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I guess you needed it then..

I guess. I just wasn't able to wake up for some reason

did you win?
it's either super intense at the start
incredibly dull for like 10 minutes
but as the map shrinks
it ramps up too nail biting intensity levels again
blood pumping
tooth and nail battles just to live.
there's no real 'meta'
it's just chaos.

No motivation to?

*starts drawing in the next poster*

I am yet to Win one, but I have had matches in which I went hard.

*bullies harder*

what a terrible day of fishing....

*Cuts the line*

it's all fun and games now.....but just you wait..........til the bully is on the other foot.......

Then go ahead and bully~

Bard is incapable of bullying due to their mental inefficiencies.

well if I bully people I'll die

I'l like a bee you know what I'm saying?

I'm not a bullywasp

no dying!

maybe one day.

i'mma lie down now

nini thread~

Sleep well Luka

Sweet dreams Luka Babooka



Bullying people into bullying people into suicide is my favourite pass time.


Bought this table from Kiss shot

We know you do love the D

Just felt very tired

Sleepy luka sleping

Dank meme

now i'm sick to my stomach wtf




Welcome home~

When vacation

the big middle pocket of a hoodie is very underrated, so happy its hoodie season all over

Vacation when?

i dont like code i wish i studied animals or some ez shit

become prostitute

is t shirt weather still tho


wow hot

ikt in a t-shirt....

just a t-shirt. no pants

t-shirt and underwear no pants.

no t shirt

Stop imagining my boyfriend in under-clothed situations.

Ah, so you can pull those off yourself, I see now

Sorry, work picked up, I'm by myself on stock today.

I wish it weren't true.

I walk around in just a t-shirt and panties if I think no one's home.


That's awful

When I hear the door I'm back in my room at a speed only cheetahs are known to travel at.

You expected different?


Yes, I had hoped you liked yourself more too

She is cute too, but also hot


cute girl



i so sleepy

sleep forever

cook, then eat, and then sleep

I'm a tranny.
That means that regardless of what I do, I'm basically always doing something gay.

you're awful


I know bby

pls nice

I'm gonna go cook, don't let the thread die now



well now that Hu is gone




you can have my money but can you also blow my brains out thank you

I have no dosh on me.

Appealing characters!!!

Dafuq, hu leaves and thread goes dormant, I feel like I'm lurking in a dark cellar.

eiat #1

Remember back in Oblivion days where having too many mods could make your game unplayable, and if you loaded them ever so slightly wrong the game just wouldn't open?

Is it any different with Skyrim (non-SSE) and FO3/NV/4?

holding the thread captive while Hu is away

NMM is better now and it doesn't let me fuck my FO4 load order.

And I'm thoroughly convinced that Skyrim doesn't care about your load order, SSE or not.

But having too many can still make your game run at a snail's pace.




Wait, does that song date me?

mod organizer is where the non-babbies are

Skyrim cares though it's just using LOOT to fix script load orders and manually dragging stuff around in MO. My game ran fine when it was nearing a 255 script mod limit and a similar amount of texture/model mods.

'93, so better than it could be.

NMM is more just guilty convenience since I'm confident in my ability to manually do it.

It downloads everything and keeps the downloads organized, so I can be lazy.

w-woah how did you get past the sad panda

Fellow 90s kiddo.

MO allows you to change your mod set-up any time \o/

the x is for edgy kids

I used to dance around my room while listening to that on cassette.


So does NMM?

I think NMM also actually lets you set profiles, so you can change every mod loaded and the order with a single operation.

I also had a record player in my room, on the same stereo system.
I'm kind of upset that I didn't have any records to play on it.

I remember learning to line dance, and square dance, as a kid.

It was actually kind of fun, once you start getting into it.

I remember jammin' to MJ's HIStory Cassettes back in the day.
Man those were the days.
But I recall that song specifically remembering babby Scoot being around in my aunt's room as she got ready for nights out.

Back when everything was simple.

NMM still makes links and shit while MO manages it all

unless nmm implemented moving resource mod load orders around freely some time after i quit skyrim

h i p s t e er

And we didn't want to drink bleach.

Maybe not, idk. All that matters is it works well enough.

Rip childhood.

We had to do tap when i was younger and it was fucking retarded

SMothered to death by Crippling Depression and growing up.

The fun is contagious in group dances.

Like, everyone's singing and dancing and having a great time it's hard not to enjoy it.

