Griddless thread

I made a thread, first time in years.

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thank you based griddelz tier one trap killer

Good for you.

Honestly I feel a lot better emotionally now that I focus more on the people I care about than the people I hate.
It is nice to not feel so confrontational anymore.


i feel like you bit my loving luka thing

I might be tier 2, soto is def tier one.

cool, I just focus on the negatives about everyone around me.

I kind of realized they don't do a whole lot and being aggressive was just causing me issues as a person.


wait, you guize had an issue with luka?


lol my realization was that being mean to her wasn't doing anything

but being obnoxiously nice to her can at least trigger other people

Looking back I don't think I did really.
I just used them as an outlet due to stress and general discontent.


I try to just be genuinely nice to her.
For right now I don't care to upset people, and I am trying to rebuild some damaged friendships I have.

but to answer your question griddelz

luka was like public enemy number one

she wouldn't let aneki be what WE wanted it to be

I had no outlet, for those things, and I became that outlet for myself, the psychiatrist told me everything I was doing was self punishing.

oh one of THESE stages

well i forgive you

I talked to a therapist a bit once.
They said I sometimes seek out aggressive situations to try and find a situation I can control and have power over.
I might try and go find a therapist to regularly see.

I see your sarcasm.

I just suck at sharing my feelings and instead, bottled everything up, now according to my dad, I'm just negative about everything.




I feel parents should be the ones at the fore front of people you can express your issues with.

no but you have these cycles you see


Yes, but unlike most people here I'm willing to admit I have issues and at least try to take responsibility for them instead of excusing myself as a higher moral authority.

apparently not, because anytime I say anything about anything it's a personal attack on him or his girlfriend, even if I'm just making an observation, no opinions included.

People who are quick to take offence to criticism are usually insecure.

how about fuck(you)s?

yeah man that takes balls and cheers to that for sure

it makes it difficult to lurk

i have to read every shitty thing


Yeah. I hope this time it lasts.
It would be nice to build bridges instead of burning them.

but I can't say that to him, he'd just say I'm being negative again and this and that and I'm an asshole.

TP, if you were a girl IRL, I would want to fuck your brains out just to watch your eye's roll into the back of your head while I pound the shit out of your pussy.

eh i don't think you should really try anymore

that's what i do

i have my friends

take it or leave it tbh


You should work on making your situation work.
If someone does not work with you then work around them.
Love your parents, but do not let that love impede you in your efforts to better your life.

sorry i am dominant sexually


yeah, i'm okay with my dad
I want nothing to do with my mom.

Well, that's the thing. My absolute closest friends understand I have issues and usually work to help me maintain myself as a person.
They let me know when I act poorly, but don't judge me on it. They talk to me and try to help me out. Most of my "friends" didn't do that and turned out to be self centered assholes.

Not to overstep my bounds, but distancing yourself from her might only hurt your relationship. She is still your mother. You should at least try to be there for each other.


hi tp
what have you been listening to

welcome to growing up?

she hurt the relationship enough herself, distancing from her is the only way for me to deal with her.

like i have 3 CDs in my car

sylvan esso

you know you'd let me dominate you, I would cum inside you for sure.


all trash

Yeah. I'm getting that now.
Like, I personally don't see you and I as friends, but I feel like I can level with you if I want to and you'll take me seriously in these talks.

Plus I love play fighting with you.

What is the cause of hurt if I can ask?
Maybe all you need to do is asses what is wrong and work to treat the source of the issue.


it's been done, she's been given multiple chances, and she just keeps fucking up, I have no trust in her, and don't want anything to do with her, she's manipulative and can't be trusted.

People are flawed.
Maybe seek counseling with her?

hi luds

eh see i'm not even that level of bi curious

that is entirely out of the question

please don't sexualize me

i would like go to my first gun or monster truck rally with you

as bros

grim i hope you are well man

i put on the rap stations when i'm like hype angry

i will talk real with you for sure

i would chill with if ever in buttfuck bama

oh shi rewd boi


Hey Grøm. What's good? I just came home from town!

Can always trust TP on delivering a solid shout out. We drinking?

you can have 1 (you) from me.

she lives in a different state, and it's not worth the effort, as long as my little sisters are well, and they don't blame me for anything, I'm fine with not talking to my mom for the rest of her life.

