♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

When you cum, but he keeps on succ'n Edition

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I might be about to start Fallout 4 over for the third time in as many days.



No saf.
Only survive.

Never mind that needs the DLCs that I don't have.

Work it.

I'll show you working it.




I meant the game and mods to do what I want them to.

What were you thinking?


Boihole mods




Tomatoes don't rawr! Silly

CBBE is for girls tho

Too lazy to find one for boys.
I don't play a boy, and I rarely take the clothes off peoples' backs anymore anyway.


make a mod where you're taken to a raiders rape dungeon when you die

How crass.

Why would it be a raider rape dungeon, though?

Raider's ain't shit - it should be based on what you died to.


Supermutant rape would be sexxier anyway.

You're all such fags, goddamn



Why is Megumin so incredibly perfect?

She doesn't even have a dick!

Calm your homolust

Stop acting like it's not what you wish she's packing in her pants as well

Megumin is perfect as she is.

Then give her the D so she at least has one

I infact did restart Fallout 4 again because I added a mod that tweaks ammo, and how firing guns works, and my .308 was renamed but still pointed right so while it didn't really matter it was really confusing.-

Now I'm listening to my Starcraft music while I make a new face.
Send help.

Vagina is preferrable.


riiight, not gonna trick me

The only mods I do are shit like playable children, killable children, hair and faces, and high res texture packs.
I am the heartless loli of the waste.

I've considered it but for everything I have to work with kidlets I'd need probably easily triple my mod-load.

It's, like, the one immersion quality I don't have installed because heck.

ikt, I made you some chicken tendies for lunchies.

stir fry or sammich and early night?

Stir fry sandwich

Which part?

what kind of casual do you take me for, scoob?


Adding kids, playable and otherwise.

And being the cold-hearted loli sniper witch that rules Lexington.

Then you have your answer

in order to cook it i need to engage full house cleaning mode tho



They aren't that crazy, I went for max immersion actually, I had a lot of mods for environmental mods, I wasn't as worried about names on guns or ammo specifications though, that's trivial,
I might still have screen caps
It was fallout3, I have done no mods in 4.

What kind of sauce did you want for dipping?

Oh, FO3 was easy.
I had kids, killable and playable, environmental shit - I didn't have the same weapon overhauls as I do now in 4, though.

Chilli sauce nom

its not like i cant do it, but fuck me if i cant be arsed




and then they fucked, the end

Well. If you do it now. Then you wont have it to do later.
Like ive just done a mock theory test, washed up and hoovered. Though I cannot be bothered.

im hungry now, shits gonna get washed
now i kinda want haddock tho

[screaming quietly]

Oh, I won't be modding until I build myself a rig, my last one was great, but after 8 years and a hard drive everything else wasn't worth reusing.

i had to go to the local internet cafe today and there was a portly young fellow with unkempt facial hair in sweatpants watching the anime with the girl ikt posts and you could hear the squeaking lolis bleeding out of his earphones

it was harrowing

A true man of culture.

he was also downloading shit through mega and making it so the internet was unusuably slow for everyone else.

Why not stir fry and haddock

and watching spanish let's plays on youtube

when the ad for the new jumanji started playing he watched it through to the end

you really have to wonder about some people.

Please remember to bring your dishes to the sink when you're finished eating so I can clean them ~

The best part of modding FO3 and Oblivion was getting to the point where the game couldn't even function anymore.

then again i watched the trailer for the new jumanji and i thought it was pretty good so who am i to judge.

did you kill him

wait why do YOU need to go to an internet cafe

do these things even still exist lmao

i was in town at the atm and it wouldn't give me my money

so i went into the internet cafe to check my bank account and apparently i've been charged fees and my account is empty

and while i was there i put my copy of pokemon y on ebay so i could get some money to buy food

I lost my nail clippers and now my nails are really long and it's kind of gross.

just keep them clean underneath and paint them

bite them

girls got long nails, it's alright


It's really awkward doing certain things with long nails, and because I bite them when anxiety levels raise they're uneven and polish is a bad idea.