Darn it, Scoots, I don't have any alcohol.

That'd probably why flash mobs seem so much fun actually.




I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world
Life in plastic, it's fantastic
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation

I used to have such a huge crush on Baby Spice.

I didn't stretch after yesterday's workout and I highly regret it now

Come on barbie let's go party uh uh uh yeah

Isn't that just the greatest feeling though


Idk, she seemed so young, and I guess I've just never liked it when my romantic interest seems too much older than me.

But holy heck she's 41 now, I was a dumb kid.
Also Sporty seems a lot more attractive than I remember her.

Grilled ham and cheese sandwich with vegetable thins crackers
Get jealous nerds


I can't even extend my arm fully

it sucks I'm like a fuckin trex right now

Yes she does, Mel C has aged really well. Plus I think her gimmick was pretty unfortunate. Big lesbian undertones.
It was definitely an interesting time for pop.
Spice Girls/TLC mega-tour when?

It's half eaten already

orite bard you're not in bans discord anymore so you missed this


M-morning Grommles~


No personalized Hello.
Friendship dead.

'personalized helo'

Scoots-Daddy, I was getting to you


If you were a spice grill what would you be?
Man, love those girls. A most unfortunate gimmick indeed. Because. You know. Teenage boys dicks needed to be exploited for record sales.


can someone share their aids with me please

What contains 9 essential vitamins and minerals?


How goes NYC-Gee-Gee?

I'd be Post or Ginger^^

I got all my bloodwork done and stuff^^ I'm getting my dose upped too finally. Fuck Planned Parenthood.

Semen. Part of your balanced breakfast.

I don't eat a very balanced breakfast then

HAH! God, Victoria is such a... Well... That is your choice. KEK!


bustin ass
makin bank

hbu m8

I didn't know you were at risk
good to know you're clean

what's wrong with pp

Good boy

Every time ;_;

Stretch out now~

I might go have one of those dq concretes for the first time on sunday

should I get the classic cookies and creme or go for a more exotic one

actually maybe i already have aids

there was that time i had unprotected gay anal sex and sucked him off too. i never got tested after that.

let's hope it kills me quick.

somehow I dont believe you

Much the same my dude. Been transferred due to Governmental fascism. So just bedding into a new routine. Have some time off now for the first time in weeks. Lazy will be proper.
How is the job going? Murdered anyone?

naw but I'm cryofreezing stuff its neat

it hurts hu

it's true

Get a cute girl to massage your muscles


get a cute girl to massage your insides


that would be pretty lit

that not so much

super froyo

Ugh, I want dairy queen now

i want milk mommy

no dildo!

Would be quite comfortable I'm sure

When do you get back from that dirty place?

is that in reference to me

i live here

Why're you Freezing things, I thought you were working as a technician kind of gig.

Better get on that one lol

I just like the high fashion stuff, honest~

I don't use condoms :p

They just don't really know what they're doing when it comes to trans health. I'm at a real-deal place in Boston now

Bad idea/10

Who's the cute purple haired girl

I don't fap enough for that

I-I''m not sure a-ask elma she works at dq

Well, that I know already. But you smile too much to be Posh Spice.

My favourite thing about their gimmick was how they were media lesbians but one of my favourite songs was singing about how a gay boy isn't interested in them.

Otherwise I didn't really pay attention, I just really like their work.

Who said anything about it being your own?

I haven't worked there in a long while yo


hung girl that works at DQ sounds like the setup to a porn comic.

a good porn comic.

do not ruin my dreams, elma.



y-yeah but i dont even know what those are

do you ever make creme brulee?

Yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Bish

I thought you lived in the UK

rice pudding


mm Noo. I don't do desserts.


They were deported for irregularities with their passport/domiciliary status.

You know it, straight up savage. How has the week been?

Good. Busy with going back and forth to the city for appointments. I cooked dinner for the girl and her fam the last couple nights. I think I spoiled them on burgers haha. I start back today and have a wedding to go to on Saturday.. Busy busy.

What's new with you?

Why am I so addicted to this song, holy heck.

Save me.

Someone de-weeabify me please !!!


ahh i missed grim

What burgers? What was the meal composition?

I got some authentic Baklava yesterday when I finished work. It is a little sweet for my tastes.