I'm not sexualizing you, just the female you.

Man. Like, at this point I don't think I really "hate" anyone here.
Sure I dislike numerous people. But like, fuck it.
At the end of the day most of you guys will never have a meaningful or lasting impact on my life. Why make what little influence or existence in my day a negative one?

Can I get some of those yous too ?

grim my fat cat has an ingrown nail and getting his fat ass to the vet is seriously going to fuck me up

for sure man

why are you up

well when you word it that way


you like me a lot more than most though right?

hello platonic friend echo

see, it's okay, I wouldn't fuck you as a dude, you're not my type.

so many (you) seeking individuals.

To be honest I'm like neutral to you most days.
I think you're funny and fun to have bants with, but I wouldn't trust you with much.
I'd say you are like, 7 out of 10 in general, but a 5 at most as a person.

that's respectable i guess?

griddelz i was never ever even thinking about fucking you

just chatting

for 5 years





Love sounded better tbh.

Isn't that like, everyone here?

Does this honestly come a surprise to you?

you know i am 7+ generally

do you have netflix


I never was either, until now, I kinda wanna do it as like a hate fuck type thing, I don't hate you, but I want to hate fuck a female you.

sometimes I do seek the (you)s, but not today, I'm just drinking and posting.


kyle is generally







i don't know why this makes sense


Tp-chan is doting after me again.
How cute.

hey watch the spam bro


Oh my, what a coincidence, so am I.

i was about to report an nbomb and was all like oh shit that my nbomb DOA

That's not a spam, that's a dedicated (You) for my friend

Thanks my nigga ;o

we've always been bros


Aw yeah I beat lewds

I miss being the bubbly eyes goof ball I use to be sometimes.

Off and on, but mostly, yes.


it does make sense though, at least to me.

whatchu drinking, I got margarita mix and tequila at a 50/50 ratio.

did you ever see making a murderer?

bro i was one of the first people to like you

we can pretend all day


Still being played

And the most consistent of my harassers.

trips don't lie

Pretty much just Jack.

No, but I've seen that one always sunny episode!

How's Duke?

when are you going to switch gears

and be the player

lol true

if anything i'm somewhat consistent

no they don't, glad you understand, anywho, about to kill half a 5th of tequila in like the next 10 minutes, how far in are you?

I like girly drinks, but I've been known to drink straight everclear.

oh that was hella funny too

nvm then

Girly drinks ? Like what, cosmos ?

Dennis is amazing.
Shame what happened.
Was my favorite character.

not that far


I made this, you should join?

margaritas, and the other day I had a bahama mama, it went down in 3 long sips.

you just wine and beer, you gotta be somewhere.

oh yeah i'm drunk for sure

but like chugging a fifth of tequila

that is not my level

I made this.

it's mixed 50/50 with margarita mix.

Glenn's taking a break from the show.
That's why they ended on the note they did.

Damn, that's pretty gay son.

Tiny chat

I know, I like girly drinks, I am okay with that, but I like hard stuff too.

dude that white tequila samples bitch earlier kinda made me look like a fool huh

oh so there's no plans for a new season?

they always kinda roll that way

yeah once charlie fucked the waitress

i was like

well i guess this is it

yo gotta clip them nails and make them exercize on the reg

I am in the TC.

how do you make a cat exercise

play with them with toys n stuff


lasers help too

I do quite enjoy swimming pool though.
Or mojitos

There is, but without him.

yeah they really go nuts for the laser points

i have even said to myself that i should play with them more

but they get all fucking crazy

eh you can't go on without dennis

what is that, I just get hornitoz or expensive flavored stuff.

what's a swimming pool?

Night squash!!!!!!

no a white woman was giving tequila samples at the store

Well, they were fine without Danny first season.

It's a blue Piña colada

so squash was just fucked up

talked a bunch of nice game

went back to bed/discord

not surprising

that's true

but i mean they should probably kill it

the girl has a show on fox

the last season was great so it would be smart to end it that way

I got a sample of jameson once, in uniform, then I bought a bottle and they took my pic, with my collar devices hidden, and posted it on there facebook.

so like a pina colada with blue curacao or something?

he left my TC.