Maybe once I start relaxing in general.

That's something I do when I start getting anxious.

Sporty girls and dykes don't. :thinking:

Are you sporty?

I never got that far.
I played through most of fo3 3 times before I even used cheats, and then a few more times before I modded anything.

maybe the polish will deter you from biting them and that will just help you with that problem too

go to bed Feku

I'm happiest with some activity.

I used to jog daily, and I enjoy sports insofar as it's fun to run around and play the game with friends.
Don't care much for keeping score.

Oh, well then.

I got that far then I realized that I probably don't need that many things.

Yes, because I bite my nails because they taste so good.

You need to understand that it's an anxiety thing - the polish won't deter me from biting them in any capacity at all.

i just woke up

im not saying theyd taste bad with polish

the idea of nail biting makes me cringe. its like biting off dead skin

Can still jog with long nails, keep them~

And now, you get back in bed, and sleep

im too tired to sleep

I downloaded a bunch but I only ran certain ones on certain characters, I had a notepad doc for which ones to select for which character.

You were suggesting wearing polish would deter me from biting.

I don't like it when people touch me code ;_;

i don't like it when people touch my chode ;_;

I should make a folder of Satomi and Satoko.
It'd be perfect for me.

well maybe it would give you reason to preserve appearance not taste

They're the same boy .

If preserving appearance were an issue I wouldn't bite my nails for them to be so uneven to begin with.

Can't be too tired to sleep. Can only be too tired to be awake!


Actually, no, I think the importance of appearance probably only exacerbates the anxiety that provokes the nail biting.

No saf
only survive

im too woke to sleep

survival of your nails

If I can find my clippers, I'll cut them and paint them.

Though I only have an aquamarine and I don't think I ahve any clothes to go with it.

wait a fucking second

us dennis the menace

is a different dennis to the uk dennis the menace?


wai u no slep??

Frick, I actually found them.

I guess I have to find my polish now.

Painted nails is good too

Don't worry Feku, soon you'll be rid of me

Maybe I'll see how long I can comfortably grow them.

But if they get in the way of crafting stars or gaming the play of roles then I swear to heck they're going.

thats totally my intention and im glad its working out

That makes sense.
Don't let them be too much of a burden

Good, you must be very happy then

too tired


It feels nice having short nails again. =w=

because i now have a big ass plate of chicken chow mein

i am not good at estimating portion sizes in a pan




use your fist

You go to bed too

idk i might not be thinking straight
my schedule messed up my fap times and i havent done it in 48 hours

Good job my dude

speed racer?

hahaha, fag

samus returns

ive been in bed all morning and afternoon
I hope the local chinese joint has good priced grilled items

home-cooked food best food though!

am lazy

im not gay

Never too lazy to cook

sure, sure~

just want a girl who steals my clothes to wear them

you cook for me

I wonder how Danish food is

i wanna destroy her ass

left or right

It's pretty good~

yeah, well, you can't cause she's not real!

i have small hands

and now im full, was okish

isnt that all of them?

wtf of course left

become smart and advance technology for me to allow for it

Even if I became smart enough, I would never make anime real

use your fist and a half

that dank rye bread

hold on grim what are you asking him to do with his fist

Acquired taste I believe. Never met a foreigner who liked it.
Both healthy and filling however

measure serving sizes

what the shit?
first time I had rye I loved it


i feel like you're secretly a weeb thats more degenerate than me sometimes

what type/combo do you see yourself

Ice, Ghost, Ground.

I think.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not

Probably closest to Ice tbh


wait hold on i didn't read it

i thought normal meant normal :(

wtf i cant relate to any of those its all too positive

stop posting anime pictures on an anime board!!


2 max!

I see myself as flying/poison on here and electric/fighting irl


Also this kind of rye bread?
The rye bread I had in the US was completely different from this stuff

I didn't know there was that much of a difference

looks like ill have to look for the danish brand

wtf none of these descriptions

maybe order from here


the most fitting though

Aye sounds about right tbh

they're all to positive

im confused whats that clip

I want to start making my own bread, that would be pretty neat. Looks fun

There are quite a few brands though~.
Could also just be the one I stayed at who bought some odd kind of rye bread, I don't know.

