Griddless thread

I made this one, me, I did it.

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Well, I already toothburshed I'm going to head to bed now.



Wish you lots of luck with both those. :3

Same tbh fam

Night all of you~


I'd fuck rin ngl


Who wouldn't hold hands with Rin?

Slep 4 realsies now



I feel ultra motivated and at the same time I'm starting to feel like shit.


i wanna shove an unlubed toothbrush in my asshole, mayne

Dunno. Mood swings maybe.

take medicine to fix it?

Sleep well

Nope. It's still manageable.


*puts dick in your mouth*Β­



Use illegal drugs so you end up executed by roving murder squad to cure yourself.

I love teeth on the cob, but I hate when the teeth get stuck in my corn.

Good morning.
Slept well?


Yeah, slept well enough

answer correctly or get a boop.

today was a productive day.

Head pattings

This is awful.

Productive days are good

Alma 2: 16-21 Now Alma, being the chief judge and the governor of the people of Nephi, therefore he went up with his people, yea, with his captains, and chief captains, yea, at the head of his armies, against the Amlicites to battle.
And they began to slay the Amlicites upon the hill east of Sidon. And the Amlicites did contend with the Nephites with great strength, insomuch that many of the Nephites did fall before the Amlicites.
Nevertheless the Lord did strengthen the hand of the Nephites, that they slew the Amlicites with great slaughter, that they began to flee before them.
And it came to pass that the Nephites did pursue the Amlicites all that day, and did slay them with much slaughter, insomuch that there were slain of the Amlicites twelve thousand five hundred thirty and two souls; and there were slain of the Nephites six thousand five hundred sixty and two souls.
And it came to pass that when Alma could pursue the Amlicites no longer he caused that his people should pitch their tents in the valley of Gideon, the valley being called after that Gideon who was slain by the hand of Nehor with the sword; and in this valley the Nephites did pitch their tents for the night.
And Alma sent spies to follow the remnant of the Amlicites, that he might know of their plans and their plots, whereby he might guard himself against them, that he might preserve his people from being destroyed.

Goodnight and God bless Holla Forums. Remember however lost or alone you may feel at times, the Lord is always in your heart and loves you

you can live another day, I suppose.


good....morning? Hu!

I personally worship Satan.

I wanted that boop.


Our History proudly starts with the death of Drunky, who, while completely inebriated, fell off of the Eiffel Tower while he was getting head from a polish prostitute.
Down below, our future Supreme Leader, Nymph, was wandering the streets of Paris after receiving a fresh skullfucking in his left eyesocket from Yan. His brain was severely damaged causing hallucinations and a fascinating drop in his IQ.
Nymph stumbled upon the corpse of Drunky, and became instantly inspired by his death, promptly pulling down his pants and holding in his hands the precious final excrements of Drunky, which were magical and could talk.

Turd-chan whispered to Nymph.
"You must forge a new world order and bring about final peace to the planet."
"Okay." replied Nymph, who then boldly set out on his quest to conquer the entirety of civilization and the known world.
Nymph promptly sought out some psychopathic cunt and established that they would be his advisor. They agreed, believing Nymph would make a perfect figurehead for a form of government, and also being totally out of their fucking mind.
The new advisor handed Nymph a list of potential recruits to help establish our proud new body of government. He first set out to recruit Ui, whom was set in charge of all Military operations and made General of our mighty armies, and then Luka, whom was made Leader of Central Intelligence, carrying out all stealth operations in for the good of the Order.
With his military set in place, Nymph set forth and began his campaign, Turd-chan in hand.
His army swept over the gloves like a plague, able to easily triumph over nations with their brilliant strategy of never actually being taken seriously.
Soon, all the world was under the proud rule of his might iron fist. Nymph commanded "Bring me the biggest fucking Jew in the world." And a Robot was brought before him. "You are now my treasurer, spend the world's currency wisely and weave it all into one new form."
"Beep Boop."
Nymph's first decree as Supreme Leader was that Eva would be made to clean up all of his messes forever.
And we have since enjoyed an age of prosperity and peace under his wise and caring rule.