Just finished my Mythic Eye of Azshara. Got a nice belt upgrade

Switch what gears? I'm tanking and doing Mythic content and end game raids on my mage :thinking:

kyle talks a lot of game

no follow through

he actually is going to bed, I think, said he has work at 5am.


Hmmm true, might be a good idea to stop while it's still good.

And more aclohol but pretty much yeah.

A wut now?

why not just become an alpha

Dungeon in World of Warcraft

Because I don't know what that would entail

I like alcohol.

I would join if I was drinking
but I dont drink anymore soooooooooooooooo


Each hiccup brings with it a feeling of disassociation


Oh, right, WoW.
Kinda off with that one.

It can be quite relaxing.

hi colbert

really, alcohol has never been a requirement.

I'm stuck in the past, I have adjustment disability diagnosed by a psychiatric team.

nice side tits.

it is my favorite chemical, it does cool stuff in the body, and the brain.


Yeah, I'm one of the losers still keeping the game alive

is the tiny lit?

i just don't really like wearing clothes

I was in the shower getting ready for bed.
I was going to give you a nini but you made me feel bad.

makes me put on a shit and shit

it is literally just me, I'm posting links on other boards now, should I post one on /k/?

no nee now? ;;


also lewd

I know but like kyle and I apparently have heavy beef still and its awk as fuck

maybe if hu or someone I liked a lot was in

kyle and grim are original bros

if that doesn't work

who knows what will

already got lewd.

is clownpiece there

I think after a few months we might be able to reconcile

Gib t u c c please


literally no one is in, posted the link on /k/.

havent seen clownpiece in like 2 years.


idk Hydrochloric acid is pretty fucking badass too.

It's a fun game, what keeps me away from it is the sub based system and the fact that I have noone to play with.
Not judging yo


Gib s u c c

oh you will

kyle goes through cycles more bloody than girls

cool pass





not the superior nitric acid, do you even gun powder?

colbert aren't you out of the closet gay now?

figured, but whatever, I'll be answering nuke questions.


What Grim said


submarine nuke or land reactor nuke or icbm nuke


and by bi he means he'd let a woman stick a heel in his butt

sorry colbert you weren't responding otherwise


I was told bi's are just kidding themselves.

You didn't even try saying anything to me though

i think people are more one or the other though

aircraft carrier nuke reactor mechanical operator questions.

I know I would.

i'm bi, I have a girlfriend, but butt stuff with guys is cool too.

I keeeeeeeeed


Butt stuff is gross.

i think grim still has serious beef with colbert

not sure why


how many failsafes do you guys have

what if the absolute worst were to happen, do you have a location to meltdown and sink in or do you just go as far from humans/currents that run towards humans as possible


Because coolbear is a slut and grim hates sluts unless they're totally girls

he did some grimy shit before but I'm not gonna hate him for it

hu is a slut and I care for him very much

no it goes deeper than that

grim doxd him?

who can remember

By Jack? Probably Jack.

That just sounds painful dude

You're gross

I have absolutely no idea where you would have gotten that impression

You STILL on that Runescape shit dude? Lol

Men sluts are wretched creatures.


ok stop

but like didn't you post some of personal shit too?

i think there might be some legit beef here

I don't think i've posted anyone's actual dox here.

No, I don't actually remember where I heard it.

I'm not gross, you're gross!

Sorry dad, couldn't help myself.

well that was a cock tease...

in the event of a nuclear melt down all ventilation is isolated, and it would likely melt through the bottom of the ship and go straight to the bottom of the ocean, and do little to anything at all in adding to the reactivity of the water, but, it would make for a warm place, and cool fish would live there and likely die due to radiation poisoning, that's about it.
there is a plan, I can't say much about it.

do you guys regularly orchestrate fake fights?

cause that fucking shit was bullshit

i got almost hard




Look, if you want the rest you can have it. I kinda dropped off RS anyway

I think it's a good guess. I am gross, but that does not change the validity of my statement

I'm just forgiving dude

Well, not so much "forgiving", more that I just stop caring after a certain amount of time


the bass is nice in my truck.

you can't forget that shit


must be nice


How am I even gross? That's just r00d

oh wow, that's actually a really pretty song, thank you TP, it's cute as fuck, I love it, CUTE CUTE CUTE fuuuuuuuuuu.

i care too much

I can stop giving a shit, which I did quite some time back

You should try it sometime


Because you're Slovakian, ew

I could concentrate my own nitric acid from my urine if I needed to.

dio is much prefered.



