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sorry bro

I prefer this one since it has giant anime tiddies.


orite google is 18 now

Okay there is such a thing as excessive

I didn't have to do anything for it, so yes it was free. Again, I really do not care what you and Squash worked out

I'm a compooper people.

she's cute


thanks, im sure you wont be around on sunday, so i said it now.


thanks for reposting btw

Do you just love everyone now, TP?

what's your favorite anime?

got any fun plans?

i think we need to all get along


Don't have one. Only seen a couple, and some scattered episodes of a few here and there

I don't know how to compooper too much.

Well, it would be nice I guess.


im thinking on going out for sushi

google tan a fucking cute, I would cast her foshow.

I'm really drunk.

I love bard, bard is like the best poster there is, and yes, I miss him, bard works fast food, and he doesn't afraid of shitty people, he got punched in the face because a dude was harassing a chick, I love him, in the purest sense.

I threw up bro.

It's a valuable skill to have, you should try it some time

lol yeah you went too hot


But I prefer to do physical work.

have you seen cowboy bebop? because i don't watch much anime either but i liked that one enough to get the blueray set.

california roll? :D

he's a sweetheart. in my experience, anyway.


This confuses me

It is one of the only series I have watched all the way through, yeah. Gorgeous music in that one


yes, and that couch looks comfy!

inb4 google makes an anime

How about Bolero?

You confuse me!

you like bbq squid?

people forget that i played classical saxophone

hey nezi

are you hella skinny rn?

The music and the voice acting are wonderful. Usually the dubs annoy me, but they put a lot of effort and heart into that one.

something similar to that yeah.

its just a couch tho?? ._.

ehh... its ok.

I'm still going, I was sick before drinking, I'm just drunk and sick.

he is like the sweetest guy i know.

a google tan gets fucked for fake casting anime?

Same to you my friend

Yeah, it's not your average cheap hackjob voice acting. There's a reason it's a classic

sabrina are you a tony romo fan

I like the chewy
hope you enjoy your bday

genderbent kaiba is A+


i am a tony romo fan

i had to google who that is. does that answer your question?

are you?

y'all should meet up and cuddle.

and wasabi!

naussicaa has a good dub as well.

eat shit

oh, pure, naive luka...

would watch/10


wasabi is too hot and painful

nezi i know you're a rich cuck boi

but i'm sorry about calling you out on your bullshit

I'm too tired.
G'night Colbs.


tp, i am sports illiterate. i've tried to watch games in the past, but i get restless.

it's nice if you mix a little up in some soy sauce. it's not as potent and adds a good kick!

in nezi's mind he thinks he's normal

nezi's parents are fucking millionaires

I'm sure it does, but.... ehhh....

Sleep tight


i spilled booze on my keyboard, i washed it, but we,ll see in a couple days if it works right still.

we gonna meet up and spar in jiu jitsu, even though i know nothing, about it, its just a masachistik excuse for me to cuddle.

oh, hell yes, i would too.

you're a mess


what if i dont want that kick?
i dont even use the ginger.

ohi hu

hu a good poster, fuck everyone else.


hi hi

aww, pls

griddles swore by /lewd/

his opinion is shit

how you been

what if i watched it with you?

owie! i got hit by a hockey puck once. luckily it just hit my side and i got a bruise. could have been worse.

he can just beat you over the head with a banjo like el kabong, then nurse you back to health.

you do you, luka. it's your birthday! :D

i am actually going to rant on you griddles

you sold out this board for /lewd/

and fuck you

That is how I was convinced to watch Cowboy Bebop

Not you specifically, but you know

That's dirty, Hu.

pls wat, fuck you too?

no, hu, doesnt even lewd, my opinion is great, tp a shit.

it's the game though

some kid got hit by a foul ball and the right news are trying to change baseballl

here is the rule when you go to a baseball game

pay attention

i have literally no sympathy for some kid getting hit square in the face with a foul ball


Been alright, just the usual.
Why only post on Friday nights?