I work in a very multicultural area now. It is full of Jews and Islamic immigrants. It is fantastic. A synagogue and Mosque in the same street. Kurdish bakeries, Jewish bakeries, Eastern European markets.

So much foreign cuisine for me to fawn over.

One store is just rammed to the rafters with spices.

So it is time for me to consider cooking exotica.

Another one? Well, better polish the dancing shoes off.

Well, new work locale. Which means new workmates, new 2 hour commute, new experiences. I am thankful ive 10 days off to recharge my batteries.

Maybe it is time I learn to use my LPD8 and be the most Cancerous person ever.

Because you have bad taste in music.

they kicked me out after brexit. i was using a uk sim here in spain. i'm on my spanish sim right now though.

also grim if i come to the usa can i stay with you.

one job im an engineer, the other job im a scientist

I got a labcoat and everything

That sounds amazing for food. And yeah, spice stores are just fantastic in the literal sense lol

This is the first of two^^

10 days off is a nice break. Doing anything fun?



He hates us ;_;

Oh I see, then this would make sense. Indeed you ought to be making bank with two seperate and decent jobs.

Congrats man.

What're you Cryofreezing? Can you elaborate, or is it company secret?

I have no plans and it is glorious.

I am probably going to do personal projects though.

That is if I can get out of the comfy.

Man, the divorce lawyers are going to have a field day.

was league with kissy

bans avatar

thats crazy bro

You're leagues away!


yeah but once I come to you or vice versa
I'll make a man out of you

bro/dude is gender neutral these days but sorry
should I call you babe instead


once i come to you

I AM a man!


Make a girl out of him instead.




dragon loli really grew up

Flat #1

i'm such an embarrassment to myself

and i hate myself

and i want to die

wtf im dead forever now..........

No one was questioning your autism, or shit taste in life in general.

For some reason that came out a lot meaner than I was intending to reply, sorry.

healer btw. I resurrect you!



Did you forget to pull the switch on the PSU?


The fact that I'm alone and can't people


is literally ANYBODY surprised?

Well, fukken get on it yo.

>(((sparks everywhere)))

Computers are magic

(((wtf is this)))


Aww it doesn't do the red one anymore


Playing as healer in MMORPGs is always more fun. Both because nobody else wants to, and because the other players who do, fucking sucks

Antisemitism, oy vey!




hu would be the healslut.


redhead blood-elf female priest master race


Nobody wants to be the healer, and you're better than most~
Or was, anyway

Jesus Christ Hu

and I'd keep him as my pocket healer ngl


I did this before I was familiar with the meme.

So long you keep the aggro

card didnt dislike it

It's okay, I'm a healer tank DPS player too

First character I ever made was a female night-elf druid.
I sucked

{severe triggering}

First character was an Orc Warrior
I still have it

why trigger

because one hw update is all it takes to fry your card w that mod

yes i am the hAndsome young andalso charming Bard

dont u mean fw update

Same. Is on another server though, and is only like lvl 25.
Or I think I still have it. Haven't played the game since a month after the release of Cata.

Wanna heal?


What Fallout mod is that?

O-Oh G-god I've never done it before........

was old gpu

same difference

I'm 81 :3

I'm sure you'd do just fine~

am i pretty

you are handsome

hw not fw silley

Wait, I'm fucking home alone why isn't my audio cranked to 100?


Good morning everyone! Hope you're all having a lovely day.

Git gud

I did. I stopped playing when they made it obvious they wanted to ruin the game completely~

wow was never good

it was just another timesync for dirty neets

But it used to be

I'm not having all that bad of a day, how about yourself?

i was playing that shit when bc came out

it was never good

C'est trés bon... ça va?

Same. And BC was good shut up


Have you ever turned your audio so loud that the bass physically pushed on your body and you have to remind yourself to keep breathing?


Music is most enjoyable when you can feel it through your body.

Been pretty good!! What have you been up to today?

Bruh I don't remember French, I was terrible at it.


hey hoe



Hence why live events are primo

It was the only language(out of the 2 we could choose) that I liked/was good at. Shame my teacher was a massive cunt and put me off taking it further. Kind of regret not doing it further.

Eurobeat is most enjoyable when it's at 100+ dB.


I agree with you on the basis that you're objectively correct, but I disagree with you on the basis that as introverted as I am I usually only last half the event, if even, before I need to get out and recharge.

i dont live alone


This is an outrage.

We should move in together since we like the same music anyway.