How's Teeps?

I like that cover a bit too much.
How is Colbs faring?

True, but after hearing that million times on the radio, a cover is doing some good.

hello fair SD

Ohey SD long time no see

Well that's uhh...h-handy...

What is Teeps up to?

Hey hey.

I'm not your friend? ;~;

Doesn't mean you're not a nice person, just a gross Slovak is all

I can tell. Pretty good, got a job at a new company so that was cool. Applied, got an interview a couple weeks later then got the job offer 2 days after the interview. Having my financials stable again is SO relaxing

not really sure fam


oh please we are besties


But I wasn't even born here.


if that's your way of saying sorry for it sure

Making more a day, or at least better benefits?
I got both on my new job.

Dark lager, casual beer and rum, you?

fuck ytse, you's a little bitch pickin on people for their nationality, thats petty bitch.

just listen to rainbow in the dark instead.

it's a key component in nitro cellulose, being the main component of gun powder, and nitro glycerin being the other key component.

hes slovenian you mango

i always knew you were a classier casual than i

grim can i ask you a q?


jk go ahead

well fuck you grim

why did you leave

why did you come back

there are some answers needed tbh

Grim gib h u g g

I left cuz I got busy
I came back because of hu

Then you have an internet friend that doesn't care about anything

Probs born somewhere equally bad I bet

How would you like me to say sorry?

Making slightly more a day, better company so there you go

I only do it when they're a bad nationality.



But they play that too often too.


How's Grimmu?

No benefits?
I mean, my new company has a lot of things they arrange like a x'mas cruise on a boat that is paid by the company, but I bet it'll be a drink fest.

Well, yes, but that's besides the point.

with gusto and the gp I'm due~

yeah, but it's safe, it will be properly dealt with, that I can guarantee.

TP chill, Grim may have left, but it's no different from me, chill out bro.

I'm not grim and the hug may not be as fluffy, but, *hugs*

slovs are okay in my book, and I spend most my time on /k/ if that says anything, fuck off ytse.

then listen to some other dio song that isn't played, dio is best band ever.

classy af

So you're out of closet now too?

Here, have one more person you need to respond to!

grim didn't understand the implication of him coming back

so everyone coddle him

oh hi sabrina ^^

dindu NUFFIN

that brings me some comfort

That's the kinda girl who makes you wish you spoke a little French!

Howdy! What's happening tonight?

Oh, finally picked up gym?
It does help you to build a lot of confidence and improves your mental health in general.

But there aren't too many.

I'll take that as not quite yet.

I'll take it

oh i don't know anymore

how you been

I went too hard my last workout ^^"
gonna dial it back, the DOMS is insane..can't even stretch my arm out without awful soreness, nearly impulse bought one of those overpriced cold rollers

we've been over this ecchi
there is no closet
I'm into chicas and chicas only

mostly sleepy. i took a nap after work and just woke up, so i feel all kinda gooshy. ya know? gooshy?


do your parents still present you with arranged marriage options?

i am my worst after naps

grumpy af i hate everything

it is a real problem

I'll take that as not at all then.

i'm either grumpy or really spaced out. i'm very spaced out tonight. it's a nice feeling though.

who's the hot lady?

I had benefits at my last job, still do now.

I don't even remember how much, you're gonna have to remind me

My best friend in elementary school was Slovakian, I have nothing against them lol. Keep your triggers on /k/

24/7 baby.

Oh lawd like I needed more of those

oh no that image got CLIPPED rip

they tried once and I laughed in their face
never tried again

fight me

I'll take it, even though you didn't link me, I can take it.

fuck you TP, coddling is for gay children that don't know what they are yet, Grim left, I do it all the time, and I come back and am treated about the same, except kissshot dislikes me, idk why, but he never responds to me.

good, it should, I was trained to deal with every possible issue as safely as possible, and if it went to complete shit, I was one of the ones who would give everything to protect everyone else on the ship/planet, and I guarantee you there are plenty of others out there that are brainwashed the same.

then listen to your favorites.

cool cool, you should snuggle with me now.

arranged marriages sound okay, if the girl is attractive and her parents have money, I'll take her.

