♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

Played us like a DAMN fiddle Edition

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google.nl/search?q=map::lower_bound vs ternary chain C++






Oh no I got roasted :( gtaforums.com/topic/897023-get-rpm-for-actual-vehicle-c/#entry1069855733

Please tell me this game doesn't store information at the same addresses every time it's executed. Even if it's the same relative addresses, it's still insecure

just roast him back for being the bigger nerd

Wait... Ternary operators are bad for performance and readability?
When was this the case?

Not the same addresses, the offsets are the same obviously though because classes be classes. Hence FindPattern for the addresses.

Not sure but maps are nicer anyway. Can't find anything either but people in the industry eh.

I gotta ask a teacher about this probably.

Am quite thankful for good info.

Yeah, but I misunderstood something I guess. I thought the classes was stored at the same addresses as well, which would be just bad

They can suck your dick. Use what makes it more readable, and I think what you did, is just fine. Fuck them

Yeah I can find only a few answers:
google.nl/search?q=map::lower_bound vs ternary chain C++

ah i see

also thanks for that link, though K^2 was talking about maps

I don't even see why there would be much of a difference. In your code, the compiler would just do the exact same thing as it would if you had written it as if-else. Compiling it will take a few nano seconds longer, but there won't be a difference at runtime at all. Guy is full of shit

But he was still stating that ternary operators are bad for performance which makes little sense

Why do people have such strong opinions and never back them up with explains

this good stuff

Now i'm really tired

rly tho with k2's approach you just need to edit the data instead of edit your code

Here's an opinion with an explanation for you: never use a property or a method call in the condition in a loop. Doing so is bad for performance because the compiler won't know the implementation, so it cannot apply various optimizations.
Instead, create another variable and "waste" 4 bytes for potentially much better performance.

The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

get around it

did u gib him the succ

nobody cares about America


i don't get



chain: 37
map: 1192


this is in m/s

not meter/second

I don't feel like it.

when not in debug mode first is 0ms and second is 3ms

making that shit volatile increases chain to non-optimized-away times but still orders of magnitude faster

>while(i < X) { }
X should either be a constant or a variable, not a method call or a property.
Changing it from a property to a local variable saved me several seconds.

Hmm, I guess chain is the way to go then

(applies to non-debug version)

good morning (Coffee) ™



k2 bullshitting me?

oh, yeah, of course, because it's not re-evaluated each iteration duh

Even when it's a property that doesn't change, it's still faster~

No empty

no talky

I'ma talk at you, and ain't nothin' you can do.

didnt u just slep?

yeah because function calls

WHAT DID I SAY ????????????????????????????????

haha yeah

Good morning


You said: "Hi I'm Bard, pls fuck me raw and let me succ u dry."

woa h holy shi that's actually a very good impression

have you been practicing?

Sounds like Bard to me

No I've just been recording you every time we meet so I can play it back to blackmail you with later.

*pat ur head*

Me showing up to meet with my blackmailer and hear their terms in a dark dimly lit parking garage


you ever love someone but realise you have to cut them out of your life because they don't want to be happy and it kills you to be around them

you ever get that

I buried this feeling a long time ago


mailing a teacher for non-school stuff always feels awkward

Loco talking shit, as usual.

It shouldn't. It's still relevant to watch they teach I'm sure, else why would you mail them~?



Love interest.

Aiming for good grades, huh? Slut




jk im just awkward in general

So you're blowing Speccy, messaging your teacher cause he's a love interest of yours and sleeping with Feku?
What a gigantic slut!

same tbh

god I wish that were me.............

It could be you

lets smash bits

should i fap a 4th time within 24 hours

Here are some smashed bits

no, put it in Bard instead

Only the 4th time?


sometimes if you do it in your butt right you can just leak continuously

How many are you up to now? 5?
Damn, all that anime and MWO must really turn you on

i cant get hard with a dude

All these silly boys with the high libido

Not even if he puts on a skirt?

hed have to be really cute



have you ever had a project you did not want to even glance at beacuse you maed somethng so horrible you weep every time you open it

Like 6 or so my dude.

Never experienced that feel

Wow, that's nothing!

only if its animay

are you 2d




ive been waiting.....

F-for what?

It won't be

cause I'm new and most old stuff is long since gone


But this is new and horrible!

what anime have you been keeping up with? today the last episode of kakegurui is airing and boku no pico academia also comes out

Is it that bad?

I don't watch anime, and never will, silly

;-; why not

Take a look at my code!


idk anything about code but the end product looks great

I can't stomach it

I can't read this ;-;

silly hu you dont stomach anime you watch it

I'm gonna go throw up..

wow no wonder you're so FAT

thank :3

where did you get the name ikt fromt


government secred

I'm EXT!

Agreed 100%

anime is disgusting

but i am more disgusting


Q-que pasa?