I mean, I'm already your trapfriend, right?

when I still had my Jazz bass and my Fender Rumble 350 amp (350 watter! one big 12 speaker with a piezo tweeter) I'd crank that bitch up and jam to tool and all that jazz and like

its overpowering and your core is shaken annd it's orgasmic

Working, I'm on an assembly line and I've been doing stock for the line, usually a two person job, but today, the other guy just didn't show.

I'm sorry, Scoots, I'm just not hard enough to keep up with you. :(


24/7 eurobeat?

yes pls

Forever Alala.

24/7 Eurobeat at 100+ DB through a carefully deisgned and wired sound system to be everywhere in the house besides the sound-proof designated sleeping center ???

when i enjoy eurobeat i like to play it out of my car's speakers with the doors open while i squat by the pavement in a tracksuit and throw empty bottles at cats

Can I visit this house, I really like eurobeat.

When ikt and I are married yes.

why is the bedroom sound proof

you're confusing eurobeat with hard bass

Because it's impossible to sleep when the audio is becoming one with your body.

oh i thought it was to make people not hear screams


is eurobeat where you take your mail order slovenian bride and hit her with a broom handle

M-my lungs aren't that strong...


Worried I'll steal IKT from you?

Worried ikt won't have a house with me if we aren't married anyway.

When do you send out invitations?

*sells house for ae86*

Oh, makes sense.

I had an aw11 once, was only $2600 And it was rust free, and it had the wideport 4age out of a carolla.

ah, kurwa

i want to marry him


Filthy Joji is best Joji


I drove it I broke it, I fixed it, I drove it, I broke it, I fixed it, I drove it, I broke it, I took it apart to fix it and didn't have time, I had to move it twice and it was too far gone to be worth rebuilding, and I didn't have the space for it, so it went to scrap, I still have all my performance bits off it, and I plan to build a corolla with them.

I love it, I would keep going for sure.



Bard is woke now, the day is good.

When will bard just fuck hu? Creep much.


go to bed

Soon. Like 20 minutes soon


But you're totally woke.

i'm not really here

i'm exhausted even though I already got in 5 or 6 hours of sleep today

I should have slept 5 hours ago and not if I go to sleep I'm gonan waste my day

You go to bed too

Hey Bard? We cool friend?

tucc me

go on without me......

no empty no talky


if you tucc me

I can't

brb stuffed animal duty

I used to do the same, except I wasted my day without sleeping, even when I was sick, I would be drinking vodka, red bull, and cough syrup, horrid for my liver and appendix I'm sure, but that's in the past now, and I didn't die.

Hey, you should make this image bard levels of special for me.

Thank god we friends


Sleep well

go be friends with bc LOSER

Ssssh it is okay bard.



TBH I didnt wanna go to sleep so I could smoke

but it's 5 hours since then and I'm yet to smoke

tbh grids I would have thhought you were the tyope to sleep ALOT if you know what i mean

Oh, when I get to be with my girlfriend I do "sleep" a lot, but I also get less sleep because of it.
She's in Florida on a Disney internship for another 4 months.

how'd she get that

lol that's gotta be nice
I hope she's safe from the hurricane damage

I was talking more about depression though silly

She put in for it like half a million times.


I didn't sleep though, never more than 8 hours at least, I just didn't do anything while I was awake.

We should listen to Bob Dylan and/or watch some UFC sometime buddy. Typhoon - Iggy Sawdust.m4a?dl=0

i wanna sleep more but there's not enough hours in the day ;;~:

Let's build a time machine, or like a hyperbolic time chamber, so we can sleep forever, and spend a lot of time "sleeping" together.




except actually sleeping


Yeah, we could definitely sleep in there most of the time, but we could also "sleep" every once in a while.

Are you interested in the Disney internship? You might be able to work at epcot.

I learned how to do a scarf hold recently and i'm excited

It's better than side control imo

I have learned nothing, maybe I will start going to some kind of martial arts once my dad's house is built, maybe just take it as a college class, I do have the gibill to pay for it.


But bard is too afraid to meet people

Akko best husbando

only for the animation studios

It is a shame because if loco was good at art they could have enquired

I'm sure it is, but will I be willing to hang out with them at all?

I don't know if that's part of it, it's more like park labor, but you are more likely to get there if you do the internship.