Hey man, it was your pic, I just wanted to hand it back to you without looking like a massive faggot, which you just did yourself

Too kind

just routine

that couch is used for lewd stuff, luka

very, very lewd stuff.

You look like a massive faggot already, with the same body type, dick, and pose.

bard would never bong me on the head, we too close, he would pin me, and choke me out, thats the best part, the ckoking.

lol, i never stopped posting here, so i dont know where you get that from.

so you want some fuck?

hey kiss shot

when everyone here hated lewd you still beat a dead horse

seriously fuck you


My hips are nowhere near that big!

Nah, that would be lewd.
You doing alright?

oooh. neat, who'd ya watch it with? (i'm nosey)

right? next thing you know they'll have to play with a nerf ball tethered to the pitcher's mound.

yep! good eye. :3
this movie is such a great metaphor for depression. pretty to look at too.

you know him better than i, but i have a hard time imagining bardo chockin' a dude out.


The poster formerly known as Louise

Hey fags,

order Chiri's pizza.

sauces: regular, bbq, alfredo, ranch, garlic parmesan

meatses: pepperoni, ham, sausage, chicken, brooklyn pepperoni, ground beef, bacon, philly steak

veggises: banana peppers, mushroom, green pepper, pineapple, tomatoes, spinach, black olives, roasted red pepper, jalapeno

cheeseses: (counts as a topping) extra cheddar, parmisan asiago, feta, provolone

protip: don't fail me.

whats this show called again? ive been meaning to watch it but i keep forgetting its name/existence

hello chiri

yuru yuri

chiri is fierce

Eh... maybe not as extreme as that pic, but they're pretty wide for a BOY.

you know it. where's my damn pizza?

i never incurraged anyone else to post there though, i just did what i norms do and thats post wherever tbe fuck i want.!!!!!!

really drunk, me thinks is bed time maybe.

if i tapped, he would stop, but, .\\\\\\\\\. I wouldnt tap, i want him to choke me.

fuck shit, hey chiri, how goes?

not sure

how you been love?

same shit. still alive.


is not a word

its just a black couch
what even is lewd about it?


lars von trier right?
a bit ambiguous tho

sausage /chicken
spinach /tomato

green pepper


not my fault, stop lewd

Really drunk and really lewd. Maybe it's that time

love he did like those dogme 95 films


fuck you, i'm trying my best.

it's nice to see you.

i'm kinda almost always lewd now, idk i cant control my labido anymore.


not good enough

at least the military does not test basic things

i just realized i ripped off futurama's idea.

sounds familiar...

does he know you want him to hug your esophagus?

i dunno, luka. seems pretty on the nose to me. or maybe i'm just reading into it. but he has said he made the movie after coming out of a deep depression. must be nice to be able to "come out of" that, you know?

it's really reasuring when like tier one combat idiots like griddles don't even understand basic math

we're all fucked

You know he's just going to pretend he totally has no idea what it is because he's never masturbated before or ever had an indecent thought because he's a girl and girls aren't anything but pure lesbians.

That must really suck ;-;

dropping the parmesan asiago topping in favor of the sausage to get it within the 4 topping discount.
I do like the alfredo sauce but they do have a garlic parmesan sauce I prefer as a base, so that would be perfect as an alternative.

It's an 11.99 large from Dominos, the chicken has an extra fee but I'm going with garlic parmesan sauce, sausage, chicken, spinach and tomato because that is awesome.