I'm a noob






I had to wear an eyepatch when I was a kid and even though this is very cute itt's actually not that bad

Lets get down to business
To defeat the huns


how come?

this line is kinda gay

oh well I mean you'd think it would hurt alot but it just kinda plops there really soft


I mean, why did you have to wear an eye patch?

O-oh well I don't have the strongest eyes and one was getting stronger and they had to stop it before i got LAZY eye

now my eyes are fine but I hated wearing an eyepatch when I was a kid because it was bad for the depth perception

Never got bullied for it weird enough it was just uncomfortable after being there for hours and i wanted to see

He was a chuunibyou

Chuunis are the BEST

Best at being shit.


oh... Well, good thing you don't need to wear one anymore

What's that?

Kinda wanna fugg Megumin


Tremble, children of man, for the Lady of Sin has arrived.



Lurking is a crime within this place !!!

But she hardly got tits!


You don't have any proof that I didn't just get here :3

subtle watching us like a creep

it's kind of hot


>When Subtle watches you misleading spoiler


I'll forgive your blatant sins, in light of this.

lurking from the shadows is creepy because it's deceitful. i'm a pervert but i'm open about it.

like i'd take myself over the fuckers posting sexual little girls any day

Baka! Ecchi! Hentai!

I'll admit I was kinda lurking though, you were right in the first place

Sorry I creeped you out, I guess I should've never posted and all would be fine..

being coy or ironic about it just makes it more disgusting

you are grown men sharing pedophilia with one another



These line avatars are so good

Hey, I'm not the one who suggested holding hands and misleading spoiler.

I suppose that it is irrelevant either way, for it is by the sins of you - the children of man - that I am permitted to manifest upon this plane.

Masturbating from the shadows

public masturbation

pretty great

I didn't suggest it either, don't pin that on me. It was probably Rin, they're into depraved stuff like that.

What if I pulled back your eyepatch so it pings back to your face? What about that sin?


P-please refrain - this eye patch suppresses my enormous spiritual strength. Pulling it back in such a fashion may spell the destruction of this world.



Is that the only way to unleash it?

You're just saying that to make Rin seem guilty, I mean, Rin is so pure she would never ever do that!

tfw no chuuni

Subtle what have you been up to?

But I am too..

I suppose heights of emotion may also provoke a reaction, though the scale won't be as grand.

But how about that one time when you tried to misleading spoiler me?


Like if someone confessed to you?

Even the purest can have relapses

Did you sleep at all?

Or maybe you've always wanted to commit it!

Like 3 hours.
Had some pretty odd nightmares.
DId you ?

Greetings, Child of Man!

Confessed... t-to me...?
I... um... Maybe that would do it, but I fail to see why anyone would make the woeful mistake of confessing to a Daughter of Sin.

Even the purest get curious about these things..

Gutten Tag


For a Daughter of Sin it doesn't seem like you have a lot of self-confidence..

Doesn't sound enough.
No nightmares at all, but slept like 7-ish hours.

I feel like I've opened a Pandora's box now.

SICP is a meme.

it isn't, but I'm feeling fine.
I don't really get it but I'm not complaining.
I think I may have talked a bit much last night though.

How are you upon this morn?

Well, it's true isn't it?
Children of Sin have a lot of work, and are from an entirely different world than Children of Man, so.

It's not as if there's a large window for romance.

Pandora's box made me think of this

I've seen you playing PoE quite a bit recently, what kinda build are you going?


Pretty well.
Nothing to complain about.
Altough kind of a dry day so far, and no plans ahead.

I have to say, your chuunibyou is a lot better than your Neru impression :3

You're gonna have to explain

Ah, I'm glad to hear that.
It's okay.
I just woke up with the worst hangover.

That seems pretty hardcore.
Eh, no build in mind really, just running a playthrough with 3 friends and went Scion ranger for the heck of it, already got her to lvl 40 and passed first ascendancy.
Also you should try PUBG on Asia with your friends, we've been sealclubbing their scrubs pretty hard there because they really are bad at shooters, besides the only thing the ping affects is how long it takes to pick-up items.

i fell asleep after cumming while sitting in the bathtub. now my neck/back hurts from being propped up with little support. im also really tired but my hair is too wet for sleep

I usually go to sleep with damp hair and have unmanageable hair in the morning.

I have like 0 clue what this children stuff is by the by

Do you have any regrets?

Does anybody know cars

When I turn left hard there's a loud knocking/cracking sound on the right

i dried it as much as possible
i guess ill just go with this goodnight

I know the feeling.

Slow days can be enjoyable, though, when you've spent a lot of time active.

I assure you have have no idea whatever it is you could possibly mean.

I'm not dead, but the sick combined with the hangover is just awful.

Regrets are for the people who have something to lose.