Morning, yep.
Good evening to you


I personally worship Naruto Jesus.

any plans for the day, my lovely Denmark citizen?

Uni all day, nothing apart from that.
Except posting here when I get home too~
Did you enjoy your productive day?

What classes will you have?

I wish for more sleep

I like your flag.
It reminds me of toothpaste

-BOOPS forehead-


hi hu hi ui

bye hu bye ui

I was promised cheese

Computability and Complexity, and Distributed Systems and Networks.

If only ;-;

Aquafresh best toothpaste

Not again ;_;
Sleep well

yes. I'm gonna get fit boi

I wanna be sexy again

what's your major?

like an explosion of fresh in my mouth.


damn it nezi

Working out is too much effort~
Best of luck!


Broodje kaas

Ugh sounds tough.

I'll play with Arduino today :D

Really need to go to sleep earlier though. Can't drive half-asleep.


Just a little bit. Exam in the first won't be nice. Written and all that's allowed for you to bring, is a pen

time to stop stalling my morning routine

Not even a hand-written A4-sized cheat-sheet?

Have a good day!

Nope, nothing at all




whats sandwiching the cheese? your butthole?

you stole my 666 get




oh, sorry.

It's ok, I don't worship satan anymore.

It was actually fitting because it was mokochi failing ad a cringy get.



ugh am tired. nini


I want to impregnate megumin while she wears thigh highs

Sleep well

thats the face I want her to make too, unf




buh bye

no wait

good bye love of my life
wait, you arent kisshot!!!!!!

I thought that was food, fatty.

Don't even need to use drugs to get killed. Police may just plant evidence and you could be killed for peddling.

listen you triple nigger, I dont love food, I just hate exercise
either way, kiss shot will always be the love of my life
even if I dont love him


not exercising =/= overweight/obese

yeah it does. I have proof. I don't exercise and I'm not considered overweight by the BMI. Therefore, you should stop eating so much.

Then you are skinny fat.

I'm literally arguing the same thing as you are.
Read my post again.

I know. I'm being an idiot.

didnt happen to you, you must be right then



there are many things in life worth the pain.
but it is understandable if somebody doesn't wish to endure it.
Sometime pain is a negative, sometimes a positive.
the only difference is achievement, and where you place your ambitions.
don't forget how to live.
and remember death is not painful after all.

[generic sad anime girl post begging for attention]



wow that was short day

cheese sandwich for lunch

Hi Becky!

cute pic is that megumin or komekko



do you have any komekko porn saved

what no she's too pure


youre no fun

She's a pure Megumini


i wanna rape her

You have problems die

... i dont/...


Hello there.

morning griuidds

watsup ?


Girl I'm so cold I freezer burn in a sauna

And DARS is so old he got a walkman in his pocket

He probably even went to kindergarten with your mama


Why dont you ever put on your name lightpenis





Just having more mental health issues that I don't want to get help for because it would jeopardize my dreams and aspirations, the usual.

You're going to be stuck in this body for the rest of your life

Better make sure to keep it in the best condition you can

Bard help

it's dangerous to go alone

take this


They should just impeach the Puerto Rican president.




Sup early birds~

Too lazy and on a crappy tab

ur FACE is a crappy tab >:(

crappy tab reminds me of shit dick for some reason lmao

Girl I'm so cold I freezer burn in a sauna

and TP so old he got a walkman in his pocket

he probably even went to kindergarten with your mama

Yo at Rite Aid they actually still sell walkmen lmao

I was like why do they still stock those? Who has cassettes anymore???

I have a cool aerosmith casette from when I was younger that Idk how to listen to because idk where to find a casestte player

Hello, Clarice.