Eh, I don't know... Doesn't look anything like pic or johannesworldoffood.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/rugbrc3b8d-alimindeligt.jpg

A game I guess

That's that sourdough rye bread right, I want to try it.

Grass for sure, but I'm some weird mix of Grass, Water, Psychic, Rock, Dark, Ice, and maybe Steel?
I don't think Steel, really, but maybe.

If I had to pick just two, Grass/Ice.

I don't know, I only know the name rugbrød, but it could well be

looks similar mane


hmm.. Okay yeah, does. I'm just blind

Yeah, I looked it up, rugbröd sounds awesome.
Mail me some please.

night night

It might go back before it reaches you. I can't

sleep well

Okay, any chance they sell local yeast starters at least? Waite are there online shops for local yeasts from around the world, if not, I could make some money with this idea.

Sleep snug, smug!

It's already a thing, sourdough international.
They sell sourdough starters from around the world.

Hu is thread.

Hu is that?

Hu is life.

I hope to god this doesn't get awkward. I only talked to him once even.

inb4 workplace drama

There is so much gossip there.
So many chatty black ladies. I love it so much. They tell me everything.

you just reminded me of when a girl left her phone number in my math book

and i thought it was a joke or for someone else and i threw it away


Should have eaten her.

Lol faggots are terrible.






i hate the universe

Same tbh.
But why?

I accepted a pull request that's complete bullshit

Do- another one, that un does the previous one.
That's how that works. ...right?

Hey loco, rumor just posted this.


tfw nobody enjoys your dank haxx

Never said it wasn't.



Nice sky shots

My skin looks fantastic but my suffering borders on madness.

why do i do this to myself a less weird person would have just released the piece of shit

My hair is not a mess anymore.

Sitting in the restaurant before everyone arrives, wondering why life does not have the persuasiveness that death has.

Imagine if everyone on the internet encouraged & complimented each other & were just nice. What passionless, paltry mediocrities we would be.

Because life is something we already have, and death is something we're all guaranteed.

Don't we already do that?

It is powerful like a god's idea, turbulent like a world's life, harrowing in its earnestness. Diet peach Snapple is my everything.

If a person does not first make clear to himself the meaning of “self,” he can't take a good selfie.

Imagine if squash just killed himself? wouldnt that be great

Very poetic, let me do one

Long like the day
Filled with spunk
Shut up already
And put it in my butt

How'd I do?

what up woday

Bronze is so pretty & def one of my favorite tones. Its dull gleam reminds us to rejoice even while we suffer.

who broke sqishy


what up DOA what's the scuttlebutt

Feeling extra thin thanks to the pain that eats away at my spirit.

Not if you polish it shiny.

oh shit i have the image i would use to make fun of fortune with in this folder

good times

life is a real bitch sometimes, huh?

One grows pale with the thought of death, so always keep some blush in your purse.


like what's the happenings/gossip etc

If you seek oblivion in sensuality, in dissolute living, to escape the self you do not wish to be, Paris is always a good idea.

Playing World of Warcraft

Just seek oblivion in reckless behaviour tbh

are you like copypasting kanra paragraphs or something lol

people still play that game?

did you ever see the movie? i've heard mixed reviews

Indeed we do

Find comfort in the sadness of turtlenecks.

it must not be that exciting if you're posting at the same time

i would want to be totally into the game tbh

that's why i don't play games anymore

no fun allowed

I blush in the face of death, she's a cute girl after all.

oops thumbnail

pls gib timeout

griddelz would you bone kyle?

Look at my little cutie in a Baby Yeezy Bullet Proof Vest, screaming in anticipation of the inescapable terrors of life.

I don't own any

I'm too autistic to stop doing things like this while I play video games. Right now I'm just waiting for an egg to hatch so I can go back to my Paladin

Is Kyle squash?
Idk, I don't want some strange dog disease.