Well, I kept forgetting to keep in touch with the old crowd. At least I'm not a notoriously hated member of the (past) community. I was a troll, and I had fun wherever I could and sometimes at the expense of others, but you all know I was doing it friendly-like. I wasn't a caustic self absorbed asshole.



did you just say dan harmon?




unpopular opinion: rick and morty isn't a good show


They didn't follow us to Holla Forums unfortunately

or: Rick and Morty takes inspiration from other projects and pretends they're unique.

the one with joaquin phoenix looks interesting at least
cause it also has claire danes

it reminds me heavily of the therapy rooms i went to at my local government building...
it looks almost exactly like that.

depression doesn't just go away, it's always there.
but yes it can come in waves, sometimes being almost like it's not there at times, and other times it returning hard.
but yes i get the general idea of the movie, but i was looking for other things in it besides that.



sounds fine to me
very substantial to bite into.

I will savour it. Your choices of toppings are just what I need right now.




All the oldheads come out on fridays

You literally say the same two statements every time, TP, as you do with pretty much anything.
You just keep repeating the same shit over and over on drunken rants hoping a single person even responds.
Get help, man. You're 34; find something productive to do with your life before it's too late.

I feel bad for laughing but holy shit, you make it sound like therapy was you getting molested.

better than tuesday morning.

hi brad ^^

tsuchi aren't you fucking smiles

get the fuck outta here

I know his real name.
I sold him a bass.

seriously tsuchi fuck off

you are a traitor

You're 34, TP.
Get some help before it's too late.

doesn't change the fact that you and smiles are chronic liars

What's he doing wrong with his life?
I'm 35 now. I still talk on the internet.

Look at you, what are you doing?
You're antagonising people on the internet.
Maybe it's you that has the problem?

you are fucking smiles right?

Ah, trust me. I know that all too well.

I'm sleepy, Luka. I'm going to call it quits. Have a good night and a great birthday!

I'm sorry. And come to think of it, I feel like I remember Louise a little bit. anyway, nini!

nini! ♥

bye love

i mean we know you are fucking smile tsuchi

your one and only

he just feels empty inside and wants someone to remember his name so that all of his time spent in life doesn't feel like it was a total waste.

i just don't get why he is fighting

it is known you idiot

Sleep tight

I'm not even fighting it.
I'm saying it's literally the same thing you've said now in every drunken rant, every week.
Get some help, man. Find a friend or some sort of out in the world.


everyone knows that you are super gay for fucking smiles btw

hii tp

you gotta check out this nigga
gift of Gab

He's the rapper who did that blackalicious track Alphabet aerobics

He's fucking legendary and I've never heard any of his other songs

what happens on tusesday mronings?

why do you pretend to be smiles lmao


I don't see how anybody could have a serious problem with tsuchi because of how neutral he is

It's like he's not even there



sad shit tsuchi

Tp bro You gotta

tp man

You don't understand


The way I see life? Oh, death is coming for me, for sure. I've been rough on my body, more than the average person. Not completely drug-riddled, but enough drugs to get the party started before the full-on alcoholism and chain smoking.

At least I quit smoking.

Still, my view of life as it is; I don't have any major personal goals that I need to strive to attain- I feel as if I have already done more than the average person, though still not professional-level in any of the numerous talents I've pursued.

I'll die above-average, and I won't remember any of it.

tsuchi is actively fucking smiles

Tsuchi, how do you feel about my weight? And my behavior in general?

Whew, it's been a while... I'm just glad I'm not a NEET anymore


oh wait that's a lie.

smiles is a whore

well. you see every third tuesday of the month at 3:32am ...

oh shit hey free

Not smoking is the best thing you could possibly do for your body

This is the only ride we get in this body so might as well have it be as comfortable as possible

Still fat.
Less obnoxious since you stopped always hoping for the pity (You)'s but better than the past, I guess.

Idk what the topic is but I also agree that Smiles is a whore

bruh, stoned

But things have been really good the last few weeks for me

everything tsuchi says is null

because he is still fucking a whore names smiles

not nearly hate filled enough, who are you and what did you do with tsuchi

hii freefmeef

whats your height//weight

Hi Freeman, long time good post. You still look like him.

you get your debt sorted out?

Sluts and cucks get btfo

So just Bard?