Iz juz smells

I meant a crappy tablet pc

That's about the only thing that kept me from attempting suicide, the fear of failure, being paralyzed or brain damaged, and incapable of trying again.
What would be more important to you, your mental health, or the ability to pursue your dreams?
Are you truly living if you can't do what makes you happy?

You might be able to do what you want now but if you have a serious mental condition that's been progressing and is effecting your life sooner or later you won't be able to do the things you want even if you're left to your own devices

and it's not like they're just going to immediatele lock you up

You tried any medications?

Rite Aid Pharmacy, apparently.

I mean I can't hate on them too much seeing as I had an enormous album collection at one point lol

He actually said, "Good evening, Clarice." fyi

Sup. You up early or up late?

ooh. sry

You should stop milking the suicide shit with your e-pals and go talk to a professional, Gridds. srsly.



Interview time

I don't want to work a McJob


then do (not) work it.

get over yourself or starve

oh wait that's right I forgot that canada enabled it's citizens to be parasites of the state

Nothing wrong with working at McDonald's
I wouldn't for other reasons, but a job is a job

It'd take 88 hours to make $1000.

which is just enough to subsist on, working full time for a month. so even if I make that money and put in the time, those resources will be consumed as readily as they're made.


hardly. you need actual disability issues to be provided for.

and what do you do for work?

guess you gotta earn your living like the rest of us

suck it up and get raises. It's not hard to outshine the other fuckers that work there.

look at this perfect girl

Then get a better job, or learn to live within your means.

I love wearing my hair low like that^^


But I'd rather be doing other stuff. being a drop out means I should have spent time proving myself at the stuff that a degree implies you have proficiency at by now. I am proficient. I just haven't made any finished projects to push to a repo I could show potential employers.

but, 88 hours for $1000. it's doable. it's tolerable. but it means months of doing that, in order to get stuff like a car.

dunno. my local McDs has some pretty hip people.

living within my means would be the easy part. as a NEET, I've adapted to being essentially broke. I am ashamed of this, and shame helps a little, but- yea, there's nothing more to say.

I just wanted to bitch. I'm done bitching now.

Idk why you're telling me this I've been working since I was 17

Save up and study some vocational courses then save for college or work your way up or at least that's what 2 of my friends who moved to 1st countries are doing.

hip doesn't mean good workers lol

All the cool people at my old fast food job just stood around talking to people.

guess I'm looking for some magical words that suddenly makes this all click, and I won't listen to myself.

I don't need thousands of dollars more in education. I already know what I need to do.

aaand talking to people is what makes success. better than keeping to yourself and working hard, in the hopes that people don't notice your anxiety.

Currently nothing, because I'm in a position to not work while I go to interviews, like now

You can talk and have a good time while working though.

Life sucks bro
this is it

Pretty much^^

didn't think so. it'd be like me giving someone employment advice.

what do people talk about


im gonna eat you

you're being a stupid fuckhead but that's okay i'll explain to you why, young children make stupid dreams, live long enough to make more attainable dreams and keep yourself in the condition to pursue them

Stupid shit that got painful to listen to on the daily. Video games, sports, guns, Drumpf, their weekly show b.s., gossip/work drama, etc.

Like, just do your job, Susan. I don't care about your aloe vera plants or your cat.

ioh god I knew one day someone would come for my cake.....

cum for my 'kake

do you talk with your coworkers about bs tho

Everything talked about at work is BS

I mean, I've worked two jobs before, both of which were retail, so I do kind of know what I'm talking about
Try learning a thing or two about someone before acting dismissive

I try not to. Typically there's not enough time to though so it's not that difficult.

I know they more than likely won't just lock me up, I'm worried about the diagnosis, not because I won't be able to deal with it, but because of the legal repercussions, I don't want them to tell me I'm bipolar, I'm too young for that, but I know all the symptoms, my mom and grandfather were both bipolar schizophrenic, I saw the mood swings, the same things happening to me almost daily now. But I'm most worried they'll want to take my guns, if not now, later or if laws change to restrict people like me.