I have a plate carrier with a full set of triple curve ar500 plates, and 6x8 side plates.

From God, man learned silence; but from men, man learned to talk, and leave MEAN COMMENTS on social media!

sounds really boring. and you're waiting for the thread to refresh on top of that? i could learn a thing or two from your level of patience

yeah squash. i feel like you would probably give but not receive

not sure kyle's preferred orientation but i kinda imagine him as a switch hitter

I don't have social media

switch hitter is not the right term but i meant someone who gives and receives

i'm sure there is a good term for this

I was standing in the spaceship for a while, but now I'm doing things

jeez yeah you gotta keep moving or you'll fall asleep

you don't have any social media? good for you

i blocked facebook from myself at home because every once in awhile i do something stupid drunk

Heck it's hot out.
Someone cool me off.

Again I am burdened by a heaviness of the soul. Not gonna call it baby weight bc thats an excuse.

You mean a switch?

If i unscrew the shower head from the nozzle do you reckon i could use it as an enema?

Dressing for fall can be tough. Even a go-to sweater can't insulate you from despair.

Unscrew shower head.
Insert bullion cubes.
Reattach shower head.

yeah it was 35C here today

i think that was a record

so i essentially did use the right time


Struck a chord did I?

I could go either way, but it would have to be with a tranny, a girl fucking my ass would be okay.


I would not suggest it.

I dress for fall just fine.
It's just that it's still summer even though it's fall and it was fall last week so why the heck is it summer.

It's heck and I want to die.

How are you?

What's a good method to getting a clean asshole?

You would top me though, right?

Hegelian philosophy posits the thesis that the outer is the inner & the inner is the outer, but I think it's elegant to twist it into a bun.

ah so you're like ALL about traps

i can't really handle the obvious ones with donkey dongs

pretty good. just been moving from AC to AC. not too bad really. and i think a lot of people must have gone home early because i got home in an hour which is unheard of for friday

Get proper tools.

Did S4H hack your brain?
Did he finally do it?

I think we're doomed, guys.

Naisu desuyone.

I haven't had social media for around 6 years now. Didn't need it then, don't need it now

No. Too much water pressure in a shower head
You would need something to lower the pressure

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. A bankrupt age disguises itself in extravagance.

I don't remember what you look like, also how much do you weigh?

Yeah, traps are nice, I mean maybe a really cute boy, or an androgynous boy.

I am burdened by knowing my existence is a burden to others, so I guess that's kind of similar

But my parents might think I'm gay

What if i turn it on low

Like, 190 or something.

Want that perfect pout? Form your lips such that when the sigh of deep and hidden anguish passes through them, it sounds like music.

hi teeps

quality chat

yeah you really don't. i really only keep facebook around for old contacts i don't have anywhere else

one or two i will ever end up using probably

yeah you know i don't think i would ever act on anything, but i have to admit that i've been somewhat entranced by really effeminate charismatic homos before

grimu ;;

Aren't you?



I don't really have much to say right now, sorry.

That's in the shower head, not the pipe

I prefer to make music with an instrument

I didn't really like it, because I did stupid thing

more like teepoo amirite

what's good

it is

all good

don't worry about it

It is said that God allows the sun to shine upon the good & the wicked, to help bring out that summer bronze you've been working so hard on.

I don't wanna be a mean bean to you

I'm sore as hell, my arms are screaming at me constantly

how are you

lemme guess

you're not going to tell me the stupid thing you did on facebook

Fuck yeah I would fuck squash.

Also my phone just tried to auto correct fuck to cuck, weird.

Those guys are usually entranced by me.

Nope. I'm just cleaning out my ass cuz I've been getting powdery lava shits.

Also the nozzle end was flared outwards so i couldnt stick it in anyways. I did the next best thing which was spread and max pressure.

why so sore? training for a marathon?

very good i must say. a lot of things fell into place this week

my apt lease being extended for one

which is great cause like moving would be shitty af right now

i think you're kyle's type for sure

he likes bears with bellies

that shirt is pretty good

gotta stop eating so many bfast sandwiches

I meant the nozzle connecting the showerhead to the hose that connects to the pipe.