I honestly usually just act abrasive and vitriolic for the hell of it.
The most I feel is annoyance or confusion towards people here.

Bully B Gone

tsuchi how is your "girlfriend" smiles

no comment?

describe your passion for me

(You) No but really, fuck your shit.

The Azure web thjing? Not really. I did look at it recently though and they took $7000 off my bill but I still owe them money, but their support to pay for the bill screwed up so... yeah...

Sup Bard?

that kid is a fucking joke


good music post it now

dude lol what the fuck
you need to get that sorted


They took $7000 OFF my bill. So it's now only a couple hundred. Their billing support is really crappy.

What the heck why aren't you in school

It's past your bedtime KIDDO

oh hey Sabaton.

fine, music here:

probably need to catch up a year on what the Chir listens to.

its saturday kiddo

that is horrible music

Every fucking day man, so cute

I'm absolutely sure it's a running joke at this point~

you cant be too sure with this one
hes missing a few screws

really good to see you bro

5'11" 180lbs, went up from 160lbs

You are still spamming the same shit you have for like a year at this point.
I'm being genuinely concerned when I tell you to seek help, man. This isn't healthy.

A cold, emotionless nothing.

nezi pls response

you are not a richboi entitled

Yeah. I should really starting to socialize with everyone again.

Aren't we all?

How did you put on 20 pounds or did it just happen?


are you fucking smiles


why not just say that yes i am fucking smiles

fuck you you coi bastard

everything about you is horrible, but you dont see me complaining

this is actually pretty decent

Welcome back yo

I've been seeing your stuff on FB, looks like things are looking up!

That's why I'm fond of you being around

You're completely indifferent and i dont worry abou being JUDGED

don't worry about it


freefmeef on memeboook

i have an iq of 140 dont mess with me

Don't worry. I judge you constantly.

You like anime, that means you're missing a few screws

so tsuchi no admitting that you are currently fucking smiles

while at the same time trying to make encompassing comments about me

i am pretty sure that everyone believes you are fucking smiles

and no one believes a word you say

You like dudes, that means you're missing a few screws

Thanks Luka!

Uh actually it's friday ...

of..........of course it's a uh

a joke h-haha
ha ha

Exactly. We're all missing a few

Go to bed~

Tsuchi IS fucking smiles

Don't beleive the NAYsayers

Don't be ASHAMED of it

why does tsuchi even fight me

i was his biggest fan

what a fucking idiot

No one cares about anything about Smiles but you, apparently.

not on the side of the world with the prime meridian

some of us are missing more vital ones

what kind of sane person goes to sleep at this tine?

oh i know he's been posting as her

he won't even admit that

fucking pussy

I suppose it's saturday here now and has been for about an hour


you fake post as her

stop lying


How am I simultaneously fucking someone and am that person?
What sort of Schrodinger is this?

tsuchi is really bad at lying

why even lie is my question?

its okay we still accept you

No one. 10pm is where it's at.
You should have been in bed 3 hours ago!

I'm busy

On an adventure

In uh


I....I feel the same about you,,,,,,,

I'm really good at lying.
The trick is to tell the truth and have nobody believe you; then when you lie it's so subtle that it's believable.

whtas minecraft on a console play like?

Like me

Minecraft is good too

yes chirri we know...

Well when I was like 15 or 16 I played with my brother on computer on a badass server so having experienced that its absolute dogshit

The interface is fucking ancient and hideous and terrible

Fucking Microtransactions

And no matchmaking options I dont even kno w how to play multiplayer on a server

but it has splitscreen so thats cool

It's pretty much just the base ass game

And I'm really just in it for a game I can play when the internet goes out that I can time sink
I''ve been replacing an emtore desert with Dirt and grass and trees and living in aa desrrt temple with my wolves :3

In contrast, a bad liar can never back up their stories or tie anything together. A good liar uses the truth to mask small details. You start with a basis, one that's credible, then you tailor it to your own needs.


liars are fucking disgusting

wtf I'm tired now


i bet luka doesn't like liars

Good boy

I used to think I was a good liar until I got whipped twice as bad for lyng

Nah, they're alright. They need love just like everyone else.

yeah Luka HATES liars

Yeah, theres something seriously wrong since you ended up gay

how does minecraft have microtransactions? can you buy diamonds or something? or do they like not give you skins without paying for it?