It'll get easier after a week or two, then it'll be minor pain as you get used to it, just try to remember to visit regularly and get those protein shakes.

3m iirc

honestly just pro autopilotting is the best

rosita from twd

bless your soul my friend, you are truly appreciated

I hope so. Yeah I take creatine pre workout and a protein shake within an hour of working out.

I have macros set it, I avoid unnecessary fats and sugars and eat clean

I'm really fucking drunk right now.

sabrina i just finished watching izombie and i think i am about ready to get back into sons

are you still on tiny?

Ah, my last job had none to be honest, so I was positively surprised with my new one, that is like 100 times easier and pays better.

But there's too many, and I'd rather listen to random Spotify playlists.

Ah, I have those mixed in protein powder that I take from a shaker after workout and on the rest day afterwards since I visit mon-wed-fri for workout, mon and fri for arms and wed for torso and legs.

k well I have it if you log on 318

Aw, that sucks. Well, enjoy it then

What do you do now?

grid goes hard

no one can deny that

I'm just dropping in to be an attention seeker so

toofbahus na anbire

Mweh heh heh!

Howdy! Reach out and take it. I don't mind.

Did you need to cleanse after binge'ing SOA? I gotta show cleanse sometimes too.

monday legs
wed triceps chest
friday biceps back
saturday calves abs

20mins of light cardio before every workout

I just need to add in stretches and ill be oke

helly rin cutie

Sup witchoo? I was gonna go see Kingsmen tonight but then I saw the reviews and thought... nah....

I'm not in any more, so I can't do much, I could show up to a local plant in an emergancy and serve some purpose though.

Izombie was fucking great, I love the puns,
fliimore grave, olivia more, but they call her live for short, live more, they're the best.

then just listen to spotify then, I listen to youtbe videos on playlists, the music videos have the best audio quality.

you're too sweet, what am I taking?

i took almost a year break and i'm almost ready to watch the last two seasons

she was in jail

and he was fucking a hooker

i was all like yeah fuck this i'm out



I didn't do anything wrong tho

I know! I loved the first one despite my reservations about seeing it, so hopefully this one will surprise me too. But...I get the feeling it won't.

Massive quantities of warmth and affection!
And pie.

You don't like stanky jail hookers?


remember when colbert screamed nigger

anupam had his back for sure

I didn't. Your beef was with Squash, I removed myself from the middle

If you do, tell me if it's worth wasting my money on

you added yourself in the middle by not returning the money

but you gave it back

still want the sorry

wow, chill with the a-word

I'm goin' to see Nausicaä Sunday! Or Monday. Waiting to hear back from a friend. I'm excited.

Nope, my taking the money was neutral. Net positive giving it back to you, nothing to apologize for :)

I'm drunk enough I have to keep one eye closed or else double vision.

oh shit, I like pie, I will take your pie, and affection, and warmth.

where the fuck is bard?

Oh no you've been infected by the weeaboo virus too?!

@sabrina have you ever seen gangs of new york

one of my best friends swears by it but not only have i never watched it

but it was like terrible gore for the first 10 minutes

if you really wanted to be neutral you wouldn't have taken it

we both know that

that sp drunk
should stop before you hurl

Why wouldn't I take it?

Just managing warehouses and driving a forklift whenever needed.

Sleep well Rin.

Ah, I've never needed cardio, although I bicycle to the gym as my little bit of cardio everytime.
You should stretch between different moves if it hurts, I do that a lot and it benefits the cause.

Ah, but sometimes they're dumb.

That sounds super cushy tbh

He's wandering the highways exchanging folks songs for rides and hot meals.

It's a really cute movie! I used to watch a bootleg VHS of it before I even know what Chinese cartoons were.

Know what's weird? I KNOW I've seen that movie, and I remember enjoying it. But I cannot remember a single thing about it now except for the lead gangster guy getting angry at a circus.

it wasn't free, it was owed.

you were fully aware of this when taking it, establishing your guilt

just speaking objectively here

im a fat fuck trying to build a base layer of muscle on my body before getting real gainz
so the cardio helps boost metabolism I guess

the stretches need to be done postworkout esp on my workouts, cuz I go to 10-12 reps to failure, @least 3 sets

That's how they get you, trick you before you even know what's happening!