Did you have a mental image of me raising my ass 8 feet in the air to connect it to the pipe?

I don't really have a belly though.


I like sloppy bears.
Something about disheveled men is attractive to me.

I think it's cuz im eating too much curry.
Curry is easy but it has drawbacks

It was only 2 bucks.

oh snap my bad

Grids is stacked and I would cuddle him.
He makes my kokoro go doki doki.

i've been so sloppy lately

you should have seen me today. i was a little too high at work lol

yeah man you can't too many consecutive meals

space that shit out


I can only hope you showered at least.

TP is a gold tier poster

Gold is actually rather common and an archaic method of equalizing communal wealth.

Communal Wealth

tell me more daddy

We are all equal in our lord's eyes.
Bleed red comrad.

I don't really go outside, so no bronze on me

Nope, I would prefer not too

For some reason I was thinking pipe = hose since they're kind of connected
None of our shower heads have something like that


of course dude shower every morning and actually woke up extra early today so could concentrate on my morning body cleansing ritual more

Because I'm ashamed of myself and thinking about it makes my stomach go into knots

So, whatchu up to?

I might cuddle a squishy squash as well.

my friend is telling me i should get into cryptocurrencies

undecided so far

but it's the anonymous internet

use this place like therapy like i do


It is weird right?
And cryptocurrency is what... bitcoins?

And it's an identifiable situation which is more like pseudo anonymity

I pay a therapist for that

just normal friday shit

gonna finish this wine

then walk to the mexican place and pick up a case of beer

my new steez lately is to pick up my wine the day before

so i can come straight home after work on friday, blaze up, have dinner, and start drinking

yeah like bitcoin shit

i think it's still a little too new for my tastes because i guess there was a pretty massive crash a few years ago

but apparently by 2042 or some shit all the bitcoins will be taken cause there's a finite amount of bitcoins?

i'm still trying to understand it tbh

oh shit so did what you did make the news or something?


No, but it's something enough people know about to be able to be recognized

DOA must have like fucking humiliated an nbomb lmao and got arrested for cyberbullying

SDounds like capitalistic mumbojumbo

aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyhow imma go grab a big ol scotch and go to bed

later tatter

he used to be such a different poster....

seeya dude

No, it was something else

did it involve nudes in anyway?

yours or someone's you know?



brb liquor store

That's quite an image

I say he succeeded.


Yeah, I been looking into it too, you gotta have a really good computer and really good internet, and it usually costs more in electricity than you make.

I used to stop on my way home on Fridays and buy a couple bottles of liquor, uniform and all.

awesome man
affordable rent is life

nah I've been pumping weights extra hard
looks like I found my limit to how much I can work out at once


What the fuck


Damn, what ever happened to yoghurt?

motorcycle accident

he moved to Norway. presumably not for the tall, buff, heavily accented lumberjacks.

lol the tequila sample lady wouldn't take a tip like the tecate sample lady would last week

"oh no that's ok we don't take tips"

"who is we," i thought

yoghurt was a classy dude

remember the buildup to his cock showing?

it was like an event

it's just weird to be able to have liquor in the crib when you're not drinking it

it's a new concept

yeah no sense in over exerting and not being able to function lol

be careful!

I feel honored to not be a part of the community that has knowledge of this posters phallus.



fucking weird chain lol

The Scot?

yeah the vidya programming want to ky dude

Ah yes, I recall the skirt pictures.

I only assumed it a natural uniform of the Scots.

i remember that time amy and i got him to jack off to my voice and then laid it on him that i was a fifteen year old boy

and he was apparently looking at pictures of ritsu because that's who amy was posting



but then i saw ben's face and was all like LOL

You're referring to another?

no i was just saying like

dat amy

remember when like erin made amy mod

then amy went phsycho and raged and posted his login in thread

then like kyle made a board or something

good times


Yep yep. Don't think he took much pride in his ass, I only recall him posting his stomach.

the wannabe girlyboys never have butts

see nezi

it seems like you need hormones to get that butt

Well yeah boys have poor flat square asses. It truly is a shame.

truly the lesser sex

although bitches are kinda nuts tbh

why would you want to be one?

you must be even more nuts than bitches?

