayal of Squash

*I stroke your fur*
It is so soft, Scoots.


*paws ur thigh*

-u moan-


The fastest way to make me happy is to complement me while equating me to a dog.

I use to hate it when I was memed for it, but my close friends do it now and it makes me feel loved.


*I shit myself*

iMAgine. being squash's friend

I'm just glad I have a small group of friends who love me unconditionally.
I'm not sure where I'd be without them.



-I moan-





Wow I wonder who those people must be.

I wonder too

I'm changing to a less friendly avatar simply to show how absolutely and wholly unamused I am with you for saying this.

El gasp! Stern pictures- No! Anything but that!

(lub u)

I wonder, sometimes, what it would be like to interact with other mortal human beings.


human beans

C'mon, gimme sum sugah, babe~

Be my human beans on toast loco


You are lucky you are one of my closest friends.


That I am, hun. I am.

Watch it dog.
Remember. I own you right now. And I could skin you and have every right to do so.
But I won't. Because I love you.

wow, faggot

Look out the window,


solo posting?


yolo posting? soundcloud.com/miraimusics/ephemeral


angelina jo-yolo

well. whadda ya know

it's alive




I want to hold loco's face in my hands.

don't cut my face off


And then?

and then tell him everything is going to be okay.

That is pretty gay. Fam.

don't be gay


if you think thats gay I can't even imagine what you would call a cocksucker





bday bump

if you think that's gay i can't even imagine what you'd call someone who has two boyfriends and likes to watch them sleep with eachother and lovingly snowballs their sperm with the two of them and is going to adopt a baby with them and raise it as polygamous open gay lovers and they're going to make the baby gay


nigga what





If a person does not first make clear to himself the meaning of “self,” he can't take a good selfie.


WHat is up?

You implying this is a THING?????????????????????????

Contouring is an amazing way to shape your nose & define your cheeks, but only terror to the point of despair develops a man to his utmost.




You seem happy today :)

You implying this is why I cannot keep... a.... MAN?q??q?q?q?q?q??q

Obsessed with protecting your skin, lips, hair & face from the sun? Close the cover of the coffin tight, really tight, and be at peace.

The flu can be a great diet, although not as effective as death.

amen fam amen

God grant me peace from my foolish earthly desires, my wild longings, the anxious hungers of my heart. I'm craving fro yo so badly.

No open places for that Yo?

Sitting in the restaurant before everyone arrives, wondering why life does not have the persuasiveness that death has


Long hair don't despair.

long hair


Imagine if everyone on the internet encouraged & complimented each other & were just nice. What passionless, paltry mediocrities we would be

What is this madness

I love the tumblr feel of my website & app. One glances down at the infinite abyss and becomes dizzy.