Sleep tight fekkers!

Idk, could just be a loose splashgaurd catching on the tire and slapping against the underbody, or it could be something worse, like bad ballpoint or tierod.

Mmm I suppose.
I just get bored easily.


No Gi High Profile prestigious Jiu Jitsu tournament! if you win you get a shit ton of money and also it's pretty good bragging rights

Marcelo Chan is an adcc abu dhabi cham!
and I think that Renzo Gracie is going to be participating this year

Oh nice. Bow is really good this league, wands are amazing too

That's hilarious. Do they speak in Asian languages over mic taiwan numba wun or are there Aussies too?



guess gotta call the mech dude

how did this mess pass inpsection lol

Same. Mortal entertainment can only hold my attentions for so long.

Most shooters do that these days.


what the heck are you sick with

Ohh. Senpai..
I'm really bad at shooters so I don't know these things

You don't seem to get easily bored of flirting with subtle though.

How long ago was inspection, also, in most places that have inspections, the right mech will pass it for a couple hundred dollars more.

Some sinus throat thing, in just one day it went from a tickle in the back of my throat to my nose packed with green flem.
And I drank most of a 5th of tequila last night.


UGH that just sounds like the recipe for a bad time

Client-side prediction has been a thing since Quake...

I have been flirting with Subtle?

Preach it.

Yeah, I've only once seen some Russians and Brits.
It's pretty funny, but it takes like 1s for items to get in your inventory, but the local players are awful.

tfw the soup wont cook fast enough

Or was that loco, or both, maybe flirting wasn't the right word though.

It's something to lose, though.

Ok fuck you don't have to rub it in :c

That's alright, just drop somewhere that's not hectic and you won't have to pick stuff up in a rush
How awful are we talking? I feel like you've probably won a lot already

3 days ago.

It's a guy we know.

Anyway, I've got to go.
Dewa mattane.

I do not suppose that it was.

I'm just getting worried here, you know?


Ja ne~

I'm good at making poor choices.

Take it back to him and he should look at it free of charge, because obviously he missed something.

the only thing to eat in the house is pancakes


pancakes are gay tho

Late morning

eh i guess ill need to call tomorrow then

Also if it's a front wheel drive a bad cv joint might do that, does it also clunk going from reverse to forward, and visa cersa?

It goes clunk when accelerating immediate after braking (at low speeds) yes. The front arm bushings just got replaced because the old ones were completely rotten. Mechanic said that the sway bar rubs against the body when the car was done, but it shouldn't be much to worry about, but it's damn loud so I kinda worry.

fwd yeah.



i eat them every day


Pretty much.
Well, we won 7 matches in a row yesterday and I always got +10 kills.
Also now I just won a duo and got 832 points for 7 kills.

Ok holy shit I'm bringing this up with my friend group
Thanks for the info

lmao fag

No problem, it's more fun than playing in EU against those mil-sim pros who have spent 10k hours in ArmA and larp military everyday.


He shoulda put some washers on the sway bar brackets to space it down, or are the sway bar bushings bad too, Idk it's hard to tell without looking at it myself, I used to do driveway mechanic work for people before the navy.


spuds pls hurry and disintegrate


ilike this image alot

sup grom


tired, lil hungry
once I finish tabulating this data imma go eat brunch





Good morning! How are you all doin?

She's from that Nick cartoon, the loud house.
She is best loud.

Cracking, you?

im making home made chicken soup :3


what kind of stock and secondary ingreds?

incorrect sir






tsk tsk

you know what it is? it's that girls on the internet get all the attention. they're the desirables. that's why people who get super into internet communities end up being trannies. in our social reality becoming a girl is an upgrade.

I only ever save stuff I see on /r/Megumin

You can't be successful as a Twitch streamer if you don't show cleavage.

and Holla Forums, don't lie

Since you post her yes

Normie stuff is ok




hey that's pretty hot


porridge is yummy

You like watching elf females drinking orc cum?

it sure is





its rice porridge
get your minds outta the gutter

yeah, riiiight~



its time for brunch

when mommy wakes you up for breakfast in bed and it's rice porridge but you don't want to eat it and she forces you and you like it so much you make more rice porridge for her to feed you


Enjoy your rice porridge


US bombers have flown close to North Korea's east coast in a show of force, the Pentagon says.

The move is to demonstrate that President Donald Trump has a "range of military options to defeat any threat", spokeswoman Dana White said.

I hope Kim nukes the Trump tower.

I hope he nukes the nippons






flat is best

What I like to imagine bards jiu jitsu practice is like.










new eve

now with even less clothes and a charm




Hey Grim

Hey everyone else, how are you all doing?

a special mention just for me

who am I to receive such an honor

relaxing. unwinding. I feel amazing.

also this was a premium shitpost

Too weeb for me

if it sounds good, it's good.