I'm not suicidal now. that was a year ago, I was just trying to reassure bard I wasn't gonna do anything stupid.
And thanks to our talk yesterday I know I'm not trans, I was just masking, I guess something inside wishes my issues aren't what they are so I'd rather them just be something else, I really should talk to a psych again, and get myself straight, but that's a tough thing for me to do.

1/4 of my life gone by, and dreams aren't stupid if they're truly achievable, I just hope to own my own gun store or a few, and if it works out and I can go bigger, design and manufacturing, and mass production.

I'm glad.

my younger brother got diagnoed as bipolar and he's doing okay

a diagnossis is only what you make it


guess if I ever had to, I'd just suck it up. go to work. make the best of it.

yea, but are you currently a parasite?

but does it help when you can?

Help what though?

get through the weeks

Because I made the choice to quit my job to not fail my studies. A choice I don't regret, and that my parents are okay with
Again, learn a thing or two about people

I guess minimally? I'm not sure I understand your question. I go to work to work *shrugs*


thats totally cool but a suicidal person owning a gun store is absolutely retarded, you wanna shape up and achieve some dreams don't be all edgy and talk about that shit or i will drive over there and wrestle your guns off you or get shot trying


Heart-shaped pupil contact lenses when

gomen. how goes studies?

I already know the answer is to not overthink it, and consider it a part of one's routine. I've worked before. but what keeps you from doubting or wanting to quit?




What a fucking waste of time.

I want to quit every day. Line cooking is extremely stressful.

But I can't, cause I'm an adult and I have to be self sufficient because I have nowhere else to go and I refuse to be homeless again lol



Girl I'm so cold I freezer burn in a sauna

and Scoots is so old he got a walkman in his pocket

he prolle even wet to kindergarten with your mama i mean
good lord is he even worth the problem

I feel like I can't say anything more on this subject. but thanks for your answers.

whatchu lookin at


tfw crushed kanras hopes and dreams

lol bardo that's rude

Hey there pretty lady I don't want to come at you crazy
but if he gave you his number I think that you should e rase it

why am i alive

to post x prosion girl

What a sick burn. Shit.

I don't know, but it is looking back.



good one. imma do stuff now.

hmmph. i thought we were frands

Good luck in that endeavour. I am sure you'll find a solution to your issues.

Me to. You make Mr.Meeseeks upset.



beware of horses

I mean a horse is a horse of course but who rides is important



Me too, but the issue now is actually going forward with anything, I sit on things for so long.

Until it becomes a means for gun control.

I'm not suicidal squash, and I wouldn't use a gun, gun culture has enough of a struggle.


How's Maddie today?


Fucking just do something.

Also reply faster.

I have come for Hu.

Is the Hu here?

I'm okay.

Woke up early cause I went to bed early so now we're just schmokin and stuff. I start my 2nd job today, but I think I'm gonna pass on the car situation unfortunately. I don't wanna end up having to do all the paperwork twice. #transproblems

Sup witchu?

You can be paranoid about that and be anxiety ridden or you can get over it and keep your guns because legally that's not something that can get in the way of being a gun owner

i good how u

Okay, just waking up.

My friend's going to return my PSVita charget today and I wanna run around and give out some resumes, and look around to see if any electronics stores here actually still carry DVD recorders.

I think I am gut, thank you.

Is there coffee on?

You're still giving out resumes? Shit diggy what happen?

DVD recorders? Like maybe an external dvd-r drive or something, idk about standalone units. Were those a thing??

If I promise I'll be morally forced to do something, so here goes, I promise I will seal help from a professional for my current and any future mental issues.

Also I'm at work, it takes a minute.

It's already a thing in California.

No Hu...

The sad is unending. Kill me now~

I never started since I quit my last job.

I have a few printed out, but, idk.