Whatever was owed was not my concern, if you wanna blame someone then blame Squash for giving it away

I'm good man, my arms may be numb, but I can type still.

idk, I listen to anything.

no he isn't, he's working, waiting to get off, i like getting off.

It's runescape grow the fuck up jesus christ

i never watched it i know

because i hate period pieces with a pashion

it was really fucking violent so far

i was like i highly dought this is accurate


that was solved
it became your concern as soon as you took that tainted money boi

its like if an airplane from the treasury holding crates of cash crashes and you find a crate

that money isn't "finder's keepers", it belongs to the treasury :O


i love you echo

see last reply of

You can't compare someone willingly giving something to someone else to a plane crash lmao

You're jumping through hoops here

pls response nezi

your opener really made you look relatable

It is pretty easy for me at least, but it also requires a bunch of paperwork and other stuff considering the products.

Well, you can still turn it all into muscle by just working out, losing weight is harder than building some muscle mass really.
That's pretty good, I always aim at 12 reps a move before moving to another, although sometimes I go for 15 if I still can.

Same, but it helps to have a different style for everyday.

I can replace it with a bank robber giving you a suitcase full of the bank's money

he willingly gave it to you
but was it his
it wasn't yours either

get my drift

good shit
what %of your 1repmax do you lift at?

notice how nezi steals hu and ikts waifu for response



You know you love the annie mayes.

It's cute that you miss him.
What's Bard do, anyway?
Just curious.

My favorite movie of all time is a period piece, but it's so perfectly character driven. Amadeus!

Paperwork ain't so bad if you really think about it

Except it wasn't stolen, you gave it to him willingly and then got pissy at him lol

Entirely different situations

hu lowkey pissed me off by stealing ikts waifu tbh

not paying owed money is stealing

who's jumping through hoops now

Why would anyone even bother stealing Megushit

not gonna lie amadeus iS GREAT

it doesnt matter who it is

you cant just masspost someones waifu like that
shits r00d

where did hu come frim

where did ikt come from


You'll never get me to admit it.

Still you, lol. If we were translating this to real life like you are, then a judge would just say "whelp, there's no contract so you're out of luck"

I do about 3x 12 a move and then move onto another type and then try to move back once I feel okay with it and not too worn out.

Eh, I still prefer physical work over it.



Ew. Why would anyone do something like that


R-right, who would ever do something like that..

why complain about ponies

you do realize the admin of THIS HERE BOARD



is a pony?

you do realize this right?


Who could ever

I wonder


I mean if you count owning yourself sure..

It's a great character study. Also, most of the American actors make no attempts at goofy accents. I appreciate that.

Sorry if I don't make sense. I'm still gooshy.

goofball. it's ok to like things. :3

Just take it from someone else

You didn't answer anything other than an image, so I'm going to assume you bowed out


you would love izombie

it's like an aussie nailing it

Less things to mess up..


I should make a samus folder.

I would argue more, but that's just me

We're really unraveling the conspiracies here.

I'm talking about something moral and you're bringing legal technicalities into it

horses and water comes to mind


ill gyp the best images off of you jsyk


happy bday to me

no kitty mew mew faces? :3
:3 :3 :3

The lead actress is an aussie? neat. never would've suspected.

happy bday based luka

Happy bday!
How old?

But it's easier to screw those up.

Happy b'day Luka, how old are you now?

yeah dude


27 on 24th

I'm not really concerned about the morality of an online video game dude

I was offered free money, why not? I gave it back in the end because you asked for it, it's done

You're welcome to keep doing them, but they will not tempt me

Not if you're good at them!

oh such a cock tease

happy birthday, luka! ♥

you cal that a scalpel? this is a scalpel.

;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3

just because you've got a screen separating you from everything doesn't give you the right to do it.
it wasn't free money. Get that idea out your head. It was owed money. You just convinced yourself it was free so as not to bite down on your conscience. You did give it back it in the end. I appreciate that.

Oh, I'm not good at them, too much compooper stuff.

i love you luka

here is my preemtive bday wishes

i will not be wishing you anything on sunday because i hate life usually on sundays

i love you luka and wish you well in the next year






thanks, im sure you wont be around on sunday, so i said it now.