There's a few skins but they have the fucking gall to try to charge for skins

they can suck my nuts

They also charge for texture packs

like holy shit

Yep. When can I expect Pence's special treatment?
also brb, gotta go shop and vacuum

nah fuck that they wre raised against morals

wtf does this even mean?


I--if you want

b-but it's cool if not > / / /

Exactly. You have to know what you're doing or you'll get caught mixing up your story. It's always the details. It's easier, especially psychologically, to fabricate from the truth in order to have a lie pass through your own brain and come out your mouth as absolute honesty.

I'm a lesbian named Kira.

everybody on the internet is a male ?


stress eating/depression

Nah, that's a certain type of people. Liars who've adapted to lying specifically as a survival instinct and for personal gain.
If you're attuned, you can deduce a bullshitter in 5 minutes and make the decision to have nothing to do with their bullshit. A good bullshitter can string you along for years and get you to do shit for them without compensation and just continually bullshitting until you figure you've had enough and that their 'friendship' isn't worth it to you anymore.

2 real

wow that's really fucking sad chir

You can be a bullshitter and not lie

Ask /cgl/

I didn't say I am that type, but I knew those types. I knew some really good bullshitters who pretended to be my friends, but in the end I was the best liar of all.

Everyone's different. I understand that you mean people can tell some tall tales and exaggerate, ie bullshit, while not actually lying outright.

wow thats stupid. you should get revenge at them and torrent your skins!

no vacuuming your dik!
what kind of does a hu shop for?

at least I feel better now and I'm working on the weight


belly full of spinach-tomato-chicken-sausage pizza with garlic parmesan sauce.

what a good day.

eventually, entropy will cause all of the atoms in the universe to inevitably expand until there's such a gaping void between them that elements can no longer form, but today is not that day.




Not you, dumbass. I was referencing my old RL friends.

Goddamn, everything has to be about you, doesn't it?

kek kek kek kek

no i figured it was bout your "friend" actually

kekky le pew

You wouldn't know them.

Kecky la Kill

oh i wouldn't know the friend you are referencing with your bullshit?

that is shocking

get over yourself.

if i did christal meth i would probably hang with chiri irl

yeah it's easy to bullshit people tbh especially people you dont like

It makes me not want to talk to other people because how meaningless pubblic socialization usually is





Hey TP.

CocoRosie is still good

have some Kero Kero Bonito


bookmarked and goodnight





Sounds like you've tried something like that. How did that go?
I shop at Føtex cause it's right next door and got all the stuff I need


Stop jerking it to all your Megumin porn on your phone, Ikt

its a common occurrence im just makin sure.
also i havent tried that before because the vacuum hose thing is the flat end kind

what kinda stuffs did you thing need?

Oh, that doesn't sound good.
Mine is round, but it's not big enough.

Needed pork, some toppings, milk and bread namely

I don't get why officials thought that wasn't legit, it's not even hard to do lol
I mean he was cheating apparently but that's not even an outrageous claim

look at hu with the oversized COCK

milk and bread is considered toppings?

Now that honda pal looks enticing

Maybe the hose is just small.

Nope. I just listed what I needed

Hnnng thighs






you said namely without comma
u tricked me

actually idk how to english but the way its worded still implies those two items are toppings

It's just my English that sucks

Yeah, I see it now too


Ikt loves the banana

sonna~ BANANA

devilish quads

lets both be bad english

Am always bad~

I cringed

Vignettes voice is cute, fuck off.

That's CUTE?
It's fucking terrible!

its like 15 seconds jeez no patience

Vigne is perfection.