They were things, I did some skulking and found out that some people use them as budget upscalers for capturing old geemu, and I'm wondering if I'd be able to find one that'll preserve the aspect ratios.

Oh, right. normal people hours :p

Don't promise me, promise yourself lmao.


Oh. I thought that was like a while ago.

What's a geemu?

Girl I'm so cold I Freezer burn in a sauna

poor my gf megumin

I can't trust myself not to break a promise to myself.

You know you're hot, don't even lie.

Bard 2hot. Stahp these lies.

What a repugnant looking tripcode.

Cool story bro but let's face facts

scoots you so lightskinned you probly hate blacks

I'm gettin sidetracked baby its all about you
so is it him or it's me baby who you gonna do

She's cute.

But the memories :(

Thank you. πŸ’™

Geemu - Game/Games

I have a capture card, but it only captures HDMI, so I need something in between my SNES and PS2 turning their inputs from AV-RCA to HDMI.
My friend got one for a thing we're doing, but I feel bad because I'd suggested a budget one so while it works (and better than I expected) it doesn't preserve the aspect ratio, and things are a little dark.

Yes, yes she is!

What a racially insensitive assumption to make.

Thnks fr th mmrs


there's not just a specialty adapter?

I membah!

why you gotta put your lemon juice in my game

How is today going?

It goes. woke up early. decided to not buy this car. starting 2nd jorb (going in for paperwork bs) today.


The specialty non-budget ones I can find are in the price range of the hundreds.


sounds busy.
Nothing much my end. Enjoying some time off.
Enjoying coffee, petting cats.

Elms, are you still cute~?

Yeah, bards zesty enough as is!


I hope so :(

Very nice. i did that yesterday. no case of the mondays. Just kinda did nothing all day and it was fantastic.

ikt senpai got me hype for gta san andreas again ~

Oh wow, very. Jeez Elms.

All you did was get even better. x3

1 like = 1 like


Mondays are gay



And how have you been?

Rainy days and Mondays..

Been pretty okay today, minus the humidity making sleep horrible and leaving me with a migraine when I woke up.

Oh and Hu not being around kinda sucks.

How about you, qt~?


Stop hiding your porn.

fo' sho'

Huuuuuuuuuuuuu! *Glomp*

How have you been, tetten?

That one is not porn. But this one is

You posted that comment right after I opened the thread, what a coincidence~
Been fine. Just got home after uni.
You okay, minus the migraine?

Interview complete. I feel good about it

yay :3

Mmhm, missed saying hey to you for a bit! Every time I managed to get in here it was like half an hour after you said good night~

Sad times!

Glad you're doing fine though. :3

Good job!

Seems whenever I get on in the morning, you've recently gone off to bed too.
Timezones are weird~

Sad times not allowed, only good times now!

You get job?

finally thank goodness you're here
help me aquafresh is bullying me

Are you going to be my sugar daddy now?

Good times riding the Hu.*

Yes, yes.

Me and my cousin beat san Andreas in a weekend we didn't have a memory card so we left the ps2 on the whole time, we were about 3/4 through before it froze and we had to let it cool off and restart.

What did he do this time?

Nope, never, can't ride me!

Doing much at the moment?

that kills me inside because I ever had a memory card throughout most of my odl days playing either

Fuck dude

that's an aneurism right there

Just fiddling around with some games and posting here~

Any plans for the cutie?

Sounds pretty good to me. Enjoyable games?

Not really, probably gonna cook in like 20 minutes but then nothing after I'm done with that, and dishes. Then just back to posting.
**and not cute!
The girl you're posting is cute however**


Dunno. I got finger printed and they did a French language test, which I passed, so I'm hoping that will make up for my autism

I won't even be able to be my own sugar daddy, I bet

he told me to die :(
for no reason in particular

Why do you need to know French

DO πŸ‘ NOT πŸ‘ LEWD πŸ‘ OR πŸ‘ RAPE πŸ‘ KOMEKKO πŸ‘

Asking for porn of a minor, is a reason

ur scaring me

ive no whatsoever speaking youre on about



Very enjoyable for the most part~

Yes, yes the 'girl' I'm posting is cute but you are cuter!