I don't really care to read the moonrunes or understand the moonspeak.

hopefully an educator for our future generations!

im just trying to get ready for a party because its gonne be from the sort of friend who like spends 200 dollars on liquor for their own birthday and tries to get everyone as shitfaced as they are, even though i have work on Sunday


It's possible. We'll see if I'm sick of teaching by the time I've had my run.


well only teachers who maintain their inspiration are actually good ones so that's the best decision for sure, whatever you transition into it will be good for your long-term

Oh, good taste man, ever listen to mittens?

It was minimal effort.

good shitposts shouldn't be difficult to contrive or too forced, there is a sweet spot for shitposting involving a certain degree of incite for context sensitivity

I was also hoping it would summon the bard.


its cool man ill sit here and chat with you, whats going on?

I don't know either

dark them 4 lyf

dark as muh soul themes are terrible

a whole chicken, boiled, with the meat and juices separated from the carcass, merged with some oregano, rosemary, garlic and potatoes that had the shit boiled out of them til they disintegrated, then a mixture of wild mushrooms added because chicken without mushrooms is heresy, plus 4 chicken oxo cubes.

its p thicc

syntax highlighting just doesn't pop as much in bright themes also it hurts my eyes

holy shit

And I will chat with you.

I usually try to match the yatsuba b theme on my computers
I do use dark theme for my Chan app though.

yeah, blame my dad for coming round twice to get me to sort his shit out

your screen sucks~
Light best for sure

oh i worried it took you this long to make that

everything dark everywhere, if i can't open it at 3am without feeling like a flashbang just went off on my face it goes in the bin

how do you live with yourself

that shit has been boiling away since 2pm

With ease

okay but to chat with me you have to reply, i asked whats going on

night night

can it be still called chicken or is it more like it used to be chicken once

sleep tite

I use my phone at 3am, or I was on my laptop up until then, so, that is only a concern on my phone.

its shredded chicken at this point, look at the image

sleep well, light colour scheme plebian

I missed that part, just sick and tired, watching tiny house living.

ahh im watching some sort of old recorded jerma streams, but you know how fast internet content ages, its not even a year old stream and its practically agent by most standards

black as my soul

my soul is pink and squishy tbh



cant eat it tonight, its too late and ive eaten enough as it is today

*rubs your tummy*

pls no autism


im glad you ate well

gayfox pls

been up to much today fam?

Busy unfucking my speedo

hey im one of the posters here who actually genuinely likes talking about food a lot, i use my slowcooker a lot, but tonight im just heating up a frozen stuffed broccoli and chicken thing

you have speedos? what colour?

im usually lazy, but sometimes a man just wants a wholesome meal or two

yea dn when you're the man and the woman sometimes you have to woman up

no idea how and turned into dn*

speedometer script

i might make a nice spelt loaf to go with it tomorrow, assuming the spelt flour hasnt spoiled in the literal months its spent in the cupboard waiting to be used


Yeah, but I like "old" stuff on the internet.

My soul is far from dark, my goal is just to be a good person.


we had flower up in the cupboard forever and it was fine because it was nice and dry up there just watch out for bugs or whatever

me too, usually when i want to go watch a VInny or something its a Vineclassic, i watched some of the old I am bread videos while i was at work and it was great

speedos look really nice on guys tbh, its a shame more people dont wear them


Bcus they're gay.

pantsu is where it's at

thats a funny way of saying unlined white speedos

i support your unique and possibly foreign tastes for speedos even if im more of a pantsu guy like megumin, but then again im more of feminine boys when i even go that way

feminine boys fan*

i mean it would basically be like wearing single layer white cotton briefs to the beach


I am bread, I almost bought that game, katamari was where it was at.

hi fish

Would you like to talk about any of these issues?

Tremble, Children of Man, and despair, for the Lady of Sin has returned, and with her presence comes destruction.

Rin gimme a hug



we're going to die



I am very stressed and very bored at the same time


stuck on craptop for a week at least

I am very bad at handling stress and I'm going through existential dread and anxiety over having surgery and also I'm not used to working 3 consecutive days again

uh, beterschap!

why existential dread tho

shit's just been on my mind the last few months

I dun want to die


*pat* ganbatte


God bless America

Do you want to talk about anything specifically?
What's got you stressed?

work in general

I really dislike Lusamine.

How rood. She did nothing wrong.

She is a failure as a mother, and a raving lunatic who cares naught but for her twisted notion of beauty.

What do you do for work?

I'm the data entry bitch

but really I'm an asisstant

what do you od?

Honestly she still beats most of the parents in the pokemon world. How many super young kids do you find and battle in the middle of no where with dangerous shit going on?

Judging parents in that world is pointless.


Ah, I've done stuff like that, what about it's got you stressed?

nieuwe draad jongens