I couldn't take it

You're wrong.

Gab > Vigne tho

I'll never be able to understand how you people don't want to blow your brains out after listening to this kind of stuff

Raphi > Vigne > Satania > the dog > Gab

I've had to listen to your accent and goofy language without cutting my ears off, this isn't so bad.

That does explain some shit. Be thankful I never do voice chat~

Anymore anyway.
If I still had your number I'd call your phone just to make you squirm.

you came in less than 15

what the fuck is with that neck?

raphi > zelel > gab > dog > tapris > vigne > satania

holy shit, how did I not notice that
what the actual fuck

Doesn't work like that. I'll see it's not a +45 number then wait for the other guy to hang up and "read" the notification log to make the notification light go away

I just closed the stream and forgot about it

holy fuck I'm dying

and the hair is like 10 feet long, like it would be dragging on the ground for a distance behind her



babbies first pattern

pls rate

code comment so you know what it means tomorrow

what do you watch videos of? people playing runscrap?

but it's pretty clear
the pattern's first instruction uses the offset
if the offset changes in a game update the pattern should stay the same because wildcards for the offset
and to get the offset you just dereference the 4 bytes (int) after skipping the first 3 bytes (instructions).

private short lookupValue(ushort value, int category) { short valueToReturn = 0; if (value >> (category - 1) == 1) { valueToReturn = (short)value; } else { // subtracting 2^n from the value and adding 1, will give us the decoded value valueToReturn = (short)(value - (1

I remember one time, I did valet at a restaurant and one of the waiters put in a discounted order for me as I hadn't eaten in like 12 hours (shift) and then the kitchen fucked up really bad, first they lost the order, then they got it wrong but I just ate it anyway lul

the poor waiter she looked like she just ran over my dog

you dont watch gay porn?

why such an undescript name
yeah as if it wasn't obvious, but WHAT are you returning?

The rest should be understandable if you know the context but these variable names and casting ushort to short aren't helping.

pictures are better

nope, it looks up the decoded huffman value.
Because that's what it is.
The decoded huffman value.
Because it needs to be 2 bytes, and it's C#. Everything in C# is by default an integer so you'll need to explicitly cast it, or the compiler will give you an error.

Yeah, months even. It's just a pattern search (FindPattern is pretty clear) for an instruction. I might not remember that "48 8b 87" is the start of an instruction but the +3 offset should remind me that it's some kind of an instruction, and the four ????'s just denote wildmarks. Since the function just returns the address of a pattern from the context it's clear it's a pattern address, and those ????s are my offset I'm trying to find, which is named as such.

Like if I just did something like

uint64_t getHandlingOffset() { return *(int*)(MemoryAccess::FindPattern("\x48\x8b\x87\x00\x00\x00\x00\xf3\x0f\x10\xc8", "xxx????xxxx") + 3);}
I'd be confused in 3 days, but this amount of context currently is pretty clear.

put a link to a stackoverflow post where you found it :D

hmm.. okay, if you're sure.

See, that's the problem.... I didn't get a link off stackoverflow for it. I just thought it through in my head trying to look for a pattern, then when I got it, explained it to the guy next to me, wrote the private method and tested it with various values and edge-cases, and it worked.
Next day, someone else asked how it worked and I had forgotten about it completely


brb nom

nah it's p obvious, starting a pattern in between instruction bytes is suicide.

wow u smart :D

Enjoy your nomming.
yeah, yeah, so smart I can't even remember what the fuck something does less than 24hrs after writing it, gg


what's up

saving pictures of food


But you DID write it! :)

tbh its not even harder than working with pointers if you just realize what you're doing and you dont see pointery comments everywhere either :)

I like food.

Rolled 6 (1d6)
And I don't know what it means

Usually you'll just increment pointers by a small amount, not manipulate bits and bytes

But my curriculum can be described as manipulating bits and bytes!

My man!