Also the girl you are posting is best girl of that series.

iwasnt asking for it i was asking if he had it :3

What kind?

oh, everything is ruined now.

Oh? I've no idea, never watched it~

So you could ask if he could post it, don't lie

I'm reporting u

Canadia's technically bilingual so you have an easier time getting jobs if you speak french.

Time for dinner

Agarest, a silly old rpg I like aaand Overwatch.

Hey traps are great. Shush.

I also have not seen it buuuuut nice ass, great bust and she's smol. Plus her hair and outfit are hecking adorable~

byee bye hu save me somethunig tasty

you cant evidence that so im pure

also this is best character from that series not breastia


Now they gots all this internal memory and shit, you don't even need to log the memoirs of your game on a tiny peace of silicon, it's simpler times for saves, but harder times for sharing.


Yuo guais are gros.

Lewd the ghost.

I just ate an entire Lime

my mouf feels zingy


You don't, but I do know French, so they tested it

Will try

I got the replies backwards. Oh well


Phantom. half, whatever you wanna call Youmu~

I were making a joke because she's scared of ghosts.

Wait, so if you were trying to act like her... You wanted the lewding?

I mean, I am okay with this but you'll have to put on the whole outfit before we hold hands.

Yoo moo is not for lewd.

I actually have the outfit, you know.

They're better with salt.




Now I just want to see you in it, why have you told me this?

You cruel person. ;-;

beware of horses

I mean a horse is a horse of course but who rides is important

Yuo should have known.

Arisu Tsu bought it for me way back.

Ooooh, yeah I think I sort of remember that being mentioned. Now that you bring it up.

For some reason I thought it was a Rin cosplay.

It's a reference to tequila

She was going to do Rin but it was a point where I didn't want to be called Rin so I said do Yoomoo instead.

Wew. Thicc.

Youmu's outfit is a tad cuter too, though that's just my opinion~



Youmu is just 2gud.

What happened to liking lolis

Explosion lolis are great.

Citrus and salt are great ever heard of limonesalt?, I think that spelled right.

Even without tequila.

Can't say I've heard of it. Overwatch seems quite popular lately, although I don't understand the appeal.

Nah, traps are the worst of both worlds~

She is pretty cute, isn't she~

I got something tasty for you Bard~

That's hella lewd though!



It's appeal was a better Team Fortress, nowadays though? It's more like the appeal of watching Blizzard rape characters until they aren't used because a few people whine that they aren't good enough to outplay people playing said characters.

Good stuff.

Also no traps are great when not dum. Cause like. Dat ass.


I eat them like candy.

Sounds like a pretty bad game tbh.. Don't know why I expected anything different from Blizzard.

Nope. Doesn't look like a man and you can't even impregnate them. Absolutely terrible.

Eh, he's better when dressed


Home is good

wtf is that lol

Welcome home


*hands you a plate with pan-fried chicken, pasta and bΓ©arnaise*

If you aren't going to explain any of this, then I suppose I'll just have to cut you until it makes sense !


Its lime flavored concentrated lemon powder and salt, they're delicious.

That's a good boy, be sure to lick it clean

Why would you want kids? Jeez.

What about this girl~?

I honestly don't know with blizz, people always flipflop with them. For some reason.

This is getting pretty lewd... I approve.

What the heck, how is that lewd!?

Apparently its illegal

I think her name was tiona or something if ur interested

Gotta keep the genes going, and gotta make sure not to be out-breed by the invading horde, of course!

Eh, too tan.

Oh? I usually hear people praising them for the weirdest thing. Literally the Apple of videogames

Eh, I don't know. The comic is black and white, making her just look like a generic anime character

D-did you put onions in this? w-why can't i stop crying