Both sexes are the most awful.

I identify as an A-10

i think gender fluid is the most funny so i usually ironically say that

Just be careful to not say it too often, lest it becomes true.

well i mean i do have a lot of feminine characteristics


Oh, how horrifying

He wasn't gay though...

That's good.

who even are you lol


A huge fuckin' nobody.

I got some hornitos, and some pizza, weekend is a go.

please tell me?

Doesn't matter.

i'd like to know irregardless if you don't mind either way

Well since you wanna know I won't tell you, because I'm just a massive faggot that way.

If I move back north we should totally date, Grids.

jesus man

well fuck i don't like playing guessing games

how is your oct lookin

or at least mutually masturbate


Gonna be a busy one.

I only jerk it solo.

what's goin down

same tbh

I guess I can jerk him off with my asshole.

Work nigga.

yeah i know how that goes

i think i'm going to have to quit weed again come xmas

Why? No dosh?


no i'm going to need nuclear plant clearance lol


i used to have that.


i feel like at much as i smoke i will have to stop for a month and also cleanse lol


hi luka ^^

Reminds me of a guy I knew who drank 2 gallons of water to clean his system of ganja. He was in agony and pissing all day. And when he went to take his drug test they told him that his sample was too watered down and he's have to come in a few weeks later to take the test again. So the dumbass smoked all night to celebrate.

haha yeah i have a little more control than that

i quit cold turkey for a few years

6 liters is the lethal amount for an average person.
I'm going to assume you are just lying.


depends how fast u drink it tbh.

lol yeah, gotta purify, try a colon cleanse too.

I once drank a 1/4 of a gallon of everclear.

no joke we used to have water chugging contests in my backyard in grade school and this little asian dude almost died

his full name is really funny but i feel like i shouldn't post it

i'm a Fire type trainer who likes ghost types too!
and lighting type is okay too ^_^

TP thread

Ahhhh Turkey, a great meal to eat while high.

oh so grids

i'm going to my first doctors appointment in like 10 years on tuesday

i'm expecting a finger in the butt tbh

Did you die?

You sure showed me fagtron.

you're talking crazy like sqish

sup 10x

i'm also a vegetarian

enjoy it, bring your own lube and a toy for warm up, see how the doc reacts.

only my spirit.

nothing really, just watching video games on twitch, wbu?

hi grids

That's fucking disgusting.

is it weird that i picked the doctor that sounded white?

i don't want a mexican fingering me

posting and drinking usual friday shit

why are canadians so prevalent lately

how do you feel about that based foreveralone newbuddy DOA

i can't stomach contributing to the suffering of sentient beings

So you eat oysters.

Was it all at once or not.
Your phrasing is awkward as fuck.

hello canadanon, nice dragon maido you got there.

bet you he's a jew, ask him to use his nose.

One option kills him, the other does not.

I do wonder which it was.

no even when i did eat meat i didn't eat much seafood

that was the easiest to give up

i really only ever ate tuna fish in the can with mayo

and fishsticks

also top end caviar oddly enough
divorced parents

i really do enjoy seaweed now however

Actually I've lost interest in the topic.


By far, the gayest thing I've read in a while.


They probably aren't supposed to take tips.I don't know who would say no to free money though


he's most certainly either a german or a german jew

it depends on who sends them there i guess

I don't think so. I know I had someoen try to tip me when I was in retail, but I wasn't accepting it. Mostly because it was an old person and I'm just like that, I guess

someone make a new thread posting is lagging

what i mean is the tequila company that sent her there probably strictly told her not to take tips

also she was white and kinda out of place so maybe it was a conspiracy

It does that with 50 posts as well
The site is just garbo lul