Tomgirls :3


do girls are real


Loco you dont even like girls. Because girls certainly do not like you.


has sabs been complaining about me to you again

You fucking cuck!!!!!!!!!!


No. Why, should she?

uhhh rudde

Giuseppe is such a happy monkey. Be like Giuseppe!


Armin is best Girl.

She was really cute in the porno episodes.

giuseppe is a monkey

wheras i am a dingus

You physically repulse me.

james corden is a tumor


you fucking idiot.


Be a happy dingus. Be a Giuseppe! *clap clap*

I miss Craig Ferguson.

It's not a toomah!

I have to have waves of seeming passable and utterly unlikeable or I might actually seem like a decent hugh mann bean.

You're not a man of culture if you haven't jerked it to Boku no Pico.

That too.

Trannies do not count as humans. They're meta. Like Neanderthal.

Let's do it together.

I have to have waves of seeming passable and utterly unlikeable or I might actually seem like a decent tranny.

That is a much better response. It is applicable to. You. Atleast you try.

craig is great. he almost makes up for piers morgan.

that's actually a joke nothing comes close to redeeming your country giving money to piers morgan

What do you expect from a country that elects George W. Bush as president.
After seeing the doom from the first run.


trump second term

NG++ or Banana

i don't want to die in nuclear fire

Then be like me and hang yourself.

Trump wants to have a military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue on July 4.

Yes. Let's broadcast images of Trump, hands clasped behind his back, orange face beaming with undeserved pride, while missiles and tanks roll by the White House. It stinks of desperation and false bravado when dictatorships do it, but it'll be classy when we do, I'm sure.

Then you better hope bid daddy trumf likes you.

As if You lot hadnt disappointed me enough already.

we'll all be dead by then, it's okay

can you be dead please

Scoot, what's your favorite Ramones song?

Mine is either 'Poison Heart' or 'Pet Cemetary'. Am I a casual?

I prefer Sheena is a punk rocker, Beat on the Brat and Judy is a punk.
Erm. Yes, you are a filthy and stinky casual. You didn't even critique my last cancercore offering.

Just make sure you're not buried in the pet cemetery. You don't wanna live your life aga-aaaaain.

It was so awful, and I didn't want to hurt your feelings.

Actually, I think you sent me a link and I forgot to click it. :( resend some time?

Also, I was sad they didn't have the Ramones version of the Spider-Man theme song at the end of Homecoming. It would have been perfect.

the ramones

those are the guys from the t-shirt, yes?

Well. Trully it is time for me to consider death. Thanks. Deleted. Unfriended. Blocked.
You know my feelings on that soundtrack. It was pretty neato burrito IMO.
I mean, as far as some films go.

You're thinking of The Avengers.

Scoob, I was so happy to hear "Space Age Love Song" at the homecoming dance.

I just think the Ramones Spoodermin song would have been a perfect cherry on top. I bet they ran into some pesky rights issue. :(

I'm assuming I missed Hu.

no, the avengers is an old spy show

i meant daniel johnston

Or perhaps they didn't want to overkill it. Perhaps, even, it is being saved for the next Spiderman stand alone. Maybe to be used as a little easter egg. For example. On the subway. The camera pans across a carriage. It mvoes past someone in their seat with their phone, headphones in. On their playlist they select spiderman by the ramones.
I don't know. That is what I think would be a little neat.
I might have to check on the soundtrack again to see what else they used that I have since forgotten.

fat tiddies

anime tiddies

Perky tiddies





show us your anime tiddies

You must be some kind of faggot.


Anime tiddies are dabes, fuck off scoots.

I'm a tranny so...

Anime tiddies are 10/10
Anime DFC is 11/10




I don't think I have any though.


next week

friday my dude

Aren't we all anime lolis irl ???


and i'm flat

Did someone say anime tiddies?!


Anime tiddies?
In my thread?
It's more common than you'd think.


Nevermind then

Can you teach me this one cool trick for anime tiddies that the anime girls hate?



Anime tiddies is a serious issue that affects 50% of the anime population, only you can help, donate now.


Show us your anime dfc.

How tho?

Where to? I'll donate right away

The creators of Lucky Star know what's up

I will not

Uh... I'll be there.

The foundation to create genetically engineered cat girls.

I mean, you're always closer to her heart when you hold her.

I dunno. I'm tired.

I'm bored.
Someone make me unboreded.

Aye aye cap'n

Then go to bed

I made a thread

That's true